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Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2010 23:02:46
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From: “Giriish ”
Subject: Death, Rebirth & Donation of Organs


“Ankhi mele, ceye dekho aja’na’ pathik eseche…” (PS 1550)


O’ human beings, behold, look, Baba, the Aja’na’ Pathik [1], has come.
With His sweet, charming smile and infinite grace, He is pouring His
endless compassion and love unto all. He is showering everyone with His
divine blessing. All are getting bathed in His love. O’ brothers and
sisters, come hither and see, Baba, the Aja’na’ Pathik has come and He is
showering His causeless grace upon all.

Due to His divine arrival and august presence, the darkness which was in
the mind has vanished somewhere– to one far distant place. In the past
where there was darkness, one stream of effulgence has come and blossomed
in the colour of one rose. By His grace, the mind has become devotional,
calm, and peaceful. Baba, the Ajana Pathik has come and showered His grace.

By His causeless grace He is near and dear to everyone. With His
infinite love, everyone has a sacred and beloved place in His heart. Parama
Purusa graciously holds each and every being in His bosom. O’ brothers and
sisters, do not waste your time running after name and fame, money,
prestige, or any other transitory thing. Do not run after mundane longer.
Come unto the path of bliss, and fulfill your hopes and aspirations by
reaching unto Him. Baba is the Ista– He is the Goal. Only He can quench
your infinite thirst with His boundless love. O’ human beings, your life
and death– your coming and going– on this earth is dancing in His Cosmic
rhythm. Everything is blissful; everyone revolves around Him- nobody is
alone. All are an inseparable part of Him. This is His divine liila and
ultimately everyone is sure to become one with Him, by His causeless grace…


[1] Aja’na’ Pathik= Aja’na’ means ‘unknown’ and Pathik means ‘divine
traveler’. This is the word by word, literal translation. But the inner
sense is that Parama Purusa is always moving throughout this vast cosmos
and by His special grace He is constantly present with everyone all the
time. He is in the Cosmic Nucleus yet at the same time through His ota and
prota yoga He is everywhere– carefully watching & lovingly guiding
everyone. This unique aspect of His grand Personality is treated as Aja’na’
Pathik. Because He is constantly traveling yet present everywhere. He is in
the nucleus as well as throughout this entire expressed universe.

As the Ajana Pathik, Parama Purusa Baba moves and moves and moves. Thus
in their devotional approach devotees feel that wherever they go then the
Divine Aja’na’ Pathik will always be there to shower His blessing. By His
grace, devotees can always get His intimate company & companionship. With
this devotional link, by His grace sadhakas understand that Parama Purusa
is present everywhere, yet side by side He travels on and on throughout
this entire cosmos. Thus He is Aja’na’ Pathik.

Overall the name Aja’na’ Pathik has one special and unique meaning that
goes far beyond its literal translation. And in our hearts we A’nanda
Ma’rgiis know and feel that Baba is that Aja’na’ Pathik. Indeed in His
discourses, in Dharma Samiiksa, and in reporting, in DMC, and in numerous
ways Baba has revealed this very fact that He is ever-present and always
along with us. Hence He is always moving and wherever we go then He will
also be there. Parama Purusa has infinite attributions and one of them is
this special quality where He always remains along with us wherever we are
in this vast universe. In this way He is known as — Aja’na’ Pathik.




On and off there has been talk about how death occurs and if being an organ
donor affects or delays the process of rebirth.

In the scriptures it is said that “Yah a’gacchati…”, meaning– everything
that is born will one day die. Those who have come, they will go. That is
why in Sanskrit this world is called mrtyuloka, or ephemeral world.


In the Maha’bharat, there is a famous story about the time that a yaks’a
came and asked various questions to Yudhisthira. One of which was, ‘What is
the most surprising thing in this world?’.

And in reply Yudhisthira said, ‘Those who are born, they will die; but,
nobody thinks about their own death. No one considers the fact that their
own death will come. Even when participating in a cremation procession to
the burial grounds, even then people think that death is for others– not
for themselves. So no one believes that one day this will also be their
fate. This is the most surprising thing in the world’.


So those who are born they will die. Generally speaking, people are very
curious to know about death. How it happens, what way it manifests, and
what process goes on.

In Idea and Ideology Baba guides us about this phenomenon.

Baba says, “Proper adjustment and parallelism between the psychic and
physical bodies causes life, and disassociation under adverse conditions
results in death…proper adjustment between the waves of the psychic body
and of the physical body is an essentiality…The loss in the parallelism
of physical and mental waves causes death.” (Idea and Ideology, p.52)


So death results due to the loss of parallelism between the physical and
mental waves. Thus there are two main causes or types of death: physical
and psychic.

Sometimes the physical body meets its demise as in the case of an accident
or illness. And that initiates the dying process and thus leads to one’s
mental death, i.e. the mind leaves the body. This all happens because the
physical body starts malfunctioning– whether suddenly or gradually. In
this scenario there were no prior problems or tensions in the mental
sphere. The person was happy and well. But for whatever reason the physical
body became completely degenerated or destroyed. So in the absence of a
proper physical body, the mind cannot function and it is forced to leave
the body. That is death due to a physical cause.

And the second type of death occurs when the psychic waves get initially
affected. And in result they ruin the parallelism with the physical body.
This happens when there is extra pressure on the mind due to the excess of
any vritti. Such as an excess of fear, sadness, happiness, etc. For
example, due to a terrible fear of ghosts many people have died. And in the
case of sadness or depression, like when people lose large amounts of money
in the share market then they may become extremely psychically disturbed–
which causes the body to stop functioning and they die. And in the case of
happiness, if someone wins the 100 million dollar lottery and they become
overly happy and excited. When their mind is so affected, then parallelism
will be lost thus inviting one’s death. So in these instances the reason
for death was something psychic.

Thus the cause of death may be either in the physical or mental spheres.


And here following Baba furthermore explains the internal science behind
the dying process and He reveals what actually happens at the exact time of

Baba says, “The combined va’yus [or pra’n’a’h] pass out, and with their
passing away from the physical structure all the external va’yus, except
dhanainjaya, also leave the physical structure. Dhanainjaya causes sleep,
and so to cause the deep sleep of death dhanainjaya remains in the body
even after all the va’yus have left. When the dead body is burnt or gets
totally decayed, dhanainjaya as well leaves the body and remains in the
Cosmos to act again according to the will of Prakrti.” (I & I, p.53)

So in the above Baba has explained what happens during the process of
death. One after another va’yu comes out from the body and ultimately only
the dhanainjaya va’yu remains. And the dhanainjaya va’yu stays until the
whole physical structure disintegrates and all the painca-bhutas (five
factors) become one with their origin. This process takes a few months when
the body is buried; and in case of burning or cremation it is
instantaneous. That means as soon as the body is burned then immediately
the mind is free.

At this point, the disembodied soul then moves throughout the entire
universe– with the help of the rajahgun’a force of the Cosmic operative
principle– in search of a new body. And this new body is allotted
according to the type of reactive momenta attached with the disembodied soul.
Thus as it is stated in Baba’s Idea and Ideology book, the dhanainjaya
va’yu does not leave; rather it stays in the muladhara cakra. Because its
inherent characteristic or nature is to cause sleep and create inertia. So
it remains for some time whereas the other va’yus leave the body
immediately at the time of death.


Here then is one very important link.

Since the dhanainjaya va’yu resides in the muladhara cakra, then even if
certain limbs & organs of the body are given away or donated, then the mind
does not go along with those donated parts.

In this regard please read these following examples.

For instance, it is often seen in industrial accidents that people lose
their hands or their feet or any limb. But in that situation their mind
does not also get lost or split. Their minds do not get bifurcated such
that half their mind remains along with them while the other portion of
their mind goes away with that amputated body part and ends up in the trash
bin. That does not happen; no portion of the mind is lost. Means if a
person does experience amputation of some portion of their physical body
then we all know that that individual retains their full psychic identity
and awareness.

Similarly in the case of a medical operation if certain diseased organs or
body parts or bones are thrown away, then in that process people do not
also lose part of their mind. Their mind does not jump along with that
removed organ. Rather the mind remains as is, or with the improved physical
health of the body then the person is mentally feeling better also. So
there is no psychic loss or any departure of mind.

Here is another example. Many times two living persons are involved in an
organ transplant. There is a donor and the receiving party. But those
people undergoing this procedure do not experience a bifurcation or split
in their psychic arena. Means the recipients of those organs do not all of
a sudden become double-minded. Nobody’s psychic identity is affected by
this procedure because their mind or psychic attributes do not travel along
with that donated body part. So neither the donor nor the recipient
experience any psychic change due to the transfer of that organ.

Likewise when people donate blood their mind does not move along with their
blood sample. And those getting blood from multiple persons do not then
develop a mind affected by multiple personalities.

And also when one gets a haircut or trims their fingernails, then also
there is no loss of mind. The mental capacity or equilibrium is not
jeopardized by this because the mind does not move along with those
fingernail clippings or with the cut hair.

So all these examples go to show that in no case does the mind become glued
up with any physical limb or part that is removed from the body. There is
no question of any psychic loss in this regard.


Consequently in the case of an organ donation or transplant etc upon one’s
death, there is no question that the mind goes along with those donated
limbs– thus delaying one’s rebirth. That does not happen. Rather all the
psychic force remains in the body & gets fully released as soon as that
main body structure is burned or disintegrated. So no one should worry
about any type of delay by imagining that their own rebirth will be halted
due to the donation of any one of their organs. It is not that one has to
wait until the body that the donated organ is in also dies.



About all this a few people were thinking that there would be a long delay
for rebirth if they opt to donate organs at the time of their death.
Because in their innocence they were mistakenly concluding that their
va’yus would be running along with those donated organs. When in fact that
is not at all the case. Therefore there is no question of any delay in the
process of rebirth just because anyone’s limbs or organs were donated to
someone else who was still alive. Reason being that the dhanainjaya is not
linked with those limbs or with those donated organs. Rather it is in the
muladhara cakra so at the time of cremation it escapes from the body at
that very time– regardless of any organ donation etc. In that case the
process of rebirth begins immediately without any delay.


As is commonly known the main physical aspect of the body is the spinal
column. Because in the spinal cord there are controlling points; the cakras
are there. So until the spinal column is not destroyed, either directly or
indirectly, then the body does not die in the physical sphere. And the mind
remains fully with that physical structure. So if only the hands or feet
get amputated, people can survive and there is no psychic loss of mind. But
if any portion from the crown of the head to the base of the spine is cut
or destroyed, then at that point the body will not survive. In which case
then the mind be forced to leave the body. Otherwise not.

“Not Audible” is A Better Approach

Baba says, “And in case of luminous bodies, known as “deva-yoni” in
Sam’skrta – Yaks’a, Raks’a, Gandharva, Vidya’dhara, Kinnara, Prakrtiliina,
Videhiiliina – they can not be conceived even by mind and some time when
they fiddle down to the scope of sensory organs, people may see them for a
short while.” (AV-2, 2004 Edn, p.39)

Note: In the above passage printed in A’nanda Vacanamrtam part 2, the
Publications personnel wrote the phrase “fiddle down”. But if anyone reads
the sentence carefully they can easily see that the phrase “fiddle down”
does not fit properly in the sentence– it does not make any sense. The
reason why is that that is not what Baba actually spoke that day.

Baba did not say “filter down”; rather Baba said “fiddle down”. But
those in the Publications Department transcribing the discourse could not
properly understand what Baba said. And instead of simply admitting that
they could not properly discern what Baba said, they just made up something
that seemed close. Hence they inserted the nonsensical phrase “fiddle down”.

Needless to say this type of working style is totally irresponsible.
Because Baba’s books are sacred texts for the humanity and those in
Publications should not merely guess at what they think they heard Baba
say. But that is what they did in this circumstance. They merely guessed;
and the result is that what they wrote does not have any meaning. It is
totally ridiculous sounding. Any balanced-minded person can certainly
understand that “fiddle down” does not make any sense in this sentence–
nor in any sentence. Because those two words– “fiddle down”– are not
meant to go together. That is why the whole sentence is just ridiculous.
But even then those in the Publications Department did not pay heed. Just
in their loose way they published it like that– “fiddle down”. When that
was not at all what Baba said. His actual words were “filter down”. So this
is the blunder that was made to Baba’s divine discourse.

To put forth a solution, if those in Publications are unsure of a word or
phrase, then they should simply write that such-and-such phrase was
“inaudible” or “unclear”. Clearly noting that they could not understand
something is far better than inventing their own fake words or stupid
phrases and inserting them in Baba’s discourse. This defective approach of
making up fake words just misleads readers. So best is if those in
Publications can just admit that they could not understand a word or
phrase, and then mark that by writing “inaudible” etc. Then there will not
be such and mess in our AM books and furthermore then those in Publications
will not smear their name by indulging in senseless work.

Beyond that, what more be said other than Baba’s books contain His
eternal, divine teachings. So the publication of His books should not be
taken lightly or done in a haphazard manner. Putting Baba’s discourses into
book form is a very noble and great endeavour so we should be sure not to
allow incompetent persons join our AMPS Publications Department.

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