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Date: Thu, 14 Jan 2010 07:36:34 -0400
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Subject: Example: How Margiis Should & Should Not Behave


“Ka’ra’r kapa’t’ a’gha’te bha’ungiya’ a’lo niye ele ke go atithi…” (P.S. 4305)


Which Divine Guest has made His advent who has pulverized the prison
gate by His strong blow and freed everyone from the dungeon. Which Entity has
come and brought such divine effulgence.

O’ Ajana Pathik, Parama Purusa, it is Your grace that You have come and
removed the Cimmerian darkness. You have removed the fear of staticity,
dogma, and disaster.

By Your grace You have given the voice to those who did not have a way
to speak. Previously, they could not express any of their desires and
problems, but with Your infinite compassion You have graced them. These
downtrodden people could not raise the protest against their sufferings &
tortures. They were facing those injustices silently without so much as
saying a word. Their throats were choked. But now all that has changed.

O’ Parama Purusa, thinking about their suffering and pain, You took up
the Gandiiva bow in Your hand and You have made everyone listen to the song
of life. You have made everyone’s life blissful by removing all sorts of
suppressions, repressions, and depressions. Baba, You have graced one and


In this letter, the details given – of one particular case study –
provide us insight into how we should and should not behave.

The overall teaching applies to each and every Ananda Margii: Both in
respect to our own conduct as well as how we evaluate others.


In our Marga, we know that conduct is a major tenet of life. We are to
follow all kinds of codes and manners – Sixteen Points, yama and niyama,
general conduct rules, and many more do’s and don’ts.

By this way we are able to progress individually as well as spread the
ways of AM to others.

Baba says, “Your ideal is represented by your conduct. Your learning,
your social or economic status have nothing to do with your ideal.”
(A’nanda Va’nii #13)

Most in the general society will never read AM books or study Baba’s
philosophy. They will gather their information about Ananda Marga by
seeing our conduct. This is the way it works.

For instance, how many of us have read and carefully studied the Koran
(Qaran), or the Book of the Mormons, or Buddhist Scriptures, or the Old
Testament. Generally, we learn about such religious communities by
seeing how their followers behave. On that basis we learn their ways and
form our opinions.

So how we behave is how we project the ideals of AM to others.


In addition, when looking at the standard of any particular margii or
wt, we must see the big picture. We have to evaluate the totality of
their personality and not get caught up in snap-shot judgments based on
small snippets of their life.

We must not think that someone is completely great by seeing a small
window of their life, nor think that they are completely bad by viewing
a partial segment of their life. We have to see the whole person in all
respects. That will both give us an understanding of who they are, as
well as guidelines as to what to do and what not to do in our own lives.


Recently, on 06 January 2010 at 4:30am, the mahaprayan of Dr.
Satyanarayan Reddy of Nakrekal occurred. Dr. Reddy was the Secretary of
Andra Pradesh State Committee.

It is important to document the history of humanity and that of the
common and respected people so that we can see how society moves ahead.
Baba wants that history should be rewritten.

To that end we must pay heed to the conduct of the people and record it
for the growth and education of humanity.

In this specific case, it is of value to us to study how Dr Reddy
contributed to the growth of AM and how he may have erred as well. Then
we all can learn both how to help build our Marga as well as how to
avoid wrongdoing in the future.

Here then are some points of learning about Dr Reddy’s life and conduct.

1. Dr Reddy was a classmate of Savita’nanda, now a senior purodha of
Ranchi group, during his medical studies in Osmania Medical
College.Though Dr Reddy often commented that Savita’nanda was
characterless, afterwards many of us found out that Dr Reddy was keeping
a very close relationship with him.

2. Dr. Reddy used to criticise the WT groupism, condemn their activities
like dividing the organisation, as well as the distortion of Baba’s
books etc. At the same time a few of us observed how he was a
goody-goody and “yes man” when in the presence of those sanyasiis:
Savitananda, Nigamananda, and Vishvadeva’nanda etc

3. Once upon his request some of us went to his residence at Nakrekel in
Nalgonda district and I found that he was the only margii in his family.
When I mentioned about the garlic smell in the chutney while taking food
from the tiffin, then he revealed that his family members take onion and
garlic. His wife takes onion & garlic. Therefore the chutney was
prepared in the same mix and emitted a very foul smell of onion and garlic.

4. His children are well posted as doctors in Hyderabad, Raypur. His
elder son works as pharmacist and the youngest son is a doctor managing
their own nursing home. The daughter is a dental doctor married to a
doctor working in Raipur, Chattisgarh.

5. Dr Reddys’s contributions to the organisation are:
a) He was helpful to sanyasii dadas & didis by contributing money.

b) He constructed one ashram (though not registered in the name of
Ananda Marga) nearby his residence. It is mostly inactive.

c) Since he was a renowned doctor in his district, a few locals became
margiis but they were never declared or regarded as margiis. They were
just recognised as being associated with Dr Reddy.

d) He contributes a lot to Savita’nanada.

6. We came to know that he had an illicit relationship with a nurse who
works in his private hospital “Shrikrs’na Nursing Home”.

7. Two weeks back both the wives’ of his children had a fight for the
property. Dr Reddy was a very big landlord & rich man.

8. We can say he was a goody-goody margi. He left the Marga during
Emergency. Plus he used to follow dogmatic customs of Hinduism.

9. He had heart bypass surgery a few years back. Then he suffered from
blood cancer.

10. Finally he met his mahaprayan at 430am on 06 Jan 2010. His last
rites started with collective Iishvarapran’idha’na by margiis under
guidance of Mahboob Nagar Rector sanyasii dada & afterwards Hindu
dogmatic system was followed.


By reading the above aspects of Dr Reddy’s life, we can see that he had
a wide and colourful existence. He had his glories as well as his trials
– his strengths as well as his imperfections.

By some of his ways, many non-margiis would have gotten a completely
wrong picture of what AM is all about.

It is just like if one Wt was smoking hashish then all those around
would get a faulty understanding of AM as they would think that Baba
approves of such behaviour.

Same is the case with certain elements of Dr Reddy’s life. At the same
time, he had various good qualities as well.

All in all, most of what we have in this life and much of what we can
offer to others is based on our conduct and actions.

Seeing this picture of Dr Reddy allows us to step back and learn from
his gains and losses as well as evaluate what others might learn from
our lives.


Baba says, ““Dharma is the assemblage of all your conduct” – the way you
eat, the way you speak, the way you perform sa’dhana’. If your conduct
is good, dharma is with you; if your conduct is not good, dharma is not
with you. And if dharma is not with you, what comes about is your
sarvana’sha, or sarva’tmaka vina’sha – that is, your physical, mental,
and spiritual ruin….“Conduct is the principal factor in dharma.” Be a
sada’ca’rii, a person of good conduct, and you will surely attain
Parama’tman. ” (SS-21)


Remedy Of Disappointment & Frustration

Baba says, “Very often people become victims of disappointment for the sole
reason that they forget their goal in life. If they look towards their
goal, then their disappointments and frustrations will cease. Whenever a
human being is created, they come within the Cosmic Mind. So when the
microcosms move towards Macrocosmic Consciousness, Parama Purusa is
watching– Parama Purusa is with them holding their hands. It is the humans
who do not look towards Him– this is their misfortune.” (SS-12, p.5)



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