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Date: Thu, 11 Feb 2010 11:44:02 -0700 (PDT)
From: Pradiip Bauer
Subject: “Baba Forgot One Thing”
To: am-global@earthlink.net


“Jiivane maran’e toma’kei a’mi ja’ni…” (P.S. 3570)


Baba, by Your grace this much I know that all the time You are with me–
in good times and bad times, in life and death, in each and every
situation. Baba, in darkness and in effulgence, all the time, I feel &
recognize Your proximity. That You are everything; You are the

Oh my dearmost, You are formless, but You have advented before me in
form. This way You have graced me.

You are bhavatiita* and divinely effulgent. You are like the vast ocean
and I am just like a little drop. Even then You love me. Baba You are

Baba, by Your grace I have come on this earth by Your thought projection
and the only longing I have is to get You. According to Your mental waves I
am floating; my life is passing.

With Your rhythm and flow I dance; and, in Your divine effulgence I
smile. My coming, remaining, and going is completely depending on You, Your
grace. With that dream by Your grace all types of colorful tales I weave in
my mind.

Baba all the time, good and bad, every moment You are my everything….

* Bhavatiita= The Entity which is beyond ideation.


Anyone around those days remembers well that each and every year Baba
would make an announcement about the birthday of Lord Krsna.

Baba would refer to it as: Janma’s’t’amii.

There is an audio file on our blog where you can listen to Baba’s

After bringing recognition to the day, Baba would invariably take some
time to talk about the life of Lord Krsna, His dharmic teachings or
scenes from the Bhagavad Giita.

This was a regular event.

But never ever once did Baba comment on the exact day, time, or place of
Lord Krsna’s passing. Never did Baba highlight this occasion as a point
of remembrance or celebration. Rather He carefully avoided the matter.

As His disciples, we should pay heed to Baba’s example and represent His
ideals by our own conduct.

Unfortunately, some feel that “Baba forgot one thing” and they have
taken it upon themselves to bring the “missing point” forward.


Indeed all those margiis and wts not attached to any form of
geo-sentiment will realise the completeness of Baba’s teachings and that
only a few who wish to dogmatically highlight their own land as a
pilgrimage etc. For them it is also a money-making venture.

That is why many say that their dogma is just based on selfish
gratification or a’tma sukha tattva, and not anything dharmic. More
about this point is written below.

Our view is to take Baba Himself as our pole star; He is our dharmic
example. What He does we should do. And Baba never highlighted or talked
about the exact day or date that Lord Krsna or Lord Shiva passed away.
Not even in His books, Namami Krsnasundaram and Namah Shivaya Shantaya,
does He mention the day or date. This type of commemoration Baba never
did. He never mentioned that today we have to do something because this
day is the observation of the passing of Lord Krnsa. This was never
Baba’s manner – not once.

Just Baba would highlight the birth of Taraka Brahma – every year He
would mention Lord Krsna’s janma’s’t’amii.


Even then, some group leaders have worked hard to drag their chosen
dogma in through the front door or our Marga. This has been their life’s
endeavour since 1990.

In turn, we should be extremely careful because once a dogma arrives, it
is not easy to kick out.

A perfect case in point is the Shivaliunga or phallic worship with Lord

In those prehistoric times, when people were less developed, they
brought much attention on phallic worship. They thought therein lied
their welfare and victory.

As people progressed, they realised that they should meditate God and
not indulge in any type of ritualistic phallic worship.

But by that point it as too late. Already the temples of Lord Shiva had
been completely overrun with Shivaliunga and phallic worship. And still
today this type of worship and presentation is prevalent in all temples
of Lord Shiva.

Here the point is that once a dogma enters the house it is not at all
easy to get rid of it. But some feel that “Baba forgot one thing” and
hence have taken it upon themselves to drag it into AM. We should be
cent per cent ready, lest this become one permanent scar on our AM
society, just like phallic worship became totally linked with Lord Shiva.


Indeed, in view of the pilgrimages of Haj and Mecca etc, such
geo-oriented group leaders wanted some ritualistic event wherein they
could dance and brag about their place. Hence they continue to host
their annual dogmatic program at their HQ. In this way they derive
selfish pleasure and side by side they say, “Baba forgot one thing so we
have brought it in”.

It is a dogma, but this is what makes them happy in life.

Baba says, “This dogma in its turn is entirely based on a’tma-sukha
tattva. Human beings yield to this dogma with the sole intention of
attaining selfish pleasures; even educated people knowingly submit to
dogma. They know that they are surrendering their intellect to dogma,
and that the outcome will be undesirable; they know and understand
everything – why, even then, do they knowingly submit to it? They are
all deliberate sinners and intentionally accept dogmas as truth. They
observe that these dogmas are based on a’tma-sukha tattva; but they
think, “I don’t care whether it does good or harm to others, because at
least I have got some pleasure out of it!” Being motivated by this idea,
they enslave themselves to dogmas.” (NH-LOI, Disc: 6)

All in AM understand that Baba Himself only highlighted the birth of
Taraka Brahma and never the day of Lord Krsna’s passing. All in AM
understand that Baba is omniscient and that AM teachings are complete in
all respects. All know that Baba is Parama Purusa incarnate and that He
can do no wrong.

Even then, one team continues to chant, “Baba forgot one thing.” They
say this because they have utterly drowned in their chosen dogma.


Some think that their chosen Deity will punish them if they do wrong,
others think that their God will plunge them into the hell fire for
their sins, and still others think that their Parama Purusa “forgot one

Tell me, do you know which sect or group falls in this later category?

It is the Kolkata sub-faction. They think that Baba forgot to give the
mahaprayan ceremony so they decided to create it themselves. This is the
grand outlook and justification they give. They think, “Baba forgot to
give the teaching of mahaprayan and that therefore it was our job to
make it.”

Such is their curious outlook in life.


By His grace all true Ananda Margiis, understand and realise that Baba
is pure and perfect in all respects and that He never forgets anything.
He is omniscient and all-merciful. All that was needed was given.

Just as Baba never talked about the actual date of Lord Krsna’s passing
– likewise He purposely does not give the program of mahaprayan in AM.
It is that simple.

Blinded by their geo-sentiment, some within the Kolkata ranks feel that,
“Baba forgot one thing” in the form of mahaprayan. Saving such persons
from their own dogma is not easy. We will try, but do not have much
hope. All rational margiis however can easily understand the point.

In the end, we should just let the day be forgotten as has happened with
Lord Krsna and Lord Shiva. That is Baba’s explicit teaching. Baba only
highlighted Lord Krsna’s birth – never the passing. We should do the same.



In His book, Discourses on the Mahabharata, Baba does mention how one
hunter shot Lord Krsna. This story has been told to give the teaching of
forgiveness. And indeed the proof that this is not meant to be a day of
commemoration is that Baba never ever mentions or tells us the day of
Lord Krsna’s passing. And not even the dogmatic followers of Lord Krsna
do not celebrate or observe His passing. They may be ritualistic but at
least this much sense they have. So it is a shame that a few in AM have
fallen below that standard and given way to mahaprayan. Baba Himself
never approves of such things.

Health Guideline: Over-Indulgence and Paralysis

Baba says, “The people who have an over-active Manipura Cakra also show a
dominance of the lust and anger vrttis. Such a type of person, though
always found to be energetic, generally suffers from constipation owing to
excessive anger and over-activity. If these pitta-dominated persons do not
find a high ideal in their lives, they become weak in their lower bodies
due to over-indulgence in sex and anger. Often the nerve-fibres of their
lower bodies degenerate, and paralysis sets in there.” (YT, p.29)


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