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From: “Motilal Pandey”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Date: Tue, 02 Feb 2010 06:28:34 +0500
Subject: The Way Our Prout Treatise Got Altered


Baba has given this following song to warn those who are demons in human
form, who by their nefarious work are destroying the peace by spreading
poison and bringing disaster.

“Manus’ manus’ ha’ra’ye hunsha kotha’y calecho tumi. A’ka’sh ba’ta’s
bis’iye diye narak kare marttyabhu’mi…” (PS 1190)


Why have you lost your rational sense and started moving on the path of
annihilation and ruination. You made this golden earth poisonous with the
domination of your disastrous theories, i.e. the dogma of groupism etc. You
threw away the high ideals of spirituality and you forgot the eternal truth
that whatever strength you are getting, that is coming from Him…Parama
Purusa…Baba… He is the source. So you lost the sense and you do not
like to understand that, to pulverize your ego, the trident of Parama
Purusa is active…


Ours is a universal society aimed at projecting Baba’s ideals to one
and all. So we have to be vigilant when any impediment within the Marga
crops up and steers things in their own direction.

For all those who care about Prout – which is everyone – please read
the following with great care.


One group has worked hard to alter and distort Baba’s presentation and
teachings on Samaj.

Let me explain further. Specifically, two editions of the Prout in a
Nutshell series, i.e. parts 19 & 20, got completely coloured with
Bangalisation. Because in those two editions there are 8 full discourses
dedicated to Bengal. Giving the false impression as if the Amra Bengali
samaj is the only samaj on the planet or that Baba only gave importance to
that samaj. But this is not the case at all because on this planet there
are 241 samajas and Baba in His own unique way gave equal importance to
them all.

But after 1990 led by the heavy hand of Sarvatmananda, B group
stuffed the pages of our Prout books exclusively with discourses on Bengal
while the many other samajas of India were discarded entirely; or like
Bihar if they got place then very little space was given in comparison to
Bengal. And for overseas samajas, the condition is the same. Either they
were completely discarded or given very little place. So it is clear that
with a partial hand their intention was only to highlight the Bengalistan
area at the cost of other places.


Yet the spirit of Baba’s teachings and Baba’s practical approach is
completely different.

Whatever samajas Baba visited and even those places He did not physically
attend to, always Baba recognised the value of and encouraged the
development of all samajas. Toward this end He regularly gave dictations
about the plans and programs to execute in the various samajas. And
Proutists from all over the globe personally noted down and received these
guidelines from Baba.

So those aware know that Baba’s teachings were related with so many aspects
of the development of the various samajas on the topics such as
agriculture, industry, irrigation, trade, culture, history etc. And many
more things. And on those occasions, Baba spoke in great detail about
innumerable samajas. Huge time was allocated for this. But such important
guidelines of Baba did not get place in the Prout. Only Bangla samaj points
got place in the Prout books.


Due to B group’s deep seeded desire to impose their Bengali Raj, they
made sure that only Baba’s teachings related with Bengali areas got the
upper hand. Only their own samaj discourses were highlighted in the Prout
Nutshell books. And Baba’s talks about other samajas did not get the
place– they were neglected and rejected outright.


Because if you look at the Prout 19 and 20 then you will get 8 discourses
which are exclusively related with samaj of Bengali area. And about South
Indian samaj or north or western India they were discarded from these Prout

But similar planning Baba told to all those samaj leaders whom Baba used to
call to give special guidance. So due to B group’s interference that is why
only Bengali samaj plans, programs, and guidelines given by Baba have been
published in Prout.

Why were Mara’thi samaj, Tamil samajam, Kannada samajam, Chhattisgarhii
samaj, Dogari samaj, Nagpuria samaj, Maharlika samaj, Mauri samaj, and all
those several dozens of samajas discarded from the Prout books? I think now
the answer is becoming clear.

Because everyone knows that Baba’s guidelines for these aforesaid samajas
were given, but they were never allowed to have a place in the Prout books.
Only Bangla got the place. Reason being that those days in 1991-92 B group
was controlling and they wanted to create an inferiority complex in the
minds of Margi members of other samajas. By creating the false impression
that Baba has given special preference to Bengalistan. Thereby continuing
their group supremacy.

But the fact is that Baba guided equally to all the samajas.

Clearly then one type of deliberate distortion of Baba’s teachings has been
done. That only the Bangla area planning and programs of Baba’s teachings
got the place in Prout, and not other areas.

Till today B group does not have an iota of repentance for what they have
done. i.e. They changed the BP manual and altered the AM Revolution
chapter etc. In sum they wiped out Margi rights. But B group’s negative
dealings on this topic does not end here.


Here is another pertinent example how B group has altered Baba’s books and
manipulated His discourses on samaj.

A case in point: In the Proutist Economics book a total of 104 pages got
dedicated for the Bengali samaj, and only 18 pages were allotted for all
the five (5) samajas of Bihar. And Baba’s talks on innumerable other
samajas that were discarded entirely. By this manipulation, so many of Baba’s
teachings related with the development of samaj did not get place in Prout.


So all this gives proof that since long B group has been strategizing and
executing their plans of group dominance wherever and whenever they get any
little or big opportunity. So today’s raid of Ananda Nagar sits on top of a
whole heap of injustices carried out by B group. And furthermore what
alteration B group has done to the formation of Baba’s books and
manipulated the teachings on samaj. All this gives hardcore evidence to
their long term and on-going plan to rule Centre and wave their flag of
Bengali Raj.

Indeed their plan was so deep-rooted that even after their fall from
power, many of their distortions and dogmas still stand: Destruction of
BP Manual, Bangalisation of Baba’s Discourses, Fake Ananda Vaniis,
Distoration of AM Revolution & more. While the other groups wanted power
B group brought a whole other agenda to the table as well. And still
today we are dealing with the mess they created.


So at the cost of the sanctity of Baba’s treatises on Prout and the welfare
of our Marga the crimes committed by B group must not be allowed to
continue. The day has come for all margiis to come forward waving the
banner of neo-humanism, doing away with narrow-minded, groupist traditions.

Baba says, “You must awaken those who do not realise the facts, and make
them aware. Let the ideals of neo-humanism reach their ears, and be
implanted in the core of their hearts. With their liberated intellects they
will throw all their illusions into the dustbin.” (NH-LOI)


Note 1: These are the eight (8) discourses in Prout Nutshell 19 & 20
dedicated to Bengal. PNS 19: ‘Bangladesh’, ‘Tripura’, ‘East Wet Theory’,
‘Talks on Bengal’; PNS 20: ‘Socio-Economic Potential of Bengal’,
‘Northeastern India’, ‘South Bengal’, ‘Contai Basin Planning’.

Allopathic Medicines Not Good

“When people take allopathic medicine to cure a disease, the medicine
disturbs the ecological balance of the body because more negative microvita
get concentrated at the point of the disease. Allopathic medicines do not
kill diseases — diseases die by their own natural death. Although the
medicine may check the disease, the increased concentration of negative
microvita can overcome the effect of the medicine. In fact, the increased
concentration of negative microvita caused by allopathic medicines creates
many new types of diseases, and due to this, two or three new diseases are
presently being created every decade. So what is the solution to this problem?
Our approach should be two fold — external and internal. Externally we should
take medicines to check diseases, but internally we should perform spiritual
practice.” (MVNS, p.136)



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