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Date: Thu, 08 Apr 2010 14:09:51
From: “Surya Rao”
Subject: Receiving His Guideline


“Arun’a’cale natun prabha’t elo a’ji elo…” (PS 4754)


By the grace of Parama Purusa, today the glorious new crimson dawn has
come– it has come by His grace. In this brilliant, new era, no longer
should anyone remain drowsy or in a state of slumber. Now is not the time
to look back and waste this precious moment. This is the time to rip off
all those bondages of sa’dripu*, as’t’apa’sha*, mohaja’l* etc, since they
hinder our forward progress. Now on this auspicious occasion we should move
on and on towards the Goal– keeping the mind focused on Him.

In the past, before this auspicious hour, in that pitch-dark atmosphere
you were unable to see. Your vision was enveloped by the cloak of deep
darkness. You could not see; you could not understand what is right and
what is wrong– what is dharma and what is sinful. Because of that neither
could you move forward, nor could you pull anyone towards the higher Goal.
Do not waste your valuable time reminiscing about those dark days of old.
Now you should forget those memories and throw away that retarded and
detrimental thinking. Just think and ideate on Him– because human life is
an ideological flow. Parama Purusa is our Goal.

Behold! A new era has come. Look toward the eastern horizon, the crimson
dawn has arrived with the seven-coloured chariot. It is so attractive and
charming. By seeing that, the inhabitants of the whole planet have become
totally captivated with joyous horripilation. Feeling the charged
vibration, everyone is smiling in happiness. Behold, in this auspicious new
dawn, even in the mud the lotus has blossomed. And by its aromatic
fragrance the mind is divinely intoxicated. By the supreme grace of Parama
Purusa ordinary people have started doing extraordinary things; and by that
way the whole society is getting benefited in multifarious ways.
The dark days have disappeared permanently; the era of neo-humanism has
advented. Now is the time to sing and dance and move forward towards Him…


*Sa’dripu: Baba says, “S’at’ means ‘six’ and ripu means ‘enemies’. These
six faculties in human beings are termed as enemies, as they absorb the
mind in crudeness and stop its march towards the subtle. The supreme rank
for unit consciousness is subtle, and anything which holds it back from
reaching the supreme rank, is its enemy. These six faculties are,
therefore, termed as six enemies. Ka’ma (longing for earthly objects),
krodha (anger), lobha (avarice), moha (blind attachment), mada (vanity) and
ma’tsarya (envy) are the six enemies.” (AMEP)

*As’t’a’pa’sha: Baba says, “As’t’apa’sha means the eight fetters. Anyone
bound by fetters will lose his capacity of movement. In the creation we
find the movement of human beings is from the crude to the subtle. That is,
human beings have to move towards the subtle, but by their leaning towards
the eight fetters such as lajja’, bhaya, and ghrn’a’, they get absorbed in
crude things only and their progress towards the subtle is stopped. Bhaya
(fear), lajja’ (shame), ghrn’a’ (hatred), shaunka’ (doubt), kula (high
descent), shiila (complex of culture), ma’na (vanity) and jugupsa’
(backbiting) are the eight fetters.” (AMEP)

*Mohaja’l: (Literal: ‘Moha’ meaning ‘blind attachment’ + ‘Ja’l’ meaning
‘net’). When human beings get stuck in the net of blind attachment then
they cannot proceed towards the Goal. This is Baba’s warning so in the
above song the sadhaka is paying heed to Baba’s guideline and tossing aside
this mohaja’l and advancing ahead with the advent of the new crimson dawn.


As we know, in this world of ours there are two types of knowledge:
relative knowledge and absolute knowledge. And in Sanskrit Baba refers to
them as pra’pta va’kya and a’pta va’kya.


Baba says, “Whatever people learn from the external world– be it from a
book of facts or a learned discourse or any source of knowledge– is
‘prapta vakya’ or ‘relative knowledge’.”(PNS-18, p.6-7)

Thus pra’pta va’kya is that knowledge which is gotten from a mundane
source. And that knowledge is relative and may or may not be true. Indeed
pra’pta va’kya ia fallible and is always getting updated such as in the
case of scientific facts and often times it is proved entirely false as
well. And not only that, but that which we call pra’pta va’kya can create
terrible problems in the world.

Baba says, “Relative knowledge [prapta vakya] often encourages divisive
ideas…It often tends to suppress other castes, communities, creeds, etc
or wants to annihilate them completely.” (TK-2)


In contrast a’pta va’kya, or absolute knowledge, is that knowledge which is
ever-perfect, pure, & lasting and comes directly from Parama Purus’a. And
it is always benevolent.

Baba says, “Absolute knowledge is the direct message from God…and is
always conducive to human welfare.” (APH-4, ‘Pra’pta Va’kya & A’pta Va’kya’)

As Baba is the Parama Purusa incarnate and the Taraka Brahma then certainly
all His teachings etc are a’pta va’kya, or absolute knowledge.

Baba says, “The books in A’nanda Ma’rga philosophy are all absolute
knowledge.” (Tattva Kaomudii-II)

So Baba’s guidelines like 16 Points etc are eternal and they are never
going to change. They are absolute and Supreme truth.


In addition there is one other special notion in all of this. Namely that
when sadhakas are able to concentrate deeply in sadhana, then by His divine
grace they can receive knowledge directly from Parama Purusa and that which
they intuitively receive from Him is also known as a’pta va’kya.

Baba says, “When human beings, through psycho-spiritual practice, make
their minds as expansive as the Cosmic Mind, they can receive instructions
or directions directly from Him due to His proximity. The knowledge thus
acquired is called ‘apta vakya’ or ‘absolute knowledge’. (PNS-18, p.7)

Thus devotees or advanced sadhakas– due to their extreme love for God and
His divine grace– have the unique ability to intuitively get His
guidelines. And those things will always be consistent with AM teachings.

Thus if any fanatic proclaims that he has received the word of God and that
women are to be degraded and treated as 2nd class citizens. Then we know
that this fellow is a fake and a fraud and that what he is telling has
nothing to do with a’pta va’kya. Rather it is all nonsense.

But those great rishis of old who were dedicated to the Supreme Self did
get guidelines directly from God. And those rishis shared great teachings
with the world such as Samgacchadhvam mantra and countless shlokas and
sutras. And all those teachings are 100% consistent with AM ideology that
is why we consider those things to be a’pta va’kya.

So a’pta va’kya is that which is eternally true and comes directly from
Parama Purusa and when by His grace sadhakas link their minds with that
Divine Entity then they also became a receptacle for getting absolute
knowledge or a’pta va’kya.

Baba says, “The development of intuition will make human beings more
spiritually inclined. What Sagun’a Brahma is directly doing today will
be done increasingly by human beings tomorrow.” (POD #25)


Baba says, “Spiritual aspirants become one with the nucleus…then they
become Maha’deva.” (SS-11, p.33)



Every margii is aware that AM shastra is tri-sha’stra, that is it has three
sections: Spiritual, philosophical, and social. And all those come directly
from Parama Purusa Baba. Thus all are a’pta va’kya. Even then Baba has made
one special guideline in that He has classified His teachings of smrti
sha’stra (social scripture) as pra’pta va’kya. And that is His unique way
of giving permission to human beings to change that in far future according
to time, place, and person. Naturally those changes will have to be in
accordance with AM ideology and get approved by the great sadvipras of the

Baba says, “Our social code provides clear guidelines as to how it’s
members will adapt to this modern, fast changing world. There have been
more changes in the past 200 years than in the 800 years prior to that. In
education, culture, dress, food habits, major changes have taken place.
Old, outdated wooden shoes, turbans, etc. have been replaced by shoes,
hats, and clothes of scientific fabrics and modern designs. The primitive
bullock carts, horse drawn carriages, hackney coaches, etc., have been
replaced with fast moving cars, trains, and aeroplanes. People used to
travel by elephant in the past, but now man can travel to other planets by
rocket. There should be an adjustment between body and mind to keep pace
with the fast speed of the development of the external world…”

“In a word, A’nanda Ma’rga’s social code fulfills all the conditions of
an ideal social code — it is universal, rational and psychological. It is
appropriate for the existence and development of a dynamic social structure
in a changing world.” (TK-2, ‘Our Social Treatise’)

Size of Cranium and Spirituality

Baba says, “People may think that they cannot make rapid spiritual progress
unless the size of the brain, and hence the size of the cranium, is increased.
But this is not so because human beings can increase the jurisdiction of their thinking.”
(Proutist Economics)

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