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Starting today, as far as possible, each song will now be done twice – two days in a row. The first purport will be extremely close to the exact line meaning. This will be very helpful to those interested in learning Prabhat Samgiita. The following day the song will be presented in a more descriptive manner to further explain about the meaning.

According to Baba, both styles are appropriated.

During DMC, in Baba’s presence, various Dadas would come up and read their purports of Prabhat Samgiita, and Baba accepted all. Ac Candranathji would present a Hindi version that was a literal translation of the original Bengali. Ac Vijayanandji adopted a similar approach in presenting the English translation. In contrast, those Dadas giving the purport in Bengali would offer long elaborate and colorful explanations. Baba approved of them all.

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Here below is today’s Prabhat Samgiita. It will be posted in today’s main letter as well and then tomorrow’s posting will contain the more descriptive purport of this same song.

PS #3002

Cir kále-r bandhu———
Nikat́e- ese— ghu-m bháungio—,

Ghu-m bháungio—
Jad́eri bhávanáy yadi mete-
Tháki-, jágie di-o
Nikat́e- ese— ghu-m bháungio—,

Ghu-m bháungio—
Kichui tomár ajá-ná nái,
Kichui tomár ajá-ná nái,
Randhre randhre ácho- sadái
Tomáy bhúle- jad́e- hárái,
T́ene- pa-the á-nio—
Nikat́e- ese— ghu-m bháungio—,

Ghu-m bháungio—
Anádi asheśa e- liilá-y,
Anádi asheśa e- liilá-y,
Tomáy khonjá- hoye ut́he dáy
Bhránti kichu- dekhate ná dey,
Tumi- diipak jvá-lio—
Nikat́e- ese— ghu-m bháungio—,

Ghu-m bháungio—
Cir kále-r bandhu———
Nikat́e- ese— ghu-m bháungio—,
Ghu-m bháungio—

O’ my eternal Bandhu [1], by coming close, break my slumber. If I am intoxicated in crude, mundane thoughts, arouse me.

By coming close please break my slumber, O’ my eternal Bandhu.

Baba, nothing is unknown to You. You are ever-present in each and every pore. If ever I am oblivious of You, and get lost in this crude world, please pull me back onto the path of dharma.

By coming close, please break my slumber, O’ my eternal Bandhu.

Baba, in this beginningless and endless divine liila, searching for You becomes hard and painful. The illusion created by maya obscures the vision. Please light the lamp.

By coming close please break my slumber, O’ my eternal Bandhu, arouse me and bring me at Your lotus feet…


[1] Usually people think that the term ‘Bandhu’ means ‘friend’, but in our AM devotional life the term Bandhus means something much more.

Baba says, “‘Bandhu’ means ‘those within the bondage of love’. That is when
one can not tolerate the idea of separation it is called ‘Bandhu’. Now you
see in this world have you got any Bandhu? No. Even your friend, your best
friend– he also did not come at the same time as you and after leaving the
cremation ground, there is permanent separation. He will be with you up to
the cremation ground. After your cremation he won’t be with you. So he is
not Bandhu– he is not friend for he can tolerate the idea of separation.”
“So who is the real friend? Parama Purusa. When you are in this physical
framework– in this quinquelemental framework, He is with you, with your
body, with your mind and with your spirit. After death, He will be with
your mind, with your soul. When the body will be lost, the body will become
one with the earth but mind and spirit will remain, He will be with you. So
He is the real friend, He is the real Bandhu. And there cannot be any
mundane friend, mundane Bandhu.” (AV-12)

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From: Foster Davis
Subject: Easy Money
Date: Mon, 31 May 2010 13:48:21 -0400


“Cirka’ler bandhu nikat’e ese ghuma bha’ungio…” (PS 3002 )


O’ my eternal Bandhu [1], by coming close, break my slumber. If I am intoxicated in crude, mundane thoughts, arouse me.

By coming close please break my slumber, O’ my eternal Bandhu.

Baba, nothing is unknown to You. You are ever-present in each and every pore. If ever I am oblivious of You, and get lost in this crude world, please pull me back onto the path of dharma.

By coming close, please break my slumber, O’ my eternal Bandhu.

Baba, in this beginningless and endless divine liila, searching for You becomes hard and painful. The illusion created by maya obscures the vision. Please light the lamp.

By coming close please break my slumber, O’ my eternal Bandhu, arouse me and bring me at Your lotus feet…


[1] Usually people think that the term ‘Bandhu’ means ‘friend’, but in our AM devotional life the term Bandhus means something much more.

Baba says, “‘Bandhu’ means ‘those within the bondage of love’. That is when
one can not tolerate the idea of separation it is called ‘Bandhu’. Now you
see in this world have you got any Bandhu? No. Even your friend, your best
friend– he also did not come at the same time as you and after leaving the
cremation ground, there is permanent separation. He will be with you up to
the cremation ground. After your cremation he won’t be with you. So he is
not Bandhu– he is not friend for he can tolerate the idea of separation.”
“So who is the real friend? Parama Purusa. When you are in this physical
framework– in this quinquelemental framework, He is with you, with your
body, with your mind and with your spirit. After death, He will be with
your mind, with your soul. When the body will be lost, the body will become
one with the earth but mind and spirit will remain, He will be with you. So
He is the real friend, He is the real Bandhu. And there cannot be any
mundane friend, mundane Bandhu.” (AV-12)


Normally when someone shoots straight up into the sky they are an astronaut on a rocket ship. One could also be on a helicopter as that also rises directly upwards. But that is not what is going on here.

In 2011, a whole congregation of people will be rising straight up into the sky, so they believe.

Welcome to Rapture!! The belief that all “true Christians” will be gathered together in the air to meet Christ at his return. Such Christians believe that the date of the next rapture is May 21, 2011.

This will be a great event as we will see an entire mass of people defy gravity without the use of a single engine. Magically they will rise up into the sky.

Even more hilarious is how another section of society – confirmed atheists – are making a bundle of money off of this rapture mania.

All of this and more is described in the below letter.


The whole entire rapture agenda is based on fear. Namely, if you do not follow the Christian doctrine then you will not rise up into the sky and finally enter into heaven – rather you will be forced to remain on this heinous earth and finally rot in hell. That will be the awful plight of all non-believers and non-devout Christians.

With this fear psychology – all done in the name of god – such Christian priests get their followers completely engrossed in the rapture movement. That is how they sell their event. That is why so many Christians are packing bag and baggage and getting ready to make the great flight up into the sky and on to heaven in 2011 – May 21st to be exact.

Even more surprising is that this is going on during the age of science and reason.

In the past, such raptures were declared in: 1772, 1844, 1977, 1981, 1988, 1989, 1992, 1993, and 1994. As noted many of the dates have been declared in modern times.

And each time the leaders of the failed rapture were met with ridicule, teasing, critique and embarrassment. Mostly they justified their stance by saying, “Jesus will be meeting us up in the sky, only we made a mistake in the calculation of the date.”

And then they promptly arranged a new date – and again all their followers became totally sucked into the frenzy all over again.


How is it that such people in this modern era get duped by the rapture dogma?

During their childhood they were indoctrinated into the Christian dogma and on those points their mind became inert. In other worldly spheres – with their job, house repairs, education, and food shopping – they can apply their logic and reasoning but not in the field of religion. On that subject their brain is totally frozen. They are unable to think – just they follow blindly. Such is the power of dogma.

And it is for this reason that modern day people get captivated by the rapture dogma.


Seeing all this, one group of confirmed atheists have come forward to make bundles of money off of the rapture program. Here’s how they do it.

In the west – and in particular in the US – where the rapture dogma is at its height, people love their pets. They are alienated from other human beings and pour all their heart’s longing into their pet.

Believers know that Christ has come only for them – not their pets. That means during rapture, when they get magically pulled up into the sky, then their pets remain on earth.

Hence, confirmed atheists capitalised on the situation.

Such atheists proclaim: “I am an atheist – I will be stuck here on earth after the rapture – so, my dear Christians, I will take care of your pets. After you make it up into the sky, I will be here on earth to ensure your beloved pet (dog or cat etc) is not left uncared for. Start paying me now – reserve your place – and I guarantee I will care for and feed your pet after the rapture for the next 10 years. Since I do not believe in Jesus I am bound to be here after the rapture. So put down your payment with me and invest in the welfare of your treasured pet.”

This is the scam confirmed atheists are doing. There are thousands of such websites right now. And they are all collecting huge money from the rapture seeking Christians. So many believers have enrolled and deposited money for the care of their pet.

So atheists are making piles of easy money from the rapture dogma. Why easy? Because they need not invest any money and they will not have to care for those pets after the rapture. Because those pet owners will still be on earth as the famed rapture is nothing but one big sham or hoax.

Thus it is easy money and many, many atheists are taking full advantage. But don’t take my word for it. Go on-line and check out all the websites.


Actually, none should think that only Christians are involved in this kind of rapture dogma.

As Baba points out in various discourses, numerous other religions and sects prescribe to the doomsday theory. Viprans in the form of religious thinkers and priests have and continue to preach that the world will be destroyed.

Certain Hindus also fall into this trap. To prevent the destruction of the earth they perform all kinds of yajinas and the businessmen sell truckloads of rotten ghee. This yajina (sacrifice) is all done to prevent the destruction of the earth.

So it is a similar mentality as the rapture but a slightly different outlook.

The Hindus do not believe that through their yajina they will rise up into the sky. Just they think that they will have averted disaster by saving the earth from destruction. And they will thus continue to live on earth.

In contrast, the Christians feel that during the rapture they are on their way to heaven and that they will be leaving this earth. That is the central difference.

Here the point is that many subscribe to various theories of this nature, but only certain radical Christians think that they will actually rise up magically into the sky without the use of a rocket ship.


Baba describes the mentality of such rapture & doomsday preachers perfectly in the below citation.

Baba says, “Hypocrites’ dogma is embraced knowingly by those with vested interests, although most people follow dogma unknowingly. Ordinary people are told by their priests, “You should not do this or that because it is a sin and is forbidden by the scriptures. If you do not follow the path that we have suggested, your family will be ruined.” If rational people challenge these illogical ideas, a priest may retort that he had a dream in which the Divine Mother appeared before him and said many things to justify his position. This is all hypocrites’ dogma.” (PNS-16)


If truth be known though, no god can do like this. No god that is all-powerful and all-loving will senselessly destroy and ruin his creation. Nor will any god favour some and hate others. That is the loophole and hypocrisy of such rapture beliefs.

Such Christians preach that their god is great and all-loving and then in the next breath they attach all kinds of crude-negative actions to their god.

But who can accept such a personality as being god if that god abuses and harasses innocent and helpless beings. No all-loving god could also be so crude-minded and malicious.

That is the main defect of their rapture and doomsday agendas. By this way such Christians expose their own mentality.

Their situation parallels that of Freud. Freud super-imposed his own crude sexual lust on all human beings.

Baba says, “Those psychologists that give undue importance to sexual lust, betray their own vulgar and licentious mentality.” (SS-3)

Thus by his theory, Freud merely exposed his own dirty outlook – nothing more.

Similarly, such crude Christian propagandists are putting for their own faulty ideas in the name of god. They are merely exposing their own mean-minded manner. That is all that is going on when they that that their god will damn and punish all non-believers etc.

Here it should be made clear that Parama Purusa is all-mercitul and there is no need for anyone to worry. He loves and looks after all.

Baba says, “His grace is for all – both for virtuous and non-virtuous. All are His children. Nobody is unimportant, nobody is insignificant…You spiritual aspirants, you should remember that Parama Purus’a is always with you and His grace is always with you, and you all are His loving children. You need not develop any fear complex regarding the Supreme Father. You should remember that He’s the Supreme Father.” (SS-19)


Now in this modern era where still people’s intellects are being captured by religious dogma, the only way out is to propagate neo-humanism.

People must be made to understand that whenever their mind is not allowed to think beyond the confines of a particular boundary line, then that idea is dogma. For instance, in the rapture agenda, no one is allowed to think beyond the confines of the rapture model. No logic or reasoning is allowed. Just one is forced to follow the mandate of rapture blindly.

Our job is to calmly and rationally convince people not to worry about nor get caught up in or duped by any type of rapture propaganda. We should encourage open and free debate on this matter and see the facts.

Side by side we must always remind everyone that Parama Purusa does not have any imperfection. He does not hate or curse anyone; He showers equal love upon all. He does not judge anyone based on whether they are a “believer” or not. He watches over all: the virtuous and the sinners, margiis and non-margiis.

Parama Purusa loves all – in that case all talks of doomsday and rapture are nothing but a farce.


Baba says, “He is everyone’s shelter, everyone’s refuge. Thus, human beings are never helpless, neither individually nor collectively. Always remember that He is with every individual. Some philosophers, quoting the scriptures, say that a day of final doom will darken the Earth when the dead will rise from the grave. Others predict that a doomsday (pralayá in Saḿskrta – “pra” means “complete” and thus pralaya means “complete destruction”) will obliterate all forms of life. One should laugh at such illogical doctrines. According to Ánanda Márga philosophy, this doomsday or pralaya will never occur….the flow of creation will continue…There will never be a complete thermal death. of the universe. Thus, predictions of an imminent doomsday should be of no concern to you. It is nonsense; pralaya will never occur.” (AV-17)


Definition of Ideology

Ideology is any teaching that is beneficial to one and all: Humans, animals, plants, animate and inanimate objects, and the whole creation. Ideology is any theory or philosophy that works in 360 degrees and aims towards universal welfare.

The theory that is only for the benefit of a particular race, caste, group, clan, community, religion or nation is not ideology in our view. Theirs is just a narrow agenda. The term ideology means being concerned for everyone and everything: flora and fauna.

In addition, those drowned in personal problems who do not think about the suffering of others are living a life based on selfishness.

In all such cases, their approach is diametrically opposite to what what we mean by the term, ideology. We should help such persons give up their narrow boundaries and selfish agendas and live a life based on the tenets of universal benevolence. Then theirs will be a life based on ideology.

To do and die for ideology means working tirelessly for the service of all: To commit one’s life, i.e. every waking moment from childhood up to the last breath, to this high ideal of universal welfare. That is the spirit of doing and dying for ideology. To do something selfless that is beneficial for all, not one particular group, always harboring the idea that everyone is my kith and kin.


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From: “Will Chaucey”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Easy Solutions to the Energy Crisis
Date: Sun 30 May 2010 14:24:16 +1000


“A’mi toma’y ja’ni, e katha’ vilate pa’ribo na’, na’, na’, na’…” (P.S.


Baba, by Your divine grace You are mine. Even though I am aware about
Your divine Self, how I can I say for sure that I know You. No, no, no I
cannot say. Baba, in spite of my intimate closeness with You, You remain
mostly unknown to me. Baba, You are playing an unnamed tune on my mental
viina calling me– sitting in my heart constantly.

Baba, in the beautiful dawn hour when the effulgence of the moon fades
away and the petals of the lotus blossom in the pond, at that time I
awaken. And by Your grace, in that early hour all my lethargy and
sleepiness vanishes completely. At that very auspicious moment how can I
forget Your heavenly sweetness which permeates all around. Baba, You are so
gracious and charming.

Baba, although You are always hiding and trying to keep Yourself out of
sight each and every moment, even then by Your grace I know You are
everything. In spite of Your on-going, eternal liila of hide and seek, I
understand You are the essence behind each and every expression. Baba, You
play Your divine flute– all the while trying to remain hidden. Baba, by
Your grace I know that You are that singular Divine Entity, yet in Your
magical way You express Yourself in innumerable names, forms, and rhythms.

Baba, by Your causeless grace this much I know: You are mine and mine


The recent & ongoing BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is yet another
reason for us to consider how and where we are getting our energy.


In these current times, the apparent “energy crunch” has everyone talking.
In the US and the so-called developed west, everyone is moaning & groaning
about the soaring price of gasoline as well as other high energy costs;
while in so-called third-world countries, doing without and finding
short-cut ways has since long been a way of life. To many the whole
situation looks bleak and only seems to be getting worse; but for us Ananda
Margiis we know well that Baba has graciously given all the tools and
answers to easily solve this “energy crisis”– permanently.



Like with each and every problem, in the case of the energy crisis also,
Baba has clearly identified the root cause.

Baba says, “According to PROUT, economic exploitation involves the
unrestricted plunder of the physical and psychic labour of a particular
community together with the natural resources in their local area.” (Prout)

In the above Baba exposes how with their greedy hand and exploitative
methods capitalists and other negative sections of society heartlessly dig
out all the resources from any and all local areas. And that includes the
rampant manipulation and thievery of petroleum and fossil fuels etc.

This we are seeing around the globe today where big US capitalists are
unbarringly grabbing all the world’s energy resources for their own selfish
and profiteering ways. Due to this type of economic exploitation and
plunder, the globe now finds itself in an energy crisis.

But, by Baba’s grace after identifying the root cause of the problem He also
beautifully provides us with numerous solutions as well.


Baba first guides us that each and every area or district should be built
up using their own natural resources. And He simultaneously warns us not to
depend upon oil etc from other regions– near or far.

Baba says, “In a healthy economy raw materials should come from the local
area. Industries which are based on imported raw materials are always weak
industries, sick industries. A sick economy depends upon raw materials from
outside — it depends upon import. For example, the Barauni Oil Refinery in
Bihar is a sick industry because it depends upon crude oil from Assam. If
there is any disturbance in Assam or if India is balkanized, then the
refinery will have to close down. The establishment of this refinery was a
foolish act. It does not represent a healthy economic structure. It is a
sick industry, a foolish industry, a stupid industry!” (Proutist Economics)

According to Baba, depending upon oil from afar is a sick and faulty way to
build up one’s economy. In the above example Baba ridicules the idea of
Bihar using oil which comes from Asaam– both of which are states in India.
Therefore it goes without question that US dependence upon Arab oil also
represents a “sick” and “senseless” approach– since that oil is coming
from halfway around the globe.

Similarly so many former Soviet satellite nations continue to depend upon
Russia for their oil.

All these are examples are unhealthy economies that will invariably run
head-first into an energy crisis– if they are not experiencing one already.

Baba’s given response is that each and every land should be developed using
their own natural resources. And Baba provides numerous creative solutions
for each and every area to create their own fuel. Here following is but one
of Baba’s many answers to the present energy crisis.

Baba says, “Many healthy industries based on local raw materials can be
developed. For example, high-quality concentrated alcohol fuel can be
produced from sugar beet and sugar cane. Concentrated alcohol can replace
fossil fuels, as the stock of crude oil is fast diminishing.” (PE)

And further down in this letter there are listings of many other ways for
cities, states, and countries to develop their own energy– all of which
are given by Baba.


Here first is Baba’s whole-hearted assurance that there are plenty of
natural resources for all.

Baba says, “If there were maximum utilization and rational distribution of
all natural resources, pressing socio-economic problems could be easily
solved. It is a law of nature that a mother is provided with sufficient
breast milk to feed her newly born baby. In the same way nature has
generously provided sufficient resources to meet the food and other
essential requirements of all human beings. People need to utilize these
natural resources in a proper way. Shortages of food or space cannot be
blamed on nature. These problems are essentially the results of the
mistakes made by human beings.” (AFPS-9, ‘Population Growth & Control’)

Similarly then, the energy crisis of today is not due to a lack of
resources but rather stems from the misutilisation and misappropriation of
those resources. That is Baba’s above guideline.

And here below He further tells us that each and every area has all the
necessary raw materials.

Baba says, “Nature has been kind enough to provide abundant natural
resources to every region of this earth.” (PNS-21)

As a case in point, here below Baba clearly shows us that even the
economically impoverished region of Rarh has all the energy resources it

Baba says, In Ra’r’h there are extensive deposits of coal, coal gas and
natural gas.” (PE)

By all this it is quite clear that one need not live in the middle east or
in Alaska to get the oil they need. If we remember His guidelines and look
carefully, then we will find that in each and every land there are
sufficient deposits of natural resources to create whatever energy they need.


Here Baba gives more insight into and significant solutions to the world’s
energy crisis.

Baba says, “The local administration will have to supply locally generated
power such as solar energy, thermal energy, bio-gas, hydroelectricity,
nuclear energy, pneumatic energy, electromagnetic energy and tidal power,
or any other power which is easily available locally. The generation of
power is a key industry which should be run on a no profit, no loss basis
so that the cost of production is minimized and the purchasing capacity of
the people is increased. For example, if batteries are produced through
cottage industries, power should be supplied on a no profit, no loss basis,
but the battery producers will be able to sell their batteries at a
rational profit. Here the power that is used to manufacture the batteries
is not an industrial commodity but a raw material. The power for such
things as transportation, communication, schools, colleges and hospitals
should also be supplied on a no profit, no loss basis to maintain social
dynamism.” (PE, ‘Decentralised Economy-1’)

So here above Baba is giving some key concepts about the generation and
distribution of energy.

1. Local governments have to create their own power.
2. Power can be generated from any number of avenues: hydro, nuclear,
tidal, solar etc.
3. This industry must run on a no-profit, no loss basis.

Looking around the globe, anyone can easily see that part and parcel of the
energy squeeze today is that capitalist multinational corporations are
using gas and oil to pull in huge profits– grabbing trillions and
trillions of dollars into their fold. All the while stripping near and far
distant lands of their natural resources. This type of capitalistic
plundering and profiteering goes entirely counter to Baba’s given
guidelines. And that is why the problem is growing today.

Whereas as soon as Baba’s above Proutistic methods are followed, then that
will ease the energy crisis immediately.


Some may now be losing hope and thinking that it will be impossible to
institute these types of changes. But actually due to the current energy
crises there are many who are already considering and implementing such
type of Proutistic methods. In each and every area this is happening. And
more about this is discussed below.


Some may think that alternative energy can only be supplied in certain key
areas. For example a few may be thinking that solar power can only be
generated in the sunny desert etc, but this is not at all the case.
In these next series of quotes, Baba gives countless solutions and
suggestions how alternative energy can be created and found in all the
regions of the world. According to Baba, there are innumerable sources of
good, useable energy.

Baba says, “Two types of power can be developed in Bangladesh — power from
oceanic tides, and solar energy. Oceanic tides can be harnessed in the
Bakargang subdivision of Noakhali district where the Meghana River enters
the ocean, and in the Chandpur subdivision of British Tripura district
where the Dakatiya River enters the ocean. Many waves and turbulences are
created by the impact of these rivers when they enter the Bay of Bengal.
Tidal power would be very cheap to harness there. Solar power can also be
harnessed, but this source of power is not so developed yet. It will become
increasingly important in the future.” (PE)

So in His above guideline Baba is telling about tidal and solar energy and
that this will play a big role in the future. Here below Baba tells further
how to generate solar energy.

Baba says, “There is no need to purchase coal from outside as is being done
now. Solar power can also be generated in the plain areas where the land is
wavy.” (PNS-19)

And with His broad based perspective Baba names innumerable ways how to
generate energy from a variety of sources.

Baba says, “Energy and transportation: Until solar energy can be
manufactured cheaply, other energy sources can be utilized, like
hydroelectricity, coal, thermal power, tidal power, geo-thermal power, wind
power and natural gas. All the raw materials necessary for transportation
are also available, including rubber, steel, mica, mica chips, mercury,
silver, copper, quartz and manganese.” (AFPS-7, ‘Parts of the Economy’)


And in those areas where there will be continued use of petroleum, Baba
gives these two important guidelines.

Baba says, “Petroleum can also be recovered from certain types of river
valleys. Where the river bed is broad there is a chance of finding
petroleum.” (AFPS-9, ‘Geology and Human Civilisation’)

Baba says, “There may be a shortage of petroleum but elements for creating
petroleum are available in the world. We will be able to produce synthetic
petroleum.” (AFPS-8, ‘Rule of Rationality’)

Thus even petroleum will be abundantly available in the near future.


None should hopelessly ponder that Prout will never be established–
already it is getting manifest. And quickly too.

As we all know Baba has graciously given Prout in the year 1955. And in
those days the world was not at all willing to move in that direction. For
one reason or another the leaders and citizens were quite satisfied with
the way things were going. The ideas of Prout seemed like a far-away dream.
But now only 50 years later, huge progress has developed towards adopting
Prout. Due to extreme social and economic circumstances, many communities
and businesses are consciously or unconsciously moving in that direction.
People have been forced to think in that way.

Baba has created the magic wave for all His Proutistic guidelines to be
implemented. Some are getting established by right thinking Proutists and
other Prout guidelines are taking shape simply because the ways of old are
no longer working. And this global transition is occurring at a marked
rate, i.e. quickly. And that speed will only increase exponentially in the
coming months and years.

Thus none should think that they will not see the implementation of Baba’s
Prout. Already the hard part is over: the psychic seeds and awareness has
taken root. The conditions are ripe. And very soon, more and more, we will
see the sprouting of Prout in each and every land and community around this


Here following is Baba divine assurance and blessing that our human
existence will become better and better in all the spheres.

Baba says, “The progressive availability of the maximum amenities of life
will be guaranteed in PROUT, satisfying physical needs. The satisfied physical
needs will lessen the physical obstacles which inhibit human progress, and
human beings will experience all-round development, especially in the
intellectual stratum. Human beings will get the opportunity to develop in
the intellectual stratum without any hindrances. The truth of humanity, the
veracity of humanity, will go on increasing in different areas of
expression….the whole existence of human beings will become effulgent in
the attainment of the Supreme.” (PNS-17, ‘Min Req & Max Amen’)



Note: Baba has given one very beautiful idea to remember while living on
this earth

Baba says, “The nonliving world cannot express its grief when it is damaged
or destroyed. To protect the inanimate world you should conserve and
properly utilise all natural resources.”

As sadhakas we have to think for the happiness and welfare of all. And by
thinking for their welfare– and overcoming human greed etc– then
naturally our human problems will be solved. By this way each and every
expression of His cosmic mind, animate and inanimate, will dance in His

Crow and Cuckoo

Baba says, “It is said that there is a particular species of the cuckoo
bird that is incapable of nesting and raising its own offspring. So to
protect and save her babies, the mother cukoo gently places her own eggs in
the crow’s nest, even though the crow is her dreaded enemy. But since the
eggs of both the birds looks the same, the crow carefully cares for those
cuckoo eggs which were placed in her nest– thinking them to be her own. At
the time of birth, the newborn birds of both species are black; so seeing
the baby cuckoos, the mother crow does not initially realise that the baby
cuckoos are not her own offspring. It is only when the baby birds become a
little bigger and start to call out and cry, that the crow realises those
are not her babies. Then and there the mother crow becomes very angry,
suddenly understanding that it has gotten duped. But because of having
given long-term care and developed sincere love for the baby cuckoo, the
mother crow gives up the idea of attacking and killing the cuckoo. And
instead the mother crow raises the baby cuckoo as one of her own.” (SC-10)

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Date: 29 May 2010 16:41:27 -0000
From: “Jawaharlal Thakur”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: “This Marga Is Mine”…


“Jakhani bha’vi kichu cini bujhi, dekhi a’mi kichu ja’ni na’…” (PS 3225)


When my little ego dominates then I think that I know and understand
everything. It is only later that I realize that I do not know
anything– I know not. When I try to move on the path with my own
strength, then it is difficult for me to decide what I want to do and
what is my goal. From the origin of which unknown source am I floating
and floating, from far to the farthest place, in the search of that
unknown divine Entity. Day and night I am searching and wandering; why I
wander around I do not understand.

O’ karunamaya, what type of divine play do You do with me. What type of
liila do You go on playing with this unit entity. How can this divine
play between unit and cosmic continue without Your grace. Baba, You are
everything, only by Your grace is anything possible…



It is no secret that our Marga is now going through tough times.

That is because even though Baba has given us a sublime and perfect
ideology, our AMPS is made up of imperfect human beings. Naturally
mistakes are going to happen and issues are going to arise.

When those problems do invariably occur, there are three basic responses
we will see:

(A) Those who are third-grade people will think that AMPS is not a good
place to stay and they will run away.

(B) Second grade people do not get concerned and justify that things
should remain as is. Just hide the problem so that others do not find
out about it, otherwise everyone will have a bad name.

(C) Those who are top-grade people will recognise the problem, alert
others and work to collectively solve the matter.

Let’s look at the matter this way:

If there are 5 people and one person gets seriously sick, then we may
see an array of reactions. Those who have the least amount of sympathy
will leave the scene entirely – not caring at all. Another may not be
concerned and will think it is best not to tell others and by that way
the problem will go away. Those who are true friends and family members
will cry out loudly and bring that person to the hospital. They will not
care who knows or does not know, with deep love their only thought is to
cure their sick friend of the disease.

This same set of circumstances happens in AM as well.

Those who are third class people run away when they see a problem;
second grade persons do not get very concerned – they just try to hide
and ignore the problem so they can reap the rewards in the form of high
posts etc. They are just in it try for their own prestige. In contrast,
top grade people get very concerned because they see the organisation as
related with their own existence. They will alert everybody and try to
fix the problem.


Now look in this way. My acarya told me this story and I found it quite

A husband and wife were walking down the street. They were young and
they had not yet had children. As they were continuing their walk they
found a baby in the street. They thought they should look after the
baby. So they took it to the doctor and the doctor told them that the
baby had a severe case of tuberculosis. They thought that having a baby
with TB was inviting too much of a problem, and they left the baby at
the hospital and continued on with their lives.

Then just one year later, that same married couple gave birth to their
first child. When the child was just a week old the doctor told them
that their child suffered from a severe case of autism and that he would
never be normal. Even then, the parents felt that this “baby is mine”
and they took the firm resolve to care for the baby even though the baby
would require huge attention and lots of money.

Thus the same married couple got involved in similar situations but with
vastly different outcomes. Since they felt that the baby in the street
was not theirs, they did not want to know about or deal with the
problems. In contrast, with their natural birth baby they were ready to
undergo all kinds of struggle and strife.

Why? Because they felt, “this baby is mine.”


The above story speaks well to the situation now in AMPS.

Those who do not feel that AMPS belongs to them are not willing to deal
with or hear about the problems whereas those who feel a sense of
belonging to AMPS are ready to address all kinds of issues in order to
clean-up and repair the organisation.


It is just like if one’s own hand is dirty, then that person will not
chop off their hand, they will clean it. The point being that when there
is a problem that affects one’s own life, then they solve the problem.
Whereas if you think that problem is not related with you, then you
separate yourself from the problem. That is the difference.

The same thing applies to the organisation. Those who are concerned
members of AMPS will try and fix the problem because they think AMPS
belongs to them. So they will point out the problems, alert others, and
rally to solve the difficulties.

Whereas those who look at AMPS from arms-distance will just move further
away when problems arise. They will go elsewhere.


Those who are concerned about something always want to know the problem.

For instance, if you are going to purchase a house then you will contact
all kinds of specialists and inspectors in order to find out what is
wrong with the house. You are not paying them to tell you what is good
about the house. You want to know where the weaknesses lie. You want all
the problems uncovered because this is going to be your house.

The same occurs when you bring your motorcycle, moped, or car to the
repair shop. You are incurring expense because you want them to figure
out the problem and solve it. You are giving them money to find the
defects. And if they do not find any problem, then you are not going to
pay them. That is the way it works.

Similar is the case of going to the doctor. We go to get our ailments
identified and cured. Not to be told that there is no problem. We want
our body to be healed.

Here the point is that when anyone considers something to be theirs,
then they want to know what all the problems are and get them fixed.

Thus what steps we take in our personal life we should also take in our
organisational life. Just as a car or bike or house or human body is
mine, this organisation is also mine. This should be our mentality.


This same formula of identifying the problem and repairing the wrong
works in the natural world as well.

The human body has a spectacular immune system. Whenever the body
suffers from any problem or disease, then immediately those anti-bodies
start attacking that infection or germs. The antibodies do not concern
themselves with the parts of the body that are healthy.

In contrast, if the immune system does not respond properly, then the
body decays and eventually dies.

In cases of nature, the positive approach is to fix the problems – that
is nature’s special way. We see this with the various ecosystems, in
biology and chemistry, and in so many strata. In all such cases, a red
alert is signaled when a problem arises and then all sorts of natural
forces come forward to solve the problem.

And if there is no signal then there is no problem.


When we have come into AM and when we know that AM ideology is the
panacea then we should have a proper outlook. We should not think that
all margiis and avadhutas are divine and free from any defect. Rather we
should think that Baba’s philosophy is 100% rational and that humans are
prone to making mistakes. And if we ignore those mistakes then the
problems will multiply.

We should follow nature’s way and Baba’s directive to find out the
defect and correct the wrong.

Every organisation will have at least one bad apple and if that rotten
apple is allowed to fester, then everything will become rotten. So our
approach is to be vigilant and keep our organisation clean & totally
free from any grime. Overlooking the problems will not do.


To continue, the first needed ingredient is an emotional attachment to
AMPS. We should think that: AM ideology is mine and this AMPS
organisation is mine. All should feel like this.

Then we will be adamant to fix the problem and find the solution.

Those who run away are cowards and those who do not know AM ideology are
blind. Such persons can never solve any problem

All true Ananda Margiis will cultivate a sense of rationality. We know
that all religions are dogmatic and that only AM is dharma.

Baba says, “Ananda Marga alone is dharma and all the rest are sectisms.”
(SS-1, p. 63)

Thus when we know only Baba’s AM is a perfect philosophy then we must
take the duty to fix the organisation and find others to do the same. In
that way we will be able to solve one problem after another and make
AMPS shine.

Furthermore, if ever we come across a new margii who became inactive
after finding out some dirt in AMPS, then your duty is to try to
convince them with the following logic:

They belong to the organisation and it is their duty to help fix it
because AM ideology is unparalleled. It is their duty to help; indeed
they are needed to help. There is no other way. Because no other
organisation in the universes is built on the pillars of neo-humanism
and bhagavad dharma. We should convince them in this manner.

As we all know, so many new persons get attracted to AM ideology and
find it to be logical and rational, but they hear about the problems and
feel suffocation with AMPS and consider leaving. We should convince them
to stay with the aforesaid logic.

Finally, the best thing is to think that AM is mine; but only those who
have extreme love can say and feel like this. If one mother has 4
children, they will all refer to her as my mother; they never say our
mother. Because each child has a high degree of love for their mother.
Each and every margii can and should think that this AMPS is mine.

If not, then at least think that it is ours. But those with more love
will think AMPS is mine. We should all harbor this feeling.


We must remember that in this relative world there will always be
problems. In this dance of creation, avidya maya keeps spinning her
web. This is an ongoing matter.

Since AM started there were problems. So many people inside and outside
of AMPS created problems for us. And always Baba was there to show us
how to solve such problems. Solving problems is essential and always
Baba did like this. That is the way of tantra and that is why He is a
Tantric Guru.

For this reason He would both lovingly punish and praise; and for this
reason He gave dharma samiiksa. His each and every action was aimed at
identifying the problems and giving the solution. Because that is what
Taraka Brahma does. He comes when society is at its worst and then
builds it up in the best way.

So we should follow in Baba’s footsteps by solving the problems.

Plus, when we hear about problems in AMPS from someone else, we should
always remember the advice of the great saint Kabir. He advised:

“Keep those close to you who are going to point you out, by this way you
will be corrected and cleaned.”

The sense is we should always embrace those who are pointing out the
problems in AMPS, because that is the only way to create a proper
organisation to establish dharma.


By Baba’s grace we must take a positive approach in life. Just seeking
out good news is not the way. We should find out the problems,
especially in AMPS. Because whereas we can get another automobile if it
breaks down, we cannot find another organisation founded by Taraka
Brahma. AMPS is the only one. We should be vigilant to keep it in proper
shape by thinking that this AMPS is mine. Then we will find out the
problems, alert others, and jointly solve those issues with other good

Those who are weak-minded cannot fathom such an approach.

But by His grace every Ananda Margii has the temperament of a true
sadhaka of tantra and is ready to face all kinds of obstacles in order
to make life and AMPS brilliant. That is our way. We think: AM ideology
is mine and AMPS is mine.

Baba says, “Struggle is the essence of life. Yours should be a pauseless
struggle against corruption, hypocrisy and animality.” (Ananda Vanii #11)


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Date: Fri, 28 May 2010 21:17:46 +0530
From: “Pandit_Sudhakar”
Subject: Thief Inside the House


Toma’re a’mi ceyechi (PS 3000)


Baba, I have wanted You in hundreds of forms, inwardly, within
every pore of my mind. O’ Lord of my heart, why did You not come?
Why You did You remain afar? Is it because of Your wounded ego.
Baba, I have wanted You.

Baba, keeping Yourself invisible, You are singing with delight.
You make the river of melody flow to satiate my heart. The strings
of Your viina, with its sweet resonance, floats & brings me to the
distant sky. Baba, I have wanted You.

O’ Baba, this divine attraction of Yours is impossible to avoid.
The sweetness and love of my mind races unto You. What a blissfully
sweet nectar You have spread all around. By Your grace, Your divine
fragrance always remains in my heart. Its tune, its pollen and Your
love draws me to You – not paying heed to any restrictions or
obstacles. Baba, by Your divine pull, I am rushing towards You.

O’ Lord of my heart, why did You not come, I have wanted You…



When Guru has specially given something in a particular manner or method
and then certain people in AM attempt to swap out the main ingredient
and instead insert something else, is that not like having a ‘thief
inside the house’.


We all know Baba has graciously come on this earth to spread His sublime
ideals amongst the whole humanity. His goal is to put forth teachings
that will allow and enable all human beings to grow and prosper and live
peacefully together. In short, during His advent, we can say that His
main emphasis was to put forth AM ideology.

And for that to happen, He needed to ensure that what He spoke and what
He told told was properly understood by the people. Because His
directions, guidelines, and instructions are AM ideology– nothing else.


For this reason from the very outset, from the get-go, Baba spoke in
ways most conducive for us to understand His divine ideals. Accordingly,
He began educating us about the Sanskrit language. Because Sanskrit
contains many of the words, phrases, and concepts needed to teach the
ideals of AM. So Baba used Sanskrit as a definitive base for propagating
His ideals. Furthermore, to ensure that the Sanskrit words were properly
understood, He clarified and expounded upon their meaning and usage.
This He has done in countless discourses; this anyone can verify. Thus
teaching Sanskrit became part and parcel of spreading His mission.


Indeed Baba has used Sanskrit in so many unique ways in our AM. He has
put the Roman Sanskrit alphabet in the beginning of every AM book; He
has made the system for giving everyone Sanskrit names; He has given all
our mantras in Sanskrit; and He carefully explained the meaning of
Sanskrit words– like bhakti, dharma, tantra, mantra, Ista– in His
various discourses. Plus there are so many other examples how Baba has
used Sanskrit to put forth His AM ideology. All done so that everyone
could understand the various teachings which He wished to convey to the

Thus from 1955 up through 1990, Baba taught us more and more about
Sanskrit so that we could develop a better understanding of His sublime
ideals of– because other languages did not have words to express what
He wanted to say.


That is why early on Baba explained about the importance of language in
discourses like ‘Expression and Symbolisation’. And that is why in
countless discourses in Ananda Vacanamrtam and Sabhasita Samgraha Baba
explains the meaning, derivation, and application of so many Sanskrit
words. Indeed such a large number of His discourses begin in this very

And then later on, when a strong foundation of understanding Sanskrit
had already been established, then Baba spoke in greater detail about
Sanskrit and its special relation with all the other languages around
the globe. Thus in His books Varna Vijiana, Varna Vicitra, and Shabda
Cayanika, Baba is further explaining the essence of the Sanskrit and its
link with all the major & minor languages spoken on this earth, from
French to Hebrew to Spanish to Urdu, and from Latin to Greek to Hindi to
Swahili, and from Tagalo to Bengali to Angika to Chinese, and from
Korean to Japanese to Portuguese to English etc.

Baba says, “In Ma’gadhii Pra’krta, as in Bengali, Oriya, Assamese,
Maethilii, Bhojpuri, Angika, Magahii, Chattrishgar’ii, Na’gpurii, etc.,
there is no difference between masculine, feminine and neuter genders in
the genitive case.” (VV, chapter 10)

And again, all of this was done for the greater goal of not highlighting
any particular language per se, but so that Baba could clearly put forth
His AM ideals in a way which was most comprehensible to us.


Unfortunately, some have understand all this entirely, and in order to
highlight their own language, they propagandise day and night how Baba
is highlighting the importance of Bengali. For example, in each and
every AM book, Baba has designated a particular page for delineating the
Roman Sanskrit alphabet. But if you open the Bengali version of those
same books certain Bengali Dadas named that very page as the Bengali
alphabet, ‘Bangla Varna Mala’. Such is an example of their thievery.
Baba has given something and they have switched it for something else.
It is just like putting one’s own personal sign on the front of someone
else’s business. It is unethical, illegal, and totally duplicitous.

Verily the Sanskrit alphabet is closely related with so many Indo Aryan
languages, but no other language community took away Baba’s title of
Sanskrit alphabet and put their own language name at the top of the
alphabet page in AM books. Only certain top Bengali Dadas committed such
thievery and distortion.

And they did not stop there, they are also trying to proclaim the series
of books like Shabda Cayanika & Varna Vijiana as being dedicated to the
study of Bengali. When in reality Baba has given those series discourses
to explain Sanskrit and its link with other languages so that others may
best understand that teachings of Ananda Marga.

But this fact those Bengali Dadas & their agents do not like to
understand. Instead, day and night they engage in their silly agenda of
the Bangalisation of the holy house of our Ananda Marga.


True disciples have no other aim in life than to highlight Guru’s
teachings. That is the goal– not the Hindi-isation, Angli-cisation,
Sino-isation, Spanish-isation, or any so-called isation of Ananda Marga.
Only our goal is to propagate the Ananda Marga which Guru has given.
This is our sole reason for coming on this earth.

Tragically, some have some other agenda, some other ulterior motive. And
even worse, some of these people are living right here in Ananda Marga
and they are trying for the Bangalisation of AM.
And this we must not allow.

Only we should propagate the true Ananda Marga which Baba has given.
That means highlighting His teachings and not some narrow-minded agenda.


Please excuse me as this topic is very long and there are innumerable
points to convey. So to best respect the recent poll which shows that
letters addressed to this network should be shorter in length, I am
closing my letter here. In follow-up I may write again soon, yet also
request other of our margii brothers and sisters to address this
important topic.

Here is a glimpse of what is to come:

* Sanskrit does not have its own script, so when some books like Shabda
Cayanika were first noted down in Bengali, then some top Dadas
capitalised on this and tried to twist the whole topic as being about
the Bengali language. Such is their style of thievery when in fact
Sanskrit has been written in so many Indian languages from Tamil to
Kannada to Hindi etc, but no one else tried to say that what Baba spoke
was exclusively about their language. No one else had such audacity.

* Baba’s emphasis on language holds universal appeal as He is
propagating AM ideology, thus He wants for all the languages of the
world to be expanded to best convey human thought and understanding.
This He has encouraged in so many discourses and talks like, ‘Expression
and Symbolisation’.

* Baba’s teaching of Sanskrit grew from the teaching of prefixes and
suffixes to a full linguistic, historical, social, and cultural survey
of Sanskrit and how it relates to today’s world based humanity– all so
that everyone could best understand His sublime ideals of Ananda Marga.

* And so many more points are coming.


By Baba’s grace our special endeavour is to propagate what He spoke in
its original form and not any other side agenda like the Bangalisation
of AM. Because the very words which Guru spoke are mantra for us and
that alone can lead the humanity into the golden era.

Baba says, “Finally one must remember, Mantramu’lam’ Gururva’kyam.” (AV-6)



Here below in this below section from chapter 10 of Varna Vijiana, Baba
is explaining about the formation of so many languages, because in this
series of books Baba is again and again showing that since Sanskrit is
the mother of all languages, then naturally any complete discussion of
Sanskrit will involve numerous other languages as well.

Baba says, “In Ma’gadhii Pra’krta, as in Bengali, Oriya, Assamese,
Maethilii, Bhojpuri, Angika, Magahii, Chattrishgar’ii, Na’gpurii, etc.,
there is no difference between masculine, feminine and neuter genders in
the genitive case.” (VV, chapter 10)

This proves how Baba is talking about all the languages and indeed in
this book there are so many reference to Hebrew, Latin, French,
Japanese, English, and so many other languages.

Age of Marriage

Baba says, “The female body attains maturity at the age of eighteen years,
while the male physique attains maturity between twenty-two and twenty-six
years of age. No marriage should be performed below these years.” (TD-5)

Note: Baba’s above teaching is very concentrated and addresses multiple
issues. One of which is that because young parents are not adequately
mature and have been indulging and therefor misusing their undeveloped
bodies, their offspring may suffer from birth defects. This is a very
critical issue.

Here are further points to keep in mind.

1. When young married person start misusing their undeveloped organs,
then those organs may not function properly their entire whole life.

2. This may result in their progeny having lifelong health issues.

3. This is not just related with just first child but all their
children since their glands [i.e. of the parents] have been affected

4. Those in this predicament should warn others – that is all they can
do. They cannot repair themselves. Those glandular defects are lifelong.

5. That is why in the west millions of parents are becoming sterile.
They have a strong longing to have child and to satisfy this longing
they adopt etc because they cannot procreate. This is mostly due to
indulgence at an early age.

6. Early indulgence leads to the problem. That is what Baba is
telling in the above teaching.

7. That is why there is a growing birth defects and instances in of
autism in countries where people indulge sexually at early ages. For
instance: About 120,000 babies (1 in 33) in the United States are
born each year with birth defects; and autism is the fastest-growing
developmental disability in that US at a 1,148% growth rate

8. So Baba’s above mandate is the order of the day. People should
not marry nor sexually indulge before the ages He has delineated in
His above teaching.

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From: “Karma Rasa”
Subject: Widespread Myth about Jobs
Date: Thu, 27 May 2010 22:48:32 +0000


“Kenoi va’ ele, dola’ diye gele, na’ bale gele cale, phele a’ma’y…”
(PS 1995)


Baba, You have been gone so long, why did You come and stir my heart
only to then go away without saying a word– thereby leaving me all
alone. Baba, neither do You have any love for me nor do You understand
the aching pain of my heart. Baba, after coming and reciting one fairy
tale, where did You go. Baba, I want You to remain here with me.
Baba, amongst all the dear ones, You are my dearmost. Why then do You
not reside eternally in my heart. Baba, You are my dearmost and
innermost, then how can You justify going so far away from me. Is it
proper to leave me isolated and all alone. Please tell me.
Baba, You are so dear to me, no matter what I will never forget You;
Baba, I will never leave You. Not at any cost will I ever wipe You away
from my mental plate– from the memories of my mind. That I will never
do. Baba, even if You do not desire to remain with me– even if You want
to hide– I shall always keep You in the golden casket of my heart.
Baba, You are eternally mine; my everything is surrendered at Your
lotus feet…


In today’s capitalistic economy, jobs are becoming more and more scarce.

Indeed, in the USA – the most capitalistic nations on the planet – the
unemployment rate reached as high as 9.9% a month ago (April 2010)
and is still hovering around that extremely high rate. In Germany,
Europe’s biggest economy, the unemployment rate as been around 8.5%
throughout the first quarter of 2010, peaking up to 8.7%, and
still is hanging around 8%.

These numbers are way to high to have a productive economy and a healthy
society, yet this is what capitalism breeds: A more and more static


Most of the population has been reduced to laborers– either physical
laborers (blue-collar) or mental laborers (white-collar), but with the
increase in mechanization and the profit-oriented culture, executives
are hiring less and less people and instead resorting to machines and /
or cheaper labor markets elsewhere. In short, those with jobs are losing
them; and those without jobs are not finding them.

And this problem is only mounting, even with Obama’s hands-on approach
in comparison’s to Bush’s radical laissez-faire manner.



Over the decades, capitalists have successfully brainwashed the public
into believing that it is the individual’s responsibility to get and
maintain a job. And if one is not getting a job, then, well, that is
just too bad– try harder. That is the capitalistic maxim– the myth
that capitalists propagate. So that is what everybody thinks, ‘That it
is the duty of each and every person to find their own job, and if they
lose their job it is their responsibility to find another one’.

And still that is in vogue. As things continue to tailspin the public
is bound to think that they are in a no-win situation. But that
extreme disgust with capitalism has not yet come. Most are still thinking
that capitalism needs to be fixed, not replaced.


For these reasons and more, human beings have just been turned
into mere commodities wherein they have to shine and polish themselves–
like apples or potatoes– in order be attractive in the marketplace. To
that end,common citizens try tirelessly to get more and more qualifications in
order to assure themselves of a job. But it is an uphill battle.
Because due to increased mechanization, less and less jobs are being
done by humans. With the development of more refined computers and
fancier machines, a work that used to take 300 people now takes only 5.
In that case 295 are suddenly out of a job.

And then, since top capitalists are only interested in increasing their
profit, then at any time they can and do move their entire factory or
business to another land or country where labor is cheaper. In that
case, an entire sector of the workforce may suddenly lose their job.

And in the end, it is the common citizen that gets blamed for not making
themselves marketable.

That is the ugly predicament in capitalism.

But it is continuing on since everyone has gotten duped into thinking
that every individual is responsible for securing their own job, while
the government bears little or no responsibility.

Today, more and more college graduates are on the hunt for a job and
it is becoming harder and harder to get one. However, the theme
remains the same: Make yourself more marketable. The realisation
has not yet come to change the system.

Similarly with older adults who have lost their jobs, one result
is that more and more are starting their own businesses. The big
protest against the market economy has not entered the people’s
psyche just yet. So they suffer and try harder in these
desperate times.

Soon the time will come to rise up and we should be ready to feed
them the answer as well as hasten that moment by preaching the
gospel of Prout.


To combat this nasty, capitalistic spiral and bleak outlook, Baba has
put forth one very special socio-political principle: No one should lose
their job without first being offered and given a different job, of
a comparable of higher standard.

Baba says, “Cardinal socio-political principles should never be
violated. First, people should not be retrenched from their occupations
unless alternative employment has been arranged for them.” (PNS-16)

Unfortunately all around the globe this important principle is not being
fulfilled. Because people are being released from their jobs and are not
being replaced. From stock-brokers to shoe salesmen, so many are out of
jobs, and every week this is increasing, leading to a totally unhealthy
situation in society.

Here Baba describes further about what happens when people lose their
jobs and are not given a different job.

Baba says, “There are many instances where these three cardinal
principles have been violated, causing much suffering and disturbance in
individual and collective life. Let us discuss what happens when people
loose their livelihood. Take the example of rickshaw pullers in India.
The work of rickshaw pullers is exhausting and poorly paid, but if it is
declared illegal, many rickshaw pullers will become unemployed and their
lives will become more miserable. Those who cannot find alternative
employment will either die of starvation or become criminals in an
effort to survive. In either case, society will be adversely affected.
So, before this occupation is prohibited, rickshaw pullers should be
provided with suitable alternative employment.” (PNS-16)

Because of losing their jobs and not being given other employment,
people are suffering from depression, abusing their spouse, developing
health problems, dying early, even committing suicide. Such reports are
commonplace in the news these days.

Or look at it this way: Since 1964, the U.S. crime rate has increased
by as much as 350%.

Unemployment plays a huge role in crime – it is one of the fallouts
of job loss.


So the myth that the individual is 100% responsible for getting a job
and the government need not play any role in this is totally harmful and
stands as one of the worst aspects of capitalism.

Even thought Obama’s government is getting very involved in economic
reform, still being part of the sinking ship of capitalism, they cannot
control unemployment which is going through the roof.

Still that is the myth that big vaeshyas have successfully instilled in
the minds of the people: People are responsible for finding their own

So the whole affair is awful. Everyone is trying to increase their
stature and skills in order to get a job, yet those jobs are being sucked
up elsewhere or getting totally eliminated.

Hence it is an uphill battle; the cards are stacked against the common
person. Jobs are disappearing left and right and there is no replacement
in sight.

When in reality, in the case of jobs being reduced due to mechanization,
and then firing 100 or 200 people, instead everyone in the factory or
plant should simply work less hours– allowing everyone to keep their job.

That is how it works in family life. If a new stove is purchased which
dramatically decreases the amount of cooking time, then the wife or
daughter is not kicked out of the house because they are no longer
needed. Rather, everyone works less in the kitchen and people get time
to spend in other pursuits.

Same should be the case with regards to mechanization in the workforce.
All should work less and then devote more time to psychic and spiritual
pursuits. Then everyone is benefited because even though people are working
less their purchasing capacity remains high. In Prout, it works that way.

Now however, many jobs are subject to furlough, because companies and the
government do not have the money to pay workers, yet the cost of living is
higher. That only leads to more crime, not the upliftment of society.

The capitalist model just creates more and more problems, whereas Prout’s
local and cooperative economic model solves the problem.

As for the second problem– i.e. the outsourcing of jobs to cheaper
labor markets– the answer is creating a local economy. Capitalists
should not be allowed to exploit human labor all over the globe. Rather
the cooperative system should be developed wherein all in a locale are
guaranteed work as well as a proper purchasing capacity. This can happen
if the natural and human resources of an areas stay within that samaj.

So there are lots of Proutistic solutions. And among them all, it has to
be fully recognised that governments must be held responsible and they must
ensure a job to each and every member of society. There is no other way.

The current capitalistic myth that an individual must find their own job
must be eradicated. Then and only then can society progress..


By Baba’s grace the myopia of capitalists is being exposed and soon all
will be aware of the pitfalls of this vaeshyan age, thereby allowing
society to make that step forward into that bright, new era.

By Baba’s grace the overall climate and environment are changing. People
will soon awaken to the crude reality of capitalism and they will be looking
for answers. The era of Prout will come – we should be ready to do our part

Baba says, “If any group tries to violate any of these three cardinal
socio-political principles, you should immediately oppose them with a
thundering voice and sufficient force. Victory will be yours, because
you are supporting the collective psychology. But before launching any
movement, you should make sure that the masses are conscious of their
exploitation, otherwise the movement will not be successful. Although it
may take some time to raise the consciousness of the masses, ultimately
you will be victorious.” (PNS-16)

Karma Rasa

Deserts Needed

Baba says, “Ecologists claim that some deserts are essential for keeping
the global ecology in a balanced state. The high day temperatures and
the cold night temperatures that occur in desert regions create a useful
effect. The hot, dry desert air rises and creates a vacuum which sucks
in cool air, generating a chain reaction. Moist air is sucked in from
the sea and formed into clouds which then rain on the land. If deserts
vanish entirely, the overall rainfall will be reduced.” (PNS-16, p.37)

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Date: Wed, 26 May 2010 22:18:09 -0000
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Why Part of Sixteen Points


PS Intro: This following song is about the establishment of a
neohumanistic society. It describes how sadvipra samaj gets formed and
what it will look like. Overall this song paints a picture of the
upcoming dharma ra’j.

“Jay jay jay toma’ri huk jaya…” (P.S. 4764)


O’ Divine Entity, O’ Cinmay, O’ Consciousness Personified who has
graced me by coming in this brilliant, golden, effulgent dawn: Victory,
victory, victory; victory unto You. Baba, You are everything.

On this earth, we all are witnessing the magic that has happened; by
Your divine grace our dream has come true today. Behold, this earth has
been filled with sweetness, charm, and beauty. By Your grace there is no
longer any dukha (sorrow) or santa’p (misery and suffering) anymore on
this earth. There is only the incessant flow of a’nanda (bliss); it is
flowing on and on continuously. Baba, by Your grace with the surge of
devotion, the new blood & vigour has awakened; the paranoia, threat, and
terror of exploitation is now completely gone. A new era of sentient
peace has ultimately arrived, by Your grace.

Baba, in the past by Your grace we planned that we will create a new
heaven. And now that day has come. So according to Your direction we
will go on doing Your work– all the while singing Your song to please
You. Our hands will do Your work and our heart will sing Your glory. In
that way we will move. Baba, by Your grace we will pour abundant love on
each and every unit being– on all our brothers and sisters, on all the
flaura and fauna. Baba, You have showered Your grace. That splendid day
which we were dreaming about has arrived; all the cimmerian darkness has
been dispelled. Now, by Your grace, the eastern horizon is filled with
Your brilliant, divine effulgence. Baba, we will move on in the chorus
of samgacchadhvam spirit– keeping You in our heart and singing about
Your glory…


In our AM ideology and in our 16 Points, Baba has given importance to
and placed emphasis on all that is needed for the well-being and
development of humanity. As we all know, one of the four tenets of
C.S.D.K. (Pt #16 of 16 Pts) is ‘seminar’; and one of the sub-points of
‘seminar’ is knowledge of one’s mother tongue. Obviously then, knowing &
using one’s mother tongue is an integral element for building a proper
society. The only question then is what is the logic and reasoning
behind this.


Before getting started, we should recognise that in today’s world there
are more than 7000 living languages in use on this earth. And they all
carry certain unique qualities, traditions, and specialties; yet, at
present– with the rapid-fire process of globalisation and all its
mono-culture leanings– many of these languages are threatened for their
very survival.

Thus we should take a proper look at what the grand, variety of
languages bring to the humanity as well as why Baba places such a great
significance on knowing and using one’s mother tongue.


One of the main reasons that certain mother tongue’s are taken ‘out of
circulation’ is because one so-called higher culture wants to dominate
another so-called lower culture. And one of the best ways to break down
another culture is to render their mother tongue as valueless or rogue
etc. Because then those innocent persons are forced to give up or
abandon their mother tongue and instead learn the language of that
exploitive group. This invariably creates a huge inferiority complex in
the minds of those who have lost their mother tongue. Because– out of
nowhere– they now have to learn a new language and function with that
new linguistic tool– ie. the language of the exploiters, which is not
at all comfortable for them.

Those in this present era who grew-up speaking English have not an iota
idea of what it means to have to live in a society where one’s mother
tongue is not respected or accepted. It creates a huge shock to one’s
psyche and places one at an extreme disadvantage in every social setting
imaginable from one’s work opportunities to one’s schooling ventures.
And by that way one can be easily put down, manipulated, and ultimately

That is what happened to the black slaves that were brought to the US;
that is what happened to many of the North Africans that relocated to
southern Europe; that is what happened to the Eskimos in Alaska as well
as the native people in so many lands from Australia to Indonesia. Plus
this was also the case with the aborigines of Central America. In all
these instances a certain group lost their local language due to the
pressures placed on them by a more dominant group. And by that way, the
weaker group just got exploited, pushed to the fringe, and used as a
menial labor force in that society. This is what commonly happens to
those who lose their mother tongue.

So here the point is that to give every human being the proper right of
passage and due respect, it is highly important that all languages be
honored. That means in their family life people should not be looked
down upon for what language they speak. And every person should have the
opportunity to do their primary schooling in their mother tongue as well
as get the opportunity to learn the vishva bha’sa (world language) of
the day.

Without that there will always be one or more segments of the population
that are exploited.


One other crucial aspect of keeping all the languages of the world
‘alive’ is that a language serves as the abode of knowledge of a
particular people or community. What people learn about the world and
human understanding gets incorporated into their language. That is why
each and every language– everyone’s mother tongue– carries with it
unique knowledge of the world.

Just as the Inuit (Eskimo) language has all the perfect phrases for
describing snow, so many languages carry unique insights about the
world. Because the thing is, much of what people know is not written
down– especially in those cultures versed in the oral tradition– in
which case their language is literally an encyclopedia of knowledge. It
may contain important facts about what leaves are medicinal in value or
what the role of certain bugs is or how the moon moves across the sky in
the summer season. So much information and knowledge is contained in the
various languages of the world.

For example, imagine how much knowledge would be lost about yoga,
devotion, and spirituality if the Sanskrit language were to die. And
indeed every language has its own special arena of knowledge.

So keeping languages alive is one very important manner of protecting
humanity’s wealth of knowledge.


In His ideological teachings of Prout and cardinal human values, Baba
always stresses the importance of one’s mother tongue. Yet as we know,
AM is not just a theoretical endeavour. Side by side Baba implements the
practical programs to keep languages alive.

One way He did this was by having the Ananda Vaniis read in all the
languages. This was one of His special ways of respecting and honouring
all languages.

And another special measure He adopted was to always ensure all Wts
remembered and gave value to their mother tongue. This is a unique
point. Because, Wts were basically supposed to forget everything about
their former worldly life from their parents to their habits etc, but on
the point of their mother tongue Baba was very keen that even Wts must
remember their mother tongue.


One of the reasons for this is that each and every person’s mother
tongue is the language of their heart. It is by this way that people
express their finer sentiments and feelings in the form of oral history,
poetry, songs, drama, etc.

Thus one’s mother tongue is a key point of human expression.


So for financial gain or economic power, one community must not be
allowed to exploit another by rendering their mother tongue as
irrelevant. This is commonly done in this present era: Sideline their
language, infuse inferiority complex, and force them to live as second
class citizens etc. But this should not be allowed to continue as it
robs people of their human rights and dignity and it stands as the
death-bed for so much human knowledge and erudition.

All in all this is a vast topic and what is written here is a mere
sprinkling. So others should also come forward and relay their practical
experiences and understanding about this most important issue of one’s
mother tongue.


By Baba’s grace, our AM will bring justice in all realms of life
including the preservation of everyone’s mother tongue.

That is why Baba has included ‘mother tongue’ as one of the aspects of Sixteen Points.

Baba says, “The best means of communicating human expressions is through
one’s mother tongue, as this is most natural. If people’s natural
expression through their mother tongue is suppressed, inferiority
complexes will grow in their minds, encouraging a defeatist mentality
and ultimately leading to psycho-economic exploitation. Thus, no mother
tongue should be suppressed.” (PNS-15)



Nowadays, many researchers in so-called first-world nations claim to
have discovered new knowledge or invented new ideas etc, when in reality
these things have been known for centuries by various native peoples.
This is the case with so many herbs and remedies in India, China, and
Philippines etc. And indeed all over the world the native populations
have deep insights into the natural world and often times scientists are
merely re-discovering or outrightly stealing knowledge that has been
known for a long time by certain native peoples. And that knowledge was
keep in tact by their language.


By preserving and protecting all the languages of the world and keeping
everyone’s mother tongue alive, it prevents hegemony of one group over
another. This is perhaps the most important element of this issue.

Baba says, “All languages must be encouraged, but this does not mean
opposing the languages spoken by others. In this context, language in
itself is of secondary importance. Of primary importance is the negative
cultural and socio-economic consequences of linguistic imperialism.” (PE)

Misutilisation of Science

Baba says, “The crises faced by society today indicates that humanity is not
encouraging the maximum utilization and rational distribution of the
mundane, supramundane and spiritual potentialities of the world. Science is
being used to develop more deadly weapons for war rather than being
channelised for benevolent and constructive purposes.” (PNS-13, p.47)

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