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Date: 19 Apr 2010 21:26:14 -0000
From: “Naresh Mitter”
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Subject: Story: Strictness in Ista


“Bhaja re is’t’ha na’m man a’ma’r, Bhaja re is’t’ha na’m…” (P.S. #4673)


Oh my mind, chant the divine name of Baba. Baba is the Ista, His Name is
most sweet. Go on chanting and listening without pause. This is the
sweetest Name in the entire universe. With this Name alone one can reach
their Goal. With this Name, one is able to shatter the bondage and become
one with the Goal.


Surely there are countless Baba stories related with Ista and Adarsha and
here I am sharing one such real story about strictness to Ista.


One very senior margii, Shrii Bhagavanji from Pathargama Village Godda
district Bihar, was working as an LFT Ananda Marg schoolteacher.

This was the pre-emergency period when Baba was in jail, and many negative
things were in the newspaper against AM. Also those days many anti-social
elements were making jokes whenever they saw any of our respected Avadhutas
or Wt’s in dress.

Sometimes crude people would try to intentionally tease margiis
with their inimical motive. Such callous people were thinking
they also could take advantage of this negative situation and abuse AM
since the newspapers, government and CBI were propagandising against

That was the historical background…Now here is the real story.


The LFT teacher Bhagavanji reached with one application to the food supply
officer to pick-up the food quota (allotted amount) for the Marga
children’s home. When the concerning officer saw the application from the
children’s home in-charge (Bhagavanji), then in mocking way the officer
used abusive language towards Baba and AM.

note: Before continuing on with the story here I want to tell something so
this story will be very clear. In Hindi the pronunciation of the terms
‘Murgii’, ‘Murti’, and ‘Margii’ are very similar. And the meaning of
‘Murgii’ is hen (female chicken).

Now the story continues:

So in teasing way the communist-minded officer said, ‘Oh, you are Ananda
Murgii, how is it you are outside the jail? How is it you did not get
arrested? Where is your Guru AnandaMurgii.’

Hearing this, the margii Bhagavanji’s whole existence was burning. He
became furious and one great, strong burst of energy came into his body.

Both parties were siting face to face and in between them was one table.

Bhagavanji could not grab anything other than a 1/2 kg solid glass paper
weight. And without saying a word, within a fraction of a second Bhagavanji
grabbed that glass paper weight and pounded it directly on the officer’s
face, in strong way with full strength. And the officer’s nose and front
teeth got totally smashed. The teeth actually fell onto the ground.


By hearing the cry of the officer other officials rushed to the scene. They
were terrified by what they saw. Instantly they all became scared and due to
the fear they could not retaliate against Bhagavanji. In a roaring voice the
margii Bhagavanji came out threatening that ‘if anybody utters one word
against AM or against my Guru Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji, they will invite
their death’.

With fear nobody could utter any word. The other officers stood there
frozen with fear and shock.

Later on a police complaint was made and Bhagavanji got arrested.


At this point the news reached to Baba and HE smiled and said, “Nothing is
going to happen. What Bhagavanji did, that was great. That treatment was

And although Bhagavanji got arrested, he was very happy to have had
opportunity to serve Baba in this way. And he was feeling very determined
to manage the situation with a strong hand.

After 2 days Bhagavanji came out from the jail. But never was there a court
case because in very short time the officer with fear and shyness managed
to get transferred far away from there. And the officer did not appear in
the court and never he gave witness.

So the sinner’s face got smashed and deformed and the margii Bhagavanji got
victory by Baba’s grace. And all the margiis who heard of this event got the
lesson that where there is Ista there is victory. At any cost we should not
tolerate the abuse to Ista and Adarsha.


Since then this news spread throughout the whole entire district and the
common mass became aware that on the point of Ista and Adarsha, Ananda
Margiis are very one-pointed and strict. And this very thing helped
margiis immensely. Otherwise the survival of AM in those days was very
difficult. Because both the general society and government both were
against AM.

So in 16 Pts, on paper the single point about Ista may look small. But in
reality it is not. Rather strictness and faith to Ista is the minimum basic
qualification for any Ananda Margii who wants to march one step forward
towards his Goal.


Commitment and surrender to Ista is the pre-requisite factor to get
anything in spiritual realm. Those who do not have such devotional feeling
and surrender to Ista, for them AM is nothing but one club. For them Ananda
Marg is not the way of life.

Baba says,

“Ista means Parama Purusa…Where there is dharma there is Ista; the two
are inseparably connected, and thus those who follow dharma are sure to
follow Ista also. Dharma cannot exist where there is no love for God.”
(SS-12, p. 40)

With full surrender
at His lotus feet,

Note 1: Here I want to say that everybody theoretically knows these two following
rules of Baba:

“Non-compromising strictness and faith regarding the sanctity of Ista.”

“You should always bear in mind that you should not try to convince by
argument anyone who criticises your Is’ta (Goal), Adarsha (Ideology),
Supreme Command or Conduct Rules. If this occurs you should adopt a hard
and uncompromising attitude.”

These two teachings of Baba, all margiis are aware. And this is the very
backbone of our AM spiritual cult. Because without the faith and love for
God (Ista), sadhana is meaningless. It is just like trying to plant and
grow seeds in the dry, hot desert sand.

So love for God is basic a quality of the sadhaka. And it must be
carefully preserved.

“This element of devotion, the most precious treasure of humanity, must be
preserved most carefully. Because it is such a tender inner asset, to
preserve it from the onslaughts of materialism…” (NH p.3)

Those who are really true Ananda Margiis, in their heart they believe these
above quoted Baba teachings and they put these teachings into practice.
Otherwise for others these teachings are just superficial rules.

Importance of Sadhana

Baba says, “Numerous rich and beautiful cities of the historic past
are now buried under the earth. Many splendid palaces and mansions, many
churches, temples, mosques and synagogues, and many pyramids have been
reduced to rubble. With the constant change in the flow of time, how many
major changes have occurred in the universe? Similarly, with the change in
time and space, people also change. A small two year old child becomes a
smart and active twenty-five year old youth. And the same energetic youth
becomes an infirm, inactive old person in due course. Thus, nothing in this
universe is permanent. Many gigantic animals of the past have become
totally extinct from the surface of the earth. Royal pomp and opulence, the
pride of power, the vast knowledge of mighty scholars have become things of
the past, thrown into the dustbin of history. Many objects emerged in the
past, remained on earth for a short time, and then disappeared according to
the inexorable law of nature.”

“The only eternal truth is Parama Purus’a. He is Ana’di,
beginningless, endless, all-pervasive; an entity beyond the scope of time,
place and person. He is the only eternal, undecaying, imperishable,
immutable entity. He is the Supreme Source from which the inanimate, plant
and animal worlds have emerged. He is the starting point and the
culminating point of everything. Hence, wise people should utilise their
physical, psychic and spiritual power to realise that supreme
omnitelepathic entity, to become one with Him.” (PNS-18, p.6)
Note: Please read Baba’s above teaching again carefully. It explains

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