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From: Gaurishankar
Date: Fri, 20 Nov 2009 07:31:27
Subject: Its Days Are Numbered


“Ghor timire ruddha ghare ghumucchilum eka’ eka’…” (P.S. 1723)


Baba You are so gracious. I was sleeping alone in the pitch dark room
with the doors and windows closed; I was lost in a sea of frustration and
hopelessness. O’ the Divine Entity, who are You who has blessed me by
coming in this isolated place and broken my slumber. O’ Divine One You are
most charming and very sweet.

O’ Effulgence Personified, Divine One, Parama Purusa BABA, my whole
existence has been overcome by drowsiness and sleep since ages & ages. My
life was dominated by staticity. Now with Your infinite compassion in a
flash You have removed that by showering Your cosmic grace. And in place of
that Cimmerian darkness, all around there is Your divine effulgence. Baba,
You have opened the windows of my mind. I can see that You are mine; now
there is no question of frustration in my life.

Baba, now my whole existence is filled with the grace of Your divine
effulgence. There is not even an iota of darkness which remains. My life
has gotten new pra’na– new energy. Baba, by Your grace You have saturated
me with Your unfathomable love and ownness. Baba, You are my everything.
Please accept my surrender…


By now every sadhaka in A’nanda Ma’rga is aware that around this time of
year those in the helm and those leading various groups and sub-groups are
preparing their Fake A’nanda Va’niis. This is the regular phenomenon this
time of year.


Many points are there but by reading Centre’s Fake Ananda Vanii one thing
becomes remarkably clear. That Centre’s Fake Ananda Vanii is not an Ananda
Vanii at all. It is a quote. And specifically it is often the concluding
paragraph from a lengthy discourse such as ‘Shivopadesha 8’ (NSS), or
Subhasita Samgraha-1 etc, or another of Baba’s previously given discourses.

But Baba’s true Ananda Vaniis are not quotes from other discourses. They
are unique bullets of inspiration that are discourses unto themselves. Not
particular paragraphs from prior discourses. So for Centre to take a quote
and then apply the title ‘Ananda Vanii’ to it is inappropriate. That is why
what Centre is doing these days is called– Fake Ananda Vaniis. Because
these Fake Ananda Vaniis go against Guru’s guideline and example.


And we all know that in Tantra, the Guru-disciple relation is everything.
Of course our beloved Baba Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji is the Sadguru, Taraka
Brahma. So what He has introduced we may or may not understand, but with
our Nistha and Shraddha, with full reverence we should accept His guideline.

Baba says, “Thus highly intelligent sa’dhakas, the greatest realized
persons, all describe the Supreme Entity — Guru Brahma, Ta’raka Brahma —
not as essence but as Sa’ra’tsa’ra, the Quintessence, the Essence of the

Vandana’ kariba a’mi gurure a’ma’r,
Yini pu’rn’a, yini nitya, yini Sa’ra’tsa’ra.

I shall worship my Guru who is complete in Himself, Who is eternal — the
Essence of all essences.” (NSS p.177)

So in our Ananda Marga when we have such a Guru Who is Brahma Himself, then
His teachings must be safeguarded and preserved.


And as Ananda Margiis we are the ones responsible for maintaining the
sanctity of Guru’s teachings. That means keeping the various things which
Baba has given as they are. Baba’s things should not be disregarded or
changed. And doing so is inappropriate.

For example: Our brahmacariis use a white lungi and a saffron gown and
turban, as given by Baba. So if we were to switch that and have
brahmacariis use a saffron lungi with a white top and a white turban, then
that is not at all good. And I do not think that anyone in our Marga will
appreciate seeing this.

Similarly in our dharmacakra we follow a special system as given by Guru.
But instead, if in dharmacakra we started singing Guru Puja prior to
meditation and then afterwards we sang Samgacchadvam, then that also would
not be good.

Same way everyone is aware that we will not find any discourses in
Subhasita Samgraha that are not DMC discourses. Only Baba’s DMC discourses
are in Subhasita Samgraha, not general darshan discourses. So if the ruling
clan in Centre or one of the groups or sub-groups changes this system of
Baba’s then that is also improper.

Likewise Caryacarya has its own status and Baba has given it that name for
a reason. So if Centre were to change the name of Caryacarya to Ananda
Sutram that could not be accepted.

Nor could it be approved if some persons started celebrating Ananda Purnima
in the month of December instead of the month of May.


The sense is this: As Baba had made it, let it be like that.


But tragically, this approach is not being adhered to these days with
respect to the Ananda Vaniis. Baba’s Ananda Vanii system is not being
followed because the various group leaders keeps issuing their Fake Ananda

The basic point with regard to the issue of Ananda Vanii is that Baba has
given the distinct title “Ananda Vanii” to refer to a certain section of
His teachings. And with love and reverence for Guru, as disciples we should
follow His view and guideline. Therefore we should not issue quotes from
other discourses in the name of Ananda Vanii. Because those quotes belong
in their respective discourses and were never meant to stand alone and be
presented as Ananda Vaniis. That is Baba’s system. So what the various
groups and sub-groups are doing is not correct.

How long these crusty group leaders will try to do like this I do not know;
but in my heart I feel that the days of this Fake Ananda Vanii are surely



The times have changed. The old days are gone when it was easy to infuse
dogma. Even in the general society dogmas are getting exposed everywhere:
let and right. Church dogmas and social dogmas are getting exposed and
rejected by the people

Similarly now in our Marga sadhakas are alert and are understanding right
and wrong. By following 16 Points and focusing on Baba then uncovering
dogma is an easy job and that is why nearly everyone in our Marga feels in
their heart that the Fake Ananda Vaniis that are created by the various
groups and sub-groups are just something false & improper.

So by adhering to Baba’s guidelines then it becomes easier and easier to
point out various dogmas. Only a few who do not follow lack such courage.
On this point in His chapter on Bio-Psychology, Baba says some very
significant things:

Baba says, “If there is under secretion…such people support dogma and do
not have the courage to speak out against narrow or orthodox beliefs. They
are never able to tolerate or support any new ideas.” (YP p. 93)

But now the situation is changing fast. Those who are regular in doing
asana, pranayama, and dhyan sadhana, their hormonal secretion is getting
balanced and normal.

Result being more and more Margiis and WT’s are firm to not allow any
dogmas to enter into or remain in our AMPS society.


Here following is one of Baba’s special messages of Ananda Vanii.

Baba says, “Human civilization now faces the final moment of a critical
juncture. The dawn of a glorious new era is on its one side and the
worn-out skeleton of the past on the other. People have to adopt either of
these two. You are the spiritual soldiers, you are the worshipers of Life
Divine, hence I call you to adorn this crimson dawn deluged with glorious
light. Victory is surely yours.” (A’nanda Va’nii #26)
in Him,


In response to the letter, “WHEN HE WAS IN JAIL”:

we received the following report. Please share your news also.

We all know that news are what we all need to know that the spirit of dharma is moving.
And here is a short and good one:

Tucuman is a province in Argentina. Gaorii’s neigborhood is a little away from downtown, but it doesn’t matter.
In her neighborhod, Gaorii, a female margii who is a trained asanas teacher, began humbly to teach postures in her house with just two attendants. It was a way for prachara, cause she began to hold darmacakras too, though they were for her family plus a couple of friends, only one of them initiated. Her success is as follows: from that only class at her house, she was invited to give classes in another house twice a week, with more practitioners; and she was propounded to open an asanas classroom in one of the shops in the neighborhood. And for the darmacacras there is always at least one teenager, friend of Gaorii’s sons, who is curious about meditation and join the darmacacra, sitting in Gaorii’s living room and repeating the universal mantra with closed eyes. At the end of the session, she reads some Baba’s article about spirituality.
Her paracara is growing, actually. And, in the matter of fact, she is happy, but she does not feel vanity. And she is trying to do more effort, just for the marga to be known in the area.
By His grace, everything will be right and improving..

Blow on Human Intellect

Baba says, “They [groupist leaders] concoct various so-called scriptures,
they formulate all kinds of logic. They maintain to the human race that all
the races in this world are not equal. Thus instead of considering the
interest of the entire human society, they give preference to the interest
of a particular community. This loud propaganda in favour of a particular
community, this parading of irrational logic, this sort of fallacious
argument, all combine to stifle the spontaneous growth of human intellect.
This sort of mentality is called dogma.” (AFPS-4, p.61)

Note: Some groupist leaders in our Marga are moving in this same narrow style.


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