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Date: Mon 15 Feb 2010 12:23:16 -0000
Subject: Fatigue
From: “Ishvara”


“E sha’rad sandya’ na’ce madhuchanda’, ceye a’che toma’ri pa’ne…” (P.S. 3340)


Baba, this beautiful evening of pre-winter is dancing in ecstasy and
looking towards You. In the atmosphere of the sweet fragrance of the
shepha’lii flower, who knows what these beautiful white clouds in the sky
want to express– what loving feeling of their heart they want to
communicate and to whom.

Baba, who can say when the first sunrise happened; nor can anybody guess
when the last sunset will happen. But this beautiful evening of pre-winter
season understands the tale that Baba You know everything and You are
always attracting everyone.

Baba, I have only one longing in my heart: That You please give me
parabhakti. With that strength, O’ Lord, I can get salvation– You. In the
atmopshere of this melodious and colorful evening which is saturated with
the love & fragrance of the shepha’lii flower, I ask, bowing down to Your
lotus feet, that please have karuna’ on me.

Baba, in this divinely intoxicating pre-winter evening, please saturate
my heart with Your divine love…


Fatigue is a common human ailment and most suffer from this at some
point or another – almost every day, even when involved in their
favorite activities.

As sadhakas, we can escape this problem of fatigue and invite a
perennial source of energy and inspiration into our lives – by His grace
– regardless of what we are doing.

In order to achieve our goal of self-realisation and service to society,
we should practically and theoretically understand this point of how to
overcome, nay eliminate, fatigue. Then we are sure to be successful.



Most get tired during the course of their day. Those doing work like
slaves wherein they are doing for someone else’s profit are generally
the first ones to get tired. Their day will just drag forward almost
from the moment it begins. Their muscles ache, their brain gets dull,
and there is little motivation or stamina for them to continue. They
just slog through their day. In your comings and goings around town, you
have surely seen such persons.

Then there are those who seem to truly like what they are doing –
whether it be their job, hobby, sports, or family time. Such persons are
doing with an apparent sense of purpose though in truth they are really
moved by all kinds of worldly attachments, bondages and afflictions such
as name and fame, money, spouse, family, sex, prestige, and so on. They
will sacrifice much to achieve their worldly ends and material
pleasures, and it looks like they can continue forever, but even they
get tired – invariably.

A person may be running, but it will not be long before he cannot run
any more. A person may be eating, a person may be playing music, a
person may be owning a business, a person may be taking care of their
children etc, even then, with their limited physical energy, tiredness
will come their way. Their attraction for tht project will wane and
ultimately they will become fatigued. This is the normal course.

This happens with each and every worldly work – sooner or later. Why?
Because those worldly pursuits, endeavours, and hobbies fail to provide
eternal stamina and inspiration to continue. No matter how
enthusiastically and seriously one is involved, tiredness consumes them.
No material pursuit can provide ongoing energy. Naturally then, fatigue

That is one end of the spectrum: worldly pursuits.


Here we should be aware about one thing. People often move around in the
general society and think that others are great and have boundless
energy. They glorify their neighbors, friends, and acquaintances because
they only see part of the picture. In contrast they know the problems
that come in their own house, but they think others are immune to such
issues. In that state of naiveté and unawareness, they place a gold
ribbon around all kinds of people.

But this is all wrong. None should fall in this type of delusion.
Someone who is very energetic at work and it looks like they have it all
together, just know that is not the full picture. Because all on the
path of materialism are subject to fatigue, frustration, ignorance and
despair. Keep that in mind the next time you see someone around town and
think, “Wow, that person is really great in all respects.”

Never forget, materialists are prone to fatigue – period, no matter how
grand their life may look from the outside.



On the other end of the spectrum is sadhana and spiritual endeavors. By
Baba’s grace when one is deeply ensconced in spiritual sadhana, then
fatigue never comes. That is Baba’s teaching and all sadhakas in the
Marga may have realised this in the practical sphere as well – when they
are in a proper flow.

First off, as a gateway into sadhana, we all sing kiirtan, which has
been designed in such a way as to fend off any feelings of fatigue.

Baba says, “Now lalita ma’rmik dance can maintain adjustment with
kiirtana without causing fatigue in the human body: that is why lalita
is prescribed in kiirtana.” (AFPS-3)

From kiirtan we transition to sadhana. And in sadhana, by His grace, we
can tap into that perennial source of eternal inspiration. Baba is
always gracious; and with a bit of concentration and devotional flow,
the unit mind can flow on and on in His cosmic ideation. In that case,
there will be no fatigue.

Baba says, “His love is perennial. It is always there. It is for you to
tap His love. It is up to you because the chance has been given to you.
Now it is for you to realize that and open everything. Then you will be
able to enjoy the complete love and devotion which has been showering on
you for time eternal.” (AV-31)

Many in our Marga may have experienced such a state wherein their ista
mantra or dhyana mantra, charged by the Sadguru, vibrates their every
cell and flows along effortlessly – from one repetition to the next,
giving tremendous force to both body and mind.

Baba says, “During meditation, the process of incantation is attuned to
the respiratory system. Once you have mastered this practice, your
incantation will continue automatically…When the process of
incantation is perfectly attuned to the respiration, it will continue
effortlessly.” (AV-8)

With proper determination and practice, and with Baba’s grace, our
sadhana can give us unending strength and energy to delve deeper and
deeper. Every sadhaka is aware that only spiritual sadhana (paramartha)
gives eternal inspiration and keeps fatigue at bay.

So we should all try more and more to experience this flow. Such a
stance can be realised in one’s practical life; we can reach that divine
kingdom where there is no fatigue.



Between worldly life and purely spiritual pursuits, there is a middle
ground where one may not be drifting in total bliss unaware of their own
existence, nor consumed by fatigue and frustration. Rather one is
working in world, doing service, and thinking of Him.

At the beginning of this letter, in the first part about worldly
pursuits, we discussed those who work like slaves as well those who do
out of attachment. Both of these types of people are bound to suffer
from fatigue. But there is another category of person doing works in the
world. And this person derives ongoing inspiration for their pursuits.
It is the one ideates on the Lord and is ensconced in Brahmabhava.

Baba says, “Wise sa’dhakas superimpose Brahmabha’va on physical objects
and mental thoughts. At once they cease to be physical or mental, they
become spiritual.” (AV-33)

Baba says, “Fortified with courage and instilled with Brahmabha’va they
face all calamities of retribution bravely. They always consider
themselves pure, for they have purged their minds… Sa’dhakas call it
the combustion of the seed of action in the fire of sa’dhana’.” (AMIWL-5)

By taking spiritual ideation through second lesson and ideating on
Parama Purusa, by His grace, one can spiritualise all one’s actions and
pursuits. In that case fatigue and frustration will never knock on their
door. Because that bhakta sees one and all as manifestations of the
Supreme. In that case their mind is ensconced in the thought of the
Divine, even though they are living and working in this world.

Here is a classic example.

Buddha used to beg but He always did so with the thought of the Divine
in which case his life’s journey of begging was blissful and done for
the great cause, wheres others begging for food begging feel as though
they are just trying to get some measly scraps in which case they are
miserable. For them life is a torment.

So the ideation behind the action is what determines whether that person
is prone to fatigue or not. Those doing with the ideation of bhramabhava
receive ongoing fuel from Parama Purusa for all their pursuits.

In our Marga, you may have seen some Wts who got frustrated thinking
that Baba’s system of starting one project and leaving another project
half done was totally fruitless. They were involved in worldly
measurements and totally missed out on how this was the Divine liila and
His special technique for teaching us everything in a short time period.
Such workers were easily frustrated & often left whereas those doing to
please Him were always feeling buoyant, blissful and ready for life.

Such is the stark difference between those involved in Brahmabhava
versus those stuck in worldly gains and losses.

Although bramhabhava is not 100% spiritual like dhyana because you are
dealing with world, but because of cosmic ideation one is tapping into
His perennial inspiration.

If doing any service project or seva in order to please Parama Purusa,
and not for name and fame etc, then one will get ongoing inspiration and
never be drained of their energy and motivation by fatigue.


Our approach then is to do sadhana and ideate when involved in worldly
dealings. Only people become tired and frustrated because of a lack of
Brahmabhava. By ideating on Him, gradually our fatigue will disappear
and we will get renewed energy to do all kinds of good deeds and welfare
projects for Him.

All want happiness but most pursuits invite frustration. Only being
ensconced in the divine only brings lasting happiness.

Furthermore, we should also be careful how the mind flickers. Today we
like this car and that computer but one day those same things will give
us frustration and misery, because the mind has changed. That is how how
frustration comes. Look back at your own life and see the trend and
never get duped or fooled thinking that materialists live a happy and
joyous life. Rather theirs is the path from one frustration to the next.
Only those involved with Parama Purusa are truly happy. Let this be our


By Baba’s grace He has blessed us with sadhana and the way to ideate. We
must realise practically and theoretically these gifts. Then we will
never experience fatigue in life; we will always feel that we are sweet
feet of Parama Purusa.

Baba says, “Until that Supreme Goal is reached, you will have to
tirelessly advance, ignoring all fatigue and exhaustion. You must
reflect in your personal life the very spirit of “caraeveti, caraeveti”
– move ever onwards, move ever onwards. May you be victorious.” (SS-18)


The Way Parama Purusa Evaluates

The Divine Measuring Rod

Baba says, “Do not think that those who are highly learned intellectuals
are elevated. In the realm of spirituality even illiterate persons can
reach the Goal, leaving those intellectuals behind. Parama Purusa does
not consider the intellectual qualification or intellect. He evaluates
everyone with the measuring scale of how much love one has for Parama
Purusa.” (SS-14, p. 91, Saharsa DMC, 27 June 1980)

Note: In His above teaching Baba guides us that all that is needed to
get Him is sincere love for since Him. That is the special measuring
rod. That is why those jinanis and groupist leaders who go on inventing
more and more crude theories for their own prestige and power are far,
far away from the goal.


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