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Subject: Baba Story: Respiration with Susumna
Date: Sat Mar 6 12:38:09 +0500 (IST)
From: Ram Sahay Kulshresth


“Toma’r na’me bha’siye dilum a’ma’r sa’dher tariikha’ni…” (P.S. 4755)


Baba, by Your grace, You are my eternal shelter. All my desires and all
my longings are depending solely on You. Baba, my boat is floating along
trusting on Your name. I am surrendering everything unto You. Baba, by Your
grace the boat of my desires will float along through all the crests and
troughs– through all the highs and low– day and night. Baba, I do not
have any fear because I am just surrendering at Your alter. You are my
shelter. I have full faith on Your name; my whole existence floats in the
incantative waves of Your divine name.

Baba, You are my Goal; You are my dhyana. By Your grace You are always
calling me– bringing me closer to You. Baba, on the dark, stormy night in
the midst of the loud thunder and streaking lightening, my boat will not
shake or tremble because I am surrendering in You. You are my everything.

Baba, by Your grace on the one side the whole panoramic scene is
absolutely brilliant. As I float along on my boat, the entire water, air,
and sky are suffused with the golden effulgence of the sun’s rays.
Everything is sparkling. Yet on the other side, due to my own faults and
shortcomings, my existence is stained– sunk in blackness. Baba, by Your
grace, I will carefully sort through all the good and bad things– keeping
all the postive attributes and removing all the negative ones. Baba, by
Your grace on this journey all the bad samskaras will be wiped away.

Baba, my whole existence is revolving around You– singing Your name and
glory. You are my everything…


By Baba’s divine grace here is a story about one general darshan with our
dearmost Sadguru Baba in Jamalpur.

Some sadhakas may recall that in those days in 1965 Revered Baba was very
particular in guiding us in spiritual life; He was quite strict with all
sadhakas about following a proper sadhana routine and doing all the lessons

Of course, in various ways and forms, this was true all the way up through

But that time in 1965 it seemed to us that Baba was being especially
gracious and personally giving so many special techniques and beautiful
explanations for improving everyone’s meditation.

Looking back, we can only say that this was His causeless grace those days.
On this particular occasion that I am about to recount, Baba was in a most
gracious and charming mood when He came for General Darshan. Upon entering
He was smiling so sweetly and we all felt a special vibration in the air.

Baba was moving very slowly and delicately. And when He gently sat down on
His cot then He began little by little emphasizing the deep importance and
great significance of sadhana. This was the norm those days. And in His own
beautiful cadence and rhythm, He began addressing many complementary points
for meditation such as proper food, right atmosphere, good company
(satsaunga), physical exercise (asanas) etc– all of which aid one in the
practice of sadhana.

Included in this discussion also was Baba’s special teaching about
breathing and the correct use and utility of the nostrils. And He
descriptively told us how long, long ago the great yogii Sadashiva was the
first to give this special science of breath control known as svarshastra.


Then Baba began to unveil some of the inner secrets regarding the three
na’diis– the ida’, piungala’, and the susumna. Baba was specifically
guiding us that:

(1) When the piungala’ na’dii is expanded then the right nostril is
dominant. Baba told us that this state is conducive for doing physical
activities such as running, jumping, eating etc.

(2) When the ida’ na’dii is expanded then the more left nostril is more
active. Baba explained that this is more conducive for engaging in psychic
work, intellectual studies, and psycho-spiritual pursuits.
Then Baba went on to describe that one na’dii may be more or less dominant
to varying degrees. For example sometimes the ida’ na’dii might be 70%
dominant and the piungala’ na’dii is doing 30% of the breathing. Or the
ratio could be 90%-10% or 60%-40% or any combination there of. And
sometimes one na’dii may be controlling 100% of the breathing.

(3) Then Baba paused and He told that there is a somewhat rare situation
when both the na’diis– both the nostrils– are working equally: 50-50.
This occurs when the susumna channel or centre pipe is expanded fully and
it is applying equal pressure on the other two na’diis.

Baba then told us that in that unique situation when the susumna na’dii or
the susumna channel is nicely expanded such that both the nostrils are
working equally, then that is an ideal time to do sadhana. He told us that
in this circumstance the mind easily gets concentrated. Then Baba lovingly
directed us that we should always be ready to utilise that time for sadhana.
Then in that very room one very special event came to pass which I will
never forget.


On that divine occasion in Baba’s presence, there were eleven of us sitting
at His lotus feet immersed in His darshan by His grace. Then with His
infinite compassion Baba sweetly guided us all to check our nostrils and
see which na’dii was dominating. By His causeless grace everyone present
acknowledged that both their nostrils were openly equally– thus signifying
that the susumna na’dii was expanded fully.

Everyone present understood that this was nothing but Baba’s divine grace
and then upon His grand direction we all started doing sadhana. And almost
instantaneously and we could feel a very strong vibration as the
kulakundalini began to rise up through the various cakras until finally by
His magnificent grace we all become totally ensconced in His divine flow
and heard that omnkara dhvani– sound of silence. We were all completely
swept up in the vast ocean of His cosmic bliss and tears of joy were
streaming down from everyone’s eyes. Like this the time passed by His grace.

When Baba brought our minds back into their normal state and our awareness
returned to being in that small, little room with Baba then we could all
sense how the sweet smell of the lotus flower was permeating all around and
that a blissful vibration dancing through each and every cell of our

It was truly a memorable experience.

Of all the different occasions that I was blessed to have Baba’s direct
darshan, I shall always hold and cherish the above experience as being
quite dear. I will always feel that on that particular occasion Baba truly
showered His causeless grace on us and allowed us to experience that real
internal communion with Him.


Perhaps now more than ever this opportunity is open to us all as sadhana is
the means for communicating with Him and realising our true nature. So in
this short human life of ours we should be most careful to utilise the best
moments– the most opportune moments– for doing His sadhana.

Here is Baba’s blessing upon all sadhakas:

Baba says, “One who has followed the straight path of the sus’umna’ canal
upwards does not return. He becomes one with Parama Purus’a, losing his
separate existence.” (NKS, Disc 16)

Thus, when the susumna canal is active, i.e. when both nostrils are open,
then we should all be vigilant to use that time for sadhana, by His

Ram Sahay


Baba says, “Among the three principal nad’iis [psychic-energy channels],
the sus’umna’ is straight while the two on either side of it, the id’a’ and
the piungala’, curve right and left.” (SC-2)

Baba says, “In the yogic treatises the left na’d’ii is called id’a’, the
right na’d’ii is called piungala’, and the one between them is called
sus’umna’. The id’a’ is also called candra na’d’ii [moon channnel], the
piungala’ su’rya na’d’ii [sun channel] and the sus’umna’ a’ka’sha ma’rga
[sky channel].” (SC-2)


Baba says, “The process of breathing, depending upon whether the breath is
flowing through the right nostril or the left nostril or both nostrils,
influences people in various ways. It was Shiva who determined what kind of
activity should be performed, depending on which nostril the breath was
flowing through, and depending on whether the id’a’ or piungala’ or
sus’umna’ channel was active. He set down specific rules and regulations as
to when one should undertake physical, psychic or spiritual activities. He
further instructed when and in what circumstances one should do a’sanas,
pra’n’a’ya’ma, dha’ran’a’, dhya’na, etc. This science, which Shiva invented
and developed, was known as svara sha’stra or svarodaya [science of breath
control].” (NSS, Disc 3)


Baba says, “The process of breathing has a great influence on the human
mind and self, or soul.” (NSS, Disc 3)


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