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From: “Rambabu Maurya”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Story: For the Sake of Ideology
Date: Sat, 13 Feb 2010 05:27:08 +0530


“Jyoti-ujjval pra’n’occhal tumi priya…” (P.S. 2229)


Baba, O Parama Purusa, You are the controller of the universe. You are
the brilliant effulgence– full of vitality & saturated with the love.
Baba, You are my dearmost. By Your own glory You are glorified; O Parama
Purusa You are ever-adorable.

Baba I do not have the strength to catch hold of You. With my little
strength and with whatever means I have, I try to catch You– but it is
impossible for me. Instead I remain engrossed in my own self– unit “I”.
This ‘unit I’ is preventing me from coming close to You. Baba, please
transform my ‘I-feeling’, make it Yours.

With my own strength I will not be able to get You. With the thread of
the spider’s net I will not be able to bind You and hold You. Because of
this, please by Your causeless grace, please allow Yourself to get held.
This is my only request to You. Please keep this open for Your consideration.

Baba, in my mind, in my heart, I have deep longing for You– to have
You. Please grant me this by Your causeless grace. Please come in my
shravan, manan, niddidhyasan, & dhyana and make me Yours…


It is a well known fact huge work went into building up our Ananda Marga.
Baba was giving so many guidelines and programs and countless Ananda
Margiis responded to His call and worked night and day to implement those
things. And by such tireless efforts something great was able to be done,
otherwise not.

That is why Baba guides us:

“Fight for your Ideology. Be one with your Ideology. Live for your
Ideology. Die for your Ideology.” (AV #14)

Unfortunately these days since 1990 a few persons have gone astray from the
path of ideological dedication. And instead of working to establish AM
ideals they are following their own way. That is why we are facing so many
problems these days. Because a few persons began engaging in so many
misguided and harmful things like distorting Baba’s scripture, manipulating
Bhukti Pradhan rights, making dogmatic tiirthas etc.


But even though this negative spiral has begun, we all know it was not
always like this. Rather so many cases are there where Margiis and Workers
rose up to overcome all sorts of obstacles and challenges in order to
spread the name and teachings of AM. There is a long list of courageous
efforts and inspiring tales in this regard and in that way AM got built step
by step. Because ideology is the binding force and so far we Ananda Margiis
were strict and dedicated, then to that degree our AM got established.

Here following is one such example among many where a margii rallied
against so many trials and tribulations for the sake of ideology. Please
read the following.


This is the story of Acarya Dip Narayanji, who is from Saharsa in Northeast
Bihar. He is very devoted, and is a senior family acarya from the Jamalpur
days. One horrific incident happened years ago, during the time when he did
his daughter’s marriage in the Ananda Marg revolutionary system.


In Bihar, the caste system is terrible. Baba also has given example that India
is worst around the globe especially in so-called caste discrimination.
This so-called caste disease is very chronic especially in India. Nowhere
else around the globe is this problem existing in such a serious way. No
doubt, various types of discrimination are there in other countries: color,
race, etc. But caste is a very peculiar and terrible one.

here are more details about the matter so you may understand how
horrifying this caste discrimination is. In dogmatic Hindu society, four
basic categories of caste are there: a) Brahmin/Vipra, b) Vaeshya, c)
Ksattriya, d) Shudra.

Please don’t be confused. It is not working like the Prout social cycle
system. This caste system rather takes the terms in completely negative
way. These differences are based on birth differences and not at all on
quality. Quality has no value in this Hindu dogma.

For example, if anybody is born in the shudra community of the Hindu
religion, they will be treated as untouchable. And even today, no upper
caste people will like to marry with the families of the shudra community.
Even the food which is cooked by one so-called shudra is non-eatable. It is
immaterial what type of cleanliness has been maintained. That has nothing
to do with the dogma that it is inedible.

And in the society, so-called shudras have got treatment which is worse
than animals. That means, you can touch animals. There is no problem. But
you cannot touch those of shudra caste. In very conservative strict
dogmatic Hindu families, if any so-called shudra reached into the boundary
of the house. What to say about inside of the house, then the whole house
will be treated as impure and it must be washed by the Ganges water to
purify everything. What a dogma.

As I told you, that it is nothing to do with the quality or merit. Nothing
of that sort is involved here. If a person is born in the shudra caste and
he has all the qualities– he is sentient, doing sadhana, and following
yama and niyama, even then he will be treated in the society as
untouchable. And in the villages nobody will like to go to his house and
sit and take food along with him.

But if a person is born in a Brahmin family, and he is doing all sorts of
nonsense activities such as eating meat and drinking alcohol, even then he
is well respected. And it is the duty of so-called ksattriya/vipra/vaesha,
all, to systematically touch his feet morning and evening and get blessing.



Those who are not familiar with the Hindu dogmatic system, they may not
like to believe all these things. But what I am telling, this is the hard
reality and fact of present village life of India. And here I am not
writing anything which is age-old historical events. All these things, they
are still going on especially in the villages. And some degree in the towns
and cities also. In short we can say that it is still existing everywhere.
Although a lot of change happened in the last fifty years. And so-called
shudras have gotten more recognition.

Let me say something more about the period 50-100 years back, which is the
historical background to what was the situation of so-called lower caste
people in India. In those days, so-called shudras had not been given the
right to walk on the road. So they had to follow a certain discipline to
make others aware that those so-called low shudras are walking and
non-shudras should be alert so they should not go close and become impure.

Even the shadow of shudras was treated as sin. That means if anybody touched
the shadow of a shudra, then they had to take a bath in the Ganges to purify

So, here I am writing the discipline what those days so-called shudras
strictly had to follow. While they were walking on the road going to see
their friends, they had to keep one earthen pot on their head. Because,
they were not allowed to spit anywhere. And cleanliness was not involved.
Because other so-called castes, they can spit anywhere. Even you will find
that inside high respected government official buildings like Patna high
court, in the corner of the court building spitting is quite common. You
will see the mark of betel nuts.

So those low-caste shudra had to keep an earthen pot to spit. When they
wanted to spit they had to bring down the pot in their hand and spit into the
pot and then bring the pot back up, keeping the spit on top of their head.
And when they will reach their home, there they will clean that. No where
else than their home, can they clean it.

And while walking, shudras have to carry one long broom which is hanging
from their back side like a monkey’s tail, and that broom is touching and
sweeping the ground. When the person is walking, then the ground is being
swept by that so that the mark of his foot on the soil should be erased
then and there. And why like this?

Because if any Brahmin or other caste people will touch that foot-print, by
that they will be made impure.

The torture on shudras was not limited to just this point. While they were
walking on the road, they cannot use the shoes also. And they had to put
one bell which was ringing constantly, on their neck. Just like many
persons they may keep on their pets. So it will constantly ring while
walking. What was the reason behind this ringing of bell which shudras had
to wear? The reason was that everybody should be alert that ‘Some low-caste
person is coming. Go aside’. Otherwise if any other caste person is
touching the shadow, they will be made impure.

Humiliation was not ending up to this degree. So-called upper class people
were hating shudras. And if by mistake shudras will ask something from
higher caste, they will be beaten up. Because impurity is involved. There
was no end of torture in those days. How much humiliation, how much injustice
happens to one human being. The situation was so painful and unjust. That in
present days it is hard to believe before 50 years such things were going
on in India.


In other words I can say, you believe or don’t believe what is described
above. But, if you read carefully Baba’s discourses then Baba has given
enough evidence that such very negative things were going on in the Hindu
dogmatic religion in the past. Please read AM Revolution chapter on the
point of caste differentiation. Baba has told how if one harijan/shudra
commits illicit relation he will be hanged and killed. While if Brahmin
commits the same crime he will only have to shave his head and be paraded
through town on a donkey. This is differentiation.


Now I would like to say in relation to this casteism, that Ananda Marga was
born in 1955. And Baba gave the slogan “Ma’nav Ma’nav Ek Hai”. That “Human
Human, All Are One”. The sense is, there is no question of division.

Dogmatic people became furious. And in the society, such persons were
dominating everything. Government officials, money matters, prestige,
education, everything was in the hand of these dogmatic persons. They
started hating and attacking AM on all the fronts.

There was food untouchability in the society. Baba gave the system, “Ek
Chulha’ Ek Chaoka’ Ek Hai Ma’nav Samaj”. The sense is “One Kitchen One
Stove One Human Society”. This was another point that made dogmatic persons
more furious. And then, fight after fight started in the beginning stage.
So many physical clashes happened. I don’t think that nowadays Ananda Margiis
are facing such physical attack and humiliation, which in the beginning
they suffered.


Excuse me, those who are thinking that Jamalpur days were just peaceful
days, they are in dreamland or naive. Innumerable such incidents happened
when Baba had to leave the pandal and DMC could not happen because of
throwing stone. And arson, bloody attack, etc., various types of tortures
those days Ananda Margiis faced. So thinking that those days Baba was in
Vraja Krsna so no fighting, that is just a dream. I can see that all along
from 1955 to ’90, Baba always appreciated fight, fight and fight. He invited
fight. Clash. His involvement with AM cannot be divided into several
pieces. The same thing was going on since 1955 to ’90.


Let me come to my original subject. Because of these serious so-called caste
differences, the dogmatic Hindu society was balkanized. And the majority of
so-called low caste people, became completely fed up with the dogma. So,
many of them joined other religions. Like Christianity and Islam,
etc. Otherwise in India there was almost 100% population of Hindus, before
several hundred years ago.

So Baba wanted to make one human society, that’s why destroying the caste
system was highly essential. But dogmatic Hindu people were fighting
against AM with their teeth and nails. And when Baba gave the revolutionary
marriage system, then that was another fuel on the fire.


So Acarya Dip Narayanji, was one of the victims of dogmatic Hindus on the
point of revolutionary marriage. There is a long history behind that but I
do not have time to write all those things. Even then I will write in short.

Ac. Dip Narayanji’s daughter got married in some so-called lower community
in the AM RM system. In response to that RM, his whole village attacked Ac.
Dip Narayanji’s village house. And he had to leave his house for several
months and could not return. He was kicked out from his own house. And in
the village one local mud jagriti was there where Baba Himself had planted
one mango tree earlier, several years back. And that tree was quite grown
up. And that tree was cut down by furious villagers in rage. They wanted to
destroy each and every sign of AM from the village. They stoned the tile
house. And so many things happened. The story is very long.

How much torture Dip Narayanji faced in order follow Baba’s system and guidelines.
Such was his commitment to AM adarsha.


So those who like Ac. Dip Narayanji were ready to endure huge suffering and
undergo tremendous sacrifice to uphold ideology. Due to their noble efforts
Ananda Marga got built up and established.

But since 1990, those who have gone astray from the path of ideological
dedication. And instead of working to establish AM ideals they are
following their own way. That is why we are facing so many problems these
days. Because a few persons began engaging in so many misguided and harmful
things like distorting Baba’s scripture, manipulating Bhukti Pradhan
rights, making dogmatic tiirthas etc.

And top of all fighting for their own groupist control and power.

But those who have dedicated themselves to ideology, by their service and
sacrifice they have built up and established Ananda Marga.

Baba gives the following blessings, which have inspired and will inspire
sadhakas eternally, to move along the path of dedication to AM ideology.

“Life represents Ideology. Life should be sacrificed for Ideology.” (AV #15)

“It is action that makes a person great. Be great by your sa’dhana’, by
your service, by your sacrifice.” (AV #20)


Next Life

Greed: for Name and Fame

Baba says, “Those engaged in social service devoid of ideation on
Parama Purusa, then when performing their good deeds they become greedy for
name and fame. And they like to see the newspaper coverage of their great
works. So in this case the person falls under the instinct of greed- because
he is greedy for the popularity of his own unit name and fame. And due to
the domination of this greed instinct, in his next life he will be born
according to those reactive momenta– which is depending upon the dominance
of a particular vrtii.

So in natural course the Creative Principle will provide him with the
body of a cat which is always greedy for food. A cat is so greedy that when
sneaking into the kitchen to devour some food, even if the cat gets hit and
jumps out the window; then just a few fractions of a second later that same
cat again tries to enter into the kitchen via the door– to again try to
get some food. All due to its avaricious nature.

Thus this is the fate and next life of those who cannot control their
greed. Here it should also be noted that Parama Purusa did not do anything
to create this situation. Rather, according to the desires of the jiiva he
will get the new life.” (AVM (B)- 10, 22 April ’79)


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