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From: “Jorge Santana”
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Subject: Fake Gurus Cannot Last Long
Date: Sun, 24 Jan 2010 13:52:48 +0100


“Bha’loba’so jadi tave eso priyatama diiner e kut’iire…” (P.S. 2619)


O’ my dearmost Baba, if You really love me then please come to the hut
of this lowly person. I want to make You listen to my love songs up to Your
full heart’s content; that’s why in my mental viina I have practiced many
tunes and melodies for You.

Baba, I do not have any knowledge or intellect. Nor do I have any
virtue, name & fame, or the weight of those things. I have only one thing:
Love for You in my mind. My whole heart is completely filled with love for
You. And by offering that love I will satisfy You, by Your grace.

Baba, I do not have any prestige nor do I get any respect or honor. None
of these do I have. Nor do I have such devotion that I feel my ego getting
wounded by Your not coming. Baba, I have only gratitude in my heart for all
those things which You have graciously bestowed upon me. Please shower me
in Your ahetuki krpa.

Baba, I know in my heart that You love me, but if You really love me
then please come close in my heart. For You I have prepared and decorated
my mind in Guru cakra. Baba, please come close and grace me…


Nowadays as yoga is gaining more and more popular support pseudo-gurus are
popping like weeds all around. In the mass society this is rampant.

Unfortunately from time to time this has turned into a a recurring theme on
the wavelengths of our Marga internet. Because 1 or 2 persons like to again
& again promote the ways of one or another pseudo-gurus.

But we all know that Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji is the Sadguru who has
graciously come to lovingly guide the whole humanity unto the path of
dharma sadhana and divine salvation.

And that it is He Who has beautifully given us the path of Ananda Marga–
the Path of Bliss–whereby all progress towards that Divine Goal.

Whereas it is commonly understood that such pseudo-gurus are nothing but
exploiters and the proponents of dogma.


There in India, since ages & ages the deceptive and cheating ways of such
dogmatic gurus is well known. Here following are some of the ploys that
they do:

1. First off such pseudo-gurus share very little of what they know. Of
course what they know is not much and mostly it is dogma, but even then
they keep such “knowledge” to themselves. So the disciples– hungry to get
something– undergo many, many years of arduous work doing all the
cleaning, cooking, repairing and all sorts of dogmatic things– including
getting the so-called guru’s hukka ready for tobacco & hashish smoking. Or
such a guru will use a chilam which is hand-held pipe tool for smoking
hashish. And the disciples work like slaves preparing all these things.

2. The disciples also must wash all the clothes and be obedient at all
times. Failing perfect obedience they will get senselessly abused,
insulted, and beaten by getting hit w/ burning wood. All this the gurus do
to see how far the disciples are qualified and to see how much they can
tolerate. But no blessing is ever given, only beatings.

3. Plus such dogmatic gurus use one nasty trick– the trick of allurement
to get their slave disciples to stay longer and longer. To do this the
gurus do not teach anything at all to those disciples. And just the
disciples hang on hoping that one day they will get some knowledge– sweet
nectar. But that day never comes.

4. When the disciple sees what garbage the guru is teaching then they will
leave in an instant. For that reason those gurus do not tell anything at
all; Because telling something means exposing oneself. And by not telling
they can keep their saintly status and prestige. And by that way their
disciples will not desert them.

5. Altogether it is just like how Gandhi kept mum whenever an important
decision had to be made.

6. So the disciples are just left to continue on and on with their mundane
duties such as doing oil massage for the guru plus they are in charge of
milking and taming the cows. This disciples must do– so they move in the
jungle all day with the cows and then return back in the evening time. But
for their long efforts they never get not even a single drop of that sweet,
butter milk.

7. These pseudo-gurus also place themselves on one pedestal by giving the
dogmatic definition of brahmacarya as celibacy. And in that way they create
inferiority complexes in the minds of family people and young disciples by
showing themselves to be great spiritualists– when in fact they themselves
do not follow the anything about celibacy what to speak of following the
true teachings of Brahmacarya.

9. And above all the main thing is they do not tell any dharmic guidelines.
And not only that but they themselves do not know any such things.

10. Up till now this is a problem in the society that teachers are pseudo;
they do not do anything. Just they became guru and they themselves do not
do sadhana. So they do not know anything just they want blind obedience.

11. And in that way the disciples work is only to do engage in crude,
mundane tasks.

12. If anyone visits any of the hundreds of dogmatic ashrams in India you
will find these things going on throughout the land. And no longer just in
India, these pseudo-ashrams are popping up like mushrooms all aroung the

So posting any such negative stories to one of our Marga e-mail forums means
supporting dogma. Because those gurus want to forcibly impose such dogma
and exploit the common mass.


Our AM is different. In our Marga first sadhana is taught and made
available to one and all. Plus, as we all know, in AM the dharmic codes of
morality– yama and niyama– are also taught. And like that from phase to
phase, step to step, our AM proves itself as one sadhaka making mission.
But in other dogmatic places it is not like that; that is why as a warning
Baba strongly exposed and condemns the dealings of such dogmatic gurus.



Baba is telling in dramatic way the facts about such present and recent
past dogmatic gurus. Here following are excerpts from his short story–
“Under the Fathomless Depths of the Deep Blue Sea”– whereby using the
allegory of ghost Baba reveals the cheating methods used by those negative

(A) Here in general Baba is exposing the hypocrisy of the ghost guru–
Bhutananda Maharaja. And also Baba is exposing the formula how this nasty
guru side-steps difficult questions.

Baba says, “The next day, at the crack of dawn, Bhutananda Maharaja was
sitting in the middle of a group of disciples. The holy fire was burning in
front of him. Crowds of followers were coming from nearby villages. They
brought thousands of varieties of fruits, nuts and other delicacies as well
as various narcotics such as marijuana, opium and hashish. Bhutanandaji was
chanting the ‘bhuta’ mantra with closed eyes which he half opened from time
to time to study the sumptuous fruits and delicacies. He always observed a
vow of silence during the day in case a disciple would ask him a difficult
question. In this way he avoided embarrassing situations.” (Under
Fathomless Depths

(B) And here below Baba is pointing out how such pseudo-gurus are fully
immersed in negative political dealings.

“Shrii Shrii Paramahansa Bhutananda Maharaja Paribrajakacarya!!!!!!!
Or, ‘Bhutananda Maharaja’, for short.”

“Bhutanandaji advised, “Look here, don’t upset them [the rich people] in
any way this time because they are your main hope. Don’t put too much
pressure on them to pay unpaid bills, income-tax, sales-tax and other
taxes. Oh, one more thing, have you given them ample scope for black

“Yes, Your Holiness,” replied the ministers. “We have made the seven-year
plans in such a way that they, as contractors, will be able to extract the
lion’s share of the money invested by the government. Moreover, we have not
put the responsibility for these projects in the hands of the learned
experts, but have given it to people selected by ourselves whether they
know anything about planning or not.”

Bhutanandaji said, “Very good, very good.”

(C) Here below Baba is showing how such a negative ghost guru gets his own
disciples involved in all kinds of fringe political dealings and immoral

Baba says, “That evening, after the crowd of followers had dispersed, he
[His Holiness] called two of his most trusted disciples, Swami
Shriiga’la’nanda18 and Swami Markatananda, and said, “Listen…..Mr.
Jutiram Dawala Chad Thakthakia or Abakanagar and Mr. Besharam Lal
Ghushkila’o Phatphatia from Ajabnagar have amassed huge amounts of money by
black marketeering. Instead of increasing their bank balance or investing
in more property, they have chosen to make ornaments in pure gold. We must
lay our hands on those ornaments by any means.”

“His Holiness said, “Listen…..Take some pure gold and go and visit the
Thakthakiyas and Phatphatias. Tell them you know the magic word for
doubling gold. You can be assured that they will give you a small amount of
gold just to test you. You should mix that gold with your gold and show
that it has doubled in size. If you do this a number of times they will
begin to have faith in you. You should always remember that such deceitful
businessmen generally become very greedy and stupid. Within a few days they
will be fully convinced and will lay all their ornaments in front of you.
Then, simply run away with the bounty.”

The disciples asked, “Where shall we go with the gold?”

His Holiness, the Maharaja said, “Tell me, where do you think you should go?”

“We shall come here,” they replied, “and place all the ornaments at your
holy feet.”

Said His Holiness, “Have you gone mad? If you do that the police will also
demand a share. Once you get the gold you must go straight to Mr. Batparam
Bankelal Gujgujia’s shop. Sell him the ornaments at a price less than
their market value. Then, take the money — don’t accept a cheque — and
come back here immediately.”

The disciples said, “As you command, Your Holiness.”

(D) Here is another colorful excerpt highlighting the exploits of those
dogmatic gurus. More can be said about this but by reading everyone will
surely understand the beautiful way in which Baba unfolds the story & how
such dogmatic gurus prove themselves to be totally negative creatures.

Baba says, “That day some of the devotees gave His Holiness a number of
malpo sweets made of condensed milk [rice-flour and sugar]. To prevent his
disciples from casting greedy glances at the sweets, Bhutanandaji had kept
them hidden behind him.

“Your Holiness,” said the householder disciple, “you are truly a great
ghost. It’s no ordinary matter to remain without food for days together.”

Bhutanandaji’s face beamed with joy. Another disciple looked at the
householder and said, “Do you think His Holiness is like any ordinary ghost
and will simply waste his time eating? He spends his whole time in
spiritual meditation. He may give up his life and go to Hell any day; an
excellent garden house has already been reserved for him there. The other
day the God of Death himself appeared and entreated His Holiness to
accompany him. However, His Holiness declined the invitation saying that he
has no time to go and rest in Hell. Rather, he wishes to continue
selflessly serving us ghosts for some time more.”

The family devotee exclaimed, “Yes, it is only due to His Holinesses grace
that we are able to survive. Could His Holiness find joy in Hell, leaving
us here on Earth?”

He continued, “There are so many wild fruits and roots and other edible
things here. Won’t His Holiness even eat those?”

“No,” replied the disciples. “His Holiness only eats air. Today is a
fasting day so he won’t even eat that. He observes a waterless fast and
that’s why he won’t even take air.”

After some time, the householder devotee left.

Then His Holiness turned around in search of the malpo sweets. He was
amazed to see that there was nothing there. The sweets were missing.

His Holiness was beside himself with anger. “Hey you fellows, who ate the
malpos? Don’t you know they were meant for me? Who ate them? Vomit them out
immediately. I won’t spare you until I’ve eaten those malpos!!!”

The disciples said, trembling, “Believe us, Your Holiness, we didn’t eat
them. We swear by touching bones, we promise by touching cow-dung, we
pledge by touching dead bodies that neither did we eat them nor did we
allow a cow ghost or a cat ghost or even an ant ghost to touch them. It is
really a strange thing, Your Holiness.”

His Holiness roared, “I don’t want to hear these things; I know you have
eaten them. Vomit them out! I shall eat them.”

There ensued a big scuffle between His Holiness and his disciples. An
initial shouting match became a bloody battle.

So by all this entire manner, one can understand what ploys pseudo-gurus in
India do to cheat and exploit their disciples and secondly Baba’s colorful
short story provides ample insight into the nasty dealings of those
dogmatic gurus.

May be we all pay strict vigilance to ensure that our e-forums, seminars,
retreats, and programs are filled with the divine spirit of Baba’s supreme
teachings which lead to the fulfillment of human existence, and not the
tall talks of any pseudo-guru.


Baba says, “You are the children of the great Cosmic Entity.” (AFPS-6)

Baba says, “Ananda Margiis should always inspire people along the path of
spirituality by encouraging selfless service, sacrifice, good conduct,
spiritual practices, the development of all-round knowledge etc. Ananda
Marga is a comprehensive mode of living based on spirituality.” (Prout-16,


Note 1: In perfect fashion in His ghost short story, Baba speaks indirectly
about such pseudo-gurus so as not to offend anyone. So He reveals the fact
about them by employing this unique allegory or story so there would not be
any objections.

Origin of Few Musical Instruments

Baba says, “”Our tabla is a metamorphosed form of this mrdaunga. Some
people believe that the tabla came from Persia but this is not the case;
the tabla originated in this country. From Persia we have gotten the sitar
and the gazal. Although the viin’ originated in this country and has been
here since the time of Shiva, we have gotten its descendant, the violin,
from Italy.” (SC-2, p.128)



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