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Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2010 15:44:06
Subject: Dispelling their False Logic on AM Revolution
From: “Ishvara”


“A’lor pathik ese geche tamah na’shiya’…” (P.S. 467)


The almighty Parama Purusa, the Traveler of divine effulgence has come
and all the darkness has vanished by His august advent. The lethargy,
drowsiness & staticity have gotten destroyed. The wall & gate of the jail
have been smashed by His grace.

In a flash– in a blink of an eye– He has destroyed the dogma and
crudeness which has accumulated since hundreds of years. All the clouds of
dilemma have been removed. Now all around the effulgence is spreading and
floating in all the directions.

O’ my friends, family members, brothers and sisters, please do not
remain distant and away. Do not keep yourself separate and alien. Please
come close. Sing and dance with the happiness of the infinite attraction
and inspiration of His divine vibration…


All know that the AM Revolution discourse was distorted by deleting the
paragraph about margii rights Even then, various groupist agents attempt to
justify the matter in various tricky ways. But here in this letter is one
point which they cannot defend– not at all.


As we have seen time and again, the top-level justification given by some
groupist Dadas is that “everything that appears in our AM books has been
approved by Baba”. This is their final reply to quell the matter and
permanently shut the mouth of all who question them about the distortion
done to the AM Revolution discourse.

In recurring email discussions, this has been the final reply given by
various factional agents.



But here is one point which tears down their entire silly justification
about the distortion done to AM Revolution, where they falsely tell that
Baba has approved such changes because it got printed in the book.

In the post 1990 period, various reigning groupists distorted Caryacarya
part 1 in order to manipulate the Purodha Board membership. I.e. they
intentionally changed Baba’s words in order to put forth their devious
political agenda. And below all the details about this are discussed and

So this act of distortion to CC-1 shows that for their self-interest
various groupists cunningly make their own insertions and changes.

Given this, then who can believe them that (a) “everything in our AM Books
has been approved by Baba” and that (b) the distortion to AM Revolution was
approved by Baba.

So the distortion done to the Purodha Board chapter in Caryacarya part 1–
which we are going to examine now– is a key point in the AM Revolution
distortion case. Because the distortion done to CC-1 shows that for their
groupist agenda they are willing to do anything: Including distorting
Baba’s holy scripture without His approval.



Firstly, as their justification about AM Revolution distortion get exposed
and as we unearth the distortion done to the Caryacarya Part 1, it is
needed to take a brief look at the events leading up to this dark episode
about the change to the Purodha Board chapter in CC-1.

Everybody knows that in 1990 Sarvatmanandji’s eye was towards grabbing and
consolidating all the power in AM. Yet at the same time he knew he needed
to go about it in a deliberate and psychological way. Otherwise the whole
thing would erupt and blow up in his face.

So in his selected approach, from 1990 Sarvatmanandji kept the chair of GS
for himself, as he felt this would give him maximum power; and, side by
side, so as not to rock the boat, he knew he needed to insert a Hindi
speaking person as the PP. Hence the arrival of Shraddhanandji onto the

For the most part PP was just a tool in Sarvatmanandji’s hand. But it was
not at all a guarantee that it would always be like this. After all who can
predict the future. So to safeguard his power and ensure that he could
always overrule the PP, Sarvatmanandji made one key distortion to
Caryacarya regarding the Purodha Board.

And indeed the following details about this distortion stand as proof that
not all that appears in our AM books has been approved by Baba, in which
case they cannot use that as their chief defense in the distortion done to
AM Revolution.


Here are the nutshell details about the distortion done to CC-1, which of
course is all interlinked with the distortion done to AM Revolution.

Sarvatmananda knew that the post of PP play a major role. Everyone knows
that it is Baba’s standard policy that there are 4 persons on the Purodha
Board, including PP who is the chairperson.

So in order to tilt the political scene in his favour, Sarvatmananda
altered the 1991 Edition of CC-1 by adding a FIFTH person onto the Purodha
Board. Because by simple mathematics he knew that the more people are on
the PB board the less impact PP’s vote has. In that case PP’s stance gets
watered down– diminished.

For this reason Sarvatmananda distorted chapter 40 of the 1991 edition of
Caryacarya part 1 by stating, “The Purodhas will elect the FIVE members of
the Purodha Board”. That is why if you look at any copy of CC-1 ’91 Edn,
you will find that it says “FIVE members of the Purodha Board” on the
second paragraph of page 79.

So this was how Sarvatmananda and distorted Baba’s
scripture. Means Sarvatmananda actually got his own wrong words printed in
our AM books. Proof being that the ’91 Edition of CC-1 says, “FIVE members
of the Purodha Board”.

And no one can sit back and say that Baba approves of such changes. Because
it is well established per Baba’s direction that the Purodha Board should
consist of 4 members, not 5.


And further proof that this distortion was done deliberately is that there
was a big fight in Centre back in 1994 about this. Back then the newly
formed H group led by Rudrananda was vehemently opposing this fake Purodha
board point. Because they feared that by this way Sarvatmananda would
control the PP and rule with his iron fist forever and ever. So a big clash
erupted over this distortion done to CC-1, with each side strongly sticking
to their agenda.

Here the point is that neither party was interested in upholding Baba’s
teaching and neither party was interested in keeping the scripture
pristine. Rather both sides were fighting over the control of the
organisation. So it was not just a simple innocent mistake. If it were,
then one side would apologise for the error and thereafter all would work
together. But it was not like this. Instead both groups were fighting for
control over the organisation– and the intentional change to CC-1 was a
major factor in this.

So just as we see their distortion was done to CC-1 in deliberate fashion,
the same type of fight and justification we see going on now with regards
to the AM-Revolution discourse. In order to get unbridled control of the
organisation the various WT groups want the paragraph about margii rights
to be permanently deleted.



Here is more of this history of the distortion done to CC-1 and how it
relates to their fake campaign about AM Revolution.

When the H group faction started to come into existence in the mid-90’s,
they had growing animosity towards Sarvatmananda’s Bengali regime. And
those H group people knew that Sarvatmananda’s plan was to strangle them.

So when they saw the way in which Sarvatmananda distorted CC-1 by changing
the number of Purodha Board members, then the H group personnel knew this
could bury them. Because PP was the main Hindi speaking agent at the top
and if his vote got watered down on the Purodha Board, then B group would
easily grab all the power. So the situation was dire for Rudrananda and his
H faction.

Then with one big blow they pressured Sarvatmananda with all their might.
And they gathered the evidence and proved that Purodha Board should consist
of four members, not FIVE.

In result, that distorted point about FIVE members on the Purodha Board got
discarded. Because out of their group interest, the H faction had it
removed. That is why the 1995 edition of CC-1 states that there are FOUR
members on the Purodha Board, NOT FIVE.

So with the CC-1 controversy, the distortion went against the interest of
one of the WT groups. That is why the distortion got “fixed”. Whereas with
the AM Revolution distortion, all the WT groups favour this point: They all
want the margiis suppressed. So they are happy to keep the distortion which
eliminates the paragraph about margii rights.

All this goes to show two things: (1) That not all the things printed in AM
books have been approved by Baba; and (2) Groupist wts will not “fix” any
distortion that goes in their favour.


Now today then, as the discussion whirls & swirls around about the
distortion done to the ‘Ananda Marga: A Revolution’ discourse, margiis are
raising the right questions and certain Dadas are desperately fumbling
around giving an array of half-baked answers. This is the way the scene is

Indeed, certain Dadas loudly proclaim that
whatever appears in our AM books has been done with the expressed approval
of Baba. This is one of their favourite justifications which they give–
all done to shut the mouths of margiis validate whatever scriptural
distortions those Dadas make, such as the deletion of the historic
paragraph about margii rights in the ‘AM Revolution’ discourse.

So in their parrot-like approach, those Dadas just repeat again and again
that everything that has been inserted or deleted in our AM books was done
per Baba’s direction. This is their default reply.

But as we have seen above regarding the point of CC-1, it is clear that
their justification is totally fake and baseless. It is not at all true
that all the chapters in our AM books are done with Baba’s approval.

Because just as the changed the number of member on the Purodha Board in
CC-1, similarly they deleted the paragraph about Margii rights in the AM
Revolution discourse. And neither change was done with Baba’s approval.

Both are a case of clear-cut deliberate distortion. But the point from CC-1
got “repaired” due to a clash between the two WT factions whereas to this
day the distortion done to the AM Revolution discourse is being defended by
all the Group leaders– because the point goes according to their power
hungry way of thinking.


So when any groupist Dada says that Baba has approved of all that appears in the
AM books and that therefore the
change to AM Revolution is proper, then we know that what that type of
Dada is telling is hogwash– totally false. Because when those same
groupists did not like what CC-1 stated, then they changed that. And same
is the case with the distortion done to the AM Revolution discourse. They
did not like the paragraph in the AM Revolution discourse about margii
rights so they intentionally deleted that historic paragraph– without
Baba’s approval. So this their proven working style. So none should be
befooled by their silly justification that everything which appears in our
AM books has Baba’s expressed approval. It is not like that.


By Baba’s grace the day is not far when all His scriptures will be in their
original and perfect condition and our AM society will grow accordingly–
i.e in a neo-humanistic way, free from all group interest.

Baba says, “The human race is moving at an irresistible speed. Today,
humanity wants to forget those who have written their works centering
around various kinds of fissiparous discriminations. Human beings want to
channelize their whole range of vision towards the bright future – a future
which will transcend all individual or group interests, all territorial
limits of countries and states, and transform the fates of many people into
one destiny.” (PNS-10)




Everyone knows that it is Baba’s standard policy that there are 4 persons
on the Purodha Board, including PP who is the chairperson. And it is also
commonly known that if three members of the Purodha Board vote in one
direction and PP votes in the opposite direction, then those three members
get victory. This Baba has carefully and clearly outlined in Caryacarya
(chapter 40).

So although the post of PP is extremely powerful in AMPS, there is a way to
overrule PP– and this Sarvatmanandji understood. But he also understood
that getting a 3 to 1 victory over PP every time will not always be easy.
And if the vote ends up 2-2 then PP’s side wins.

Being aware about all this, Sarvatmanandji knew he needed to water down
PP’s power. This was absolutely needed. So this is what Sarvatmanandji did.


Nor can anyone sit back and say that the change to Caryacarya was just “an
honest mistake”, unintentional. No one can say like this because not even
the most naive personwill believe such justification. Because anyone can
easily understand that the number of people on the Purodha Board is a
potentially politically loaded statement. So if one power mongerer changes
that figure and none of Baba’s other original words are distorted in the
entire book, then who is going to believe that changing the number of
members on the Purodha Board is just “an honest mistake”. Not only that
when the matter was raised back in 1994 then Sarvatmananda struggled tooth
and nail to defend the point, but ultimately he lost.


The key point of this entire letter is that groupists will go to extreme
measures to get the power. They will distort Baba’s books and they will
give all kinds of justifications about this. And this is what we are
witnessing with regards to the distortion done to the AM Revolution
discourse. But we should not give in to their false logic. With the facts
in hand we should stand tall and in Baba’s holy name demand that the
integrity of His teachings be restored and the distortion done to the AM
Revolution discourse should be fixed.

Food Resources– Ocean Bed

Baba says. “Through oceanographic research humanity has discovered a vast
treasure of food resources within the ocean and on the sea bed. With the
application of science and technology, we can explore these resources to
meet the challenge of the food problem.” (PNS-13, p.47)

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