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Date: Fri, Oct 30 07:06:12 -0000
From: “J_Moore”
Subject: Misuse & Abuse of WT-Ship



PS Intro: This following Prabhat Samgiita is for non-margii devotees who
have devotion for Lord Krsna. So we Ananda Margiis should learn this
and teach them.

“A’ma’r ka’n’u kotha’ gelo, kotha’y luka’l, khunjiya’ hayechi sa’ra’…”
(P.S. 4113)


Where has my Lord Krsna gone. Where is He hiding? I have been
searching Him all day long. And now it is evening– so since morning to
evening. In His longing my eyes are showering tears. I am wandering
around in search of Him. In longing for Him, my eyes are raining tears.

My beloved Lord Krsna is neither in Vrindaban, nor Gokul, nor is He in
Mathura. Where has He gone? From which divine world is He playing His
flute and herding his cows.

What type of bond of love am I tied up in. My heart is aching. I am
completely restless in His love. Where is my dear-most Lord Krsna. What
type of love is this. He has taken away my heart, my mind. And He has
given nothing.

What type of liila is this. In a flash I lost everything. I will not
care about any types obstacles. I will go on searching Him non-stop. I
will go on searching my dear most Lord Krsna– my Life of the life, my


Note: This letter contains critical news about the so-called
12.5% tax on field workers these days.

Perhaps the greatest resource in our Marga is our very own family
members. Baba Himself says that ours is a “man-making mission”; ours is
the constant endeavour to create devotional and ideologically-minded
sadhakas who can lead the humanity. And, certainly our AM acaryas are a
vital component of this formula.

And indeed, most enter into WT-ship with the high ideal of living a
sadhu life and serving humanity.

Yet all too often things go awry, primarily due to a seriously flawed
and defective approach taken by the so-called governing bodies of our Marga.

On going case studies further substantiate this notion as they critically
reveal how the style of leadership in our Marga since 1990 undermines
the overall development and well-being of our Wts.

Before reviewing all the specific points of this 12.5% tax, we
should first investigate some of the prevailing themes involved as this
way of (mis)management applies to not only these particular workers, but
rather to our entire Wt cadre.


Our acaryas have a great role to play on this earth as they are to
embody Baba’s divine system of Sixteen Points and spread AM ideology.
This is their true dharma.

Tragically, those at the helm – from 1990 up through this present hour –
view our workers in a totally different light. Such top Dadas look upon
the mass of wts as mere money-making machines. That is their worth in
the eyes of such ruling Dadas.

If a wt gives cash to support their groupist court cases, then those
leaders feel that that worker has properly fulfilled his duty. If a wt
slaves day and night selling merchandise for the ruling camp, then those
leaders feel that this is proper. If a worker comes across money in any
way, shape, or form, then those crude leaders feel they must have those
funds– for their own selfish use.

All because those at the top think that the only utility of the mass of
field workers is to bring in money into the organisation. This is their
flawed way of thinking.

And proof of all this is that those who give funds get Purodhaships, get
Vishesh yoga, get cushy postings etc. And those who do not make money
and instead engage in serving the local people, or doing pracara, then
they are viewed as being basically worthless. Because they do not supply
huge “green” to their bosses.

With this type of monetary pressure hanging over their heads, then
naturally the mass of wts get swayed in this direction. Because they
know that if they do not earn big bucks, then there will be hell to pay.

Thus, day by day, their adherence to 16 Points wanes and they get molded
into money-making machines, or nearly so. All because those top leaders
pin prick them that they must do this– or else…face the consequences.


Then there is another defective outlook pursued by those ruling Dadas.
Although they are holding the top posts, such “leaders” do not feel that
they are running an organisation for some united or collective goal.
Rather they feel that they have a whole bunch of pawns at their disposal
for the selfish need.

That is why such top Dadas will readily forgo all organisational
protocol if a particular worker is one of their pawns. For example, if a
general worker is giving them money or supporting their group cause,
then that worker will be freed of all organisational responsibility.
That wt will not have to go to reporting, or that worker will be
“allowed” to visit their parents, or that worker will be “enabled” to
have an illicit relation– or anything.

The whole point being that those top Dadas will utilise a worker for
their own personal or groupist needs, and throw all the organisational
protocols to the wind.

Yet Baba has set down various organisational rules, systems, and
pathways that are to be follow. But those ruling Dadas blatantly
overlook and toss aside Guru’s directives, if anyone is obliging them
meet their selfish desire.


When the organisation is being run under such conditions and when the
mass of wts are looked upon as mere pawns that are to be exploited, then
this makes for one very diseased organisation– and that is exactly what
we are seeing now.

Wt’s come in with high hopes of doing something great in their lives,
but step by step they get beaten and broken down by the powers that be,
until finally wts just get involved in filthy behaviours, run away and
get married, return back to their families, or became ‘yes-man’ of the
ruling groupist kingdom.

So this crooked management style is ruining the very fabric of our AMPS.
Because ours is a man-making mission, yet when that very endeavour is
being severely undermined, then who can say that the purpose of our
organisation is being served.




It is commonly known that Nigamananda is working very hard to snatch money
from all junior workers. Nowadays junior Dadas and Didis struggle hard to
get donations due to widespread groupism. So it is very difficult to get to
RDS, purchase train ticket etc. Yet when reaching RDS Nigamananda and his
troops forcibly snatch money in the name of their imposed 12.5% tax.

That means taking 12.5% of all donations that workers got.

In the name of this charge they even secretly take money from the workers
pockets, even from the personal bags of workers. Especially from those
workers who are not spoons and those whose character is good.

All workers know that Nigamananda dislikes those who are not in illicit
relations with any didi. Because then it is difficult to control that person.
Nigamananda likes to have “dirt” on someone so he has leverage to control the

In short, the 12.5% tax is used to suppress wts and keep them living next to
poverty level, such that they must stuggle for their basic survival. That keeps
good wts “at bay”.

Same thing is happening in didis side where Nigamananda’s troop of Didi Ananda
Nitimaya’ and Didi Ananda Prabha’ are both very harsh with juniors Didis. They
take money in the name of food and accommodation at the RDS and on the
name of 12.5% tax.

The whole situation is very difficult and quite backwards. Those junior workers
doing ideological pracara are the ones who do not have much money and the top
business oriented Dadas have lots of money. Yet those top Dadas are still not
content. They want every ruppee.

It is an age-old story. The exploiters are wealthy and the simple people are poor.
And those doing the real pracara are victimised. It is the story of haves and have nots.

By seeing the fancy meals, expensive garments, proper health, and shining
jewelery of those top Dadas it is clear they are the haves. By seeing the simple
food, basic clothes, and worn faces of simple workers, it is evident they are
the have nots.

Even then still those top Dadas are ravenous to grab every penny from around
the globe. They are ruthless in their appraoch and lavish in their spending.
They will eat a breakfast costing RS 200 while a simple Dada eats plain moori
for RS 2. And still top Dadas are anxious to grab whatever money those junior
workers have.

All in all the situation is quite pathetic. It is a serious matter. When such
incongruities are happening within our Marga, then how are such so-called leaders
going to spread the teachings of Prout and social / economic justice elsewhere.
They cannot.

This is the sad state of affairs nowadays in our Marga. So many good wts
are suffering.

And again, this is not an isolated case but rather a systemic problem. If it
is not the 12.5% tax then it is something else.


That is why many are telling that becoming a wt in the organisation
these days is just like joining the US army. In both case new enrollees
join with the hope of doing something noble, but in the end they are
sent on crude self-serving escapades for the powers that power. Because
we all know that there is no proper intention by the US’s invasions of
Iraq & Afghanistan etc, similarly those WTs also get used and abused
by their ruling bodies.


By Baba’s grace the state of affairs in our organisation will improve
soon. Our mission, our wt cadre, our Marga family is destined to do
something great on this earth. And as soon as we can realise the true
dharma of our acaryas, the faster we will get things straightened out
and become successful.

Baba says, “Remember, Ananda Marga is a man-making mission…Those who
have the responsibility to show the path to others should be of
superlative character with the most refined conduct. They and their
followers must move constantly towards all-round development and shreya.
Persons who teach such well-regulated behaviour to others by their own
conduct are called a’ca’ryas.” (AV-31)


Real Wealth

“Ya’jinavalkya asked, ‘What would you like?'”

“Maetreyii replied: ‘Yena’ham’ na’mrtasya’m’ tena’ham’ kim kurya’m'”

“‘What will I do with things which will not remain with me permanently?
Of what use are the objects which will not establish me in
immortality?…’Please give me that thing which will remain with me
permanently, which I’ll be able to preserve forever, which will
establish me in immortality. I don’t want anything else.'”

“Then Ya’jinavalkya gave her a number of instructions, upon which a
major part of Raja Yoga is based’.” (AV-7, p.44)

Note: As described in the above quote: Really, worldly things cannot
remain with us very long. That is why ideal people run towards Parama
Purusa. Being Parama Purusa and Guru, Baba Himself has guided us how to
reach Him. On this point, we are extremely fortunate to at least have
gotten the path. Now our main duty is to follow it.


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