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Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2010 10:04:02 -0400
From: Patrick Russell
Subject: AM’s Approach vs ‘Modern’ Science


“Anek shun’iya’ anek bhaviya’, toma’kei bha’lobesechi…” (PS 1041)


Baba, Your tales are infinite. From the mouths of devotees I have heard
endless heart-touching stories how You have showered Your boundless love
and grace. Baba, as soon as I heard all those things about You, I began to
contemplate about Your grandeur and glory, over and over again. By that
way I realised that You are inseparably linked with my heart, mind, and my
entire existence. Baba, I have fallen in love with You; I can’t live
without You. You are my most intimate One. Baba, in order to find You I
have searched in each and every town and village, by the rivers and the
oceans, in the hills and the valleys, in the mountains and the caves. I
have searched You in the sky and earth– everywhere. Baba, by Your grace I
have discovered that You are that priceless jewel sitting in my heart.

Baba, I do not have any explanation why I have fallen in love with You.
All I can say is that it is solely Your grace. Love knows no logic or
reasoning. All I can tell is that You graciously pulled me towards You and
by that way I have fallen in love with You. It is Your grace. O’ my
Dearmost, I do not love You in order to get mukti [1]. I love You because
You have tenderly brought me close to You. Even then I am not an A-grade
sadhaka. I do sadhana and by that way receive Your bliss. I think that is
the reason why I love You. Baba, I love You to get a’nanda. This is the aim
of my life: To love You so that I may be bathed in Your bliss. This truth I

O Lord, I do not have parabhakti– highest devotion. But keeping in mind
that parabhakti is the greatest quality, I will go on doing Your work and
serving You according to whatever strength I have. I will expend every
ounce of energy to satisfy You. Baba, by Your grace, I understand that, ‘I
should love You to give You bliss– not for my own bliss’ [2]. This is the
culmination of all I have learned, by Your grace.

Baba, by Your grace I have fallen in love with You. My sole desire is to
serve You and please You…


[1] Mukti: (Literally means ‘liberation’). Just as the sadhaka in the above
song is not doing sadhana to get mukti, similarly, in the below discourse
Baba is guiding us that one should not do sadhana to get mukti.

Baba says, “While surrendering oneself at the altar of the Supreme, what is
one to do? One must not ask for anything from Parama Purus’a. [For
example,] for a bhakta, mukti has got no importance. A bhakta wants Parama
Purus’a, and nothing from Him, not even mukti. Suppose Parama Purus’a says,
‘O devotee, what do you want?’ – his reply is, ‘I want You’. One must not
say, ‘I want mukti’, because suppose one says, ‘I want mukti’, one may get
mukti, but one may not get Parama PurusĀ“a. Which is more valuable – mukti
or Parama Purus’a? Parama Purus’a!” (SS-24, ‘Bhakti, Mukti and Parama Purusa’)

So this is a good teaching: A sadhaka should not ask for anything, not even
mukti. Even then some do sadhana for mukti, but in the above Prabhat
Samgiita as well as in the above quotation, Baba is instructing us that one
should not do sadhana to get mukti. One should do sadhana so that one may
come close and serve and please Him.

[2] A’nanda deva’r l’a’gi: (Literally means ‘to give bliss’) The last
stanza of this song describes the stance of ragatmika devotion where one
does sadhana to please Him– to give Him bliss. That is the culmination of
all devotion.

Baba says, “The ra’ga’tmika’ bhakta says: ‘I love Parama Purus’a because I
want to give Him a’nandam. I don’t care whether or not I get a’nandam. My
only desire is to give Him joy through my love. I shall perform, even at
the cost of profuse sweat and difficulty, only those noble deeds which will
give Him joy. I am ready to undergo any amount of pain and suffering to
give Him joy.” (NKS: Disc 25)


In the present era many innocent persons suffer from a misunderstanding about
science and its application. Usually people think that modern day
science has achieved the highest staure, and that it crowning glory of life,
as it has led us out of the dark ages of religious dogma etc.

They conclude taht we should follow the present day course of scientific
achievement not adjust the path of science.


But, as Baba guides us, for science to really become society’s great asset
some pre-requisites are necessary. In particular the control of science
must be in the hands of sadvipras. Otherwise it creates a very negative
effect that is hazardous to humanity.

One further point is that civilization and the science should work hand in
hand. That means science should be controlled by civilized souls. Because
when the opposite happens, then all kinds of negativity sprouts. Just like
in this present era where science is controlled by capitalists– selfish
people who twist science to their own greedy needs.


So in this present era of material science, achievements chiefly come in
two main ways:

1. New and newer weapons for destroying & killing others;
2. Luxurious items for the rich & lazy.

But on the other side so many fields of scientific inquiry have been left
neglected. Scientists have not gotten the opportunity or means to research
and solve problems like providing the minimum requirements to each and
every individual on this earth. What to say about the entire globe, even in
the materially rich USA not all the people have their minimum requirements
met. And throughout other parts of the globe starvation is quite common and
even rampant in some areas. Needless to say this is not glorifying image of
science and its achievement.

Why all this?– Because science is controlled by negative people and it has
gotten misused:
(a) science is not under the direct control of sadvipras;
(b) civilization is not given proper emphasis.

These following Baba’s quotes all lead in that direction.

Baba says, “In the present age, civilization is on the wane due to science
enjoying the pride of place. But developed as science is today, if
civilization is pushed up again to the top, people can reach a greater
height than ever before.” (PNS-6, p.37)

Baba says, “What is science? That which teaches the proper use of material
things is science. Where the development of civilization is utterly
negligible and science gradually attains the apogee of development, science
only paves the way for destruction instead of doing any good to humanity.
And so, study and practice of science, though unavoidable, should not be
given a higher place than civilization.” (PNS-6, p.36)

Baba says, “For human progress the cultivation of science must always be
welcomed, but it is desirable that this cultivation of science should be
carried out under the supervision of sadvipras.” (PNS-6, p.15)


And here further Baba reviews issues of science in the present era.
Baba says, “Today the materialist scientists of the world have become the
objects of fear for the human race, lest they invent and produce various
types of lethal bombs.” (PNS-14, p.15)

Baba says, “So we see that science is indispensable for human progress, and
without it half the population of the world would die of starvation.”
(PNS-6, p.13)

Baba says, “Nowadays science means creating new weapons – strengthening the
hands of war-mongers; but the spirit of science should not be like this,
and at the start, in the primordial phase of human life, it was not so.
Yes, there is necessity of weapons – weapons not for strengthening the
hands of warmongers, but for providing security for good ideas, good
thoughts and good persons.” (PNS-9, p. 42)


As Ananda Margiis we understand that material science is in a very
primitive stage. Here following is some review.

1. Material science wrongly believes that building blocks of life are
carbonic structures. But our Microvita philosophy says that the building
block is microvita. It is microvita which carries the life.

2. Each and every margii practices fasting without water and has
experienced how beneficial it is. But present day medical science
basically discards this idea; rather traditional medical science says that
fasting without water fasting is very dangerous, detrimental to health.

3. Each and every Margii knows the value of lymph and that Baba has warned
that no one should misuse this by harboring negative thoughts and
converting one’s vital energy into semen, unnecessarily for
self-gratification or the domination of low instincts. One should know the
value of naesthika brahmacarya as well as be wary of the “bad habit of
masturbation” (YT). But the beliefs and ways of present day science is just
opposite. They encourage others to indulge in this negative thing. Even
this is preached to the youth. In dogmatic way present day scientists
preach that the loss of semen is beneficial health. But we know that this
is 100% wrong.


So when material science is off the mark on these points then how far can
we adjust with their viewpoints– thus sacrificing the ideals of AM. And
here following are more points where material science is far below the high
standard of AM.


4. Material science does not have any concept of sentient food and whereas
we know how useful and important it is to take sentient food.

5. Present day science follows the dogma that human beings are social
animals and they treat humans as being part of the animal kingdom. All
kinds of medical tests are done on animals so that various medicines or
“scientific developments” can be approved for humans consumption. But Baba
discards this idea that humans are animals. In so many discourses Baba says
“human life is an ideological flow” (APH). There is no question that humans
are “rational animals”.

6. Material scientists believe that matter is bottled up energy. And here
energy means crude energy. But Baba discards this idea. Matter is not
bottled up energy.

7. Material scientists claim that everything comes from matter and we say
that everything comes from Parama Purusa. They say everything is from
matter and we say that everything is Cosmic emanation.

8. Material science does not believe in prapatii vada or surrender theory.
But in Ananda Marga, surrender theory is the highest ideal.

9. Present day material science does not believe in the working system of
homeopathy. But Baba approves of homeopathy as being the best pathy.

10. Material science claims that certain individuals like Galileo first
invented certain theories like that of gravitation. But Baba enlightens us
as to the real story about this:

Baba says, “Bhaskaracarya first discovered that the earth was round, and not
Copernicus. That the earth is moving was first discovered by Bhaskaracarya
and not by Galileo. The law of gravitation was first discovered by
Bhaskaracarya and not by Newton.” (Disc MHB, p. 24)

11. Material science such as western linguistics thinks that Latin and
Greek are the starting point of modern languages, whereas Baba has clearly
demonstrated that the Sanskrit language is the underlying link of all
languages around the globe.

12. Material science does not recognize anything beyond sense-perception
but the entire philosophy of AM philosophy is standing on intuition.

13. Material science believes that this world is for the enjoyment of human
beings. And for their enjoyment, then ecology and all related things can be
consumed. But our AM philosophy holds a different feeling. As human beings
have the right to life, similarly all have right to live– One family. But
material science does not consider this.

14. In AM we believe in Cosmic patrimony– that the material property
belongs to one and all. But material science does not recognise this.

15. Many aspects of the basic fundamentals of 16 Points are overlooked and
by material science as it does not recognise them.

16. Like this countless points are there how the dharmic teaching of AM are
far higher and more advanced that the present day ways of material science.


What Baba has given everything is aptavakya, entire creation is within the
mind of Parama Purusa. To know anything He need not to do any external
approach. Because everything is within Him, so what He has said that is
100% perfect and that is not going to change according to changes of time
space and person. That is why all Baba’s teachings are apta vakya and

Baba says, “A’pta vakya or absolute knowledge is true and beneficial for
all people is all ages and in all countries…The books in Ananda Marga
philosophy are all absolute knowledge.” (PNS-18, chap 3)

In contrast in the case of material science, what one scientist says today
is truth until another scientist comes along & proves that as wrong.
To understand the divine teaching of Baba, the preset day material science
has to travel a long pathway. So we are not going to compromise or adjust
our AM philosophy at all to fit the limited ways of material science.
Rather when material science advances then they will understand that
greatness of Ananda Marga.


Note 1: Of course in AM we strongly advocate and support the use of
science. No one should get confused and think AM is against science. Just
the overall idea of this letter is that the more static materials science
is far behind the teachings of AM.

Here following Baba guides us how science should be used.

Baba says, “Science is for service and beatitude. Science should always be
utilised for the proper progress of human society.” (PNS-9, p. 42)

Note 2: The various branches of material science operate within their own
spheres. So each does not understand other branches of sciences. One
branch of the science does not understand another branch of material
science. But AM is based on spiritual science. So it cannot be measured
with the scale of material science. Material science should develop more
and more and be utilised for human welfare. Then it will help in all-round
development of human personality. But it has its own limitation.

Subtler aspects of spiritual science will never be understood and realised
by material science because of its own limitation. To understand AM,
material science has to cross its material boundary. But it cannot do that
otherwise it will not be seen as a material science. Then it will be called
as a spiritual science. So the conclusion is that due to its inherent
limitations material science will never be able to fully understand AM

Divine Guideline in Dhyana Process

Baba says, “In the fourth phase the relationship is just like a piece of
paper; the unit consciousness of the spiritual aspirant is one side of the
paper and the Cosmic Consciousness of Parama Purus’a is the other side of
the paper; they are inseparable, one cannot be removed from the other. By
His effulgence the unit existence, the existential faculty of the aspirant
gets lighted, gets illumined. With His illumination the aspirant is to move
forward and enjoy the Supreme Beatitude and the Supreme Composure.” (SS-18,

Note: Here above Baba is indirectly guiding about the last part of the
practice of dhyana– which every sincere sadhaka practices regularly.


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