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Subject: Be Careful Who You Follow


“A’ma’y keno bha’laba’sile…” (P.S. 2283)


Baba, You are so loving, so gracious, why do You love me so much. I do
not have any quality, nor do I have any knowledge or learning. What then
did You see in me that made You shower Your grace on me. You have
saturated my heart with a strong feeling of devotion for You. You have
bestowed upon me an intellect to serve the society. Knowing that I am
shelterless, You have granted me everything. You have given me all sorts
of things which were needed. It is Your causeless grace. Baba, You
brought me on this earth by providing me with a human body. And You
filled my mind with devotion. And on the top You infused a strong
longing for Paramartha for You. But now this is the miserable condition
of mine that I always remain forgetful about You and Your grace. Baba,
why do You love me so much…


When a human being sees someone greater than themselves, then they
admire that person, offer respect, and desire to become like that.

Thieves revere great criminals, players honor top athletes, students
respect learned classmates, businessmen admire innovative entrepreneurs,
and general aspirants respect highly devotional sadhakas.

This equation works in both directions – positive and negative.

The main point is that offering respect comes readily to all. People are
eager to follow and emulate those whom they regard. There is a long
history behind this as it is related with our fundamental human psychology.

Indeed no one can say that they are not involved in hero worship, in one
form or another. Everyone is involved – and therein lies one’s failure
or success. It is that critical a component towards a person’s
development. Who you follow in life is everything.

Even then some may proudly declare that they do not adhere to any type
of hero worship. So we should examine this issue at a deeper level.

Let’s see how hero worship began, how it changed through the ages, as
well as what it means today – both for sadhakas and non-sadhakas.


Just as certain developed animals – like cows, horses, elephants, and
birds – are gregarious in nature and live collectively in order to care
for and protect themselves from predators, since the earliest times
human beings have done the same.

When living in the wild, humans would group together in order to face
their enemies. Following a particular leader was absolutely vital for
survival: Food, safety, protection, shelter etc. People had to pay heed
to the call of their chosen leader in order to carry on. Failing that,
one was certain to face an early demise.

Thus the trait to follow someone became a basic component of human life.
Over the centuries the style of leadership may have gone through
changes, but all along people have always been quick to follow a
respected person and emulate their characteristics.

This is a built-in human behavior and has a huge effect on one’s growth
and development.


During the ksatriyan era, courage, valour and bravery were heralded as
the top qualities and people naturally gravitated towards those who most
personified such characteristics. In turn, those at the helm gained
greater power and exploited others with their might.

When the era changed, then people valued something else.

With the rise of the vipran era, intellect and wisdom were seen as the
greatest attributes and those at the helm were embodiments of those
qualities. People naturally rallied around them and embraced that status
in order to gain respect and be like their leader. To maintain their
power, the leading vipras created all kinds of doctrines to keep
themselves on top.

Over time, money became king and those at the helm were vaeshyas, ie
capitalists. In this age people revered those with massive wealth, and
overlooked all other qualities. Yet those ruling capitalists gobbled up
all the land and material wealth to keep on top.

Now such vaeshyas are in power in most places. But anyone can understand
the reigning era of a particular land or country by analysing who gets
the most respect. Furthermore, one can assess the quality of the people
by seeing who their leaders are. Crude heroes end up leading their
followers into hell.

So be careful who you follow as it has a huge effect on the direction of
your life.


Who one selects to follow in life is critically important. For instance,
if you follow a blind man and he falls into a well, then you too will
fall into that same well. Likewise if follow a dharmika who is moving
towards Parama Purusa, then you too will come closer to the Supreme
Entity. This is the way it works. Just see.


Nowadays in the capitalist era, where material gain and sex is
everything and pseudo-culture is rampant, those with the most respect
and glamour have huge money.

Pop stars like the late Michael Jackson, athletes like Michael Jordan,
movie stars like Angelina Jolie, performers like Madonna, and certain
politicians and vaeshyas have scooped up the imagination, hearts and
minds of the the people. People run like mad after such stars.

If a pop star gets a certain type of haircut or tattoo, or if a movie
icon wears a certain style of dress, then naturally people go chasing in
that direction. That is why the big corporations recruit and pay huge
money to pseudo-culture stars and icons to model their wares and
products as it will boost sales into the millions and billions. In that
way they lure and cheat the common people into buying their products.
Because the public will do anything and everything to follow their
revered one.

People even become  emotionally attached with certain products and
brands like Apple computers. Even intellectual get befooled and
misguided thinking that everything that Apple does is great. Many
companies have this kind of aura: Google, Nike etc. They have cultish

Plus in this superficial era, even fake yoga stars in the west are
gaining clout in the form of sponsorships and hero-worship etc.

According to our human psychology, people like to follow others but due
to poor examples they get goaded in the wrong direction – they get
herded like sheep.

By this way the general public gets drawn into all kinds of degrading
activity. To get wealth, even good people will cheat and steal; to get
beauty people resort to plastic surgery and skimpy clothing; to attract
the opposite sex, people have literally begun to dress like prostitutes.

All because people blindly chase after the leaders of the day. And when
the leaders are degenerated, the common populace will be too.

That is why it is so important to carefully choose who you follow in life.


Hearing all this, some may strongly claim that they are not prone to
hero worship. They will proudly state that they follow no one and are
independent thinkers. Many sophisticated and liberal people talk like this.

But truth be known, they are pawns of their chosen leader(s),
unknowingly. Just walk into their house and it becomes very clear what
they are and whom they revere. Everyone is a fan of someone. Everyone
bows down to someone to get respect.

A millionaire prostrates himself to the billionaire; a beauty queen
surrenders to some Hollywood goddess; a car enthusiast gives himself to
those who own Mercedes. Everyone in this world is fascinated by
something or someone. That is the way of the world. None can claim that
they are outside of this dynamic.

By this way, a person sinks or swims. Tragically, most sink as they get
lulled into the crude operations and economics of the day. That is why
it is critically important to carefully choose with whom you place your

According to their chosen hero, common people will change their habits,
tastes, likings – indeed their entire modus operendi is affected. Thus
it is absolutely critical that people become aware of who they respect.
A person must know who their heroes are – otherwise unknowingly they may
fall into a black hole. Especially in this present era when people are
fans of characterless individuals.


Unfortunately, up till now, the masses have most often embraced “goats”
as leaders. This is especially true these days. And the ones who suffer
the most are our impressionable youths. They are most prone to be
misguided by crude idols. This even leads to their ruination.

As Ananda Margiis we cannot let the situation remain as standstill,
where impressionable people get lulled into false hopes and degrading
ways. We are to encourage such youths – and the entire society – to give
respect to higher ideals like social service etc. Then things will start
moving in the right direction.

Let’s then take a look at the workings in AM, that will give us ideas
and inspiration for guiding the general society.


Baba has designed Ananda Marga along a totally different concept. In AM,
we do not offer our respect based on materials things, status, or other
crude manners. In AM, respect is given based on one’s conduct.

Baba says, “Your ideal is represented by your conduct. Your learning,
your social or economic status have nothing to do with your ideal.”
(A’nanda Va’nii #13)

Baba says, “Aca’ran’a’t pa’t’hayati yah sah a’ca’ryah – One who teaches
through one’s conduct is an a’ca’rya.” (AV-23)

And in AM, good conduct means adhering to dharmic principles: Godhood
not crudity, selflessness not selfishness, benevolence not malevolence.

To instill this within all in AM, Baba would publicly honor those
involved in doing dharmic works. With this type of healthy competition,
Baba guided everyone towards righteous works. By this way we all
understood that we would earn the respect and regard of others.

For instance Baba would reward the top bhukti with the title, “Jana
Seva’ Sealed”. This bhukti that rendered the most social service won
this award. And like that there were all kinds of healthy competitions
to get our minds goaded in the right direction.

Competitions like: Sixteen Points, kaoshikii, tandava, dharma mitram
(most pracar competition), conduct rules and so many other arenas.
Prizes were often based on how much you followed bhagavad dharma and
helped the downtrodden masses and the neglected peoples.

Baba says, “You are to purify [yourself] with the help of sa’dhana’ and
jana seva’. These two factors, sa’dhana’ and jana seva’, will keep the
mental mirror in proper condition, in good condition.” (AV-3)

This was all His entirely unique and revolutionary approach. And because
we all followed Baba our minds, desires, and actions got goaded in this
totally dharmic direction. It is His grace. By this way the whole
society grows and there will not be any exploitation from one group to
the next.

In the past vipras exploited ksattriyas and now vaeshyas are exploiting
everyone. And in our Marga, because some have fallen away from AM
ideals, there is group exploitation. Tragically, groupists revere crude
power not jiivan dharma. So some are moving in this direction. But this
phase will be short-lived.

By once again following His teachings and ways, prama will be restored
and honor will be given to those involved in Sixteen Points etc.

Baba’s is the classic example of how by following someone great, i.e.
Taraka Brahma, one will advance on the path towards liberation and

In a nutshell here is how it works in AM: Our Goal is Parama Purusa so
if anyone follows those ideals that lead to Parama Purusa then they earn
respect of others. Naturally then, all will move in this direction. It
is His wish and hence inevitable.


In the general society it is not like that. People are not familiar with
dharma or Taraka Brahma so they get hitched up in another direction. To
understand how any society is working, find out what the children want
to be when they grow up. Then it will be clear who they follow and what
they respect.

Tragically, today most follow a crude example. As Ananda Margiis we are
to turn this negative into a positive.

When are are aware that people have a natural tendency to adore those
they deem as beings great, then why not utilise this in the proper way
and bring all onto the path of salvation. Let all be guided towards
parama’rtha and not towards bondage or ruination.

By propagating AM ideals people will follow true sadhakas and start
moving in this direction.

Everyone should be fully warned that they need to be careful about who
they follow. To achieve greatness one should follow a proper sadhaka, or
even better yet, follow Ista. To fall into a mud puddle of crudity, then
follow any pseudo-culture icon.

That is why everyone should be extremely careful about who they follow.


By Baba’s grace it is important to understand that you are infinite and
that you have the capacity to become one with Paramatma. But that can
only happen if one critically is aware about who they follow in life.

If society is misguided then even good people will be diverted to do
negative things. – what to say what will happen to bad people.

As humans, ours is the journey from darkness to enlightenment. By
following the true Ista and His ideals, heaven will come on this earth.

Baba says, “United you will have to remain, this is your duty. So that
the people of the world may remain united, it is your duty to bring the
mahavishva as soon as possible. There will be peace and happiness in the
universe, and, established in one indivisible ideology, humanity will
march ahead toward the Supreme Goal. Victory be with you!” (Disc MHB)


Definition of “Real Discipline”

Baba says, “And what is discipline? The Sam’skrta term for ‘discipline’
is ‘anusha’sanam’. And what is anusha’sanam?

Hita’rthe sha’sanam ityarthe anusha’sanam

When the code of discipline is imposed with the spirit of welfare, with
the spirit of development, it is called `anusha’sanam’ in Sam’skrta.
There is no corresponding English word.” (AV-3 p.30)

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