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Date: 28 Feb 2010 09:16:29 -0000
From: “Gurucharan Yadav”
Subject: Coming March 5th: Dadhiici Divas


“Tumi esechile, mrdu hesechile sudha’ d’ele…” – P.S. 2309


Baba, You came and smiled softly and graced me with the showering of
Your divine nectar. Unfortunately, that time I was just engrossed in my own
lustful and crude attachments; I was oblivious of Your divine presence.
Neither did I turn around to look towards You; nor did I talk with You.
That was my pitiful condition.

Baba, keeping my room bolted shut, in that isolated state I was just
secretly involved in thinking about my own greatness. In that crude state
of mind I was constantly hankering for more and more prestige– for more
name and fame. Baba, I was sitting on the shore of the black river* only
involved in my own crude, selfish, and egoistic thoughts.

O’ my dearest One, I did not look towards so You left– but even then
You graced me with Your abundant love. Baba, You are so gracious. In spite
of my not caring about Your arrival because my mind was so crude, even then
You showered so much grace that the whole world is dancing ceaselessly in
Your divine love. Baba, the colorful flowers are ensconced & swaying in
Your loving vibration and they have started blossoming uncontrollably. It
is Your causeless grace.

O’ Baba, You are so magnificent & gracious; You have come and blessed me
with Your divine love– You have saturated my whole existence. Baba, You
are grace personified…


* ‘Shore of the black river’ [krs’n’a’ nadiir ku’le]= This represents that
dark, negative, or degenerated state of mind where one’s mind is dominated
by all kinds of crude thoughts and desires. Thus when the mind is very low
and one is just hankering for prestige, and singing about their own glory,
and they want that others should praise them;– Such persons are
degenerated. Their mind is in the lower kosa. And they do not want to
listen to anything other than the tales of their own greatness. This is
what it means by sitting by the shore of the black river.



The day of Dadhiici Divas is soon approaching. And this celebrated day of
Dadhiici Divas– March 5– holds special significance as dharmic sadhakas
laid down their lives for the great cause of ideology. Hence this is an
occasion to honor those who sacrificed themselves and also a time to
remember the unprecedented dedication it took to build up and establish AM

Of course now things are going on differently, but prior to ’90 many great
deeds and works were going on regularly. So we should recount those
sacrifices done for sake of ideology and take up the vow that once again we
should protect and propagate this grand AM ideology.


Initially Dadhiici Divas was declared in memory of those great souls who
lost their lives in that tragic incident of 5 March 1967. And then are more
struggles ensued and dedicated sadhakas sacrificed their lives for the
ideology. So Baba created the system and gave idea that this day of March 5
will be the one single day to remember & honour all those who sacrificed
their existence for the great call of dharma– AM ideology.

Initially the observation of Dadhiici Divas began with the historical
sacrifice of 5 March 1967. Wherein some dedicated workers and margiis were
tragically and brutally murdered in a barbarous attack by the Communist
Party (West Bengal). It happened in Ananda Nagar; and since then this day
is held in their honour. Yet over time Dadhiici Divas has become the day
which marks the occasion to remember when any and all Margiis and WTs
sacrificed their life for the great cause of AM ideology, i.e Bhagavad
Dharma– irrespective of which date and in which particular manner lives
were actually sacrificed. Only one day is fixed to honor those whoc gave
their life for the ideals of AM. And that is day Dadhiici Divas, 5 March.


Here is a more in-depth look back at the events which transpired on that
fateful days of 5 March 1967 as well as the events leading up to it.
As is commonly known our Ananda Nagar was first started on over 1000 acres
dusty land in Baglata, Purulia Dst West Bengal in 1964. And that time so
many beautiful projects and programmes were started to materialise Baba’s
vision. From primary schools to a college, and medical clinic, children’s
home, etc. Many great projects were going one.

But by 1967 serious resistance started to come from the nefarious communist
party– CPI(M). Those days the CPI controlled the entire local Purulia area
and they and a wicked grip on the West Bengal Govt by having many high

So now we can see how the tensions were mounting those days.

Because on the one hand due to selfless service by our Marga wholetimers in
& around Ananda Nagar, the local people/ villagers were getting benefited
and were coming close. And the villagers began to see how the CPI was
exploiting them.

In reaction, the CPI(M) began to instigate local movements to conspire
against AM. To that end, members inspired & supported local BDO Ashok
Chakravarty against our AN Ashram. Then in Aug 1966 this BDO came to our
Ashram saying he wanted to be member of the controlling body of our AM
Degree College.

When it was explained to him that unfortunately he did not meet our
Ashram’s regulations for such position, then he became quite furious and
irate. Then to counter-attack and get revenge he returned in Feb 1967
demanding for our Marga to support the local communist candidate in the
General Elections. Of course our WT & Margii brothers and sisters humbly
explained about our socio-spiritual approach and that we do not support any
political party, per se. In that circumstance this negative BDO was
determined for revenge.

And not only that but he was goaded on and supported by the CPI(M). And an
intensive campaign started to defame AM among Purulia locals. And one
serious plot was hatched to attack our Ananda Nagar Ashram. No doubt local
people had developed good relations with our Ashram due to the different
service projects. But communist workers worked hard to undermine that.
And together with the BDO they sabotaged our relation with the villager
through numerous underhanded and grotesque scene.

For example the communists and the BDO secretly slaughtered many cows and
stealthily spread those remains around the villages in the middle of the
night. And they told and spread the roomers that the Ananda Marg Ashramites
were responsible for the nefarious work. Of course in that case Hindus were
furious since they worship the cow as goddess. And the CPI(M) told the
Muslim villagers that the AM sadhus had been driven out of Pakistan and
settled in Purulia with deep hatred toward Muslims, and that they would
surely be stealing all their land.

So after drumming up sufficient nasty hatred among villagers, the CPI & BDO
held onerous another meeting in Susundi village on March 3rd 1967. And made
all the Hindus and Muslims present that day to swear by oath on Mahabarata
and Koran books to remove these AM sadhus by any means, to include murder.

And fifth March was decided to be the day to carry out their dark plot. It
was known by all including AN Ashram residents, all Purulia gov’t and
police officials and West Bengal gov’t that the event was planned.

Certainly Ananda Marg Sannyasis appealed to both the Purulia gov’t and to
police multiple times for protection and security from oncoming doom. But
all of those appeals were ignored. And just one skeletal, paltry force of
police was assigned to the ashram grounds. That was the night of March 4th
but it was all done only to make a show etc. Proof being that by three
o’clock in the morning of 5th March Ananda Nagar was declared as being safe
by chief of police. So he left to go back to Purulia, leaving behind only
small show of around thirty men.

But that too was only in show, as in morning when attack came, not one
policeman raised his hand. And that terrible day of 5 March 1967, thousands
of armed villagers arrived on the scene goaded by the hatred inculcated by
CPI workers. And in that fury the villages swept through our Ananda Nagar
ashram, destroying everything in sight.

On their horror-stricken path hundreds of AM residents were seriously
wounded and five were struck dead with mortal wounds. And not just killed,
but butchered & mauled. Among those victims who fought bravely to defend
Ananda Nagar & AM way of life were Dadas Abhedananda and Sachidananda.


Altogether, 5th March 1967 is a day never to be forgotten in Ananda Marga
history. A day to recognise those who died for the highest goal.

And not just that day but in 1969 and up through the terrible murder of 18
Avadhutas in broad day-light in the early 80’s, and after that also– all
such persons who sacrificed for the special cause of AM ideology are
honourably called as Dadhiicis. And March 5 is in their memory as well.

In this way, Dadhiici Divas is known as a day of great dedication and
sacrifice for the high ideal of AM ideology.


Thus in the past, prior to ’90, so many great things were done with much
heart-felt dedication for the establishment of our universal AM mission.

Unfortunately nowadays group leaders are moving in a totally different
flow, as they just remain engaged in various divisive misdeeds. And with
their greed and selfishness they are breaking everything– just making
their own cakes– and not at all reflecting the spirit of AM.

By the way these self-centered people are chasing after the power, they
will never get the divine grace of Baba. Because their groupist and crude
ways are not according to dharma.


So we should not follow any group but just adhere strictly to Baba’s
dharmic codes and teachings and establish the AM ideology.

Baba says, “The unity of A’nanda Ma’rgiis should not be allowed to be
jeopardised for any reason. Unity should be maintained even at the risk of
your life.” (CC, part II, ‘Society’ chapter, point #13)

Baba says, “Fight for your Ideology. Be one with your Ideology. Live for
your Ideology. Die for your ideology.” (Ananda Vanii #14)

Baba says, “Life represents Ideology. Life should be sacrificed for the
Ideology.” (Ananda Vanii #15)


One Should Assess Oneself on the Following

Baba says, “When human beings feel that, ‘Parama Purusa is my
everything’, then that is called as sharan (shelter). No being can come
under the sharan (shelter) of two different Entities. So what is the
meaning of Sharanagati (surrender)? When living beings give up their
‘I-feeling’ by withdrawing the mind from any other object and completely
adopt the feeling that Parama Purusa alone is my everything.”
“Up to the time when any person is thinking that they are working with
their own strength, then we should understand that the feeling of
sharanagati has not yet come in them. And when human beings think that, ‘I
am doing the work only with His strength’, it means the feeling of
sharanagati has come in their mind. So when living beings start thinking
that, ‘Whatever work I am doing, I am doing with His strength’, then they
have the feeling of sharanagati.” (General Darshan, Patna DMC, 1970, [from
audio tape])

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Date: Sat, 27 Feb 2010 11:02:42 -0000
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Very Good Way to Learn


“Sa’garebela’y gun’e baluka’y cale gelo mor…” (P.S. 4607)


O’ Baba, my entire day has passed on the shore by the sea counting
the tiny grains of sand. I see now that the deep, dark night descends.
Baba, You did not care to look at me. You forbid me from passing my time
like this, nor did You tear me from the snares and bondages of my
mundane attachments. O’ Parama Purusa, I have spent my life submerged in
petty gains and material indulgences and You did not prohibit me or
dissuade me from these worldly allurements.

Baba, by Your grace, You gave me immense wealth and blessed me with
the intelligence to destroy my petty ego. Baba, You are so gracious, You
gave me sufficient strength to serve the suffering and help those in
need, even then my conscience did not awaken. Baba, although You gave
everything but because my mind did not develop in a spiritual manner, I
have spent all my time counting the grains of sand. Baba, I could not
ultise the strength which You have given me. And instead I just wasted
my time sunk in my own selfish, petty desires.

O’ my Dearmost, now in the depths of this darkness, I roam this
desolate beach in search of You. By Your grace, I am no longer
interested in the oysters or the sand. Baba, when will that resplendent,
spiritual dawn arrive where I get that very Divine Entity to whom I
belong. O’ Parama Purusa, I belong to You, I want only You.

Baba, my whole life has passed – wasted in vain – collecting
material, worldly achievements. At the end of the day, by Your grace I
realise that I should no longer waste my time. Baba, I want You and only
You, the eternal and most loving One…

NOTE FOR PS #4607:

Baba has introduced this song with an ancient vedic shloka. He has done
this with a small number of songs in His Prabhat Samgiita collection and
on some occasions the singers sing the shloka as well. Here is the
shloka presented before PS 4607.

Asu’rya’h na’ma te loka’h andhena tamasa’vrta’h;
Ta’m’ste pretya’bhigacchanti ye ke ca’tmahano jana’h

This shloka has also been explained in some of His discourses as well.

Baba says, “A person who is moving away from Parama Purus’a is heading
towards total annihilation, towards mahatii vinas’t’i.” (NKS, Disc: 15)

The meaning or sense is that there is one hell or layer of darkness in
the human mind, and if one gets stuck there they cannot understand the
spiritual realm. Instead they think that mundane things are great.

Such was the predicament of the bhakta in the above Prabhat Samgiita,
until finally, by Baba’s grace, the sadhaka’s mind emerged from that
darkness and longed for Him.


As sadhakas, our duty is to learn and grow from each and every
circumstance. Here Baba has given us the secret how to accomplish this.


Every Ananda Margii is familiar with Baba’s divine blessing: Sarve
bhadra’n’i pashyantu, meaning “See the bright side of everything.” After
so many DMC’s and spiritual gatherings, Baba would bestow this blessing
upon us, by His grace.

In His 1988 Shra’van’ii Pu’rn’ima’ discourse, Baba has given us one
special explanation of what it means to “see the bright side.” So
although we may have heard Baba’s blessing – Sarve bhadra’n’i pashyantu
– countless times, we may not be fully aware of its inner spirit and
practical application in our daily lives. That Baba has beautifully
explained on the occasion of Shra’van’ii Pu’rn’ima’ in 1988.

That day, in His elaboration of “see the bright side”, Baba explained
that everything in this universe is a mix of the three gun’as: Sentient
(sa’ttvika), mutative (ra’jasik), and static (ta’masik). Thus, everyone
and everything contains at least some amount of both sentient qualities
and static qualities. If sattvagun’a is more dominant then we call that
person or thing, “good”; and if tamahgun’a is more dominant then we call
that person or thing, “bad”.

Here the chief point is that everyone and everything – no matter how
good or bad they are – has at least some good qualities. And seeing the
bright side means finding and recognising those good aspects. The great
benefit is that this allows us to learn from every situation and every

For instance, a person may be a thief and a confirmed sinner, but that
person may also be an excellent planner and organiser. They may have a
great talent to prepare for a given task. In that case, as sadhakas, we
should have the flexibility of mind to see that goodness within that
thief and emulate their unique talent. By that way we can grow and
develop. That can only happen, however, if we are able to see the bright

Thus we are aways to take brahmabhava (spiritual ideation) and think
that all have come from Him, so everyone – even a thief – has some
bright spots. As sadhakas, this is our approach. In that way we can
learn from everyone. That is Baba’s guideline.

The easiest thing in the world is to look at that same thief and just
think he is a useless sinner who has no redeeming qualities. Blinded by
this dark and diseased outlook, we will not be able to understand what a
great planner and tactician that thief is, in which case we will not be
able to learn from him.

Here the point is not whether the thief should be absolved of their
crimes. The operative factor is how we view that person. If we see the
bright side, then we can find whatever goodness they invariably possess
– because after all everyone has at least some good qualities, no one is
100% bad – and then we can learn from those good characteristics.

The basic spirit of “see the bright side” is to be able to learn
something from everyone. That is Baba’s special message and explanation
from His 1988 Shra’van’ii Pu’rn’ima’ discourse. By that way we will be
able to grow a lot, by His grace.


The above situation of seeing the bright side is akin to the work of
homeopathic researchers. When they see a poisonous snake they do not
just think that it is dangerous and deadly and should therefore be
discarded; those researchers see that snake in a benevolent light – i.e.
they see the bright side – and by that practical outlook they are able
to use that poison from the snake to make a medicine. Because one
inherent quality of that poisonous snake is its medicinal properties.

And it is like that with so many people and things. Everyone and
everything has its positive aspect and to overlook that good quality is
to miss out on an opportunity to learn and grow.

A person may be extremely lazy but side by side they may have great
knowledge of computers. In that case we should not just tag them as lazy
and walk away, we should also be able to learn from their technical
abilities as well. But this can only happen if we see the bright side,
i.e. take not of their finer qualities.

Each and every interaction in life presents us with such an opportunity.

Indeed if we think more deeply, we can come up with innumerable examples
of how we can learn from those who are seemingly full of unfavourable
characteristics. By seeing the bright side we will be able to find and
learn from their good qualities.


That is why in that same Shra’van’ii Pu’rn’ima’ discourse Baba guides us
that we are to be like a honey bee, not a fly. A honey bee will always
find the sweet spot. If a person is holding a garland the honey bee will
land on that garland. In contrast, if that same person has a wound, then
the fly will go straight to the wound. The honey bee always seeks out
the nectar and the fly always encircles the sores.

Likewise, as human beings, by seeing the bright side we will come to
understand that glorious qualities that a person has just like the honey
bee does, and not get caught up in only seeing the negative aspects of a
person like the fly.


So the main benefit of seeing the bright side is that it allows us to
learn in all situations from all people. In that case we will
continually evolve and grow. That is Baba’s special message from the
Shra’van’ii Pu’rn’ima’ gathering.

At the the same time, there is a tertiary benefit as well. By seeing the
bright side we will be able to serve others. Because we will be able to
bring them close and help them transform their lives.

For example, if we only have disdain for a particular thief and view
them only with disgust, then we keep them at arm’s distance in which
case we will not be able to help them. Whereas if we see them in a
sympathetic light and think that certainly that criminal has some good
quality, then that creates a bond, in which case we can help them make
their life meaningful.

No one is to be tossed aside and called rotten forever. We are to help
everyone become moral citizens and enter the path of sadhana. By seeing
the bright side, we are able to best serve others.

If we just think that someone is 100% bad, then we can never serve them.
And by serving them, we can not only help the individual rectify
themselves and make society better, but we also fulfill our human
dharma. It makes us better as well.


On that 1988 occasion of Shra’van’ii Pu’rn’ima’, Baba’s main emphasis is
on finding out one’s good qualities so that we may learn from them, and
in that process invariably we will be able to serve others as well. That
was His special teaching for us on that day.

However, there is also a distinct danger involved in failing to see that
bright side. That too we should be aware of.

If we just see the dirt that others have and make crude jokes or always
talk ill of others, then that is a total waste our time on this earth.
Yet unfortunately, that is how many pass their days. They just gossip
about co-workers, or speak negatively about those whom they do not like,
or it plays out in so many ways. But there are two major dangers involved.

First, there is no social benefit and society will not be improved by
such derogatory and degrading talk, and secondly, those who indulge in
such negative gossip will actually become like those negative things.
That is the way mind grows – it becomes like its object of ideation.
That is Baba’s distinct warning.

So if one talks about another’s laziness, greed, or dirtiness etc, then
that person too will become lazy, greedy, and dirty.

Thus if we are not seeing the bright side, then we are seeing the dark
side in which case we will just become diseased, degraded and crude.
That is the very clear and inherent danger.


By Baba’s grace He has given us this great teaching – “See the bright
side” – and by taking brahmabhava and seeing the good within all, we can
learn and do so much. By this way of thinking, the mind becomes bigger
and bigger which leads to a more elevated stance in life. We should see
every occasion an opportunity to learn and grow, then we will truly
embody Baba’s grand teaching of “see the bright side.”

Sarve’tra sukhinah bhavantu sarve santu nira’maya’h;
Sarve bhadra’n’i pashyantu na kashcid duhkhama’pnuya’t.

Let everybody be happy
Let everybody be free from all ailments
Let everybody see the bright side of everything
Let nobody be forced to undergo any suffering or exploitation



One other aspect of seeing the bright side is in our Proutistic
endeavours. Part and parcel of Prout is to fight against exploitation
and injustices. We do that in order to help the downtrodden people. In
that case, seeing the bright side means pointing out all the ills in
society in order to make it better, more livable for one and all.

By this formula also, we grow as sadhakas because we are taking up the
call to help those in need. Thus pointing out the defects, whether
inside or outside AM, is also part of the teaching of, “Seeing the
bright side”. Here are links to other letters raising this aspect.




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Unique Quality of Human Mind

Date: Fri, 26 Feb 2010 12:06:48 +0530
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Unique Quality of Human Mind


“Ghum bha’ungiye na’ ja’niye ja’o niye se keno sudu’re…” P.S. 2336


Baba You have broken my slumber and blessed me with samvit– without
my awareness to which unknown divine world are You taking me along with
You, in my dhyana. I do not know about my present, past, or what will be
the future. I am unaware completely. Only this much I know, that You
love me. Baba, by Your grace I have full faith and trust on You. What
You are doing for me– that is best. What way You like, You go on doing.
My whole existence is at Your disposal, surrender to You.

Baba You have colored and filled my mind and made divinely intoxicated
with the songs, rhythm, & melodies of Prabhat Samgiita. Baba by Your
grace my mind is filled with the bliss. Baba, You have made the flowers
of love blossom in my heart. You have made my heart soft. I love You so
much. In Your longing my eyes got filled with the tears.

Baba You are the formless jewel of the ocean of form [1]. Baba by Your
grace I feel in my heart that indeed You love me. My whole life is
floating in Your divine flow, in the unknown melody and tune of the
divine world– devotional songs & Prabhat Samgiita. Baba, You have
blessed me with samvit and You have changed my whole life by Your grace,
by Your love…


[1] Rupe sa’gare (ocean of the form); arupa man’i (formless jewel). The
poetic language which Baba has used in this Prabhat Samgiita indicates
that Parama Purusa is formless yet when He comes in the devotees’ heart
in the form of Sadguru He is the ocean of the form of that formless
jewel. That means He has come in form because one cannot have a personal
relation with a formless entity. So the Parama Purusa of philosophy is
impersonal, and the Parama Purusa of devotees’ heart is a Personal Entity.


By Baba’s grace He has blessed us with a human mind that has a very
special quality. And it is this very quality that allows each and
everyone of us to achieve success in sadhana.

And what is that quality? Namely that, the mind will gradually adjust
with and develop affinity for anything in which it is involved.

That means that even if sadhana is difficult– even if sadhana seems
impossible– if one tries and perseveres just a little bit, then
gradually the mind will become quite adept at doing sadhana. In fact,
with just a little effort, the mind will become so immersed in sadhana
that it will not wish to do anything else.

Of course, the whole process can work in the opposite direction as well
if one is constantly submerged in crude affairs. So one must be careful
and pay heed to their mental occupation and daily activities.

Unfortunately, materialists do not at all understand this philosophy of
mind, but in AM, our entire philosophy revolves around this practical


In innumerable discourses and throughout our entire AM ideology, Baba is
teaching us about the philosophy of mind: That mind is dynamic and it
must be channelised towards the spiritual realm.

Mano karoti karma’n’i mano lipyate pa’tako;
Manashca tanmana’ buddhaya’ na pun’yam’ na ca pa’tako

Baba says, “It is the human mind which is the cause of bondage or
liberation. If the mind is in bondage, the person is also in bondage.
Similarly, if the mind is liberated the person is also liberated. After
all, it is the human mind which engages in auspicious actions. Now, if
this mind is kept engrossed in the ideation of Parama Purus’a, then it
gets totally merged in Consciousness.” (NHNS-1)

So the main emphasis of our spiritual philosophy is to goad the mind
towards Him and then automatically one will reach the goal. One can find
this idea is nearly every AM discourse.

And verily the whole of 16 Points and all our life practices are geared
towards making the mind more subtle, spiritual, and devotional. Baba has
blessed us with this special way of living.

And He furthermore assures us that this plan– this approach of goading
the mind towards higher pursuits– will work, cent per cent, with each
and every human being, irregardless of their background.

Baba says, “If an ordinary sinner or a confirmed sinner remains absorbed
in the thought of Parama Purus’a to the exclusion of all other thoughts,
then his mind becomes pointed.” (NHNS-1)


So it is extremely important for each and every sadhaka to theoretically
understand how this science of mind works. Because doing sadhana in this
present era is not at all easy. But if one understands that if the mind
is goaded– even a wee-bit– towards the devotional sphere, then little
by little the mind will yearn to do sadhana.

That is why if one is having trouble in sadhana, one should not worry.
Only one should take this as a sign that they need to goad the mind a
little bit more towards that way of life. That means doing a few more
minutes of kiirtan, svadhyaya, mantra japa, etc, and then soon the mind
will adjust and move in that direction.

And side by side one must also understand that engaging in mundane
affairs or debased practices will obviously divert their mind farther
and farther away from sadhana.

So to gain success, one must have this theoretical understanding about
the philosophy of mind, then one can certainly move ahead.

And again the underlying idea is: The mind will learn to like whatever
it is engaged in, whether that thing is good or bad– accordingly the
mind will adjust and flow in that direction.


Suppose a new margii is immersed in mundane affairs like their job,
non-margii social relations, and various other non-spiritual pursuits,
but internally he wants to do sadhana. Then all he has to do is follow
the precepts of manan (thinking about Him), shravan (singing & listening
His name), and niddhidhyasana (ideating on Him) and then automatically
in a very short time that new margii will be infused with tremendous
speed in sadhana as the mind will like to do more and more sadhana.

And this will not just work with new margiis– but with any Ananda
Margii, even one who has been on the path for 50 years.

Because the theory always applies universally that the mind will adjust
with whatever it is given to do. And if we involve in dhyana, japa,
kiirtan, satsaunga, prabhat samgiita, brahmacarya, and so many of our
other AM practices, then naturally the mind will swiftly move in that
direction– towards that sublime ideal.

So there is hope for each and everyone– and we should always be wary
not slip in the opposite direction either.

Because let’s say there is an established margii who is involved in
sadhana but little by little starts engaging in more and more mundane
affairs like his business, or crude games, or excess gossip, or useless
email conversations etc, then the mind will steadily drift away from
sadhana until finally that sadhaka will lose their spiritual flow
entirely. In fact, I can see in my own life how that has happened so
everyone should pay heed and be adamant in this regard.

This philosophy of mind is so powerful that if even an ideal man starts
associating with winos and drunks then over time he himself will start
to yearn for their company and begin swigging from the bottle.

Because mind will always run after and learn to like whatever activity
in which it is engaged. That is the whole


Thus as sadhakas living in this crude era, we should make a strict
sadhana routine & devotional program and stick to that. We should make a
sadhana quota whereby we do all our lessons two times daily as well as
involve in Guru Sakash, proper ideation before sleep, and as much
shravan, manan, niddhidhyasana as we can during the day.

Verily we should spiritualise the mind each and every moment of our
lives through constant japa and ideation. By this way we can and will
expedite our movement on the path– making sadhana an effortless and
blissful love affair.

We should utilise this philosophy of mind to our maximum advantage.


Truly we are fortunate and blessed to be aware about all this, because
in non-margii life the people think that their mental tendencies or
liking is not at all related with any philosophy. Just in their
simplistic outlook they think they like something because they were born
with that liking.

They do not at all realise that the mind is dynamic and that it can go
up or down depending on one’s physical and mental engagement.

Rather non-sadhakas think that whatever they like is fixed and
permanent– such as their attachment to meat-eating, pop music, sexual
relations etc. They think that these are part of their permanent way of
living and that they will like these things forever and ever.

But with just a little reflection anyone can see how their liking
changes according to the status of mind. Which is why no grown adult
likes to pass their days playing in the sandbox, even though when they
were 6 of 7 years of age playing in the sandbox was the greatest thing.

Indeed, one’s liking is so flexible and so changeable, one can even
learn to like something that they do not like. One may move to Tangiers
and totally dislike the place but then after being there for 5 years one
may come to realise that Tangiers is now their favourite place, and when
their job gets transferred to Venice, they may be angry and upset that
they have to leave Tangiers.

Such is the way the mind works. As sadhakas we understand this and
should use it to our advantage. And side by side we should teach this
idea to non-margiis so they can also grow and develop.


Let us never forget that each and every human being has come from past
animal lives so those old, crude propensities are still in effect– to
some or more degree. And people are well familiar with those crude
enjoyments. That is why it all so easy and quite common for the masses
to move in this negative direction– i.e. negative pratisaincara. And
the mind will learn to like that making one’s descent very swift and harsh.

But as sadhakas we must never fall prey to such degradation– rather we
are to keep ourselves moving in the sentient flow and pull others in
that current as well.


By this entire theory & topic, we should understand that the human mind
has a unique & special quality; as sadhakas we generally want to do
sadhana and reach the goal, but sometimes the mind does not like to
cooperate. In that case even then must try and bring mind in a more
spiritual flow by doing svadhaya, japa, kiirtan, and dhyana etc. Because
whether mind likes all this or not, gradually the mind will adjust and
learn to like it– thereby accelerating one’s movement on the path.


By His grace, as margiis we have the theoretical understanding as well
as the practices to get success and reach the goal whereas crude people
will become one with matter.

Baba says, “Human beings should not be anxious under any circumstances,
Parama Purus’a is always with everyone. If one has love for Parama
Purus’a, the door of liberation or salvation will immediately open.” (16
May 1980, Varanasi)


Size of Cranium and Spirituality

Baba says, “People may think that they cannot make rapid spiritual progress
unless the size of the brain, and hence the size of the cranium, is increased.
But this is not so because human beings can increase the jurisdiction of their thinking.”
(Proutist Economics)


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To: am-global@earthlink.net
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2010 16:37:04
From: “Hank & Rita Tomasson”
Subject: Unpublished Unique Handwriting of Baba


“Tumi eso go, eso go, eso go, a’mi hrday-duya’r khule diyechi…” (P.S.


Baba, by Your grace I have so much longing in my heart. Baba, I am
anxiously waiting for You. By Your grace I have kept the door of my
heart open for You. Please come, please come, please come and reside in
the deep core of my heart. Baba, You have taken all the nectar from my
flower blossom which I had been saving for You. Baba, You have taken,
You have taken. Baba, year after year has passed– so many sweet,
loving memories have been lost in the oblivion. But You did not come.
Time passes like this. Baba, so many divine songs that I have song for
You have been swept away into the vast expanse. But You did not come.
Even now, I am eagerly waiting and looking constantly towards the path
of Your arrival. Baba, I am desperately waiting and looking forward to
hearing Your footsteps. Baba, by Your grace I am always moving forward
towards You. Sometimes my speed is fast, by Your grace. And sometimes
due to my lethargy, my speed is quite slow. But by Your grace always I
am moving ahead on Your path, singing Your song with deep longing for
You. Baba in Your divine tune and melody and with the rhythm of
devotional yearning, by Your grace I am always ideating on Your supreme
thoughts and blissful tales. Baba, please be gracious and come; my
heart is always open and longing for You. Baba, please grace me and
reside eternally in the depths of my heart and become my own…


Our Ananda Marga is 100% rational in all respects – firmly based in the
ways of neo-humanism.

In 1961, Baba delivered one unique teaching – in the form of a
handwritten message – that ensures the well-being of all peoples and
protects the dignity of the entire humanity.

Till today, this special teaching has not been published in any of our
AM books, pamphlets or magazines.


Here is the hand-written message which Baba has written in both English
and Hindi:

“Propagandists of communalism, provincialism, casteism, lingualism and
any other ism should be strongly dealt with even if it is found that
their charges are properly established.” – Baba (8 Jan 1961)

Such are the words Baba Himself penned on that day. It is a great
teaching for all, especially those who are the vanguards of society.

In each and every era, various groups or communities have tried hard to
exploit and demean another people, and in that process the exploiters
have come up with all kinds of justifications and logic, but Baba’s
above guideline wholly rejects all such attempts.

In a phrase, Baba’s guideline does away with all kinds of stereotypes.

Let’s together investigate the full impact and scope of Baba’s above
handwritten guideline.


Baba’s above guideline offers a strong response to all those who indulge
in stereotypes. As we all know, a “stereotype” is when a person or group
makes a blanket statement about another community based on their own
biased views.

For instance, a person might proclaim:

– Black people are dumb; or,

– Females are too weak to be leaders; or,

– Jewish people are stingy, i.e. not generous $$; or,

– Muslims are terrorists; or

– Hairjans are dirty and uncultured; or,

– Mexicans are thieves.

These are the types of “stereotypical” statements that some proclaim.
And in many cases, they may even have the data, facts, and figures to
back up their claim. Yet Baba’s staunch guideline from His handwritten
message is that we should firmly reject such charges.

For instance, about black people, a white supremest will say that by
nature black people are stupid and do not finish school. To support
their claim, that white supremest might present data from Harvard
University that shows that many black people drop out of high school,
very few go to college, and that many black people in the US end up
impoverished or in jail. Based on these established facts, the supremest
concludes that black people are dumb. Such racists, like this white
supremest, use real facts to justify their view(s).

However, Baba’s guideline is that even if “their charges are properly
established”, we should never accept the ways of racism etc. That means,
it may be true that more black people in the US do drop out of high
school and end up in jail, but one must never indulge in the racist
belief that therefore black people are only “half-human” or dumb. That
is not the proper conclusion as there are many factors involved.

Proof being that the same high school dropout rate would apply to white
students if they faced similar circumstances like financial hardship,
neighborhood crime, and a slew of other issues that have been rampant in
black neighborhoods after centuries and decades of racial discrimination
and unfair treatment.

It is our duty to attune our minds to the myriad of social injustices
that forced black people into such a desperate position. That is the
direction we should look and then remedy the situation accordingly. The
answer is not to indulge in racism and wrongly conclude that black
people drop out of school because they are dumb.

Thus, in no way, shape or form, should we give credence to such
stereotypical statements that play into one community pushing down or
exploiting another. Whether those statements are about the nature of
women, the ways of people from a particular nation, or the behaviour of
those in a specific religion or caste etc, we are to firmly stand by our
principles and keep a neo-humanistic outlook, never giving way to crude
beliefs based on caste, group, religious, or national sentiment etc.


Unfortunately, there are similar things going on today in our Marga.
Because of the grand diversity of life in AM and Baba’s special system
of posting workers, the scene in AM is far, far better than that of the
general society, even then we can find hints of racism or lingualism etc.

For instance, if any group in AM tries to enhance their prestige by
promoting their language or their area as being the best and the most
unique in the world, then that stand cannot be at all appreciated. We
must wholly reject such views.

That means if certain Bengali Wts and margiis proclaim that Amra Bengali
is the most important or best samaj and therefore all others are “second
best”, then we should reject their claims. The Bengali speaking leaders
may argue that only their language is 92% Sanskrit, or that Baba wrote
thousands of Prabhat Samgiita songs in Bengali, or that their race is a
unique blending of the four races etc. They may present all these types
of facts to show that workers from Bengal are most venerable and great.
But it is totally wrong to say that Bengali wts are the best or that
Amra Bengali samaj is the top. Because such statements are based on
“isms” like racism and lingualism. In that case those people (i.e.
propagandists) should be dealt with strongly. That is Baba’s exact

“Propagandists of communalism, provincialism, casteism, lingualism and
any other ism should be strongly dealt with even if it is found that
their charges are properly established.” – Baba (8 Jan 1961)

All stereotypes are baseless as they are based on some type of ism. We
should be vigilant when dealing with such type of propagandists. That is
Baba’s exact teaching.


If we look from a different perspective we can see that Hindi group
leaders proclaim that any worker from Bengal is a spy and not to be
trusted. Such groupists view people based on groupist affiliation and
geo-sentiment. Thus, the Hindi or EC leaders are no less guilty of this
disease than those workers from Bengal.

The striking point is that in AM, geo-sentiment is dominant. All the
various Wt groups have been formed on this basis. No doubt they have
their logic to support their racist views etc, but whatever logic they
give should be discarded. Because they are just manipulating certain
facts to support their own narrow-minded ism.

If we see critically, then most of the key posts of a particular group
are given to people of their area or to those who have surrendered their
faith to that particular geographical place.

It is just like if an Afghan man surrenders himself to US supremacy then
and only then can he get a high post – otherwise he will just be thought
of as a terrorist.

Right now, in almost whatever direction we look, we can see groupist
leaders justifying their case and placing greater importance on their
chosen area, at expense of other places and peoples. That is the current
situation in AM and it is this that we should oppose. That is Baba’s


One key point to remember is that each and every area has mix of good
and bad people – everywhere it is like this. In Bengal, there are many
good people as well as bad persons, i.e. criminals and thieves, etc.

So no area, race, caste or group can proclaim themselves as the revered
ones or the best above all others. If anyone does like this it means
that they are are adhering to groupism, racism or some other ism. No
matter what logic they give, we should treat that as straw and throw it

Unfortunately, some people never tire of praising that their own group
and some dumb people feel fortunate or honoured to receive those ideas.
In that we they get totally duped and become groupist pawns. However, we
should never get caught up in the belief that a certain group, language,
or region is really blessed and better than others.

Everywhere there are those who are blessed and those who are sinners. It
is not a functions of race, birth, language background, or birth etc.


By Baba’s grace He has blessed us with all the teachings in life to
build up a healthy human society and overcome all racism, casteism, etc.
We are to take a firm stand against those who indulge in stereotypes.
That is Baba’s distinct teaching that He wrote down that day in 1961.
And it is as true today as it was then. We should all pay heed.


Money and Peace

Baba says, “With the acquisition of money people still feel that they have
nothing; in spite of possessing a huge amount of money they often beat
their chests in despair. So it is not money they seek– what they truly
desire is peace, not happiness. But it is only rarely that people attain
peace in life…The answer [then] is that by attaining Parama Purus’a one
no longer has any unsatiated hunger or unqueched thirst.” And that is the
stage of perfect peace. (SS-12, p.38)


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From: “Alex Hufnagel”
Subject: About Those Who Got Dharma Samiiksa
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 2010 11:23:04 +0000


“Bha’loba’so jadi tave eso priyatama diiner e kut’iire…” (P.S. 2619)


O’ my dearmost Baba, if You really love me then please come to the hut
of this lowly person. I want to make You listen to my love songs up to Your
full heart’s content; that’s why in my mental viina I have practiced many
tunes and melodies for You.

Baba, I do not have any knowledge or intellect. Nor do I have any
virtue, name & fame, or the weight of those things. I have only one thing:
Love for You in my mind. My whole heart is completely filled with love for
You. And by offering that love I will satisfy You, by Your grace.

Baba, I do not have any prestige nor do I get any respect or honor. None
of these do I have. Nor do I have such devotion that I feel my ego getting
wounded by Your not coming. Baba, I have only gratitude in my heart for all
those things which You have graciously bestowed upon me. Please shower me
in Your ahetuki krpa.

Baba, I know in my heart that You love me, but if You really love me
then please come close in my heart. For You I have prepared and decorated
my mind in Guru cakra. Baba, please come close and grace me…


In order to get our organisation moving in the best way possible we need to
understand who is who and be able to recognise everyone’s standard.

Some people are thinking those who got dharma samiiksa do not have any more
samskaras. So we should take a closer look at this intriguing perspective.

Certainly, because Baba is Taraka Brahma then His grace does not have any
limit. It is beyond time, place, and person. So it is infinite and

But when some people are thinking that those who got dharma samiiksa had
all their samskaras burned, then we have to think again.

Because in this mode initially some persons started doing all
kinds of wrong things also. And we can see that after dharma samiiksa many
WTs left; and they did various negative misdeeds. Not only that, but
various communal and group clashes occurred, thus separating Baba’s
organisation. And some who received dharma samiiksa distorted margiis
rights also. And some negative type of people created off-shoot organisations.

So there is a huge array of things which those who received dharma samiiksa
involved in. And a huge number of those WTs left; and some betrayed. So it
is not that all got liberated by receiving dharma samiiksa.

Let us analyse what Baba says about this. Because Baba’s grace does not
have any limit.


I remember that during dharma samiiksa then we all came to know that it
does not mean that those who got Dharma Samiiksa automatically finished all
their samskaras.

This is a serious confusion amongst many margiis and Wts. They think that
those who got Dharma Samiiksa exhausted all their samskaras.

But let us see here from Baba Himself whether He has taken the entire load
of samskaras during dharma samiiksa.

Baba says “So if Parama Purusa should take away some of the sins from the unit
beings, they will feel relieved of the heavy load and feel lightened”. (AV
part 23, p.166)

Please see here Baba says “some” not “all” the samskara.


That means that those Margis and WT’s who got Dharma Samiiksa, a certain
part of their heavy load of bundle of samskara was removed, by His grace.

Baba burned some part with His grace. And so now those sadhakas need not to
carry their entire burden. But it does not mean that they are entirely
liberated. Liberated means complete exhaustion of all the entire load of
samskara– 100%.

And according to AM philosophy if one does not have any samskara they
cannot keep their body. And top of all Baba is not claiming that HE took
away all the samskara of those who got Dharma Samiiksa. Surely He is
telling that some part HE took by His grace. Again please read the Baba
quotation here below.

Baba says, “So if Parama Purusa should take away some of the sins from the
unit beings, they will feel relieved of the heavy load and feel lightened”.
(AV part 23, p.166)


But everybody must know that since the event of Dharma Samiiksa in 1982,
most everyone is creating fresh and fresh samskara. Because of all this
many Wt’s and margiis did many sinful activities also. Some got involved in
sexual misconduct etc

So all those who got Dharma Samiiksa that whatever samskara they have left
over from before 1982 and whatever they created new after Dharma Samiiksa,
they have to suffer those leftover as well as all the newly created samskara.

Because those who got Dharma Samiiksa, some of their samskara is burned by
Baba, and some leftover remained. That leftover may be in some cases, it may
be more heavier than any other persons leftover. That means all those who got
Dharma Samiiksa they are not in equalization of samskara. But one point is
there that everyone got some part burned . But what quantity of samskara is
burned and what remained is known only to Baba only, and that is varying.

And I also think that those who got Dharma Samiiksa their leftover or
remaining samskara may be in some cases heavier than those who did not even
get Dharma Samiiksa. Because who knows what was the quantity of their
accumulated samskara in comparison to others.

Or we can say that without Baba’s grace, they cannot get salvation. In
order words, ultimately those who got Dharma Samiiksa also need Baba’s
grace to get liberation for all these rest of heavy load of samskara. So it
does not mean that their some part Baba burned in Dharma Samiiksa so they
do not need Baba’s help now. Those who have physical body they need.
Without His grace nothing can happen.

As Baba says we have to please Parama Purusa according to our capacity. And
it is His causeless grace that when He will be happy, HE will do His grace.
So here critical point is that if Baba is pleased then whatever samskara
anybody has He can finish – it will not take any time for the sinner or for
the devotee both.


And Baba also further says that His grace is beyond time, space, & person.

Baba says “And I know one is sure to get divine help. And I know further
that one is getting divine help. And I know still further that in future,
for infinite time and infinite space, one will be getting this divine
favour.” (AV, part 23, p.76)



For Him as a Mahasambhuti, it is a great occasion that He did dharma
samiiksa. But the question remains whether those who got it could keep
themselves pristine or not. It is like if you got something but then it got
spoiled. So during dharma samiiksa some samskaras got exhausted but then
many of those persons just created more and more new samskaras. So you can
imagine that those responsible for killing an Avadhuta in Ananda Nagar
during the communal crisis, then they created the sin and in future they
will reap the benefits of that. Then how can one think that such persons
are all liberated souls and that we should adore them. There should not be
any such feeling in anyone’s mind about this. In spiritual field everything
is depending on His liila. Those who got dharma samiiksa should not feel
that now whatever they like they can do. Rather everyone is depending on
Baba’s grace.


Initially people had a very high regard and special feeling for vishesh
yogis also; but since Madhavanadna, PK Chatterjee and all kinds of
defectors like Vishokananda etc, all these Vishesh yogis betrayed Baba. But
before that we were thinking that these persons are completely realised
souls. However when they betrayed Baba then people understood what kind of
scoundrels these persons were.

About vishesh yoga, now people do not have any such feeling about them
because vishesh yogis / purodhas are in a miserable condition. They have
created and are involved in all sorts of negative things. So people lost
their blind respect for them.

Similarly after seeing everything carefully, people have lost the feeling
that those who got dharma samiiksa are liberated. Now there is no question
about that.

Anything can happen with anyone– only Baba’s liila is there. Everything
depends completely on His grace. So no one should boast about anything so
long as they are under the bondage of maya.


Baba is our Guru and always He is gracing us. Through His ota and prota
yoga, Baba is along with us and ultimately to whom He grants final
liberation that is the final thing; otherwise such types of dharma samiiksa
demonstrations He graced but people do not have the capacity to keep all
those things and they ruined those things.

When a person gets initiated then people think that what a great thing to
get initiated and link with the Parama Purusa. But how many people
sincerely keep those things in such a precious way. Rather in day to day
life they assault those things by not following His teachings and instead
doing negative things. And they stray from the Guru-disciple relation.
So Baba is gracious in all kinds of ways. But common people are not keeping
those things. In this new year may we re-double our efforts to follow His
each and every guideline.

Look How Even the Deaf can Hear, by Dhyana

Baba says, “A deaf man sincerely wants to hear what the Sadguru is saying, the
positive microvita radiated through these two mudra’s are sure to help him
— they will certainly help him.” (Questions & Answers on Microvita, Answer


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Date: 23 Feb 2010 06:46:21 -0000
From: “Manindra Singh”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Like Ka’mdhenu


“Toma’re khunjiya’ gechi vane vane maner kon’e khunjiya’ dekhini…” (2807)


Baba I went on searching You in the external world, in the holy lands,
in the forest, in the cave of the mountain, but I never tried to search You
in the corner of my mind. I never looked there.

I observed many types of penance and took trouble to travel to the
various holy lands in search of You and I remained engaged in external
worship using the traditional paraphernalia with lots of ostentation. All
the while I never understood that You are remaining so close to me– this I
never thought. Oh Baba, oh divine Entity, You are always sitting in the
mind and You love me very deeply and intimately. And You shower Your
love on everyone day and night.

With my little intellect what I understood, I tried to execute that with
my full strength and energy. I remained lost in various attachments. I also
searched You through the exploration of knowledge– remaining busy with
pen, paper and ink. By this way my time got wasted. And I could never catch
hold of You. But by Your causeless grace now I understand that You are
always hiding in my mind. Your divine flute is always resonating. Baba, You
are always gracious…


Note: This letter is related with an upcoming event in our Marga.

Around the globe in any society, people have to do something to earn their
livelihood. This is how people survive. Farmers have to cultivate the land;
teachers have to teach; laborers have to do the tasks; and shopkeepers tend
to their shops etc. So always there is something that people have to do for
their survival.

But one special job or role is there where people get huge prestige,
respect, and veneration– and they need not do anything for their upkeep in
society. Just their only role is to befool others. And those who do like
this are priests. And in each and every religion this is going on.

And these priests– those who fall into this category– watch with their
vulture eyes they create one tiirtha according to their liking. And they
build that place according to their groupist strategy & selfish desire.

Just like Lord Krsna’s teachings were very great but priests jumped into
that and captured them for their selfish agenda and exploited all. They
capitalised on that. Similarly Lord Shiva’s teachings got “used” by
priests in order to befool the public and make Kashi into one tiirtha of
Lord Shiva.

And now today also, some crafty priests with “vulture eyes” are
trying to fill up their belly and get fat off the common people. So they
have nothing to do with ideology. Just as priests they are sitting on the
heads of others. And for that they created such tiirthas. First it was done
in Tiljala and next was done in Jamalpur.

And here is more details how this tiirtha got created. Because once again
Jamalpur DMS is upcoming and preparations for it are in full swing. So we
should see why all this is going on.


First off as a general point, I think most know that “DMS” stands for
‘Dharma Maha Sammelan’. The meaning is ‘the grand gathering of dharma’. So
certainly our DMS system is a great event, and it was designed as such by
Baba. Then, though after 1990, certain Central Dadas took it in a different

Because remember this Jamalpur DMS started when Dada Rudranandaji and
party, i.e. H group, first came into a little power in AM. That was about
10 or 11 years ago. Before then there was no such annual March DMS program in

So here I can tell further details how this Jamalpur DMS took birth.
In 1990 in the month of October the ‘holy land’ was created in Tiljala by B
group leaders. That we all know. And the name of that exact spot within
Tiljala is — ‘Mahasamadhi’. So when B group leader Dada Sarvatmanandji was
in full-fledge power then he brought his dream into reality. Means what he
thought he did, all for the cause of his ‘Bengali superiority’. And that
very dogmatic ‘Mahasamadhi’ memorial is now erected in Tiljala.

So when this all began happening in 1990, since then some Hindi
fundamentalists were thinking to create something parallely in order to
respond to the challenge of B group kingpin, Dada Sarvatmanandji.

Those days H group proceeded with the formula: “When they (B group) created
a holy land then we (H group) must also create a holy land. They created
Tiljala and ours will be Jamalpur.” This slogan was given by H group.

Since then the fire of groupism got notched up one level in AMPS and has
been burning & working in a seriously organised way. And now these days it
is outright exploding.

Because when one dogma is injected then it sprouts or multiplies in a
different way. Means some off-shoot is created. So this highlighting of
Jamalpur was that type of outcome. That outcome means the reaction of one
dogma by creating another dogma.

Here is some further history.


In 1966 when Baba physically left Jamalpur then after that time decades
past and He did not visit again. And after a span of 12 years in 1979 then
finally He reached back again in Jamalpur to do one DMC.

Baba says, “During the twelve years since 1966, I have not been to
Jamalpur.” (AV-7, 3rd Jan 1979)

It is obvious then that Baba did not give much importance to Jamalpur. One
reason being that in Indian soil already the tiirtha dogma is common. That
mentality is existing strongly here in India.

Naturally then if Baba would have given a little encouragement regarding
the importance of Jamalpur, then it would have taken the shape of a tiirtha
far earlier. Jamalpur prone to become Tiirtha, so that is why He was
avoiding it. Such that He did not even go there.

The reason was that that Baba wants to establish the idea–in each and
every devotee’s heart–that Parama Purusa is not without, He is within. To
attain HIM one need not go to any tiirtha. There is no such ‘special’
physical place where Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji lives. HE is not tied
with any particular land.


Because Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji is Taraka Brahma, He is everywhere–
in devotee’s hearts.

Baba says, “Wherever my devotees sing kiirtana I remain there.” (SS part 11)

Hence Parama Purusa cannot be found in any material structure like a
temple, mosque, church, jagrti or Baba’s Quarter. HE is living in a divine
abode– that is in the heart of each and every devotee.


Anyhow when Dada Sarvatmanandji created a ‘special land’ in Tiljala, he
gave huge importance to that soil. And Dada Sarvatmanandji started
propagating that Tiljala is one holy place. It was at that time that strong
fundamental Hindi-minded WT leaders planned to execute this idea of
Jamalpur. And make their own holy place.

So in the mid 1990’s when H group came into a little power, since then this
DMS tradition started. And all these DMS type of locations or places are
fixed. Two places of DMS was fixed earlier because of the AMPS
international HQ is at Ananda Nagar. That was genuine and dharmic.

But at present two groups/parties are dominating our AMPS. So they occupied
2 more places for DMS. B group created the Tiljala Holy land and H group
created Jamalpur as a Holy land. And in Tiljala a major gathering is
arranged permanently in October at the time of Mahaprayan (MPD). And in
Jamalpur in the month of March every year there is the DMS program.

So before 1990 we did not have rituals or any Holy land. But now we are
“fortunate” to have two such lands: (1) Tiljala and (2) Jamalpur. These are
treated as the respective headquarters of two belligerent parties.

So by this way it is quite clear that the whole existence of this Jamalpur
DMS program is rooted in self-centered thinking for group power. And now
this event is coming again– in full force.


Ultimately then Jamalpur is the place where they are pouring huge money by
exploiting the various sentiments of margiis. And they are trying to
compete with the dogmatic Sikh plan of spending billions of dollars to
create their religious capital known as the golden temple of Amritsar.

To prepare for building up Jamalpur DMS even more so they sometimes stage one
big VSS camp there in hopes of drawing in and bringing more and more people
there. So these groupists are giving full emphasis to Jamalpur and the
surrounding area. And especially AMURT money is being diverted to turn
Jamalpur into one dogmatic holy city like “Mecca” or “Rome” or “Prayog” or
“Kashi” etc.

So this is how some groupist WT priests are doing.


We should always remember that we all belong to one family. We are kith and
kin. Following the teaching of Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji is the only way.

Here I conclude with this Baba’s Blessing.

Baba says, “It is my firm conviction that the future of humanity is not
dark. Every human being will attain that inextinguishable flame that is
forever alight beyond the veil of darkness of the present– and attain it
they must. Those who will carry the message of that effulgent light will be
forever revered by all humanity”. (Prout-10)


* Ka’mdhenu: This is one mythological cow from the scriptures that was
always ready to give all kinds of worldly gifts on demand, anytime. So this
sacred cow from the heaven– Ka’mdhenu– would bless the asker with
whatever worldly boons they requested. Only this mythological cow could not
grant liberation, but it was always ready to give those various mundane
things. Thus for certain groupist leaders, Jamalpur is like that. They have
the desire that Jamalpur will be like one Ka’mdhenu– providing them with
power, prestige, $$$, and all types of securities of mundane life.

Really God’s Favourite?

Baba says, “There are many philosophies which tend to crudify the human
mind, and make people violent and inconsiderate. They make people believe
that they are God’s favourite children, whereas the rest of humanity are
cursed. Although these views have philosophical sanction, they do not have
the sanction of the A’tman (soul)…Intellectually such people are
certainly slaves, and in the material world also they are slaves.” (PNS-18,

Note: This psychic disease is present in fundamentalist Jews,
fundamentalist Christians, and fundamentalist Muslims etc. All are bad and
guilty of this point; but especially the fundamentalist Jews & Muslims.
They feel very negatively towards those who do not belong to their dogmatic
beliefs. Muslims brand others as Quafir (demons) and Jews label non-Jews in
their own derogatory language. Thus according to Baba’s the status of those
fundamentalist Jews & Muslims is like slaves– intellectually and
physically. For more about this read Baba’s discourse, ‘The Continuous
Effort to Promote Universal Well-Being– Part 1’.


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From: Amriteshwar Verma
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 2010 11:46:17
Subject: Three Women Equal One Man…


“A’loker ya’tra’ pathe, tumi prabhu theko sa’the…” (P.S. 2779)


O’ Baba, please remain along with me on the path of this effulgent
journey. By Your grace, do not allow me to lag behind and get caught in the
crest & troughs of my forward movement. Let my pathway be smooth by Your

Baba, I do not care about any bondages or samskaras. My only request is
that You please give me strength to do Your work and serve Your mission.
This single request I humbly make at Your lotus feet.

O’ my Dearmost Baba, this whole entire creation is revolving round and
round– propelled by the laws of karma. The great Cosmic Entity and the
unit being exist in this system of brahmacakra. The divine Entity is that
nucleus that the jiivas rotate around. So now Baba, in this very cycle of
brahmacakra, please also include me. Make it so that I shall always remain
as Your designated machine (yantra). In that way I will go on executing
Your task. Let my life be completely devoted unto You.

Baba, by Your grace, please remain with me on this journey of
effulgence– all the while keeping me moving ahead in an unhindered way…





The below excerpt is missing from the printed English and Bengali versions
of Baba’s discourse, “Liberation of Intellect”. The discourse was
originally given by Baba in Hindi. And the original Hindi of the missing
section is given below, followed by an English translation. But in the
printed English version of the discourse, this section has never appeared.
So here it has been translated by some Hindi-speaking margis, so that all
can understand the meaning of the section.

From “Liberation of Intellect”
(Patna, 26th January 1980)

“Do ca’r maha’purus’ bhii to aese the, ham to maha’purus’ kahate haen
kyonki aor shabd ka’ vyavoha’r karna’, ucit nahiin hoga’. Kahate the, ki ek
aorat pu’ra’ manusy nahiin hae. Tiin aorat sama’n ek purus’. Adbhut! Aor
jo log un ko ma’nenge un kii buddhi par avarodh d’a’la’ ja’ega’. Ve
du’sare kisii praka’r ke vica’r ko ve barda’sht tak nahiin kar sakenge. Jis
vica’r se man ka’ sva’bha’vik vika’s hoga’ buddhi ka’ sva’bha’vik vika’s
hoga’, us vica’r se ve du’r rahenge, vica’r se d’arenge. Dogma ne un ko is
tarah se jakar’ liya’ hae.”

“Kuch log to aesa’ bhii kahenge ki– “Majahab men akl kii dakhal nahiin
hae.” Artha’t jaha’n akl nahiin hae jaha’n manus’y aklmand nahiin hae
jaha’n manus’y vica’rshiil nahiin hae ve majahab ke cangul men phasenge.”
“A’j ka’ a’locy vis’ay hae– “buddhi kii mukti”. Jiivan ke har pahalu’ men
hamen buddhi se ka’m lena’ par’ta’ hae aor ham adhik se adhik buddhi
ca’hate haen, ca’henge. Aor ham ja’nte haen, pra’krtik vika’s ke anusa’r
manus’y kii buddhi bar’htii rehegii aor is buddhi ke parivartan men aor
bhii kaii sa’lon tak vah jo dogmas hae badha’en d’a’ltii rahegii. Ham
tumlogon se yahii kahenge, ki tum logon men yaha’n tak to buddhi a’ gaii
hae ki kaon dogma hae kaon dogma nahiin hae. Yah samajhane kii buddhi tum
men a’ gaii hae. Ham yahiin kahenge ki jaha’n dekhoge ki tumha’rii buddhi
ke vika’s men dogma ba’dha’ d’a’l rahii hae, vaha’n himmat ke sa’th dogma
ko cu’r-cu’r kar a’ge bar’the raho!”

Patna, 26th January 1980, RU Discourse


(Note: The following is an informal translation of the above, made by some
Hindi-knowing Margis, so that all can understand and have a sense of the
above excerpt which is missing from our AM books.)

“There are also a few “great personalities” (maha’purus’) – we call them
“great personalities” because it would not be proper to use any other term
– who say that in the social sphere one woman does not hold the value of an
entire man. Rather, three women equal one man. What an absurd notion!
Those who are the followers of such “great personalities”, their own
intellectual growth will be impeded. They will not be able to tolerate
even, any rational ideas. They will keep away from and fear all rational
ideas which bring the natural growth and development of mind. In this very
way, dogma has captured their minds.

Some people also say that- “In religion, there is no place for the
intellect”. That is, where people are not intelligent, where they are not
rational, where they are fools, in that very state they are liable to get
caught in the clutches of religion.

The subject of today’s discourse is, “The liberation of intellect”. Indeed,
we have to utilize our intellect in all spheres of life. And because of
this, we want to increase our intellect as much as possible. Further we
know that, according to the law of nature, human intellect will go on
increasing. And, dogmas will continue to hinder this mental progress for
many more years to come. I will say this to you all that you have
understood well what is dogma, and what is not. And I will also say, that
wherever you see dogma creating a hindrance to the growth of your
intellect, there you should courageously go on crushing the dogmas and
moving ahead!”


This discourse, “Liberation of Intellect”, is a truly historical discourse.
It was given by Baba in 1980, two years prior to His visionary book
“Liberation of Intellect: Neohumanism”. In 1982 this revolutionary new idea
of the liberation of intellect, would be spread like fire via that book.
And at that very time, its fame would move throughout the world. But
actually two years prior, in 1980, with the discourse “Liberation of
Intellect”, Baba launched the new idea. Although at that time in 1980, no
one realized a revolutionary new era of thought was in the process of being
created. Because it was not until two years later that the idea was given
in full by Baba with the book (“Liberation of Intellect: Neohumanism”).
However the seed of that very book was actually given two years prior with
this discourse, “Liberation of Intellect”. So verily this is a historical
and ground-breaking discourse. It was given in Patna, on the 26th of
January, 1980.


And for Margis, in 1980 the term “Liberation of Intellect” itself was
something quite new. Until then, Margis had only heard the phrase “the
liberation (mukti) of a person”. When this discourse was given in 1980 with
the new phrase “the mukti of intellect” on center stage, to all it seemed
quite unusual and strange. Could it also be the case, people wondered, that
there were such a thing as the “the moksa of intellect” as well? Margis
could not understand just what this new thing was, “the mukti or liberation
of intellect”. Because they were used to hearing the word “mukti” or
“liberation” used regarding human beings, and not just a human’s one part,
the “intellect”.


And there in Patna, Baba demonstrated the unique and all-important nature
of this discourse, right at the moment He gave it. Because He gave it using
a highly unusual medium. For it was an established tradition, that the RU
discourse was always given in English. At every DMC no matter where it was
located, the RU discourse was always given in English. So according to
tradition “Liberation of Intellect”, being an RU discourse, would be given
in English. But Baba gave the RU discourse this one time in Hindi. This
once- as a unique departure from the rule, Baba gave the RU discourse in
Hindi. Perhaps because in Patna, Bihar Margis understood Hindi best.

So this very RU Discourse, “Liberation of Intellect”, given in Patna, 26th
January 1980, was given in Hindi.


Now, as all know, in those days the publications department was being run
by Bengali-speaking WT’s. And they took great pride in the discourses Baba
gave in Bengali– due to which the Bengali discourses were transcribed and
printed with great care. The printed Bengali discourses were well done-in
them was printed very accurately just what Baba had spoken in the actual

But unfortunately with the Hindi discourses, such care was not taken.
Rather, often sections were missing or passages were very poorly
transcribed. And such is the case with this discourse, “Liberation of
Intellect”. As it is in Hindi, so it is very poorly done.


Indeed, perhaps the most important section of the discourse about the
rights of women, has been deliberately taken away. Indeed, how can it be
that this entire section was left out by mistake. It could only have been
removed intentionally, in order to shorten the length of the discourse. So
that in the long term, the number of printed pages in AM books would be
less in Hindi and more in Bangla. So that Bengla would supercede Hindi
altogether and be accepted as the most important language in AM scripture.
And the proof that Bengali-speaking WTs had this desire, is that this was
done not with one discourse only, but with virtually all. This became the
overwhelming trend in the publications department, that any discourse in
Hindi should be shortened as much as possible, and all Bangla discourses
must be kept at full length.


And this discourse “Liberation of Intellect”, although given by Baba in
Hindi, was actually printed first in Bengali in AV part 18. And it was
presented to the Margi public as the original language of the discourse.
This very Bengali language edition was used by our publishers as the
original also– that is, Hindi and English editions were translated from
this so-called “original” Bengali version.

Although Baba had given the discourse in Hindi, but the translated Bengali
version was used to re-translate a new Hindi version, rather than using the
original Hindi which Baba gave the discourse in. So the Hindi and English
editions of the discourse when they were later printed, were translated
from Bengali. And it is even printed in the Hindi and English editions,
that the discourse is “Translated from the original Bengali”.

And any subsequent other-language editions whether Spanish, Russian,
Japanese etc, were all translated from the so-called “original” Bengali–
when actually this was not the original at all. The Hindi was the real
original, but our Calcutta publishers befooled the Margis and general WTs
into thinking that the Bengali version was the original.

So in that very so-called original Bengali printing, the section about
women’s rights was removed. This was done out of a desire to minimize the
Hindi discourse– for in their own minds, our publishers knew that Baba had
given the discourse in Hindi and for this reason they wanted to minimize
it. So they removed the section about womens’ rights. And Margis were not
aware, no one could know that anything was missing. There was no note about
it in the book, nothing at all was mentioned.

And in these 25 years since then, the discourse has remained just like
that. After the first printing, it was later published in “A Few Problems
Solved” in 1987. Several years had passed since the first AV-18 printing,
but still the section on women’s rights remained missing. And this is a
major discourse– “Liberation of Intellect”. It can be called the very
first discourse in the Neohumanism series.


In this discourse Baba is speaking against dogma in the society. And the
principle example He gives-about the fact that in Muslim society, one woman
is not considered to be of the value of an entire man. Rather, three women
are considered equal to one man. –All this was removed from Baba’s
discourse. Baba is explaining in the discourse, that we must fight against
dogma– and just what Baba says against dogma was itself removed from the
discourse. How painful it is.


And why should there have been fear to print this dogma which is in the
Muslim religion? At that very time Baba also spoke against the Hindu dogma
that women cannot get liberation in their lifetime until they are reborn as
men. In this very discourse, that got printed. But the section about Muslim
dogma was deleted. This represents an irrational fear.

Our publishers have fear that printing about Muslim dogma is
dangerous-there could be a violent reaction. Thinking thus, our publishers
feel it to be the safe and intelligent route, to remove such references
from Baba’s discourses. But Baba did not give this discourse in some
secret, dark, shut-up room. Rather, He gave it in a public place in Patna
with thousands of people in attendance. And after the DMC, what Baba said
would spread throughout the city of Patna, and would be printed in the
newspapers as well. With such a background history, what is the question of
hiding this? Indeed, by this Baba is clearly giving the teaching that such
dogma can and should be openly discussed. So that it can be removed from
the society. Here Baba is by no means criticizing the Muslim religion as a
whole– rather, he is pointing out a particular dogmatic point in the
Muslim religion, just as He does with all the major religions and thought
trends of the world. –In order that society can move ahead beyond the
shackle of dogmas. So we should not have fear to print what Baba has openly
and publically stated before the entire world.


Here then, the removed excerpt of the discourse “Liberation of Intellect”
is being given anew. The section of the discourse which was removed 25
years ago by our Calcutta publishers and never replaced since, is here
below shown in its literal entirety. It should be again included in the
printed discourse, as Baba intended when He gave the discourse.

So it is requested that all margis should check their AM books against the
pravacan cassettes which they have collected over the years, find the
deletions and distortions in the printed version, and request that our
publishers fix the respective discourses. In Bengali language discourses,
such is never the case that sections are removed, distortions are added,
and discourses are ruined. Whereas in Hindi discourses, this is a regular
occurrence. The Hindi discourses are cut, distorted, minimized. It is of
great importance, then, that these be carefully checked and repaired.

In this very way, by checking the discourses that we margis have, it will
be found that 90% of the Hindi discourses are cut and distorted in one or
another form. The discourses which Baba has given in Hindi, and those given
in English as well, have been ruined by our publishers. By this way it will
be seen that overall, the condition of our scriptures is not good. And by
Baba’s grace, with the collective efforts of all Margis, our AM scripture–
the printed discourses– can be corrected and perfected so that they become
true and accurate representations of what Baba actually said.




The missing paragraph where Baba exposes the dogma about three women
equaling one man has been removed from the English and Bengali version of
the discourse. That is why that para does not appear in any of the
following books:

(1) NHNS-1, ’87 Edn, English
(2) NHNS-1, ’99 Edn, English
(3) AV-18, ’80 Edn, Bangla
(4) AFPS-4, ’87 Edn
(5) Electronic Books (3 Editions. incl 2006)

The missing paragraph would be the second to last paragraph of the English
version of the ‘Liberation of Intellect’ discourse. So it would appear just
AFTER the words “severely hindered in many countries.”, and just BEFORE the
opening words of the last paragraph, “On one side the malevolent forces”.

Note 2: IRONY

The irony of this entire ordeal is quite apparent. Because in this very
discourse, ‘The Liberation of Intellect’, Baba is guiding us to fight
against all types of dogmas. Yet that same crude, dogmatic way of thinking
is what motivated our Dadas to remove Baba’s special paragraph from the
discourse. So that is the irony. On the one hand Baba is inspiring one and
all to wipe away all dogmas from this earth; and, on the other hand some
dogmatic minds removed the paragraph from this very discourse where Baba is
exposing a long-standing dogma against females. It seems that such Dadas do
not want to free females from this very dogma; and they prefer that females
continue to believe that 3 females are equal to one male. Otherwise what
can be the reason why they removed this specific paragraph from this

Health Guideline: Cause of Cancer

Remaining awake after midnight and sleeping after sunrise comes under the
definition of being awake at night and sleeping during the day. And that
very condition invites cancer:

Baba says “Persons… [who] sleep during the day and keep late nights are
most likely to be attacked by cancer.” (YT, p. 19)

Note: Sleeping during the day does not just mean at taking a nap in the
afternoon or in the late morning. Sleeping during the day also means not
getting up in the early morning for paincajanya.


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