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Date: 14 Feb 2010 13:46:05 -0000
From: “Hariish Dev”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: It Is Not Groupism


“A’kasher ta’ra’ mor, ekata’ra’ eki sure geye caleche…” (P.S. 4716)

Baba, from the music of my heart and to the stars of the sky, everything
is singing one tune and one melody. Baba You exist and this world also
exists; but it is revolving around You because You are the Nucleus. You are
the Controller of everything. Indeed, Baba, You are the Essence of this
universe– everything is dancing and revolving around You.

Baba, in this beautiful creation of Yours, everyone is wreathed together
in one garland. Everyone’s sweet heart is attracted to one and all. The
illusion about ‘mine’ and ‘others’ is evaporating. Here in this world
everyone has come to become one.

No one is an outsider; everybody is my own. Those who are sadhus, good
sadhakas, and devotees– they see unity in diversity. They view everyone
equally and they love all. Whereas that self-centered & ignorant mind
operating under the dark spell of avidya maya has brought these problems of
selfishness, groupism, and divisiveness.

Baba, You are everything, You are attracting one and all. Your whole
creation is dancing and revolving around You. By Your grace, everyone’s
heart and mind is wreathed together. Baba in this way You are lovingly
playing Your grand liila…


Time and again one or another person or group is bragging about their own
samaj– as if they are the holiest ones. But this type of narrow-minded
outlook is not at all good; rather it is harmful. And anyone who speaks as
such is only exposing their own small-mindedness. Because we know that
Baba’s samaj theory is one broad-minded approach whereby all get the
opportunity to rise up and grow. And in this way people escape from the
noose of various complexes, most notably inferiority complex. So the
creation of samaj movements is one unique method whereby the whole humanity
can develop simultaneously in a complementary fashion.

Here following is some further explanation about the inner workings of
Baba’s samaj system and at the same time I hope everyone will also write
their thoughts on this important topic.

If we are all critically aware of Baba’s teachings on samaj then we will
clearly recognise when any of the groups tries to proclaim theirs is a
samaj movement when in fact it is groupism.



If one studies the basis of the formation of samajas and their criteria
(See note 1), then one can understand that without the formation of samaj,
repressed ethnic populations and the exploited mass will never be able to
enjoy freedom in the social spheres. Because exploiters inject various
inferiority complexes in the mind of the community which they want to

For example when the Britishers first started exploiting India then right
away they suppressed the local language so that the common public was
unable to express their grievances to their local government offices. In
that case the immediate effect was that the local people began suffering
from an inferiority complex: ‘I am illiterate, I do not know the basic
thing; I am low.’ Like this the people began to think.

So by the injection of the European language and culture and by giving undue
respect to that, an inferiority complex was created in the minds of the
Indian common mass.

Furthermore, the customs, manners, behaviors, songs, dance, drama, and all
local cultural expression which had high moral value were treated as low in
the eyes of the British administrators. So Britishers injected their own
films, cultures, manners, styles, and the result was that the inferiority
complex became so deep rooted in the Indian population that even today in
this 21st century if any person has a Masters degree in Sanskrit then they
feel inferior to someone who speaks one just a single sentence of English.

And when people suffer from inferiority complexes then they lose
self-confidence. They feel all their own local customs, manners,
behaviours, and culture is low. And they prefer to follow the way the
exploiters lived, ate, watched movies and what customs, manners, &
behaviours those exploiters did. So due to the inferiority complex the
common mass feels that everything that those exploiters do is great; and
their own things are low.

In this stage it is very easy to get exploited on economic sphere. On this
point in His discourse, ‘Capitalism in the Three Spheres’, Baba is giving a
very good guideline.

Baba says, in this case the chief solution is to instill self-confidence
within the local people by the development of their own samaj. Because then
ethnic people will feel proud of their own language and customs, and they
will not suffer from inferiority complexes. And in that case the
possibility of their getting exploited will be completely diminished.


Here is one special feature that should always be kept in mind. And that is
that one must have to remember that while encouraging local sentiments,
universalism should not be forgotten. Not for one second, otherwise it will
turn into groupism. It is just like driving on a mountainous road. If you
are careful and following the rules then you will reach your destination
quickly. But if you lose sight of where you are
going, then your life will get paralysed.

So lack of universality in the samaj movement can turn into a groupist
agenda. That is why Baba emphasizes that our samaj system must be based on
the slogan, “universal in spirit but regional in approach”. (PNS-13, p. 24)

And a similar idea about universality Baba has taught or incorporated into
His book, ‘To The Patriots’. No doubt with just a superficial reading of
the book, ‘To The Patriots’, then many people get confused that Baba is
propagating nationalism. But those who are genuine seekers of knowledge,
they easily understand the main theme or guideline which Baba is
emphasizing. And that teaching is that the unity of the country should be
strengthened on the point of cosmic fraternity and universal brotherhood.
This is Baba’s guideline. Devoid of this it will just be national
sentiment, i.e. nationalism which, as we all know, is one negative & narrow

Similar then is the case with samaj. Devoid of incorporating universal
values, then the samaj is just one group. So no one should get confused
that the agenda of samaj is just the agenda of groupism. Because Baba’s
samaj’s system has nothing to do with groupism.

Rather the AM samaj system can be likened to one flower garden where so
many varieties of flowers get scope to blossom. And each one has its
independent beauty, yet collectively they can be wreathed together to form
one colourful garland. So there is no question of one flower being superior
to another, or more valuable then other. Because all have their own unique,
intrinsic quality; and when joined together they collectively form one
garland. And this very same type of unity samaj preaches.


Here one thing should also be added: Baba never contradicts Himself. So
nobody should get confused that in His Neo-Humanism book Baba is talking
about rooting out different sentiments and establishing neo-humanistic
ideals, love for all; and in His samaj theory He talks just the opposite.
If anybody thinks like this they are severely confused.

Because: The samaj movement and Neo-Humanism are working in the same

Truly speaking, the whole theory of Ananda Marga — whether (a) spiritual
philosophy, or (b) socio-economic philosophy, i.e. Prout, of which samaj is
one part, and (c) Neo-Humanism– everything is working together on various

PROUT’s hinterland is mostly physical and the hinterland of Neo-Humanism is
psychic to proto-psycho-spiritual. And beyond that AM spiritual philosophy
stands. So in true sense Ananda Marga is one bird which has two wings:
Prout and Neo-Humanism. (See note 3) And, of course, one critical aspect of
Prout is the samaj system, which is one special program that provides for
the all-round development and growth of all downtrodden peoples and neglected

Without this there is no other way to build up one human society. (See
Notes 2, 4, & 5)

Here I conclude with the following words of our beloved Sadguru:

BABA says,”…the eternal glow of the boundless elan vital of Cosmic
Consciousness has been illuminating the life-lamp of universal humanism
since time immemorial, is illuminating it, and will do so even more
intensely. That is why I say the future of the human race is not dark,
rather it is strikingly resplendent…” (AV #49)

brotherly yours,


Baba says, “There are several factors which should be considered when
forming a socioeconomic movement [i.e. Samaj]. These are same economic
problems, uniform economic potentiality, ethnic similarity, common
sentimental legacy and similar geographical features.” (PNS-13, p. 19)

Note 2: Everybody wants freedom in all the spheres: physical, psychic, and
spiritual. We all know that spiritual freedom is not possible on the
collective level because of the divine rule that all cannot be granted
salvation at the same time; but collective freedom in the social realm is
possible. To give this practical shape and Baba has made the samaj system,
or socio-economic units.

In the below quote Baba is highlighting the important and
invaluable role the samaj system has in creating a proper human society
that is free of exploitation.

Baba says, “Human beings want freedom both as individuals and as members of
society and to ensure this freedom they will fight against all types of
oppression….collective freedom can only be ensured if there is
comprehensive unbarred expression in the different spheres of life…For
this to develop properly it is our duty to create a congenial atmosphere, a
suitable socioeconomic environment.” (PNS-13, p.19)

Note 3: Here below is the quotation of Baba where HE employs the analogy of
bird of Tantra in order to characterize the relationship between AM
spirituality, Prout & Neo-Humanism:

Baba says, The relationship amongst PROUT, Neo-Humanism and AM spirituality
may be likened to the bird of Tantra…[where] Spirituality (Ananda Marga)
is like the Tantric bird, and one wing is PROUT and the other wing is
Neo-Humanism. And the bird is flying along the path of beatitude towards
the Supreme Entity.” (PNS-17)

Note 4: We should always remember this following guideline. Because
positive movements like the samaj system always deserve our support and
negative trends like groupism should always be tossed aside.

Baba says, “Those sentiments which are conducive to human unity should be
encouraged, rejecting the sentiments which create a rift in human society.”

Note 5: Baba created samaj to remove psychic diseases like inferiority
complex. And when people overcome this complex and their mind becomes
balanced then there is no scope for them to develop superiority complex
about their samaj because rather they will think that all are great. They
will adopt a more universal stance thinking that all belong to Parama
Purusa and that all lands are my land, not just one particular area. So in
this way samaj movements are universal in spirit and dynamic and lead one
forward on path of dharma & universal welfare.

Future Humans– Body Shape

Baba says, “The situation that will arise in the future as a result of
humanity’s ever increasing thirst for knowledge. To meet these developments
the nerve cells and nerve fibres will have to become more complex.
Consequently, the human cranium will become larger and the size of the head
will increase. The hands and feet will become weaker and weaker and human
beings may even lose the ability to walk…In the future, the legs will be
used less and less and the capacity to move on them will decrease. The arms
will become thin, and the head will become abnormally large.” (AV-8, p. 8-9)


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