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Subject: US Public Frustrated With…


PS Intro: In this song, an above-average devotee is expressing his feeling towards Parama Purus’a.

“Badhir theko na’ko priyo, shun’ate habe a’ma’r katha’…” (PS 2310)


Baba, please look towards me. Keeping the yearning for You in my heart,
I am crying. Please do not be deaf. You have to listen to my tale of the
heart. Please understand the pain of the core of my heart. And please
understand the longing and yearning that I have to get You. I want to
hold You. Off and on I go on listening to the sound of silence– the
divine flute which You play. I feel that by that way You attract me. And
it is there that I see Your effulgence. Baba, I feel that Your sweetness
and Your love is present in that effulgence and the sound of the flute.
Baba, You are the a’lor & prana and of my life. You are my hope; You are
my Goal; You are my everything. If I forget you I will lose everything–
my life will be ruined. Baba, You are the nucleus of my existence. That
is why again and again I surrender myself at Your lotus feet. Please
understand the longing of my heart. Please do not avoid me. Baba please
come close…


A dramatic turn of events is underway. The very country which has been
the bread and butter of capitalism since its inception is now
questioning it.

With the latest revelations and leaked emails that seemingly portray
Goldman Sachs – the investment bank powerhouse – as reviling in the
decline of the US economy, the general public has become quite
frustrated and dismayed.

Although the public is not overtly claiming that capitalism should be
torn down, they are outraged by what the big dogs of Wall Street have
done. This itself is a slash against capitalism, albeit indirectly.

The irony is that what Baba expressed 40 to 50 years ago is now being
realised by the people of this elite vaeshayan nation, knowingly or


Baba, being omniscient, was perfectly aware of the defects of capitalism
and He began guiding us about this from the very early days of Ananda
Marga, if not before that.

In His, July 1961, Ranchi discourse, Baba points out how the very
essence of capitalism runs contrary to our Proutist vision since
capitalists just aim to satisfy their greedy desire and accumulate more
and more while others suffer in poverty and want.

Baba says, “How was capitalism created? Capital is consumable
commodities in their potentiality. Intelligent people collect more
capital than others in the form of consumable goods, but since this
capital cannot be stored for a long time, they began to keep it in the
form of money. Such people are called capitalists. These capitalists are
the unworthy sons and daughters of the Cosmic Father because they go
against the principle of cosmic inheritance.” (PNS-15)

In an even earlier discourse, His famous RU 1958 speech in Trimohan,
Baba warns how the extremely avaricious nature of capitalism must not be

Baba says, “According to true spiritual ideology the system of private
ownership cannot be accepted as absolute and final, and hence capitalism
cannot be supported either…Wherever necessary, capitalism must be
forced to abandon its ferocious hunger by taking strong measures.” (POD,
Points #1 & #2)

And indeed, Baba sternly delivered countless warnings and involved
explanations about the harmful ways of capitalism. As, Ananda Margiis we
are fully aware about this – this is a surprise to no one.

It is a turn of events however, when all of a sudden, the general public
in the so-called wealthiest nation on earth begins venting their
frustrations against capitalists. How far they are aware that they are
actually leaning towards Baba’s Proutistic teachings is a totally
separate matter, at the same time it cannot be denied that they are sick
and tired of the crude selfishness of top bankers.

Why? Because the common people are starting to experience some of the
horrors – lost homes, huge debt, no purchasing capacity – that Baba
warns about. Hence, as their frustration mounts, they are coming closer
to our stand.

See here what is going on.


As we speak, congressional hearings are going on surrounding the SEC’s
(Securities & Exchange Commission) allegations that Goldman Sachs Group
Inc made $3.7 billion betting against mortgage-related securities as the
US housing market started to collapse.

To what degree the general populace can understand the technical nature
of this accusation is one matter. But what everyone can understand is
the tone of the emails that have been uncovered.

In those emails, top traders of Goldman Sachs offer snide and smug
remarks about making a fortune in betting against the US economy, and
even reviling in the notion that as many hard-working people lose their
houses, this clannish investment bank is raking in huge piles of money,
profiting off the losses of the common people.

That is the reason why the mass of Americans are totally frustrated with
these selfish capitalist traders. They are ready to tear them limb from


Although they do not say so openly, the typical American is now
questioning the pillars of capitalism. They may think they are the proud
supporters of the free market economy, but in truth they are not.

They have begun to express concern about capitalism’s main motive: Make a
profit any way, at any and all cost.

The top aim of capitalism is to make money – beyond that there is no
other goal. According to that platform, there is hardly anything wrong
with what Goldman Sachs did. In any manner imaginable, they tried to
make money.

For years, the American public has admired the wealth that Bill Gates
amassed. They felt he personified the American capitalistic machinery.
Even when he was accused of monopolization, the mass of Americans were
in Mr Gates’s corner, dreaming of becoming like him, i.e rich and powerful.

However today, just a short while later, the common American citizen has
not an ounce of sympathy or regard for the avaricious investment bankers
and traders of Goldman Sachs. Even though those bankers are following
the dictates of capitalism, the American people are not holding them up
as heroes, but rather view them as the scoundrels that they are.

This then is a dramatic shift to the American psyche.

And that shift is only going to become more dramatic. The common citizen
will drift more and more in the direction of AM. That is the drama that
is unfolding and our duty is to continue to educate the American people.
We should not simply wait for them to come to us – we are to do maximum
teachings about Proutist ideals.


As for those bankers at Goldman Sachs, they are basically untouchable,
i.e. very low.

In various discourses Baba outlines which professions are dirty and sinful.

Baba says, “So one must have a clean occupation, that is, one must not
do anything antisocial, one must not encourage anything antisocial,
anything that goes against collective interest. That is samyak a’jiiva
(right livelihood) in physical sphere. One may earn money by selling
wine. One may earn money by stealing. These are not samyak a’jiiva. Your
occupation should be neat and clean – not going against the interest of
the society.” (AV-30)

And in other discourses Baba lists how in addition to stealing and
selling intoxicants, one must not earn a living as a money lender,
religious trader, or funeral director, ie. profiting off of peope’s
death. All these are sinful ways of earning money as their ways of
earning go against the interest of society.

Baba says, “People’s means of livelihood should not depend on the
quarrel of individuals, as in the case of lawyers. Lawyers usually set
one person against another and in this way they serve their personal
interests. Similarly no one should be a trader in religion, because in
the name of religion, many people are exploited. Nor should one earn
one’s livelihood by dealing with dead bodies because such people want
more and more people to die, so that they may thereby increase their
income. People should also not earn their livelihood by lending money
and taking interest. Such persons want to lend more and more money to
gain more and more interest, and they do not want the borrowers to
refund the capital. The scriptures stipulate that people should not
accept food from such people, because their occupations are despicable.”

Baba’s mandate is that one should not never take food from such
dastardly persons. The greater idea is that such persons are
anti-social elements.

These power brokers on Wall Street fall in this same category. They are
totally nefarious in their dealing.

Baba says, “Regarding earning money and hoarding wealth, most vaeshyas
today are pisha’cavats [ghouls]. In Sanskrit pisha’ca means “one who
breaks the neck of an animal and then sucks out all the blood, leaving
only the flesh and bones”.” (HS-1)

The vaeshyas of Goldmans Sachs are 100% anti-social.

Now, the public is slowly understanding the dirty ways of such
capitalists and they do not like what they see. That is why when the US
economy fell, then those Wall St moguls had to hire armies of body
guards to keep people from tearing down their houses. The public was
that furious with their sinful actions.

Soon the public will realize that not only are those top capitalists
totally greedy and negative, but the whole umbrella of capitalism is
equally dirty and infested. That day is drawing near.


By Baba’s grace, His AM teachings are getting implemented through
circumstance. The common people have no philosophical position against
capitalism, they are just frustrated by it because it is giving them
problems. Their retirement money is gone, their houses are gone, their
everything has been severely compromised. Capitalism is ruining them on
the material sphere. This much they are beginning to see first-hand.
Thus their eyes are slowly being opened. Let us see what unfolds this
week during the hearings about Goldman Sachs.

Whatever may be, the tide is turning and the consciousness of the
people is being awakened as they continue to suffer at the hands of
those greedy capitalists.

As Ananda Margiis we should go continue to spread the world about Prout.
By this way it will not be long before the general populace in all lands
is keen to this new vision.

Baba says, ‘Through Master Units and PROUT, we will elevate the standard
of the people in a few months or a few years. We should also serve the
people immediately by all-round service. PROUT and all-round service may
render temporary service – they move along the flow of life – but our
spiritual philosophy is above the flow of life. Hence, with spiritual
philosophy as the hub, we are to start as many Master Units as possible.
All-round service, PROUT and Master Units are the ways of life.” (PNS-19)


Various Remedies

Baba says, “The pungent smell from the juice of the tulsi, lavendar,
dhu’p, eucalyptus, and several other trees destroys bacteria. The juice
of the leaves of the pine and eucalyptus removes phlegm producing
diseases. By this oil, good medicines for various chronic diseases are
prepared.” (6/12/87, Kolkata)

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