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From: “Rambabu Maurya”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Do You Know About This Tiirtha?
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2010 22:02:09 +0530


“Lukiye tumi ka’j kare ja’o pratya’sha’ kichu rekhe…” (P.S. 2618)


Baba, You are the Doer of all the work being done in this vast universe.
Secretly You go on doing and executing everything. Nobody can see You– but
You are doing everything. And You do not harbour any desire to receive
anything in return. Just You are deeply involved in managing all the work
secretly, O’ my Parama Purusa. And when You notice that somebody is
searching You, then that time You move ahead in Your grand liila of hide
and seek. Baba, You decorate the effulgence in darkness; and simultaneously You
flood the cimmerian darkness with the showering of Your divine effulgence.
Baba, You are the bridge between life and death; You are the crossing
point. Yet all the while You Yourself remain hidden behind the scenes.

Baba, You are the great hope of the hopeless hearts. In the end of the
night You are the colourful dawn. Baba, You show the direction to those who
have lost the path. And You spread Your divine love in all the ten
directions. Baba, You go on doing all the work of this entire universe secretly–
never desiring anything in return. Just You continue playing hide & seek.
Baba, Your liila is unfathomable…


Note: This letter is related with a recent program so read
below to find out what happened

In our Ananda Marga, we are not like the various dogmatic religions
which rely on tiirthas or places of pilgrimage in order to reach their
chosen deity. In AM, we know Baba resides in our heart.

Baba says, “Parama Purus’a always remains with you, within the very core
of your heart. So search within, O spiritual aspirant, not without, but
within, within your very existence.” (AV-12, p.41)

In stark contrast, the Muslims trek to their holy city of Mecca to find
their god; the Christians travel to Rome & elsewhere; and the Hindus
take the trail to Varanasi. In all such cases, their chosen lord lives
outside them – not within. They feel their god resides somewhere else
and they impose the crutch of geo-sentiment (by creating a tiirtha) for
the survival of their faith.

By Baba’s grace, in our Marga we feel that Parama Purusa resides
directly in our heart. We need not go anywhere to find Him. Nor do we
employ any such crutch – not geo-sentiment or anything else. Every
Ananda Margii feels that Baba is with them all the 24hrs. It is purely
an internal, devotional link.

Unfortunately, a few group leaders who lost their dharmic vision started
propagating their own tiirtha program using their transplanted dogma
from the Hindu religion.

So we should all take a look what is going on.


At the recent Jamalpur 2010 DMS, the so-called PP Dada (note: there
is no official Purodha Pramukha now per Baba’s system) began his main
lecture with the following type of expression:

“This is Jamalpur – Baba is here – people from all over the world will
come here and get their final blessing – they will come and get virtue
and moksa (salvation)…”

“You are fortunate that you have come to Jamalpur – our holy land –
those who come here will reach their Goal – this is where to get
Baba’s blessing.”

Such was the message from the so-called PP Dada. You can decide for
yourself how far his speech is dharmic or not.

Please read below to see what the margiis present thought.


Hearing such talk from a highly posted and senior Dada was quite
shocking for many of the margiis. Because when one of our acarya talks
then we assume his message will be in line with our AM teachings. But
this was not – not even close.

Many margiis simply laughed. They had traveled from distant places to
get to Jamalpur and they felt that Baba was with them in their home, in
their travels – always. They came to Jamalpur to attend DMS, not because
they thought Jamalpur was the only place to get Baba’s blessing. They
get Baba’s blessing always. So that is why some were smiling and
laughing upon hearing Dadaji’s silly talk.

Other margiis were just plain sad by listening to Dadaji’s words. They
thought what a tragedy it is that our Wt cadre has reached such a low
standard. In the past our acaryas were the foremost spiritual teachers
on the planet and now because they forgot their sadhana those same
acaryas have become like the dogmatic priests from the various religions.

Whatever may be, none were deceived by Dada’s talk. nobody thought that
Baba resides in Jamalpur or that Jamalpur is a holy site for Ananda
Margiis. All understood that Baba resides in the heart.

“Vrnda’vanam parityajya pa’damekam na gaccha’mi…” (PS 4425)

“I am always eternally present in Vrindavan, in the hearts of devotees.
That is the Guru cakra. I do not go even a little away from that. I am
eternally present along with the devotees.”

It is purely Baba’s causeless grace that as Ananda Margiis we know that
Baba resided in the heart. Failing that we would become like that
followers of all the dogmatic religions who get exploited by their own


Now the question comes, why did that Dada say like that. Why did he
openly proclaim Jamalpur as a tiirtha and that this was the place to get
Baba’s blessing.

Here is what those at the DMS concluded:

1) Dadaji spoke like that because he has left his sadhana and misplaced
his devotional feeling. Without the requisite devotion and lack of
meditative practices, then one will be prone to such dogmatic expression.

2) Dadaji spoke like that because he wanted to impose a geo-sentiment.
By turning Jamalpur into the centerpiece of AM life, then Dadas in
charge of Jamalpur will get prestige and donations from the many margiis
visiting from afar. With that enhanced status then they can exploit
the margiis even more.

The priests in all the dogmatic religions profited greatly by making
certain places into so-called holy lands. People gave them maximum money
and garlanded them with huge respect. Geo-sentiment is the lowliest
sentiment, according to Baba, but if one is able to dupe the masses in
this way, then such a priest has created a great pedestal for a selfish
agenda. That is Baba’s warning.

All in all, many were saying that this is what happens when
narrow-minded people grab the power and forget to do their sadhana. Then
to increase their power they resort to all kinds of dogma like tiirthas etc.

Those are but some of the many reasons which margiis cited for why
Dadaji spoke in that dogmatic manner about Jamalpur being a “holy land.”

And all agreed that this dogmatic tiirtha must be vigorously opposed. It
should not be allowed to continue – not even for 1 more second.

Here is how Baba describes the low mentality behind those who subscribe
to the dogmatic theory of tiirthas and so-called holy lands.

Baba says, “Some people say, ‘Since I must die, I must die only in
Benares (Kashii)’. How strange! All countries have been created by the
Supreme Consciousness, so all countries are equal. The universal concept
of dharma that God is all-pervasive– this essence of dharma has been
forgotten. Ultimately dharma has been reduced to a geo-sentiment
centering around Benares.” (NH-LOI, ’87 Edn, p.23)



Ultimately, we know that Parama Purusa is omnipresent, omniscient, and
all-powerful. Hence, to limit Him to a particular place or land is
nothing but to diminish His greatness.

So those who try to establish tiirtha sites to enhance their power or
for any reason just end up revealing their limited outlook. Because
instead of glorifying Him they are indulging in sin.

“Vya’pitvm ca…dine”

Baba says, “The Supreme Being is omnipresent, all-pervading and witness
to everything, everywhere. It is not proper to confine Him to a
particular place and say that he has eaten butter at this place or taken
a dip in the Ganges at that particular place, thus limiting Him to a
particular region or a particular country or the glorification of a
particular sacred place, and thereby limit His all-pervasiveness”
(AV-11, p.29)

And that is what happened with that Dada who spoke like that at the
Jamalpur DMS program – he indulged in sin.


When people fail to do more sadhana, as has apparently happened with
this Dadaji, then Baba tells us that such a person is prone to dogmatic
types of worship like the holy land dogma.

That is Baba’s explicit warning: If you do not do sadhana sincerely then
you will fall prey to dogma and commit sin – period.

Baba says, “People generally want to live without intense sadhana in the
spiritual sphere and without much effort in the mundane sphere. When
people seek to acquire fortune or attain salvation without proper
effort, then they try to remove their sins by visiting the so-called
holy places.” (NSS)

This is exactly what happened to that Dada and the organisers of the
Jamalpur DMS. Baba’s above teaching is the perfect narrative about
their ways.


In this negative environment of dogma and staticity this following
Ananda Vanii gives strong force of hope and inspiration that our future
is bright.

At the same time we must not sit and wait. We should vigorously oppose
the creation of any so-called holy land in AM, whether it be in
Jamlapur, Kolkata or anywhere else. Such a dogma has not place in
our Ananda Marga.

Baba says, “Human civilization now faces the final moment of a critical
juncture. The dawn of a glorious new era is on its one side and the
worn-out skeletons of the past on the other. People have to adopt either
of these two. You are the spiritual soldiers, you are the worshipers of
Life Divine, hence I call you to adorn this crimson dawn deluged with
glorious light. Victory is surely yours.” (Ananda Vanii)

Note: In the above Vanii “skeletons of the past” means dogmatic rituals
like tiirthas and so-called holy lands etc.



As we all know, Baba himself has never placed much importance on any
worldly land– including Jamalpur.

Baba says, “During the twelve years since 1966, I have not been to
Jamalpur.” (AV-7)

Thus when He Himself does not highlight Jamalpur, then none should
listen to the words of any Dada who claims that Jamalpur is the “holy
land” for Ananda Margiis. IN AM there is no so-called holy land: Not
Jamalpur, not Kolkata, not Fiesch, not Tiljala, not Bankipur Jail, not
any physical location. He is everywhere and within all.


Here is one other interesting notion for us to consider.

When someone is committing a wrong for the first time then they will be
very nervous and scared. For example, when a thief is about to commit
his first theft, then he will be shaking like a leaf. But after a while,
while thieving he will drink, dance and sing, because he is not at all
worried about his wrongdoing. That thief became habituated with his
sinful acts.

In the past, Dadas would only talk one-on-one about crude things like
tiirthas. They knew it was wrong so they would be very careful and
low-key in their dealing. But now, this Dada is going up to the podium
at DMS and declaring in front of all the Jamalpur is a “holy land”.
Dadaji is shameless in his dealing. This shows how his mind has become
totally habituated to that dogma. How sad it is.


It was Dada Vishvadevananda who spoke like this at the DMS. He was the
one openly telling about the Jamalpur holy land dogma.

Because groupists are more concerned with getting and holding onto
power than learning AM ideology, they are susceptible to falling
into sin.

This happens with all the various parties: H, B, EC etc.

To Do Great Work

Baba says, “The meaning of the ‘Sam’gacchadhvam’ Mantra should be realised
in life. Always remain united. Solve all problems, big or small, with
unity. Consider misfortune of one as the misfortune of all– an injury to
one as an injury to all.” (CC-2, ‘Society’ chapter, point #34)

Note: So long as Baba’s above teaching is not put into practice, one cannot
do great work. Devoid of this one’s life will be as meaningful as the life
of a termite or ant etc. In our practical life we should be strict in
following Baba’s teaching.

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Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2010 22:48:13 -0000
To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: Mandal.Virendra@bharata.net…
Subject: Be Careful Who You Follow


“A’ma’y keno bha’laba’sile…” (P.S. 2283)


Baba, You are so loving, so gracious, why do You love me so much. I do
not have any quality, nor do I have any knowledge or learning. What then
did You see in me that made You shower Your grace on me. You have
saturated my heart with a strong feeling of devotion for You. You have
bestowed upon me an intellect to serve the society. Knowing that I am
shelterless, You have granted me everything. You have given me all sorts
of things which were needed. It is Your causeless grace. Baba, You
brought me on this earth by providing me with a human body. And You
filled my mind with devotion. And on the top You infused a strong
longing for Paramartha for You. But now this is the miserable condition
of mine that I always remain forgetful about You and Your grace. Baba,
why do You love me so much…


When a human being sees someone greater than themselves, then they
admire that person, offer respect, and desire to become like that.

Thieves revere great criminals, players honor top athletes, students
respect learned classmates, businessmen admire innovative entrepreneurs,
and general aspirants respect highly devotional sadhakas.

This equation works in both directions – positive and negative.

The main point is that offering respect comes readily to all. People are
eager to follow and emulate those whom they regard. There is a long
history behind this as it is related with our fundamental human psychology.

Indeed no one can say that they are not involved in hero worship, in one
form or another. Everyone is involved – and therein lies one’s failure
or success. It is that critical a component towards a person’s
development. Who you follow in life is everything.

Even then some may proudly declare that they do not adhere to any type
of hero worship. So we should examine this issue at a deeper level.

Let’s see how hero worship began, how it changed through the ages, as
well as what it means today – both for sadhakas and non-sadhakas.


Just as certain developed animals – like cows, horses, elephants, and
birds – are gregarious in nature and live collectively in order to care
for and protect themselves from predators, since the earliest times
human beings have done the same.

When living in the wild, humans would group together in order to face
their enemies. Following a particular leader was absolutely vital for
survival: Food, safety, protection, shelter etc. People had to pay heed
to the call of their chosen leader in order to carry on. Failing that,
one was certain to face an early demise.

Thus the trait to follow someone became a basic component of human life.
Over the centuries the style of leadership may have gone through
changes, but all along people have always been quick to follow a
respected person and emulate their characteristics.

This is a built-in human behavior and has a huge effect on one’s growth
and development.


During the ksatriyan era, courage, valour and bravery were heralded as
the top qualities and people naturally gravitated towards those who most
personified such characteristics. In turn, those at the helm gained
greater power and exploited others with their might.

When the era changed, then people valued something else.

With the rise of the vipran era, intellect and wisdom were seen as the
greatest attributes and those at the helm were embodiments of those
qualities. People naturally rallied around them and embraced that status
in order to gain respect and be like their leader. To maintain their
power, the leading vipras created all kinds of doctrines to keep
themselves on top.

Over time, money became king and those at the helm were vaeshyas, ie
capitalists. In this age people revered those with massive wealth, and
overlooked all other qualities. Yet those ruling capitalists gobbled up
all the land and material wealth to keep on top.

Now such vaeshyas are in power in most places. But anyone can understand
the reigning era of a particular land or country by analysing who gets
the most respect. Furthermore, one can assess the quality of the people
by seeing who their leaders are. Crude heroes end up leading their
followers into hell.

So be careful who you follow as it has a huge effect on the direction of
your life.


Who one selects to follow in life is critically important. For instance,
if you follow a blind man and he falls into a well, then you too will
fall into that same well. Likewise if follow a dharmika who is moving
towards Parama Purusa, then you too will come closer to the Supreme
Entity. This is the way it works. Just see.


Nowadays in the capitalist era, where material gain and sex is
everything and pseudo-culture is rampant, those with the most respect
and glamour have huge money.

Pop stars like the late Michael Jackson, athletes like Michael Jordan,
movie stars like Angelina Jolie, performers like Madonna, and certain
politicians and vaeshyas have scooped up the imagination, hearts and
minds of the the people. People run like mad after such stars.

If a pop star gets a certain type of haircut or tattoo, or if a movie
icon wears a certain style of dress, then naturally people go chasing in
that direction. That is why the big corporations recruit and pay huge
money to pseudo-culture stars and icons to model their wares and
products as it will boost sales into the millions and billions. In that
way they lure and cheat the common people into buying their products.
Because the public will do anything and everything to follow their
revered one.

People even become  emotionally attached with certain products and
brands like Apple computers. Even intellectual get befooled and
misguided thinking that everything that Apple does is great. Many
companies have this kind of aura: Google, Nike etc. They have cultish

Plus in this superficial era, even fake yoga stars in the west are
gaining clout in the form of sponsorships and hero-worship etc.

According to our human psychology, people like to follow others but due
to poor examples they get goaded in the wrong direction – they get
herded like sheep.

By this way the general public gets drawn into all kinds of degrading
activity. To get wealth, even good people will cheat and steal; to get
beauty people resort to plastic surgery and skimpy clothing; to attract
the opposite sex, people have literally begun to dress like prostitutes.

All because people blindly chase after the leaders of the day. And when
the leaders are degenerated, the common populace will be too.

That is why it is so important to carefully choose who you follow in life.


Hearing all this, some may strongly claim that they are not prone to
hero worship. They will proudly state that they follow no one and are
independent thinkers. Many sophisticated and liberal people talk like this.

But truth be known, they are pawns of their chosen leader(s),
unknowingly. Just walk into their house and it becomes very clear what
they are and whom they revere. Everyone is a fan of someone. Everyone
bows down to someone to get respect.

A millionaire prostrates himself to the billionaire; a beauty queen
surrenders to some Hollywood goddess; a car enthusiast gives himself to
those who own Mercedes. Everyone in this world is fascinated by
something or someone. That is the way of the world. None can claim that
they are outside of this dynamic.

By this way, a person sinks or swims. Tragically, most sink as they get
lulled into the crude operations and economics of the day. That is why
it is critically important to carefully choose with whom you place your

According to their chosen hero, common people will change their habits,
tastes, likings – indeed their entire modus operendi is affected. Thus
it is absolutely critical that people become aware of who they respect.
A person must know who their heroes are – otherwise unknowingly they may
fall into a black hole. Especially in this present era when people are
fans of characterless individuals.


Unfortunately, up till now, the masses have most often embraced “goats”
as leaders. This is especially true these days. And the ones who suffer
the most are our impressionable youths. They are most prone to be
misguided by crude idols. This even leads to their ruination.

As Ananda Margiis we cannot let the situation remain as standstill,
where impressionable people get lulled into false hopes and degrading
ways. We are to encourage such youths – and the entire society – to give
respect to higher ideals like social service etc. Then things will start
moving in the right direction.

Let’s then take a look at the workings in AM, that will give us ideas
and inspiration for guiding the general society.


Baba has designed Ananda Marga along a totally different concept. In AM,
we do not offer our respect based on materials things, status, or other
crude manners. In AM, respect is given based on one’s conduct.

Baba says, “Your ideal is represented by your conduct. Your learning,
your social or economic status have nothing to do with your ideal.”
(A’nanda Va’nii #13)

Baba says, “Aca’ran’a’t pa’t’hayati yah sah a’ca’ryah – One who teaches
through one’s conduct is an a’ca’rya.” (AV-23)

And in AM, good conduct means adhering to dharmic principles: Godhood
not crudity, selflessness not selfishness, benevolence not malevolence.

To instill this within all in AM, Baba would publicly honor those
involved in doing dharmic works. With this type of healthy competition,
Baba guided everyone towards righteous works. By this way we all
understood that we would earn the respect and regard of others.

For instance Baba would reward the top bhukti with the title, “Jana
Seva’ Sealed”. This bhukti that rendered the most social service won
this award. And like that there were all kinds of healthy competitions
to get our minds goaded in the right direction.

Competitions like: Sixteen Points, kaoshikii, tandava, dharma mitram
(most pracar competition), conduct rules and so many other arenas.
Prizes were often based on how much you followed bhagavad dharma and
helped the downtrodden masses and the neglected peoples.

Baba says, “You are to purify [yourself] with the help of sa’dhana’ and
jana seva’. These two factors, sa’dhana’ and jana seva’, will keep the
mental mirror in proper condition, in good condition.” (AV-3)

This was all His entirely unique and revolutionary approach. And because
we all followed Baba our minds, desires, and actions got goaded in this
totally dharmic direction. It is His grace. By this way the whole
society grows and there will not be any exploitation from one group to
the next.

In the past vipras exploited ksattriyas and now vaeshyas are exploiting
everyone. And in our Marga, because some have fallen away from AM
ideals, there is group exploitation. Tragically, groupists revere crude
power not jiivan dharma. So some are moving in this direction. But this
phase will be short-lived.

By once again following His teachings and ways, prama will be restored
and honor will be given to those involved in Sixteen Points etc.

Baba’s is the classic example of how by following someone great, i.e.
Taraka Brahma, one will advance on the path towards liberation and

In a nutshell here is how it works in AM: Our Goal is Parama Purusa so
if anyone follows those ideals that lead to Parama Purusa then they earn
respect of others. Naturally then, all will move in this direction. It
is His wish and hence inevitable.


In the general society it is not like that. People are not familiar with
dharma or Taraka Brahma so they get hitched up in another direction. To
understand how any society is working, find out what the children want
to be when they grow up. Then it will be clear who they follow and what
they respect.

Tragically, today most follow a crude example. As Ananda Margiis we are
to turn this negative into a positive.

When are are aware that people have a natural tendency to adore those
they deem as beings great, then why not utilise this in the proper way
and bring all onto the path of salvation. Let all be guided towards
parama’rtha and not towards bondage or ruination.

By propagating AM ideals people will follow true sadhakas and start
moving in this direction.

Everyone should be fully warned that they need to be careful about who
they follow. To achieve greatness one should follow a proper sadhaka, or
even better yet, follow Ista. To fall into a mud puddle of crudity, then
follow any pseudo-culture icon.

That is why everyone should be extremely careful about who they follow.


By Baba’s grace it is important to understand that you are infinite and
that you have the capacity to become one with Paramatma. But that can
only happen if one critically is aware about who they follow in life.

If society is misguided then even good people will be diverted to do
negative things. – what to say what will happen to bad people.

As humans, ours is the journey from darkness to enlightenment. By
following the true Ista and His ideals, heaven will come on this earth.

Baba says, “United you will have to remain, this is your duty. So that
the people of the world may remain united, it is your duty to bring the
mahavishva as soon as possible. There will be peace and happiness in the
universe, and, established in one indivisible ideology, humanity will
march ahead toward the Supreme Goal. Victory be with you!” (Disc MHB)


Definition of “Real Discipline”

Baba says, “And what is discipline? The Sam’skrta term for ‘discipline’
is ‘anusha’sanam’. And what is anusha’sanam?

Hita’rthe sha’sanam ityarthe anusha’sanam

When the code of discipline is imposed with the spirit of welfare, with
the spirit of development, it is called `anusha’sanam’ in Sam’skrta.
There is no corresponding English word.” (AV-3 p.30)

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From: Foster Davis
Subject: Misuse & Abuse of Manan
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2010 22:38:18 -0400


“Tumi ye path dhariya’ esechile ta’ha’r surabhi a’jao a’che…” (PS 756)


Baba, the path on which You came still carries Your sweet fragrance even
today. The divine love which You showered upon me with Your sweet and
charming smile, its vibration is still dancing to this day. And it is
blissfully charging my whole existence.

Baba You came with the aroma of sweet songs; You came with the melody
and tune. And You graced me and became my nearest and dearest– You became
one with my heart. It is Your grace.

Baba, at that time why did You look towards me in such a sweet,
attractive way and take my heart away. That very loving gaze is still fresh
in my mind. Just one single glance of Yours changed my whole existence.
Baba You showered me with Your loving grace.

Baba, You thought about me and that is the greatest achievement of my
life. What more do I need. The force of that Divine gift is not exhausted
even today; it always gives me strength and inspiration to go on loving You.

Even today, I am surviving on the hope that I will again get You as my
intimate, as my close, as my own. Baba, Your sweet smile is still fresh in
my mind and fills my heart with Your divine love…


In this present era, while living in this mostly capitalist dominated
world, it is necessary for one to be careful lest they fall in the
capitalists’ degrading trap. Because with their crooked ways, the
capitalists infuse certain negative thought patterns to suit their greedy

As we know the Sanskrit term ‘manan’, i.e. thinking, can be spiritually
elevating or totally degenerating. In the case of the latter, those crude
thoughts have a terrible effect on the human psyche– on one’s mental
structure, causing depression & utltimately degradation.

Baba says, “Regarding this faculty of thinking, if it is done in a
methodical way, the result is certainly positive…But if it is not done in
a methodical way, the general result is negative.” (YP, ‘Mind Grows in

So all should be aware about the sneaky ploy executed by today’s capitalist
exploiters. Because their goal is to make people misuse and abuse their
power of manan, just so that they (the capitalists) can make huge money.


Of course, for ages & ages yogis have held a deep belief in the dominance
of mind; and yogis have long cultivated the habit of positive & systematic
thinking in order to build a healthy mental arena.

For that reason yogis pointedly spend their days practicing the pure
approaches to manan, shravan, niddhidhyasana. That is thinking godly
thoughts (manan), listening devotional ideas (shravan), and ideating on
Parama Purusa (niddhidhyasana).

Because yogis understand well the theory, ‘As you think so you become’.

By this way there is a distinctly positive momentum in the mind and it
advances inwards towards the cosmic nucleus. That is, the mind gets
transformed and restructured by the continued practice of mantra japa and
dhyana. By thinking in that uniquely spiritual way the mind becomes more
subtle and sublime and moves towards that spiritual Goal.

This is the cherished way of the yogi.


Capitalists– on the other hand– are matter-centered and in their crude
theory they do not (openly) recognise the concept of mind. Rather capitalists
believe that matter is everything. That is their expressed philosophy.

Yet, they have one trick up their sleeve as well.

Because, in their devilish dealing, the capitalists employ mental
tricks in order to control the public. That is they infuse their own ideas
into the public mindset in order to get the public to think about their
products. This is how the capitalists abuse the practice of manan– mental

So on the one side in theory such capitalists proclaim that this universe
is matter centered and one can just ignore the mind. That is their stated
agenda. But their practice is something quite different. They understand
that the best way to control a person is through the mind and not through
matter. And that is how they sell their products, by staining people’s minds.

They infuse within people the mental desire to look or be a certain way by
buying certain products. That is the sales-pitch of capitalists.


That is why we see that through their endless advertising campaigns and
media onslaught the capitalists’ chief plan is to colour the public
mind-set with propaganda about their products. Through radio, tv, films,
internet, newspapers, magazines and so many other avenues, the capitalists
spread their crude messages to the consumers– in an attempt to get their
slogans deeply embedded within the public psyche. This is their dastardly

Thus in their hypocrisy those capitalist agencies know that if they can
capture the public mind then they make millions and billions of dollars.
That is why in their commercials they invent catchy songs and attractive
slogans which they hope the public will recite and remember. Such as ‘Have
it your way at Burger King’, or ‘Ooh-la-la Sasson’ for Sasson jeans’, or
thousands and thousands of other slogans and advertising messages that get
repeated millions of times during the day.

Even if one walks into any elementary or primary school, then it is evident
that the tender minds of our children are already littered with the ideas
of big-business. Because the children walk around singing the songs of
those capitalist commercials etc. And that type of abuse of manan– that
type of negative thinking– adversely affects their development of mind.
But for the capitalists it means profit, profit, profit.

So this is the heinous trick going on these days. Indeed this is exactly
what happens: Those phrases get infused into the public psyche and the
peoples’ mind becomes saturated with that capitalistic propaganda. In which
case their whole mental arena becomes distorted and full of that capitalist

Baba says, “Now, everywhere, in cent-per-cent of the cases, there is
wastage of human psychic potentiality. The psychic potentialities of human
beings are immense, but people do not utilise them because most of their
valuable time is wasted in undesirable thoughts, in psychic extravaganza.”
(YP, p.134)


So the whole sequence of events is quite nasty and sublime. Because the
capitalists invent invasive approaches to enter into the public mind set,
in turn the public psyche gets distorted and coloured by crude messages,
and in that subliminal tactic that public does not even realise that they
are getting affected by those crude propaganda campaigns.

Rather when Tom, Dick, or Harry walks into a store and they see an item
that they want to buy– such as cologne or an automobile or a toaster etc–
then they really think that it is their inner heart’s desire to purchase
that thing. They do not realise that this is a capitalistic schema imposed
upon their psyche.

Rather that brainwashed consumer takes total ownership of that desire and
they are convinced that the purchase of that item will satisfy their inner

And this happens to all members of the general public: men, women,
children. All start thinking that they must look a certain way, act a
particular way, and possess certain items. And they think that this is
their true internal longing– that this will bring them happiness and
success. But little do they realise that they are getting cheated to the
bone by feisty capitalists.

Hence by the abuse of manan– by infusing negative ways of thinking on the
minds of the common people– those capitalists achieve their crooked ends
of selling their products. That is all they care about. And in their
duplicity they know that the best and only way to achieve this is to
recognise the dominance of mind and distort the public way of thinking. And
tragically this is exactly what they have achieved in this negative era of

And in result the common people suffern in innumerable ways such as
depression, anxiety, until ultimately they fall into crude samadhi etc.


As Ananda Margiis, we must never fall prey to the sinister traps set by
those hoarding capitalists. We must keep the mind clean and pure and be
vigilant not to become painted in the colour of consumerism. This is Baba’s
strict warning.

Baba says, “From the psychic sphere also, unnecessary waves are to be
removed. This will remove many burdens from the mind. ‘I must not bother
about petty things, because that will waste my time’ — people should
remember this. This removal or rather withdrawal of unnecessary and
undesirable thoughts emanated from the mind, will help you in rationalising
the major portion of your mental faculty, and so this must also be
practised.” (YP)

Thus Baba’s above guideline is to keep the mind free and clear of negative
ways of thinking– our mental arena must not get polluted by crude thoughts
or capitalistic advertising slogans. By ridding the mind of such things,
then our human mind can be properly utilised.

Ultimately Baba guides us that we should direct all our thoughts towards
that Supreme One.

Baba says, “Withdraw the mind from physical objects and goad it unto Parama
Purus’a”. (AV-14)

Baba’s teaching then is not to let the mind get overwrought with the crude
effects of capitalism; rather one is to push the mind in a distinctly
spiritual way of thinking. That is the real manan– otherwise degradation
will occur.

So we should chant our kiirtan and repeat our ista mantra all day long and
not for one second think about the propaganda of those cheating
capitalists. We should not allow their tactics to invade our mental arena.
This must never be allowed to happen. If it does one will become a slave of

That is why Baba’s mandate is to infuse the mind with sentient thoughts and
sweet ideations. Here again is Baba’s divine guideline.

Baba says, “You must have a spiritual goal. You must know what to do, what
not to do, how to do, why to do. And for this purpose, the movement is to
make the mind pinnacled, apexed, and bring all the propensities to that
point, and goad it towards your spiritual goal.” (‘Subjective Approach
Objective Adjustment’)


By Baba’s grace each and every margii will grow in a clean way through
proper manan– through proper thinking. This is Baba’s blessing.

Baba says, “You will have to ultimately reach Parama Purus’a. This is the
pinnacled point, the supreme point of human glory. You should always
remember this, during your lifetime and even after your death.” – Baba



Through pracar, education, and constant effort we must awaken the common
public to the capitalists’ negative and abusive strategy of manan. All must
be alerted about these tricky maneuvers lest the common become more and
more degraded.


Here below Baba outlines the highest and most pure way to do manan.

Baba says, “Manana, that is, thinking only about Parama Purus´a and about
no one else. If any other person or thing comes in the mind, ascribe
Brahma-hood to that person or thing. This process is manana.” (AMIWL-11,
‘Mantra Caetanya’)

Futility of Materialism

Baba says, “Materialism is the sign of shallow knowledge. Due to lack of
proper understanding and ignorance people become materialists. Human beings
should study more and acquire sufficient knowledge. Then they will
understand that in materialism there is nothing.” (DMC 84 Delhi, SS-16 (H))

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Good Company

From: “Will Chaucey”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Good Company
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2010 17:11:25 +1000


“Ga’n geye ja’bo, shono na’ shono tav iccha’…” P.S. 2305


Baba, I will go on singing Your song– Your glory. It’s up to You
whether You will grace me by listening to these songs or not. But with
these songs, in my deep contemplation, I will generate divine vibrations,
by Your grace– and go on serving You.

Baba with my deep yearning I am calling You again and again without
getting any response– You are not paying heed to my call. By avoiding me
maybe You are thinking that I will not sing Your song anymore and that I
will remain quiet. And that in frustration, I will give up the hope of
getting You. And that I will no longer engage in the flow of those divine
tunes and melodies, which is inundating the vast sky, by Your grace. And
that I will not utilize these melodious treasures in my practical life to
go closer to You.

Baba, with the strength of knowledge, wisdom, intellect, and worldly
attributions, Your depth cannot be measured– nobody can realise You. But
by surrendering that very unit “I” which already belongs to You, and with
the divine sweetness of singing Your name I will surely get You by Your

Baba, I sing my songs only for You–to serve You, to please You. Please
be gracious and keep me on Your lap.

Note: In the above song, the sadhaka has deep love and a strong yearning
for Parama Purusa. So when Parama Purusa does not respond to his call in
the way that he desires, then the sadhaka makes one loving accusation
towards Parama Purusa. So actually that is not an accusation per se, but
rather an intimate type of loving expression. And Baba is approving that
devotees have the right to do like this and that this loving way of
communication is quite natural.


Baba has graciously blessed with all the needed guidelines for living a
spiritual life– plus He has pointedly alerted us about all the pitfalls as
well. In this dual regard, company plays a big role.

As we know, the friends we keep and the people around us play a highly
significant role in our human growth. By remaining in the midst of
noble-minded people then the mind moves on the path of vidya whereas when
surrounded by undesirable company then the opposite occurs. This fact we
have all seen and realised but even then sometimes a reminder can be helpful.
Here then are some of Baba’s key guidelines in this regard.

Baba says, “A good person or a sa’dhaka needs proper maintenance, for in a
world of constant change, care must be taken that the change be always
towards the better or the higher. Keeping good company is essential for
this positive development. While bad company strengthens the bondage of the
soul, good company is conducive to liberation and salvation. The keeping of
good company is conducive to liberation and is known as satsaunga in
Sanskrit. When satsaunga is followed, either physically or mentally or
both, the subconscious mind, and thus the conscious mind, are charged with
better and higher influences. This change will move the follower forward
towards higher and better goals. The alternative is asatsaunga, the keeping
of bad company, which leads one into greater and greater bondage.” (AV-33)

Thus according to Baba good company or satsaunga leads to liberation
whereas bad company pushes one under more and more bondage.
And here Baba explains in very colourful language and clear-cut examples
about this entire phenomenon.

Baba says, “Humans will have to move ahead by carefully watching those
with whom they will associate. What is the result of keeping good company?
By spending time with good persons, a deep impression is imprinted on the
mind, causing the desire to be good, to rise in the mind. On the other
hand, if one chooses to associate with drunkards, a desire will eventually
come in the mind, what is the harm if I drink a little wine? The same sort
of thing will happen if one lives with thieves.”

“To give an example, a person is standing beside a tea-stall. There the
flavour of the tea floats to the nose, and then the person says, ‘Bring a
cup of tea here, too’. In this incident, the flavour of the tea affects the
mind. If that person had not remained near the tea stall, the smell would
not have reached the nose and perhaps that person would not have taken tea
for two or three days. This is the influence that association has on the

“Hence humans should choose their company very carefully, for, a mistake
in this will cause them to repent their whole life. Even parents who are
not good should either send their children to live in a student hostel or
keep them with some of their relatives who are good. One must be very
strict in this. In Tantra it is said:

“Satsaungena bhavenmuktir asatsaungesu bandhanam”.
Tasmat Asatsaungamudran’am’ Sa’mudra Parikiirtita.”

“The Tantrik practice of Mudra’ Sadhana means to associate with good
human beings in order to attain liberation…Hence good association results
in salvation and bad association results in bondage. Hence evil company
must be avoided.” (Karma Yoga)

That is why we should always try and keep in the contact good company–with
Ananda Margiis. As this will bring us along the path of the divine.

Here below Baba neatly explains how that good company lessens one’s radius
with the Lord and bad company pulls one farther from the Lord. That is the
primary difference between satsaunga and asatsaunga.

Baba says, “So while selecting company, you should be careful whether its
discourses, its activities, its plans or programmes are to decrease the
distance between you and your Lord. This is Satsaunga, good company.
Otherwise it is Asatsaunga. Even intellectual discussions of a high order
may not be Satsaunga if it has got nothing to do with lessening the
distance between you and your Lord, you and your Goal. That type of
intellectual discourse, in my language is called intellectual extravaganza.
Baoddhika Amitavyayita´. Satsaunga and Asatsaunga. When it goads you on the
path of the Lord, it is Satsaunga. From this moment, you should always try
to have Satsaunga.” (AV-14)



Please excuse me, but sometimes people fall into the trap of thinking that
being around Ananda Margiis is enough. And generally this is true since
usually as Ananda Margiis we sing kiirtan together, do sadhana, and
collectively engage in service projects. Even then sometimes it can happen
that there can be a few margiis together but, their company is not
satsaunga. Because for one reason or another their talk might be about
pseudo-culture movies, or they may be just involved in rajasik activities
like shopping or skiing. Or sometimes it can been seen that we travelling
together in the car then they will listen to pop music or the like. And
sometime margiis just talk about too many mundane topics. All these things
can happened. So 100% of the time we should be vigilant to ensure that the
company we are keeping is satsaunga and we should ensure that as
individuals we are adding positively to the collective flow and keeping all
our social interactions sentient and Baba-centered.

As this is the retreat season and many are in transit to these blissful
functions, here then are some good topics to discuss will travelling: how
to better follow 16 Points, Baba dreams, the top three things about
spiritual life, favourite aspect of Ananda Marga, how to remember Baba
during one’s daily routine, or any number of topics which create a sweet
and harmonious vibration in the mind.

Love For All

Baba says, “The sense of differentiation and distinction are of no value to
devotees. For them, all become one, all discriminations disappear. Only
human beings can have this type of mentality and that is why they are
superior to all other beings.” (AV-7, p.12)

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Date: Mon 26 Apr 2010 22:48:06 -0400
From: Donald_G
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: US Public Frustrated With…


PS Intro: In this song, an above-average devotee is expressing his feeling towards Parama Purus’a.

“Badhir theko na’ko priyo, shun’ate habe a’ma’r katha’…” (PS 2310)


Baba, please look towards me. Keeping the yearning for You in my heart,
I am crying. Please do not be deaf. You have to listen to my tale of the
heart. Please understand the pain of the core of my heart. And please
understand the longing and yearning that I have to get You. I want to
hold You. Off and on I go on listening to the sound of silence– the
divine flute which You play. I feel that by that way You attract me. And
it is there that I see Your effulgence. Baba, I feel that Your sweetness
and Your love is present in that effulgence and the sound of the flute.
Baba, You are the a’lor & prana and of my life. You are my hope; You are
my Goal; You are my everything. If I forget you I will lose everything–
my life will be ruined. Baba, You are the nucleus of my existence. That
is why again and again I surrender myself at Your lotus feet. Please
understand the longing of my heart. Please do not avoid me. Baba please
come close…


A dramatic turn of events is underway. The very country which has been
the bread and butter of capitalism since its inception is now
questioning it.

With the latest revelations and leaked emails that seemingly portray
Goldman Sachs – the investment bank powerhouse – as reviling in the
decline of the US economy, the general public has become quite
frustrated and dismayed.

Although the public is not overtly claiming that capitalism should be
torn down, they are outraged by what the big dogs of Wall Street have
done. This itself is a slash against capitalism, albeit indirectly.

The irony is that what Baba expressed 40 to 50 years ago is now being
realised by the people of this elite vaeshayan nation, knowingly or


Baba, being omniscient, was perfectly aware of the defects of capitalism
and He began guiding us about this from the very early days of Ananda
Marga, if not before that.

In His, July 1961, Ranchi discourse, Baba points out how the very
essence of capitalism runs contrary to our Proutist vision since
capitalists just aim to satisfy their greedy desire and accumulate more
and more while others suffer in poverty and want.

Baba says, “How was capitalism created? Capital is consumable
commodities in their potentiality. Intelligent people collect more
capital than others in the form of consumable goods, but since this
capital cannot be stored for a long time, they began to keep it in the
form of money. Such people are called capitalists. These capitalists are
the unworthy sons and daughters of the Cosmic Father because they go
against the principle of cosmic inheritance.” (PNS-15)

In an even earlier discourse, His famous RU 1958 speech in Trimohan,
Baba warns how the extremely avaricious nature of capitalism must not be

Baba says, “According to true spiritual ideology the system of private
ownership cannot be accepted as absolute and final, and hence capitalism
cannot be supported either…Wherever necessary, capitalism must be
forced to abandon its ferocious hunger by taking strong measures.” (POD,
Points #1 & #2)

And indeed, Baba sternly delivered countless warnings and involved
explanations about the harmful ways of capitalism. As, Ananda Margiis we
are fully aware about this – this is a surprise to no one.

It is a turn of events however, when all of a sudden, the general public
in the so-called wealthiest nation on earth begins venting their
frustrations against capitalists. How far they are aware that they are
actually leaning towards Baba’s Proutistic teachings is a totally
separate matter, at the same time it cannot be denied that they are sick
and tired of the crude selfishness of top bankers.

Why? Because the common people are starting to experience some of the
horrors – lost homes, huge debt, no purchasing capacity – that Baba
warns about. Hence, as their frustration mounts, they are coming closer
to our stand.

See here what is going on.


As we speak, congressional hearings are going on surrounding the SEC’s
(Securities & Exchange Commission) allegations that Goldman Sachs Group
Inc made $3.7 billion betting against mortgage-related securities as the
US housing market started to collapse.

To what degree the general populace can understand the technical nature
of this accusation is one matter. But what everyone can understand is
the tone of the emails that have been uncovered.

In those emails, top traders of Goldman Sachs offer snide and smug
remarks about making a fortune in betting against the US economy, and
even reviling in the notion that as many hard-working people lose their
houses, this clannish investment bank is raking in huge piles of money,
profiting off the losses of the common people.

That is the reason why the mass of Americans are totally frustrated with
these selfish capitalist traders. They are ready to tear them limb from


Although they do not say so openly, the typical American is now
questioning the pillars of capitalism. They may think they are the proud
supporters of the free market economy, but in truth they are not.

They have begun to express concern about capitalism’s main motive: Make a
profit any way, at any and all cost.

The top aim of capitalism is to make money – beyond that there is no
other goal. According to that platform, there is hardly anything wrong
with what Goldman Sachs did. In any manner imaginable, they tried to
make money.

For years, the American public has admired the wealth that Bill Gates
amassed. They felt he personified the American capitalistic machinery.
Even when he was accused of monopolization, the mass of Americans were
in Mr Gates’s corner, dreaming of becoming like him, i.e rich and powerful.

However today, just a short while later, the common American citizen has
not an ounce of sympathy or regard for the avaricious investment bankers
and traders of Goldman Sachs. Even though those bankers are following
the dictates of capitalism, the American people are not holding them up
as heroes, but rather view them as the scoundrels that they are.

This then is a dramatic shift to the American psyche.

And that shift is only going to become more dramatic. The common citizen
will drift more and more in the direction of AM. That is the drama that
is unfolding and our duty is to continue to educate the American people.
We should not simply wait for them to come to us – we are to do maximum
teachings about Proutist ideals.


As for those bankers at Goldman Sachs, they are basically untouchable,
i.e. very low.

In various discourses Baba outlines which professions are dirty and sinful.

Baba says, “So one must have a clean occupation, that is, one must not
do anything antisocial, one must not encourage anything antisocial,
anything that goes against collective interest. That is samyak a’jiiva
(right livelihood) in physical sphere. One may earn money by selling
wine. One may earn money by stealing. These are not samyak a’jiiva. Your
occupation should be neat and clean – not going against the interest of
the society.” (AV-30)

And in other discourses Baba lists how in addition to stealing and
selling intoxicants, one must not earn a living as a money lender,
religious trader, or funeral director, ie. profiting off of peope’s
death. All these are sinful ways of earning money as their ways of
earning go against the interest of society.

Baba says, “People’s means of livelihood should not depend on the
quarrel of individuals, as in the case of lawyers. Lawyers usually set
one person against another and in this way they serve their personal
interests. Similarly no one should be a trader in religion, because in
the name of religion, many people are exploited. Nor should one earn
one’s livelihood by dealing with dead bodies because such people want
more and more people to die, so that they may thereby increase their
income. People should also not earn their livelihood by lending money
and taking interest. Such persons want to lend more and more money to
gain more and more interest, and they do not want the borrowers to
refund the capital. The scriptures stipulate that people should not
accept food from such people, because their occupations are despicable.”

Baba’s mandate is that one should not never take food from such
dastardly persons. The greater idea is that such persons are
anti-social elements.

These power brokers on Wall Street fall in this same category. They are
totally nefarious in their dealing.

Baba says, “Regarding earning money and hoarding wealth, most vaeshyas
today are pisha’cavats [ghouls]. In Sanskrit pisha’ca means “one who
breaks the neck of an animal and then sucks out all the blood, leaving
only the flesh and bones”.” (HS-1)

The vaeshyas of Goldmans Sachs are 100% anti-social.

Now, the public is slowly understanding the dirty ways of such
capitalists and they do not like what they see. That is why when the US
economy fell, then those Wall St moguls had to hire armies of body
guards to keep people from tearing down their houses. The public was
that furious with their sinful actions.

Soon the public will realize that not only are those top capitalists
totally greedy and negative, but the whole umbrella of capitalism is
equally dirty and infested. That day is drawing near.


By Baba’s grace, His AM teachings are getting implemented through
circumstance. The common people have no philosophical position against
capitalism, they are just frustrated by it because it is giving them
problems. Their retirement money is gone, their houses are gone, their
everything has been severely compromised. Capitalism is ruining them on
the material sphere. This much they are beginning to see first-hand.
Thus their eyes are slowly being opened. Let us see what unfolds this
week during the hearings about Goldman Sachs.

Whatever may be, the tide is turning and the consciousness of the
people is being awakened as they continue to suffer at the hands of
those greedy capitalists.

As Ananda Margiis we should go continue to spread the world about Prout.
By this way it will not be long before the general populace in all lands
is keen to this new vision.

Baba says, ‘Through Master Units and PROUT, we will elevate the standard
of the people in a few months or a few years. We should also serve the
people immediately by all-round service. PROUT and all-round service may
render temporary service – they move along the flow of life – but our
spiritual philosophy is above the flow of life. Hence, with spiritual
philosophy as the hub, we are to start as many Master Units as possible.
All-round service, PROUT and Master Units are the ways of life.” (PNS-19)


Various Remedies

Baba says, “The pungent smell from the juice of the tulsi, lavendar,
dhu’p, eucalyptus, and several other trees destroys bacteria. The juice
of the leaves of the pine and eucalyptus removes phlegm producing
diseases. By this oil, good medicines for various chronic diseases are
prepared.” (6/12/87, Kolkata)

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From: “Ratan” RSW@STARPOWER…
Subject: Baba’s Special Way
Date: Sun, 25 Apr 2010 21:06:47 -0000


“Ga’nera jharn’a’ baye ya’ya, bela’ abela’ na’hi ma’ne…” (P.S.#4868)


Baba, by Your divine grace the fountain of Prabhat Samgiita songs is
flowing eternally, completely independent of the normal cycle of time. Your
blissful songs flow according to their own schedule, according to their own
routine– not caring about day or night, summer or winter. The divine flow
and sweet melody of Your Prabhat Samgiita songs are dancing on the jagged
path. They lead one towards that vast Cosmic Ocean– towards the fountain
of effulgence, towards You Baba…


From age to age when Taraka Brahma advents, then He has His own special way
of revealing His message– all depending upon the level of the society.
That is why we see that each Divine Advent reveals a totally new approach
for establishment of His mission: All unveiled in His own unique manner.


When Lord Krsna incarnated then the society was in a different stage of
development. The people were simple and needed to hear things in straight
language. In that environment Lord Krsna openly proclaimed that He is the
Divine Entity– Mahasambhuti– and that He has come for a special purpose.
“Krsna said in the Giita, as well as elsewhere, that all must follow the
path shown by Him.”

Mama vartma’nu…

“‘If people resort to the path that I show they are sure to attain
salvation in the end…I will liberate You’.” (NKS, ’97, p.210)

And in another shloka Lord Krsna has proclaimed:

Paritra’n’a’ya sa’dhu’na’m’…..

“‘I incarnate Myself in this world from age to age for the annihilation of
the wicked and the protection of the virtuous’.” (NKS, Disc 24)

So these divine messages Lord Krsna shared with one and all. And the common
people of those days totally accepted– if not embraced– His call.


Today’s society is distinctly different– the standard is something else.
And this is reflected by Baba’s vastly different approach from Lord
Krsna’s way. Rather than openly declaring His arrival on the public
platform in front of one and all, instead in this complex era Baba has
employed a multitude of ways and techniques for revealing Himself and
putting forth His mission.


On the purely personal level when relating intimately through His ota yoga
with one particular sadhaka then Baba reveals Himself in so many ways. He
reveals Himself to devotees in the form of dreams or deep sadhana
experiences. By these ways the sadhaka gets deep intuitional confirmation
of His divine appearance. Or Baba Himself might directly tell about His
Cosmic Dance to one margii in PC. And then to others Baba has discussed in
the natural course of the day that He has come for some mission. Or He
might raise the kundalini of one sadhaka and put them in a high state of
samadhi. Through all these types of personal approaches and through other
various ways Baba has lovingly called devotees near Him and revealed the
fact of His coming.

Otherwise how could people know about the divine Advent of Mahasambhuti.
Without any hint or glimmer of His divine appearance then one unit being
could never fathom that the Great Cosmic Entity has taken human form.

Because when we are only unit beings with limited minds and when He is the
residing Lord of the visible and invisible worlds then how could we fathom
that all of this expressed creation and unexpressed universe resides in the
nucleus of His mind. Without His grace, this is far beyond our conception.
Hence accordingly, He has blessed various aspirants– i.e. Ananda Margiis–
by bring them close to Him.


So while through His ota yoga– yoga of individual association– Baba has
personally awakened the consciousness of sadhakas and revealed His divine
advent to them, in the public sphere His ways of communication were
distinctly different.

For example, when the world came to see Him during the time of Dharma
Samiiksa, then that time in various reportings Baba used to tell that, ‘A
flying camel or a flying buffalo came and told me this news’. So rather
than telling openly that He is that Omniscient, Omnipresent Entity, instead
Baba would use humour and interesting tales to express or point out the truth.

Thus when one person in a lonely place engaged in some negative act and if
that individual never told anyone about this, then to correct that person’s
conduct Baba would say that, ‘One flying pink lizard has told me…’. And
then Baba would expose the fact.

Of course those understanding Baba’s jokes knew that there is no flying
buffalo or flying lizard etc. Just this was Baba’s psychological way of
expressing Himself on the public forum.

Certainly we know Baba is the All-encompassing witnessing Entity and that
nothing transpires in this universe without His awareness. Yet, for various
reasons best known to Him, He chose not to reveal or openly proclaim on the
public forum who He was. Mostly likely because there were various standards
or disciples and members of the society in His audience etc. This is one

So the standard of society is different now than during the time of Lord
Krsna’s era. And the proof is that Baba does not reveal everything openly.
Rather He uses jokes like that of the flying buffalo, or some bird, or some
crocodile etc to say what He wants to tell.

Even then His approach is not limited to this.


In the philosophical realm, Baba has used the books “Nama’mi
Krs’n’asundaram” and “Namah Shivaya Shantaya” as a way to project HIS
A’nanda Ma’rga philosophy. So in the name of Lord Shiva and Lord Krsna,
Baba has put forth all His views. In those books He has revealed indirectly
so many philosophical and devotional treasures.

When describing Nandan Vijaina Baba is telling about Lord Krsna’s beauty
and charm.

Apu’rba ta’r cokher ca’oya’….

“His look is unique. The scent of His body is unique. His movement, coming
and going, is unique….” (NKS, ’97, p.225)

So in the above shloka on the philosophical plane it can be said that here
Baba is talking about Lord Krsna. Yet in the practical sphere we all know
that through countless demonstrations Baba has shown that He Himself is the
personification of all those divine beauties and charms. His scent is that
of sweet sandalwood or flowers– and He makes others carry that scent as
well. All these things He has done. So devotees understand that in the
above shloka Baba is indirectly talking about Himself.

And to satisfy those jinanis, He has given these books in such a way that
they studied the books “Nama’mi Krs’n’asundaram” and “Namah Shivaya
Shantaya” as a historical survey or philosophical discussion of Lord Krsna
and Lord Shiva.

But in truth Baba is indirectly telling about Himself and revealing all His
beauties and grandeur and showing how one can get Him etc. That is why
bhaktas just view those two books as the expression of Baba– Lord Shrii
Shrii A’nandamurtiji.


Plus in so many other discourses and books such as in His Ghost stories or
Shabda Cayanika etc, Baba has revealed much about His own personal
experiences and fathomless insights. Because in all these accounts He
regularly comes in contact with ‘one figure of light and shadow’ who
uncovers all kinds of unique truths about this universe. So this is yet
another way that Baba reveals His inner Self. And devotees can easily
understand and feel this truth in their heart; but for jinanis He remains a


So by all these ways– and numerous other avenues– we can understand that
through various means Baba is uncovering the divine truth and revealing
Himself and putting forth His AM ideology.


Here below in His story about those watching a magic act, Baba unveils the
special way for knowing all the precious secrets of that magician.

Baba says, “The magician wants people to witness the display. But what will
the spectators or the intelligent persons amongst the spectators who want
to join the magician’s party, do? They will develop love for the magician
and join the party. After joining the party, each and every secret of the
magic will be known to them.” (AV-2, Discourse #45)

So by watching Him and falling in love with His Supreme Self we can get
everything– all the answers. This is Baba’s guideline.


By Baba’s grace in the following shlokas He colorfully reveals the inner
truth of this vast Cosmic expression and shows how we can attain that
Supreme stance.

Ya evaeka udbhave sambhave ca’.

Baba says, “The Creator of the universe is a Great Magician…All these
magical expressions, magical displays, have their origin in Him. He
expressed Himself in the form of so many magical displays. And it is that
Magician who retains and nourishes the magically created objects; and
finally those objects go back to the inner arena of that Magician.” (AV-2)

Ya etadviduramrta’ste bhavanti’.

“That intelligent spiritual aspirant who comes in close contact with the
Magician by dint of his extreme love for the Magician attains immortality.”



In Shabda Cayanika, Baba is also using this series as a way to put forth
the truth about historical events and cultural phenomena that would
otherwise be difficult to prove. But by using the voice of a ghost or a
luminous being, then Baba can effortlessly tell all that He want to say.
And devotees will get the inner truth and know how to apply that in today’s
world. Hence books like Shabda Cayanika are another way of putting forth
difficult to prove facts such that jinanis cannot object or argue and
devotees understand that Baba is revealing 100% truth.

One wonderful example of this is the story about Viresh Vijay in Shabda
Cayanika where Baba tells about the special traits of great
revolutionaries. And there are countless other wonderful depictions where
Baba has beautifully revealed so many grand secrets and solved so many
historical puzzles etc.

Sadhana Point

Baba says, “Where there is no love, the mind will not run after Him. So
dhya’na also becomes meaningless.”

“Dhya’na is withdrawing the mental propensities from all extroversive
entities, and then collecting those withdrawn mental forces, mental
propensities, and urging them towards the Supreme Entity. If there is no
love for the Supreme Entity, this movement cannot be done.” (Patna, 31st
August, 1978)


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Date: Sat, 24 Apr 2010 22:54:19
From: V.J.K. Rajpurhit
Subject: Do You Know This New Dogma?


“A’mi toma’y bha’loba’si, ja’na’i kii kare…” (PS 3837)


Baba, by Your grace I love You. For me You are everything; I love You
so much. You know my eyes ceaselessly shower tears of love for You.
Baba, please tell me how I can express this feeling of my heart:
That I love You. O’ my dearmost, the love of my heart resonates in
Your heart. By that way You understand. Beyond that I do not have
any words to express my feeling of love towards You.

Baba, You are so gracious. When the new dawn comes then in the crimson
sunrise by Your grace I can see You emanating Your divine effulgence.
Baba, You are so beautiful; You shower Your effulgence everywhere. In
the form of innumerable flowers and also in the fragrance of niipa
blossom, You grace everyone by pouring Your divine sweetness.

Baba, in the eastern crimson horizon through the sweet, gentle breeze,
You tenderly call me and graciously embrace me in Your bosom. Baba,
in the auspicious and charming moment of the colourful evening sunset, with
Your infinite love You always radiate Your sweet smile. That very time
You reassuringly tell me again and again that, ‘Now is the time for you
to take rest, tomorrow I will come calling for You’. These are the sweet
words You whisper to me in that divine moment. Baba You are so gracious
You are always with me. Baba, Your charming and gracious tales and love
stories always float throughout this entire universe and also in my
mind, in my heart.

Baba, You are my everything; I love You so much…

Note: Baba says love (prema) is not unilateral or one-sided. Rather when
the devotee loves Parama Purusa, the Parama Purusa loves the bhakta–
whether any response comes from Parama Purusa or not. The inner equation
is that Because Parama Purusa loves the devotee so much, that is why the
devotee also loves Parama Purusa. Divine love or prema is always
mutual– not unilateral. In so many discourses Baba has revealed this
fact about the inner secret of love between devotee and Parama Purusa.
Here we should remember that prema means divine love– not attachment
(ks’ama) for worldly things etc. And it is specifically in this
devotional relation between bhakta and Bhagawan where love is always
mutual and never one sided.

Baba says, “Human beings love Parama Purus’a and He loves human beings:
this love is always mutual, not unilateral.” (SS-11, ‘What is the Way’)

Baba says, “The desire in your mind to meet God is only born when He is
inclined towards you. It is the result of His desire to meet you. Your
meeting with God is not a unilateral affair, it is a mutual thing.”
(AV-23, p.123)


Unfortunately, a disturbing trend has been in vogue at one group’s DMS
gatherings the past few years, if not longer.

One might think that some typical groupist power ploy is being done, but
actually the situation is worse than that. It is really quite serious.
Even the other factions have not stooped this low.

We should all be aware and ready to unitedly solve the problem.


As we know, ours is a universal mission. Baba’s teachings are for all.
It is not that some of Baba’s teachings apply to one segment of the
population and other teachings are for another.

Baba’s entire AM ideology is meant to be shared with all, irrespective
of race, creed, gender, nationality etc.

But at one DMS program it is not happening that way.


The ongoing scene at Jamalpur DMS is that they are only singing those
few Prabhat Samgiita that were written in Angika language. That means
the Ranchi group leaders are only willing to allow the 5 or 8 Angika
songs to be sung at this DMS – because Angika is the native tongue to

Here let me say that I personally love the Angika language and regularly
sing those Prabhat Samgiita compilations that were written in Angika.

Yet, as we all know, in total, Baba has composed 5,018 songs that cover
the entire gamut of human consciousness and realisation, as well as all
aspects of nature and social occasions. All songs are to be sung by all
– they are not to be divided or rejected due to one’s language group etc.

Tragically, though, that is what is being done at this DMS function.

The ramifications of this policy are quite extreme and we will examine
that. First, however we should consult Baba’s divine teachings on language.


In His discourse, Human Society Is One and Indivisible – 3, Baba neatly
outlines the six stages of expression and shows how all languages have
the same origin.

Baba says, “There are six stages to the expression of language: para’,
pashyantii, madhya’ma’, dyotama’na’, vaekharii and shrutigocara’.” (NHNS-2)

Then Baba goes on to explain how from the muladhara cakra to the anahata
cakra, every language is the same. From (1) the seed of an idea to (2)
the sprouting of an idea to (3) the picture of an idea and the urge to
speak and (4) to the initial vibration, this process is the same
regardless of the language group.

Or think of it this way. Let’s say two persons speak different languages
and both are thirsty. Then they will both have the same idea of thirst.
They will have the same feeling of wanting to drink something. They will
both cultivate the image of water in their mind. And they will both
desire to express the idea that I am thirsty. All that is the same. Only
their vocal presentation or wording will differ.

Baba says, ‘Para’ shakti, the seed of all expression, lies in the
muladhara cakra, but the seed is not transformed into language. It is
just the seed of the idea. This is called para’ in Sam’skrta.
Pashyantii, the stage where the seed of the idea sprouts, lies in the
next higher cakra, that is the svadis’tha’na. In the next stage,
madhya’ma’, the idea is consolidated to give a picture to it. That is to
say, people visualise the form of the idea they want to convey. In the
man’ipura cakra there is an urge to transform the idea into sound
form…In the next stage, that is dyotama’na’, the idea acquires the
form of language. Dyotama’na’ means vibrational. In this stage there is
some vibrational expression but the exact word is not formed. In the
fifth stage, when the vibration reaches the vocal cord, the idea gets
transformed into language. This is vaekharii shakti or the
transformation of ideas into language. The last stage is called
shrutigocara’ and occurs when the word gets vocalized with the help of
the tongue.” (NHNS-2)

Baba says, ,”In all languages para’, pashyantii, madhya’ma’ and
dyotama’na’ are uniform. Only in the fifth and sixth stages is the
expression different.” (NHNS-2)

For more details read the book.

Or another way is that if you do not understand what Baba is saying then
here is the idea: If two persons speak different languages yet both are
thirsty then they will both have the same idea, feeling, and image of
water – only their wording is different. Because all languages share the
same source.

By this entire science, it is quite clear that language is just the
outer layer of human expression. Before any word is spoken or sung,
there is a great universal process going on. That is why we appreciate
all languages, only superficial distinctions exist from one language to
the next. Their inner feeling is the same.

To divide or reject Baba’s teachings based on which language He spoke is
not our way. As His disciples we are universally embracing the idea of
His teachings, not selecting or rejecting them on the basis of language.

To only sing 5 or 8 songs from His Prabhat Samgiita collection and
reject all others because of their language is to miss out on Baba’s
great gift to humanity as well as His personal instructions to you as a

As His disciples, we should be eager to learn and sing all of Baba’s
Prabhat Samgiita. Each song carries a special idea and teaching for a
sadhaka’s social and spiritual development.

And indeed there is a wide array of songs: Melancholic, special
occasions, dhyana, neo-humanism, change of seasons, Prout, social
consciousness, fighting dogma, creation theory or sristi cakra, Ananda
Purnima, mysticism, dance, music, art, and so much more. The lists goes
on and on.

The limited number of songs written in Angika do not carry all these
teachings. The Prabhat Samgiita in Angika do not represent every
occasions and realisation.

Thus to choose songs based on the language in which they were written is
nothing but narrow-minded and short-sighted.

The only question that does arise is this: Why were most songs in Baba’s
Prabhat Samgiita collection written in Bangla? The answer is that He
wants to teach us that the language in which He most frequently spoke
should be used for poetry and similar forms of expression.


Here Baba outrightly proclaims that all the 7,500 languages on this
earth are His language and hence we are to embrace them all. Baba
furthermore condemns the idea of dividing humanity or His teachings due
to language.

Baba says, “One should remember that all languages are the languages of
Parama Purus’a. I may master perhaps one, two, three or maybe 100 or 300
of these languages, but it does not mean that the languages I do not
know are not the languages of Parama Purus’a. Hence, it is absurd to
divide humanity on the basis of language.” (AFPS-3)

However, because of their narrow-mindedness, one group is outrightly
rejecting Baba’s divine gift for humanity by not allowing the vast gamut
of Baba’s Prabhat Samgiita compositions to be sung at DMS.

Or how else can we describe the situation.


Here is one way of putting things into perspective.

Baba’s divine composition contain golden nuggets of teachings and
devotional expression. Every sadhaka should become versed in all the
songs to get the benefit.

To only learn certain songs based on language is just plain silly and
short-sighted. In that case Spanish speaking margiis would not sing any
Prabhat Samgiita since none were written in Spanish – that is the
message the Ranchi teams is perpetuating. Those groupists only think for
their own group interests and do not realise how they are harming the
society at large.

If we were to apply their silly formula to other facets of AM ideology
it would look something like this.

Those margiis in Athens, Greece, would only follow one or two of Baba’s
discourses and reject the rest of Baba’s teachings because only 1 or 2
discourses were delivered in Athens.

Likewise those in Caracas (Venezuela) or Kaohsiung (Taiwan) would only
adhere to those discourses delivered in their areas. Thus they would be
bereft of Sixteen Points, yama and niyama, and thousands of other
eternal teachings.

And those in Suva sector would outrightly reject all of Baba’s
discourses since He he did not deliver any discourses in Australia or
New Zealand. In that case, those margiis might decide to only follow
those teachings of Baba which they got in their dream.

Those grouipists are giving this teaching and lesson to others and I am
afraid others may do like this.

Indeed some misguided jinanis have already twisted The Supreme Command
and soon others may translated their ista mantra or Baba Nam Kevalam.

That is the dogmatic message that Ranchi is sending around the globe by
their actions at the Jamalpur DMS gathering.

Such is the sheer silliness of those in Ranchi who are essentially
banning more than 5000 Prabhat Samgiita songs from the Jamalpur DMS. B
group has done many wrongs and violated countless dharmic codes, but at
least on this point, the Tiljala team welcomes all of Baba’s divine
Prabhat Samgiita songs – all are sung at gatherings in Kolkata. Or at
least, it always was like that. If anyone has different information then
let me know.


Let us remember that when Baba held DMC in Rajasthan, Bombay, Fiesh, or
in any area then the DMC logistical announcements were in the local
language primarily, but on the dharmic front, the vast array of Prabhat
Samgiita were all sung, regardless of the language. On this point Baba
did not compromise.

Likewise, samgacchadhvam and all chants were done in their original
language as well. Those things were not omitted or translated because of
where the DMC was held.

Today’s DMS programs should reflect this same universal quality. That is
what Baba wants – we should follow His example. It is not that only
Angika Prabhat Samgiita should be sung in Jamalpur or that Guru Puja
should be chanted in English at DMS in NY Sector.

DMS is a mix of people from all over the globe and all should be welcome
and allowed to experience the universal spirit of Baba’s teachings. No
groupist dogma should limit the expression of our DMS programs.


By Baba’s grace, He has blessed us with a vast array of universal
teachings, including Prabhat Samgiita. All margiis are to raise their
voice against the dogmatic scene at the Jamalpur DMS program.

We should remember that it is very easy to implement dogma. Those
egotistical groupists who do not know what Baba wants often invent and
impose their own dogma. That is what is happening at the Jamalpur DMS

But we should not allow it to continue.

We should follow Baba’s teachings that all languages are our language
and we should sing all His Prabhat Samgiita songs at our AM functions,
irregardless of the language in which they were composed.

Baba says, “The human race has numerous languages. Each language is our
language, the language of all of us. In this context sentiments such as,
“My language; your language” or, “Indigenous language; foreign language”
are extremely defective. Only this much can be said: that we have many
languages, but I can express myself in one or more than one language
among them.” (POD #20)


Cause of Degeneration

Baba says, “Very often people become victims of disappointment for the sole
reason that they forget their goal of life. If they look towards their goal,
then their disappointments and frustrations will cease…The
tragedy is that in their foolish effort to walk alone, people often
stumble and fall down.” (SS-12, p.5)


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