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Date: Sun, 18 Apr 2010 14:01:42 -0400
To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: Douglass Lauder
Subject: Circumcision & Herd Psychology


“Toma’ke bha’lo bese ja’i ye bhese kon se aja’na’y…” (PS 739)


Baba, by loving You, I go on floating towards one unknown divine land.
O’ my Beloved, even today, by Your grace I have ensconced myself in the
courtyard of the tunes– in the hide and seek of the pleasure of getting
You and in the pain of not getting You.

Baba, my sleepless, hungry eyes yearn to see You day and night. Baba, by
Your grace, my eyes get lost in Your infinite divine world– in one far
distant place in search of You, O’ my dearmost.

Baba, if You want You can forget me, but please do not forget that I
love only You. O’ Divine Entity, please come, please come close; with Your
love please be gracious and sit near me– by my side.

Baba, You are my dearmost, You are my everything…


This entire letter is related with AM’s view on circumcision. Right now
some are running after this, but this is just their herd psychology,
not their rationality.


It is commonly known in AM that a calm mind is needed to do sadhana. For
this reason Baba has graciously provided us with the perfect array of
practices which cultivate a peaceful feeling in the mind.

These practices include: Kiirtan, shuddis, yama and niyama, asanas,
bhajans, svadhyaya, satsaunga, etc. All these things wonderfully aide in
creating a sweet and sentient vibration in the mind.

In addition, on the purely physical plane, cleanliness is needed. Without
that the physical body will be dirty and diseased and in result the mind
will get directed toward those physical ailments. That is, the mind will
become crudified.

So proper health practices and hygienic habits are needed for mental
well-being and to do proper sadhana. These include AM bathing system,
sentient food, half-bath, fasting, etc.


And one important point which is going on these days related with health
and hygiene which needs our attention is: circumcision. Because
circumcision is not something which Baba advocates yet it is going on under
our own roof.


Some may think that this is only a male issue– but it is not like that. It
is a concern and point of awareness for all. Since it is our respected
mothers who are primarily involved in the raising of our children. Hence
they are often the ones to have a say on such things. At the same time
fathers should also be aware.

Here the point is not to pass blame to anyone but rather to generate the
notion that this point of circumcision is of common concern.


1. Nature has its own wonderful ways of protecting the human body. The hair
in the nostrils filters the air, joint hair keeps the glands cool, the
kidney purifies the blood etc. Likewise the skin on the genital organ has
its one particular value and utility: It helps protect that area from
disease in one’s younger years. It is part of nature’s special system. And
when that skin is removed by surgical procedure then that interrupts the
natural process.

2. Of all the places on the human body, the genitals may be the most
sensitive and tender. Even the human brain is encased by the cranium but
the genitals are openly exposed. So it is a very delicate and tender area.
And at the very young age to have a surgical procedure done on that area is
a distinct shock to the system.

3. In those early years covering of the undeveloped gland is needed to
protect against disease. And then once one reaches adolescence, that skin
can naturally be pulled back since its purpose has been fulfilled by that
point. Because the organ or gland has become developed and strong– it is
no longer so susceptible to infection etc. Rather keeping the area covered
in adolescence is itself unhygienic due to bodily secretions etc. But
surgical removal is not needed in those teenage years. Simply the foreskin
can be pulled back. This is Baba’s expressed guideline in Sixteen Points.

Here we should remember that at the time of birth that area is covered and
hence protected by the foreskin. So that is nature’s way of providing
protection to that area. And when that protection is no longer needed then
it will naturally get folded back. So the foreskin has a distinct utility,
but via the process of circumcision that benefit is totally lost.

4. In only very, very rare cases– like one in a million– is an incision
needed to pull back the foreskin on an adolescent. And even then that is
not a circumcision procedure, just a small incision is needed to loosen the
skin so it can be pulled back neatly.


So the above represent a few of the basic points which point to the fact
that circumcision is itself unnatural. And as we know Baba does not condone
such type of procedures like circumcision. His guideline is to pull back
the foreskin.


Certainly it is clear that the dharmic and healthy way to move ahead is not
to circumcise our children. Rather they should grow in a natural way. By
this process they will get all the subtle benefits of nature’s grand plan.

And side by side, where possible, research should be done focusing on the
physiological and psychological effects of circumcision. As there are solid
indications and evidences that circumcision invites the tendency of sexual
indulgence and weakness. One such reason being that it desensitizes the
genital. Hence, circumcision in infancy or in childhood invites desensitivity.

Obviously this is a critical matter, because Baba guides us in a few places
that over-indulgence leads to the excessive loss of lymph and shukra– in
which case sadhana is severely hampered if not impossible.

So further research should be done so that we have the hard facts to warn
people about the serious defects and hazards regarding circumcision.
At the same time the point should be crystal clear in the mind of every
Ananda Margii. Since Baba has already shown us the way to proceed.


Some claim that circucision helps in AIDS prevention and disease. But
this is a baseless argument. See this posting:

Those who do not clean do get benefit from circumcision but Ananda
Margiis follow strict shaoca so there is no problem.

So their agenda that circumcision is the way to prevent AIDS is
off the mark.

It is like if you do not wash your mouth then it will attract flies so the
best thing is to clip the lips, but if one cleans the mouth there will not
flies in which case there is no need to clip the lips.

Same with circumcision. If one is clean then there is no need to cut
that region as a means of disease prevention.


So around the globe in our Marga society, there should be a consistent and
unified approach regarding circumcision.

Now, however, the situation is not like that. In some places good margii
families are having their children circumcised whereas in other regions
established margii families are not circumcising their children. Generally
it depends upon the dogmatic perceptions of their area.

For example in European areas many do circumcision whereas in India it is
not at all commonly done. Both have their dogmatic and traditional reasons.
But we should all be making the right choice for the right reason. That
will bring unity and wellness. Because our ideological stand is straight
and clear: It is singular in nature. In that case there is no need for a
varied approach. Rather what Baba has said should be understood and followed.

Failing that, on points like that of circumcision, there could be the
massive spilling of blood from one community to another. Such religious
strife and fighting has occurred on all the continents. This is the tragedy
that has filled human history. And it should be averted in our Marga. And
the way to avoid it is to develop oneness on all point of ideology.

Thus for the health of the child as well as for the well-being of our AM
society, we should develop a unified understanding our adarsha on this
point of circumcision.

None should fall prey to herd psychology and choose circumcision
because that is the prevailing trend in their area. Rather we should
stick to our AM ideals. Otherwise we will fall prey to meat-eating,
crude movies, and all kinds of other trendy things.


Ours is a sadhana oriented existence. So we should avoid those things like
circumcision which hinder one’s physical and mental growth and we should
follow those dharmic guidelines which support our spiritual life– thus
keeping the mind free from the effect of lower vrttis.

Baba says, “As a created being, everybody in the universe by birth is a
pashu, an animal. But the standard of beings is to be exalted towards
divinity, towards godliness. A pashu, that is, an animal, becomes man, man
becomes god. This process, the process of exaltation, the process of
upliftment, from animality to godliness, is your sa’dhana’.” (AV-1)


By Baba’s divine grace we will all progress and achieve supreme fulfillment.

Baba says, “The one endowed with cosmic grace gets liberation from these
bondages by dint of sa’dhana’, and attains oneness with that Supreme
Entity.” (AV-4)



Here Baba uncovers the truth behind the ongoing religious dogma of

Baba says, “Long ago the Jews started practising circumcision. When Moses
converted some of his contemporaries to Judaism, and later when Mohammed
converted some local people to Islam, neither prophet dared to instruct
their new followers to discard the old customs they followed, consequently
the old customs continued after their conversion.” (PNS-21, ‘How to Unite
Human Society’)

Here the ramification is that those margiis who have come from Hindu
backgrounds do not do circumcision whereas those from the Chrisitian world
usually attend to circumcision. So on the one side there are the Buddhists
and Hindus who do not follow circumcision and on the other side there are
the semetic faiths. That is the way it is divided on this point of

As Ananda Margiis, however, we are not to give credence to any of these
aforesaid religions but rather should do what Baba wants. That is our
dharmic approach.

WT Conduct Rule: Vow of Silence

Baba says, “You will cultivate the practice of maonbrat (vow of silence) at
least half an hour every day during working hours.” (Pt #9 of Fourteen Points)

Note: In the above conduct rule Baba is giving the solution of one common
problem. Because many suffer from the mental disease of gossiping
needlessly. It can happen to anyone but certain Wt’s are more indulged
because they talk all day long. Even if a kiirtan program is going on then
still they are sitting and talking non-stop. So this is the psychic disease
of some wts. And to stop this Baba has given the aforementioned conduct
rule. So if any one is not following Baba’s above guideline then they
should be encouraged (or pressurized) to practice. And by that way they
will gain control over their negative habit of talking uselessly. Indeed by
that way one can make the extroverted mind introverted.

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