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Subject: …Foremost Need for Children
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2010 12:38:52 -0000


“Ba’hir vishve dhara’ da’o na’ko, marme lukiye tha’ko…” – P.S. 3857


Baba You are hiding in everyone’s heart. That is Your hinterland. Baba,
You cannot be held in this external world; searching You outside is nothing
but a waste of time. Baba, You always reside in the deep core of my heart.
You remain eternally in that golden vessel deep inside my being.

Baba by Your grace You give shelter at Your lotus feet to one and all.
Irregardless of who is crying for You, and who is longing for You, or who s
oblivious about You– Baba You lovingly shower Your grace on all. You never
make any distinctions. Everyone is Your creation so You bring one and all
under Your divine shelter. With Your divine attraction and the resonance of
Your flute, You call everyone close. You lovingly attract everyone by the
pull of the heart. This is Your special call.

Baba, You are eternally present and always smiling in my heart. Baba,
You are so gracious…



Each and every day, as never before, we hear the shocking news about
our teenagers committing heinous crimes: Murder, rape, bombings, and
more. This is most rampant now in the US.

What has experts and officals concerned is that such type of unruly &
hastly incidents are becoming more and more common. Especially in our
so-called advanced nations– where youths are engaging in terribly
destructive and savage behavior.

The questions naturally arise: How & why are such horrific tragedies
increasing? Why are children in “First-World” countries resorting to such
dastardly acts? These are but a couple of the burning questions of the day.
Of course, side by side, our Revered Sadguru Baba has already addressed and
given the solution to these types of tragic social woes.



Looking back at the history, Baba clearly unveils that an imbalanced or
broken family severely adversely affects the children’s growth and thrusts
them into “a sea of troubles”.

Baba says, “The male libertines would not take responsibility for their
offspring. They used to wander freely, and as a result, the entire
responsibility for raising the children in their infancy would devolve on
the mothers. But it was not possible for the mothers alone to bear the
responsibility of maintaining the children, as a result of which many
children died in early infancy. Those who survived felt themselves to be in
a sea of troubles after they were weaned from their mother’s breast milk.
Then they would be deprived of their mother’s love, since she had to take
care of the next baby. Those were the days of the prehistoric humans.”
(NSS: Shivokti-2)

In His above guideline, Baba is graphically showing what happens when the
mother and father are unable to provide a proper environment for their
child. More specifically when children are not given the heart-felt love
and attention that they need, then those kids have little chance of ‘making
it’ in the world. They may not physically die, but internally there is a
terrible void that casts a dark shadow on their entire existence.

Here following Baba furthermore points out how one of the key aspects
needed for the wholesome development of the child is motherly love and
affection. And if that is blatantly missing or absent– for whatever
reason– then the child’s growth will be severely hampered and stunted.
They will lack those “sweeter and finer sensibilities” that are unique to
human existence and so very vital for each and every person.

Baba says, “It was not easy to know the fathers of children even in the
case of the so-called householders, far less in that of the libertines.
Children would know only their mothers. And after they were weaned, they
would forget their mothers also. Thus being deprived of motherly love and
affection at a very early age, they had no opportunity to develop the
sweeter and finer sensibilities of the human mind. The human mind, the
human intellect, was nipped in the bud; those people had no opportunity to
blossom, to gladden the heart of the world with their sweet joy.” (NSS:

The overall message is that strong, cooperative parental involvement is
needed in raising a child. A certain physical and psychic base or stability
must be provided by the father and the mother must have ample scope to
shower her maternal love and compassion on the child. These are the
necessary ingredients and when they are missing then the whole situation
turns sour. In that case the child cannot grow properly and often their
entire life ends up in disaster.


Nowadays in our so-called third and first world nations, there is a blatant
dichotomy. In general, especially in places like India, the mothers keep
their children nestled in their arms and under their close care throughout
the day. No doubt they may not be able to supply the child with huge
material wealth, but the children grow in an in-tact family surrounded by
caring parents and concerned grandparents and a number of aunts and uncles.

But first and foremost, the mother’s entire focus of life is on the child
and that yields a tremendously positive result. Internally, the child feels
nurtured and secure.

In contrast, in our developed nations, the general tendency is quite
different. Divorce is rampant, often times both parents have full-time
jobs, and in some cases the parents just prefer their own privacy away from
their children. With these factors having a dominant effect, there is now
an entire generation of children coming into the world who lack that most
basic and fundamental human need: Love– motherly love.

On the outside it may sometimes look like those children have everything: a
fancy house, all the technological games and gadgets, and so many toys and
gifts etc. But on the inside their heart is not satisfied. Due to
the pressure of circumstances or outright neglect, they did not receive
that loving compassion that is so much required for their welfare. And as
Baba says, that casts then into a “sea of troubles”.


That is why today we see– especially in the USA– children getting
involved in an unending array of cruel and unsightly behavior. In the
recent past such incidents were unheard of. So this is a new and developing
phenomenon in the US and other “first-world” nations like Germany etc.

For example, just in the recent days, weeks and months, teens across
North America have blown up schools, gang-raped young girls, lit
innocent classmates on fire causing severe burns, murdered teachers,
robbed the elderly, and so much more.

Indeed now there is an unending stream of teenage crimes being committed– and
they are crimes of the worst nature.

And the response that most states are taking is to try these youths as
adults and put them in prison for years and years – if not life. But that
is not the solution. Rectification and reform time may certainly be necessary,
but that is not nipping the problem in the bud.

If we do not address this core issue of a distinct lack of maternal and
parental love, the current problems which seem to bad will only escalate.

Overall the situation of youth is quite awful in many of our first-world
countries. But it is not solely limited to those places. Because as Baba
points out the problem begins and ends with motherly love. With an
upsurge of love, the child’s heart will be content and they will not become
a burden on this earth.

But when the child grows with an empty or rejected feeling inside
due to being tossed aside by the parents, then this psychological void is
not easily fixed. Rather it become a life-long problem in which case those
children can do untold harm to others. Plus if they become parents
themselves then they will do the same mistreatment to their children. So
that negative cycle continues on and on.

At the present moment, there is a terrible crisis going on, especially in
our first-world countries where the conditions are distinctly less
favourable for our young. About this much can be written and everyone is
encouraged to share their own perceptions and experiences of this problem,
as step by step this is turning into an epidemic.


On the positive side, around the globe our AM parents are inculcating a
greater and greater sense of neo-humanistic values into their children’s
lives and this obviously is having a beneficial outcome. Plus with the
growth of cooperatives and Master Units parents have a better opportunity
to spend more and more time with their children– when their little ones
are in the tender stage of infancy. So by Baba’s grace we are seeing that
fatherly support and motherly love and affection that is so vital for the
welfare of the child. Here again, I hope everyone will describe some of the
successes we are seeing in AM.


By Baba’s grace and with our heart-felt compassion we will bring the entire
humanity into one neo-humanistic flow where all feel cared for and loved.

Baba says, “Marching ahead is jiivan dharma (the characteristic wont of
life). To march ahead, carrying all, viewing the world humanity as an
integral entity, is the principal aspect of jiivan dharma. Resolve
courageously to observe this jiivan dharma…” (A’nanda Va’nii, #43)


Genuine Devotees

Baba says, “By observing people’s conduct one will easily notice those who
are absorbed in divine love…They will raise their voice against all sorts
of tyranny, injustice, and exploitation. Those who do not possess that kind
of honest courage to oppose all wrongs are nothing but fakes– they are
never genuine [devotees].” (AV-7, p.12)

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