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From: “Jorge Santana”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Adam Smith Could Not Believe
Date: Tue, 05 Jan 2010 16:52:47 +0100


“An’ur vyatha’, etadine bujhale priyo, anuma’ne…” (P.S. 4593)


Baba, O’ my Dearest, now by Your guessing You have understood the
feeling of this unit being. How You do not have time to come close to
me; rather, You remain sitting on the divine throne of Your devotees. On
that throne which is studded with jewels. So You do not have time to
look towards this little being. People are demanding me that, ‘Why do
you go on crying and why do you call that divine Entity who will not
come and who will never pay heed to your calling’. People also told,
‘Don’t you know, His heart is very hard like a stone. He does not care.
He knows all the scriptures all the shlokas all the mantras and bhajans,
there is no need to tell anything to Him. He will not pay heed’. In
spite of peoples’ suggestions, I never get frustrated or hopeless.
Because by Your grace I know that I must get You. I know for certain
that at some point in this life of mine, up to my death even– I know
that You will come to me. O’ Baba, I am hopeful that You will grace me
and that You will come in the lotus of my heart and that You will make
my life successful…



There are any number of defining points of the height of capitalism:
concentration of wealth, disparity between rich and poor, no middle
class, exploitation of shudra masses, and so many other
technical-cum-economico factors.

Perhaps the top-most concern about this present era of extreme
capitalism is the destruction of the human personality. When capitalism
reaches its pinnacle, the people become totally self-engrossed and only
chase their own indulgent pleasures and self-gratification.

To that end, people do all kinds of ludicrous things with the sole
motivation of getting attention. That is their number one priority –
self projection – the essence of selfishness.

Some sneak into the White House (USA) during state dinners, others do
crazy stunts to get on the news, and still others kill others and even
themselves to garner attention.

It has reached such an extreme that Mr Adam Smith (Das Capital) would be
shocked to see what his theory has produced. He would not even recognise
his own brain child would he stroll down the street today in the USA,
Hong Kong, or Paris etc.


In the past, it was natural for people to think about their own caste,
clan or community – or at least their family.

In the great wake of capitalism all that has vanished. Now people are
only involved in their own selfish agenda. Even mothers do not like to
breast feed their babies as they feel it will diminish their beauty and
take their time away from their own selfish pursuits.

So the slogan of the era has become: self, self, self. Read below for a
colorful depiction of what is going on. Please write in with what you
see in your area.

Of course all of the below goes directly against the teachings of AM
because our approach is based on selflessly serving Parama Purusa and
His creation – not chasing after selfish indulgences solely to get



1. FACEBOOK / TWITTER / BLOGGING: Today, everyone is their own blogger
and all they write about is themselves. Their own self is the topic.

“Today I woke up and ate a banana”, “I am at work and I hate it here”,
“my boyfriend called me and apologized”, “If I eat another piece of cake
I am going to vomit” etc.

These are the types of self-involved things that the masses write about.
Their blogs, tweets, and Facebook pages are absolutely filled with petty
comments about their own life. Nothing more. Yet it gets documented
minute by minute as if this is the greatest things going on in the
universe. All this speaks to the status of mind and self-centered glory.

Due to capitalism people have become totally engrossed in their own
self. They cannot see or think beyond the end of their own finger tips.
I do not think Mr Adam Smith could have imagined how horribly his
philosophy would affect the common people. Even good people get wrapped
up in this manner.

2. CRAZY APPEARANCE TO ATTRACT ATTENTION: Another thing going on in this
capitalistic zenith point is the mode of appearance. Because people only
care about their own being – and no one else – they do anything and
everything to bring attention unto themselves.

People – especially young people – are resorting to more and more
radical, degrading and bizarre ways of displaying themselves: body
piercing at the naval, nipple, wrist, fingers, tongue, lips and in all
sorts of way. Now when people pierce their ear they often insert a hoop
so there is a big hole in their ear lobe. In addition, sisters wear
clothing that does not even cover their body – they are 99% naked yet
they walk around in public as if they are totally dressed.

And then of course there are the hairstyles. The young who have been
bathed in extreme capitalism color their hair in all kinds of ways and
shape their hair in radical styles. A person’s hair might be red, green
and blue and pointing / stuck to the sky.

Tattoos – what a sight! Now people wear tattoos all over their entire
body. It is almost as if it is a competition to see who can get the most
tattoos on their physical self. They tattoo all their parts – all over.

3. MORE CRAZY WAYS OF APPEARANCE: In the above section, we are mostly
talking about young people. But the old are involved in some of those
things mentioned above as well. But here is a whole new way in which
they are engrossed.

Since sex is the defining point of expression in capitalistic society,
people from 30 – 80 years of age and beyond are resorting to huge
amounts of plastic surgery to make their bodies look this they are 20.
Big breasts, tummy-tucks, lip surgery, face lift, fat removal, eye
opening, and so much more.

It is a huge business and costly affair but this is all the rage. Mostly
females are involved as they have gotten caught in the trap that if they
lose they sexual ways of seduction then they have lost everything. Could
Adam Smith ever have believed that his philosophy would push people to
the edge like this.

4. LIBERTINE BEHAVIOR: While the females involve in making themselves as
objects of attraction, males are most responsible for the total
degradation of the family in cpatialistic society. Males run after so
many females and have children with various partners, that countless new
borns come into this world without even knowing who their father is. Or
if they do know, the father is not around. This is quite common in Mr.
Smith’s society these days – could he have imagined this would come to be.

5. SAME-SEX MARRIAGES: The ultimate in self-gratification is same-sex
marriages. Their lustful behavior has no chance for reproduction and
responsibility for offspring. Just their ways are tied to their own lust
and crude self-gratification. This behavior is cropping up everything in
capitalism, just like mushrooms after a tropical train storm.

6. And there are so many other displays – please add some from your area.


Another relatively recent development is that people are will to go to
great risk in order to draw attention to themselves. This plays out in a
variety of stunts.

1. Recently one wanna-be celebrity couple slipped into President Obama’s
first state dinner when host a regal ball for the Indian head of state.
The couple did it to show their status, yet afterwards they were
investigated thoroughly.

2. In the recent balloon baby incident in the USA, a couple created a
hoax and said their youngest boy went up in a balloon when in fact they
had him hiding in the garage. But all the news stations chases after the
home-made balloon for hours thinking that the boy was inside. The whole
country watched in awa – minute by minute – until it was all proven to
be a hoax.

3. People have even begun going on shooting rampages killing innocent
people in public places and then killing themselves. One person does it,
the news is all over the place, and then the next day someone else does
the same thing for attention. This is happening in Finland, Germany,
USA, and a growing number of places where capitalism is king.

Adam Smith had no idea how his philosophy of selfishness /
self-interest would lead to disaster.


All in all this is a most dangerous and repulsive manner. The killing is
inhumame and unthinkable no doubt. But even the petty way people brag
about themselves is very unappealing to others.

Baba says, “Sometimes their self-praise is so intense that others are
obliged to say, ‘Please stop praising yourself so much’. They forget
that their self-applause is rather boring for others. Human beings
should realise that no one likes to hear the self-praise of others.”
(AV-8, p. 15)

Here below Baba speaks to the nature of their mind-set.

Baba says, “Why on earth should he indulge in self-publicity? To whom
will he publicize himself? Such acts are the antics of common,
avaricious people with beggar-like mentality.” (SS-2, p. 49)


Here Baba describes how those involved in satisfying their ego by
grabbing attention for themselves will ruin their entire personae and
being. They are inviting their ruination.

Baba says, “Even people of wisdom, of high social status — even
so-called intellectual and accomplished scientists and philosophers who
are always concerned with earning high respect for themselves or saving
their own prestige — even they pursue sensuous or fragmentary objects
for the gratification of their egos. Perhaps they deliberately refuse
to realise that these petty objectives of their egos will infuse their
minds with meanness, as a result of which all their egoistic respect,
prestige and status will ultimately be pulverized into dust.” (SS-3 ’92,



In our Marga, ours is that path of self-realistaion and service to
humanity. That is the way to be great in AM, not throught crude selfish

Baba says, “…Be great by your sa’dhana’, by your service, by your
sacrifice.” (Ananda Vanii #20)


By Baba’s grace He has blessed us with the right way to act in this
world. To fall into the present day mess of capitalism is to invite a
heinous turn of events in your life, the likes of which Mr Adam Smith
could never even think to believe. He would be shocked to see what his
theory has done to humanity.

For eternal life we should live by the ways of AM, not capitalism and
the selfish indulgences thereof.

Baba says, “Human beings are made of flesh and bones. If their heart or
lungs stop functioning, in that case they will be lifted onto the
shoulders of 4 other people in order to get thrown onto the funeral
pyre. When this is the situation of human beings, where is the scope for
self-glorification?” (AMIWL-11)



Baba says, “This arrogance, which makes them want to display themselves,
forgetting all other things, is termed aham’ka’ra [vanity]. The
predominant vrtti behind it is aham [ego]: ‘I am everything, there is
nothing beyond and outside me’.” (NSS, Disc: 10, ‘Shivokti 6′)

Baba says, “Your vanity may increase. You may think “I have done this, I
have done that, I am not an ordinary man’. This is a psychic disease.”
(PNS-14, p. 84)

Baba says, “A person boasts of learning, intellect and fortune. But
nothing is eternal. Therefore one who boasts of anything of this world
is a fool.” (AV-1, p.7)

Baba says, “Where people are guided more by ahamtattva [ego], they say,
‘I am doing, I am giving, this was done by me, that was done by me,
etc.’… Their minds do not inspire the lives of others, their minds do
not touch the minds of others. They do not reach the sweetness of others
‘I’ feelings, for they are too preoccupied with themselves. Their
approach is defective; their path is not the path of Neo-Humanism.”
(NHNS-1, p.53)

Only Remedy

Baba says, “It is the duty of all human beings and especially those who
are devotees, it is their mandatory duty to always think that, ‘I am a
machine and the controller is Parama Purusa. He is the machine man and I
have to work according to His desire. I have to fulfill His desire. This
body of mine is a machine and it belongs to Him. This is His machine and
this machine has to do His work.’ If one constantly thinks in this way
then the vanity of action will never sprout. This is the only path to
save oneself from vanity. One has to think ‘I am just one machine; I am
a tool and according to His desire I have to work’.”
(SS-16 (H), p. 81, DMC Agra 19 Feb 84)



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