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From: “Satiish G.D. Bose”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Positive Remembrance
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 2010 10:16:38 +0530


“Kon shala’ka’y pradiip jvele enecho tumi a’ji…” (PS 1200)


O’ Lord today You have brought an effulgent lamp after lighting it with
one divine match stick. Baba, by Your grace You have come and lit the
devotional fire by giving initiation, Ista mantra, and Your varabhaya
mudra. O’ my dearmost, the divine lamp is illuminated and it has been
decorated with a countless number of wicks. The lamp is glowing with its
innumerable flames.

Baba, the divine lamp which You have brought has made all the seven
lokas effulgent. All the darkness has vanished from the mind. All the dogma
and staticity has disappeared because the light of devotion has brought
purity and cleanliness. All the lokas have been lit so the animalistic
tendencies have been eliminated. Now by Your grace everyone is immersed in
the flow of life divine. Baba, with Your divine compassion You have lit the
lamp of devotion and made everyone’s personality more pure, more sentient,
and more devotional– their heart is satiated.

Baba, after the long penance of the jiivas, in the blink of an eye You
have lit the lamp of devotion by Your grace. With that effulgent torch, in
the end, You have completed all Your work and spread divinity throughout
this entire universe and removed all the afflictions. Baba, it is nothing
but Your mercy.

Baba, You have come to us with Your divine lamp– with Your causeless


Baba has also expressed the central idea of the above Prabhat Samgiita in
this below A’nanda Va’nii. As we know Prabhat Samgiita is a poetic and
distilled expression of His entire Ananda Marga ideology. So the condensed
ideas found in His divine songs– Prabhat Samgiita– are also described in
greater detail in His discourses like this below Va’nii.

Baba says, “The flame of a lamp lights up countless lamps. The touch of a
great personality wakes up innumerable sleeping hearts. In the same way,
the eternal glow of the boundless élan vital of Cosmic Consciousness has
been illuminating the life-lamp of universal humanism since time
immemorial, is illuminating it, and in future will do so even more
intensely. That is why I say, the future of the human race is not dark,
rather it is strikingly resplendent. So proceed on, ignoring the frowns of
darkness.” (AV #49)


Our Ananda Marga is that most positive stance in life. If nothing else, the
whole entire concept of AM rests on the supreme belief that ‘Baba is mine
and He is with me’. This is the great idea which pulsates in the mind of
each and every Ananda Margii.

Thus those types of dogmatic remembrances such as Mahaprayan which go
against the spirit of AM should be discarded– eliminated. Because such
clouded occasions only misguide the mind in the opposite direction.

So this email is a short investigation into how our human memory works and
why the fake Mahaprayan Divas (MPD) program is just one dark stain on the
mental plate. That is why no margii is interested in attending Mahaprayan–
no one goes these days.


We all know that those things which we think about again and again remain
alive in the mind. That is why if one thinks about one’s childhood friends
again and again then even if those friendships occurred 50 years ago it
will seem as though those events happened only yesterday. It will be fresh
in the mind.

In contrast, if one tries to remember their high school mathematics
theorems or chemistry equations etc, and even if one got an A+ in those
classes, but if they have not thought about mathematics or chemistry for
years and years, then those facts and figures will be impossible to recall.
The point being that any idea which gets remembered again and again will be
vibrant and crystal clear in the mind while those forgotten ideas just fade
away into the oblivion.


That is why when for Ananda Margiis the most desirable idea in this
universe is that ‘Baba is with me’, then this idea should be inculcated
again and again. Our thinking should be: ‘Baba is watching me, He cares for
me, and He loves me…’ For Ananda Margiis this is our routine remembrance.
> From morning till night all our practices and thoughts revolve around this
pinnacled idea– that He is with me.

Whereas the Mahaprayan program just enforces the false notion that Baba has
left this earth and is no longer with me. That is why at Mahaprayan it is
regularly seen that people are distraught and crying, and again and again
their mind gets confused as they recall that day in Oct 1990 when Baba
supposedly left. All these reckless, misguided ideas race throught the mind
during Mahaprayan. So many sadhakas have commented on this– that is why
everyone has totally abandoned this unhealthy and dogmatic tradition


Here is another way of looking at the matter.

Suppose one mother has one sweet, little baby boy and suppose one day that
charming boy gets hit by a car and his lifeless body is just lying there
mangled on the road. Then certainly that caring mother will not keep a
picture of that horrible and gruesome scene on her bedroom wall. She will
not think again of the bloodied face of her little boy. Rather she will
hang a sweet picture of her son which shows him happy and smiling. That
will be the type of sweet remembrance the mother will carry.

Likewise, as devotees, we will always keep the most supremely positive
memory of our dearmost Baba in the casket of our heart and in the deep
recesses of our mind. And our sweet thought will be that, ‘Baba You are
along with me wherever I go in this vast universe. You are ever with me–
protecting me and caring for me. Your blessing of fearlessness is always
reflecting in my mind.’ This is our Ananda Marga way of thinking and this
is our reality.

So just like the mother will keep a delightful memory of her little boy,
similarly we will keep a divine and intimate remembrance of Baba. And in
both cases that keeps the mind sparkling with that positive idea.


Whereas, the dark and negative occasion of Mahaprayan just imposes the
false notion in the mind that Baba has gone– that He has left. Indeed the
very name of the program (great departure) means that Parama Purusa is away
from us.


That is why no true devotee appreciates this type of anti-devotional
program and that is why Baba Himself never discusses the so-called
Mahaprayan of Lord Shiva or Lord Krsna in His books about those Taraka
Brahmas. Rather if any devotee of Lord Shiva or Lord Krsna reads those
books that they will automatically think that their Lord is along with
them– and there will not even be a moment to think that He is gone.



1. In A’nanda Ma’rga Baba again and again guides us that we are always to
remember the most positive and optimistic things. He tells us to always
remember our Ista mantra, always practice madhuvidya (2nd lesson), always
chant His name etc. All those divinely positive practices we are always to
do so that the eternal truth will be permanently established in the mind
that Parama Purusa is with me.

2. Baba lovingly teaches never to engage the mind in any pessimistic
thoughts. That is why Baba forbids us from celebrating the death of any
loved one, year after year, even for any human being

Rather Baba has granted a 12 day period of mourning to show respect and
that is all (Reference CC-1, ’95 Edn, p.65).

Baba has written that such death day occasions should not be celebrated
year after year as this bring sadness and pessimism in the mind. Rather He
has concluded our shraddha ceremony with the sweet idea, “Let everybody be
happy…let everybody see the bright side…”. This is the blessing He has

2A. But tragically, the dogmatic & sorrowful Mahaprayan program is being
put on year after year, totally going against all the devotional and social
tenets of our Marga.

3. In our Ananda Marga everything is blissful:

“A’nanda’ddhyeva….a’nandam’ prayantyabhisam’vishanti.”

Baba says, “This quinquelemental world has been born out of bliss, is being
maintained in bliss and into sacred bliss it will melt.” (NKS)

Thus where is there scope to indulge in sad ceremonies like the dogmatic
Mahaprayan program. This outrightly goes against the spirit of our Marga.

4. The positive idea in AM is that ‘Baba is with me’ and this brings
courage, dynamism, and spiritedness. With that idea in mind one feels that
they can do anything and everything.

5. In the opposite direction, those attending Mahaprayan knowingly or
unknowingly cultivate the idea in mind that Baba is gone. Because the whole
nature of the program is based on this faulty concept. So in either the
front or back of their mind, those attending the Mahaprayan program are
involved in a serious spiritual dilemma that ultimately pushes Parama
Purusa away from their mental plate.

6. We should cultivate positive remembrances. Because what we remember
again and again sticks in the mind. So if one is disciplined in their
sadhana practice then they will effortlessly know how to do all their
lessons whereas if one is half-hearted in sadhana then they will totally
forget their third lesson mantra– or even all their mantras. That is what
happens. Those things just become a faint memory.

7. Likewise if we remember that Baba is with us– if this is our main
memory– then that sweet reality will be permanently part of our mental
structure. That idea will always be in our heart.

8. Whereas if one goes to Mahaprayan and spends 10 days thinking again and
again how Baba’s body was cremated and now He is no more. This type of
aspiritual memory will destroy one’s inner link with Him. And not just
during those ten days but before and after the trip for weeks and months
one will be absorbed in this defective approach thinking about going to
Mahaprayan until finally one will not be able to rid that defective idea
from the mind. We should not let such a catastrophe befall us.

Indeed this idea of so-called Mahaprayan is sinful when its main
effect is to cause the mind to degenerate in such a stark manner.

9. Those who attend Mahaprayan inevitably suffer the drawbacks and
pessimism associated with this dogmatic function. And it takes the other 11
months of the year for them to regain their balance. Only to again go to
Mahaprayan and again fall into the mud by thinking that Baba has gone. This
is the negative cycle of attending the dogmatic Mahaprayan program.


Here is Baba’s divine reminder that He is always with us. And this sweet
teaching is the most advantageous thing to remember in this vast universe.

Baba says, “Parama Purus’a, that Supreme Father, is with each and every
entity. No man, no expression, is ever alone in this world. He is always
with you. Science says this, philosophy says this. And under no
circumstances should a man suffer from a complex of helplessness or
hopelessness or fear. You are the dignified children of Parama Purus’a, and
He is always with you.”
“He is with the universe, that is, the entire universe is His object.
And not only that, He is with each and every expressed unit entity, with
each and every individual also. That is, collectively He is attached to the
world, to that expressed world; and singularly He is with you. You are
never alone.”
“…Parama Purus´a, the Supreme Father, is always with you and you are
never alone…
“And the main advantage is – the advantage is a very great advantage,
and that is – you are never alone. And because He is with you, you are the
strongest person in the universe. He is with you. You are never alone. It
is the greatest advantage.” (AV-12)

Thus no one should suffer and fall into the dark abyss of Mahaprayan and
get lost in the faulty notion that Baba has left. No one should impose that
false memory on their mental plate again and again. This tragedy should not
happen to anyone.

Yet unconsciously, unbeknownst to the attendee, this happens. If is just like
if one visits a bar then they are invariably have at least one drink, even if
they are not a drinker per se; similarly, if anyone goes to Tiljala to
participate in the dogmatic Mahaprayan program, then in at least one corner of
their mind they are bound to think that ‘Baba is gone’. Such is the strong
effect that environment plays on the mind.


By His fathomless compassion His divine grace is with us each and every
moment– now and up to eternity.

Baba says, “I know one is sure to get divine help. And I know further that
one is getting divine help. And I know still further that in future, for
infinite time and infinite space, one will be getting this divine favour.
And you are all sa’dhakas. You will certainly attain that supreme stance
and enjoy that divine blessedness. You are sure to enjoy it, my sons and my
daughters.” (AV-23)


Solution of Nightmares

Baba says, “You may ask, “How can I do pun’yam while sleeping? In the
wakeful state, I may do Pun´yam. But while sleeping, how can I do Pun’yam?
Can you? Yes, you can. What’s the difference between habit and nature? When
habit becomes one with your existence, it is called nature…By constant
practice or under pressure of circumstances, one becomes habituated, and by
encouraging this habituation, it finally becomes nature.”
“This is auto-suggestion. “Now it is time for my meditation”, what is
it? You are trying to habituate yourself. But when you cannot live without
puja, then it has become your nature. Try to make it what – habit or
nature? Nature. I never take a drop of water without doing puja. Why? It
has become my nature. And I want that all of you should make it your nature
“When auto-suggestion will become your nature, what will happen? While
sleeping you will be repeating that japa (repetition of mantra) in your
unconscious mind. You are sleeping, so conscious mind is not active. You
are not having any dream, so your sub-conscious mind is also not active.
But unconscious mind is there. Automatically there will be japa. 24 hours
you are doing Pun´ya. While you are sleeping, you will be engaged in doing
japa and using your incantation. Kuru pun’yam Ahora’tram.” (AV-14)

Note: In this materialistic era, people suffer from so many psychic
problems such as nightmares etc. Because what difficult things one
encounters during the day then the untrained mind will turn those events
into nightmares during sleep. For example one might dream that their
business went bankrupt, or one might dream of quarreling with a friend, or
one might dream of being scared about unknown events in the future. All
these types of disturbing ideas may take place in the mind during sleep.
And even worse is that when one wakes up then they feel depressed and
worried because of such types of crude dreams and nightmares. In His above
teaching Baba carefully describes to us that if we train our minds to
repeat our Ista mantra during the day time then the same will happen at
night. In which case all our dreams will be sweet and blissful– ever
floating in His divine vibration.



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