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Date: 30 Jan 2010 18:24:10 -0000
From: “Gurucharan Yadav”
Subject: Mahaprayan of Dr Ramesh Sinha



It is with deep sadness and respect that we share the news of the
mahaprayan* of respected margii, Dr Ramesh Sinha of Ranchi. Our esteemed
elder brother underwent his mahaprayan on Jan 29 13:30 IST.

Dr Ramesh was well known for his social service activities in the
medical field as well as for being president of the Abha Memorial Trust.
He was selected by Baba to head this trust which would bring all the
medical pathys under one roof. In addition, Dr Ramesh was an active
leader in AMURT activities and he faithfully served as one of Baba’s
personal doctors.

Given his many contributions and devotional approach, it is totally
disrespectful to say he died – when the higher, more respectful term of
mahaprayan is available. Of course Parama Purusa is eternal and never
dies so there is no question of using the mahaprayan term with Him. But
in the case of Ananda Margiis like Dr Ramesh it is totally appropriate
and deserved to use the term mahaprayan.

Tragically, for the last three years he suffered from dementia and was
mostly restricted to bedridden existence.

With his mahaprayan, we pray that our dear brother Dr Ramesh has found
eternal peace on Baba’s lap.


* Mahaprayan: Many are aware that mahaprayan is the common term used in
India and especially in Bengal to describe the death of an honoured or
even ordinary person. In that way the newspapers of Bengal are regularly
citing the mahaprayan of respected persons of society who died or passed

Some may get confused and wrongly think that the word ‘mahaprayan’ is
one extraordinarily devotional term to be used in association with
Parama Purusa. But that is not at all the case. Rather to do so is only
to undermine the eternal presence of Parama Purusa. That is why no
devotees ever use the word ‘mahaprayan’ in reference to Lord Shiva or
Lord Krsna. Because Lord Shiva and Lord Krsna exist eternally. Then
there is no question of Their mahaprayan.

And for those who need still more technical proof then all this can be
clarified quite readily by referencing the dictionary. Specifically in
the Samsad Bengali-English dictionary on page 742. Checking there it
will be confirmed that the word ‘mahaprayan’ means death of a respected

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I Also Have Ego

Date: Sat, 30 Jan 2010 16:12:54 -0000
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: I Also Have Ego


“Shun’echi tumi dayalu, ka’je keno anya dekhi…” (P.S. 2125)


O’ Parama Purusa, I have heard that You are the merciful one– why
then by Your work and by Your action do I see something different.
For You my eyes are showering; my days are passing in calling and
longing for You.

Baba You know that I love You. Although I am meagre but even then
I am Your atom. The pain of the unit is the pain of the Universal;
the pain of the atom is the pain of the Cosmic. Don’t You understand
this simple truth.

O’ Dearmost, please go on doing according to Your desire. Only my
request is that You keep me along with You. The pain and grief of my
heart cannot be covered. The suffering of my heart will not listen to
Your various justifications and excuses; it cannot be appeased by the
mere jugglery of words. Baba, I want Your proximity and closeness.

Baba, in the scriptures and by seeing Your glory, I heard from other
devotees that You are love personified and merciful. And that You are
caring for others. So many good attributions You have. But when dealing
with me I see something totally different. Here I am crying in longing,
and You do not care. Why like this? Please grace me and come close…


This letter briefly details some of the phases of my sadhaka life and
how I always thought I was ego-free, and then how I gradually came to
realise that I was quite dominated by my crude ego. I am writing this to
help cure my problem and because I thought this might be a useful tool
for others.


For years and years I was always thinking I do not have any ego– or I
was thinking that my ego was just something ‘minuscule’, if not
‘non-existent’. In a superficial way I thought that, ‘I do not care
about my own greatness, I am not like those kings and monarchs who
always tout themselves. I am just a regular person’. And in that way–
in that skin-deep approach– I was foolishly believing that I was
completely ego-less. That was how I was thinking about myself, and this
went on for years and years– for most of my life as a sadhaka.


However, after reading Baba’s various discourses about ego (ahamkara)
and vanity (mada), then slowly, slowly it dawned on me what ego is. I
realised that one need not be a king or queen to have an inflated ego.

Unfortunately, having an over-inflated ego is quite a common ailment on
most any street– it is the ailment of the common man, though in some
lands more than others. But, previously I was blind about this, so I
thought I was ‘ego-free’. Until Baba’s discourses slowly shined the
light on me and I began to understand.

I really came how when discussing Baba’s discourses & teachings with
good sadhakas. Then I became more aware about what ego is, and how it
expresses. By this point, it really began to dawn on me that indeed I do
have an inflated ego.


And the danger about it all is that when one has an inflated ego then
one cannot do proper sadhana– and that was my problem.


Here then are some common signs and signals about whether one has a
bigger type of ego or not. Everyone can read these criteria and decide
for themselves if they suffer from this malady or not. ‘Do I have an
inflated ego?’, that is the question of the hour.

(A) When I did anything, then I used to have an underlying feeling that
others should recognise, praise, or appreciate my efforts. This was my
inner urge. I was thinking that I had done some great things and I
wanted to hear a ‘thank you’ or some words of praise. And if this did
not happen, then I would become disappointed, dejected, slightly
depressed, or even furious. To the degree one suffers from this, it
means they have ego. And that ego will impede one’s sadhana.

Of course, Baba is the real Doer– He inspires us to act and graces us
to be able to do something– so really there is nothing for us to be
egotistical about. It is all Him. But even then the unit ego likes to
relish in the idea that ‘I am great’. And I had / have this problem.

Now here is another situation that helps determine if one has a big ego
or not.

(B) When walking into a room or arriving at a place or when meeting
someone, I would always think that the next person should greet me
first. I was thinking that others should serve me– either they should
take my coat, or bring me my food, or something. This was my
expectation. So that was all the disease of my own ego, nothing else. I
was thinking that due to my talents or seniority or for any reason, that
others should greet me first and pay their salutations and honor me.
They did not have to garland me– I was not that obvious– but I was
feeling that something big or small should be done to distinguish my
standing from theirs. That was my cheap anticipation and expectation.
And if it did not happen then I would feel uncomfortable, sad, or even
miserable. So this was all the expression or disease of my inflated ego.

This is another way to recognise if one has an over-active ego like I
had / have.

When in truth one should be unconcerned & unaffected about how one is
received by others. Rather one should be ever-ready to greet others
first, which leads us to the next situation.

(C) The next expression of ego is if one does not like to give respect
or recognition to others. That is another sure sign that one’s own ego
is too big. I was thinking that their presence or their actions pale in
comparison to mine– in that case why should I recognise them, rather
they should appreciate me. This also was or is my problem.

Of course the answer is that we must see all as the expression of Parama
Purusa and one must not think that ‘I am I and the next person is Joe or
Shyam’. Rather we are to think that all are Parama Purusa. That is the
only cure. Then one will be anxious and ready to greet each and every
entity in this manifested universe.

But my habit was not to do like this. I was constantly measuring myself
up to others and calculating if I was better than them or not, in which
case I would not recognise them but would wait for them to recognise me.
This led to so many complexes– like superiority or inferiority etc. All
of which is a result of having too much ego. So this was / is also my

(D) Then in this next scenario– this may have been the worst of all
because it was all happening internally. Listen to this: Even when I was
all alone, when I performed any action, or did something ‘good’, then I
was reassuring myself and thinking that I am the doer of many great
works. I was petting my own ego that I did a particular work etc. In
fact, this was how I made it through all my days. I would constantly
stroke or pet my own ego– subtlety telling myself that I was great. It
was all happening within. And that type of harmful disease made my
second lesson non-existent– along with all my other lessons. I could
not see Baba in anything because my own ego was always dominating. And
when sitting in sadhana, it was even worse. This was my horrible problem
and still I am addressing this fault.

The real answer, which we all know, is that in reality He gives us all
our energy and our duty is to serve Him. That is how we are to view our
actions in this world. But because of my defective egoistic thinking, I
could never ideate in this way and my practice of brahmacarya was gone.

(E) So the above are ways in which ego expresses itself. And it is not
always so blatant or glaring. It can be done in a small or almost
unreognisable, so one has to be careful and perfectly honest with
oneself. Otherwise you will not be able to identify the problem, yet it
will hamper your sadhana. So one must never harbour any type of feeling
that others are low, or that I did this or that, or that I am better, or
that others should recognise me. These are all crude expressions of
one’s own unit and petty ego.

So indeed, I was and remain a victim of my own ego– and worst of all it
impedes my sadhana.

Though now, by Baba’s grace on my good days, I feel that He is allowing
and enabling me to do everything. And I try to cultivate this idea more
and more. Sometimes it comes naturally and on other days I have to
impose it.


As one Dada once told me, the ironic thing about the ego is that most
think that they have no ego. That’s because people do not understand
what are the manifestations of having an ego. When in fact having a big
ego is one of the most common maladies on this earth. One need not be a
king, sports hero, president, or movie star to have a big ego. Many have
this problem and it deteriorates their well-being.

Because of the dominance of one’s ego, people get sad or depressed,
suffer from inferiority or superiority complex, and cannot do proper

Because in sadhana their mind just spins around their own unit existence
and cannot swim in the vast ocean of cosmic consciousness. If one thinks
all day about their own unit glories then they cannot do sadhana. And
that happened to me.

But in that predicament, one cannot overtly recognise why they cannot do
sadhana. One will just think that sadhana is impossible or that Baba is
not gracing me. One will not think that their own ego is the stumbling
block– the real impediment.

In that case, the only way out is to do honest introspection and really
ask yourself if any of the above egotistical situations apply to you. Do
I expect praise from others; do I have feelings that I did something; do
I want others to recognise me etc etc. One must be totally honest in
this regard. That is way back onto the path of sadhana.

Even then that will not cure the problem entirely; that is only the
beginning. Ultimately, one must cultivate the idea that Baba is doing
everything. To gain success in this, we must surrender unto Him and ask
for His divine compassion, otherwise we are a sinking ship– drowned by
our own ego.

That is how it has been explained to me and I agree with that
assessment. And that is why I am sharing this with all of you today.


Here is also one teaching from our Beloved Guru that is especially
helpful for curing an over-sized ego like I had.

Baba says, “Bear in mind that you have a duty towards – indeed, you owe
a debt to – every creature of this universe, but towards you, no one has
any duty; from others, nothing is due.” (CC-2, chapter 1, point #3)

By Baba’s grace, this type of teaching is enough to get one going onto
the right path of ego-less service. But saying it is not enough, it must
become embedded deep within one’s psyche. And this can happen by
sadhana, as we have all experienced. Because only sadhana transforms and
cleanses the mind deep inside.


The greatest tragedy of a big ego is that one will go away from Parama
Purusa. Because when ideating on one’s own unit self or ego, then cannot
even think about Parama Purusa– let alone feel His presence. Rather one
will just be involved in their own name, fame, and prestige, and then
that mind will not flow towards Parama Purusa. That is why the ego is
very bad and can destroy one’s life as a sadhaka. This is my personal


By Baba’s grace, He has given us the best way to overcome the bindings
of the unit ego. In various Prabhat Samgiitas, Baba has given us this
golden teaching– this beautiful way to think.

‘O my Lord, due to the trappings of my own ego and unit existence and I
cannot get close to You. That is the painful truth of my life. So Baba I
request You to please grace me and remove my ego. On my own I cannot
solve the problem. So please shower me with Your divine compassion such
that I should never ideate on my own unit things, but rather always
focus on Your lotus feet. O’ Baba, please be gracious. I am completely
depending on You. You are my Savoir and You have have accepted me as
Your disciple and if I remain dirty then it will not be Your glory. In
this way, take mercy on me– on this poor and helpless soul– and
cleanse me of all egoistic feelings and make me Yours. O’ my Baba,
please be gracious…’



The physical body flows in one direction– each and every day it grows
older and moves closer to one’s death.

But the mental body flows in two directions. It can go up or down. Like
a river, it is easiest for the mind to flow downstream– into the depths
of hell. But with sadhana, the mind can also flow upstream to the top of
the mountain– to the height of human glory. But to reach that divine
stance it takes energy and effort.

And what is that effort? Sadhana. Only by this way can one overcome
petty feelings of their own self and make the mind bigger and bigger.

Here the point is that human life is most often like a river flowing
downstream in that the unit ego will just involve in itself because that
is easy– yet ultimately making the mind smaller and smaller.

But, by His grace, when doing sadhana, then the mind will grow in
magnitude and become God-centered. Then and only then can the mind flow
upstream and reach that divine abode. So we must put forth effort and
then by His grace the mind will magically flow in this direction until
we attain Him.

This is Baba’s special teaching.

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From: “Seshagiri Das”
Subject: Svarshastra III
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 2010 07:46:16 +0000
To: am-global@earthlink.net


“Adrira ma’jhe tumi himagiri, pus’per ma’jhe pa’rija’ta…” (P.S. 1685)


Baba, You are the Greatest among the great, the Sweetest among the
sweet. Amongst all the mountains, Your status is like the towering
Himalayas. Amongst all the flowers, You are like the most brilliant
parijata flower.

Baba, with Your own hand You are touching and playing the strings of the
viina of my inner core– which is situated in the depths of my heart. With
Your soft, loving touch You are arousing the divine ecstasy in my mind.

Baba, by Your grace You have brought me on this earth again and again.
And You have inspired me to love You in infinite ways. My whole existence
has always revolved around You; but even then I could never be satiated to
my heart’s full content.

Now You have brought me again on this earth. And by Your grace I have
brought a basketful of love for You. It is in my heart. O’ my Lord, please
remain along with me always– day and night, always.

Among all the things which are dear, You are the Dearest. You are my
Priyatama, the innermost One of my heart. Of all the things which I love,
You are the most dear. You always reside inside my heart.

Baba, the way You are, it is impossible to explain through language. I
do not have any words to express Your glory. So I do sastaunga pranam to
You– thousands of times, infinite times, again and again.

Baba, please keep me at Your lotus feet..


It is well known all around that in order to live and maintain a healthy
existence then at minimum proper air, clean water, and sufficient food is
needed. And in that order also. Because one can survive for days even weeks
without food. And one can live for a couple days without water. But without
air, one can hardly live a few minutes. Hence air is an indispensable
feature of human life. And in the general society each and every community
and civilization readily accepts this fact.

And for them the main response is to live where the air is clean. Or not to
pollute the air where they are living. How far they are successful in this
endeavour is another matter, but they believe and understand that that air
quality of their local living environment is important. That goes without

What they are not aware about though is the most effective or proper way
that air should be exchanged between the human body and the outside
environment. They do not know which orifice to draw in air or which nasal
passage way to use for which activity. Nor do they understand the
significance of air flow within the body. These things are all a mystery to


In our approach of Tantra, however, all this is a well-documented science
and clearly understood. Indeed it was first propounded 7000 years ago by
Lord Shiva and titled as svarshastra– the science of breath control. That
time Lord Shiva put down numerous guidelines about breathing. Such as which
nostril to use when and how to lift heavy items etc. And Baba has added
many new points which relate to our everyday practices from sadhana and
asanas to eating & more. Hence by being aware about this science, the human
body and mind can develop exponentially in all the realms of life:
physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Baba says, “The number of such inhalations and exhalations – on an average,
from 21,000 to 25,000 per day – varies from person to person. The process
of breathing has a great influence on the human mind and self, or soul.”


In the last few weeks others have written about numerous aspects of this
science of breath control known as svarshastra. So a some of those points
may be reviewed in this email plus there are some new points to share with
our general Marga society.

As we know, the flow of air through the right nostril should be dominant
for physical types of activities like playing sports, involving in manual
labor, and also eating.

And the left nostril is for psychic pursuits and psycho-spiritual practices
like sadhana.

And when both nostrils are open then that is also quite good for sadhana.
And of course for lessons like pranayama it is absolutely necessary.


Specifically with regards to eating, if one normally eats dinner at 7:00 pm
then by 6:30 p.m. the right nostril should be the dominant nostril. And all
through the course of eating dinner and then for minimum one hour after
dinner the right nostril must be the dominant nostril and the left should
basically be closed. Hence if one finishes their meal at 8:00 p.m. then the
right nostril must be dominant at least until 9:00 p.m. otherwise one’s
digestion and the system on the whole will be imbalanced– thus inviting
constipation and an uneasy stomach.


Similarly in the morning it is imperative for the right nostril to be open
in order to properly clean the stomach and clear the bowels. Without having
the right nostril open in the morning then surely one will suffer from
constipation. This is a common ailment all around the globe. And if this
happens to any of us, then in that case one will have to activate the right
nostril by using one of the techniques listed in the note section.

In addition there are some asanas to help with the clearing of the
digestive system. One asana that is particularly helpful is bhastrikasana
(bellows pose). That can be done in the morning before attending one’s
personal duties. So this will help.


Of course one need not feel overwhelmed thinking how are they going to live
their life, manage their duties, care for their family, and– on the top–
take time to ensure that the correct nostril is always working. One need
not worry excessively about this because in most cases, the human body
naturally switches dominance between the nostrils, based on one’s daily
routine and what activity one is doing.

Yet at the same time if the body is out of adjustment we should be ready to
intercede– yet to do so takes some awareness.

And as we were beginning to talk about asanas and how some help in aiding
digestion, then we should also be familiar with and remind ourselves about
Baba’s guidelines on this point.


Here are some of Baba’s important guidelines with respect to the science of
svarshastra and the practice of asanas.

The sense is that most of the general asanas and certainly the advanced
asanas can only be if the left nostril is dominating or working in
cooperation with the right nostril.

Baba says, “Practise Asanas only while breath is flowing through the left
nostril or both nostrils; do not practise Asanas when the breath flows only
through the right nostril.” (CC-3, Asana Chapter)

However Baba has listed that certain asanas do not apply to this rule.

Baba says, “There is no restriction of nostrils for the following Asanas:
Padmasana (lotus posture), Siddhasana (Siddha posture), Ardhasiddhasana
(half Siddha posture), Bhojanasana (‘cross-legged sitting posture’),
Viirasana (Viira posture), Diirgha Pranama (long bowing posture), Yogasana
(Yoga posture) and Bhujaungasana (cobra posture).” (CC-3, Asana Chapter)


As sadhakas we should develop the basic habit of checking to see which
nostril is dominating or working exclusively– because checking only takes
a second or two. Simply when breathing the places the fingers underneath
the nostrils and feel which nostril is releasing more air. So checking is
easy to do and can be done anywhere, anytime.

Plus it helps give that special boost in life because how we breath has a
tremendous effect on how we feel and how deeply we are able to engage in
sadhana and how much energy we have for our daily pursuits.\


Baba says, “You are the blessed travelers on that effulgent path. Let the
unique blending of your profound wisdom and intense urge for action rend
asunder the mists…” (Ananda Vanii #71)


Here are the other postings in this series



Baba says, “When doing a heavy job while breathing normally, a person might
have serious difficulties – perhaps one’s limbs might be broken – but in a
state of baddha kumbhaka or purna kumbhaka (with the lungs full), one can
easily do the same work. While doing some over-strenuous activity in a
state of shunya kumbhaka (with the lungs empty) one might even die.” (NSS)

Baba says, “Suppose you are climbing to a high place or lifting a very
heavy load. If you do not follow the system of breathing while lifting the
load, your hands may become painful or your bones dislocated. If you do the
same work in a state of shunya kumbhaka (lungs empty), you will have great
difficulty – you may even collapse. If on the contrary, you perform any
strenuous activity in purna kumbhaka, taking a deep breath, you can easily
do it. All this comes within the scope of that svaravijinana.” (NSS)

Baba says, “You might have read in the Ramayana that Hanuman, by taking a
deep breath, made his body swell and lifted a whole mountain. Although it
is a mythological story, it refers to the science of svaravijinana.” (NSS)


Baba says, “The process of breathing, depending upon whether the breath is
flowing through the right nostril or the left nostril or both nostrils,
influences people in various ways. It was Shiva who determined what kind of
activity should be performed, depending on which nostril the breath was
flowing through, and depending on whether the ida or piungala or susumna
channel was active. He set down specific rules and regulations as to when
one should undertake physical, psychic or spiritual activities. He further
instructed when and in what circumstances one should do asanas, pranayama,
dharana, dhyana, etc. This science, which Shiva invented and developed, was
known as svarashastra or svarodaya (science of breath control).” (NSS, 95
Edn, p.25-6)



Basically there are two techniques for switching over the nostril.
First Technique: If one wants to open the right nostril then first lie down
on the left side of your body. Then gently extend the left arm straight
along the floor past the head. And then bend the left elbow such that the
left hand can be used to prop up the head off the ground. By remaining in
this lying position for a few minutes the right nostril will open and
become the dominant nostril. Similarly the left nostril can be activated by
lying down on the right side.

Second Technique: If there is no room on the floor or if one prefers not to
lie down then this next technique is helpful. First sit down on the floor
with the legs extended and bend the left leg such that the left foot is
flat on the ground and the left knee is pointed up toward the sky. Then
lean the upper body forward and place the left armpit on top left knee and
apply pressure by pressing down on the left shoulder with the right hand.
By this technique of touching the left armpit onto the left knee and
applying pressure, then the right nostril will surely open and become the
dominant nostril. One of the keys to this is to remember that by applying
pressure to one of the armpits in this manner will then open up the nostril
of the opposite side of the body.

Treatment For Hunch-Back and Stiffness

Baba says:
“When calcium builds up and gets deposited in the back it becomes hard.
That is why when people are very young then their backbone is quite
flexible but due to an accumulation of calcium over just a few years then
by the time they are teen-agers already their spinal column has become
stiff and rigid.” (SC-8)

“Doing noakasana, utkata paschimottanasana, and shalabasana etc eliminates
the possibility of developing a hunched back. So those doing hard manual
labor that demands bending the back for extended periods of time should do
these aforementioned asanas on a regular basis. That will prevent them from
suffering from hunch-back in the future.” (SC-8)


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Subject: Naive People: Issue of Establishing Prout
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 2010 07:55:28
From: “Gaurishankar Agrawal”


“Tumi esecho, bha’lo besecho, mana jine niyecho…” (PS #1516)


O’ my Baba, by Your grace You have come. You are so charming and
attractive. I am completely lost in Your bliss and divine love. Your
presence is so divinely intoxicating; how magnificent it is that You
Yourself have come in melody and dance.

Baba, before this I was unaware, just I was surrounded by my own
hopelessness. But now, by Your grace, my entire existence is radiating in
Your divine light & filled with Your endless bliss. Baba, You are so
magnificent. By Your causeless grace You have come and
showered Your love on me. Baba, how gorgeous & beautiful You are. You are
mine and mine alone. Now and forever, You are always with me…


Lately, a few misguided souls have fallen into the fold of one impostor
and they are declaring in their silly manner that this impostor is going
to magically establish Prout on this earth by merely through his
so-called declaration.

Whenever a margii, new or old, is unaware about Baba’s teachings, then
they are prone to fall into such type of confusion – i.e. they can be
easily duped. They will mistakenly believe such things. All because they
lack the requisite knowledge and proper understanding of Baba’s
guidelines, i.e. Ananda Marga ideology.

A few days ago a letter was posted on the need for knowledge of AM
teachings and that without it people fall into problem and confusion:

The same theme rings true here. Some naive people have gotten caught up
following an impostor thinking that with the wave of his hand and
issuing of a proclamation for so called “dharma yudh”, Prout will
magically take root on this earth.

Of course, no rational Ananda Margii will fall prey to this type of
misplaced belief.


Baba’s teachings are cent-per-cent practical, rational and logical. Ours
is not the path of magic, illusion, and false dreams of grandeur.
Whatever, we do in our Marga begins from the ground up – brick by brick
– through the practical application of Baba’s teachings.

This applies to the establishment of Prout as well.

Baba says, “Those ks’atriya- or vipra-minded shu’dras who are the
pioneers of revolution will have to learn to be disciplined, take proper
revolutionary training, build their character, be moralists; in a word,
they will have to become what I call sadvipras.” (HS-2)

And indeed it is such sadvipras who will establish Prout on this earth.
But as Baba says, it will not happen overnight, nor without effort, nor
through some silly proclamation as one impostor claims.

Rather Prout is going to get established from the ground up through:
proper conduct, consciousness raising, intense effort, public education,
and so much more.

In His historic discourse, Nuclear Revolution, Baba clearly discusses
many of the ingredients needed for the revolutionary approach that will
establish Prout.

Baba says, “PROUT advocates another type of revolution called “nuclear
revolution”. In nuclear revolution, every aspect of collective life –
social, economic, political, cultural, psychic and spiritual – is
completely transformed. New moral and spiritual values arise in society
which provide the impetus for accelerated social progress. The old era
is replaced by a new era – one collective psychology is replaced by
another. This type of revolution results in all-round development and
social progress.” (PNS-21)

Baba says, “Nuclear revolution can only be brought about by sadvipras
who reside in the nucleus of the social cycle. Through their concerted
effort, moral and spiritual power and all-round endeavour, they mobilize
the exploited sections of society to overthrow the ruling class – the
exploiters. This very struggle for mass upheaval liberates society from
exploitation and ushers in a new era of peace and prosperity.” (PNS-21)

By the review of Baba’s above teachings – and by being familiar with
Baba’s many discourses on Prout – anyone can certainly understand that
Prout will result from a distinct and concerted effort led by sadvipras.

Prout will not magically arrive through one impostor’s day dream or tall
talks. Any right thinking margii understands that.


Now see the ridiculous proclamation of this impostor Chakradhar.

“To establish Prout I am going to declare dharma maha yudh…After these
2 months I am going to declare dharma maha yudh on 01.01.2010 at
00:00hrs.” – Chakradhar

Such is the hue and cry created by Chakradhar – as if by his silly
say-so Prout will be established. One or two naive margiis may have
gotten befooled. But those proper margiis who do sadhana and read Baba’s
discourses can never be duped by such an impostor.

Baba Himself makes a joke about the false proclamations of impostors
like Chakradhar.

Baba says, “It is very easy to talk big about revolution. Audiences may
be awestruck and applaud, but to actually bring about a revolution is
not at all easy.” (PNS-6)


Let’s just think of it this way. The impostor Chakradhar is saying that
he will magically bring about Prout through his own proclamation.

However, just as a gold palace cannot be built out of mud – one must
have gold. Similarly, this impostor Chakradhar cannot establish Prout
with the quacks who follow him – one must have sadvipras.

That is why all rational margiis are just laughing at the tall talks of
Chakradhar. This impostor just makes one false claim after another so
those with the practical understanding of AM ideology can easily see
that Chakradhar’s teachings are nothing but hot air – period.


The people who are most prone to fall into Chakradhar’s fold are those
looking for a “quick fix” in life. In every sphere they are looking for
a shortcut. Instead of working hard and following 16 Points and studying
Prout and educating the masses, they easily get duped into hailing the
words of this impostor because it is the easy thing to do. It is just
one “quick fix” type of approach.

Such persons are the same ones who sit for 2 minutes in sadhana, do not
fast, and skimp over all of Baba’s guidelines. Following dharma is too
difficult for them so they are looking for some other “quick fix”. Just
as dogmatic people embark on pilgrimmages to some holy land thinking
that by this easy way they will attain salvation, those with Chakradhar
are think by this short-cut method they can establish Prout.


By Baba’s grace He has given all the guidelines and teachings to build
up a bright new humanity through the establishment of Prout. That is the
only way. Various impostors like Chakradhar will come on and go from
this earth. Along the way they may dupe a few people, but in the end all
their tall talks and proclamations will come up empty. Only by Baba’s
practical methodology can Prout be established.

Baba says, “We are waiting for the rising sun with crimson rays. Even
now the crimson rays are a bit visible. These crimson rays are the rays
of PROUT.” (PNS-17)



Baba says, “Before the revolutionary organization gives the clarion call
for revolution, there must be intensive preparation. In spite of the
presence of all the conditions for revolution, revolution may not take
place unless the exploited masses are psychologically prepared for
revolution. If the people do not support revolution, the clarion call
for revolution will not be heeded. Ideologically educated revolutionary
workers will have to channelize the psychology of the common mass
towards revolution and inspire them to undertake revolutionary struggle!
Such workers must adopt a rational approach inspired by the positive
philosophy, have a well-developed socio-economico-political
consciousness, and be dedicated to uplifting the standard of the common
people. The duty of these workers is to inspire the frustrated masses
along the path of revolution. Through their dedication and dynamism,
they will be able to bring the collective psychology in their favour.”

Truth Behind Mesmerism

Baba says, “This sort of treatment by hypnotic spell, people say, was
started by Dr. Mesmer of France, and so this system is known as
“mesmerism.” But prior to Dr. Mesmer, this system was known to Indians. In
India it was named “raksasii vidya.” In ancient India (by ancient India I
mean the non-Aryans, the natives of India) there was a non-Aryan lady
doctor, Karkatii Raksasii. This raksasii was very famous for her mesmeric
treatment. This sort of treatment should therefore not have been known as
“mesmerism” — it should have been known as something different.”
“Hence we find that in the Mahabharata age, there was surgery, ayurveda,
vaedyaka shastra, visa cikitsa, and homeopathy ; and people were not
unacquainted with mesmeric treatment either. This proves that medical
science was not underdeveloped.” (MHB, p.25)


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Date: Wed, 27 Jan 2010 12:46:41 -0000
To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: Tapan Prabhu
Subject: Missed the Point on Devotion


“Toma’r tare, jiivane bhare, sedhe gechi jato ga’n…” (P.S. 3747)


Baba, by Your grace throughout my entire life I have been singing Your
blissful songs of divine love– Prabhat Samgiita– in order to satisfy
You. O’ Prabhu, now, however, I do not know which particular song to sing
in order to please & satiate You.

Baba, all the time– from the middle of the night up to the morning
dawn– I go on practicing and singing those tunes and melodies according to
Your direction with deep longing in my heart, hoping to bring You close.
And I have also sung Prabhat Samgiita in the scorching heat and in the tune
of the evening sunset. All the time I sing for You, with only one motive to
please You and bring You in my close proximity– O’ my dearmost.

Baba, when I sing for You and repeat Your name in Your divine ideation
then by Your grace a very special feeling comes in my heart, and tears roll
down in love for You. Baba, that intense love I am unable to express in
words, You know. Those blissful feelings cannot be conveyed by language.
Because of that blissful feeling for You, my mind always longs to sing the
song to call You.

And also I have sung the song in the spring season along with the
flowers and sweet breeze of the effulgent purnima night. Baba, with the
strong feeling of yearning in my heart, I have also sung Your songs in the
terrible whirlwind of the hurricane of the pitch dark amavasya night. Baba,
by Your grace You have made me understand that everything is Your divine
blessing and I go on singing Your song, irrespective of the time, season,
hours, and days.

Baba, by Your grace I have only one longing in life: To satisfy You and
bring You close. Baba, please be gracious on me…


As we all know on the spiritual path, devotion is one precious gem. And in
so many discourses & in various ways Baba beautifully outlines the
speciality of different stages of bhakti. And it is this unique quality of
bhakti that established devotees in the Supreme rank. Unfortunately one or
two are taking the matter in their own way Here first are some of Baba’s

Baba teaches us that in lower devotion, a particular complex remains within
the mind of the devotee. This complex is termed as: ‘Mahimnajinana’. And
that means, the devotee thinks that Parama Purusa is too great to be
attained. In this stage the devotee feels ‘How I can go close to Him? I am
full of imperfections and He is so high.’ This feeling of lowliness is


Baba is further then explaining that when one attains the higher devotional
state of Parabhakti or absolute devotion, then there is no chance of
degeneration. Furthermore Baba guides us that Mahimnabodha cannot exist
once Parabhakti is reached.

Means Baba outrightly states that when one is established in higher devotion
or Parabhakti, then the devotee does not feel any kind of inferiority
complex. Thus when one comes within the close proximity of Parama Purusa
and the devotee is established in the realm of parabhakti, then all
feelings of lowliness & inferiority completely disappear. This is all
explained quite clearly in the discourse, “The Path of Salvation”,
(Reference Subhasita Samgraha Part-11, page 39).

Plus in a separate discourse Baba makes the point perfectly clear.

Baba says, “Those who possess parabhakti or kevala’bhakti are free
from Mahimajinana– the notion that God is too perfect to be attained
by a mere mortal.” (AMIWL-7)

The fundamental point is that Baba pointedly tells us in this discourse that
the negative complex of Mahimnajinana cannot exist side by side with
Parabhakti. If the feeling of mahimnajinana or lowliness exists in the mind
of devotees, then it is clear that they are not established in the highest
level of devotion– Parabhakti. Likewise, Baba guides that those who have
reached the status of Parabhakti cannot feel mahimnajinana.


However one respected Dada is explaining this matter quite differently from
Baba. Means he has given his own version that is not consistent with Baba’s

Specifically in his book “Glimpses of a Mystery” (p. 87), this Dada writes:
“When Parabhakti (absolute devotion) is granted, there is a risk that the
devotee can suffer from a special ideation called Mahimnabodha. This causes
the aspirant to feel so petty, so small, so insignificant that he or she
feels unworthy of the endless, vast, incomprehensible…Brahma.” — end of
quote from Dadaji’s book.

So here above this Dada is telling that when sadhakas reach to the highest
realm of devotion, then still they feel that that they are inferior and
low. Hence what his “preaching” goes directly opposite to Baba’s eternal

Means Baba’s 100% perfect spiritual guideline is that when parabhakti
(absolute devotion) is reached then there is not any iota of scope for
mahimnabodha to remain. So this Dada’s published writing is going against
Baba’s teaching and is misguiding the situation by writing the direct
opposite. Means Dadaji is telling that mahimnabodha does remain with

By comparing Baba’s pure guideline on the one side and then seeing
Dadaji’s explanation, it becomes apparent that the latter has gone off the
track. Means that he has gone awry.


So the whole matter is quite serious and demands our attention– because
nowadays there is so much fake yoga floating around and what distinguishes
Ananda Marga from these other so-called paths is the uniquely devotional
approach given by Baba. So devotion is one special point in AM but when our
own Dada’s undermine the speciality of all this by misunderstanding this
essential point of devotion, then that will bring question and confusion in
the minds of readers and new people. And they will question what is so
great about AM’s devotional approach when in the top stage still one
suffers from basic weaknesses. So all these types of doubts are cast due to
Dadaji’s misunderstanding.

Here following are some deeply inspiring words from our Beloved Baba on the
point of Parabhakti.

Baba says, “Para’bhakti (pure devotion) liberates spiritual aspirants from
the bondage of ‘I’- feeling permanently. One should bear in mind that
Parabhakti is not a state of inaction; rather a tremendous vital faculty
lies behind Parabhakti.” (AMIWL)

Baba says, “One who has attained Para’bhakti will be a great worker. The
strength of their devotion will establish them in action, and this will
benefit the world.” (Karma-Sannyasa)

Baba says, “Spiritual aspirants with developed parabhakti can proclaim that
the universe is all Brahma – that Brahma alone is the Supreme desideratumLinkof all microcosms.” (AMIWL-7)


Note 1: Central to this entire topic discussed in this letter is this
following guideline of Baba.

BABA says, “The scriptures should always be interpreted by qualified
scholars, competent philosophers, and penetrating thinkers. If one tries to
interpret a profound scripture with superficial knowledge, the interpreter
appears ridiculous and the audience is confused.”

“There are some people who are neither scholars, nor philosophers,
nor penetrating thinkers, but merely wander about interpreting scriptures
as a means of livelihood. They utterly fail to present the proper matter in
the correct perspective before the audience…[and] do more harm than good
to the society.”

“[They] interpret the scriptures just to exhibit their intellect–to
procure for themselves a certificate of erudition. They remain far from the
living spirit of the scriptures.” (NSS)

Note 2: I think all are aware that Dada Bhaskaranandji is the author of
“Glimpses of a Mystery”– so he is the one who is confused about
Parabhakti, or at least he was at the time of writing. If his understanding
has indeed changed then best is for him to issue a statement so readers can
correct their books. Beyond that everyone should be careful when reading
Dadaji’s book because when he has made such a fundamental error about the
all-important point of devotion, then there may be numerous other problems
in the book as well. Others should also come forward and share their
insights about this. Indeed there are other errors.

Margiis’ Status

Baba says, “Most people spend their lives on this planet eating and
drinking. Sometimes they contract diseases, their stomachs become
distended, and they die. But there are certain exceptional people who say,
‘No, we have not come to eat, drink and make merry.’ Those who lead
licentious lives foolishly get involved in brawls and fights, but the
exceptional people say, ‘No, we don’t want to live such a life, we have to
lead an ideological life on the path of “A’tmamoks’a’rtham’
jagaddhita’ya ca.”

“Those people who are society’s exceptions are extraordinary people.
They alone will build human history. Others cannot and will not do it.”

“These exceptional people are sometimes seen as lunatics by the naive
public, but the fact is that these exceptional people do something new and
constructive for society.”

“You should also know that you are exceptions. You too will do something
great, will build up something historical.” (9th January ’79)

Note: The life of each and every good margii is looked upon as something
peculiar in the eyes of the common people. The reason is A-grade margiis
are not involved in the religious dogma or materialistic ways of common
people; plus all margiis are practicing yoga, kiirtan, sadhana, eating only
sentient food, and following progressive ideas. So margiis’ thinking and
living and socializing are quite different from the common public. That is
why the common public thinks margiis are peculiar people. But sincere
margiis are not worried about this; rather they know that this is one
merit. Such margiis are great exceptions and they are also the vanguards of
the entire society. All sincere margiis are making the path which the
common public will tread in the very near future.


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The Brahmana

From: “Ramlal Sharma”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: The Brahmana
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 2010 10:32:28


“A’lo jhariye madhu ks’ariye a’ndha’r sa’riye tumi esecho…” (P.S. 1233)


Baba, You have come and by Your divine advent You are showering
effulgence, exuding nectar, and wiping away all darkness. Baba, You have
come– making the flowers blossom & graciously spreading happiness and
bliss to one and all. Baba, by Your august arrival everyone’s hopes and
longings have been fulfilled.

Baba, living beings were awakened by the deep yearning and pain of
longing in their heart. And with this feeling, in the anticipation &
hope of Your coming, they were awake, watching for Your arrival–
constantly looking towards Your path. Baba, this pain and longing of
devotees resonated in Your heart and You could no longer remain distant.
Baba, You have come and You are graciously pouring the basket of love–
satisfying everyone’s heart. The sleeping humanity has gotten new life
by Your grace.

Baba– that river which dried up and evaporated, and that song which
was lost in the oblivion– the current of that very river and the tune
of those songs You have graciously brought along with You.*

Baba due to Your august advent You have inundated each and every heart
with the nectar of devotion. This is Your causeless grace…

* The inner idea is that when Parama Purusa comes and He saturates the
heart with deep devotion, then all those feelings of love and which had
dried up start to blossom. In the above song, the river signifies the
flow of devotion and the song and melody refers to that subtler
expression of devotional feeling.


Here is one story which contains one important teaching for
all sadhakas.


One sunny day a man left his house in search of his horse. His mind was
totally filled and burdened with thoughts about his missing horse. In
his long & arduous effort the man searched far and wide as he crossed
many villages, hills, rivers, streams and valleys– all in search of his
horse. Along the way there were countless wonderful and fascinating
sights, yet in his mind’s eye all he could see was his horse– nothing
else. His mind was consumed with that notion.

When the man finally returned home from his tiring journey his close
friends were amazed by how far he had traveled; and they asked him
numerous questions about what he saw on his fabled and remarkable
journey. They wanted to hear his observations about the vastness of the
earth and the beauty of the sky, as well as all the various other sights
he saw along the way. Yet the man could not comment on any of that; all
he could reply was, ‘I could not find my horse’.


As, we can all see, the man in the story got caught up in his own little
burdens. His mind became totally fused with thoughts about his horse to
such an extent that he could not even begin to conceive of anything
else. His whole reality was sunk in that.

Being sadhakas, we must never allow such things to happen to us.


In life so many things happen so if one is not careful then the mind
will just get caught up in that whirlpool of those events. Indeed it is
the common malady that step by step people burden themselves and allow
theirs minds to get preoccupied with family problems, job issues,
financial matters, health concerns etc. But in that troubled state of
mind one cannot move ahead.

The mind will just get burdened and one will be walking around carrying
a heavy load of thoughts or concerns. In which case– just like in the
above story– one will not be able to function. The real charm and
beauty of life will pass one by.


That is why Baba guides us that we should make it our strict policy to
keep our mind free from any burdens. We must not carry any burden of the
past, nor any burden of the future, nor any burden of the present. Our
minds must be totally free from these three burdens. That is Baba’s

Yassa pure ca paccha ca majjhe ca natthi kincanam’;
Akincanam’ ana’da’nam’ tamaham’ vru’mi Bra’hman’am’.

Baba says, “I will call that person a Brahman whose mind does not run
after any colour, who is neither obsessed by colour-laden thoughts of
the past nor influenced by such thoughts of the present…One must free
the mind from the influence of all colours.” (NKS, Disc #24)

In His above teaching Baba directs us to keep the mind cleansed of all
past, present, and future problems. That is the first half of his
teaching and the culminating idea of the shloka is that one must only
focus on the Goal– on Him. Then one will be able to do great things.
This is Baba’s eternal guideline.


So as sadhakas, our duty is to keep the mind light– to keep our mind
focused on Parama Purusa.

Baba says, “When you are to move fast, your mind should be light; if the
mind is heavy it will not be able to move fast.” (AV-31)

So Baba’s guideline is to keep the mind free, empty, and light. And the
only way to do that is to remember Parama Purusa.

Baba says, “You must always think of the goal. Always look to your
ideal.” (AV-1)


Thus in our day to day practical life one must take up the task to keep
the mind fixed on Him– and not entertain the three burdens of the past,
present, and future.

Baba guides us that if one is careful in this endeavour then little by
little the mind will always wipe away any burdens and move towards Him.
With practice this will become one’s habit until finally it becomes one

But if one does not take proper care then things will go in the opposite
direction and the mind will always be burdened.

So in our busy lives whenever we can, during each and every moment, we
should clean the mind. That means we must not get drowned by past,
present, or future events but rather must ensconce oneself in the Goal–
in the thought of the Great. And, amazingly enough, the more we attempt
this grand endeavour the easier it becomes until finally it is just
automatic, and always we feel His divine presence.

By such training and practice, our minds will always be clean, empty,
and free– i.e. fully absorbed in His thought, in His ideation.


So Baba’s grace and by our careful approach our mind will be unburdened
and free. And in that state one will surely become a tremendous asset of
the society– one will do something great.

Hence, as sadhakas, we should make it our regular habit to routinely
check and cleanse the mind by thinking exclusively about Him. May we
make this our regular endeavour as this is the inner secret for becoming

Baba says, “People who command reverence from society…admit: ‘We know
nothing. We only think upon Parama Purus’a and work by His grace’.”
(NKS, Disc #23)



Keeping the burdens of the past, present, and future in one’s mind
causes their entire existence to malfunction. One loses one’s own
abilities because of being overrun by too many useless thoughts and

It is just like when too many programs on a computer are open then the
computer can no longer function at even a basic level. The computer just
gets totally stuck and cross-wired by all those electrical impulses
running in different directions.

Similarly we should never allow such things to happen to us. Always may
we remain focused on the Goal. That is the quality of a real sadhaka.

Not Easy To Bring Into Practice

Baba says, “While helping the poor people your vanity may increase. You
may think: ‘I have done this, I have done that. I am not an ordinary man.’
This is a psychic disease. Actually, vanity is a psychic disease, a psychic
ailment. But if, while helping a man, a poor man, or a diseased person, you
ascribe Godhood to him, that is, if you think, ‘I am not helping a man, I am
helping God in human structure,’ then vanity will not be encouraged. What
will be the reaction within the person? ‘This body, this mind, this wealth
has been given to me by Parama Purus’a, and Parama Purus’a has come before
me, God has come before me, as a suffering person, and I am paying back
that thing to Him. That is, the actual owner of this body, the actual
owner of this mind is He, and His wealth I am paying back to Him.’ So
there will be no vanity.” (DKG, p.197-98)

Note: Despite that fact that we are all aware about Baba’s above
teaching, nonetheless it is the common human weakness that we forget
about this point. Yet we all know His above guideline has great and
eternal benefits. For that reason we need to be reminded about this
divine guideline again and again. Adherence to this principle helps
establish one in the stance of divinity & immortality.


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Date: 25 Jan 2010 13:17:19 -0000
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Dhruvanandji



All are aware that Dada Dhruvanandji has been ill for some time. That is
why he has not been able to fulfill his duty as GS. However, in the
recent days, things have taken a turn for the worse. He now no longer
even leaves his bed for natural call. So the situation is indeed grave.
Our best wishes with Dhruvanandji at this critical hour.


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From: “Shantatma Kerketta”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Naive People Create Problems for Themselves
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 2010 14:10:35 +0530


“Toma’ya a’mi bhla’loba’si, a’mi toma’ra a’jina’ka’ri…” P.S. 4589


Baba, I love You. I feel fortunate when obeying or carrying out Your order.
By Your grace, I pass my whole days always involved in shravan, manan, and
nidhidhyasana. I am always engaged in Your ideation.

In true sense I do not know whether I love You or not. I do not even want
to know whether I am loving You or not. Please be gracious and
compassionate. And bless me with devotion. This is my only thing I want–
to remain at Your lotus feet.

With my whole existence– my body, my heart, & my mind, I do sastaunga
pranam at Your lotus feet. Baba, please grant me devotion…


There is a myth in our AM society that jinana is useless and there is no
need to read Baba’s books. This letter addresses the issue.

We all have to consider the matter: If really reading Baba’s books is
not needed, then what was the reason for Him to deliver thousands and
thousands of discourses and emphasize the seminar system, svadhyaya, and
study etc.


In AM, we have our distinct path. Baba has given all the necessary
guidelines: When we follow them, life flows properly; when we disregard
them, difficulties arise. This happens both in personal and in
collective life.

At present, we all know that groupism has reared its head in our Marga
society. But it did not come out of nowhere. There are some tell-tale
signs and reasons behind it.

We should all be more aware about AM philosophy, Baba’s articles /
books, and reflect and honestly ask ourselves: “Am I part of the problem
– even in the smallest way? How often do I read Baba’s guidelines and
discourses and ensure I am following His tenets.”

Kindly consider the following analysis and share your thoughts.


In our Marga, all want to be devotees. In countless discourses, Baba has
clearly defined bhakti as being the best path, far better than the other
paths, i.e. karma and jinana. Jinana or knowledge is the worst.

So all are eager to become devotees.

Unfortunately, some have (mis)understood this to mean that one need not
read AM discourses or study Baba’s guidelines. They think that is the
lowly path of jinana. Indeed there is a prevailing myth in our AM family
that knowledge is not needed.

But Baba’s main intention behind His criticism of jinana lies in having
vanity of knowledge whereby people just read books and overlook sadhana.
In contrast, knowledge of Baba’s books is needed.

In AM, some people mix this up. That is their misconception. So all
should be cent-per-cent clear that reading Baba’s discourses and doing
sadhana comes under that path of devotion. One must read the books, do
sadhana and follow accordingly, otherwise they will go in the wrong

We must know Baba’s teachings. That is our compass of life. Just as the
explorers of old used celestial navigation or a compass to plot their
course, Baba’s teachings are our compass to stay on the right path. Thus
we must study and know His guidelines.

Baba says, “To liberate society from this unbearable situation,
consciousness will have to be aroused among the people; their eyes will
have to be opened by knowledge. Let them understand the what’s, the
why’s and the where’s. Thus study is essential, very essential.”
(NH-LOI, Disc: 7)

If His teachings were not needed, then He would have just sat up on the
dais and given varabhaya mudra for 2 hours straight. But He did not do

Most certainly He blessed us, but in addition He gave us distinct
guidelines to abide by so that we may (a) progress, (b) know what to do
and not to do, and (c) reach the Goal. If one does not read the books
they will not know the do’s and don’ts and they will follow the wrong
path and go in the wrong direction. That is what we see happening now.

If due to our naiveté or ignorance, we are not aware of Baba’s
guidelines, then problems will arise. That is how groupism came about
and finds support still today from good, well-intentioned margiis. Why
because they lack the requisite knowledge.

Confirmed group leaders are aware what they are doing – they are
deliberate sinners. But countless other wts and margiis wish to serve
the best interest of the Marga but innocently get caught up in the
whirlpool of groupism. Because some are not fully aware of Baba’s
teachings and instead rely on certain Dadas for advice and guidance.
When in reality, we should only rely on Baba. He is our Supreme Guide.

So we should all be critically aware about His divine guidelines and let
those teachings determine the course of our lives.

Let’s consider the matter further.


Many in AM think that, “Yes, I am following Baba in all respects”. Who
does not think like this – everyone does. We all think we are abiding by
the ways of neo-humanism etc. All think that by their actions they are
serving and pleasing Guru.

However, upon closer examination, it is often found that many are
unknowingly part of the problem. Unwittingly they are supporting
groupism: Either by financial donations, reading Fake Ananda Vaniis,
attending factional functions, accepting the Fake BP Manual, following
Bangalisation or the Mahaprayan dogma, accepting scriptural distortions,
the splitting of jagrtis, witnessing punishment postings and so many
other ways. They do not mean to do it; it simply happens because some
naive margiis / wts are not aware of Baba’s teachings.

See for yourself. We should all ask ourselves, “Did I review a discourse
from neo-humanism this month? Have I read an entire discourse from
Subhasita Samgraha this week? Do I regularly refer to Caryacarya?”. This
is the type of self-analysis that must be done.

When one has Baba’s ideas in mind, then one will not innocently become a
puppet or supporter of groupist activities. That will save you from
harsh consequences.

Because those innocent people who unknowingly follow groupists agendas
will have to face the facts and undergo the reactions.

It is just like if one unknowingly touches fire, then that fire will not
spare you. Similarly, going against bhagavad dharma is dangerous. On
this point, no one can save you. One will have to face the consequences.

Thus by not knowing Baba’s guidelines and actively applying them in
life, one is inviting all sorts of problems.


Most margiis are quite intelligent and more aware than the general
public, so many may think that they are not prone to falling away from
Baba’s teachings. But if one has a weak spot for a certain Dada or
group, then it can easily happen.

Just think, most astronauts are extremely well-trained in the sciences
and all kinds of technical aspects of life, yet still they may prescribe
to the dogma of heaven. They know about outer space but they stillthink
they will go to heaven. Because of their kinship with a particular
religion etc, they may not critically evaluate their beliefs whereas in
other arenas of life they are quite sharp.

Many read discourses yet because of their friendship with certain Dadas
they support groupism unknowingly, and hence fall into dogma like the

So those inclined toward a particular group of Dadas may automatically
conclude that those group leaders are grounded in neo-humanism. When in
truth those wts may just be involved in forming one group and thus
violating the facets of neo-humanism. But the margii cannot understand
that because they have lost the capacity to see; they have no vivek due
to their factional allegiances.

That is how people naively get trapped in the net of groupism, despite
their best intentions to follow Baba.


There is more to this topic and a follow-up letter should be written.

We should all know that through study, satsaunga, sadhana, and
introspection, we can bring Baba’s teachings into our practical life and
avoid the awful reactions that stem from a lack of basic knowledge of AM

Remember, whatever one does – right or wrong – one has to face the
consequences. If one goes against the fundamental teachings of AM, then
prakti will not spare them.

As margiis we should adhere to Baba’s principles strictly, read His
discourses on neo-humanism and engage in introspection.

Baba says, “There is another meaning of the word ideology. It means a
mirror. When we look at it, we can observe ourselves. Similarly is our
ideology. Every human being should follow his ideology. Human life is an
ideological flow. Those people who have no ideology in life are not
human beings. One can recognize other men to the extent that he follows
his ideology. The life of man devoid of ideology is like an animal
life.” (SS-20)


– Marriage Condition –

BABA says, “I have stated that at the time of marriage the bride and
bridegroom should not have any direct relationship three generations above
and three generations below. If this condition is not met, the marriage
should not be solemnized.” (AV-7, p.57)

Note: Those not following this their moral standard is questionable. Top
grade margiis are very strict about this Baba’s teaching.


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From: “Jorge Santana”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Fake Gurus Cannot Last Long
Date: Sun, 24 Jan 2010 13:52:48 +0100


“Bha’loba’so jadi tave eso priyatama diiner e kut’iire…” (P.S. 2619)


O’ my dearmost Baba, if You really love me then please come to the hut
of this lowly person. I want to make You listen to my love songs up to Your
full heart’s content; that’s why in my mental viina I have practiced many
tunes and melodies for You.

Baba, I do not have any knowledge or intellect. Nor do I have any
virtue, name & fame, or the weight of those things. I have only one thing:
Love for You in my mind. My whole heart is completely filled with love for
You. And by offering that love I will satisfy You, by Your grace.

Baba, I do not have any prestige nor do I get any respect or honor. None
of these do I have. Nor do I have such devotion that I feel my ego getting
wounded by Your not coming. Baba, I have only gratitude in my heart for all
those things which You have graciously bestowed upon me. Please shower me
in Your ahetuki krpa.

Baba, I know in my heart that You love me, but if You really love me
then please come close in my heart. For You I have prepared and decorated
my mind in Guru cakra. Baba, please come close and grace me…


Nowadays as yoga is gaining more and more popular support pseudo-gurus are
popping like weeds all around. In the mass society this is rampant.

Unfortunately from time to time this has turned into a a recurring theme on
the wavelengths of our Marga internet. Because 1 or 2 persons like to again
& again promote the ways of one or another pseudo-gurus.

But we all know that Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji is the Sadguru who has
graciously come to lovingly guide the whole humanity unto the path of
dharma sadhana and divine salvation.

And that it is He Who has beautifully given us the path of Ananda Marga–
the Path of Bliss–whereby all progress towards that Divine Goal.

Whereas it is commonly understood that such pseudo-gurus are nothing but
exploiters and the proponents of dogma.


There in India, since ages & ages the deceptive and cheating ways of such
dogmatic gurus is well known. Here following are some of the ploys that
they do:

1. First off such pseudo-gurus share very little of what they know. Of
course what they know is not much and mostly it is dogma, but even then
they keep such “knowledge” to themselves. So the disciples– hungry to get
something– undergo many, many years of arduous work doing all the
cleaning, cooking, repairing and all sorts of dogmatic things– including
getting the so-called guru’s hukka ready for tobacco & hashish smoking. Or
such a guru will use a chilam which is hand-held pipe tool for smoking
hashish. And the disciples work like slaves preparing all these things.

2. The disciples also must wash all the clothes and be obedient at all
times. Failing perfect obedience they will get senselessly abused,
insulted, and beaten by getting hit w/ burning wood. All this the gurus do
to see how far the disciples are qualified and to see how much they can
tolerate. But no blessing is ever given, only beatings.

3. Plus such dogmatic gurus use one nasty trick– the trick of allurement
to get their slave disciples to stay longer and longer. To do this the
gurus do not teach anything at all to those disciples. And just the
disciples hang on hoping that one day they will get some knowledge– sweet
nectar. But that day never comes.

4. When the disciple sees what garbage the guru is teaching then they will
leave in an instant. For that reason those gurus do not tell anything at
all; Because telling something means exposing oneself. And by not telling
they can keep their saintly status and prestige. And by that way their
disciples will not desert them.

5. Altogether it is just like how Gandhi kept mum whenever an important
decision had to be made.

6. So the disciples are just left to continue on and on with their mundane
duties such as doing oil massage for the guru plus they are in charge of
milking and taming the cows. This disciples must do– so they move in the
jungle all day with the cows and then return back in the evening time. But
for their long efforts they never get not even a single drop of that sweet,
butter milk.

7. These pseudo-gurus also place themselves on one pedestal by giving the
dogmatic definition of brahmacarya as celibacy. And in that way they create
inferiority complexes in the minds of family people and young disciples by
showing themselves to be great spiritualists– when in fact they themselves
do not follow the anything about celibacy what to speak of following the
true teachings of Brahmacarya.

9. And above all the main thing is they do not tell any dharmic guidelines.
And not only that but they themselves do not know any such things.

10. Up till now this is a problem in the society that teachers are pseudo;
they do not do anything. Just they became guru and they themselves do not
do sadhana. So they do not know anything just they want blind obedience.

11. And in that way the disciples work is only to do engage in crude,
mundane tasks.

12. If anyone visits any of the hundreds of dogmatic ashrams in India you
will find these things going on throughout the land. And no longer just in
India, these pseudo-ashrams are popping up like mushrooms all aroung the

So posting any such negative stories to one of our Marga e-mail forums means
supporting dogma. Because those gurus want to forcibly impose such dogma
and exploit the common mass.


Our AM is different. In our Marga first sadhana is taught and made
available to one and all. Plus, as we all know, in AM the dharmic codes of
morality– yama and niyama– are also taught. And like that from phase to
phase, step to step, our AM proves itself as one sadhaka making mission.
But in other dogmatic places it is not like that; that is why as a warning
Baba strongly exposed and condemns the dealings of such dogmatic gurus.



Baba is telling in dramatic way the facts about such present and recent
past dogmatic gurus. Here following are excerpts from his short story–
“Under the Fathomless Depths of the Deep Blue Sea”– whereby using the
allegory of ghost Baba reveals the cheating methods used by those negative

(A) Here in general Baba is exposing the hypocrisy of the ghost guru–
Bhutananda Maharaja. And also Baba is exposing the formula how this nasty
guru side-steps difficult questions.

Baba says, “The next day, at the crack of dawn, Bhutananda Maharaja was
sitting in the middle of a group of disciples. The holy fire was burning in
front of him. Crowds of followers were coming from nearby villages. They
brought thousands of varieties of fruits, nuts and other delicacies as well
as various narcotics such as marijuana, opium and hashish. Bhutanandaji was
chanting the ‘bhuta’ mantra with closed eyes which he half opened from time
to time to study the sumptuous fruits and delicacies. He always observed a
vow of silence during the day in case a disciple would ask him a difficult
question. In this way he avoided embarrassing situations.” (Under
Fathomless Depths

(B) And here below Baba is pointing out how such pseudo-gurus are fully
immersed in negative political dealings.

“Shrii Shrii Paramahansa Bhutananda Maharaja Paribrajakacarya!!!!!!!
Or, ‘Bhutananda Maharaja’, for short.”

“Bhutanandaji advised, “Look here, don’t upset them [the rich people] in
any way this time because they are your main hope. Don’t put too much
pressure on them to pay unpaid bills, income-tax, sales-tax and other
taxes. Oh, one more thing, have you given them ample scope for black

“Yes, Your Holiness,” replied the ministers. “We have made the seven-year
plans in such a way that they, as contractors, will be able to extract the
lion’s share of the money invested by the government. Moreover, we have not
put the responsibility for these projects in the hands of the learned
experts, but have given it to people selected by ourselves whether they
know anything about planning or not.”

Bhutanandaji said, “Very good, very good.”

(C) Here below Baba is showing how such a negative ghost guru gets his own
disciples involved in all kinds of fringe political dealings and immoral

Baba says, “That evening, after the crowd of followers had dispersed, he
[His Holiness] called two of his most trusted disciples, Swami
Shriiga’la’nanda18 and Swami Markatananda, and said, “Listen…..Mr.
Jutiram Dawala Chad Thakthakia or Abakanagar and Mr. Besharam Lal
Ghushkila’o Phatphatia from Ajabnagar have amassed huge amounts of money by
black marketeering. Instead of increasing their bank balance or investing
in more property, they have chosen to make ornaments in pure gold. We must
lay our hands on those ornaments by any means.”

“His Holiness said, “Listen…..Take some pure gold and go and visit the
Thakthakiyas and Phatphatias. Tell them you know the magic word for
doubling gold. You can be assured that they will give you a small amount of
gold just to test you. You should mix that gold with your gold and show
that it has doubled in size. If you do this a number of times they will
begin to have faith in you. You should always remember that such deceitful
businessmen generally become very greedy and stupid. Within a few days they
will be fully convinced and will lay all their ornaments in front of you.
Then, simply run away with the bounty.”

The disciples asked, “Where shall we go with the gold?”

His Holiness, the Maharaja said, “Tell me, where do you think you should go?”

“We shall come here,” they replied, “and place all the ornaments at your
holy feet.”

Said His Holiness, “Have you gone mad? If you do that the police will also
demand a share. Once you get the gold you must go straight to Mr. Batparam
Bankelal Gujgujia’s shop. Sell him the ornaments at a price less than
their market value. Then, take the money — don’t accept a cheque — and
come back here immediately.”

The disciples said, “As you command, Your Holiness.”

(D) Here is another colorful excerpt highlighting the exploits of those
dogmatic gurus. More can be said about this but by reading everyone will
surely understand the beautiful way in which Baba unfolds the story & how
such dogmatic gurus prove themselves to be totally negative creatures.

Baba says, “That day some of the devotees gave His Holiness a number of
malpo sweets made of condensed milk [rice-flour and sugar]. To prevent his
disciples from casting greedy glances at the sweets, Bhutanandaji had kept
them hidden behind him.

“Your Holiness,” said the householder disciple, “you are truly a great
ghost. It’s no ordinary matter to remain without food for days together.”

Bhutanandaji’s face beamed with joy. Another disciple looked at the
householder and said, “Do you think His Holiness is like any ordinary ghost
and will simply waste his time eating? He spends his whole time in
spiritual meditation. He may give up his life and go to Hell any day; an
excellent garden house has already been reserved for him there. The other
day the God of Death himself appeared and entreated His Holiness to
accompany him. However, His Holiness declined the invitation saying that he
has no time to go and rest in Hell. Rather, he wishes to continue
selflessly serving us ghosts for some time more.”

The family devotee exclaimed, “Yes, it is only due to His Holinesses grace
that we are able to survive. Could His Holiness find joy in Hell, leaving
us here on Earth?”

He continued, “There are so many wild fruits and roots and other edible
things here. Won’t His Holiness even eat those?”

“No,” replied the disciples. “His Holiness only eats air. Today is a
fasting day so he won’t even eat that. He observes a waterless fast and
that’s why he won’t even take air.”

After some time, the householder devotee left.

Then His Holiness turned around in search of the malpo sweets. He was
amazed to see that there was nothing there. The sweets were missing.

His Holiness was beside himself with anger. “Hey you fellows, who ate the
malpos? Don’t you know they were meant for me? Who ate them? Vomit them out
immediately. I won’t spare you until I’ve eaten those malpos!!!”

The disciples said, trembling, “Believe us, Your Holiness, we didn’t eat
them. We swear by touching bones, we promise by touching cow-dung, we
pledge by touching dead bodies that neither did we eat them nor did we
allow a cow ghost or a cat ghost or even an ant ghost to touch them. It is
really a strange thing, Your Holiness.”

His Holiness roared, “I don’t want to hear these things; I know you have
eaten them. Vomit them out! I shall eat them.”

There ensued a big scuffle between His Holiness and his disciples. An
initial shouting match became a bloody battle.

So by all this entire manner, one can understand what ploys pseudo-gurus in
India do to cheat and exploit their disciples and secondly Baba’s colorful
short story provides ample insight into the nasty dealings of those
dogmatic gurus.

May be we all pay strict vigilance to ensure that our e-forums, seminars,
retreats, and programs are filled with the divine spirit of Baba’s supreme
teachings which lead to the fulfillment of human existence, and not the
tall talks of any pseudo-guru.


Baba says, “You are the children of the great Cosmic Entity.” (AFPS-6)

Baba says, “Ananda Margiis should always inspire people along the path of
spirituality by encouraging selfless service, sacrifice, good conduct,
spiritual practices, the development of all-round knowledge etc. Ananda
Marga is a comprehensive mode of living based on spirituality.” (Prout-16,


Note 1: In perfect fashion in His ghost short story, Baba speaks indirectly
about such pseudo-gurus so as not to offend anyone. So He reveals the fact
about them by employing this unique allegory or story so there would not be
any objections.

Origin of Few Musical Instruments

Baba says, “”Our tabla is a metamorphosed form of this mrdaunga. Some
people believe that the tabla came from Persia but this is not the case;
the tabla originated in this country. From Persia we have gotten the sitar
and the gazal. Although the viin’ originated in this country and has been
here since the time of Shiva, we have gotten its descendant, the violin,
from Italy.” (SC-2, p.128)


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From: “Virendra Mandal”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Are You Worried About Your Teenager
Date: Sat, 24 Jan 2010 22:41:44 +0530


“Tiirthe tiirthe ghuriya’ kla’nt haye esechi dva’re…” (4112)


Baba in search of You, after wandering around the globe in various holy
lands, I am completely tired; and in that state now I have reached to Your
alter. Baba, be gracious, please do not turn Your face away; and please do
not become unhappy, angry, or furious on me. Please open the door and
allow me to come inside.

Baba, look towards me; my whole body is completely tired and exhausted. My
feet are full of dust. Wandering around in the sun my whole body is
sweating. I am completely tired and exhausted.

By Your grace now I feel in my heart and repent how my whole life got
wasted. I was tied up in the noose of dogma. Just I was performing various
rituals, wandering in holy lands, moving from one tiirtha to another
tiirtha, from one Baba’s Quarter to another Baba’s Quarter, in search of
You. By Your grace now I understand that You are hiding sitting in my
heart– smiling.

Baba, I am surrendering to You. Please accept me as Yours. Do not leave
me to wander to this and that dogma– involved in one or another ritual.
The path which I was crossing through, that path is dark & full of
hopelessness. I wasted a lot of money, time, and energy but nothing was
gained. And now I am too tired. I want Your divine direction.

In spite of moving on the negative path, by Your grace in the garden of
my mind some flowers have bloomed for You. I want to offer those flowers at
Your lotus feet. Now the creepers of hope are swinging and the feeling is
coming that You will allow me.

By Your grace, Baba You have already given me the longing for You in my
heart. So now please allow me to come close to You to touch Your feet.
Baba, I am Yours and You are mine. I am surrendering everything to You.
Please accept me…


In many sectors we see that the children of senior margiis are not very
involved in our AM way of life. There are so many examples- especially
with our teenagers. Yet Baba has given us a very great tool for
reversing this negative trend so that we can successfully raise our
children as margiis.

And in general, in this world, all want to get success. And even more
than that, everyone wants their children to become successful.

Yet, it is not so easily done, especially in this day and age when there
are countless challenges, struggles, distractions and obstacles.

This letter addresses the matter of success – both inside and outside of
Ananda Marga – and how we can help our children attain it. In
particular, the points raised apply to our youths and teenagers, i.e.
kids aged 9 – 19.


In a number of discourses, Baba has graciously given the special
guidelines for attaining success: Namely, the seven secrets of success.

In the past, various letters have discussed different aspects of the
seven secrets. Here are a few for your review.

This letters focuses primarily on point #2: Dvitiiyam’ shraddhaya’
yuktam’. Specifically what does it mean to have “reverence for the goal”
and how does it manifest in daily life.


Generally when we use the word goal, we mean it with a capital “G” and
the Goal refers to Ista or Parama Purusa. That is the purely spiritual

But in one of His many discourses on the seven secrets of success, that
is not Baba’s central meaning with regards to the word “goal”. He has a
different intention. As we know Baba often explains the same shloka in
different ways. With regards to, Dvitiiyam’ shraddhaya’ yuktam’, He
refers to it being a spiritual goal in some discourses and sometimes He
talks about it in mundane ways. So this point is applicable in both
manners: mundane and spiritual.

In one such discourse, Baba is using the word goal to refer to one’s
endeavors in life – whether they be work, school, research, sports,
repair, or almost anything at all. In all these circumstances if one has
reverence and regard for what they are doing then they will feel linked
with their work – and that brings success.


Let’s say a person is involved in their studies – perhaps mathematics or
literature. If that student feels that this subject is silly and of no
value, then no matter how long they study, they will not gain mastery of
the topic. What to say mastery – they will hardly learn anything at all.
Because they are unable to fully embrace the subject.

In contrast, if a student has great interest and regard for a particular
topic and they have the strong feeling that, “This topic is of great
importance and I must learn this”, then it is certain that they will get
success. They will become quite adept in that subject.

It follows then that if a father desperately wants his son to be doctor
and the son is more interested in Sanskrit or mathematics, then the
child will not succeed in the study of medicine no matter how much
pressure the father places on his child. Because the child does not have
the requisite reverence for that topic – he does not want to study to be
a doctor.

Likewise if one only “learns” because of the pressure of an upcoming
examination or because they will be punished if they don’t study, then
whatever they “learn” will be forgotten very quickly. That knowledge
will not stick.

Shraddha’, or the 2nd point of the seven secrets, relates to when one
has great interest in the topic at hand.

This sense of shraddha’, or deep reverence, for all endeavours in life
is one special ingredient for achieving success. And it is especially
useful for teenagers for a few reasons. First, they are in a great stage
of development in life – they have to learn many things: School,
friendship, summer jobs, and other responsibilities. Second, if they
develop this sense of shraddha’ now, they it will be a lifelong tool for
them. Then they will always know what type of mind-set is needed to get

Shraddha’ indicates that one feels that a particular action is the right
and ideal thing to do. Such is their mental feeling. Thus it is not just
respect or reverence in a general sort of way.

For these reasons and more, as margii parents we should all be keen to
help our teens cultivate a strong sense of shraddha’ for all pursuits in

Very importantly, it will also carry over into how our children approach
Ananda Marga. We must logically convince our children of the value of AM
teaching so they feel ready to embrace them.

Teenagers are in a very important phase of spiritual development – for
the first time ever their glands and minds are duly awakened and they
can easily conceive of higher aspirations and grand ideals.

Baba says, “The dream of the future first crystallizes in the mind of
the adolescent. So adolescents should be taught, without indulging in
narrow-mindedness, through the medium of idealism.” (HS-1)

Naturally then, if that sense of shraddha’ – deep link with their work
– is instilled in the minds of any teenager, then their journey into
our AM way of life will be fruitful.


The next critical matter is how to inculcate that sense of shraddha’ or
deep link and feeling for one’s endeavour.

Firstly, as parents we must convince our children of the importance of a
given task through logic and reasoning. Our children must know why it is
important; then they will get convinced. Then they will embrace the
point internally.

If our children thoroughly understand the benefits of a vegetarian diet
then they will follow sincerely it and not be swayed when they see
others, especially their classmates, eating meat. That is the way to
instill the point of shraddha’ – through logica and reasoning. Then the
mind will be set in its endeavour. We should all do this with our
children regarding all facets of AM ideology.

Unfortunately it can happen both in AM and certainly in the general
society that parents just tell their kids what to do but do not convince
and educate them on the importance of the point. Without that, the
children feel forced to follow it but in their hearts they are not
convinced. In that case there is no shraddha’ and they will not gain
success. In that case such parents do a disservice to their children.


Now comes the next step. Why is it so important for us to convince our
margii children through logic and reasoning when so many of the various
religions need not take this approach.

The answer lies in numbers and popularity.

So many of our margii children are not involved in AM, whereas so many
Muslim and Christian children are involved in their religions.

Those Muslim and Christian children are growing up in areas where all
their friends in school also follow that religion. In that case they
believe their religion is is good simply because of the sheer popularity
of it. They do need logic and reasoning to be convinced to follow those
tenets. They just do it because everyone else is doing it.

Whereas in AM most margii kids are not around any other margii children.
They are alone. Without any peer support, they need maximum logic and
reasoning. They will have to be internally convinced that AM is the way
to go. Because when none of their friends are following AM then they
will be prone to think that our AM way of life is silly or stupid.
Because none of their friends are involved in this way of life; AM is
not popular. To overcome this, logic and reasoning is needed. If our
children are taught the real value of AM ideals, then they will follow
them – even if it is not popular in their school – even if their way of
living is different from all their peers.


The key point behind it all is that one must value what they are doing.
If even one of our revered Wts is given work by his superior that he
feels is useless, then he will not be able to do that work properly. And
that project or job will just be half-baked. It can happen.

So regardless of one’s stature in life, the point of shraddha’ applies
universally to all. It is a quality of mind and outlook and is not
achieved by post, power, or social stature etc.

And that sense of shraddha’ – of maximum respect and reverence for the
task at hand – will generate tremendous mental force. It will give one
the stamina to overcome obstacles and difficulties and achieve great
things in life.

Thus inside or outside of AM – in the general society – in all kinds of
communities and endeavors, regardless of the nature of one’s goal (i.e.
work or study etc), if one has shraddha’ then they will get success in
that activity.

That is Baba’s distinct guideline.

Whereas the moment one thinks that “This work is stupid” or “This job is
meaningless” then one’s efforts are doomed. If one is a President or a
street-sweeper, the moment they think in that defective manner then they
will never get success.


By Baba’s grace He has endowed us the way to get success in all our
pursuits in life. We should share this great teaching with our children.
The moment they understand the value and importance of an endeavour and
cultivate deep regard for their work, then they will get success in
every sphere of life – now and in the future also.




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Our Samaj Songs

Date: 22 Jan 2010 14:02:48 -0000
From: “Subhash Dholakia”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Our Samaj Songs


“Jhainjha’ jadi a’se jujhite shakati dio…” (P.S. #1783)


Baba, You are my Saviour. If in my life a hurricane or typhoon comes,
then You please provide me the strength to fight and face that negative
situation. And give me the strength to struggle and persevere.

Baba, if ever in my life lethargy and frustration comes, then please
provide me strength to hold onto Your feet. And to go on moving on Your
path. Baba, by Your grace I am treading on Your path. You please color
my mind with Your color in all situations. During both pleasure and pain.

With Your divine grace, if my mind becomes radiant then it cannot be
covered by staticity during times of cimmerian darkness. Please grant me
strength to follow Your dictates.

Baba, please grace me and give me the force to go on marching on the
path of effulgence, in an undaunted way moving ahead. And please give me
strength by Your grace, to jump up and take on ever-new tasks to serve
the downtrodden people.

And please bless me by Your Varabhaya mudra. So in my life, I never feel
fear or cowardice to fight against demonic forces. Baba, in all the
circumstances I am completely depending on Your grace. Without Your grace,
nothing is possible…


Time and again the topic comes about Prabhat Samgiita and in particular
about His Proutistic samaj songs. Some are misunderstanding the utility
of such compositions. Here below is a discussion of this important topic
and everyone should write in with their thoughts and suggestions.


All are aware that Baba has graciously given 5018 songs of Prabhat Samgiita.

And these divine songs vary tremendously in style, characteristics, and
qualities. In Prabhat Samgiita, the whole Ananda Marga philosophy has been
projected through the medium of song– in one or another way.

Starting from the cycle of creation to samskara theory to kosa, vice and
virtue, sadhana, shravan, manan, niddidhyasan, the benefits of satsaunga,
the value of human life, vidya and avidya maya, saincara and pratisaincara
theory, psychic diseases, social and political exploitation and their
eradication, samaj movement, Neohumanism, entire Prout philosophy, songs
related with Lord Krsna and Shiva, and songs of various seasons, festivals,
ceremonies, birth and death, house entrance, and so many more.

Everything is present. Including so many other things which usually we
find in the topics of His discourses — everything we find in Prabhat Samgiita.



It is just like how Parama Purusa has created varieties of things in this
universe. According to our needs and requirements, we utilise those things
for the collective welfare. So in this creation, varieties of things are
there– but everything is not for everyone. According to the need, we utilise them:

(A) Baba has given the system of asanas. But all asanas are not for
everyone. Some need certain asanas, and others need different asanas.

(B) In Yogic Treatments, various remedies and guidelines have been given.
All are not for everybody. It depends on the disease.

(C) In AM Philosophy and Yoga Psychology discourses, Baba has given
significant guidelines about psychic diseases and their treatments. But
those are exclusively for those who are suffering those psychic diseases.
It is for them only.

(D) Similarly Baba’s sama’j (socio-economic movement) songs are for those
local areas whose indigenous people are suffering the psychic disease of
inferiority complex about their land and cultural expression.

As with the examples above with asanas and yogic treatments, all the
Prabhat Samgiita are not needed in any given single situation. That is,
in a random way just taking any Prabhat Samgiita and starting to sing does
not have any sense.

For example if you start your dharmacakra with the shra’ddha song
(commemoration song) — “O Parama Purusa, Toma’r jinis toma’ke… (P.S.
#60) “O Parama Purusa Your things (our departed friend) I am offering You,
please accept it.” If this type of song is sung at dharmacakra, then that
will be inappropriate.

And in the same fashion, when sitting in one’s own sadhana place, if one
starts singing the song related with Lord Krsna “Tum ho mere Krsna jagat
pati mae tum he chahata’ hum diva rati”. “O my dearmost Lord Krsna, You are
the Controller of the universe. I Yearn for You day and night. And cry for
You.” Certainly any devotee of Baba will not like to sing like this. Because
of the strictness in ista point. (Sixteen Points, #10)

So the central idea is that, Baba has given varieties of songs for
varieties of occasions and varieties of peoples’ needs. In this way,
He has written many songs related with sama’j (socio-economic) movement.


A couple people are completely confused that on the one side Baba is
talking about the philosophy of neohumanism, and on the other side He is
writing and giving the narrow sentiment about samaj. This usually happens
because certain crude intellectuals, for their group interest they are
spreading extravaganza all around. Concocted things about sama’j
(socio-economic movements).

Certain WT groups are engaged in the misuse of sama’j theory for their
crude and selfish interest, i.e. just to gain the power in the
organization. This subject is complex, so I am not going to discuss
anything on this–which group, etc etc. Here the point is only related with
Prabhat Samgiita.


Let us see what are the songs related with sama’j. And we can analyse
the situation. For example, please see below here this one example. The
Prabhat Samgiita song which Baba has written for Angika samaj. Song number

“Aungabhu’mi sundarata’ bhu’mi…” (PS #4134)


This land of Angadesh is most beautiful. This type of land you will not
get on this earth. My Angika language is more sweet even than honey. My
mother tongue is so great. O my friend, come and collectively speak in
this glorious language, Angika. This beautiful Angaland is incomparable
on this earth…

And also, see the following Prabhat Samgiita #4082.

“He ma’y Aungabhu’mi ma’tribhu’mi tor lelii ja’n kabul karaechiiye…” (#4082)


O, my motherland “Angabhumi”. My life is dedicated for You. I am offering
my life for Your cause. O my motherland “Angabhumi”, by Your grace and by
Your shelter I am surviving on this earth. O my motherland “Angabhumi”, I
have only one desire: to serve You I should get bliss and satiation. O my
motherland “Angabhumi”, by Your grace I am surviving. I yearn for Your love.
And I am ready to sacrifice my life for You.

Baba has written the above songs for the indigenous people of that land.
These songs are not for the universal AM family. And this is not an
isolated case, in which Baba has written songs related with one sama’j
(socio-economic movement) only. But He has written sama’j songs related
with many individual sama’jas.

For example, following is the song related with Amra Bengali sama’j
(socio-economic unit).

“Ra’r’her e la’l ma’t’i go la’l ma’t’i…” (PS #4245)


The red soil of this Ra’r’h is very precious. I feel that this has more
value than the pearls, jewels and gold. In this land, people are very
sweet. And the language is also very sweet. Everything here is saturated
with the sweetness. Everything of this Ra’r’h is most beautiful. Here we
get our heart enlightened in divinity. This land is not just a soil, but
it is more precious than gold…

So we can see that one side Baba is praising about the land of “Angabhumi”
in songs 4134 and 4082. And in another song, song #4245, Baba is telling that
the soil of Ra’r’h is most precious. So I have given you only two examples.
Yet there are so many examples like this.

Here below is another song related with Amra Bengali sama’j (socio-economic unit)

“Madhur ceyeo a’ro madhur a’ma’r ba’nla’ bha’s’a’…” (PS #4766)


Compared with sweetness, it is more sweet this my Bangla language. This is the
language of my pra’n’a. In my arteries and veins and blood, the
vibration of this language is resonating…


Some innocent or foolish persons can easily get confused. Some may think
that this is just one contradictory type of song after another. But the
reality behind this is something different. These songs are for indigenous
people of those socio-economic units (sama’jas). These songs have been
written for them.

If anyone is circulating the cassettes of these songs in other areas,
then that will be highly objectionable. That usually threatens the unity
of one human society. Because the spirit of socio-economic movements
(sama’jas) is regional in approach and universal in spirit.

Rather what should be done is simply to exchange the name of the samaj in
the song. Then everyone can use the same song for the upliftment of their
own samaj, when and if that type of song is needed in their area.


One more question is raised occasionally. That what was the need to write
this type of song which eulogizes one particular area. Why did Baba do
like this? The answer is very simple. If a mother has four babies. And
one is very meritorious, and the other three are suffering from inferiority
complexes. Then to remove that inferiority complex, she will praise those
other children to give them self-confidence. Without this, their personalities
will not grow.

This type of psychology is applied by teachers in the schools also. If they
do not praise unenthusiastic students, then the growth of their personality
will be affected. That’s why the teacher has to praise even unenthusiastic
students. To create the opportunity for them to grow.

We have usually seen in DMC that after distributing the prizes, then Baba
says to all the remainder who are seated there (who did not get prizes),
that “Yes you all should try. And next time you all will certainly win.”
HE would say this to inspire and give enthusiasm to all.


Another example can be given. These days capitalist exploiters are
exploiting the society by infusing inferiority complexes. Just like when
Britishers came to India and they imposed their language and culture on
Indians. And the Portuguese and Spaniards also were imperialist exploiters
who imposed their language and created inferiority complex amidst the
indigenous population. And with this psychic disease of inferiority complex,
the local people accepted everything which the exploiters imposed on them.
Thinking that this is something greater than they are.

Until this inferiority complex is not removed, an exploitation-free society
cannot be formed. And to remove this, only one way is there. That is
socio-economic movements (sama’j movements).

Just as with Yogic Remedies in which so many remedies have been given for
various diseases. With the remedies prescribed, meant only for those who
have the disease. And in AM Philosophy, guideline about psychic disease
is given for those who are suffering from these diseases. Not for all.

Similarly for the common mass who is suffering from an inferiority complex,
these songs have been given. So the indigenous people will get rid from
the inferiority complex of their local language and cultural expression.
That’s why Baba has given these songs in the local language of that area.

Because true Ananda Margis are not suffering from this sort of complex and
psychic disease, so these songs are not for them. So true Margiis need not
to sing “O my motherland, Angabhumi, I am sacrificing everything for you”
or “O my motherland Bengalistan, I will do and die for you”. But surely,
the indigenous population of that area who is suffering from inferiority
complex, they will sing.


The central idea is that for various sama’jas, various Prabhat Samgiita
have been given. And these are a few examples given above. At the time
of writing these songs, Baba has also given the instruction that on the
basis of these sama’j Prabhat Samgiita songs, similar songs should be
composed for all the sama’jas of this earth. By their own indigenous
litterateurs and poets. And in that way, inspire the indigenous people
to root out exploitation in their local area. So these songs given by
Baba should be treated as a specimen and guideline.

There should not be any confusion on this very point. And again it should
be noted that these songs related with the socio-economic movements (sama’j)
are not for the entire Marga family. They are for indigenous people of
that particular sama’j.

Please write your valuable thoughts on this topic.



Baba says in various places that human culture is one. Only the mode of
expression is different.


The fertile brain of crude intellectuals, they are always creating problem
by misguiding society. Such things happened so many times in the past. And
Baba has given many examples, which happened in the past. That these crude
intellectuals misguided and exploited the common mass, making them believe
for example that their poverty is due to their own sinful deeds in the past.

Similarly, everybody knows that some WT groups always distort Baba’s samaj
psychology. And so many times they wrote that Baba has written Bengalistan
samaj songs.

Baba in the following quote is teaching us how dogmatic people polluted the
mind of innocent people by preaching false ideas. And establishing their
supremacy. Baba says how in the following way these religious parasites
spread falsehood. Religious parasites misguided and exploited the common
mass by telling them:

“Your God is the only God. You are His blessed sons and daughters, and
others will burn in hellfire.” (PNS 14, p.13)

In similar fashion, these days certain WT factions sing their glory about
their language and land. That they are most precious, and everyone from the
entire globe should salute them and praise their glory. In their group
propaganda network, they talk like this. They did not get tired by spreading
their own greatness. They never get tired of eulogizing themselves. Nor
do they feel shame by doing so.


Baba says, “Thus Prout’s approach can be characterised as universal in
spirit but regional in approach.” (PNS 13, p.24)

Baba says, “An empirical spiritual base to society will protect it from all
fissiparous tendencies and group or clan philosophies which create shackles
of narrow-mindedness.” (PNS 13, p.24)

Often we have seen how certain fundamentalist groupists were propagating
Amra Bengali songs all around the globe. That was really suffocating for
everyone. For example this song, “Rarh e lal mati” was circulated and the
cassette was sold in various sectorial retreats of all the sectors. But
that song was only meant for the indigenous people of Rarh. So this proves
the blindness of certain groupist-minded negative people. Those who do not
understand the spirit of Sama’j movement (socio-economic movement).

Serious Matter

Baba says, “The system of education prevailing today was formulated or
evolved long ago, mainly with a view to suit the needs of the capitalist
class. For the last three to four thousand years, the same type of
education is being imparted. The main purpose behind this sort of
educational system is to create persons with a slavish mentality to
fulfill need of those capitalist exploiters. This sort of education is
fundamentally defective. It is certain that this type of education which
serves the capitalists’ interests is not at all suitable. This sort of
education creates obstacles in the evolution of humanity. We have to
thoroughly revamp the entire educational system. A new educational
system must evolve to produce sadvipras.” (11/29/70, transcribed from cassette)

Note: Those who are bragging about the standard of their education
should know what type & what category of knowledge they have. In this
regard, we should ponder Guru’s above guideline.


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Date: Thu 21 Jan 2010 06:11:29 -0000 (GMT)
From: Pradiip Bauer
Subject: “Generosity” of the United States
To: am-global@earthlink.net


“Toma’r saunge mor paricay, ek-a’dha yuger katha’ nay…” (PS 2303)


Baba, by Your grace my closeness with You is not only since the last few
hundred or even thousands of years. Nor is it only since the last one or
two epochs or ages. Baba, from before the beginning of time You have
been along with me; by Your grace I have always been in Your shelter.

Baba, I have been singing Your divine glory since eternity. It is Your
grace. Baba, by being ensconced in Your divine love, my heart became
satiated and fulfilled. All my needs and longings have become completely
quenched and satisfied. Baba, by constantly ideating on You– day and
night, all the time– by Your grace my mind may become one with You.

Baba, please be gracious and do not keep me distant. Always keep me
close to Your lotus feet– under Your shelter. Baba, please remain along
with me constantly– all the 24 hrs. And please grace me and saturate my
mind with Your divine nectar. Baba, make my life full by utilising me
all the time in various deeds, in whatever way You like.

Baba, by Your grace our intimacy and relation has been since eternity.
And, by Your divine krpa’, it will go on up to infinity…


At present, the US is giving huge aid to Haiti in response to the
terrible earthquake that hit. The US has pledged 100 million dollars,
and sent tons of food, thousands of military personnel, huge numbers of
relief workers, and much, much more.

Other countries are also supporting the cause – but none as much as the
United States.

From the outside then it looks like the US is spearheading a great
humanitarian effort – with no ulterior agenda or motive. Those thinking
like this are not aware of the deeper aspects behind the US relief
effort. Many common citizens fall in this category. They are not aware
about the psychology behind the big capitalists.

As Ananda Margiis, it is our duty to take a step back and critically
analyse how far the capitalist enterprises like the US government are
really generous in their ongoing relief efforts etc.

In the height of this vaeshyan era, we must know their psychology in
order to educate the masses and bring about the turn of the social cycle.


Baba guides us in so many discourses that capitalists always keep sharp
eyes on their own agenda. That is their chief aim.

The main question that has to be investigated is how far the US relief
efforts are drowned in that capitalist paradigm.

As Ananda Margiis, we should have our eyes clearly open and understand
that when the US goes into an area to offer aid, it is not for the
long-term welfare of that besieged region or nation – rather the US is
just investing in its own future and prosperity. It is as if they are
putting money in their own bank account knowing that it will yield a
high interest rate. That is the psychology behind the US’s involvement
in such relief works.

Now let’s take a look at how this has happened over the course of the
last half-century as well as how this applies to the situation in Haiti
today. We have to be ready to pointedly expose the capitalist mind-set –
whether such capitalists reside in the US, China, Mexico City, London,
or New Delhi.


One critical example that is easily discernible is what happened in 1947
when India was divided. Up until that point India had similar capacities
in the various states – just relatively small variances. But in 1947
Pakistan was created and Pakistan fell under the tutelage and so-called
care of the USA.

And now – sixty three years later, anyone can see the world of
difference between India and Pakistan. India has grown in many regards:
roads, education, industry, and so many other emerging arenas. In
comparison, Pakistan is a beleaguered place ravaged by terrorism,
killing, poverty, corruption and more. Such is the long-term effect of
having relations with the US.

Basically, wherever the US goes, whether it be Ethiopia, the Middle
East, Mexico, or Haiti, the long-term results are never good for that
nation. In the short-term, that country may receive relief money, arms,
military training, or protection, but in the long-term they will be
hobbled by US economico-cum-politico interests. That is the way it goes.
We have all seen it time and again.


The way capitalist mind-set is like that of the slave owner and slave
relation. The slave owner does not want to kill the slave as he needs
work done, but at the same time he does not want that slave to become
educated and independent either. So he gives the slave the bare minimum
to survive and at the same time the slave will remain in a lowly, easily
exploitable position. Similarly economically wealthy nations do the same
with economically poorer nations. They want to use them as pawns for
their own agenda.

Hence “wealthy” nations are willing to help “poorer” nations. But their
help is not help in the true sense of the term – rather top capitalists
hobble those “poorer” nations. Such is the vaeshyan mentality.

Baba says, “In the present world, capitalists accumulate increasing
wealth and possessions for themselves, leaving others to suffer acute
pangs of hunger. They force people to wear tattered rags so that they
can parade in ostentatious clothing. To increase their own strength,
they even suck the vital juice of others.” (PNS-21)


We should be aware because the above scenario matches the situation now
in Haiti.

The US is giving huge money in aid to help Haiti but in truth the way
that money is used will only further ensnare Haiti and keep Haiti
totally dependent and in debt to the US.

US capitalists are doing this out of their own self-interest. The US is
motivated in such scenarios by its military strategy, gain of natural
resources, financial power, and political interest. In particular, the
US does not want Haiti to become a puppet of any other nation. Haiti is
too close to the US and the last thing the US needs is for Haiti to
become a second “problem state” like Cuba. So for military purposes and
for the gain of natural resources, the US has great interest in keeping
Haiti under its control.

Haiti is the poorest nation in North America and right now the capital
of Haiti and other areas are in ruins due to the natural calamity. The
US has gone in under the pretenses of saving the people, but it is sure
the their greater US aim is to protect their own interests. The US uses
Haiti as a pawn in its capitalistic exploitative machinery.

The money the US is giving now they will get back with interest. That is
the way of the capitalist.

* From 1990 to 2003, Haiti received more than $4 billion in aid. The
United States alone had provided Haiti with 1.5 billion in aid.

* In 2005 Haiti’s total external debt reached an estimated US$1.3
billion, which corresponds to a debt per capita of US$169.

And that debt to Haiti is now rising – and along the way the US has
gotten and will continue to get all kinds of political and economic

Consider this: the literacy rate in Haiti is 50%. That means half the
country cannot read. Yet 80% of the college graduates from Haiti have
emigrated to the US. Plus various poor Haitians emigrate as well. In
total, there are at minimum 600,000 Haitians living in the US.

So the US gives money to Haiti to protect the growth of its own
workforce. The college educated elite of Haiti will become a purchased
brains in the US economy and the hoards of poor Haitian who come to the
US are needed sweep the streets, do the laundry, wash the windows and
clean the toilets – i.e. cheap labor to do all the things that ordinary
US citizens would refuse to do.

So by giving Haiti money today, the US has much to gain – just like the
slave owner. Plus giving aid is a great public relations stunt. Most of
the common people get duped into thinking that the US really is generous.


Haiti is a proud nation with a glorious yet bloody history.
Imperialistic nations like France and the US pummeled Haiti over the
course of the last two centuries or more. Haiti fought hard for its
independence in 1804 – so they have a long standing belief and desire
for self-rule. Theirs was but a few short decades after the US
independence (1776) and the French Revolution (1789).

Even then, those very two nations, France and the US, pillaged,
suppressed and ravaged Haiti to no end – never letting that nation out
of their grip. The French bloodied the soil of Haiti through the 1800s
and then came the US occupation from 1915 – 1934. Hundreds of thousands
of innocent Haitian people died during these struggles. The country was
just torn – never given the opportunity to grow. And when the US finally
left in 1934, the Haitian island was far worse off than before the US

In total, there have been 32 coups in Haiti in 200 years. Such
is the instability, mostly hampered by outside agents.

Today again we see the US involved in Haitian affairs. Instead of
entering with swords and canons the US is coming with food, bandages,
and emergency supplies. Tragically, although the tools are different and
seem benign or even helpful, the result will be the same. Haiti will be
bound by US capitalistic imperialism.


For these reasons and more Baba warns us to be aware about the negative
ways of such capitalists and not get duped by the seeming US generosity
with regards to the earthquake relief in Haiti.

Baba says, “These capitalists are the unworthy sons and daughters of the
Cosmic Father because they go against the principle of cosmic
inheritance. They should be cured of their ailments. To fight capitalism
is therefore within your goal. The seed of infinite expression lies
within dharma, but you must nourish it. Capitalists create hindrances on
the path of human beings to prevent them from becoming one with the
cosmos – to prevent them from becoming great. So capitalism is
anti-dharma and the actions of capitalists are also anti-dharma.” (PNS-15)


All capitalist countries will do like this. They will do anything and
everything to protect their own interests. They will not give help
unless they think they have more to gain then those whom they are
helping. That is their crooked mentality.

Thus when the US is giving huge dollars and resources to Haiti, it must
be kept in mind that the US is planning to get twice the return or more
– i.e huge profit. Without that greedy incentive, the US would not act
like “the good and generous neighbor”.

That is why many say that creating “friendships” with capitalistic
nations like the US is just an invitation for ruination. That country
being helped will not grow strong. It will neither become independent
nor self-sufficient. Just it will be a pawn in the hands of those top
capitalists, each day become more bound into slavery.

There is not a single case where US built a better society in a country
they “helped”. Scan the globe and see for yourself: Iraq, Somalia,
Cambodia, Mexico, Pakistan, and the list goes on and on. No place got
the help they needed in order to stand on their own two feet. Rather
each and every place was left in shambles once the US got its grand
investment out of the deal.


By Baba’s grace, He has entrusted us with the duty of helping liberate
society from the heinous grip of the vaeshyan forces. To do that we must
educate one and all about the greedy capitalist psychology and modus
operendi. The supposed generosity of capitalistic nations like the US
must be uncovered and the whole globe should be unshackled from the
greedy initiatives of those vaeshyan masterminds. Then, armed with a
proper ideology, society can and will progress.

Baba says, “This vaeshya-dominated society exists even today, and as a
consequence of exploitation, the viprian and ks’atriyan societies have
degenerated to the level of shu’dras…No social class should dominate
society. If one class is dominant the other classes will surely be
exploited. Therefore everyone is to be guaranteed equal opportunities
and equal rights. For the progress of humanity a harmonious adjustment
in the society is essential…Cunning capitalists have built a fragile
nest from their greedy intellect, just as the weaver bird builds a nest.
In the collective interest of all human beings this nest must be smashed
to pieces. Only then can human beings lead the entire society towards
supreme good.” (SS-1)


WT Conduct Rule: Dealings

Baba says, “Supervisory workers will have to take proper care of each of
their supervised staff in all respects.” (Pt #2 of ‘Six Additional Rules’)

Note: This is a very significant rule but these days supervisory bosses
are more focused on emptying the pockets of their subordinates. This is
the only “care” they do. In future when standard of devotion in
supervisory workers is higher, these rules are likely to be followed in
which case the situation will be better.


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Date: Wed, 20 Jan 2010 12:48:42 -0400
From: Donald_G
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Lunatic


“Kare ja’tra’ halo shuru, bhule gechi se katha’…” (699)

Baba, when exactly my journey started I do not know; it is not in my
mind. I have completely forgotten the day when my journey towards You
started. Since many lives, by Your grace You have been attracting me– step
by step. By Your causeless compassion I am moving in that divine liila–
reducing the radius gradually and coming closer & closer to You.

How much I suffered on the way and, how many thorns pierced my feet and
hindered my forward movement on the path– that I do not remember. Those
memories are not in my mind.

On the journey towards You by Your grace I crossed the torturous fiery
blaze of the burning desert. And other times I got totally drenched from
the pouring rains of the thunderstorms. But, no matter what the obstacle,
by Your grace You always gave me the strength and perseverance to move on.
Baba, by Your grace You are always bringing me close to You.

So many spring seasons and their beauty have come and I got intoxicated
by that attraction. And in Your longing, in Your divine attraction, You
filled my heart with devotion. And by Your grace I sang Prabhat Samgiita
songs and kiirtan with heartfelt yearning and longing. In this way my life
has passed– sometimes in dark moments and sometimes in effulgent ones. But
through it is, by Your grace gradually I have reached close to You, under
Your shelter. Baba You are so gracious. Baba, You are my everything…


With the recent passing cycle of the recent new moon, we should
once again reflect on the importance of our fasting system.

Baba has given all the practices of Ananda Marga for the health and
well-being of all. So what Baba has given is good for every human being.
One reason for this is that our AM practices abide by the laws of nature.
Everything we do is consonant with the natural world.

And this applies to our fasting system as well– it is done according to
the phases of the moon. By this way we are able to grow healthy and strong
and avoid disturbances to our body and mind caused by the pull of the moon.


It is commonly know that the gravitional pull of the moon affects the human
body. And in particular during the periods of the new and full moon, it
adversely affects the human structure.

Baba says, “On and around the times of new and full moon, one may observe
that the gaseous and aqueous factors in the body rise up into the head and
chest, creating an uncomfortable feeling.” (CC-3)

In essence, Baba guides us above that the moon pulls the liquid portion–
or the water of the body– upwards and that creates undue pressure on the
“head and chest”.

So just as it is scientifically proven that the tides of the ocean are
dictated by the phases of the moon, similarly the liquid factor in the
human body is also affected by the phases of the moon.

And during the period of the new and full moon, the pull of the moon
impairs the functioning of the human body by pulling the gas and liquid

That is our well founded idea in Ananda Marga. That is Baba’s explicit


In our yoga we also know that the mind and body are highly linked. Thoughts
affect the health of the body, and the condition of the body affects the
mind, postively or negatively.

So when the body is adversely affected by the moon– due to uneasy pressure
etc– then the mind is also affected. This is the common theorem. Because
if there is a problem in the body then the mind will be drawn to that pain
or that discomfort, in which case the mind will be not functiong in its
normal manner.

This we all know and we have seen often in the case of people who suffer
from most any physical disease or syndrome. General citizens suffer
tremendously in the psychic sphere due to physical illness. This always
happens– unless one is properly or even highly developed in the spiritual
realm etc.


So now we come to the point of the full moon, our fasting, and crazy
behaviour. Because when it is sure that the moon affects the body, and the
body affects the mind, then it stands to reason that the full moon and
imbalanced behaviour go hand in hand. Let’s take a closer look.

The latin word for moon is ‘luna’. And not coincidentally, that ‘luna’ is
the root of the words ‘lunacy’ and ‘lunatic’.

Reason being that it has long been noticed, that people’s crazy behaviour–
or lunacy– increases at the time of the full moon.

More extreme types of crimes are seen in this time; there are more visits
to counselors & social workers; hospital visits are increased; and various
types of unusual behaviour is more noticeable during times of the full
moon. This is the commonly held belief.

And the yogic response to this is that since the body is negatively
affected by the full moon then the mind also gets negatively affected.
That is why Baba recommends we fast during the periods of the full and new
moon as that will counteract the harmful effect of the new and full moon.

Baba says, “On and around the times of new and full moon, one may observe
that the gaseous and aqueous factors in the body rise up into the head and
chest, creating an uncomfortable feeling. Therefore, if a person does not
take food at these times, these factors will be drawn down from the higher
portions of the body to the lower portions, thereby alleviating the
uncomfortable feeling.” (CC-3)


The western scientific machine has mixed views on this point. They
mockingly write off the effect of the moon on the human mind and body– or
at the very least they say it is unproven that the full moon leads to
irregular behaviour and crazier antics by human beings.

Such scientists write off the luna and lunatic theory as being: An old,
unfounded belief by indigenous cultures; a cognitive bias; a general
misconception; and, a result of the indulgence of the mass media.

Thus various, so-called upstanding scientists claim that there is no real
link between the moon and human behaviour, between ‘luna’ and ‘lunacy’.

They mosty write it off as myth for the reasons mentioned above.

However, this is the same scientific guild that does not recognise the
importance of fasting, the benefits of vegetarianism, the presence of
microvita, the existence of mind, and so many other well known truths of

Because their body of knowledge is limited to empirical, scientific
proofs– that are often tainted by who funds the study– and not based on
intuition or practical experience, nor the teachings of Taraka Brahma.
For that reason, the traditional western scientific world will always be a
few steps behind the ways of yoga. At least until AM ideals are fully
embraced by science– but that may take a while.


Suffice to say here that the moon certainly affects both the mind and body.
And in our AM, the proof is that for this very reason Baba directs us to
fast during the periods of the new and full moon.

And by following Baba’s directive to fast during those lunar periods, we
are rescued and saved from the harmful effects of the moon– both in the
physical and psychic spheres.

And one thing is also sure, when the physical body is adversely affected,
such as during the time of the new and full moon, then sadhana is
difficult. Because of undue pressure in the higher cakras etc.

But when we fast, that alleviates the problem cent-per-cent. Because there
is no excess water that can be pulled higher up which creates an
uncomfortable feeling in the chest and head. Hence, sadhana can easily be

So in the three realms, our AM practice of fasting during the full and new
moon periods, either 2 times monthly or 4 times montly, keeps us physically
healthy, mentally balanced, and spiritually inclinded.

And fasting also protects us from the ill effects of the moon such as
indigestion, headaches, and, yes, lunacy.


By Baba’s grace, by following the guidelines of 16 Points, such as fasting
etc, we can move smoothly and swiftly ahead towards our cherished Goal.

Baba says, “In order to march ahead on the road of human welfare, we will
have to strengthen ourselves in all the arena of life. The complete seeds
of welfare in all the spheres – physical, mental, moral, social and
spiritual – are embedded in the sixteen points. Hence be firm on the
sixteen points.” (Ananda Vanii #45)


Relations with Others

Baba says, “Bear in mind that you have a duty towards– indeed, you owe a
debt to– every creature of this Universe, but towards you, no one has any
duty; from others, nothing is due.” (CC-II, ‘Sadhana Section, pt #3)

Note: In the dogmatic religions this idea is taught God has created this
whole universe solely for the enjoyment of human beings. That is why they
kill animals and exploit downtrodden people up to the bone without any

Motivated by this dogmatic teaching, selfish people’s mind works in that
way. Such lowly people think that, ‘Others have the duty to take care of my
situation and their own situation as well. And they should not bother me
about their own problems’. This is the way such selfish persons think.

And if due to some reason that same lowly person helps others then that
selfish person thinks that in the near future they want full return plus
interest of their so-called service. Thus there is no question of duty and
service; these ideals have no place in their mind.

Because of all this present day society’s condition is unfavourable–
bleak. All around the west these things are quite common as well as in the
big metropolitan cities of the east. The same problem is there also.
But Baba’s teaching leads in a different direction. In His above mandate
from Caryacarya, Baba is very beautifully guiding that our duty is to serve
everybody– without any expectation from anyone in return.


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From: “Satiish G.D. Bose”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Positive Remembrance
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 2010 10:16:38 +0530


“Kon shala’ka’y pradiip jvele enecho tumi a’ji…” (PS 1200)


O’ Lord today You have brought an effulgent lamp after lighting it with
one divine match stick. Baba, by Your grace You have come and lit the
devotional fire by giving initiation, Ista mantra, and Your varabhaya
mudra. O’ my dearmost, the divine lamp is illuminated and it has been
decorated with a countless number of wicks. The lamp is glowing with its
innumerable flames.

Baba, the divine lamp which You have brought has made all the seven
lokas effulgent. All the darkness has vanished from the mind. All the dogma
and staticity has disappeared because the light of devotion has brought
purity and cleanliness. All the lokas have been lit so the animalistic
tendencies have been eliminated. Now by Your grace everyone is immersed in
the flow of life divine. Baba, with Your divine compassion You have lit the
lamp of devotion and made everyone’s personality more pure, more sentient,
and more devotional– their heart is satiated.

Baba, after the long penance of the jiivas, in the blink of an eye You
have lit the lamp of devotion by Your grace. With that effulgent torch, in
the end, You have completed all Your work and spread divinity throughout
this entire universe and removed all the afflictions. Baba, it is nothing
but Your mercy.

Baba, You have come to us with Your divine lamp– with Your causeless


Baba has also expressed the central idea of the above Prabhat Samgiita in
this below A’nanda Va’nii. As we know Prabhat Samgiita is a poetic and
distilled expression of His entire Ananda Marga ideology. So the condensed
ideas found in His divine songs– Prabhat Samgiita– are also described in
greater detail in His discourses like this below Va’nii.

Baba says, “The flame of a lamp lights up countless lamps. The touch of a
great personality wakes up innumerable sleeping hearts. In the same way,
the eternal glow of the boundless élan vital of Cosmic Consciousness has
been illuminating the life-lamp of universal humanism since time
immemorial, is illuminating it, and in future will do so even more
intensely. That is why I say, the future of the human race is not dark,
rather it is strikingly resplendent. So proceed on, ignoring the frowns of
darkness.” (AV #49)


Our Ananda Marga is that most positive stance in life. If nothing else, the
whole entire concept of AM rests on the supreme belief that ‘Baba is mine
and He is with me’. This is the great idea which pulsates in the mind of
each and every Ananda Margii.

Thus those types of dogmatic remembrances such as Mahaprayan which go
against the spirit of AM should be discarded– eliminated. Because such
clouded occasions only misguide the mind in the opposite direction.

So this email is a short investigation into how our human memory works and
why the fake Mahaprayan Divas (MPD) program is just one dark stain on the
mental plate. That is why no margii is interested in attending Mahaprayan–
no one goes these days.


We all know that those things which we think about again and again remain
alive in the mind. That is why if one thinks about one’s childhood friends
again and again then even if those friendships occurred 50 years ago it
will seem as though those events happened only yesterday. It will be fresh
in the mind.

In contrast, if one tries to remember their high school mathematics
theorems or chemistry equations etc, and even if one got an A+ in those
classes, but if they have not thought about mathematics or chemistry for
years and years, then those facts and figures will be impossible to recall.
The point being that any idea which gets remembered again and again will be
vibrant and crystal clear in the mind while those forgotten ideas just fade
away into the oblivion.


That is why when for Ananda Margiis the most desirable idea in this
universe is that ‘Baba is with me’, then this idea should be inculcated
again and again. Our thinking should be: ‘Baba is watching me, He cares for
me, and He loves me…’ For Ananda Margiis this is our routine remembrance.
> From morning till night all our practices and thoughts revolve around this
pinnacled idea– that He is with me.

Whereas the Mahaprayan program just enforces the false notion that Baba has
left this earth and is no longer with me. That is why at Mahaprayan it is
regularly seen that people are distraught and crying, and again and again
their mind gets confused as they recall that day in Oct 1990 when Baba
supposedly left. All these reckless, misguided ideas race throught the mind
during Mahaprayan. So many sadhakas have commented on this– that is why
everyone has totally abandoned this unhealthy and dogmatic tradition


Here is another way of looking at the matter.

Suppose one mother has one sweet, little baby boy and suppose one day that
charming boy gets hit by a car and his lifeless body is just lying there
mangled on the road. Then certainly that caring mother will not keep a
picture of that horrible and gruesome scene on her bedroom wall. She will
not think again of the bloodied face of her little boy. Rather she will
hang a sweet picture of her son which shows him happy and smiling. That
will be the type of sweet remembrance the mother will carry.

Likewise, as devotees, we will always keep the most supremely positive
memory of our dearmost Baba in the casket of our heart and in the deep
recesses of our mind. And our sweet thought will be that, ‘Baba You are
along with me wherever I go in this vast universe. You are ever with me–
protecting me and caring for me. Your blessing of fearlessness is always
reflecting in my mind.’ This is our Ananda Marga way of thinking and this
is our reality.

So just like the mother will keep a delightful memory of her little boy,
similarly we will keep a divine and intimate remembrance of Baba. And in
both cases that keeps the mind sparkling with that positive idea.


Whereas, the dark and negative occasion of Mahaprayan just imposes the
false notion in the mind that Baba has gone– that He has left. Indeed the
very name of the program (great departure) means that Parama Purusa is away
from us.


That is why no true devotee appreciates this type of anti-devotional
program and that is why Baba Himself never discusses the so-called
Mahaprayan of Lord Shiva or Lord Krsna in His books about those Taraka
Brahmas. Rather if any devotee of Lord Shiva or Lord Krsna reads those
books that they will automatically think that their Lord is along with
them– and there will not even be a moment to think that He is gone.



1. In A’nanda Ma’rga Baba again and again guides us that we are always to
remember the most positive and optimistic things. He tells us to always
remember our Ista mantra, always practice madhuvidya (2nd lesson), always
chant His name etc. All those divinely positive practices we are always to
do so that the eternal truth will be permanently established in the mind
that Parama Purusa is with me.

2. Baba lovingly teaches never to engage the mind in any pessimistic
thoughts. That is why Baba forbids us from celebrating the death of any
loved one, year after year, even for any human being

Rather Baba has granted a 12 day period of mourning to show respect and
that is all (Reference CC-1, ’95 Edn, p.65).

Baba has written that such death day occasions should not be celebrated
year after year as this bring sadness and pessimism in the mind. Rather He
has concluded our shraddha ceremony with the sweet idea, “Let everybody be
happy…let everybody see the bright side…”. This is the blessing He has

2A. But tragically, the dogmatic & sorrowful Mahaprayan program is being
put on year after year, totally going against all the devotional and social
tenets of our Marga.

3. In our Ananda Marga everything is blissful:

“A’nanda’ddhyeva….a’nandam’ prayantyabhisam’vishanti.”

Baba says, “This quinquelemental world has been born out of bliss, is being
maintained in bliss and into sacred bliss it will melt.” (NKS)

Thus where is there scope to indulge in sad ceremonies like the dogmatic
Mahaprayan program. This outrightly goes against the spirit of our Marga.

4. The positive idea in AM is that ‘Baba is with me’ and this brings
courage, dynamism, and spiritedness. With that idea in mind one feels that
they can do anything and everything.

5. In the opposite direction, those attending Mahaprayan knowingly or
unknowingly cultivate the idea in mind that Baba is gone. Because the whole
nature of the program is based on this faulty concept. So in either the
front or back of their mind, those attending the Mahaprayan program are
involved in a serious spiritual dilemma that ultimately pushes Parama
Purusa away from their mental plate.

6. We should cultivate positive remembrances. Because what we remember
again and again sticks in the mind. So if one is disciplined in their
sadhana practice then they will effortlessly know how to do all their
lessons whereas if one is half-hearted in sadhana then they will totally
forget their third lesson mantra– or even all their mantras. That is what
happens. Those things just become a faint memory.

7. Likewise if we remember that Baba is with us– if this is our main
memory– then that sweet reality will be permanently part of our mental
structure. That idea will always be in our heart.

8. Whereas if one goes to Mahaprayan and spends 10 days thinking again and
again how Baba’s body was cremated and now He is no more. This type of
aspiritual memory will destroy one’s inner link with Him. And not just
during those ten days but before and after the trip for weeks and months
one will be absorbed in this defective approach thinking about going to
Mahaprayan until finally one will not be able to rid that defective idea
from the mind. We should not let such a catastrophe befall us.

Indeed this idea of so-called Mahaprayan is sinful when its main
effect is to cause the mind to degenerate in such a stark manner.

9. Those who attend Mahaprayan inevitably suffer the drawbacks and
pessimism associated with this dogmatic function. And it takes the other 11
months of the year for them to regain their balance. Only to again go to
Mahaprayan and again fall into the mud by thinking that Baba has gone. This
is the negative cycle of attending the dogmatic Mahaprayan program.


Here is Baba’s divine reminder that He is always with us. And this sweet
teaching is the most advantageous thing to remember in this vast universe.

Baba says, “Parama Purus’a, that Supreme Father, is with each and every
entity. No man, no expression, is ever alone in this world. He is always
with you. Science says this, philosophy says this. And under no
circumstances should a man suffer from a complex of helplessness or
hopelessness or fear. You are the dignified children of Parama Purus’a, and
He is always with you.”
“He is with the universe, that is, the entire universe is His object.
And not only that, He is with each and every expressed unit entity, with
each and every individual also. That is, collectively He is attached to the
world, to that expressed world; and singularly He is with you. You are
never alone.”
“…Parama Purus´a, the Supreme Father, is always with you and you are
never alone…
“And the main advantage is – the advantage is a very great advantage,
and that is – you are never alone. And because He is with you, you are the
strongest person in the universe. He is with you. You are never alone. It
is the greatest advantage.” (AV-12)

Thus no one should suffer and fall into the dark abyss of Mahaprayan and
get lost in the faulty notion that Baba has left. No one should impose that
false memory on their mental plate again and again. This tragedy should not
happen to anyone.

Yet unconsciously, unbeknownst to the attendee, this happens. If is just like
if one visits a bar then they are invariably have at least one drink, even if
they are not a drinker per se; similarly, if anyone goes to Tiljala to
participate in the dogmatic Mahaprayan program, then in at least one corner of
their mind they are bound to think that ‘Baba is gone’. Such is the strong
effect that environment plays on the mind.


By His fathomless compassion His divine grace is with us each and every
moment– now and up to eternity.

Baba says, “I know one is sure to get divine help. And I know further that
one is getting divine help. And I know still further that in future, for
infinite time and infinite space, one will be getting this divine favour.
And you are all sa’dhakas. You will certainly attain that supreme stance
and enjoy that divine blessedness. You are sure to enjoy it, my sons and my
daughters.” (AV-23)


Solution of Nightmares

Baba says, “You may ask, “How can I do pun’yam while sleeping? In the
wakeful state, I may do Pun´yam. But while sleeping, how can I do Pun’yam?
Can you? Yes, you can. What’s the difference between habit and nature? When
habit becomes one with your existence, it is called nature…By constant
practice or under pressure of circumstances, one becomes habituated, and by
encouraging this habituation, it finally becomes nature.”
“This is auto-suggestion. “Now it is time for my meditation”, what is
it? You are trying to habituate yourself. But when you cannot live without
puja, then it has become your nature. Try to make it what – habit or
nature? Nature. I never take a drop of water without doing puja. Why? It
has become my nature. And I want that all of you should make it your nature
“When auto-suggestion will become your nature, what will happen? While
sleeping you will be repeating that japa (repetition of mantra) in your
unconscious mind. You are sleeping, so conscious mind is not active. You
are not having any dream, so your sub-conscious mind is also not active.
But unconscious mind is there. Automatically there will be japa. 24 hours
you are doing Pun´ya. While you are sleeping, you will be engaged in doing
japa and using your incantation. Kuru pun’yam Ahora’tram.” (AV-14)

Note: In this materialistic era, people suffer from so many psychic
problems such as nightmares etc. Because what difficult things one
encounters during the day then the untrained mind will turn those events
into nightmares during sleep. For example one might dream that their
business went bankrupt, or one might dream of quarreling with a friend, or
one might dream of being scared about unknown events in the future. All
these types of disturbing ideas may take place in the mind during sleep.
And even worse is that when one wakes up then they feel depressed and
worried because of such types of crude dreams and nightmares. In His above
teaching Baba carefully describes to us that if we train our minds to
repeat our Ista mantra during the day time then the same will happen at
night. In which case all our dreams will be sweet and blissful– ever
floating in His divine vibration.


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From: Foster Davis
Subject: Don’t Support Your Friend If…
Date: Mon, 18 Jan 2010 14:42:36 -0400


“Ga’n sedhe ja’i toma’r tare, shun’abe tumi e a’sha’te…” (PS 4799)


Baba, You are ever resplendent. On this moonlit night by Your grace I
have lit the lamp of devotion and am sitting here surrounded by the vast
darkness of my reactive momenta (samskaras). Baba, in this situation I
am practicing Prabhat Samgiita, again and again– to please You. Baba, I
sing on and on with this hope: That You will grace me by listening.

Baba, theoretically I know that You are with me always and that You are
my my eternal Sakha’*, but still I wonder what type of relation is this
of ours. Baba, You never spend time with me, & You never speak with me.
Just You keep me all alone. And in that desperate state I become totally
dry inside and I think that without You my entire life is like the
burning desert, with no relief in sight. Baba, without You by my side,
in Your absence, I am totally miserable. Baba, please grace me by coming.

O’ my dearest One, please give me a sign that You are listening to the
calling of my heart. Baba, please come and tell me whether You are
listening or not. After that, You are free to go wherever You like. O’
my dearmost Baba, please be gracious and shower Your sweet smile
directly in my mind so that it makes a permanently blissful impression–
imprinted forever in my memory– like wonderful colours and decoration
of alpana’. Baba, please be ever-gracious and reside always in my mental
abode– up till eternity…

* Sakha’= Baba says, “‘Samapra’n’a’h sakha’ smrtah’. Where love and
devotion are so overwhelming that it appears as if there is only one
entity in two bodies, such a pair of persons is known as ‘sakha”. The
bhakta, the devotee, is the sakha of Parama Purus’a, because the bhakta
can never think of himself as a separate entity from Him. Here he
altogether forgets that he is separated from God. That is why Parama
Purus’a is also a sakha’ to His bhaktas and the bhakta is the sakha’ of
Parama Purus’a.” (AV-6)


People naturally feel respect and gratitude for those who help them in a
time of need. They consider that person a great friend – one whom they
deeply revere and trust. Out of love and affection, they honor that
friendship by lending their support in all aspects of life. This is the
natural human psychology – this is the way most people conduct themselves.

However, we all have to consider how far this approach is really viable,
healthy, and beneficial.

Throughout history and today as well, there are cases which stand as
clear-cut examples of when to no longer support a friend. Even then, due
to their strong sentimental attachment, innocent people get led down the
wrong road due to their undying allegiance to certain friends. And in
result, they have have to face the repercussions.

We should all familiarize ourselves with this problem and know the way
out lest we suffer terrible consequences.


While, there is a distinct need to address this critical issue within
our Marga family – and that will be done in this letter – let’s begin by
examining one of the most famous cases from the past.

Most are aware that during the Mahabharata era, the great warrior Karna
was well known for his undying support of the wicked Prince Duryodhana.
Here is how it came to pass.

Throughout his life, Karna had been humiliated, mocked and abused. And
in one public competition, he was disqualified and not allowed to
participate because of his so-called lowly caste. At that point,
Duryodhana stood up in front of all and preached the greatness of Karna
and Duryodhana even parceled out a portion of his kingdom to Karna.

From that day onwards, Karna gave Duryodhana his ever-lasting
friendship and support.

Baba says, “Throughout his life [Karna] was an out-and-out idealist. He
was the most trusted friend of the Kaoravas. He has some striking points
of similarity with Bhisma; for example, if someone did some service to
him, he always remained faithful to him. He followed a code of simple
morality.” (Disc MHB)

Because of Karna’s sentimental link and heart-felt feeling for
Duryodhana, he remained the most ardent and loyal supporter of
Duryodhana, irrespective of what ills and misdeeds Duryodhana did.

Bhisma, the grandfather was a bit better, as he at least warned
Duryodhana of his wrongdoing, though it has to be noted that in the end
Bhisma did lend his support. But Karna did not even utter a word of
warning to Duryodhana about his sinful and wicked ways.

Baba says, “As Bhisma, the grandfather, had accepted the food and drink
of the Kaoravas, he continued to support them. Of course he tried in his
own way to change the attitude of Duryodhana, but he didn’t exert
pressure on him. Karna did not even try to change Duryodhana’s attitude,
much less exert pressure on him.” (Disc MHB)

In that way, Karna lived under the false notion to remain obedient and
loyal to Duryodhana up to the very last – regardless that Duryodhana was
blatantly going against the collective well-being of the people. Such
was the extent of Karna’s simple morality.

From the day when Duryodhana stood up for Karna in public, Karna gave
his everything to Duryodhana even though Duryodhana was going against
the spirit of welfare and the greater interest of society. Indeed, even
the most devious acts by Duryodhana went without even a hint of
opposition from Karna. He supported Duryodhana throughout – all because
Duryodhana was his friend. All because Karna was guided by simple
morality, not spiritual morality.

Baba says, “Strict adherence to spiritual morality may lead to the
parting of friends.” (Disc MHB)

Karna’s duty was to warn Duryodhana of his wrongdoing and not
blindly remain in such a friendship. More about this solution
is written below.

Ultimately, this friendship bound in simple morality led to Karna’s
untimely death in the pursuit of a dishonourable cause. We should never
fall prey to such circumstances. We must not become the 21st century
version of Karna. We must not sit idle or actively support friends when
they are in the wrong – no matter how much they may have helped us in
the past.


Unfortunately, the above incident is not a mere relic of the past. In
their naivite and respect, many inside and outside of AM fall into the
same category and meet a similar fate as Karna.

For instance, suppose a young man was drowning or being beaten up on the
street and someone came along and rescued him from his plight, then
naturally that man will hold that person in high regard for having saved
him. He will revere him as a great friend. It happens. And often times,
even if that great friend does something wrong such as cheating at work
or selling illegal drugs, that young man will not oppose his friend.
Rather he himself will get embroiled in those nasty affairs and even get
arrested one day. All because of his desire to be true to his friend.

And there are so many cases of this nature. Here is another case for our

A man comes forward to help a poor family in need, and in response that
poor family will forever sing the praises of that man irregardless of
what tasteless and harmful acts he does. That man may cheat on his wife
or beat his children, but all the while that poor family will keep mum,
only remembering how that man came forward and helped them in their
moment of need. What they do not realise though is that by keeping mum,
they become party to his sins. Anyone familiar with Baba’s teachings on
pratyavaya understands well that prakrti will not spare that poor family
for their inaction.

So under no circumstances should we support any friend who is acting
against the spirit of collective welfare.

Certainly in our day to day life – at school, at our job, in our
neighborhood or community,a and in our Marga – we have seen such cases,
where out of their undying friendship, naive people either get caught up
in misdeeds or fail to come forward and do the right thing.

So we should all be careful.


Tragically we also see such things happening in AMPS as well. Of course
prior to 1990 with Baba at the helm, everything came full circle and all
wrongs were righted.

Since 1990 that has not been the case – out of loyalty and friendship
all kinds of negative things are tolerated and supported.

Here’s how it goes.

Margiis often feel great respect and gratitude to their acaryas or other
workers. They think, “This Dada initiated me”, or “This Dada help me
marry off my daughter”, or “This WT stood up for me in public”, or “This
Dada gave me sadhana lessons” etc. There are any number of things that
might spark a margii to become totally sentimentally linked with one
Dada and consider him their true friend.

Later, even when this Dada does wrong and goes against the interest of
society by tainting Baba’s books, or eliminating BP rights, or promoting
the dogma of Mahaprayan, then still that margii keeps quiet. Basking in
their good feeling for that Dada, ie, their friend, they mistakenly
think that “I must support Dadaji regardless. He is my friend and I
shall remain faithful.”

This is the way it goes – various Wts and margiis are unwilling to
oppose certain Dadas for their wrongdoing because of their friendly
feeling for that Dada. But in so doing, that margii will one day get
directly caught up in groupist misdeeds or they will remain a passive
bystander. In either case, they are inviting grave consequences if not
their own destruction, as parama prakrti will hold them accountable.

Just as Karna paid the ultimate price for blindly following the ways of
simple morality, so will we. Thus no margii should become party to
misdeeds, directly or indirectly, due to their friendship or friendly
association with one Dada etc.


Due to their sentimental feeling, people get confused and justify that,
“This is my friend and what can I do other than support them.” Such is
the misguided manner of simple morality.

Baba guides us that we are to do something different when we see one of
our friends going against the collective interest and welfare of society.

At that point we have to be strong and say, “Dear friend, I have deep
respect for you – you have helped me a lot – but you must not do these
things. It is my duty to tell you that what you are doing is not good –
please, I request you to change your ways.”

Karna failed to do like this and that led to his downfall.

But this is the way we are to address the problem. Often enough, those
who have helped and guided us are in positions of greater power and
respect, even then we have to come forward and clearly tell them they
are doing wrong. After all they helped us in the past and now it is our
dharmic duty to help them by steering them away from their nefarious acts.

For us to simply leave their company without trying to help them is an
injustice – one must never do like this. Always we have to fulfill our
dharma and try to guide them away from their wrongdoing.

It may be that our friend or benefactor will not pay heed to our words.
Even then we should not give up. With our heart-felt feeling we should
request them again to mend their ways.

If still they refuse, then we have to pursue one of two options.

At that point, (#1) we will either have to walk away from their company
or, (#2) if we are able/strong enough, we should directly oppose them.
Never though should we support them just because we deem them to be a
friend who has helped us in the past.

Baba says, “Spiritual morality that wins over simple morality, but
common people always commit mistakes on this point. It is never proper
to extend support to immoralists.” (Disc MHB)

Thus, even if a Dada has helped us or, initiated us, or opened the local
jagrti, no matter how much sentimental feeling we have for that worker,
if a Wt gets involved in harming the collective by indulging in gross
behaviour, creating Fake Ananda Vaniis, or tainting the BP election
process, etc then we must no longer support that Dada – no matter how
much we may consider them to be our friend. As their friend, it is out
duty to guide them onto the proper path as far as possible. If really
they will not listen, at least we have put forth the proper effort and
escaped the consequences of prakrti.

Even then, due to their sentimental friendship and lack of viveka, a few
margiis get bound up in that Dada’s actions. Either they support him
directly or they fail to tell him to refrain from such acts. And that is
when people get into serious trouble.


We must always remember that by directly or indirectly supporting any
wrong act, then we invariably get caught up in that negative karma.
There is no escape.

Baba says, “However good people may be, they commit some omissional
and/or commissional mistakes – some do it knowingly, some unknowingly,
but once they commit pa’pa, or sin, they cannot retract those mistakes,
they have to suffer, they cannot escape the consequences.” (AV-23)


By Baba’s grace none of us should become like Karna and support
wrongdoing just because someone is our dear friend.

Nor should we move away from their company silently.

By Baba’s grace we must have the courage and stamina to verbally guide
them away from their misdeed and bring them onto the right path. If the
guilty party cannot mend their ways then at least we tried.

The whole idea is that in no way shape or form should we ever support
those going against collective welfare. Hence we must not support or
remain silent with those Dadas who taint Baba’s teachings, tear down
margii rights, ruin Baba’s scripture, and other such sins. If we fail to
act and support such friends even in a small way, we too will face the

By adhering to dharma, and not gluing ourselves to certain friends, we
are bound to be victorious, by His grace.

Baba says, “Whenever there is a war between dharma and adharma, you are
sure to be victorious. You are not alone – dharma is with you, the
benevolent intellect is with you, and I am also with you.” (AV-7)


Good Teaching

Baba says, “Those who wrongly worship Parama Purus’a in the form of
clay, iron, or other material substances, are ultimately transformed in
Prakrtiliina*. And those who run around externally in hopes of finding
Parama Purusa outside, they also be come Prakrtiliina.” (15 May 1982,
Hindi Section)

Note: Those who are searching Baba in one or another holy land, they
should be especially careful about this above teaching.

*Prakrtiliina= This is one type of microvita which is under punishment
of reaping of reaping its own negative samskaras.


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Date: Sun, 17 Jan 2010 17:19:23 -0000
To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: Jawaharlal
Subject: Those Moments with Baba


“Ke ghumiye a’che tumi ja’n, d’a’k diye ya’o…” (P.S. 2179)


Baba, as the Savior and Controller of the whole universe, You are well
aware about who is sleepy and drowsy, and who has lost the path of divine
effulgence. Baba, You know everything.

Those who have lost the Goal, You always call them and show them the
right path. Those who are crying bitterly after facing their defeat, with
Your divine compassion You graciously show them the proper path for their
forward journey– and help them move ahead. Baba, You are the Sadguru.

Hence those who remain forgetful about You as well as those who are
always calling You with deep adoration full of longing and tears, with both
these two opposite types of people, You shower Your divine grace on all–
without any differentiation.

Baba Your grace is for everyone. But crude people are not realising that
You are gracious on them also. Whereas devotees realise. That is the

Baba, You grace everyone; Your greatness & glory is beyond explanation…


As the Divine Father, Baba has come on this earth to give ultimate salvation
by decreasing the distance between He and His children. He has come to create
an intimate closeness with His devotees and encourage all to come even
closer and still more close.

So despite being the Parama Purusa incarnate and the most Magnanimous One,
Baba would always create a heart-felt link with His devotees which would
automatically melt the gap between His supreme greatness and our ordinary

And one of the wonderful ways He would accomplish this was by using humour
and tender expressions with His devotees. By making everyone laugh and
smile, then sadhakas would immediately feel more relaxed and closer with
Baba. This was the very sweet and gracious way in which He would
communicate with His bhaktas.

Each and every margii has their own personal experience of closeness with
Him and by that way they could feel His sweet touch; and, those who could
not get this feeling could not remain. So every margii has their own
experience and realisation.

Following then is but one of the many highly memorable occasions when Baba
would make us all smile and laugh and thereby bring us closer to Him.
Despite our faults and despite our limitations, through His immense warmth
and love, and yes, by making us laugh, we would feel that whatever we may
be in this world, certainly we are His and He is mine. That was one of the
very special ways in which Baba would make us all feel close.

Here then is one of the scenes which I recall and others should also share
their memories also.


At one particular DMC that I attended, the huge crowd of margiis and
workers were anxiously awaiting Baba’s divine arrival. The pandal was
completely full and everyone present was involved in singing and dancing
kiirtan. All were in a blissful flow and the devotional feeling was
mounting more and more as they expected Baba to come any moment.

Then suddenly one Dada started shouting and the kiirtan came to a distinct
halt. Then another Dada began raising the slogan, “Parama Pita Baba Ki!”,
and everyone yelled “Jai”. Again and again the slogan was raised: “Parama
Pita Baba Ki– Jai!”

The volume and vibration of the pandal was increasing and everyone knew
that at any moment Baba would be coming. The slogan was raised one more
time and then we could all see Baba entering onto the stage. Cries of
“Baba, Baba” could be heard all around and still the slogan was going on,
“Parama Pita Baba Ki- Jai!!”.

The whole pandal was charged and vibrated by His presence.

As Baba walked slowly across the stage surrounded by His entourage, He
passed His cane to one Dada and majestically sat down on the dais. Quickly
another Dada came forward to remove Baba’s shoes.

As Baba moved onto the center point of the dais, one or two Dadas were
involved in arranging the side pillows of His seat. Then, for a second
time, Baba brought His hands together and gave His blessing across the
entire Pandal.

Everyone was feeling waves of bliss as Baba looked in their direction.
Then one Dada approached Baba with a mala and garlanded Baba and then did
sastaung pranam. Everyone was completely focused on Baba– watching His
every gesture and move.

Baba then began giving some directions to a few Dadas who were by His side
and then they took leave and went from the dais.

Baba then looked out across the sea of margiis and in a smiling manner He
said, “How are you– everything is alright?”.

Then everyone present simultaneously replied, “Yes Baba!”.

Baba looked to be in a very jolly mood and that heightened everyone’s
happiness and joy.

Then in successive order Baba graciously performed blessings for newly
married margiis and then distributed prizes to various workers and margiis.


Immediately thereafter, per the system of DMC, there was a call for
brothers kaoshikii. And Baba smiled and turned slightly towards His left
and looked over in that direction.

One Dada could be heard saying, “Dhin dhin dhin, dhin dhin…” and on that
count the brothers’ kaoshikii dance began.

Of course everyone was trying their best to perform the kaoshikii dance in
a nice way for Baba; and since it was the time of DMC there was a big
crowd. And with full zeal and enthusiasm the kaoshikii dance was done.
According to everyone’s capacity they danced and the whole time Baba was
smiling towards those brothers who were dancing. After a minute or two, the
call came “Halt!”, and all the dancers immediately stopped.

Normally, the sisters would then be signaled to start their kaoshikii. But
on this particular occasion, Baba was smiling and still looking over
towards those brothers who had just completed their dance. So everyone’s
focus was in that direction.

Then in a jolly manner and in a smiling way Baba very reassuringly spoke
the following:

“You know the kaoshikii dance displayed by the boys was very good–
(Baba was still smiling)

“–with the exception of a few points.”

Then in a charming way Baba said:

“The teamwork was not so good; the angular bending
was not so good; and, there was actually no rhythm.”

Then in a jovial mood, Baba concluded:

“With the exception of these three points, it was very

Hearing Baba’s sweet and humorous words, we all laughed– everyone
laughed– and this laughter continued for several seconds.
We were all charmed by His sweetness.

And by this way, by Baba’s humorous response, we all felt relaxed and
understood in the depths of our heart that really we are His children and
that regardless of how poor our performance may be, always He loves us and
finds a way to express His appreciation. We all felt very close to Baba.
Those brothers had tried their best in kaoshikii, with whatever capacity
they had; but even then it there was room for improvement. And the way Baba
expressed that was very, very charming– and humorous.


There are a few things we can all understand from this.

1) Baba was giving the encouragement that no one should feel dejected by
their performance and that He recognises the sincerity of their effort and
gives everyone His love and affection.

2) Baba wanted that everyone present– whether they were dancing or not–
should improve the standard of their kaoshikii.

3) If Baba would have just appreciated the performance and not pointed out
the defect in their dance, then no one would have been aware of their
mistake and by that way those dancing and those watching would continue
their poor way of dancing in the future.

4) If Baba had only scolded these new margiis then they might think that
doing kaoshikii was beyond their reach and they also would not feel close
to Him.

5) But by Baba’s special way, He appreciated their effort and guided them
for their improvement.


Really in that moment everyone felt loved, cared for, and close to Baba.
Such was the effect of His radiant Presence and special words.

Thereafter, the DMC program took its course and the sisters danced
kaoshikii and the brothers tandava and after that Baba announced, “The
subject of today’s discourse…”.

And always we will remember that in spite of how poor the kaoshikii dance
was, Baba found a way to appreciate their effort and everyone laughed and
felt close. So Baba has a unique way of making the entire atmosphere blissful.


Baba is not only Guru but He is our Father and in His each and every
expression He is very close and sweet. How can we forget those moments.
And to this very day, whenever I close my eyes then I remember that special
time and I feel His close proximity. And that gives me the energy to move


By Baba’s sweet grace we will all realise the height of human glory and
live life divine and reach up to Him.

Baba says, “Do not forget your life; do not forget the path; the path is
very noble, very beautiful, and it is for you to know that, it is for you
to realize that, so do it from today. Do not leave it for tomorrow,
tomorrow may not come for you. Who knows? The sun may not rise for you
tomorrow. No one can say who is going to live from today till tomorrow. It
is up to Him to decide. So as long as we are here today, let us try to take
[advantage] of this opportunity and do sa’dhana’ and follow dharma; thereby
you will know Him, [you will complete] the beautiful journey of knowing
Him. So let us know Him today. In this way we will be able to provide paths
for human beings to come. Animals also are marching ahead to know that
Supreme Entity. So it is our duty to make the way, to pave the way, in
order for everyone to come on this path. Realize Him. Realize that Supreme
Being within you. This is your dharma, this is your path; and let this path
be yours, and victory will surely be yours.” (AV-31)


We Should Take Lesson

Baba says, “If one stays away from objects of attraction, one has no chance
of using them and they may thus gradually lose their attraction; while if
one is near them one may be attracted towards them more.” (AMEP, 98 Edn,

Note: Reading negative articles, crude books & literature, filthy
magazines, and watching crude movies invites degeneration.


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From: “Shantatma Kerketta”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Meaningful Letter
Date: Sat 16 Jan 2010 13:43:02 +0530


Brother Goenkaji is doing a great job on tearing down the dogma of Mahaprayan Divas (MPD).

In his below letter he is giving the proper logic and response to those groupist people who cling to their dogmatic notion of MPD.

Anyone who is open-minded will easily understand Goenka’s below point that mahaprayan is equivalent to the word “death” and is therefore regularly used in association with ordinary human beings. One such example is provided.

In that case, it is totally misguided and dogmatic to use this same mahaprayan term in conjunction with our Revered Gurudev Baba. Mahaprayan means death, yet our Baba is the timeless and eternal Parama Purusa.

Those who wish to know the truth will easily get the point.







Sat, 16 Jan 2010 11:40:07 +0530

I am enclosing herewith an evidence from a leaf of a souvenir to prove that the word ‘Mahaprayana’ means nothing but death. It is a photo of a literary person of Kolkata and it says that he was born on 11th September 1919 and he died (Mahaprayana) on 11th November 2008.

Your’s brotherly,

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Example of Pig

Date: 16 Jan 2010 19:51:40 -0000
From: “Sudhakar Pandit”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Example of Pig


“Marmaviin’a’y eki sur a’chi ba’je diva’nishi mor virahii hiya’r ma’jhe…” (P.S. 480)


Baba, day and night, in the viina of my heart, only one tune is
resonating in my melancholic heart. O’ my dearmost Baba please come. In
the deep core of my mind only one tune is swinging: O’ Baba, You are not
far away, You are not far, You are so close, You are with me.

Baba, when I see You in my karmayajina*, then I see You are remaining
there also. Baba, You are with me in all the works. O’ Baba, please
come, O’ Baba please come.

With the full longing of my heart, in whichever direction I look, there
is nothing else that I can see except for Your divine form. O’ my Lord
of Formlessness, with the resonance of the ever-new song, dance, & form,
please allow Yourself to be held in my heart.

O’ Baba, please come, O’ Baba please come…

*Karmayajina= The work done with cosmic ideation is known as
karmayajina; that alone is proper action. Thus karmayajina is any action
or service done with the sole motive to please Parama Purus’a. In
contrast those things done devoid of cosmic feeling, such selfish
activities are called kriya’– and that leads to bondage. So only those
works done with spiritual ideation come within the scope of karmayajina.


In countless discourses Baba stresses the importance of working
collectively and remaining united. All margiis know that Baba emphasizes
how this is the way great things can be accomplished.

By oneself one solve small individual problems, but doing great works on
a massive scale is far beyond one’s individual capacity. A strong
collective effort is needed. That demands a methodical, organised
approach and leadership. For this reason, the entire Mahabharata was

Human beings have the intellectual capacity to proceed in this
collective manner. And certainly Baba guides us to work unitedly and

His discourses on samgacchadhavam and so many related topics stress this
point of collective movement. In addition, in 1990, Baba Himself took
oaths from so many workers and margiis who pledged to Baba that they
would work in a coordinated and cooperative manner with unity. Baba
obviously sees this as a critical matter.


In one general darshan on 09 Feb 1989 in Diigha’, Baba makes a unique

In Bangla, Baba explains how pigs do not have the requisite intellect to
work unitedly. When they move, they all run in separate directions. They
just wander around on their own. They do not have the capacity to move
together. They do not make a leader and follow in an organised way. Pigs
never do like this. Instead they all run their own way. That is what
happpens when any farmer lets a bunch of pigs out of their barn.

Baba then goes on to say that human beings have the required intellect
to work collectively in an organised fashion. That is part of being
human. Baba then says that those in human framework who fail to work
cooperatively and instead engage in acts that go against the collective
movement are like pigs. Such people are like pigs, or even worse – i.e.
even lower than that. That is the comparison that Baba makes in that
unique discourse on 09 Feb 1989 in Diigha.

Baba further emphasizes that humans should never move like pigs, hither
and thither.

Tragically, those involved in group oriented feuds, clannish battles,
and factional struggles are by definition not working in a collective


Now it is for you the reader decide who is who. We have to take a hard
look at those involved in groupist activities and those fighting for
their group interest instead of universal well-being. We have to see if
they are the cause for why things in AMPS are going against Baba’s
directive of unity and working together.

In samgacchadhvam, in His Ananda Vaniis, in Caryacarya, and in the 1990
oaths – as well as so many other occasions, Baba has highlighted that we
must work together. That is ideal human activity.

By the various actions of groupists, we all have to evaluate if such
persons are following human behavior or something else which Baba has
described above.

You the reader must contemplate this on your own.


Some reading this may think that, “Oh my, I am involved in groupist and
separatist activities and therefore I am a _ _ _, or worse.”

However, it is never too late to change one’s approach and embark on
great endeavours.

So those who are sane will realise their mistakes, mend their ways and
engage in collective works for the welfare of humanity from this very
day forward.

None should think they are permanently tied up in the ways of
factionalism. All have the capacity to change and do something which is
beyond the narrow boundary of self and group interest. They can do for
universal well-being.


By Baba’s grace, most margiis and field workers are deeply interested in
working collectively for the upliftment of humanity. That is our human
dharma. And by Baba’s grace it will not be long before our Marga society
is a perfect reflection of samgacchadhvam spirit.

Baba says, “You will have to carry the collectivity with you, because
the collectivity is yours. The collectivity is not outside you – your
future is inseparably connected with the collective fortune. You must
take the entire collectivity with you and move towards the sweetest
radiance of the new crimson dawn, beyond the veil of the darkest night.”



The first posting below is related with the sound file of the oath Baba
was taking from various margiis and acaryas about working collectively.





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Date: Fri, 15 Jan 2010 12:17:48 -0000
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Dhya’na: Fearful to Fearless
From: RB_MAURYA@ecectronic…


“Ba’ndhan chinr’e beriye elum kave keno ke ja’ne…” (PS 3526)


Baba, by Your grace You have done everything. You have shattered all my
bondages, brought me out of that magical net of maya, and lifted me up onto
Your divine lap. Amazingly, You released me from the otherwise
insurmountable grip of maya. Baba, it is impossible for me to understand
exactly how You did it. But by Your grace, You have smashed all the
bondages and brought me out. You graced me and attracted my entire mental
flow towards You so I did not get pulled towards the magical allurement of
avidya maya. Baba this is Your causeless grace on me. How it happened I do
not know– but now, by Your infinite compassion I am in Your eternal shelter.

Baba, the moment You brought me under Your shelter and made me deeply
attracted towards You, then from that very time You became my everything.
After that no longer did I did pay heed to any obstacles– or any crude
worldly attraction. Instead by Your grace I moved swiftly towards You. By
seeing this situation, some concluded that I was imbalanced, mad, and
crazy. In their own way they tried to pull me back into their negative way
of living. But by Your divine attraction I did not pay any heed to their
call; nor did I get affected by the useless comments of those ignorant
people. Baba, by Your grace now I am safe under Your shelter.

Baba, by Your Supreme direction You have taught me what is important in
this life. By Your fathomless grace, You changed my mind: by Your grace You
have made me a member of Hari Pari Mandal*. You graced me and showed me
how to offer my entire unit being at Your alter. In this magnificent
display, You brought me under Your divine shelter and I got You. Baba, by
Your grace, You made all those crude desires drift away from my mind and by
Your grace now I am blissfully floating in the high tide of Your eternal
form of divinity. Baba, each second of my life is like a divine oblation–
giving the flowers of my heart and mind. Each and every moment I am
offering everything to You in the form of Guru Puja. Baba, by Your grace my
whole existence surrenders at Your lotus feet…

* Hari Pari Mandal= Literally means ‘circle of devotees’. In the deeper
sense it is that highly devotional state of mind where all one’s longing
and desires are racing towards His Supreme Self, towards Baba. When by His
grace one has accepted Parama Purusa as the only Goal of their life then
each and everything they do is done to please Him. In that blissful
atmosphere, the bhakta is just closely revolving around His Cosmic
Nucleus– not at all distracted by anything else in this created universe.
So when one is in that deeply devotional flow of Hari Pari Mandal by Baba’s
grace they are totally ensconced in Him and moving in His divine flow.


In many places Baba guides us that that dhya’na is our highest practice
which has no comparison.

Baba says, “Dhyana is the unbroken flow of the mind-stuff, or citta, in one
continuous stream, like the flow of oil, where all the propensities of the
mind are fixed on the Goal.” (CC-1, pg 11)

Baba says, “Dhya’na yoga which elevates human beings through constant
self-analysis, obliterates the very existence of the non-spiritual, and
expedites one’s elevation into the supreme spiritual stance.” (MVNS, p.92-3)

By these sadhana teachings it is clear that dhya’na is that distinct
practice which leads us unto Him.


In this following passage Baba vividly tells us that sadhana– dhya’na- is
the process of yojana’t– whereby we move from the stage of fearful love to
fearless love for Him.

Baba says, “Yojana means unicity with Him. The final goal of a Sa’dhaka is
to become one with Him….The spirit of sa’dhana’ is to get oneself unified
with the hub of this universal wheel, not united but unified.”

“Now this sa’dhana’ which is sa’dhana’ for complete merger, for
unification, starts with fearful love. Love must be there. Unless and until
there is love, there can not be unification. So love must be there but it
starts with fearful love and ends in fearless love : and the space between
fearful love and fearless love is the space of sa’dhana’. What is
sa’dhana’? Sadhana’ is transformation of fearful love into fearless love.”

“When this attraction is for any non-integral entity, or for any small
entity this is called ka’ma. When that attraction is for that integral
entity, and the integral entity is only one and that one is Parama Purus’a
— it is called Prema.”

“Yojana’t starts with fearful love and ends in fearless love and the
process of transformation of fearful love into fearless love is called
sa’dhana’ (Intuitional Practice).”

“Sa’dhana’ starts with fearful love:..One name of God is Bhiis’an’a because
everybody is afraid of Him. Everybody starts their sa’dhana’ with fearful
love but that sa’dhana’ ends in fearless love -because unless and until one
becomes fearless one cannot become one with Him.” (SS-18; Salem, Madras,
D.M.C. 9-12-64)


For those who are soon-to-be mother:

Parama Purusa BABA says, “Foods which are highly acidic, such as acidic
citrus fruits, overripe pineapples, overripe jam, cottonseed flour and
spicy pickles, should be carefully avoided as they may harm the fetus.”


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Date: Thu, 14 Jan 2010 07:36:34 -0400
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Example: How Margiis Should & Should Not Behave


“Ka’ra’r kapa’t’ a’gha’te bha’ungiya’ a’lo niye ele ke go atithi…” (P.S. 4305)


Which Divine Guest has made His advent who has pulverized the prison
gate by His strong blow and freed everyone from the dungeon. Which Entity has
come and brought such divine effulgence.

O’ Ajana Pathik, Parama Purusa, it is Your grace that You have come and
removed the Cimmerian darkness. You have removed the fear of staticity,
dogma, and disaster.

By Your grace You have given the voice to those who did not have a way
to speak. Previously, they could not express any of their desires and
problems, but with Your infinite compassion You have graced them. These
downtrodden people could not raise the protest against their sufferings &
tortures. They were facing those injustices silently without so much as
saying a word. Their throats were choked. But now all that has changed.

O’ Parama Purusa, thinking about their suffering and pain, You took up
the Gandiiva bow in Your hand and You have made everyone listen to the song
of life. You have made everyone’s life blissful by removing all sorts of
suppressions, repressions, and depressions. Baba, You have graced one and


In this letter, the details given – of one particular case study –
provide us insight into how we should and should not behave.

The overall teaching applies to each and every Ananda Margii: Both in
respect to our own conduct as well as how we evaluate others.


In our Marga, we know that conduct is a major tenet of life. We are to
follow all kinds of codes and manners – Sixteen Points, yama and niyama,
general conduct rules, and many more do’s and don’ts.

By this way we are able to progress individually as well as spread the
ways of AM to others.

Baba says, “Your ideal is represented by your conduct. Your learning,
your social or economic status have nothing to do with your ideal.”
(A’nanda Va’nii #13)

Most in the general society will never read AM books or study Baba’s
philosophy. They will gather their information about Ananda Marga by
seeing our conduct. This is the way it works.

For instance, how many of us have read and carefully studied the Koran
(Qaran), or the Book of the Mormons, or Buddhist Scriptures, or the Old
Testament. Generally, we learn about such religious communities by
seeing how their followers behave. On that basis we learn their ways and
form our opinions.

So how we behave is how we project the ideals of AM to others.


In addition, when looking at the standard of any particular margii or
wt, we must see the big picture. We have to evaluate the totality of
their personality and not get caught up in snap-shot judgments based on
small snippets of their life.

We must not think that someone is completely great by seeing a small
window of their life, nor think that they are completely bad by viewing
a partial segment of their life. We have to see the whole person in all
respects. That will both give us an understanding of who they are, as
well as guidelines as to what to do and what not to do in our own lives.


Recently, on 06 January 2010 at 4:30am, the mahaprayan of Dr.
Satyanarayan Reddy of Nakrekal occurred. Dr. Reddy was the Secretary of
Andra Pradesh State Committee.

It is important to document the history of humanity and that of the
common and respected people so that we can see how society moves ahead.
Baba wants that history should be rewritten.

To that end we must pay heed to the conduct of the people and record it
for the growth and education of humanity.

In this specific case, it is of value to us to study how Dr Reddy
contributed to the growth of AM and how he may have erred as well. Then
we all can learn both how to help build our Marga as well as how to
avoid wrongdoing in the future.

Here then are some points of learning about Dr Reddy’s life and conduct.

1. Dr Reddy was a classmate of Savita’nanda, now a senior purodha of
Ranchi group, during his medical studies in Osmania Medical
College.Though Dr Reddy often commented that Savita’nanda was
characterless, afterwards many of us found out that Dr Reddy was keeping
a very close relationship with him.

2. Dr. Reddy used to criticise the WT groupism, condemn their activities
like dividing the organisation, as well as the distortion of Baba’s
books etc. At the same time a few of us observed how he was a
goody-goody and “yes man” when in the presence of those sanyasiis:
Savitananda, Nigamananda, and Vishvadeva’nanda etc

3. Once upon his request some of us went to his residence at Nakrekel in
Nalgonda district and I found that he was the only margii in his family.
When I mentioned about the garlic smell in the chutney while taking food
from the tiffin, then he revealed that his family members take onion and
garlic. His wife takes onion & garlic. Therefore the chutney was
prepared in the same mix and emitted a very foul smell of onion and garlic.

4. His children are well posted as doctors in Hyderabad, Raypur. His
elder son works as pharmacist and the youngest son is a doctor managing
their own nursing home. The daughter is a dental doctor married to a
doctor working in Raipur, Chattisgarh.

5. Dr Reddys’s contributions to the organisation are:
a) He was helpful to sanyasii dadas & didis by contributing money.

b) He constructed one ashram (though not registered in the name of
Ananda Marga) nearby his residence. It is mostly inactive.

c) Since he was a renowned doctor in his district, a few locals became
margiis but they were never declared or regarded as margiis. They were
just recognised as being associated with Dr Reddy.

d) He contributes a lot to Savita’nanada.

6. We came to know that he had an illicit relationship with a nurse who
works in his private hospital “Shrikrs’na Nursing Home”.

7. Two weeks back both the wives’ of his children had a fight for the
property. Dr Reddy was a very big landlord & rich man.

8. We can say he was a goody-goody margi. He left the Marga during
Emergency. Plus he used to follow dogmatic customs of Hinduism.

9. He had heart bypass surgery a few years back. Then he suffered from
blood cancer.

10. Finally he met his mahaprayan at 430am on 06 Jan 2010. His last
rites started with collective Iishvarapran’idha’na by margiis under
guidance of Mahboob Nagar Rector sanyasii dada & afterwards Hindu
dogmatic system was followed.


By reading the above aspects of Dr Reddy’s life, we can see that he had
a wide and colourful existence. He had his glories as well as his trials
– his strengths as well as his imperfections.

By some of his ways, many non-margiis would have gotten a completely
wrong picture of what AM is all about.

It is just like if one Wt was smoking hashish then all those around
would get a faulty understanding of AM as they would think that Baba
approves of such behaviour.

Same is the case with certain elements of Dr Reddy’s life. At the same
time, he had various good qualities as well.

All in all, most of what we have in this life and much of what we can
offer to others is based on our conduct and actions.

Seeing this picture of Dr Reddy allows us to step back and learn from
his gains and losses as well as evaluate what others might learn from
our lives.


Baba says, ““Dharma is the assemblage of all your conduct” – the way you
eat, the way you speak, the way you perform sa’dhana’. If your conduct
is good, dharma is with you; if your conduct is not good, dharma is not
with you. And if dharma is not with you, what comes about is your
sarvana’sha, or sarva’tmaka vina’sha – that is, your physical, mental,
and spiritual ruin….“Conduct is the principal factor in dharma.” Be a
sada’ca’rii, a person of good conduct, and you will surely attain
Parama’tman. ” (SS-21)


Remedy Of Disappointment & Frustration

Baba says, “Very often people become victims of disappointment for the sole
reason that they forget their goal in life. If they look towards their
goal, then their disappointments and frustrations will cease. Whenever a
human being is created, they come within the Cosmic Mind. So when the
microcosms move towards Macrocosmic Consciousness, Parama Purusa is
watching– Parama Purusa is with them holding their hands. It is the humans
who do not look towards Him– this is their misfortune.” (SS-12, p.5)


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