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From: “Will Chaucey”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: About Sex: Changing Social Values
Date: Thu 22 Apr 2010 16:10:26 +1000


“Tumi balo a’ma’re, balo a’ma’re kii diye tus’ibo toma’re…” – P.S. 1235


O’ Baba please tell me how I can satisfy You…

O’ Parama Purusa Baba– the Creator of this great universe– whatever
jewels, gold, emeralds, pearls, and gems that are accumulated in this
universe, You Yourself are the Creator of those treasures. Then what
offering can I make that will satisfy You. Indeed what can anybody give to
You when You are the Supreme Controller of this entire creation.

Baba, whatever intellect, intuition, knowledge, & whatever thinking
capacity I have, all these things also are tied up on Your doorstep. All
these things are within Your easy reach. Then in what way can I satisfy
You when You are the Controller of everything. Beyond, this what else is there.

Baba, in this world I am completely empty– then how can I serve You,
please tell me. Baba, only I am surrendering unto You; please tell me what
way I can satisfy You…


As we look around, we can see how this increasingly crude materialistic
culture has severely affected the expression and standard of humanity.
The social mores– or societal values– have changed drastically. This
is the case in so many spheres of life: Business, religion, justice,
education, family life, entertainment, and sexuality.

For instance– even in the most materialistic country of the USA– it
was only 50 years ago, and certainly 100 or 150 years ago, that
pre-marital dating was looked upon as absolutely sinful. So much so that
there was hardly any difference between prostitution and pre-marital
affairs. Both were shunned equally by society.

Yet today, dating for sex is the song of the day. Dating and sexual
encounters regularly start around the age of 12 or 13– that is the
average– and exists in so many forms as people of all ages and all
walks of life date, even 70 or 80 year old people go on sex-oriented
dates. Indeed dating and sexual affairs have become so commonly accepted
that today if a high school student of 16 or 17 does not have a
boyfriend or girlfriend then they are looked upon as a misfit or odd.

However it was only short while ago that all such dating was absolutely
shunned by society. One was not to be found caught doing such things
lest they be run out of town. Whereas now things have become so loose
that nearly everything is permissible, save perhaps going to a
prostitute. Even then, such brothels are becoming more and more accepted
in some countries, especially parts of Europe.


So why is all this going on? Why has what was once shunned upon become a
totally regular feature of life such that dating & the pursuit of sex is

Here below Baba identifies the science behind this seemingly dramatic
change of events.

“Abhoga Samsargat Praptiresana”.

Baba says, “You must remember it. When one object reaches near to
another object of enjoyment (abhoga), a desire is begotten to get that
object. For instance a man when in town has dress, living as per the
dress and living of the urban people and when in a village he has as per
the villagers. This is effected because of his desire begotten out of
his association with people in town and villages respectively. When some
persons take tea, there you also get the desire to take the same…With
the association of the enjoyable [material pleasures] object there is a
desire to get it.” (SS-20)

In a nutshell, when all the avenues of society are painted in the color
of sex and sexuality, then it is inevitable that people will blindly run
in that direction– and they will change the social codes accordingly.

In the olden days, people had the desire but there was an element of
social control, primarily because their mental plates were not deluged
and bombarded with lustful images all day long. But now, due to the mass
propaganda about sex, because sex is used in adverstising & movies and
because youths and even older people prance around half-naked, the whole
society is openly chasing after sex.

All because sex has become their abhoga– their object of enjoyment; it
is openly embraced as such. Thus when they are surrounded by that, when
that is imprinted on their mental plate, then one is bound to drown
themselves in that as well. And that is exactly what we see happening


Of course in AM, our view is totally different. We are interested in the
quality of mind– not shifting social mores.

For us, dating, prostitution, pre-marital relations, extra-marital
affairs, etc all fall in the same category. It is the mere chasing after
of one’s crude vrttis. The social presentation may be somewhat
different, but inside the mind whether one gives a complement, money,
flowers, chocolate, or a nice dinner in hopes of having sex, then the
motive is all the same. Mentally, these actions are basically
identical– they reflect a similar quality of mind. Heck, today most
people even marry only for sex — the proof being how people commonly
ignore their children or even walk away from them, disowning them entirely.

The overarching idea is that we are neither supporters of those olden
times nor today’s degraded ways. No doubt the days of old are
comparatively better, but that is still not our way.

Our view is not the females should remain locked up in the house and
forbidden to go out. Baba clearly advocates that women have the freedom
to work outside the home and engage in social activities and festivals.
So there in no bar on what women can and cannot do.

Only our point is the dignity of women. For that to happen, the mental
flow – abhoga – must change.

Only when one is involved in cosmic ideation– only when family planning
is looked upon as a service to God and the development of society– does
the situation change. Then one’s mental color is no longer lustful, but
sentient and pure. And this is what we advocate in our Marga.


Baba’s entire recipe for success in this regard is based on one’s
thinking– on one’s object of ideation. That is the inner science. If
one’s thinking is made pure then humans will grow in the right way.

Baba says, “A’bhoga means that object which feeds the mind – that is,
mental pabulum. If this pabulum is limited, the mind also becomes
limited. If the pabulum is infinite, by making an effort to obtain it,
the mind becomes infinite. It depends entirely on the will of human
beings which pabulum, limited or unlimited, is made their object.” (AV-1)

Thus it is all a question of mind– that is the main thing. If the mind is goaded
towards a spiritual ideal then it will move in that direction and if
pummeled with crude notions it will spiral downward.

Side by side, it is the bounden duty of all good people to not allow
females to be portrayed as sex obejcts. All women should be honoured
and afforded proper stature in society.

Knowing this, to escape the onslaught of today’s materialistic and
sexual oriented ways, we are to direct the mind again and again in the
many sentient practices and customs of AM and clean-up the overall
expression in society.

Baba says, “Good company, good books, good literature, good songs,
kiirtanas (devotional chanting) elevate the mind and the mind becomes
sanctified.” (MVNS)

Thus by reading Baba’s books, singing kiirtan, engaging in satsaunga,
doing sadhana, then one will not be degraded by today’s crude ways.
Rather one will positively influence the flow of the entire society
wherein females have their true existential status befitting that
of all humans and they are not objectified as mere sex toys etc.

Then all will have the opportunity to lead a sentient life and reach the
Goal– Baba.


By Baba’s grace here again Baba points out the road to success.

Baba says, “Their approach is pinnacling from physicality to psychic
existence, from psychic existence to psycho-spiritual, and finally to
the stance of spirituality. Extroversiality has got nothing to do with a
devotee.” (AV-14)



The sexually oriented ways of materialism are affecting all walks of

Each and every day, we read about high-profile people who totally degrade
themselves by indulging in all kinds of negative behavior. Whether it be
governors, presidents, athletes, or pop stars, so many fall in this way.
The Tiger Woods case is but one example of many. This then filters down
throughout the society, where even local community members fall prey
to these degrading ways. It is a major issue that is only growing in
the form of pedophilia, rape, cheating, and general promiscuity.

So we should make haste to get our Marga up and running so we can lead
the society away from crudity and towards the subtle spheres of life.
Then everyone will be happy.

To Do Great Work

Baba says, “The meaning of the ‘Sam’gacchadhvam’ Mantra should be
realised in life. Always remain united. Solve all problems, big or
small, with unity. Consider misfortune of one as the misfortune of all–
an injury to one as an injury to all.” (CC-2, ‘Society’ chapter, point #34)

Note: So long as Baba’s above teaching is not put into practice, one
cannot do great work. Devoid of this one’s life will be as meaningful as
the life of a termite or ant etc. In our practical life we should be
strict in following Baba’s teaching.

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