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From: “Alex Hufnagel”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: A’nanda Ma’rga Amar Hai
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2010 13:44:18 +0000


“E kii prahelika’ e kii kuhelika’…” P.S. 1769


Baba, what is this liila You are making, what is this dilemma. O’ my
Lord, I know that You are everywhere, but even then my heart is dry.
I am surrounded with frustration– by this fog of hopelessness. No doubt,
You are remaining with me, but You did not allow me hold You. Even then,
by Your grace, his much I do know– that You love me. Just I do not feel
that in my heart at present. Baba, Your divine effulgence is lost in the
oblivion. The resonating melody of the viina is filled with the tears of
my life. Baba, please come in my life and remove all my bondages. Please
remove all my blackness, impurities, and dogma, whatever I have. Baba I
love You. And this much I also know– That you also love me. O’ my Lord,
please look towards me. I have offered my everything at Your lotus feet.
Please do not leave me remaining crying in darkness. Baba, please come
in my heart, in my mind, with Your sweet smile. Baba, only You are my


In this trying, if not difficult, period in our Ananda Marga history,
some may be wondering how AM is even going to survive. There is groupism
and infighting on every corner, dogmas have been imposed left and right,
and so much nonsense is going on. In that view, some may be
contemplating, ‘Where is the daylight, how is our Marga ever going to
make it– it just does not seem possible’. These murky thoughts might
enter the mind.

However, we should be fully assured that our path of Ananda Marga is
immortal and it is going to flourish on this planet and across the
universe, wherever humans go. Because AM satisfies human dharma. That is
Baba’s special formula, as well as the hidden reason why our Marga will
not only survive, but verily thrive.


As we know from sutra 2-5 of Ananda Sutram, within each human being is
the thirst for limitlessness. Everyone is eager and hungry to find
eternal happiness & peace. To that end, humans do so many things and run
after so many crude enjoyments: Money, materialism, sex, power, etc. All
done in order to find happiness. But just because they are temporarily
involved in those things does not mean they are truly satisfied.

Rather, they are just like small babies who are hungry– teething and
chewing on anything they can find: Sticks, plastic, cardboard, etc. But
that baby will not be satisfied until it gets mother’s milk.

Likewise, humans are involved in various material pleasures only because
they have yet to find something better. And still they are searching,
refining their ways. Proof being that now, around the globe, so many
have joined up in various styles of yoga and other healthy ways of
living. People are flocking in this direction and improving themselves.
They are on the move. But even that will not entirely quench their
thirst, because only Ananda Marga is the path of eternal bliss. So their
quest or search will not stop until they find themselves on the path of AM.

Hence Baba’s special formula is the ultimate combination: He has
instilled within human beings an infinite desire and He has given the
path of AM to satiate that innate human yearning for eternal happiness.
Thus each and every human being is on a pre-programmed search to try and
find the path of bliss, Ananda Marga. There is no other destiny.


Now that we are confirmed that every living being has an inborn urge to
find AM, the path of bliss, let’s redirect our attention to the current
scene within AMPS. How is it that we can feel assured that our AMPS will
be able to show the path of AM to all who come.

Before 1990, our Marga was in a phase of tremendous speed. In a few
decades, Baba unveiled the plan and programs for the entire future of
humanity. No teaching or secret was left untold. He has given everything.

From Master Units to Microvita, each and every day brought a new
revolutionary idea or concept as well as a new plan for our Marga to
implement– then and there, at that moment. Our Marga was moving at
cosmic speed. That was the need of the day in that pre- 1990 period.

As human beings though, we could not keep up. Here’s the proof: Those
days we were busy printing and preaching the gospel of our AM books like
‘Neo-humanism: Liberation of Intellect’, and then just a few years later
our entire Marga was sunk in groupism, not floating in neo-humanism.

Why? Because in that pre-1990 period, we could not digest all of Baba’s
teachings, like neo-humanism. It was a period of speed to roll out more
and more new works, all done at a pace faster than the human mind could
assimilate everything.

It is just like if someone goes to the university bookstore and
purchases all the needed books to get a PhD in quantum physics. Buying
those books alone does not make automatically worthy or qualified to
have a doctorate degree. Rather it will take years and years of study
assimilate the requisite knowledge to earn that PhD.

Same then is the case with our Ananda Marga. Just because some Dadas
were taking dictation about AM ideals does mean they were established
sadvipras. Rather it takes time to instill all those ideas within one’s


In our period of speed prior to 1990, it was extremely rare for anyone
to be able to assimilate the real essence of what Baba was saying and
doing. And there are so many proofs of this.

Baba was telling that He was that eternal entity yet then some Dadas
created the dogmatic Mahaprayan function saying that Baba is gone. In
that case who can claim that those Dadas really understood that Baba is
infinite and timeless.

And that is the case with so many things. Our acaryas are meant to be
sadvipras yet so many of them are involved in tragic, scandalous affairs.
Plus Baba has given Prout, yet some in our Marga are selling our MU
lands in order to make a personal profit. In various directions,
countless nonsense things are going on: All of which points in the
direction that in the period of tremendous speed up till 1990, we could
not assimilate all of Baba’s teachings.

Rather our Marga was more involved in propagating Baba’s miracles– but
that alone is not enough. The world and its religions are already full
of tales of miracles, so people are not enticed by that. Whereas the
world is totally bereft of a rational philosophy. Hence, the need of the
day is for us to understand and emulate Baba’s teachings, then everyone
will come running in our direction. But up until 1990 it was not
possible for us to do so.

Again then we come to the point, ‘OK then where is the optimism’, where
is the proof that our Marga is moving ahead, in the right direction.


Since 1990, our Marga has been in a period of pause. The phase of speed
finished. So since 1990 the learning or the assimilation of AM ideology
has been going on– successfully so.

Prior to 1990, we had no real idea of what groupism was nor did we know
the harm it could do. But now we know, and verily we are step by step
pulling our Marga out of the mire of groupism. We are all studying and
doing sadhana in order to rise above any groupist sentiment.

And this is the case with so many aspects of Ananda Marga ideology. We
are learning what it means to have the eternal Brahma as the Guru, that
is why so many have left the dogma of Mahaprayan. And indeed so many
dogmas have been left behind: Tiirthas, memorials, false printing of
Baba’s books, and so many things.

In short, everyone in AM is now learning AM ideology. Because now–
since 1990– we have had the time to think, reflect, and experiment. So
it is that with each and every passing day we better adhere to Baba’s
teachings and spread His ideals via our conduct, discussions, and
actions. Everything is getting better– that is, our Marga is righting
itself on the path of ideology.


Thus, it is all going extremely well. Already Baba has instilled within
everyone the inherent & infinite desire to become great, i.e. to
experience eternal peace. Plus, He has given the path of AM, which is
the only real avenue for experiencing infinite bliss. And furthermore,
He has put our Marga in a period of pause, so we may best assimilate and
understand His teachings. For all these reasons, we can sincerely know,
‘Ananda Marga Amar Hai’, Ananda Marga is immortal.

We are now no longer thinking that just because we came into AM that we
are therefore sadvipras. That is how it was prior to 90. Dadas and
others thought that simply because they were in AM, then therefore they
had the birthright to rule the world. Hence the building of the Prout
Palace to entertain the world’s leaders. Those days, Dadas were just
waiting for their coronation as Kings of this earth.

But now that silly dream is over. Now everyone understands that being in
AM means that we must personify Baba’s teachings in thought, word, and
deed. So everyone is studying, learning, and competing to be better
informed about our AM way of life.

That is what the period of pause is all about and that is what has been
going on since 1990. Hence it is with each and every passing day that we
are coming more in line with our AM ideology.

And by this way humans will carry Baba’s teachings of Ananda Marga
forever and ever.

That is why there is a grand feeling of optimism percolating within our
Marga. Not all our problems are solved yet, but one by one they are
being eliminated as we hold onto and implement Baba’s teachings, by His


By Baba’s grace the whole situation is complete. Human beings have
infinite desires; only AM is that path of eternal bliss that can quench
the human thirst to achieve limitlessness. And, in this period of pause,
we are all becoming the worthy media for bringing AM teachings to the

Baba says, “This speed and pause will continue. Pause means the
gathering of momentum for speed in the subsequent phase. If one closely
watches the effect of speed on a particular community or the entire
humanity, one sees that generally people eulogize the period of speed.
However, we cannot afford to ignore the state of pause, because by
judging what the previous state of pause was like, we can discern the
speed of the next phase.”

“There are some people who are pessimistic. They say that the society
around us is very bleak, that it has no expression of vitality and that
it seems that everyone is in a deep slumber. Pessimists say this because
they have never made any detailed study of human history, nor do they
care to. Had they done so, they would certainly be optimistic, because
if they had looked carefully at the symptoms of pause, they would have
realized that significant preparations were being made for the
subsequent phase of speed. So under no circumstances should human beings
be pessimistic. That is why I am always an incorrigible optimist,
because I know that optimism is life.” (AFPS_3)



The religions have a sense of god-hood, which is why they still have
followers. Because human beings are not inclined to become atheistic.
But the diminished feeling of god-hood that the religions convey is not
enough to keep their followers. Because people want more than dogma in
their life. They want to realise something Great and be guided by a
flawless philosophy based on rationality. Hence, none of the dogmatic
religions can keep their followers forever. Over time, all will come
into AM.


Parama Purusa BABA says, “In the subtle economic sense, the value of
wealth is the real wealth. Wealth, if not properly defined, may mean
only riches. But the value of wealth is to be measured in terms of its
capacity to purchase commodities. That is, the purchasing capacity of
wealth is its real value. This real value of wealth has not yet been
properly understood in numerical terms by economists.” (Proutist
Economics, p. 269)


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Date: 21 Mar 2010 14:49:01 -0000
From: “Chandramohan Jha”
Subject: What Every New Sadhaka Should Know: Part 1


“Toma’ri katha’ bheve ma’rmika anubhave…” (P.S. 3006)


O’ Baba, by thinking of You with all the feelings of my heart, my
ba’ndha-bha’unga’ mana [1] is ensconced in bliss and floats towards
infinity. O’ Lord of the divine and mortal worlds, the Soul of the
soulless, even a wee-bit of Your great love is enough to fill my heart
with spiritual bliss and give me goose bumps, horripilation, throughout
my being. Baba, is it You who brings that devotional surge within me.
Baba, thinking about You, my mind is ensconced in bliss.

Baba, You are incomparable in rhythm and most pleasant in aroma. You
have no comparison. In all vibrations, in the quintessence, deep down,
You are the Dearest One to all; You are the nucleus of all the
vibrations. In the garland You are the flower. In the necklace You are
the jewel. In everything You are the best. Remaining in viitara’ga [2],
You smile with the beauty of divine love like flowers. Baba, thinking
about You, my is mind ensconced in bliss.

Baba, in the severe heat, You are those first, cool showers that bring
relief and respite. In the space between the monsoon clouds, You are the
effulgent pole star. In the darkness, You are the beauty of the moon’s
enchantment. Under the hot sun, You are cool shade beneath the trees. In
each and every circumstance, You are the Saviour. Baba, even staying
afar, You stay in my mind’s divine haven. Baba, thinking about You, is
my mind ensconced in bliss.

O’ Parama Purusa, keep me eternally at Your lotus feet…


[1] Ba’ndha-bha’unga’ mana: This is when the mind is overwhelmed with
joy. Such as when one is extremely happy and bursts into tears or when
one jumps for joy or exclaims or dances. In actuality though it is more
than the joy experienced in worldly circumstances. It is that
inexpressible bliss from the spiritual flow. It happens in the spiritual
realm when one’s mind is totally ensconced in His bliss and one starts
crying uncontrollably. This is a state wherein one completely loses
their composure.

[2] Viitara’ga: This is the state of being beyond any worldly attachment
or attraction – i.e. perfect equanimity in all circumstances. One of the
qualities of Parama Purus’a is vaera’gya. Baba has demonstrated this on
countless occasions. Even when all kinds of serious and critical
problems came in the organisation, then He remained totally unaffected,
keeping perfect composure. For social reasons He may have showed
sympathy or concern, but internally He was totally unaffected. Those
bhaktas close to Baba understand this well.

For instance, before going to jail & whenever there was serious any
catastrophe going on in organisational life, Baba had the divine ability
to give discourses of eternal value. That can only happen when one’s
mind is in viitaraga.If anyone reads that discourse they will not get
any hint about the extreme upheaval going on in the organisation. Such
composure ise not possible by human beings. Being human means being
affected by the bondaage of maya.

Whereas in viitraga the mind remains 100% unassailed by any negativity,
and is just the embodiment of universal welfare. Viitara’ga does not
mean that the Entity in viitara’ga is unpetrubed by the suffering and
tears of human beings. Everyone knows that Parama Purusa loves and cares
so much.


This letter, the first in a series, focuses on an array of important
points for new sadhakas to know. After all. AM pracar is one of our
first and foremost duties.

Baba says, “…It is the bounden duty of every Ananda Margiis to
endeavour to bring all to the path of bliss…” (Supreme Command)

To this end, a few senior margiis gathered and came up with a few points
– intellectual and devotional – that will be helpful for us to propagate
to new people as they come onto the path. These points will be presented
in an ongoing series of letters.

Please do share your experiences and thoughts as well – because we all
have taken the duty and responsibility under Guru to do pracar and
everyone has their own particular talents, skills and knowledge in this
important arena.


Ya’drshii bha’vana’ yasya siddhirbhavati ta’drshii

Baba says, “As you think, so you become.” (AV-12)

Baba has given this seemingly simple guideline in a number of
discourses. Some new people may have heard or read this and think they
understand. Other new people may not have yet come across it.

We should ensure that every new sadhaka understands the full import of
this teaching because this is one of the very revolutionary aspects of
Ananda Marga.

These days, with the great popularity of yoga, most yoga groups solely
focus on the physical, or they may include their own interpretation of
pranayama as well.

Only AM offers the full system for transforming one’s person into
godhood. And the above guideline, “as you think so you become”, is
instrumental to our approach.


When Baba says, “as you think so you become”, He is telling us that we
must have some control or restraint in our thinking.

If one thinks of something mundane or crude they will transform into
that object – step by step. That is one part of the equation.

Baba says, “It is the natural wont of the mind to take the shape of its
object of meditation. If the object of worship is crude, say money or
any crude thing, the mind takes the shape of that crude thing in the
course of time.” (Baba in Fiesch)

And not just money, in this materialistic era people’s minds are riddled
by all kinds of thoughts: name, fame, jealousy, stress, anger, sex,
fear, enemies, disease and so much more. And by thinking in this way,
part, or even all of their mind, gets consumed in that thing. By that
way, the problem festers and grows.

Wild or uncontrolled thinking is one of the main causes of both psychic
and physical diseases in materialistic societies.

Those new to the path of sadhana – and even those not yet on the path –
should be informed of the adverse effects of this equation, “As you
think so you become.”


Then there is the other side of the equation: If we refine our thoughts
to focus in a spiritual manner we will move towards the Supreme.

This also we should preach and teach to every new sadhaka. By this way
they can not only free the mind of so many fetters and distractions, but
one can truly move ahead on the spiritual path.

In AM, that is exactly what our system of sadhana is – a methodical
manner of thinking wherein the mind focuses on the Ista.

Baba says, “Concentrated thinking is called “meditation”… In spiritual
parlance, when the mental flow is directed towards the goal, that is,
the Supreme Entity, it is called “concentration”, but in metaphysical
terms, it is a concept of dharma. Concentrated thinking leads to the
development of positive ideas…in the process of constant mental flow
towards the goal. In the process of meditation the following things are
involved – brain cells, apexed or pinnacled psychology, concentrated
thinking, Guru cakra and ultimate devotion.” (YP)

Thus concentrated thinking is a integral part of our approach. By this
way one can transform their entire existence. Even those who are
terribly depressed and anxiety ridden can become stellar sadhakas
through this method. And this is unique to AM. No one else other than
Baba highlights the sublime importance of thinking.

So those new to AM should understand that they will not get this
teaching nor this practice on other paths and they should clearly
understand and experience the dynamism of this practice.

Our mantra japa in first lesson or sixth lesson is the culminating
practice of, “as you think so you become.” By bringing the mind back
again and again to the idea of the mantra and training the mind to
maintain that flow, then one’s entire physical, psychic and spiritual
existence gets transformed. Then one veritably becomes divine. Then one
becomes Parama Purusa. That is Baba’s teaching for every sadhaka to
realise – new or old.


Because this principle – as you think so you become – is such an
important guideline Baba reminds us of this again and again.

Baba says, “I told you, or I have been telling you, that a man takes the
form of his psychic object; that is, your very existence will be
converted into your psychic object. You should select your psychic
object very carefully.” (AV-12)

Really then, we should share the import of this concept with all new
sadhakas. By this way we too may become more aware of the use of our
mantra, either during and / or after sadhana.

As pracarakas, this equation – as you think so you become – is one
important point of our approach. So many in the world nowadays are
looking for something new. And our Marga has all the practices they need
to transform their life.

So those being introduced to na’ma mantra meditation or first lesson or
even just kiirtan, should be made aware of the profound effects of this
subtle science.


By Baba’s grace He has blessed us with the practical method of how to
ideate on Him. We should share this technique with one and all. We
should never allow others to settle for any lesser approach. It is
everyone’s birthright to get Him – by their thoughts alone, one can
attain His eternal shelter, by His grace.

Baba says, ‘It is also stated in Tantra that if a person wants only to
attain limited progress, one may practise on certain limited ideas. But
those who are genuine seekers of Brahma will never agree to worship any
finite idea. Those who want the Supreme Entity will have to ideate on
Parama Purus’a alone. People may attain limited achievement in terms of
occult power through the grace of the gods and goddesses, but they will
remain far away from the attainment of the Supreme Entity.” (DT-1)



Here Baba points out the very negative effect of dogmatic idol worship.
But none should think this adverse reaction is limited to idol worship.
Any persistent engagement in crude thoughts (sex, money, greed,
jealousy, etc) will turn one into negative microvita.

Baba says, ““If idols made of wood, clay, iron or any other metal are
accepted as objects of meditation, then what will be the result?” It is
said, Ya’drshii bha’vana’ yasya siddhirbhavati ta’drshii [“As you think,
so you become”]. The aspirants’ own entitative existence will be turned
into clay, metal or wood – a state which in the scriptures is called
Prakrtiliina [negative microvita]. It is a dreadful state.” (SS-11)


Please write in with your thoughts regarding what you feel is very
important to impart to new people on the path.

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From: “Shantatma Kerketta”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Baba’s Special Grace
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 2010 07:13:20 +0530


“A’lor pathik ese geche tamah na’shiya’…” – P.S. 467


The almighty Parama Purusa, the Traveler of divine effulgence has come
and all the darkness has vanished by His august advent. The lethargy,
drowsiness & staticity have gotten destroyed. The wall & gate of the jail
have been smashed by His grace.

In a flash– blink of an eye– He has destroyed the dogma and crudeness
which had accumulated since hundreds of years. All the clouds of dilemma
have been removed. Now all around the effulgence is spreading and floating
in all the directions.

O’ my friends, family members, brothers and sisters, please do not
remain distant and away. Do not keep yourself separate and alien. Please
come close. Sing and dance with the happiness of the infinite attraction
and inspiration of His divine vibration…


It is a well-known and established idea in the mind of each and every
sincere margii that Baba’s grace works in mysterious ways. To understand
His liila is not easy; indeed His grace works very secretly. That is why it is
said, ‘Dharmasya su’ks’ma’ gatih”– Dharma works underneath, behind the
scenes, and goes on working.


When Parama Purusa advents on this earth then that has some great purpose.
And that purpose is to establish dharma in its proper place. And when dharma is
established, then He leaves His physical form. But eternally He resides in
the hearts of devotees.

Those who have a little devotion understand this fact well that dharma has
already been established on this earth. That’s why not only in Ananda Marga
but all around, we can clearly see how sinners are getting annihilated, one
after another, as their misdeeds get exposed. Whereas in the distant past
it was not like that. Negative elements were exploiting the whole society
mercilessly and nobody could dare oppose them. This was the case in most of
the countries and areas of the past. But now, the whole vibration has been
changed. Greater awareness is there even in the minds of the general
public, and of course especially in Ananda Marga this transformation has
taken root.

We should not forget that Mahasambhuti takes the human form only after a
gap of thousands of years. And this time Baba wants to give a special
teaching to the world. Namely that, in the absence of the physical
structure of Mahasambhuti, His vibration is everything. And that alone is
enough to generate and huge flow and give a spiritual blow to the adharmic
forces. And by this way the sadvipra society gets established on this planet.


At the time of Lord Shiva, society was so primitive. So, He did everything
wherever He was. The people need that type of direct guidance. And all
along when in battle then everywhere He himself physically fought-in order
to prove “God is with you”.

And at the time of Lord Krsna, society was only a little developed. So even
then people were not believing that God’s grace is something. And they were
also not believing that without the direct involvement of Lord Krsna– or
without His taking up of weapons, the sinners will be destroyed.

So to teach this very thing, that God’s grace is enough, Lord Krsna took a
vow not to take up weapons. His physical presence is enough. And after the
Mahabharat this tendency was developed. In the common society, devotees
started thinking that God’s presence is in the physical sense. That’s why
different types of epics and poems and everything is written in such a way,
that God physically came and did the work.

So today the common Indian society believes this very thing — that God
physically came and did the work. And with the inner force gained by this
belief, they are moving forward.


But now, Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji wants to create and give one furthermore
teaching. Specifically that the physical presence of Mahasambhuti is not
needed for managing all the affairs. Rather His grace is enough. He is
present everywhere. Each and every person must have to realize this.

Indeed, it is not hidden to anyone that Baba used to sit in one place–
whether it be Tiljala, Ranchi, jail, or Ananda Nagar– and by that way He
spread the gospel of Ananda Marga to each and every nook and corner of this
entire globe. He sent various disciples as His representatives, first
margiis and then WTs, and they were charged with His vibration. And His
blessings and grace was moving in that way, according to His desire. And
all around Margiis felt linked.

So just by sitting in one room, without even going anywhere, in that way
Baba has established dharma. And there is enough proof that in the absence
of His physical body His grace goes on working. And by seeing His example
in the life one can see that His modus operendi is different from Lord
Krsna. Because at the time of Lord Krsna during each and every event, big
or small, He was physically along with the Pandavas. Even when they went to
kill Duryodana Lord Krsna was there and like that on so many occasions
Krsna was moving right next to the Pandavas.

But in the case of Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji it is not like that.
Rather He sent out His margii & wt representatives in waves and proclaimed
that ‘Go do the work of dharma, My divine grace is with you’.

So all the workers and margiis who have come in Baba’s contact have
experienced this. And still today one can realise that by doing sadhana,
establishing His ideology, or doing His work in a sincere manner, then
always His grace is there. If anybody is sincere in their efforts then
anything can be done. So in His practical example of running the
organisation, managing pracara, teaching sadhana etc, His grace was only
working. And that is the case before 1990 and after 1990. Always.

So Baba graciously created Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha to propagate and
establish His ideology, Ananda Marga.


Ananda Marga is dharmic. Hypocrisy & duplicity have no room here. This is the
kingdom of BABA. Whoever did anything wrong, right away they became turned
upside down. They fell on the ground, and the chair was on them. It means,
their chair got tilted and their chair sat on them. So the post which they
were holding, that very post boomeranged on them and became the force behind
their own exposure. And that post became the force to make them reap the
consequences of their own negative actions. So the Ananda Marga chair is so

For example, when Sarvatmanandji became the unquestioned king in 1991.
And the wheel of dharma just moved a little, and he was thrown away into
a chasm, somewhere.

And the same thing is going to happen to with anyone who follows such a
negative trend. So all should be alert, because today or tomorrow this is
eternal game is going on. Wherein they are indulging in another type of
tyranny and injustice.


Overall we can say that Baba has planned that this very time, His physical
presence is not needed to establish dharma – as was the case in the Mahabharat
battle. In the Mahabharat, although Lord Krsna did not take up arms, but He
was present there in the battle field. This time, Baba wants to teach the
whole society that the grace of Parama Purusa is everything. He is
physically there or not, but His grace is always there.

By different events, the idea will be more and more clear, that God’s grace
is everything. In and invisible way it is that unseen force working behind.
And with this force, dharma is getting established.

Unfortunately, these things society was not believing up to now. Most could
not fathom that the invisible force of Parama Purusa, is everything. Yet when
we analyse the last 14 years’ history of Ananda Marga it is getting clear:
That Baba’s force is doing everything.

And it will only get more clear, gradually. That Baba is not gone. In His
invisible form, He is sitting within our mind. And His vibration, His grace
is working in the entire universe. And the whole physical, psychic and
spiritual field of all the living and non-living flora and fauna are
getting metamorphosed gradually, in the rhythm of AM ideology. And negative
forces are getting annihilated. Nobody can save them. Dharmic people are
not helpless anymore.


Those who still do not have faith on this, they will see that by this
metamorphosis, in the entire society Ananda Marga philosophy is going to be
established. In the very near future. Let alone inside Ananda Marga.

And those who are spreading the nuisance of groupism, they may be Bengali
group etc, Baba will throw them out. Now it may not be clear, what way they
will be thrown out. Same way it was not clear when Dada Sarvatmanandji was
in power in 1992-3. Everyone was thinking that he will rule Ananda Marga up
to the end. With vanity he was busy in curtailing Margii rights, and doing
distortion of Baba’s many discourses. Nowadays if anyone is also following
the groupist path of any factional agenda, then they will meet a similar
blackish fate.

So like this everything is now moving in proper flow; Baba is taking care.
As changes have come in the past, in the same way with His force,
everything will be alright. This Ananda Marga is made by Baba, and He is
managing all the things. Dharma is on the rise and negative, groupist
persons will not have any place in Ananda Marga in the near future.

We should convince one and all to give up any groupist tendencies
and adopt the ways of neo-humanism. That is where their welfare
and victory lie.

Clutching onto the fray of groupism is not good for anyone, their demise
is impending.


Here follow is Baba’s blessing:

Baba says, “In order to annihilate evil doers and restore dharma, Parama
Purusa showers His especial grace and compassion. This special effort is
necessary because the place of dharma is above all else. Its importance is
greater than that of anything else. For those who put dharma above
everything else, their victory is assured.” (AV-22 Hindi)



How the wheel of dharma is moving so fast; it is incredible.

For example:

Communists started exploiting in 1917. And their hypocrisy and tyranny went
on for several decades, in an uninterrupted way. Almost 75 years total and
then later on, they got annihilated.

Today, so many politicians are getting exposed through their ill deeds when
in the past politicians were trusted as second gods.

And so many unjust elements of life are getting exposed. Due to His sweet
grace, society is becoming more evolved and can see what is right and wrong.
In that process, rightousness prevails and those ill-doers lose their face
in society. Those following dharma have His grace and get success whereas
those involved in selfish agendas that run contrary to universal welfare
get exposed and meet defeat – due to their own wrongdoings. Dharma will
not support this misdeeds any longer.

We see this happening both inside and outside of AM. His grace is
dictating the flow in all directions.

Origin of Few Musical Instruments

Baba says, “”Our tabla is a metamorphosed form of this mrdaunga. Some
people believe that the tabla came from Persia but this is not the case;
the tabla originated in this country. From Persia we have gotten the sitar
and the gazal. Although the viin’ originated in this country and has been
here since the time of Shiva, we have gotten its descendant, the violin,
from Italy.” (SC-2, p.128)

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Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2010 06:25:26 -0000
From: NJK Majumdar
Subject: Which AM Book Is Authentic


“Ke go tumi a’ji bhare nile sa’ji na’ baliya’ mor phulavane…” (PS 2111)


O’ Divine Entity, who are You who has come today in the flower garden
of my mind & without my awareness filled up Your basket by plucking all
my flowers. Which Divine Personality are You who has done like this.
Baba, neither did I ask You to come, nor did I ask You to please sit–
indeed I could not receive You properly in the canopy of my mental
flower garden.

O’ Baba, Your grace is unimaginable. When I call You, then You do not
come; and now without any invitation You have blessed me by coming– it
is Your grace. And You are silently looking at everything in the flower
garden of my mind and You are not telling anything– just You smiled and
got involved in plucking the flowers. Baba, Your liila in unique.

O’ Parama Purusa, I do not have the capacity to understand what type of
liila’ You are playing. Why do You go on playing with my mind. In my
mental garden, without my awareness, You go on swaying Your love. And
You go on creating vibrations there without my awareness. And You fill
my mind with Your divine attraction and love. Baba, O’ the Divine Entity,
You have graced me by coming…


With so many things going on in the organisation, nowadays, more than
ever, around the globe margiis and workers realise the need for the
proper transcription, printing, and publishing of Baba’s discourses.
Everyone understands this is the urgent need of the day.

However, it is not so easy to execute. It is not like taking a stroll
down to the corner store. There are many angles & complexities to the
issue; hence the matter can indeed seem quite arduous, if not daunting.

The question then becomes: How to manage this mighty task and where to


First off, it needs to be decided which books are alright– i.e.
authentic, and which ones need attention. Is it that each and every AM
book needs to be redone entirely; are all the printed discourses in
terrible shape. Or is it that some published discourses are properly
done. If so, then which ones. That is the first consideration.


Secondly, once it is decided which books need to be reprinted, then what
will be our means for republishing the discourses. Shall we merely
accept the current printed Bangla edition as the original and print all
the discourses from the so-called original Bengali. Is that enough to
settle the matter.

Unfortunately if we adopt this pathway, then we may face the crisis
which has occurred in Ananda Vacanamrtam part 1, where all the printed
discourses in AV-1 are missing 95% of Baba’s original discourse. Because
those publishers only printed the few paras which Baba spoke in English
and they outrightly deleted scores and scores of paragraphs which Baba
spoke in other languages, especially Hindi. That is why all the
discourses in AV-1 are so short and appear incomplete. Because they are
incomplete– miserably so. And that is not just the case with AV-1, but
with numerous titles and editions. The problem is rampant.

This then is the second consideration: Once we decide a book or set of
discourses needs to be reprinted or republished, then what are we to use
as the original material for republication.


And there are other considerations as well such as who can and will do
this work and so many logistical matters as well. Nonetheless, these two
aforementioned issues stand as the main areas which must be worked out:
Parameters need to be established on these two points. Otherwise how is
one to move ahead and get the desired result: A properly published



Although, there are many angles to the issue, there is one standard
measuring rod for determining which AM book is authentic.

As we all know, some of Baba’s discourses were recorded live via audio
cassette and some were given by dictation and margiis or Dadas noted
down what Baba said.

For example, these books or series contain discourses that were
recorded: (1) Ananda Vacanamrtam, (2) Subhasita Samgraha (later
editions, (3) Prout Nutshell (some recorded & some not), (4) Discourses
on the Mahabharata, (5) Microvita Nutshell (some recorded & some not),
(6) Neo-Humanism: Liberation of Intellect, etc.

And then there were other books that were not recorded at all; these
were given by dictation: (1) Tattvika Praveshika, (2) Ananda Sutram, (3)
Caryacarya (all parts), (4) Namah Shiva Shantaya (some chapters
dictated), (5) Shabda Cayanika, (6) Varna Vijiana, (7) Human Society
(Parts 1 & 2), (8) Strange Experiences, etc.

Thus some discourses were recorded and some were dictated and the books
were formed accordingly. So what to to do.

[A] Basically, those discourses which were recorded need to be checked
word for word with the original cassette to ensure that each and every
word was properly transcribed, irregardless of the language in which
Baba spoke. Then if the discourse measures up– if it contains all that
Baba spoke– then we can consider that discourse or book as being

[B] And those discourses which were dictated & noted down by pen,
basically we must review them to ensure that every portion of the book
is consistent with AM ideology. If so, then we must accept that book as
being authentic. We have no other recourse.

These then are are two basic parameters for determining authenticity of
our AM books. And then there is the matter of what medium to use as the
original for those discourses that were recorded.



For those discourses that were recorded and wherein there are gaps and
discrepancies between the original audio tape and the printed discourse,
then obviously we must use the recorded audio as the original. To use
anything else would be injustice and we would only be asking for trouble.

Right now, there are some who are relying on the Bangla text as the
original for redoing various discourses, but when the Bengali books have
omitted huge portions of what Baba originally spoke, then how can those
books be depended upon for republishing His discourses.

Let us remember that our job is to print the discourses “as is”– what
Baba spoke needs to be published, irregardless of what language He used.
In that case, the only viable option is to resort to the audio cassette
as the medium for republishing those discourses.


And of course for those discourses that were not recorded and have no
audio cassette, then we have to ensure those books are consistent with
the teachings of AM ideology. Where any inconsistency appears, then a
responsible committee should be in charge of informing all of the
problem and marking a pathway for correcting the matter.

But truth be told, Baba Himself was checking and editing those older
published books, so really most of them are just fine. Books like Ananda
Sutram, AM: Elementary Philosophy etc have been meticulously used by our
Marga over the decades and they are basically approved by Guru Himself.
Only we have to ensure that no nonsense was placed into the Appendix by
various Dadas such as when they added the gross dogma of Mahaprayan to
the appendix of CC-1 etc. Other than that, in most cases, the original
text in our older AM books is alright. Even then there should be a
comprehensive review.


The final piece of the puzzle is how do we know there is an original
cassette for those recorded discourses. For example, let’s say we ask
the folks in Tiljala and they say there is no cassette etc– when in
fact we know the discourse was recorded. Then what are we to do.

Actually, already we know which cassettes exist. Because Baba’s demand
was that all cassettes must be kept. He was adamant and forceful on this
point. After each and every discourse, the cassette would go to the
proper authority such as PRS Dada. And by that way the original cassette
was maintained. This was the working style.

Furthermore, since 1990, in their archive meetings, and when asking for
money, and when reports come about which discourses have been put in
digital format, and when announcements were made about this or that
preservation project, then we have a concrete idea about which cassettes
have been kept and preserved. Because, always the in-charges would give
reports about what was done.

And not only that, so many margiis, Dadas, Didis, and LFTs who have
worked in the Tiljala archive etc have talked about which discourses
they were working on. So it is known those cassettes exist. Plus, in the
Editor’s Note, of so many books, Publications personnel neatly describe
which discourse has come from which cassette etc.

By all these avenues and by all these accounts, we can easily determine
how and where to get the original cassette to do this greatly needed
work of checking and publishing Baba’s discourses “as is”.

Thus, although it is a complex issue, there is a definite and clear-cut
pathway by which to move ahead.


By Baba’s grace we will fulfill our dharma of properly preserving and
publishing all His original discourses.

Baba says, “The scriptures containing spiritual injunctions must be
totally flawless.” (NSS)


A Few Medicines

Baba says, “Aloe juice is a medicine. Dried aloe sap is called musabbar
in Arabic. A type of rasa’injana also used to be prepared out of aloe
sap, or musabbar, which was used as medicine — it was used to treat
blood pressure and insanity due to gall bladder disorder.” (SC-3, p.109)

Baba says, “The retention-of-urine ailment that results when the
movement of the urine is obstructed is also called kabandha. The water
from soaked fenugreek, fresh date juice, palm juice, and sha’nkha’lu [a
conch-shaped esculent] are medicines for this disease.” (SC-3, p.103)

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From: “Shantatma Kerketta”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Important Example to Know
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2010 06:03:13 +0530


“Pradiip shala’ka’ jvele cali eka’, se priyo to mor elo na’…” ( P.S. 4794)


Alone sitting in isolation I lit the lamp. I was waiting and wondering
why my Dearmost has not come. I wanted to have a glance of Him, to lay my
eyes on Him. But neither did He come nor did He look towards me.

Sitting in dhyan, in my mind I prepared and decorated a seat for Him; I
was waiting and waiting for Him. But in dhyan I was just asking Him for
boons– to fulfill my worldly desires. I did not want to have Him. Rather I
wanted worldly things– boons etc. I did not ask for those things which are
divine and eternal. Instead I asked for perishable, decaying, material
things– those which are under the bondage of time, space, and person. So
instead of longing for Him, I asked Him for boon after boon. In my
misguided dhyan all these crude types desires I had.

So all that went in vain because my Dearmost did not come. In dhyan when
I was folding His seat and putting it away, then I thought that without
pure devotion then nothing is going to happen; I cannot get Him. What I did
in dhyan was just a waste of time. Everything went in vain. I gave more
importance to worldly things in comparison to devotion and I went on asking
for parabhakti from Him. That too went in vain.

Sitting alone I lit the lamp and waited, but my dear most did not come…


More and more of our senior workers are moving on. They are rising in
their years and after all the body is but a temporary housing for the
mind. Our duty then is to remember all with respect and reverence
and learn from their example.


“I had established an ashram at the foot of the Himalayas…in Dehradun
District of UP.” One of the senior-most avadhutas wrote this in his
own book, describing about the time when he left AMPS to establish his own

We all know that in general society, people’s quality, qualifications and
attributions are measured on the grounds of various superficial variables.

But according to Baba’s Neohumanistic philosophy, character, dealing,
behavior, conduct are one’s true qualifications. Baba says such
things everywhere in His countless discourses. Here below is one
significant example from our holy Ananda Vanii.

Baba says, “Your ideal is represented by your conduct. Your learning, your
social or economic status have nothing to do with your ideal.” (Ananda Vanii #13)

In the above Ananda Vanii, Baba’s message is quite clear. Without ambiguity we
Ananda Margiis are to evaluate others – and oneself -on the point of
one’s character and conduct.Not on the point of money, power, avadhuta dress,
purodhaship, kapalik sadhana, vishesha yoga, age, seniority, and Central
Committee, Acarya board and Purodha board, or even post of Purodha Pramukha.

So according to Baba’s above teaching we should evaluate the calibre of
everyone by their conduct only. Other so-called qualifications as expressed
are valueless.

So to evaluate the quality and qualifications of this senior avadhuta,
the late respected Dada Samanvayanandaji, we should discuss on the point of conduct.
Specifically, how far did Dada Samanvayanandaji’s conduct go in accordance with Baba’s


In Tantra, the Guru-disciple relation is the most significant thing. That
is why Baba has made various rules and given in Caryacarya about the
services to Guru.

We Ananda Margiis always do Guru Puja, minimum two times a day, every day.
And we know “Guru Brahma…”, the whole idea behind this is that Guru is
everything. And that any disciple of Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji must have
this basic characteristic that they should believe in Guru, not betray. One
must not betray Guru, otherwise everything is gone.

Here in India, Margis are fully aware about the history of Dada
Samanvayanandji. But our overseas Margis may not be aware so for clarity,
the basic matters are described here below.


Dada Samanvayanandaji’s previous name was Ac. Shivananda Avt. And in 1972
when Baba went into jail, Dadaji lobbied against Baba and got failure.

That means Dada Samanvayanandaji a.k.a. Dada Shivananda left the organisation
and in challenging way he created his own organization, giving it the name
“Prema Marga”. And Dadaji established his office in Dehradun that time.

After that time, Dada Samanvayanandaji never expressed repentance or
remorse for what happened in those days.

Instead Dada Samanvayanandaji shamelessly glorified in his book that betrayal to
Baba was not unjust, rather that betrayal was proper. He created his own book
‘Glories of …’. And in that book he mentioned many times about his great
work in Dehradun. Means that time when he went against Guru and made that
separate organization known as Prema Marg and was challenging to AM,
about all this Dadaji says that this was his “great” work.

We should not forget that in those days, Baba was in jail. It was during
those difficult days for AM when all support was needed, that Dada
Samanvayanandaji left and created his own organization to compete against AM.

Yet in his book Dada Samanvayanandaji writes on page 57. Please read below.
Dada Samanvayanandaji writes:

“I had established an ashram at the foot of the Himalayas…in Dehradun
District of UP.”

So see Dada Samanvayanandaji did not have repentance for his betrayal to
Baba. And even after the publishing of his book he did not express any
remorse. Not a word of repentance did he express for those black days in
which Dada Samanvayananda left Baba and created his own organization.

In simple language this is betrayal to Baba and also back-stabbing. So
we should not hold his example in some divine manner and others should
not emulate Dadaji’s approach. Now when groupism is rattling our
organisation, this is not the time to depart and plant one’s flag of
glory elsewhere.


When Guru is in jail then true margiis took lot of trouble and suffering in
various ways and also got imprisonment. I have deep respect for them. But
what respect should one have when Dada Samanvayanandaji betrayed Baba and
left Him during that very crucial time when Baba was in jail. And when
Baba was released then Dada Samanvayanandaji painted his own black face
with white oil paint and appeared before Margis in the beginning of 1983 as a
great saint as if nobody knows about his hypocrisy and betrayal to Baba.

When Baba was in jail Margiis were suffering also in jail, and Dada
Samanvayanandaji was enjoying his own self-created guru-ship, and
establishing one organization. And when the good days of AM came, then Dadaji
returned back because his fake guruship of Prema Marga was not as
beneficial / enticing as befooling Margiis. What a hypocrisy.

And then after ’90 he jumped into a very high post. Who will
appreciate his hypocritical behavior. I don’t think that any true Margii
and WT will appreciate.

As a brother we certainly love him, but his is not an example to follow.

In his later years one ruling group made Dada Samanvayanandaji their priest;
and Dada Samanvayanandaji moved all around the globe giving his sermons
like the Pope of Rome. And he praised himself his so-called illustrious past.


About hypocritical people Baba’s guideline is very strong. Please read

Baba says “Hypocrites must not be tolerated.”

We must follow Baba’s command on this point. What Baba says in Caryacarya
we must follow.

Baba says “Hypocrites are those who betray.” “Don’t forgive till his
nature is reformed. Immediate forgiveness is a special weakness of mind. It
results in worse harm to society.” (CC-2)

Everybody in this universe can forget Dada’s back stabbing to Marga
ideology. But true Margiis and Wt’s cannot.

And not forgetting means, not following Dada’s negative example. No matter
the circumstances one must stand with Guru and not drift away seeking
glory elsewhere. Yet that is what Dadaji did.

As a brother we love him, yet as an acarya and disciple, his example is
nothing but a stain and none fall into a similar demise. That is the
learning we should take from his life on this earth: What not to do.


Here following is Baba’s divine guideline for building up one human society.

Baba says, “You must think, ‘I will personally move towards the supreme
desideratum, and at the same time I will try to assist those who are
suffering from despair, those steeped in blind superstition…Our family is
universal; our abode is also universal’.” (SS-18, p. 41)



In general society, people’s quality, qualifications and attributions are
measured on the grounds of superficial and often, crude, measures.

(a) Just like for example in present Indian Politics, brutality and
hypocrisy is the criteria for good Indian leaders at present. And in the
past it was not like that. But hypocrisy was there no doubt. But now
criminal behaviour is the top-most qualification. This is a dogma.

(b) And in general religious Indian psychology saffron robe has a lot of
meaning. It gives deep respect. There is a religious teaching that “Don’t
see the merit and demerit of the person who is wearing saffron dress. Must
think that person is great. You are not doing pranam to that person.
Whoever is using that dress they are God’s representative. Don’t see about
their character and behaviour.” But all Margis know that this is one dogma.

(c) And in general Indian society, in the religious sense, age is also one of
the factors. White hair, white beard, wrinkled skin is one qualification.
Even if that person is a hypocrite. –This is also dogma.

(d) And in general capitalist society money is the criteria to measure
someone. In town if you ask “who is most important” the answer will be that
person who is the richest. –So money is the qualification. And this is
also dogma.

But in AM all these above characteristics have no value. As they are all
crude or superficial parameters that have nothing to do with the person’s
behaviour and conduct.


Here is one further point about which Dada Samanvayanandji wrote in his
book. It regards the matter of certain instructions Dada Samanvayanandji
himself dogmatically created, telling that if these are followed one will
achieve liberation.

Ac. Samanvayanandaji wrote in his book Ananda Satakam on p.131 last
para “Bhagavat….Paraman Padinca…” And, Samanvayandaji Dada explained,
“Those who not only read but follow the instruction noted herein (of Ananda
Satakam) with interest and care, they will surely overcome the delusion of
this world and cross the stormy ocean of living in this world.” (p.131,
Ananda Satakam)

Thus Dadaji guaranteed liberation by following his personal teaching.

A similar type of teaching to what Samanvayanandji preached in this
“sutra”, is also very common teaching in Hindu religion. One famous example
is Hanuman Chalisa. Hanuman Chalisa has been written to impose and inject a
fear complex into the general public mind to worship the god monkey, Hanuman.

To force the public to worship Hanuman monkey god, poet Tulsidaas wrote
“Hanuman Chalisa'” and that same way Samanvayanandaji taught others by
giving a dogmatic teaching like Tulsidas did. It is obvious that if the
dogmatic poet of the Hindu religion would not have injected the fear
complex then surely nobody would have appreciated to worship the monkey.

Human psychology is that humans like to believe or pray that some
human being is their god. Not the monkeys. So it is the power of the
fear complex of that poetry that misguided / forced Hindu people to chant
every day the Hanuman chalisa hymn, means the monkey god eulogy.

So, it is obvious to all that to impose his book, Ananda Satakam, on Margiis’
mind, Dada Samanvayananda did the same technique as the dogmatic Hindu poet

Following is the stanza of that dogmatic monkey god hymm: ‘Jo
satbar…mahasukha hoi’. The meaning is that those who will repeat those
Hanuman Chalisas (eulogy of Hanuman monkey god) will get liberation
and be free from all worldly problems, like money, matter, ghost etc.

So with fear Hindu dogmatic people are repeating this. In the same way our
Dada Samanvayanandaji tried to impose his book Ananda Satakam on Margiis
by creating fear complex. Like the dogmatic poet of Hindu religion did with
the monkey god story.

Baba clearly explains that religions do not follow the path of rationality,
do not follow the path of dharma. Rather they claim to be issuing the word
of God, and with this excuse they inject one after another dogma among
their followers.

Baba says,

“The word “Dharma” is often loosely used for so-called religion. The reason
for this is that when the founders of almost all religions propagated their
respective doctrines to the general mass, they claimed they were the
messages of God. But no religion ever followed the path of logic.” (HS-I,
’87 ed., p.4)

So religions preach all sorts of harmful dogmas under the aegis of their
false claim that they are preaching the word of God.

Certainly, those living in India know very well about the monkey god Hanuman
but for overseas readers let me please tell something more….– the god
Hanuman belongs to the ape family. He has a long tail and his face is like
a monkey. It is not even a human being; Hanuman is one monkey. That is why
one name of the monkey is Hanuman. And Chalisa’ means eulogy. Every Hindu
dogmatic person is well aware of these things but for the benefit of
overseas Margiis it is meaningful to explain the matter in full.

However the main point is that this dogma of the monkey god is deeply
rooted in all fundamental Hindus’ mind. And every day they must repeat this
thing minimum one time and especially when they feel fear of ghost. The
dogma is that by repeating the monkey god name, ghosts will not come and
monkey god worshippers will ultimately reach the goal of liberation and all
desires will be fulfilled. And those who disrespect this will themselves
burn in hell fire. Because of this dogmatic belief, Hindu people are afraid
and they are repeating the Hanuman Chalisa with deep reverence.

So Dada Samanvayanandaji unfortunately also suffered from attachment to
Hindu dogma. Clearly Dada carried this dogma on his head. Because in
the same way as the monkey god hymn, Dadaji created one complex that if any
margii will believe and respect and chant his sloka then surely they will
get liberation as if there is no need of astaunga yoga sadhana. Only his
Ananda Satakam will work as the divine ship to across the ocean of maya.

Our Language

Baba says, “All the languages of the world are our language, this always
you will remember. All the languages are your language. Of them you may
know 2, 4, 10, 20, 200, 500, and all the rest you do not know. That does
not mean that the languages which you do not know are not your language.
All the languages of the world are the language of humanity. All the
languages are the language of Parama Purus’a. For all the languages you
should have love– equal love for all the languages.” (Hindi Language,
Morning General Darshan 1/1/84, Ananda Nagar)

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From: George Kourakos
Subject: For the Betterment of All
Date: Wed 17 Mar 2010 11:15:22 -0000


“(Tumi) esechile mor bakul-bita’ne na’ baliya’ ka’r ghare…” (PS 4320)


Baba, that time the place was surrounded by innumerable bakul flowers
which were blooming and You graced me by coming to my cottage during that
verdant spring season. With Your divine grace, You brought devotional
horripilation (goose bumps) throughout my entire existence and You also
vibrated the very pulsation of my blood. Baba, by having You in such an
intimate and close way, my life has become meaningful. It is Your grace.

Baba, soon after that golden dawn, Your liila moved into a different
phase. Because then You went away leaving me crying all alone. O’ my
dearmost where did You go that time.

Baba, since then I have spent countless days and nights waiting–
sitting by my window threading heaps of flower garlands for You. But that
was all in vain because You did not come. It is painful that now I no
longer see that attractive & charming smile because You are keeping
Yourself distant. Now I no longer see that radiant smile which I used to
see on Your lips when You were with me.

Baba in longing for You, ages have passed since You came close.
Springtime has finished and now summer has come. My entire garden of those
sweet, fragrant bakul flowers has dried up and withered away in this hot
season*. Now that same window– where I used to sit and make garlands for
You and wait– is full of spider webs. Baba, it is so painful and
heartbreaking how You have gone so far away. And my mind is completely dry
in the absence of Your divine presence.

O’ my dearmost, please shower Your causeless grace and appear in my
heart in a very intimate and charming way…

*Hot Season= In the absence of His presence, the sadhaka feels a distinct
dryness in his heart. Summer season– or hot season– has been used as a
metaphor to express that dryness in the devotees heart, where one’s
devotional feeling is lower. And this happens with each and every sadhaka.
Sometimes when one feels dry and out of the spiritual flow then that is
summer season; and when one’s flow of sadhana is good then that can be
compared with springtime because in their dhya’na they feel greater
proximity with Parama Purusa. But when one is experiencing the dryness of
summer, the best thing a devotee can do is to sincerely request Baba to
grace them by coming in their meditation.


(This letter is part of a series of letters on our practice of satya. To
receive past postings from this series, please write us. -Eds)

In our Marga, each and every thing is done for the healthy growth and
sentient development of everyone– for the welfare of all. As every Ananda
Margii is aware, this approach to life is known as satya.

Baba says, “The right application of thought and words for the welfare of
humanity is called satya. That which one thinks or says with a view to
harming others may be a fact or a factual statement [i.e. rta], but it is
not satya.” (AV-4)

Thus it is only satya which can promote well-being to the world in all
circumstances. Mere mundane facts and figures– i.e. rta– alone will not do.

Unfortunately a few people in our AM feel that only rta is proper
and that satya is a ‘distortion of the facts’. This is the deluded
perspective of some.

While most are certainly understanding the eternal value and special
quality of satya– benevolent truthfulness.


However to follow satya it does demand having a somewhat developed state of
mind. Devoid of that, one will be stuck in the realm of rta.

As Baba explains below, less evolved beings like animals and plants are
confined to the ways of rta– and even some humans are limited to this more
static approach as well.

Baba says, “That which is a fact, which has really taken place, we call
rta. The spirit of rta can be found in the plant world. Even among simple,
undeveloped people one can easily find the idea of rta as the motivating
force for society.” (NSS: Disc 10, ‘Shivokti 8’)

By His above teaching it is evident that rta is the guiding factor in the
life of undeveloped creatures, including some human beings. Due to their
lower state, they are only aware about this simple and limited way of
living: Following rta.

Whereas the broad-based view of Ananda Marga is totally different. Guided
by benevolence, Ananda Margiis will adhere to satya.

Baba says, “But the followers of dharma improve upon rta and utilize it in
a reformed way for the welfare of the world. When rta leads to harm, or
when it carries the possibility of falsehood, in that case people improve
upon rta and make it a fit instrument for promoting welfare. Rta when it
leads to welfare is called satya.” (NSS: Disc 10, ‘Shivokti 8’)

Thus when the ways of rta are outdated and unable to follow the dynamic
laws of dharma, then rta must be tossed aside in place of satya.


That is why Baba is very careful to point out the very pointed and clear
difference between rta and satya. It is not that they are the same. Rather
there is a fundamental difference between the two.

Baba says, “In the opinion of the yogic scriptures there is an ideological
difference between rta and satya. That which is a fact, which has happened
or happens, is called rta. And the ideation used for the welfare of the
people is called satya.”

Parahita’rtham’ va’unmanaso yatha’rthatvam’ satyam.

“Using one’s mind or speech out of a spirit of welfare for others is
satya’. It is said that one should take the shelter of satya, not rta..”
(SC-2, Disc:11)


Here in this below example, Baba clearly shows how satya is employed to
promote justice and welfare.

Baba says, “If a person takes shelter in your house out of fear of a wicked
person and afterwards that wicked person comes up to you and asks: ‘Is that
fellow here?’, in that case, an innocent person’s life is endangered. Here,
if one is to follow satya then one will have to say: ‘No, he is not here.’
In this way an innocent person will be saved from being murdered or
tortured at the hands of a wicked person.” (SC-2, Disc:11)

In the above example if one were to resort to rta then that would do
irreparable damage; it would cause irreversible harm. That is why it is
satya which has incorporates the dynamism and vivek to bring wellness all
of the time.


However that is not to say that rta itself is totally useless.

Another way of looking at this entire equation is that each and every
moment of our lives we are to follow rta– unless rta contravenes the
spirit of welfare. Where rta reaches its limit and when rta causes harm to
others, that is when we depart from the path of rta and stand firm on the
principles of satya.

Thus, so long as rta is moving evenly and consistently with satya, then rta
can be followed– and indeed it is to be followed. But the moment rta
swerves from universal well-being, then the only option is satya.

Because only satya promotes the benevolence and welfare of others 100% of
the time. And since we have come to this world to serve others, then satya
is our greatest tool– out greatest friend.


The question then becomes what is the best way to follow satya. How can one
develop the intuitive understanding of what is satya. This is the method we
all need to know. And by Baba’s grace He has given the answer.

Baba says, “Sa’dhana’ is the only way to remove the shadow of asatya and
reach satya.” (APH-3)

Thus it is only by our spiritual practices and meditation lessons that the
mind develops the softness and compassion to know where satya lies.

Here we should always remember that where there is an ounce of selfishness
there cannot be satya. Thus all those who in the name of groupism tell
their various stories about dharma, they are just a bunch of cheats
spoiling the good name of satya. But for this none should blame satya.

Rather it is those groupist parties that should be blamed and pointed out–
and ultimately rectified. Otherwise they will only invite their own

So the only way to keep the mind above selfish tendencies is by ideating on
the Great. By adhering to the path of sadhana the mind will grow and
blossom and emanate the sweet fragrance of satya all the time.


Where as rta or relative truth is limtied and only of value in a particular
set of circumstances, the path of satya has eternal value across all time
and space.

“Question: What is Truth or satya?”

“Ans. Truth is that which never changes: it always remains in the same
condition throughout eternity. Satya is not only unchangeable throughout
eternity but it is also unlimited: there is nothing beyond it. Satya also
does not change from place to place: it remains the same whether in one
place or another. Thus Satya is not affected by time, place and person; it
is Ka’la’tiita, Desha’tiita and Pa’tratiita.” (APH-3, “Some Q & A…’, #10)


Here Baba guides us that those followers of satya– those Ananda Margiis–
will gain victory in each and every moment of life.

Satyameva jayate na´nrtam´

Baba says, “Finally satya becomes victorious in each and every fight, in
each and every clash and in each and every work. Satya comes our
successful. ‘Satyameva jayate na’nrtam’.’That is, the falsehood won’t be

‘Satyena pantha’ vitato devaya’nah’

“Your path to godhood becomes widened with the help of this satya, that is,
this satya makes the path wide so that progress towards godhood is
achieved.” (AV-2)


Different Style

Baba says, “Then came Lord Krsna about 3500 years ago, when the war of the
Mahabharata took place. People’s individual qualities then had not taken a
collective shape. People did not know the art of living collectively. The
individual qualities that lacked a sense of collectivity were given
such a sense by Lord Krsna.” (MHB, p.6)

Note 1: That problem of division which happened in the past is now
going on in our organisation where various people belong to different
factions and are dividing along group lines.

Note 2: The above excerpt is from Baba’s book, “Discourses on Mahabharat”.
Unfortunately now certain known groupists are trying to distort this book.
In the past Sarvatmanandji inserted ‘Translated from the Original Bengali’
on the cover page of each and every AMPS book– even when the discourses
in that book were originally given by Baba in English or Hindi. This was
Saravatmananda’s crooked plan of action in order to show the superiority
of Bengali. Sarvatmananda Dada had the motive to manipulate the scene to
make it look like most of Baba’s discourses were given in Bengali. To that
end Sarvatmananda printed ‘Translated from the Original Bengali’ on the
cover page of each and every AMPS book.

However, when this ill-fated strategy got exposed, Sarvatmananda had to
give up this trick and do something else. He needed to find a different style.
That is why now in the Bengali version of “Discourses of the Mahabharat”,
Sarvatmananda has deleted all of the places and dates at the end of each of
the discourses.

As we know it is standard to list the place and date at the end of each and
every discourse; this is our regular policy in all our AMPS publications.
But Sarvatmananda has discarded this policy; that is why both the ’90 and ’99
Bengali editions of “Discourses on Mahabharat” do not show where and when the
discourse were given. Reason being that they are all Hindi discourses and
Sarvatmananda does not want to reveal this fact by printing the place.
Because everyone knows that discourses given in Ranchi (Jharkhand, formerly Bihar)
were Hindi discourses. That is why Sarvatmananda deleted the place and date
from the Bengali publication. Because he wants readers to think that they
are Bengali discourses– as if the majority of Baba’s discourses were
given in Bengali. This is Sarvatmananda’s ploy. And now they say he is
going to do the same with the upcoming English edition also– remove all
the places and dates in order to make it look like they are Bengali discourses.
This is Sarvatmananda’s devious trick and manipulation. So all should be alert.

Note 3: Some many think that the above is an isolated incident. But tragically
Sarvatmananda has done this in innumerable places already. Because his entire
plan is to make it look like the vast majority of Baba’s discourses were given
in Bengali. For example in the Hindi editions of Ananda Vacanamrtam parts
26-29 and AV-32, there is no listing of the place and date of the discourses.
Sarvatmananda had those removed. So now those discourses are sitting in that
book totally ‘naked’– without any place or date noted at the end of the discourse.
Point being that those are primarily all Hindi discourses but Sarvatmananda did
not want to admit this fact to the readers so he deleted the place & date of
the discourse to conceal this fact.

Note 4: And the same tactic he has done with the discourse ‘Human Search
for Real Progress’. For that discourse also he has removed the place and date.
And like that there are countless examples where the place and date have been
removed– all done in an effort to make it look like the large majority of
Baba’s discourses were given in Bengali. This is Sarvatmananda’s recent tactic.


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Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2010 06:34:26 -0700
To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: Matt Ornbecker
Subject: Lal Bujhakkar’


“Loke bale tumi dekha’ da’o na’, tave ele kii kare…” (PS 1893)


O’ Parama Purusa, people are telling that You are not visible. When
people say like that then how is it that You have come here in front of me
and I am seeing You.

O’ Parama Purusa, people are telling that You do not care about logic
and reasoning. That there is no explaining how You manage Your affairs and
that Your liila is beyond logic. Then how is it that You have graced one
and all & You are showering everyone with Your divine nectar. How has this
started happening.

Baba, whenever I see You then I always request You to make me Yours. And
when I say like this, then I see with my own eyes and I hear with my own
ears how You come close and shower me incessantly with Your infinite grace.

Baba, I am so meagre; You are so vast. I am bound up by my own
limitations. Even then You love me. Baba, by Your sweet touch all the
negativity and impurities get removed; and everything becomes pure. By Your
grace, the fragrant flowers blossom in each and every nook and corner of my
mind. Baba, people are telling that You are invisible and that You cannot be
seen; but by Your grace You have come to me. O’ my dearmost Baba, this is
all due to Your cosmic grace and infinite compassion…


Some time back or so one topic was raised on an email network and someone gave
their own interpretation about one Prabhat Samgiita. Such errors should not be
repeated in the future.

Let’s start with one story.


One morning in a remote community all the villagers woke up and to their
great surprise they saw huge round marks in the ground– big circular
indentations in their field. This was indeed something very peculiar and
strange for them. Immediately they all began to give their own explanations
and theories about what had happened. Some were telling that ghosts had
come, others were telling that the inside of the earth was getting soft,
and in that way various persons had their own haphazard logic and
reasoning. But no single villager’s reply could satisfy everyone in the
entire community who had gathered in the field that day.

So finally someone suggested to go get Lal Bujhakkar’– one famous
pundit in the village whose name literally means, ‘one who has all the
answers’. And everyone present immediately agreed that indeed Lal
Bujhakkar’ would be able to give the best and most perfect answer.

So they sent someone to get him and when Lal Bujhakkar’ arrived on the
scene he started smiling and said, ‘Oh, this is so easy, you mean you
people do not know what these round spots are’. They all shook their head
no. Then Lal Bujhakkar’ told that, ‘These are deer footprints’. Then
everyone was in shock and wondered how could these huge round marks be deer
footprints. Because everyone is well aware that deer have small feet– small

Lal Bujhakkar’ smiled again and clarified, ‘It’s simple. Now it is
spring season. And just as all of you do your dance and tie ankle bells to
your feet to celebrate the arrival of spring, similarly the deer do the
same. During the night they attach huge round rocks to their hooves and
then dance around joyfully to celebrate the arrival of spring season. And
since there is not a lot of free space in their jungle, so they came to
this open field to do their dance. That is how all these big, deep, round
marks were made on the ground.’

Hearing this the villagers immediately became deeply impressed by Lal
Bujhakkar’s astute and comprehensive answer; and they were all very proud
he was in their village. With that, they all dispersed, completely
satisfied that they had heard the correct answer.

About an hour or two later, some government officials from the Forestry
Department arrived in a jeep and began investigating the big round marks in
the ground. Immediately the villagers wandered over to talk to the
officials as they were very eager to show off their knowledge to the
government personnel. Then in all seriousness the villagers began
explaining to the officials that it was so interesting how the deer were
dancing here in the night with smooth rocks tied to their feet. And the
villagers were talking on and on about how intriguing it was that the deer
were doing their dance in the night to celebrate the arrival of spring.
They told their entire story to the officials; they did not overlook a
single detail.

Hearing all this, the forestry officials were stunned by the ridiculous
explanations given by the villagers and they immediately asked the
villagers where they got these crazy ideas from. Proudly the villagers all
told that the great Lal Bujhakkar’ was the one who told them this. The
officials told them to bring Lal Bujhakkar’ to the scene; so the boys of
the village went to get him.

When Lal Bujhakkar’ arrived he also told the officials his original
story how the deer were dancing with rocks tied to their hooves. And the
forestry officials interrupted him and told that this is most preposterous
thing they had ever heard. The officials then revealed that, ‘These marks
are not from deer dancing with rocks tied to their hooves. These big marks
in the ground are elephant footprints.’ The Forestry officials continued to
explain that, ‘One zoo from a neighboring state lost their elephants and
those elephants obviously came through this field in the middle of the
night’. This was the very logical– & indeed correct– answer given by
those forestry officials.

In that way the villagers came to know that everything that Lal
Bujhakkar’ told was entirely false– and ridiculous.

The whole point being that in this world jinanis– like Lal Bujhakkar’–
often propose fancy theories and give an array of concocted logic to
support their claim, when in actuality their statements do not contain one
ounce of truth. Because the hard reality is one thing and their cockeyed
proposals are something else– opposite from the truth.

Unfortunately nowadays in this modern era, this world is full of Lal
Bujhakkar’ type of people.


A similar type of event once came to pass on margii-mail– where one
jinani type of person interpreted something in a totally topsy-turvy
way, i.e. completely backwards. Specifically this jinani gave his
public confirmation that Prabhat Samgiita #1047 is a song about death–
i.e. that the sadhaka in the song is praying for his own death. This was the
idea put forth. When in fact the real meaning of the song is
the direct opposite. Because in Baba’s Prabhat Samgiita #1047, the sadhaka
is embracing a new pathway in life.


The thing is that each and every Prabhat Samgiita perfectly mirrors Baba’s
divine teachings– one of which is that our AM is the path of bliss.

“A’nanda’ddhyeva….a’nandam’ prayantyabhisam’vishanti.”

Baba says, “This quinquelemental world has been born out of bliss, is being
maintained in bliss…” (NKS)

So in the above shloka Baba describes how life is one blissful journey–
where each and every day of our existence is filled with bliss: Singing His
divine name and dancing in the showering of His grace. So in AM life is
something sweet & joyful– blissful.

We never think that we should pray for our death or harbour any type of
suicidal thoughts. Nor do we think that life is painful or that only after
death will we be happy. This is not our way– this is not Baba’s teaching;
& no Prabhat Samgiita follows this negative approach.


But see here how they missed the meaning of this Prabhat
Samgiita. Because he was proclaiming that song #1047 is a song about
someone’s death– thus painting life as one dark, morose event.

Here are a few lines of the English translation of the song so everyone can
see for themselves how they made a blunder and interpreted the song
in the wrong way. PS #1047 says:

Let me go as a silent one…
I bid my pranam to everyone…

So good bye for today…

The night is ending, the dawn is blossoming.
Let me go out, let me open the door.

So with just a little bit of common sense, anyone will understand that the
sadhaka in the above song is embarking on a wonderful new pathway in life–
leaving behind the darkness of old. So this optimistic song is about
someone entering a bright new phase of life where ‘the dawn is blossoming’.
That is the flow of the song and that matches up nicely with Baba’s entire
perspective about life.

But one jinani is proclaiming that the above song is about death.

So instead of linking up with the blissful teachings of Ananda Marga, this
jinani wrongly interprets the song in his own morose way. And by his
interpretation, the ‘blossoming dawn’ means death, and the phrase ‘Let me
go out’ is the person praying to die. Thus by the jinani’s analysis,
each and every line of the song takes on a morbid meaning.

So by his entire interpretation, the pundit paints life as one
terribly negative experience where the only escape is to pray for one’s own

Of course, every Ananda Margii knows that Baba strongly warns us never to
refer to life in a negative manner.

Baba says, “Don’t compare life to a pool of muddy stagnant water. Life
resembles an ever-flowing spring…” (Ananda Vanii #6)

Thus Baba guides us that life is something entirely positive and vibrant.

Anyone can see then that the jinani is going against Baba’s basic,
fundamental guideline. Because they are describing life as something
totally negative, sorrowful, and stained– like muddy stagnant water etc.
So they are way off the mark.


Rather when ideating on and singing Prabhat Samgiita #1047, we can think of
it in a variety of positive ways.

For example we can view this song as a time when someone has decided to go
for WT training. Where they are saying good-bye to their old, mundane
friends and preparing to embark on a blissful journey as they dedicate
themselves to a life of blessedness. This is one way to interpret the song.

Or the song can refer to someone who has just taken initiation into Ananda

Or the song can be about someone who is retiring from their mundane job and
now they will lead a life of 100% service to humanity.


All these types of interpretations are moving in sync with our AM
perspective on life.

Thus there are numerous ways to interpret Prabhat Samgiita #1047 that link
up the spirit of Ananda Marga. And those with a devotional mind will
naturally move in this direction. This is the natural way for all Ananda

Only Lal Bujhakkar type of persons will drift away– taking the matter in
their own particular direction, that is away from our AM way of life.


By Baba’s grace life is something very special, very wonderful, and very
positive– full of hope and optimism. This is life according to Baba’s
supreme definition. And each and every Prabhat Samgiita follows this pathway.

Baba says, “Under no circumstances should human beings be pessimistic. That
is why I am always an incorrigible optimist, because I know that optimism
is life.” (AFPS-3)



On a few different occasions Baba has told that not all people are capable
of interpreting and explaining Prabhat Samgiita. In particular Baba
describes that one’s mind must be above the vishuddha cakra– means one’s
mind should be spiritually vibrated. Otherwise one will interpret the song
in a crude, mundane type of way.

Because everything in life– including Prabhat Samgiita– can be seen or
understood in multiple ways. So those whose mind is not up to the mark will
misinterpret the song each and every time. This is Baba’s warning.

That is why Baba guides us that only those whose minds are drenched in
spiritual ideation should take up the job of explaining Prabhat Samgiita–
all others such as this jinani avadhuta should step aside and keep mum.

BABA warns us, “If one is not able to give the people proper guidance,
then at least one should not misguide them. One must not divert them from
the proper path.” (NSS, p.197)

Think On This

Baba says, “Human Society is one and indivisible, don’t try to divide it.
Each and every individual should be looked upon as the manifestation of the
Cosmic Entity.” (Ananda Vanii, #21)

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