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“Tumi na’ bale esechile, a’j na’ bale cale gele…” (P.S. 1327)


Baba, without saying anything You came and appeared in my dhya’na, and
now today without telling You just left– disappeared. Baba, I was lying
in the dust on the path, but You just lifted me up and put me on Your
lap. It is Your grace, O’ Parama Purus’a.

Baba, my dwelling was old and tattered– broken down. And not only that,
I was also without intellect and conscience. Indeed, my condition was so
pitiful that I did not have even one morsel to put into my mouth. But, by
Your grace, You bestowed everything upon me and You taught me all the
things. Baba, I was not understanding the dharma of human life– what human
beings should do, what are the do’s and don’ts– about all these things I
was not at all aware. To get You I did not do any sadhana. But even then by
Your grace You have taught me sadhana and You have blessed me with
perfection to move ahead on the path.

O’ my dearmost Baba, previously in my life I was not even getting the
status of a human being. All the teachings I had been given were full of
dogma. Baba, by Your grace You have poured the sweetness and given me a
voice and lifted me onto Your Divine lap. Baba, You have done everything.
Secretly You came and secretly You left– even then You have arranged
everything for me. Baba, Your grace is unforgettable…


When a cab driver wants to know how his day went, he checks his log
book. Then he is able to review and see where he drove.

When a company needs to calculate their output, they view their log book
so they can understand their position.

In that way, each and every person or institution consults their log
book (electronic or otherwise) to find out their true status.

As sadhakas, our approach should not be any different. We too should
have our “log book” – be it a diary, journal, or psychic memory – so we
can understand our course in life.

Here below Baba guides us how to do it.


There are so many beings in this cosmological order and each has their
own manner of operation.

Small bugs, beetles, worms, crabs, and lizards just function by their
own instinct. They have no higher faculty of mind by which to direct
their life. Such beings just walk or slide along engrossed by their own
inborn desires.

Baba says, “In certain undeveloped creatures, instinct means only inborn
instincts, and in such creatures the psychic waves cannot move beyond
the arena of corporality.” (YP)

Then there are some higher animals like dogs, monkeys, cows, and horses
etc. They are guided by instinct as well as by psychic urge and emotion.
Such animals can be tamed and trained & by that way they develop bonding
relationships with their masters. Instinct does not totally dominate
their life, they also have higher functioning minds that allow them to
act according to their psychic or sentimental feeling.

For instance, your dog may not defend your neighbor from an intruder but
certainly if you are attacked then your dog will defend you with all its
might. That is because your dog is emotionally attached with you – it
has that psychic connection.

Likewise your horse or cattle will not respond to others but it will
obey your direction. All higher animals have that capacity or psychic
urge. They are not exclusively guided by instinct. They are a bit more

Baba says, “Animals who have developed themselves to some extent,
mentally, spiritually, just like monkeys, just like dogs, have got some
intellect. Although they are also guided by instinct, [but] because of
close association with human beings that intellect has been a bit
developed. A dog can carry a hurricane lantern like this, can carry a
stick like this. It can feel the pains and pleasures of its master.”

So there is a world of difference between undeveloped and developed

Finally we come to human beings. We have instinct, psychic urge
(sentiment and emotion) and ideology. However, we are only to be guided
by ideology, not by instinct or emotion. That is Baba’s strict directive.

Baba says, “Human life, unlike animal life, is an ideological flow.
Where there is no ideological flow, in that case, even if the physical
structure is just like a man, he is not a man, but is an animal. So each
and every human being must try his best to maintain the special status
of humans. It is our first duty. It is our fundamental duty. This
ideological flow must be maintained at any cost.”


Thus it is our bounden duty to check our log book daily. This human body
is a machine. It was not designed for carnal pleasures or sentimental
delights. Ours is the path of ideology. Our minds are to be trained in
that way and our bodies are to be used for that course of movement – not
any other.

So we have to be vigilant and ensure that our every action is according
to AM ideology. Failing that we will be involved in misusing our bodies
and minds, in which case either in this life or the next, we will get a
body that is only usable for more crude pursuits. We will become an
animal or even worse.

The situation is serious and the best way to keep abreast of the matter
is to consult your log book and review your course of actions. With an
unbiased mind, one is to critically analyse their modus operendi in
life. We should ask ourselves: Was that action guided by ideology?

If the answer is a “no” or partial no, then that is the degree to which
we are going against our human dharma and becoming transformed into a

So multiple times through the course of every day we should consult our
log book and see how we are doing. When with co-workers, when with our
family, when making decisions, when at the dinner table, and throughout
all our movements in life, we should readily consult our logbook and
ensure we are heading in the right direction. Because if we are not,
then our fate it not good – we will become a beast.

That is the very serious matter at hand. That is one way to think of it.


The other way to think of it is to view this life as an opportunity to
reach Parama Purusa. In the former manner we are trying to refrain from
being dragged into animality and in this outlook we clearly have our
sights set on divinity.

In this approach we are to wholeheartedly embrace ideology and cross the
ocean of maya. We are most fortunate to have such an opportunity. That
is the proper use of this human machine or human body.

Baba says, “Then who can get Him? They say it is very, very easy. What
to do? “O Lord, I am Your creation. I am Yours, I am at Your disposal.
This body is a machine. Utilize it.”” (AV-14)

By surrendering one’s mind to Him and using this body to do His work,
then one is sure to cross the ocean of maya and reach up to Him. That is
what happens when one leads a life based on ideology, by His grace.

That is the best use of this human life.


Furthermore, in His discourse, “Utilize All Your Potentialities” (21
April 1969 morning, Manila) Baba clearly tells us that if we have a
tractor and a big lot of land then we are foolish and ignorant if we do
not use the tractor and just let the land become totally wild and
unusable. Our job is to use the tractor to make the land arable – that
is the proper use of the tractor. That is what that machine (i.e.
tractor) is for.

Similarly, this human body is a tool or a machine for attaining Him.

Yet all too often people misuse their bodies for other crude pursuits.
Some get diverted towards sex and others towards all kinds of emotional
cum sentimental attachments. In that case not only are they going to
degenerate, but they are losing out on a great opportunity to attain
godhood and sit on the divine lap of Parama Purusa.

So as sadhakas we should regularly review our code of conduct and ensure
we are moving on the path of ideology. We should be swift to use our
machine for attaining Him. Just sitting back and letting life go by is
not enough. We are to utilise this life for reaching His divine lap, by
His grace. And the way to do that is to check your log book. We are to
see how far our intentions and actions are ideological or not. Are we
doing what we should be doing or not. Then we can ensure our human
machine is being used properly – then we will reach the Goal (Baba).


By Baba’s grace, He has blessed us with a wonderful opportunity. We
should not waste it and degrade back into animal life wherein we are
just goaded by crude instincts. Ours is a human life that is meant for
the expression of ideology. By consulting out log books on regular basis
we can keep ourselves on track. That is the best utilisation of this
human life. Then we will cross the noose of maya and get Him.

Baba says, “You have got a human body. Make the best utilization of it.
Forget everything of the past from this very moment…Go on working in
such a way that you give your proper worth to society, and you bring
about the actual evolution of humanity. Be a devotee of humanity as well
as a devotee of Parama Purus’a. Let victory be with you.” (YP)



This below letter is related with the topic discussed above.

Avoiding Junk

Baba says, “Now everywhere, in cent per cent of the cases, there is
wastage of human psychic potentiality. The psychic potentialities of
human beings are immense, but people do not utilize them because most of
their valuable time is wasted in undesirable thoughts, in psychic
extravaganza…wasted in petty or useless activities. How much time do
people really get to devote to worthwhile tasks?”

“This psychic extravaganza should be checked either by physical
approach, or psychic approach, or by spirituo-psychic approach…”

“I have already said that the scope of rationality and rationalization
should be increased more and more, and for this, unnecessary waves
should be removed from the plane of physicality. From the psychic sphere
also, unnecessary waves are to be removed. This will remove many burdens
from the mind. ‘I must not bother about petty things, because that will
waste my time’ — people should remember this. This removal or rather
withdrawal of unnecessary and undesirable thoughts emanated from the
mind will help you in rationalizing the major portion of your mental
faculty, so this must also be practised.” (YP, ’91, p.134-35)

Note: This wastage of mental potential which Baba is describing above is
the common problem these days. Even contemporary researchers and
scientists have also come to realise this. That is why nowadays such
professionals advise people not to overburden the mind with mundane news
broadcasts etc since these programs only invite tension. Various studies
have been undertaken about the effect of the news media on people’s
mental well-being. And they’ve come to the conclusion that these news
broadcasts and movies just burden the mind– making people feel worried
and hopeless etc.

That is why such researchers and sociologists recommend that people take
a few days’ break from watching those various news broadcasts and
popular movies etc. Because these things create multiple problems in
people’s psyche. Not only are they not useful in our practical lives but
the scenes are horrifying and terrible. Just sensationalistic
reporting– nothing more.

Hence Baba’s above guideline is that we should think positive thoughts
and not indulge or expose our minds to that type of junk. If one can
avoid such things altogether then that is very good; that is the best
solution. Otherwise minimizing one’s exposure to those negative elements
will prove helpful. Along those lines, certainly do not waste those
delicate early morning hours exposed to such radio, TV, and crude
things. If one really wants to watch these programs then one should only
schedule a specific amount of time after noon and then watch with a
clear notion of when you will finish.

But of course better is to eliminate it totally and immerse oneself more
in Baba’s dharmic teachings like Ananda Vacanamrtam or Subhasita
Samgraha. His unique discourses will provide a soothing touch and fill
the mind with inspiration. So we should be extremely careful and wise
how we engage our psychic faculty as this has a profound effect on our
overall well-being and health– as well as how useful and purposeful our
lives become. On this topic all Marga brothers and sisters are
encouraged to share their views and experiences.



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