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Right Medicine

From: “Alex Hufnagel”
Subject: Right Medicine
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2010 12:13:54 +0000


PS Intro: This is one humorous song for children of all ages. In the odd
kingdom there was an odd king and all his actions were peculiar and
completely senseless. This following song shows how imbalanced people do
just opposite of what should be done.

“Ru’pakatha’r ek ra’ja’ chilo, ha’sate se ye ja’nato na’ to…” (P.S. 432)


Once upon a time there was a mythological king who was not even aware
how to smile and laugh. When taking food he would hold the rice in his
hand and then eat using his feet. And in the middle of the night while
eating his cakes the king used turn his back to the sun in order to
enjoy the warmth.

The king would use his tongue to chew sugar cane, and he used to use his
teeth cut suck the juice. On the tennis court he used to spread the net
and try to catch some fish.

Due to his fear of ghosts he used to hide in the water– even in the
middle of the day. By rowing the raceboat he used to travel in the
distant sky to get fresh air. Just by thinking about work he used to
feel drowsy and sleepy and within a flash he would start snoring. There
once was a mythological king whose behaviour was very peculiar– he was
not even aware how to smile and laugh. Always he was tense and in a
serious mood…


These days around the world there are thousands of types of crimes and
sin being carried out every day: Neighborhood crimes, war crimes,
political crimes, cyber crimes, juvenile crimes, hate crimes, sex
crimes, white collar crime and the list goes on and on.

Social thinkers, philosophers, intellectuals, lawyers and judges have
their own reasons and justifications for why this is. However, their
theories are endless and provide no real solution.

By His grace, Baba has given us the real answer. He saw that there are
only three causes of crime and sin. In this posting, we are only going
to focus on the first cause. That one alone addresses so many of today’s
social ills.


In studying Baba’s pointed analysis behind the causes of sin and crime,
we can understand the problem and resolve it – permanently.

And that is the need of the day.

At present this earth is riddles with so many social ailments including
murder, rape, genocide, ethnic and racial cleansing and more. People do
not know the deeper reasons behind these issues. Politicians and the
courts fail to solve the problem by their superficial approaches. So the
problems only escalate and become more severe.

By discussing Baba theories, it will be clear what steps are needed to
eradicate these issues.


While there are any number of large-scale incidents that have occurred
recently, we will briefly take a look at a few: 1) The looting in Chile;
2) the communal clash in Nigeria; 3) the drug wars in Mexico; 4) the El
Salvadorian emigration issue; 5) the strife in Afghanistan, and 6) the
thievery & looting in Haiti.

Although geographically far, there is a common thread that links all
these cases.

We should study Baba’s theory and understand the cause and learn to
apply the solution. Then so many similar problems and so much
devastation can be averted in the future.


Baba says, “The first cause is shortage of physical and psychic pabula.”

While the first cause of sin can be stated in only a few words, Baba’s
pointed analysis has identified the root element behind so much of the
struggle and strife in this world.

Let us see how this manifests.



The lack of physical pabula leads to so much sin and destruction.

If a person is hungry and / or lacks any of the 5 basic necessities of
life while their neighbors or countrymen have plenty or an abundance of
the same, then that leads to terrible frustration and people commit
awful crimes. The fault is not theirs per se – the social situation is
the cause.

For instance when the earthquake hit in Chile and Haiti, then people
were starving and looting for their survival. This especially occurred
to those living in the shanty towns while those in modern homes were
comparatively much better off. Such persons cannot be blamed for their
sin, because they were doing it for their survival. If it were possible
for the local governments to provide relief to all, then those crimes
could have been averted.

However, even when earthquakes and natural disasters do not occur, there
is on going problem of theft and crime because people fall in the
category of “have-nots”. The widespread problems of capitalism with its
extreme disparity of wealth have levied large sectors of the population
as have-nots.

Even in the US, the supposed wealthiest nation, with all the loss of
jobs and houses, there is sure to be an extreme spike in crime because
people lack the basic necessities.

The problem in Mexico is no different – or rather even more extreme. On
the one side there are a few rich billionaires who control 99% of the
money and property, and on the other side the other 99% of the people
have access to only 1% of the weath. This is a recipe for trouble.

Tragically, but not surprisingly, drug smuggling and killing are rampant
in Mexico.

And the response by the police, immigration officials, and border
control is not enough. Ordering crackdowns will not solve the matter,
the problem will continue.

Why did all this happen in first place? Part of the problem is the
failed NAFTA agreement wherein the US destroyed the Mexican farms by
sending cheap corn to Mexico. In that case, the Mexican farmers were put
out of business and became refugees.

Here the point is that wherever there is capitalism, there will be
exploitation, the over-accumulation of wealth, and a large sector of
society will end up lacking the needed requirements of life. The US has
imposed such a fate on many nations, as well as many people within their
own borders.

In that case there is bound to be crime.



When the US collaborated with certain puppet regimes in El Salvador with
napalm bombs, then so many villagers suffered and died and many were
forced to pack their bags and go to the US as refugees. In turn they
became the cheap labor in US factories and farms. That is the way
capitalism works.

The US forces countries into poverty and has there by rendered so many
peoples and communities into stark poverty. The US created the
circumstance wherein the wealthy became extremely rich and the middle
class and poor lost everything. Now that is happening not just in the
satellite nations around the US, but within its own borders as well.

Until we understand and recognise that situations like the drug crime
racket and the illegal alien / immigration problems are caused by a lack
of physical pabula, such crimes and sin will not stop. People lean
towards those crimes because they see no other way to escape poverty.
Until they get jobs and fiscal security in their respective homelands,
this problem will not be solved.

Unfortunately, the powers that be do not want to level out the economic
playing field. Rather they wish to keep the situation as is because they
are getting the benefit in the form of cheap natural resources and
labor. So they resort to avenues like crackdowns, jailing, and the penal
codes to address issues. But that is just a band-aid response.

The root of the problem lies in the extreme lack of physical pablum or
resources and wealth in the form of food, clothing, housing and medical
care etc.

Baba says, “The shortage of physical wealth results in restlessness and
causes the loss of people’s sense of discrimination, and then people
naturally tend towards brutality.” (AFPS-6)

Once the wealthy are forced to give up their wealth and distribute it
according to the ways of Prout, then so much crime will stop completely.
Because people will have their physical requirements met.


The other component behind the first cause of sin is lack of psychic

Due to a lack of psychic pabula, a community remains illiterate and due
to a lack of neo-humanistic education sections of the population remain
closed-minded and prone to dogma. They brand others as enemies and feuds
begin in the form of clan, religious, and ethnic violence. In that case
tens or even hundreds of thousands of innocent people are killed.

This is what we have seen happen in Nigeria, Rwanda, Darfur, Afghanistan
etc. Such places may suffer from a loss of physical pabula as well, but
the ongoing rage is fueled by an extreme dearth of psychic pabula.

Baba says, “If there is a dearth of intellectual pabulum and the
intellectual standard of the people is not high, they can take “dos” to
be “don’ts” and vice versa. Take for example, a communal riot where a
little innocent boy is killed, and when the person who encourages the
riot becomes the people’s leader. Where the intellectual standard of the
people is low, people commit blunders – prompted by such leaders they
become beasts.” (PNS-8)

As Baba describes, in such communities, those who do crimes become
heroes because the public is not astute; hence they get embroiled in
religious or nationalistic dogma and think that those leading them are

That is when the huge blood baths start to occur between clans and groups such as in Nigeria.

In such cases the solution of putting those criminals
in jail is ok, but that will not solve the overall problem. The
ignorance and proclivity towards religious dogma is the cause.

Issues like terrorism stem from both a lack of physical pablum & psychic


By measuring the issue of criminal activity by this standard – i.e. lack
of physical and psuychi pabula – we can easily see how and why the
problem is rampant everywhere. Politicians have their own approach for
attempting to resolve things but a solution will not come until Baba’s
guidelines are heard and implemented.

Baba says, “Among the three reasons for sin, this is the first and
primary one. It is prevalent everywhere in the world although it is less
evident in a few of the more affluent countries.” (AFPS-6)

Thus until the deficit in the physical and psychic arenas is addressed,
we will not see an end to the ongoing violence.


In total, in Baba’s paradigm, there are three causes and today this
letter address the first cause. In the future the other two will be
addressed. Here they are in brief now for your awareness.

Baba says, “The second one is non-utilization of over-accumulated
physical and psychic pabula. The third one is stagnancy in the psychic
and physical strata.” (PNS-8)


By Baba’s grace, He has given us such a practical and fundamental
explanation to the prevalence of crime and sin in the world. So many
leaders have their own thoughts but those are not solutions. Only Baba’s
Proutistic vision provides the answer – addressing the lack of physical
and psychic pabula is the right medicine. The world is crying for such a
solution and it is our job to deliver this to the people by way of
education, action, and the fight against exploitation.

Baba says, “When will the three causes of sin be removed? Only when the
sadvipras will be ready to fight against them with an iron hand. Today,
at this hour, it is my call to the sadvipras of the world not to delay
any longer. They should march ahead and save humanity and make the path
of humanity free of thorns.” (PNS-8)


Behind the Curtain

Baba says, “How one person sings melodious songs, how another dances
beautiful rhythmic dances, how another delivers wonderful discourses,
etc. But we cannot see the entity who pulls the strings from behind and
runs the show. And the funniest thing is this: the speaker, the singer,
the dancer thinks that he or she is the agent, the doer, and takes the
entire credit for the performance. People do not care to think of the
entity that pulls the strings from behind, or if they are even more
foolish, they think that others see them alone, not the entity who pulls
the strings from behind.” (NKS, 97 Edn, p.181)

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