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Date: Thu 21 Jan 2010 06:11:29 -0000 (GMT)
From: Pradiip Bauer
Subject: “Generosity” of the United States
To: am-global@earthlink.net


“Toma’r saunge mor paricay, ek-a’dha yuger katha’ nay…” (PS 2303)


Baba, by Your grace my closeness with You is not only since the last few
hundred or even thousands of years. Nor is it only since the last one or
two epochs or ages. Baba, from before the beginning of time You have
been along with me; by Your grace I have always been in Your shelter.

Baba, I have been singing Your divine glory since eternity. It is Your
grace. Baba, by being ensconced in Your divine love, my heart became
satiated and fulfilled. All my needs and longings have become completely
quenched and satisfied. Baba, by constantly ideating on You– day and
night, all the time– by Your grace my mind may become one with You.

Baba, please be gracious and do not keep me distant. Always keep me
close to Your lotus feet– under Your shelter. Baba, please remain along
with me constantly– all the 24 hrs. And please grace me and saturate my
mind with Your divine nectar. Baba, make my life full by utilising me
all the time in various deeds, in whatever way You like.

Baba, by Your grace our intimacy and relation has been since eternity.
And, by Your divine krpa’, it will go on up to infinity…


At present, the US is giving huge aid to Haiti in response to the
terrible earthquake that hit. The US has pledged 100 million dollars,
and sent tons of food, thousands of military personnel, huge numbers of
relief workers, and much, much more.

Other countries are also supporting the cause – but none as much as the
United States.

From the outside then it looks like the US is spearheading a great
humanitarian effort – with no ulterior agenda or motive. Those thinking
like this are not aware of the deeper aspects behind the US relief
effort. Many common citizens fall in this category. They are not aware
about the psychology behind the big capitalists.

As Ananda Margiis, it is our duty to take a step back and critically
analyse how far the capitalist enterprises like the US government are
really generous in their ongoing relief efforts etc.

In the height of this vaeshyan era, we must know their psychology in
order to educate the masses and bring about the turn of the social cycle.


Baba guides us in so many discourses that capitalists always keep sharp
eyes on their own agenda. That is their chief aim.

The main question that has to be investigated is how far the US relief
efforts are drowned in that capitalist paradigm.

As Ananda Margiis, we should have our eyes clearly open and understand
that when the US goes into an area to offer aid, it is not for the
long-term welfare of that besieged region or nation – rather the US is
just investing in its own future and prosperity. It is as if they are
putting money in their own bank account knowing that it will yield a
high interest rate. That is the psychology behind the US’s involvement
in such relief works.

Now let’s take a look at how this has happened over the course of the
last half-century as well as how this applies to the situation in Haiti
today. We have to be ready to pointedly expose the capitalist mind-set –
whether such capitalists reside in the US, China, Mexico City, London,
or New Delhi.


One critical example that is easily discernible is what happened in 1947
when India was divided. Up until that point India had similar capacities
in the various states – just relatively small variances. But in 1947
Pakistan was created and Pakistan fell under the tutelage and so-called
care of the USA.

And now – sixty three years later, anyone can see the world of
difference between India and Pakistan. India has grown in many regards:
roads, education, industry, and so many other emerging arenas. In
comparison, Pakistan is a beleaguered place ravaged by terrorism,
killing, poverty, corruption and more. Such is the long-term effect of
having relations with the US.

Basically, wherever the US goes, whether it be Ethiopia, the Middle
East, Mexico, or Haiti, the long-term results are never good for that
nation. In the short-term, that country may receive relief money, arms,
military training, or protection, but in the long-term they will be
hobbled by US economico-cum-politico interests. That is the way it goes.
We have all seen it time and again.


The way capitalist mind-set is like that of the slave owner and slave
relation. The slave owner does not want to kill the slave as he needs
work done, but at the same time he does not want that slave to become
educated and independent either. So he gives the slave the bare minimum
to survive and at the same time the slave will remain in a lowly, easily
exploitable position. Similarly economically wealthy nations do the same
with economically poorer nations. They want to use them as pawns for
their own agenda.

Hence “wealthy” nations are willing to help “poorer” nations. But their
help is not help in the true sense of the term – rather top capitalists
hobble those “poorer” nations. Such is the vaeshyan mentality.

Baba says, “In the present world, capitalists accumulate increasing
wealth and possessions for themselves, leaving others to suffer acute
pangs of hunger. They force people to wear tattered rags so that they
can parade in ostentatious clothing. To increase their own strength,
they even suck the vital juice of others.” (PNS-21)


We should be aware because the above scenario matches the situation now
in Haiti.

The US is giving huge money in aid to help Haiti but in truth the way
that money is used will only further ensnare Haiti and keep Haiti
totally dependent and in debt to the US.

US capitalists are doing this out of their own self-interest. The US is
motivated in such scenarios by its military strategy, gain of natural
resources, financial power, and political interest. In particular, the
US does not want Haiti to become a puppet of any other nation. Haiti is
too close to the US and the last thing the US needs is for Haiti to
become a second “problem state” like Cuba. So for military purposes and
for the gain of natural resources, the US has great interest in keeping
Haiti under its control.

Haiti is the poorest nation in North America and right now the capital
of Haiti and other areas are in ruins due to the natural calamity. The
US has gone in under the pretenses of saving the people, but it is sure
the their greater US aim is to protect their own interests. The US uses
Haiti as a pawn in its capitalistic exploitative machinery.

The money the US is giving now they will get back with interest. That is
the way of the capitalist.

* From 1990 to 2003, Haiti received more than $4 billion in aid. The
United States alone had provided Haiti with 1.5 billion in aid.

* In 2005 Haiti’s total external debt reached an estimated US$1.3
billion, which corresponds to a debt per capita of US$169.

And that debt to Haiti is now rising – and along the way the US has
gotten and will continue to get all kinds of political and economic

Consider this: the literacy rate in Haiti is 50%. That means half the
country cannot read. Yet 80% of the college graduates from Haiti have
emigrated to the US. Plus various poor Haitians emigrate as well. In
total, there are at minimum 600,000 Haitians living in the US.

So the US gives money to Haiti to protect the growth of its own
workforce. The college educated elite of Haiti will become a purchased
brains in the US economy and the hoards of poor Haitian who come to the
US are needed sweep the streets, do the laundry, wash the windows and
clean the toilets – i.e. cheap labor to do all the things that ordinary
US citizens would refuse to do.

So by giving Haiti money today, the US has much to gain – just like the
slave owner. Plus giving aid is a great public relations stunt. Most of
the common people get duped into thinking that the US really is generous.


Haiti is a proud nation with a glorious yet bloody history.
Imperialistic nations like France and the US pummeled Haiti over the
course of the last two centuries or more. Haiti fought hard for its
independence in 1804 – so they have a long standing belief and desire
for self-rule. Theirs was but a few short decades after the US
independence (1776) and the French Revolution (1789).

Even then, those very two nations, France and the US, pillaged,
suppressed and ravaged Haiti to no end – never letting that nation out
of their grip. The French bloodied the soil of Haiti through the 1800s
and then came the US occupation from 1915 – 1934. Hundreds of thousands
of innocent Haitian people died during these struggles. The country was
just torn – never given the opportunity to grow. And when the US finally
left in 1934, the Haitian island was far worse off than before the US

In total, there have been 32 coups in Haiti in 200 years. Such
is the instability, mostly hampered by outside agents.

Today again we see the US involved in Haitian affairs. Instead of
entering with swords and canons the US is coming with food, bandages,
and emergency supplies. Tragically, although the tools are different and
seem benign or even helpful, the result will be the same. Haiti will be
bound by US capitalistic imperialism.


For these reasons and more Baba warns us to be aware about the negative
ways of such capitalists and not get duped by the seeming US generosity
with regards to the earthquake relief in Haiti.

Baba says, “These capitalists are the unworthy sons and daughters of the
Cosmic Father because they go against the principle of cosmic
inheritance. They should be cured of their ailments. To fight capitalism
is therefore within your goal. The seed of infinite expression lies
within dharma, but you must nourish it. Capitalists create hindrances on
the path of human beings to prevent them from becoming one with the
cosmos – to prevent them from becoming great. So capitalism is
anti-dharma and the actions of capitalists are also anti-dharma.” (PNS-15)


All capitalist countries will do like this. They will do anything and
everything to protect their own interests. They will not give help
unless they think they have more to gain then those whom they are
helping. That is their crooked mentality.

Thus when the US is giving huge dollars and resources to Haiti, it must
be kept in mind that the US is planning to get twice the return or more
– i.e huge profit. Without that greedy incentive, the US would not act
like “the good and generous neighbor”.

That is why many say that creating “friendships” with capitalistic
nations like the US is just an invitation for ruination. That country
being helped will not grow strong. It will neither become independent
nor self-sufficient. Just it will be a pawn in the hands of those top
capitalists, each day become more bound into slavery.

There is not a single case where US built a better society in a country
they “helped”. Scan the globe and see for yourself: Iraq, Somalia,
Cambodia, Mexico, Pakistan, and the list goes on and on. No place got
the help they needed in order to stand on their own two feet. Rather
each and every place was left in shambles once the US got its grand
investment out of the deal.


By Baba’s grace, He has entrusted us with the duty of helping liberate
society from the heinous grip of the vaeshyan forces. To do that we must
educate one and all about the greedy capitalist psychology and modus
operendi. The supposed generosity of capitalistic nations like the US
must be uncovered and the whole globe should be unshackled from the
greedy initiatives of those vaeshyan masterminds. Then, armed with a
proper ideology, society can and will progress.

Baba says, “This vaeshya-dominated society exists even today, and as a
consequence of exploitation, the viprian and ks’atriyan societies have
degenerated to the level of shu’dras…No social class should dominate
society. If one class is dominant the other classes will surely be
exploited. Therefore everyone is to be guaranteed equal opportunities
and equal rights. For the progress of humanity a harmonious adjustment
in the society is essential…Cunning capitalists have built a fragile
nest from their greedy intellect, just as the weaver bird builds a nest.
In the collective interest of all human beings this nest must be smashed
to pieces. Only then can human beings lead the entire society towards
supreme good.” (SS-1)


WT Conduct Rule: Dealings

Baba says, “Supervisory workers will have to take proper care of each of
their supervised staff in all respects.” (Pt #2 of ‘Six Additional Rules’)

Note: This is a very significant rule but these days supervisory bosses
are more focused on emptying the pockets of their subordinates. This is
the only “care” they do. In future when standard of devotion in
supervisory workers is higher, these rules are likely to be followed in
which case the situation will be better.



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