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Date: Wed, 11 Nov 2009 12:26:11 -0000
From: J.Young
Subject: What Is the Meaning… + NEWS


“Bha’loba’si toma’y a’mi, keno ta’ ja’ni na’…” P.S. 2329


Baba, I love You but I do not know why I love You. You go on pulling my
heart– but what is the mystery behind this, how and why You are attracting
me, that I cannot say.

Baba, all I know is that You are the divine effulgence of my dark heart.
By Your grace I will never allow that effulgence to get extinguished. Baba,
I will always keep Your love in my heart. By Your grace I will always hold
Your image in my mind.

Baba, all the love I have in the deep core of my heart, and all the
hopes and longings I have in my mind, all these desires and aspirations of
mine are revolving around You. And by Your grace they get expressed through
Your songs, dance, melody, and rhythms. Baba, You are the focal point of my
life; You are my everything.

Baba, by Your divine grace I feel that You are guiding each and every
aspect of my existence. There is not even a single ounce of confusion in my
mind. Everything is totally clear by Your grace. Where am I, where will I
go, and from where have I come: All these types of useless questions never
creep into my mind. Baba, by Your grace, I do not even want to know these
things. Just I am fully depending upon You– that You know everything and
that everything is in Your control. For me that is enough. Baba, You are my
shelter, You are my anchor. And You are the Supreme Controller of this vast

Baba, You are always ever gracious on me. I love You with all my heart;
my whole existence is Yours…



Note: At the bottom of this letter is a news piece about the conduct
of one of our vishesh yogis.

Each and every Ananda Margii understands well in their heart that
spirituality is the summum bonum of life. This idea Baba has infused within
our AM culture– within each and every Margii.

In all His teachings, including in His comprehensive Prout
philosophy & the 5 Fundamental Principles of Prout, Baba has placed a
distinct emphasis on great importance of spirituality.

Among these Proutist directives, Baba guides us that our spiritual
potentiality must be maximally utilised– “harnessed and brought to
fruition”. (Ananda Sutram, chapter 5, 5-14)

Here below Baba describes more how this is to happen.

Baba says, “I have told in the Prout philosophy that those who have been
endowed with spiritual strength will have to render spiritual service to
the society. Such sadhakas must not just sit in their Himalayan caves doing
tapah without ever teaching or guiding anybody. That will not be approved.
They will have to serve. They will have to render spiritual service. I do
not say they have to pull a rickshaw; but if they do not do spiritual
service, and just sit in their Himalayan caves and do not come in contact
with the world, and instead proclaim that the world is an illusion, yet at
the same time go on eating fruits and roots and accepting physical service
from other human beings of this world– this type of approach will not be
allowed to continue any longer. That has been going on for a long time, but
it will not continue any longer; that day has gone.” (AV-4, Hindi)

In His above teaching of Ananda Vacanamrtam, Baba is elaborating on the
idea which He has so beautifully expressed in Ananda Sutram, Sutra 5-14.
Namely that one’s spiritual potentiality must be maximally utilised.

On this very point some of our respected Dadas are confused and think that
in sutra 5-14 Baba is talking about the development and use of occult
powers. But that is not correct.

Instead Baba’s expressed guideline is that one’s spiritual potentialities
should get utilised as described above– that is by teaching and guiding

Hence those endowed with spiritual strength should be engaged in serving
the society by teaching the various aspects of yoga, morality, and sadhana
such as asanas, pranayama, 16 Points, dhyana, etc. In sum, they should be
guiding the society along the path of spirituality. According to Baba, that
is the real manifestion of one’s spiritual potentiality and that is
rendering true service to society– not using occult powers.

So what Baba has written in seed form in Ananda Sutram, He has further
explained that idea in various discourses etc. The above cited guideline
from Ananda Vacanamrtam is but one of the many examples.

Here it should be further clarified that spiritual service does not mean
some type of magical display or the granting of worldly boons etc. Rather
true service in the spiritual realm means guiding the society towards the
path of spirituality and teaching the practical process– imparting the
lessons of sadhana and spreading the ideology etc.


Here again, Baba warns us that without spiritual values the society will go
astray– off the path. Hence those blessed with spiritual understanding
must teach and guide others along the path of rightesouness. That is the
inner essence of Sutra 5-14.

Baba says, “The absence of spiritual morality and spirituality in
individuals will break the backbone of the collectivity. So for the sake of
collective welfare one will have to awaken spirituality in
individiuals…This potentiality has to be harnessed and brought to
fruition.” (AS, 5-14, ‘Purport’)



As many may know, Ra’ga’nuga’nanda has been posted in Madhya
Pradesh as DS. Once, when staying at the house of one of
his newly initiated margiis, this dark scene happened.

The new margii had great respect for Ra’ga’nuga’nanda as
this was his acarya. So he brought Dada to his house
and called the entire family to listen to Dada’s Baba stories.

But then later, when the family dispersed, Ra’ga’nuga’nanda made
an advance and tried to force himself on the young teenage
daughter. The girl was strong minded and quickly slapped
Dada and started shouting and yelling for help.

The father and other family members came quickly but already
Ra’ga’nuga’nanda had run from the house.

The margii father wrote a letter to Centre but those at the
helm ignored the complaint. Centre knows that Ra’ga’nuga’nanda
has poor conduct but they do not do anything about it because
he is one of their agents.

So still Ra’ga’nuga’nanda is a “vishesh yogi.”

Here the main point of awareness is that new margiis must be
more alert and not assume anything about our acarya cadre. When
any Dada comes then they should keep sharp eyes. Otherwise
such unfortunate events can happen.

In contrast, if margiis are alert then such things will not happen
and not only the young girl but Dada will also be saved. There is
a dual benefit involved.

Old margiis are well aware about such outcomes. That is why when
any Dada comes to the house they watch that Dada as if they have
a closed-circuit security camera. That means, at least one mature
person in the household always has their eyes on Dada at all times.
Then the visit will go alright.

Note: For the sake of the girl’s honour, we are not sharing her name,
town, family name, age etc. She is a true dharmika and all biographical
data is being withheld.

People should talk to the guilty party directly. If the guilty party
is not willing to accept his crime, then the name and all details
will be released.

Eternal Treasure

Baba says, “This japa yoga or dhya’na yoga which elevates human beings
through constant self-analysis, obliterates the very existence of the
non-spiritual, and expedites one’s elevation into the supreme spiritual
stance.” (MVNS, p.92)

Note: Due to the crude influence of materialism, in their hum-drum
approach common people often believe that “progress” can be achieved via
the mundane arenas of their existence: health, occupation, material
possessions, or financial wealth etc. They naively think that through these
activities they will become elevated– and therefore achieve greater
fulfillment, peace, & happiness in their lives. This is their common

Of course in Ananda Marga we know that this is not the truth. According
to Baba, material things are bound by time, space, and person. They are
ephemeral, ever-changing, and cannot provide long-term satiation. Instead,
by their very transient nature, depending on such material things only
invites various types of psychic diseases where misguided people try to
quench their infinite desires by chasing after more and more mundane things.

But as much crude wealth as one acquires, the hungrier one gets. Such
limited objects cannot satiate our desire. Indeed all the crude material
wealth of this entire world is incapable of satisfying one human being’s
innate longing for greatness. And in result, these common citizens get more
and more crudified.

Not only that, their degenerate starts in this very life. It is not that
in their next life their degeneration will begin. Rather their horrific
degradation is immediate. All around us we can see this happening such as
in the case of greedy businessmen who walk around the streets like
desperate, ravaged animals. All the sweetness is gone from their lives.
They have just become two-legged beasts. This is the common yet tragic
phenomenon in this materialistic era. And then of course in their next life
such depraved beings will fall further and further into the depths and get
reborn as asses, pigs or stones etc.

That is why Baba reminds us again and again that there cannot be real
progress of one’s individual existence through “mundane achievement”. True
progress can only occur in the spiritual realm– by decreasing one’s radius
with the Cosmic Nucleus. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the population
is totally oblivious of this very fact. Thus it is our duty to bring them
along onto the path of righteousness– onto the path of Ananda Marga.
By Baba’s divine grace in countless discourses, as well as in His above
cited teaching, He tells us that we should always be engaged in higher,
subtler pursuits. And that we must strive to come closer and closer to Him
through our japa or dhya’na yoga.

Being the Sadguru, Baba guides us that this very endeavour to attain
that eternal treasure– i.e. the Supreme Stance– is the cream of the life.
And, by His grace, when a jiiva embarks on the path of sublime
spirituality– ie the path of Ananda Marga, then instantly they begin
receiving the infinite Cosmic Grace of Parama Purusa Baba.


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