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Starting today, as far as possible, each song will now be done twice – two days in a row. The first purport will be extremely close to the exact line meaning. This will be very helpful to those interested in learning Prabhat Samgiita. The following day the song will be presented in a more descriptive manner to further explain about the meaning.

According to Baba, both styles are appropriated.

During DMC, in Baba’s presence, various Dadas would come up and read their purports of Prabhat Samgiita, and Baba accepted all. Ac Candranathji would present a Hindi version that was a literal translation of the original Bengali. Ac Vijayanandji adopted a similar approach in presenting the English translation. In contrast, those Dadas giving the purport in Bengali would offer long elaborate and colorful explanations. Baba approved of them all.

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Here below is today’s Prabhat Samgiita. It will be posted in today’s main letter as well and then tomorrow’s posting will contain the more descriptive purport of this same song.

PS #3002

Cir kále-r bandhu———
Nikat́e- ese— ghu-m bháungio—,

Ghu-m bháungio—
Jad́eri bhávanáy yadi mete-
Tháki-, jágie di-o
Nikat́e- ese— ghu-m bháungio—,

Ghu-m bháungio—
Kichui tomár ajá-ná nái,
Kichui tomár ajá-ná nái,
Randhre randhre ácho- sadái
Tomáy bhúle- jad́e- hárái,
T́ene- pa-the á-nio—
Nikat́e- ese— ghu-m bháungio—,

Ghu-m bháungio—
Anádi asheśa e- liilá-y,
Anádi asheśa e- liilá-y,
Tomáy khonjá- hoye ut́he dáy
Bhránti kichu- dekhate ná dey,
Tumi- diipak jvá-lio—
Nikat́e- ese— ghu-m bháungio—,

Ghu-m bháungio—
Cir kále-r bandhu———
Nikat́e- ese— ghu-m bháungio—,
Ghu-m bháungio—

O’ my eternal Bandhu [1], by coming close, break my slumber. If I am intoxicated in crude, mundane thoughts, arouse me.

By coming close please break my slumber, O’ my eternal Bandhu.

Baba, nothing is unknown to You. You are ever-present in each and every pore. If ever I am oblivious of You, and get lost in this crude world, please pull me back onto the path of dharma.

By coming close, please break my slumber, O’ my eternal Bandhu.

Baba, in this beginningless and endless divine liila, searching for You becomes hard and painful. The illusion created by maya obscures the vision. Please light the lamp.

By coming close please break my slumber, O’ my eternal Bandhu, arouse me and bring me at Your lotus feet…


[1] Usually people think that the term ‘Bandhu’ means ‘friend’, but in our AM devotional life the term Bandhus means something much more.

Baba says, “‘Bandhu’ means ‘those within the bondage of love’. That is when
one can not tolerate the idea of separation it is called ‘Bandhu’. Now you
see in this world have you got any Bandhu? No. Even your friend, your best
friend– he also did not come at the same time as you and after leaving the
cremation ground, there is permanent separation. He will be with you up to
the cremation ground. After your cremation he won’t be with you. So he is
not Bandhu– he is not friend for he can tolerate the idea of separation.”
“So who is the real friend? Parama Purusa. When you are in this physical
framework– in this quinquelemental framework, He is with you, with your
body, with your mind and with your spirit. After death, He will be with
your mind, with your soul. When the body will be lost, the body will become
one with the earth but mind and spirit will remain, He will be with you. So
He is the real friend, He is the real Bandhu. And there cannot be any
mundane friend, mundane Bandhu.” (AV-12)

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From: Foster Davis
Subject: Easy Money
Date: Mon, 31 May 2010 13:48:21 -0400


“Cirka’ler bandhu nikat’e ese ghuma bha’ungio…” (PS 3002 )


O’ my eternal Bandhu [1], by coming close, break my slumber. If I am intoxicated in crude, mundane thoughts, arouse me.

By coming close please break my slumber, O’ my eternal Bandhu.

Baba, nothing is unknown to You. You are ever-present in each and every pore. If ever I am oblivious of You, and get lost in this crude world, please pull me back onto the path of dharma.

By coming close, please break my slumber, O’ my eternal Bandhu.

Baba, in this beginningless and endless divine liila, searching for You becomes hard and painful. The illusion created by maya obscures the vision. Please light the lamp.

By coming close please break my slumber, O’ my eternal Bandhu, arouse me and bring me at Your lotus feet…


[1] Usually people think that the term ‘Bandhu’ means ‘friend’, but in our AM devotional life the term Bandhus means something much more.

Baba says, “‘Bandhu’ means ‘those within the bondage of love’. That is when
one can not tolerate the idea of separation it is called ‘Bandhu’. Now you
see in this world have you got any Bandhu? No. Even your friend, your best
friend– he also did not come at the same time as you and after leaving the
cremation ground, there is permanent separation. He will be with you up to
the cremation ground. After your cremation he won’t be with you. So he is
not Bandhu– he is not friend for he can tolerate the idea of separation.”
“So who is the real friend? Parama Purusa. When you are in this physical
framework– in this quinquelemental framework, He is with you, with your
body, with your mind and with your spirit. After death, He will be with
your mind, with your soul. When the body will be lost, the body will become
one with the earth but mind and spirit will remain, He will be with you. So
He is the real friend, He is the real Bandhu. And there cannot be any
mundane friend, mundane Bandhu.” (AV-12)


Normally when someone shoots straight up into the sky they are an astronaut on a rocket ship. One could also be on a helicopter as that also rises directly upwards. But that is not what is going on here.

In 2011, a whole congregation of people will be rising straight up into the sky, so they believe.

Welcome to Rapture!! The belief that all “true Christians” will be gathered together in the air to meet Christ at his return. Such Christians believe that the date of the next rapture is May 21, 2011.

This will be a great event as we will see an entire mass of people defy gravity without the use of a single engine. Magically they will rise up into the sky.

Even more hilarious is how another section of society – confirmed atheists – are making a bundle of money off of this rapture mania.

All of this and more is described in the below letter.


The whole entire rapture agenda is based on fear. Namely, if you do not follow the Christian doctrine then you will not rise up into the sky and finally enter into heaven – rather you will be forced to remain on this heinous earth and finally rot in hell. That will be the awful plight of all non-believers and non-devout Christians.

With this fear psychology – all done in the name of god – such Christian priests get their followers completely engrossed in the rapture movement. That is how they sell their event. That is why so many Christians are packing bag and baggage and getting ready to make the great flight up into the sky and on to heaven in 2011 – May 21st to be exact.

Even more surprising is that this is going on during the age of science and reason.

In the past, such raptures were declared in: 1772, 1844, 1977, 1981, 1988, 1989, 1992, 1993, and 1994. As noted many of the dates have been declared in modern times.

And each time the leaders of the failed rapture were met with ridicule, teasing, critique and embarrassment. Mostly they justified their stance by saying, “Jesus will be meeting us up in the sky, only we made a mistake in the calculation of the date.”

And then they promptly arranged a new date – and again all their followers became totally sucked into the frenzy all over again.


How is it that such people in this modern era get duped by the rapture dogma?

During their childhood they were indoctrinated into the Christian dogma and on those points their mind became inert. In other worldly spheres – with their job, house repairs, education, and food shopping – they can apply their logic and reasoning but not in the field of religion. On that subject their brain is totally frozen. They are unable to think – just they follow blindly. Such is the power of dogma.

And it is for this reason that modern day people get captivated by the rapture dogma.


Seeing all this, one group of confirmed atheists have come forward to make bundles of money off of the rapture program. Here’s how they do it.

In the west – and in particular in the US – where the rapture dogma is at its height, people love their pets. They are alienated from other human beings and pour all their heart’s longing into their pet.

Believers know that Christ has come only for them – not their pets. That means during rapture, when they get magically pulled up into the sky, then their pets remain on earth.

Hence, confirmed atheists capitalised on the situation.

Such atheists proclaim: “I am an atheist – I will be stuck here on earth after the rapture – so, my dear Christians, I will take care of your pets. After you make it up into the sky, I will be here on earth to ensure your beloved pet (dog or cat etc) is not left uncared for. Start paying me now – reserve your place – and I guarantee I will care for and feed your pet after the rapture for the next 10 years. Since I do not believe in Jesus I am bound to be here after the rapture. So put down your payment with me and invest in the welfare of your treasured pet.”

This is the scam confirmed atheists are doing. There are thousands of such websites right now. And they are all collecting huge money from the rapture seeking Christians. So many believers have enrolled and deposited money for the care of their pet.

So atheists are making piles of easy money from the rapture dogma. Why easy? Because they need not invest any money and they will not have to care for those pets after the rapture. Because those pet owners will still be on earth as the famed rapture is nothing but one big sham or hoax.

Thus it is easy money and many, many atheists are taking full advantage. But don’t take my word for it. Go on-line and check out all the websites.


Actually, none should think that only Christians are involved in this kind of rapture dogma.

As Baba points out in various discourses, numerous other religions and sects prescribe to the doomsday theory. Viprans in the form of religious thinkers and priests have and continue to preach that the world will be destroyed.

Certain Hindus also fall into this trap. To prevent the destruction of the earth they perform all kinds of yajinas and the businessmen sell truckloads of rotten ghee. This yajina (sacrifice) is all done to prevent the destruction of the earth.

So it is a similar mentality as the rapture but a slightly different outlook.

The Hindus do not believe that through their yajina they will rise up into the sky. Just they think that they will have averted disaster by saving the earth from destruction. And they will thus continue to live on earth.

In contrast, the Christians feel that during the rapture they are on their way to heaven and that they will be leaving this earth. That is the central difference.

Here the point is that many subscribe to various theories of this nature, but only certain radical Christians think that they will actually rise up magically into the sky without the use of a rocket ship.


Baba describes the mentality of such rapture & doomsday preachers perfectly in the below citation.

Baba says, “Hypocrites’ dogma is embraced knowingly by those with vested interests, although most people follow dogma unknowingly. Ordinary people are told by their priests, “You should not do this or that because it is a sin and is forbidden by the scriptures. If you do not follow the path that we have suggested, your family will be ruined.” If rational people challenge these illogical ideas, a priest may retort that he had a dream in which the Divine Mother appeared before him and said many things to justify his position. This is all hypocrites’ dogma.” (PNS-16)


If truth be known though, no god can do like this. No god that is all-powerful and all-loving will senselessly destroy and ruin his creation. Nor will any god favour some and hate others. That is the loophole and hypocrisy of such rapture beliefs.

Such Christians preach that their god is great and all-loving and then in the next breath they attach all kinds of crude-negative actions to their god.

But who can accept such a personality as being god if that god abuses and harasses innocent and helpless beings. No all-loving god could also be so crude-minded and malicious.

That is the main defect of their rapture and doomsday agendas. By this way such Christians expose their own mentality.

Their situation parallels that of Freud. Freud super-imposed his own crude sexual lust on all human beings.

Baba says, “Those psychologists that give undue importance to sexual lust, betray their own vulgar and licentious mentality.” (SS-3)

Thus by his theory, Freud merely exposed his own dirty outlook – nothing more.

Similarly, such crude Christian propagandists are putting for their own faulty ideas in the name of god. They are merely exposing their own mean-minded manner. That is all that is going on when they that that their god will damn and punish all non-believers etc.

Here it should be made clear that Parama Purusa is all-mercitul and there is no need for anyone to worry. He loves and looks after all.

Baba says, “His grace is for all – both for virtuous and non-virtuous. All are His children. Nobody is unimportant, nobody is insignificant…You spiritual aspirants, you should remember that Parama Purus’a is always with you and His grace is always with you, and you all are His loving children. You need not develop any fear complex regarding the Supreme Father. You should remember that He’s the Supreme Father.” (SS-19)


Now in this modern era where still people’s intellects are being captured by religious dogma, the only way out is to propagate neo-humanism.

People must be made to understand that whenever their mind is not allowed to think beyond the confines of a particular boundary line, then that idea is dogma. For instance, in the rapture agenda, no one is allowed to think beyond the confines of the rapture model. No logic or reasoning is allowed. Just one is forced to follow the mandate of rapture blindly.

Our job is to calmly and rationally convince people not to worry about nor get caught up in or duped by any type of rapture propaganda. We should encourage open and free debate on this matter and see the facts.

Side by side we must always remind everyone that Parama Purusa does not have any imperfection. He does not hate or curse anyone; He showers equal love upon all. He does not judge anyone based on whether they are a “believer” or not. He watches over all: the virtuous and the sinners, margiis and non-margiis.

Parama Purusa loves all – in that case all talks of doomsday and rapture are nothing but a farce.


Baba says, “He is everyone’s shelter, everyone’s refuge. Thus, human beings are never helpless, neither individually nor collectively. Always remember that He is with every individual. Some philosophers, quoting the scriptures, say that a day of final doom will darken the Earth when the dead will rise from the grave. Others predict that a doomsday (pralayá in Saḿskrta – “pra” means “complete” and thus pralaya means “complete destruction”) will obliterate all forms of life. One should laugh at such illogical doctrines. According to Ánanda Márga philosophy, this doomsday or pralaya will never occur….the flow of creation will continue…There will never be a complete thermal death. of the universe. Thus, predictions of an imminent doomsday should be of no concern to you. It is nonsense; pralaya will never occur.” (AV-17)


Definition of Ideology

Ideology is any teaching that is beneficial to one and all: Humans, animals, plants, animate and inanimate objects, and the whole creation. Ideology is any theory or philosophy that works in 360 degrees and aims towards universal welfare.

The theory that is only for the benefit of a particular race, caste, group, clan, community, religion or nation is not ideology in our view. Theirs is just a narrow agenda. The term ideology means being concerned for everyone and everything: flora and fauna.

In addition, those drowned in personal problems who do not think about the suffering of others are living a life based on selfishness.

In all such cases, their approach is diametrically opposite to what what we mean by the term, ideology. We should help such persons give up their narrow boundaries and selfish agendas and live a life based on the tenets of universal benevolence. Then theirs will be a life based on ideology.

To do and die for ideology means working tirelessly for the service of all: To commit one’s life, i.e. every waking moment from childhood up to the last breath, to this high ideal of universal welfare. That is the spirit of doing and dying for ideology. To do something selfless that is beneficial for all, not one particular group, always harboring the idea that everyone is my kith and kin.


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From: “Will Chaucey”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Easy Solutions to the Energy Crisis
Date: Sun 30 May 2010 14:24:16 +1000


“A’mi toma’y ja’ni, e katha’ vilate pa’ribo na’, na’, na’, na’…” (P.S.


Baba, by Your divine grace You are mine. Even though I am aware about
Your divine Self, how I can I say for sure that I know You. No, no, no I
cannot say. Baba, in spite of my intimate closeness with You, You remain
mostly unknown to me. Baba, You are playing an unnamed tune on my mental
viina calling me– sitting in my heart constantly.

Baba, in the beautiful dawn hour when the effulgence of the moon fades
away and the petals of the lotus blossom in the pond, at that time I
awaken. And by Your grace, in that early hour all my lethargy and
sleepiness vanishes completely. At that very auspicious moment how can I
forget Your heavenly sweetness which permeates all around. Baba, You are so
gracious and charming.

Baba, although You are always hiding and trying to keep Yourself out of
sight each and every moment, even then by Your grace I know You are
everything. In spite of Your on-going, eternal liila of hide and seek, I
understand You are the essence behind each and every expression. Baba, You
play Your divine flute– all the while trying to remain hidden. Baba, by
Your grace I know that You are that singular Divine Entity, yet in Your
magical way You express Yourself in innumerable names, forms, and rhythms.

Baba, by Your causeless grace this much I know: You are mine and mine


The recent & ongoing BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is yet another
reason for us to consider how and where we are getting our energy.


In these current times, the apparent “energy crunch” has everyone talking.
In the US and the so-called developed west, everyone is moaning & groaning
about the soaring price of gasoline as well as other high energy costs;
while in so-called third-world countries, doing without and finding
short-cut ways has since long been a way of life. To many the whole
situation looks bleak and only seems to be getting worse; but for us Ananda
Margiis we know well that Baba has graciously given all the tools and
answers to easily solve this “energy crisis”– permanently.



Like with each and every problem, in the case of the energy crisis also,
Baba has clearly identified the root cause.

Baba says, “According to PROUT, economic exploitation involves the
unrestricted plunder of the physical and psychic labour of a particular
community together with the natural resources in their local area.” (Prout)

In the above Baba exposes how with their greedy hand and exploitative
methods capitalists and other negative sections of society heartlessly dig
out all the resources from any and all local areas. And that includes the
rampant manipulation and thievery of petroleum and fossil fuels etc.

This we are seeing around the globe today where big US capitalists are
unbarringly grabbing all the world’s energy resources for their own selfish
and profiteering ways. Due to this type of economic exploitation and
plunder, the globe now finds itself in an energy crisis.

But, by Baba’s grace after identifying the root cause of the problem He also
beautifully provides us with numerous solutions as well.


Baba first guides us that each and every area or district should be built
up using their own natural resources. And He simultaneously warns us not to
depend upon oil etc from other regions– near or far.

Baba says, “In a healthy economy raw materials should come from the local
area. Industries which are based on imported raw materials are always weak
industries, sick industries. A sick economy depends upon raw materials from
outside — it depends upon import. For example, the Barauni Oil Refinery in
Bihar is a sick industry because it depends upon crude oil from Assam. If
there is any disturbance in Assam or if India is balkanized, then the
refinery will have to close down. The establishment of this refinery was a
foolish act. It does not represent a healthy economic structure. It is a
sick industry, a foolish industry, a stupid industry!” (Proutist Economics)

According to Baba, depending upon oil from afar is a sick and faulty way to
build up one’s economy. In the above example Baba ridicules the idea of
Bihar using oil which comes from Asaam– both of which are states in India.
Therefore it goes without question that US dependence upon Arab oil also
represents a “sick” and “senseless” approach– since that oil is coming
from halfway around the globe.

Similarly so many former Soviet satellite nations continue to depend upon
Russia for their oil.

All these are examples are unhealthy economies that will invariably run
head-first into an energy crisis– if they are not experiencing one already.

Baba’s given response is that each and every land should be developed using
their own natural resources. And Baba provides numerous creative solutions
for each and every area to create their own fuel. Here following is but one
of Baba’s many answers to the present energy crisis.

Baba says, “Many healthy industries based on local raw materials can be
developed. For example, high-quality concentrated alcohol fuel can be
produced from sugar beet and sugar cane. Concentrated alcohol can replace
fossil fuels, as the stock of crude oil is fast diminishing.” (PE)

And further down in this letter there are listings of many other ways for
cities, states, and countries to develop their own energy– all of which
are given by Baba.


Here first is Baba’s whole-hearted assurance that there are plenty of
natural resources for all.

Baba says, “If there were maximum utilization and rational distribution of
all natural resources, pressing socio-economic problems could be easily
solved. It is a law of nature that a mother is provided with sufficient
breast milk to feed her newly born baby. In the same way nature has
generously provided sufficient resources to meet the food and other
essential requirements of all human beings. People need to utilize these
natural resources in a proper way. Shortages of food or space cannot be
blamed on nature. These problems are essentially the results of the
mistakes made by human beings.” (AFPS-9, ‘Population Growth & Control’)

Similarly then, the energy crisis of today is not due to a lack of
resources but rather stems from the misutilisation and misappropriation of
those resources. That is Baba’s above guideline.

And here below He further tells us that each and every area has all the
necessary raw materials.

Baba says, “Nature has been kind enough to provide abundant natural
resources to every region of this earth.” (PNS-21)

As a case in point, here below Baba clearly shows us that even the
economically impoverished region of Rarh has all the energy resources it

Baba says, In Ra’r’h there are extensive deposits of coal, coal gas and
natural gas.” (PE)

By all this it is quite clear that one need not live in the middle east or
in Alaska to get the oil they need. If we remember His guidelines and look
carefully, then we will find that in each and every land there are
sufficient deposits of natural resources to create whatever energy they need.


Here Baba gives more insight into and significant solutions to the world’s
energy crisis.

Baba says, “The local administration will have to supply locally generated
power such as solar energy, thermal energy, bio-gas, hydroelectricity,
nuclear energy, pneumatic energy, electromagnetic energy and tidal power,
or any other power which is easily available locally. The generation of
power is a key industry which should be run on a no profit, no loss basis
so that the cost of production is minimized and the purchasing capacity of
the people is increased. For example, if batteries are produced through
cottage industries, power should be supplied on a no profit, no loss basis,
but the battery producers will be able to sell their batteries at a
rational profit. Here the power that is used to manufacture the batteries
is not an industrial commodity but a raw material. The power for such
things as transportation, communication, schools, colleges and hospitals
should also be supplied on a no profit, no loss basis to maintain social
dynamism.” (PE, ‘Decentralised Economy-1’)

So here above Baba is giving some key concepts about the generation and
distribution of energy.

1. Local governments have to create their own power.
2. Power can be generated from any number of avenues: hydro, nuclear,
tidal, solar etc.
3. This industry must run on a no-profit, no loss basis.

Looking around the globe, anyone can easily see that part and parcel of the
energy squeeze today is that capitalist multinational corporations are
using gas and oil to pull in huge profits– grabbing trillions and
trillions of dollars into their fold. All the while stripping near and far
distant lands of their natural resources. This type of capitalistic
plundering and profiteering goes entirely counter to Baba’s given
guidelines. And that is why the problem is growing today.

Whereas as soon as Baba’s above Proutistic methods are followed, then that
will ease the energy crisis immediately.


Some may now be losing hope and thinking that it will be impossible to
institute these types of changes. But actually due to the current energy
crises there are many who are already considering and implementing such
type of Proutistic methods. In each and every area this is happening. And
more about this is discussed below.


Some may think that alternative energy can only be supplied in certain key
areas. For example a few may be thinking that solar power can only be
generated in the sunny desert etc, but this is not at all the case.
In these next series of quotes, Baba gives countless solutions and
suggestions how alternative energy can be created and found in all the
regions of the world. According to Baba, there are innumerable sources of
good, useable energy.

Baba says, “Two types of power can be developed in Bangladesh — power from
oceanic tides, and solar energy. Oceanic tides can be harnessed in the
Bakargang subdivision of Noakhali district where the Meghana River enters
the ocean, and in the Chandpur subdivision of British Tripura district
where the Dakatiya River enters the ocean. Many waves and turbulences are
created by the impact of these rivers when they enter the Bay of Bengal.
Tidal power would be very cheap to harness there. Solar power can also be
harnessed, but this source of power is not so developed yet. It will become
increasingly important in the future.” (PE)

So in His above guideline Baba is telling about tidal and solar energy and
that this will play a big role in the future. Here below Baba tells further
how to generate solar energy.

Baba says, “There is no need to purchase coal from outside as is being done
now. Solar power can also be generated in the plain areas where the land is
wavy.” (PNS-19)

And with His broad based perspective Baba names innumerable ways how to
generate energy from a variety of sources.

Baba says, “Energy and transportation: Until solar energy can be
manufactured cheaply, other energy sources can be utilized, like
hydroelectricity, coal, thermal power, tidal power, geo-thermal power, wind
power and natural gas. All the raw materials necessary for transportation
are also available, including rubber, steel, mica, mica chips, mercury,
silver, copper, quartz and manganese.” (AFPS-7, ‘Parts of the Economy’)


And in those areas where there will be continued use of petroleum, Baba
gives these two important guidelines.

Baba says, “Petroleum can also be recovered from certain types of river
valleys. Where the river bed is broad there is a chance of finding
petroleum.” (AFPS-9, ‘Geology and Human Civilisation’)

Baba says, “There may be a shortage of petroleum but elements for creating
petroleum are available in the world. We will be able to produce synthetic
petroleum.” (AFPS-8, ‘Rule of Rationality’)

Thus even petroleum will be abundantly available in the near future.


None should hopelessly ponder that Prout will never be established–
already it is getting manifest. And quickly too.

As we all know Baba has graciously given Prout in the year 1955. And in
those days the world was not at all willing to move in that direction. For
one reason or another the leaders and citizens were quite satisfied with
the way things were going. The ideas of Prout seemed like a far-away dream.
But now only 50 years later, huge progress has developed towards adopting
Prout. Due to extreme social and economic circumstances, many communities
and businesses are consciously or unconsciously moving in that direction.
People have been forced to think in that way.

Baba has created the magic wave for all His Proutistic guidelines to be
implemented. Some are getting established by right thinking Proutists and
other Prout guidelines are taking shape simply because the ways of old are
no longer working. And this global transition is occurring at a marked
rate, i.e. quickly. And that speed will only increase exponentially in the
coming months and years.

Thus none should think that they will not see the implementation of Baba’s
Prout. Already the hard part is over: the psychic seeds and awareness has
taken root. The conditions are ripe. And very soon, more and more, we will
see the sprouting of Prout in each and every land and community around this


Here following is Baba divine assurance and blessing that our human
existence will become better and better in all the spheres.

Baba says, “The progressive availability of the maximum amenities of life
will be guaranteed in PROUT, satisfying physical needs. The satisfied physical
needs will lessen the physical obstacles which inhibit human progress, and
human beings will experience all-round development, especially in the
intellectual stratum. Human beings will get the opportunity to develop in
the intellectual stratum without any hindrances. The truth of humanity, the
veracity of humanity, will go on increasing in different areas of
expression….the whole existence of human beings will become effulgent in
the attainment of the Supreme.” (PNS-17, ‘Min Req & Max Amen’)



Note: Baba has given one very beautiful idea to remember while living on
this earth

Baba says, “The nonliving world cannot express its grief when it is damaged
or destroyed. To protect the inanimate world you should conserve and
properly utilise all natural resources.”

As sadhakas we have to think for the happiness and welfare of all. And by
thinking for their welfare– and overcoming human greed etc– then
naturally our human problems will be solved. By this way each and every
expression of His cosmic mind, animate and inanimate, will dance in His

Crow and Cuckoo

Baba says, “It is said that there is a particular species of the cuckoo
bird that is incapable of nesting and raising its own offspring. So to
protect and save her babies, the mother cukoo gently places her own eggs in
the crow’s nest, even though the crow is her dreaded enemy. But since the
eggs of both the birds looks the same, the crow carefully cares for those
cuckoo eggs which were placed in her nest– thinking them to be her own. At
the time of birth, the newborn birds of both species are black; so seeing
the baby cuckoos, the mother crow does not initially realise that the baby
cuckoos are not her own offspring. It is only when the baby birds become a
little bigger and start to call out and cry, that the crow realises those
are not her babies. Then and there the mother crow becomes very angry,
suddenly understanding that it has gotten duped. But because of having
given long-term care and developed sincere love for the baby cuckoo, the
mother crow gives up the idea of attacking and killing the cuckoo. And
instead the mother crow raises the baby cuckoo as one of her own.” (SC-10)

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Date: 29 May 2010 16:41:27 -0000
From: “Jawaharlal Thakur”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: “This Marga Is Mine”…


“Jakhani bha’vi kichu cini bujhi, dekhi a’mi kichu ja’ni na’…” (PS 3225)


When my little ego dominates then I think that I know and understand
everything. It is only later that I realize that I do not know
anything– I know not. When I try to move on the path with my own
strength, then it is difficult for me to decide what I want to do and
what is my goal. From the origin of which unknown source am I floating
and floating, from far to the farthest place, in the search of that
unknown divine Entity. Day and night I am searching and wandering; why I
wander around I do not understand.

O’ karunamaya, what type of divine play do You do with me. What type of
liila do You go on playing with this unit entity. How can this divine
play between unit and cosmic continue without Your grace. Baba, You are
everything, only by Your grace is anything possible…



It is no secret that our Marga is now going through tough times.

That is because even though Baba has given us a sublime and perfect
ideology, our AMPS is made up of imperfect human beings. Naturally
mistakes are going to happen and issues are going to arise.

When those problems do invariably occur, there are three basic responses
we will see:

(A) Those who are third-grade people will think that AMPS is not a good
place to stay and they will run away.

(B) Second grade people do not get concerned and justify that things
should remain as is. Just hide the problem so that others do not find
out about it, otherwise everyone will have a bad name.

(C) Those who are top-grade people will recognise the problem, alert
others and work to collectively solve the matter.

Let’s look at the matter this way:

If there are 5 people and one person gets seriously sick, then we may
see an array of reactions. Those who have the least amount of sympathy
will leave the scene entirely – not caring at all. Another may not be
concerned and will think it is best not to tell others and by that way
the problem will go away. Those who are true friends and family members
will cry out loudly and bring that person to the hospital. They will not
care who knows or does not know, with deep love their only thought is to
cure their sick friend of the disease.

This same set of circumstances happens in AM as well.

Those who are third class people run away when they see a problem;
second grade persons do not get very concerned – they just try to hide
and ignore the problem so they can reap the rewards in the form of high
posts etc. They are just in it try for their own prestige. In contrast,
top grade people get very concerned because they see the organisation as
related with their own existence. They will alert everybody and try to
fix the problem.


Now look in this way. My acarya told me this story and I found it quite

A husband and wife were walking down the street. They were young and
they had not yet had children. As they were continuing their walk they
found a baby in the street. They thought they should look after the
baby. So they took it to the doctor and the doctor told them that the
baby had a severe case of tuberculosis. They thought that having a baby
with TB was inviting too much of a problem, and they left the baby at
the hospital and continued on with their lives.

Then just one year later, that same married couple gave birth to their
first child. When the child was just a week old the doctor told them
that their child suffered from a severe case of autism and that he would
never be normal. Even then, the parents felt that this “baby is mine”
and they took the firm resolve to care for the baby even though the baby
would require huge attention and lots of money.

Thus the same married couple got involved in similar situations but with
vastly different outcomes. Since they felt that the baby in the street
was not theirs, they did not want to know about or deal with the
problems. In contrast, with their natural birth baby they were ready to
undergo all kinds of struggle and strife.

Why? Because they felt, “this baby is mine.”


The above story speaks well to the situation now in AMPS.

Those who do not feel that AMPS belongs to them are not willing to deal
with or hear about the problems whereas those who feel a sense of
belonging to AMPS are ready to address all kinds of issues in order to
clean-up and repair the organisation.


It is just like if one’s own hand is dirty, then that person will not
chop off their hand, they will clean it. The point being that when there
is a problem that affects one’s own life, then they solve the problem.
Whereas if you think that problem is not related with you, then you
separate yourself from the problem. That is the difference.

The same thing applies to the organisation. Those who are concerned
members of AMPS will try and fix the problem because they think AMPS
belongs to them. So they will point out the problems, alert others, and
rally to solve the difficulties.

Whereas those who look at AMPS from arms-distance will just move further
away when problems arise. They will go elsewhere.


Those who are concerned about something always want to know the problem.

For instance, if you are going to purchase a house then you will contact
all kinds of specialists and inspectors in order to find out what is
wrong with the house. You are not paying them to tell you what is good
about the house. You want to know where the weaknesses lie. You want all
the problems uncovered because this is going to be your house.

The same occurs when you bring your motorcycle, moped, or car to the
repair shop. You are incurring expense because you want them to figure
out the problem and solve it. You are giving them money to find the
defects. And if they do not find any problem, then you are not going to
pay them. That is the way it works.

Similar is the case of going to the doctor. We go to get our ailments
identified and cured. Not to be told that there is no problem. We want
our body to be healed.

Here the point is that when anyone considers something to be theirs,
then they want to know what all the problems are and get them fixed.

Thus what steps we take in our personal life we should also take in our
organisational life. Just as a car or bike or house or human body is
mine, this organisation is also mine. This should be our mentality.


This same formula of identifying the problem and repairing the wrong
works in the natural world as well.

The human body has a spectacular immune system. Whenever the body
suffers from any problem or disease, then immediately those anti-bodies
start attacking that infection or germs. The antibodies do not concern
themselves with the parts of the body that are healthy.

In contrast, if the immune system does not respond properly, then the
body decays and eventually dies.

In cases of nature, the positive approach is to fix the problems – that
is nature’s special way. We see this with the various ecosystems, in
biology and chemistry, and in so many strata. In all such cases, a red
alert is signaled when a problem arises and then all sorts of natural
forces come forward to solve the problem.

And if there is no signal then there is no problem.


When we have come into AM and when we know that AM ideology is the
panacea then we should have a proper outlook. We should not think that
all margiis and avadhutas are divine and free from any defect. Rather we
should think that Baba’s philosophy is 100% rational and that humans are
prone to making mistakes. And if we ignore those mistakes then the
problems will multiply.

We should follow nature’s way and Baba’s directive to find out the
defect and correct the wrong.

Every organisation will have at least one bad apple and if that rotten
apple is allowed to fester, then everything will become rotten. So our
approach is to be vigilant and keep our organisation clean & totally
free from any grime. Overlooking the problems will not do.


To continue, the first needed ingredient is an emotional attachment to
AMPS. We should think that: AM ideology is mine and this AMPS
organisation is mine. All should feel like this.

Then we will be adamant to fix the problem and find the solution.

Those who run away are cowards and those who do not know AM ideology are
blind. Such persons can never solve any problem

All true Ananda Margiis will cultivate a sense of rationality. We know
that all religions are dogmatic and that only AM is dharma.

Baba says, “Ananda Marga alone is dharma and all the rest are sectisms.”
(SS-1, p. 63)

Thus when we know only Baba’s AM is a perfect philosophy then we must
take the duty to fix the organisation and find others to do the same. In
that way we will be able to solve one problem after another and make
AMPS shine.

Furthermore, if ever we come across a new margii who became inactive
after finding out some dirt in AMPS, then your duty is to try to
convince them with the following logic:

They belong to the organisation and it is their duty to help fix it
because AM ideology is unparalleled. It is their duty to help; indeed
they are needed to help. There is no other way. Because no other
organisation in the universes is built on the pillars of neo-humanism
and bhagavad dharma. We should convince them in this manner.

As we all know, so many new persons get attracted to AM ideology and
find it to be logical and rational, but they hear about the problems and
feel suffocation with AMPS and consider leaving. We should convince them
to stay with the aforesaid logic.

Finally, the best thing is to think that AM is mine; but only those who
have extreme love can say and feel like this. If one mother has 4
children, they will all refer to her as my mother; they never say our
mother. Because each child has a high degree of love for their mother.
Each and every margii can and should think that this AMPS is mine.

If not, then at least think that it is ours. But those with more love
will think AMPS is mine. We should all harbor this feeling.


We must remember that in this relative world there will always be
problems. In this dance of creation, avidya maya keeps spinning her
web. This is an ongoing matter.

Since AM started there were problems. So many people inside and outside
of AMPS created problems for us. And always Baba was there to show us
how to solve such problems. Solving problems is essential and always
Baba did like this. That is the way of tantra and that is why He is a
Tantric Guru.

For this reason He would both lovingly punish and praise; and for this
reason He gave dharma samiiksa. His each and every action was aimed at
identifying the problems and giving the solution. Because that is what
Taraka Brahma does. He comes when society is at its worst and then
builds it up in the best way.

So we should follow in Baba’s footsteps by solving the problems.

Plus, when we hear about problems in AMPS from someone else, we should
always remember the advice of the great saint Kabir. He advised:

“Keep those close to you who are going to point you out, by this way you
will be corrected and cleaned.”

The sense is we should always embrace those who are pointing out the
problems in AMPS, because that is the only way to create a proper
organisation to establish dharma.


By Baba’s grace we must take a positive approach in life. Just seeking
out good news is not the way. We should find out the problems,
especially in AMPS. Because whereas we can get another automobile if it
breaks down, we cannot find another organisation founded by Taraka
Brahma. AMPS is the only one. We should be vigilant to keep it in proper
shape by thinking that this AMPS is mine. Then we will find out the
problems, alert others, and jointly solve those issues with other good

Those who are weak-minded cannot fathom such an approach.

But by His grace every Ananda Margii has the temperament of a true
sadhaka of tantra and is ready to face all kinds of obstacles in order
to make life and AMPS brilliant. That is our way. We think: AM ideology
is mine and AMPS is mine.

Baba says, “Struggle is the essence of life. Yours should be a pauseless
struggle against corruption, hypocrisy and animality.” (Ananda Vanii #11)


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Date: Fri, 28 May 2010 21:17:46 +0530
From: “Pandit_Sudhakar”
Subject: Thief Inside the House


Toma’re a’mi ceyechi (PS 3000)


Baba, I have wanted You in hundreds of forms, inwardly, within
every pore of my mind. O’ Lord of my heart, why did You not come?
Why You did You remain afar? Is it because of Your wounded ego.
Baba, I have wanted You.

Baba, keeping Yourself invisible, You are singing with delight.
You make the river of melody flow to satiate my heart. The strings
of Your viina, with its sweet resonance, floats & brings me to the
distant sky. Baba, I have wanted You.

O’ Baba, this divine attraction of Yours is impossible to avoid.
The sweetness and love of my mind races unto You. What a blissfully
sweet nectar You have spread all around. By Your grace, Your divine
fragrance always remains in my heart. Its tune, its pollen and Your
love draws me to You – not paying heed to any restrictions or
obstacles. Baba, by Your divine pull, I am rushing towards You.

O’ Lord of my heart, why did You not come, I have wanted You…



When Guru has specially given something in a particular manner or method
and then certain people in AM attempt to swap out the main ingredient
and instead insert something else, is that not like having a ‘thief
inside the house’.


We all know Baba has graciously come on this earth to spread His sublime
ideals amongst the whole humanity. His goal is to put forth teachings
that will allow and enable all human beings to grow and prosper and live
peacefully together. In short, during His advent, we can say that His
main emphasis was to put forth AM ideology.

And for that to happen, He needed to ensure that what He spoke and what
He told told was properly understood by the people. Because His
directions, guidelines, and instructions are AM ideology– nothing else.


For this reason from the very outset, from the get-go, Baba spoke in
ways most conducive for us to understand His divine ideals. Accordingly,
He began educating us about the Sanskrit language. Because Sanskrit
contains many of the words, phrases, and concepts needed to teach the
ideals of AM. So Baba used Sanskrit as a definitive base for propagating
His ideals. Furthermore, to ensure that the Sanskrit words were properly
understood, He clarified and expounded upon their meaning and usage.
This He has done in countless discourses; this anyone can verify. Thus
teaching Sanskrit became part and parcel of spreading His mission.


Indeed Baba has used Sanskrit in so many unique ways in our AM. He has
put the Roman Sanskrit alphabet in the beginning of every AM book; He
has made the system for giving everyone Sanskrit names; He has given all
our mantras in Sanskrit; and He carefully explained the meaning of
Sanskrit words– like bhakti, dharma, tantra, mantra, Ista– in His
various discourses. Plus there are so many other examples how Baba has
used Sanskrit to put forth His AM ideology. All done so that everyone
could understand the various teachings which He wished to convey to the

Thus from 1955 up through 1990, Baba taught us more and more about
Sanskrit so that we could develop a better understanding of His sublime
ideals of– because other languages did not have words to express what
He wanted to say.


That is why early on Baba explained about the importance of language in
discourses like ‘Expression and Symbolisation’. And that is why in
countless discourses in Ananda Vacanamrtam and Sabhasita Samgraha Baba
explains the meaning, derivation, and application of so many Sanskrit
words. Indeed such a large number of His discourses begin in this very

And then later on, when a strong foundation of understanding Sanskrit
had already been established, then Baba spoke in greater detail about
Sanskrit and its special relation with all the other languages around
the globe. Thus in His books Varna Vijiana, Varna Vicitra, and Shabda
Cayanika, Baba is further explaining the essence of the Sanskrit and its
link with all the major & minor languages spoken on this earth, from
French to Hebrew to Spanish to Urdu, and from Latin to Greek to Hindi to
Swahili, and from Tagalo to Bengali to Angika to Chinese, and from
Korean to Japanese to Portuguese to English etc.

Baba says, “In Ma’gadhii Pra’krta, as in Bengali, Oriya, Assamese,
Maethilii, Bhojpuri, Angika, Magahii, Chattrishgar’ii, Na’gpurii, etc.,
there is no difference between masculine, feminine and neuter genders in
the genitive case.” (VV, chapter 10)

And again, all of this was done for the greater goal of not highlighting
any particular language per se, but so that Baba could clearly put forth
His AM ideals in a way which was most comprehensible to us.


Unfortunately, some have understand all this entirely, and in order to
highlight their own language, they propagandise day and night how Baba
is highlighting the importance of Bengali. For example, in each and
every AM book, Baba has designated a particular page for delineating the
Roman Sanskrit alphabet. But if you open the Bengali version of those
same books certain Bengali Dadas named that very page as the Bengali
alphabet, ‘Bangla Varna Mala’. Such is an example of their thievery.
Baba has given something and they have switched it for something else.
It is just like putting one’s own personal sign on the front of someone
else’s business. It is unethical, illegal, and totally duplicitous.

Verily the Sanskrit alphabet is closely related with so many Indo Aryan
languages, but no other language community took away Baba’s title of
Sanskrit alphabet and put their own language name at the top of the
alphabet page in AM books. Only certain top Bengali Dadas committed such
thievery and distortion.

And they did not stop there, they are also trying to proclaim the series
of books like Shabda Cayanika & Varna Vijiana as being dedicated to the
study of Bengali. When in reality Baba has given those series discourses
to explain Sanskrit and its link with other languages so that others may
best understand that teachings of Ananda Marga.

But this fact those Bengali Dadas & their agents do not like to
understand. Instead, day and night they engage in their silly agenda of
the Bangalisation of the holy house of our Ananda Marga.


True disciples have no other aim in life than to highlight Guru’s
teachings. That is the goal– not the Hindi-isation, Angli-cisation,
Sino-isation, Spanish-isation, or any so-called isation of Ananda Marga.
Only our goal is to propagate the Ananda Marga which Guru has given.
This is our sole reason for coming on this earth.

Tragically, some have some other agenda, some other ulterior motive. And
even worse, some of these people are living right here in Ananda Marga
and they are trying for the Bangalisation of AM.
And this we must not allow.

Only we should propagate the true Ananda Marga which Baba has given.
That means highlighting His teachings and not some narrow-minded agenda.


Please excuse me as this topic is very long and there are innumerable
points to convey. So to best respect the recent poll which shows that
letters addressed to this network should be shorter in length, I am
closing my letter here. In follow-up I may write again soon, yet also
request other of our margii brothers and sisters to address this
important topic.

Here is a glimpse of what is to come:

* Sanskrit does not have its own script, so when some books like Shabda
Cayanika were first noted down in Bengali, then some top Dadas
capitalised on this and tried to twist the whole topic as being about
the Bengali language. Such is their style of thievery when in fact
Sanskrit has been written in so many Indian languages from Tamil to
Kannada to Hindi etc, but no one else tried to say that what Baba spoke
was exclusively about their language. No one else had such audacity.

* Baba’s emphasis on language holds universal appeal as He is
propagating AM ideology, thus He wants for all the languages of the
world to be expanded to best convey human thought and understanding.
This He has encouraged in so many discourses and talks like, ‘Expression
and Symbolisation’.

* Baba’s teaching of Sanskrit grew from the teaching of prefixes and
suffixes to a full linguistic, historical, social, and cultural survey
of Sanskrit and how it relates to today’s world based humanity– all so
that everyone could best understand His sublime ideals of Ananda Marga.

* And so many more points are coming.


By Baba’s grace our special endeavour is to propagate what He spoke in
its original form and not any other side agenda like the Bangalisation
of AM. Because the very words which Guru spoke are mantra for us and
that alone can lead the humanity into the golden era.

Baba says, “Finally one must remember, Mantramu’lam’ Gururva’kyam.” (AV-6)



Here below in this below section from chapter 10 of Varna Vijiana, Baba
is explaining about the formation of so many languages, because in this
series of books Baba is again and again showing that since Sanskrit is
the mother of all languages, then naturally any complete discussion of
Sanskrit will involve numerous other languages as well.

Baba says, “In Ma’gadhii Pra’krta, as in Bengali, Oriya, Assamese,
Maethilii, Bhojpuri, Angika, Magahii, Chattrishgar’ii, Na’gpurii, etc.,
there is no difference between masculine, feminine and neuter genders in
the genitive case.” (VV, chapter 10)

This proves how Baba is talking about all the languages and indeed in
this book there are so many reference to Hebrew, Latin, French,
Japanese, English, and so many other languages.

Age of Marriage

Baba says, “The female body attains maturity at the age of eighteen years,
while the male physique attains maturity between twenty-two and twenty-six
years of age. No marriage should be performed below these years.” (TD-5)

Note: Baba’s above teaching is very concentrated and addresses multiple
issues. One of which is that because young parents are not adequately
mature and have been indulging and therefor misusing their undeveloped
bodies, their offspring may suffer from birth defects. This is a very
critical issue.

Here are further points to keep in mind.

1. When young married person start misusing their undeveloped organs,
then those organs may not function properly their entire whole life.

2. This may result in their progeny having lifelong health issues.

3. This is not just related with just first child but all their
children since their glands [i.e. of the parents] have been affected

4. Those in this predicament should warn others – that is all they can
do. They cannot repair themselves. Those glandular defects are lifelong.

5. That is why in the west millions of parents are becoming sterile.
They have a strong longing to have child and to satisfy this longing
they adopt etc because they cannot procreate. This is mostly due to
indulgence at an early age.

6. Early indulgence leads to the problem. That is what Baba is
telling in the above teaching.

7. That is why there is a growing birth defects and instances in of
autism in countries where people indulge sexually at early ages. For
instance: About 120,000 babies (1 in 33) in the United States are
born each year with birth defects; and autism is the fastest-growing
developmental disability in that US at a 1,148% growth rate

8. So Baba’s above mandate is the order of the day. People should
not marry nor sexually indulge before the ages He has delineated in
His above teaching.

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From: “Karma Rasa”
Subject: Widespread Myth about Jobs
Date: Thu, 27 May 2010 22:48:32 +0000


“Kenoi va’ ele, dola’ diye gele, na’ bale gele cale, phele a’ma’y…”
(PS 1995)


Baba, You have been gone so long, why did You come and stir my heart
only to then go away without saying a word– thereby leaving me all
alone. Baba, neither do You have any love for me nor do You understand
the aching pain of my heart. Baba, after coming and reciting one fairy
tale, where did You go. Baba, I want You to remain here with me.
Baba, amongst all the dear ones, You are my dearmost. Why then do You
not reside eternally in my heart. Baba, You are my dearmost and
innermost, then how can You justify going so far away from me. Is it
proper to leave me isolated and all alone. Please tell me.
Baba, You are so dear to me, no matter what I will never forget You;
Baba, I will never leave You. Not at any cost will I ever wipe You away
from my mental plate– from the memories of my mind. That I will never
do. Baba, even if You do not desire to remain with me– even if You want
to hide– I shall always keep You in the golden casket of my heart.
Baba, You are eternally mine; my everything is surrendered at Your
lotus feet…


In today’s capitalistic economy, jobs are becoming more and more scarce.

Indeed, in the USA – the most capitalistic nations on the planet – the
unemployment rate reached as high as 9.9% a month ago (April 2010)
and is still hovering around that extremely high rate. In Germany,
Europe’s biggest economy, the unemployment rate as been around 8.5%
throughout the first quarter of 2010, peaking up to 8.7%, and
still is hanging around 8%.

These numbers are way to high to have a productive economy and a healthy
society, yet this is what capitalism breeds: A more and more static


Most of the population has been reduced to laborers– either physical
laborers (blue-collar) or mental laborers (white-collar), but with the
increase in mechanization and the profit-oriented culture, executives
are hiring less and less people and instead resorting to machines and /
or cheaper labor markets elsewhere. In short, those with jobs are losing
them; and those without jobs are not finding them.

And this problem is only mounting, even with Obama’s hands-on approach
in comparison’s to Bush’s radical laissez-faire manner.



Over the decades, capitalists have successfully brainwashed the public
into believing that it is the individual’s responsibility to get and
maintain a job. And if one is not getting a job, then, well, that is
just too bad– try harder. That is the capitalistic maxim– the myth
that capitalists propagate. So that is what everybody thinks, ‘That it
is the duty of each and every person to find their own job, and if they
lose their job it is their responsibility to find another one’.

And still that is in vogue. As things continue to tailspin the public
is bound to think that they are in a no-win situation. But that
extreme disgust with capitalism has not yet come. Most are still thinking
that capitalism needs to be fixed, not replaced.


For these reasons and more, human beings have just been turned
into mere commodities wherein they have to shine and polish themselves–
like apples or potatoes– in order be attractive in the marketplace. To
that end,common citizens try tirelessly to get more and more qualifications in
order to assure themselves of a job. But it is an uphill battle.
Because due to increased mechanization, less and less jobs are being
done by humans. With the development of more refined computers and
fancier machines, a work that used to take 300 people now takes only 5.
In that case 295 are suddenly out of a job.

And then, since top capitalists are only interested in increasing their
profit, then at any time they can and do move their entire factory or
business to another land or country where labor is cheaper. In that
case, an entire sector of the workforce may suddenly lose their job.

And in the end, it is the common citizen that gets blamed for not making
themselves marketable.

That is the ugly predicament in capitalism.

But it is continuing on since everyone has gotten duped into thinking
that every individual is responsible for securing their own job, while
the government bears little or no responsibility.

Today, more and more college graduates are on the hunt for a job and
it is becoming harder and harder to get one. However, the theme
remains the same: Make yourself more marketable. The realisation
has not yet come to change the system.

Similarly with older adults who have lost their jobs, one result
is that more and more are starting their own businesses. The big
protest against the market economy has not entered the people’s
psyche just yet. So they suffer and try harder in these
desperate times.

Soon the time will come to rise up and we should be ready to feed
them the answer as well as hasten that moment by preaching the
gospel of Prout.


To combat this nasty, capitalistic spiral and bleak outlook, Baba has
put forth one very special socio-political principle: No one should lose
their job without first being offered and given a different job, of
a comparable of higher standard.

Baba says, “Cardinal socio-political principles should never be
violated. First, people should not be retrenched from their occupations
unless alternative employment has been arranged for them.” (PNS-16)

Unfortunately all around the globe this important principle is not being
fulfilled. Because people are being released from their jobs and are not
being replaced. From stock-brokers to shoe salesmen, so many are out of
jobs, and every week this is increasing, leading to a totally unhealthy
situation in society.

Here Baba describes further about what happens when people lose their
jobs and are not given a different job.

Baba says, “There are many instances where these three cardinal
principles have been violated, causing much suffering and disturbance in
individual and collective life. Let us discuss what happens when people
loose their livelihood. Take the example of rickshaw pullers in India.
The work of rickshaw pullers is exhausting and poorly paid, but if it is
declared illegal, many rickshaw pullers will become unemployed and their
lives will become more miserable. Those who cannot find alternative
employment will either die of starvation or become criminals in an
effort to survive. In either case, society will be adversely affected.
So, before this occupation is prohibited, rickshaw pullers should be
provided with suitable alternative employment.” (PNS-16)

Because of losing their jobs and not being given other employment,
people are suffering from depression, abusing their spouse, developing
health problems, dying early, even committing suicide. Such reports are
commonplace in the news these days.

Or look at it this way: Since 1964, the U.S. crime rate has increased
by as much as 350%.

Unemployment plays a huge role in crime – it is one of the fallouts
of job loss.


So the myth that the individual is 100% responsible for getting a job
and the government need not play any role in this is totally harmful and
stands as one of the worst aspects of capitalism.

Even thought Obama’s government is getting very involved in economic
reform, still being part of the sinking ship of capitalism, they cannot
control unemployment which is going through the roof.

Still that is the myth that big vaeshyas have successfully instilled in
the minds of the people: People are responsible for finding their own

So the whole affair is awful. Everyone is trying to increase their
stature and skills in order to get a job, yet those jobs are being sucked
up elsewhere or getting totally eliminated.

Hence it is an uphill battle; the cards are stacked against the common
person. Jobs are disappearing left and right and there is no replacement
in sight.

When in reality, in the case of jobs being reduced due to mechanization,
and then firing 100 or 200 people, instead everyone in the factory or
plant should simply work less hours– allowing everyone to keep their job.

That is how it works in family life. If a new stove is purchased which
dramatically decreases the amount of cooking time, then the wife or
daughter is not kicked out of the house because they are no longer
needed. Rather, everyone works less in the kitchen and people get time
to spend in other pursuits.

Same should be the case with regards to mechanization in the workforce.
All should work less and then devote more time to psychic and spiritual
pursuits. Then everyone is benefited because even though people are working
less their purchasing capacity remains high. In Prout, it works that way.

Now however, many jobs are subject to furlough, because companies and the
government do not have the money to pay workers, yet the cost of living is
higher. That only leads to more crime, not the upliftment of society.

The capitalist model just creates more and more problems, whereas Prout’s
local and cooperative economic model solves the problem.

As for the second problem– i.e. the outsourcing of jobs to cheaper
labor markets– the answer is creating a local economy. Capitalists
should not be allowed to exploit human labor all over the globe. Rather
the cooperative system should be developed wherein all in a locale are
guaranteed work as well as a proper purchasing capacity. This can happen
if the natural and human resources of an areas stay within that samaj.

So there are lots of Proutistic solutions. And among them all, it has to
be fully recognised that governments must be held responsible and they must
ensure a job to each and every member of society. There is no other way.

The current capitalistic myth that an individual must find their own job
must be eradicated. Then and only then can society progress..


By Baba’s grace the myopia of capitalists is being exposed and soon all
will be aware of the pitfalls of this vaeshyan age, thereby allowing
society to make that step forward into that bright, new era.

By Baba’s grace the overall climate and environment are changing. People
will soon awaken to the crude reality of capitalism and they will be looking
for answers. The era of Prout will come – we should be ready to do our part

Baba says, “If any group tries to violate any of these three cardinal
socio-political principles, you should immediately oppose them with a
thundering voice and sufficient force. Victory will be yours, because
you are supporting the collective psychology. But before launching any
movement, you should make sure that the masses are conscious of their
exploitation, otherwise the movement will not be successful. Although it
may take some time to raise the consciousness of the masses, ultimately
you will be victorious.” (PNS-16)

Karma Rasa

Deserts Needed

Baba says, “Ecologists claim that some deserts are essential for keeping
the global ecology in a balanced state. The high day temperatures and
the cold night temperatures that occur in desert regions create a useful
effect. The hot, dry desert air rises and creates a vacuum which sucks
in cool air, generating a chain reaction. Moist air is sucked in from
the sea and formed into clouds which then rain on the land. If deserts
vanish entirely, the overall rainfall will be reduced.” (PNS-16, p.37)

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Date: Wed, 26 May 2010 22:18:09 -0000
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Why Part of Sixteen Points


PS Intro: This following song is about the establishment of a
neohumanistic society. It describes how sadvipra samaj gets formed and
what it will look like. Overall this song paints a picture of the
upcoming dharma ra’j.

“Jay jay jay toma’ri huk jaya…” (P.S. 4764)


O’ Divine Entity, O’ Cinmay, O’ Consciousness Personified who has
graced me by coming in this brilliant, golden, effulgent dawn: Victory,
victory, victory; victory unto You. Baba, You are everything.

On this earth, we all are witnessing the magic that has happened; by
Your divine grace our dream has come true today. Behold, this earth has
been filled with sweetness, charm, and beauty. By Your grace there is no
longer any dukha (sorrow) or santa’p (misery and suffering) anymore on
this earth. There is only the incessant flow of a’nanda (bliss); it is
flowing on and on continuously. Baba, by Your grace with the surge of
devotion, the new blood & vigour has awakened; the paranoia, threat, and
terror of exploitation is now completely gone. A new era of sentient
peace has ultimately arrived, by Your grace.

Baba, in the past by Your grace we planned that we will create a new
heaven. And now that day has come. So according to Your direction we
will go on doing Your work– all the while singing Your song to please
You. Our hands will do Your work and our heart will sing Your glory. In
that way we will move. Baba, by Your grace we will pour abundant love on
each and every unit being– on all our brothers and sisters, on all the
flaura and fauna. Baba, You have showered Your grace. That splendid day
which we were dreaming about has arrived; all the cimmerian darkness has
been dispelled. Now, by Your grace, the eastern horizon is filled with
Your brilliant, divine effulgence. Baba, we will move on in the chorus
of samgacchadhvam spirit– keeping You in our heart and singing about
Your glory…


In our AM ideology and in our 16 Points, Baba has given importance to
and placed emphasis on all that is needed for the well-being and
development of humanity. As we all know, one of the four tenets of
C.S.D.K. (Pt #16 of 16 Pts) is ‘seminar’; and one of the sub-points of
‘seminar’ is knowledge of one’s mother tongue. Obviously then, knowing &
using one’s mother tongue is an integral element for building a proper
society. The only question then is what is the logic and reasoning
behind this.


Before getting started, we should recognise that in today’s world there
are more than 7000 living languages in use on this earth. And they all
carry certain unique qualities, traditions, and specialties; yet, at
present– with the rapid-fire process of globalisation and all its
mono-culture leanings– many of these languages are threatened for their
very survival.

Thus we should take a proper look at what the grand, variety of
languages bring to the humanity as well as why Baba places such a great
significance on knowing and using one’s mother tongue.


One of the main reasons that certain mother tongue’s are taken ‘out of
circulation’ is because one so-called higher culture wants to dominate
another so-called lower culture. And one of the best ways to break down
another culture is to render their mother tongue as valueless or rogue
etc. Because then those innocent persons are forced to give up or
abandon their mother tongue and instead learn the language of that
exploitive group. This invariably creates a huge inferiority complex in
the minds of those who have lost their mother tongue. Because– out of
nowhere– they now have to learn a new language and function with that
new linguistic tool– ie. the language of the exploiters, which is not
at all comfortable for them.

Those in this present era who grew-up speaking English have not an iota
idea of what it means to have to live in a society where one’s mother
tongue is not respected or accepted. It creates a huge shock to one’s
psyche and places one at an extreme disadvantage in every social setting
imaginable from one’s work opportunities to one’s schooling ventures.
And by that way one can be easily put down, manipulated, and ultimately

That is what happened to the black slaves that were brought to the US;
that is what happened to many of the North Africans that relocated to
southern Europe; that is what happened to the Eskimos in Alaska as well
as the native people in so many lands from Australia to Indonesia. Plus
this was also the case with the aborigines of Central America. In all
these instances a certain group lost their local language due to the
pressures placed on them by a more dominant group. And by that way, the
weaker group just got exploited, pushed to the fringe, and used as a
menial labor force in that society. This is what commonly happens to
those who lose their mother tongue.

So here the point is that to give every human being the proper right of
passage and due respect, it is highly important that all languages be
honored. That means in their family life people should not be looked
down upon for what language they speak. And every person should have the
opportunity to do their primary schooling in their mother tongue as well
as get the opportunity to learn the vishva bha’sa (world language) of
the day.

Without that there will always be one or more segments of the population
that are exploited.


One other crucial aspect of keeping all the languages of the world
‘alive’ is that a language serves as the abode of knowledge of a
particular people or community. What people learn about the world and
human understanding gets incorporated into their language. That is why
each and every language– everyone’s mother tongue– carries with it
unique knowledge of the world.

Just as the Inuit (Eskimo) language has all the perfect phrases for
describing snow, so many languages carry unique insights about the
world. Because the thing is, much of what people know is not written
down– especially in those cultures versed in the oral tradition– in
which case their language is literally an encyclopedia of knowledge. It
may contain important facts about what leaves are medicinal in value or
what the role of certain bugs is or how the moon moves across the sky in
the summer season. So much information and knowledge is contained in the
various languages of the world.

For example, imagine how much knowledge would be lost about yoga,
devotion, and spirituality if the Sanskrit language were to die. And
indeed every language has its own special arena of knowledge.

So keeping languages alive is one very important manner of protecting
humanity’s wealth of knowledge.


In His ideological teachings of Prout and cardinal human values, Baba
always stresses the importance of one’s mother tongue. Yet as we know,
AM is not just a theoretical endeavour. Side by side Baba implements the
practical programs to keep languages alive.

One way He did this was by having the Ananda Vaniis read in all the
languages. This was one of His special ways of respecting and honouring
all languages.

And another special measure He adopted was to always ensure all Wts
remembered and gave value to their mother tongue. This is a unique
point. Because, Wts were basically supposed to forget everything about
their former worldly life from their parents to their habits etc, but on
the point of their mother tongue Baba was very keen that even Wts must
remember their mother tongue.


One of the reasons for this is that each and every person’s mother
tongue is the language of their heart. It is by this way that people
express their finer sentiments and feelings in the form of oral history,
poetry, songs, drama, etc.

Thus one’s mother tongue is a key point of human expression.


So for financial gain or economic power, one community must not be
allowed to exploit another by rendering their mother tongue as
irrelevant. This is commonly done in this present era: Sideline their
language, infuse inferiority complex, and force them to live as second
class citizens etc. But this should not be allowed to continue as it
robs people of their human rights and dignity and it stands as the
death-bed for so much human knowledge and erudition.

All in all this is a vast topic and what is written here is a mere
sprinkling. So others should also come forward and relay their practical
experiences and understanding about this most important issue of one’s
mother tongue.


By Baba’s grace, our AM will bring justice in all realms of life
including the preservation of everyone’s mother tongue.

That is why Baba has included ‘mother tongue’ as one of the aspects of Sixteen Points.

Baba says, “The best means of communicating human expressions is through
one’s mother tongue, as this is most natural. If people’s natural
expression through their mother tongue is suppressed, inferiority
complexes will grow in their minds, encouraging a defeatist mentality
and ultimately leading to psycho-economic exploitation. Thus, no mother
tongue should be suppressed.” (PNS-15)



Nowadays, many researchers in so-called first-world nations claim to
have discovered new knowledge or invented new ideas etc, when in reality
these things have been known for centuries by various native peoples.
This is the case with so many herbs and remedies in India, China, and
Philippines etc. And indeed all over the world the native populations
have deep insights into the natural world and often times scientists are
merely re-discovering or outrightly stealing knowledge that has been
known for a long time by certain native peoples. And that knowledge was
keep in tact by their language.


By preserving and protecting all the languages of the world and keeping
everyone’s mother tongue alive, it prevents hegemony of one group over
another. This is perhaps the most important element of this issue.

Baba says, “All languages must be encouraged, but this does not mean
opposing the languages spoken by others. In this context, language in
itself is of secondary importance. Of primary importance is the negative
cultural and socio-economic consequences of linguistic imperialism.” (PE)

Misutilisation of Science

Baba says, “The crises faced by society today indicates that humanity is not
encouraging the maximum utilization and rational distribution of the
mundane, supramundane and spiritual potentialities of the world. Science is
being used to develop more deadly weapons for war rather than being
channelised for benevolent and constructive purposes.” (PNS-13, p.47)

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Subject: A’nanda Va’nii of A’nanda Pu’rnima’ 2010!!
Date: Tue 25 May 2010 18:36:45 -0000




Greetings on this auspicious and blissful occasion of Ananda Purnima 2010!

This year A’nanda Pu’rnima’ is to be observed May 27 – Wishing you a
very happy and blissful day of devotional celebrations & merriment!!

Baba is the Polestar of our lives: He is our inspiration, He is our
sustenance, and He is our Goal.

As we know, this festival day of A’nanda Pu’rnima’ marks Baba’s divine
advent onto this earth.

This entire creation is a manifestation of Parama Purusa and that is why
everyone and everything is part of our family. We must never forget this
idea even for one moment.

The final fulfillment comes when the sadhaka reaches that highest goal
and feels that the Supreme Entity expresses Himself through each and
everything. All are none other than the expression of the Supreme.

Wishing you and all in your area blissful A’nanda Pu’rnima’ celebrations.

Here is one of His original A’nanda Va’niis that we wish to share with
you – this is the one we are using in our unit.

Baba says, “You have no right to hate even a single living creature. The
best you can do is only to serve. Remember, you are to serve bearing in
mind that every creature is verily the living manifestation of the
Supreme Consciousness. Remember also that the credit of service is not
yours; it is due to the Supreme and the Supreme alone, whose ideation
has inspired you to acquire the capability of rendering service.”
(A’nanda Va’nii #23)


Note: This above Ananda Vanii is not just a quote from Ananda
Vacanamrtam or Subhasita Samgraha, it is one of Baba’s original Ananda
Vaniis. You may have already received a fake Ananda Vanii which are
floating around, but they are mere quotes. They were not given by Baba
as Ananda Vaniis. We should all be aware about such things. If you have
already received a Fake Ananda Vaniis, you can right the situation by
reading this Ananda Vanii on Ananda Purnima.

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From: Amriteshwar Verma
Date: Mon 24 May 2010 11:31:52
Subject: How Harmful It Is


PS Intro: This following song is about the establishment of a
neohumanistic society. It describes how sadvipra samaj gets formed and
what it will look like. Overall this song paints a picture of the
upcoming dharma ra’j.

“Jay jay jay toma’ri huk jaya…” (P.S. 4764)


O’ Divine Entity, O’ Cinmay, O’ Consciousness Personified who has graced
me by coming in this brilliant, golden, effulgent dawn: Victory,
victory, victory; victory unto You. Baba, You are everything.
On this earth, we all are witnessing the magic that has happened; by
Your divine grace our dream has come true today. Behold, this earth has
been filled with sweetness, charm, and beauty. By Your grace there is no
longer any dukha (sorrow) or santa’p (misery and suffering) anymore on
this earth. There is only the incessant flow of a’nanda (bliss); it is
flowing on and on continuously. Baba, by Your grace with the surge of
devotion, the new blood & vigour has awakened; the paranoia, threat, and
terror of exploitation is now completely gone. A new era of sentient
peace has ultimately arrived, by Your grace.

Baba, in the past by Your grace we planned that we will create a new
heaven. And now that day has come. So according to Your direction we
will go on doing Your work– all the while singing Your song to please
You. Our hands will do Your work and our heart will sing Your glory. In
that way we will move. Baba, by Your grace we will pour abundant love on
each and every unit being– on all our brothers and sisters, on all the
flaura and fauna.

Baba, You have showered Your grace. That splendid day which we were
dreaming about has arrived; all the cimmerian darkness has been
dispelled. Now, by Your grace, the eastern horizon is filled with Your
brilliant, divine effulgence.

Baba, we will move on in the chorus of samgacchadhvam spirit– keeping
You in our heart and singing about Your glory…


Note: This entire letter is based on a new audio file – “Baba’s Warning
About Infusing Fear in Children – uploaded to our blog. In that clip,
Baba is speaking in Bengali and the entire transcription and translation
is noted below at the bottom of this letter.

Here is where you can listen to the audio file:

Often it is the case that parents and caretakers have no idea that what
they tell their child can be totally debilitating to the child’s growth.
The child’s entire development can be extremely adversely affected &
ruined by a few, seemingly harmless, words. If those parents knew, they
would certainly never do that again. Indeed they would never do that to
anyone – ever, what to say about their own child.

Any loving parent or sincere guardian who comes to know Baba’s teaching
will repent the rest of their life for how they permanently ruined their
child’s personality.

That is Baba’s warning in this below passage: Parents and guardians
beware – do not inject fear into the mind of your child.

In contrast to the parents, elder siblings and older kids often get a
weird type of enjoyment by intentionally scaring younger children.
Whereas parents are not aware how harmful it is so they overlook the
matter and that perpetuates the problem.

Time and again people inject fear as it seems to be an easy way to
control the child, but the effect is most disastrous. For instance, a
parent might say, “If you do not sit still then a big monster will come
and eat you.” With that fear, the child sits motionless and the parent
thinks that it was a good behaviour modification tactic.

In reality however, the whole psyche of small baby is crippled and that
problem only increases over time and manifests in various ways.
Unfortunately this technique and practice of injecting fear to resolve
an issue is a prevailing approach across the planet. That is why a major
portion of the population is affected and suffers from fear, shyness and
all kinds of problems in their day to day life.

Some people may not readily recognise this fact, but if you research
carefully you will find that the fear of ghosts, goblins and monsters
does not fade away. When they become adults that fear takes expression
in all kinds of ways: People feel intimidated in front of their boss,
frightened in dark, terrified in an isolated place, afraid to start new
work, and petrified in front of the police. That fear reflects in
multiple directions.

It is quite complex and dramatic how it takes place – tragically it
mushrooms in all kinds of ways.

Even worse is that this goes on from one generation to the next – what
horrors those children experience, as adults they pass that on to their
own children. In this way the problem gets replicated. We must break
this cycle.

If you are one of those who injected fear unknowingly and ruined a
child’s psyche then try to undo that by giving them confidence. In that
way it may fade away.

For all these reasons and more, Baba has given this below teaching.
Listen carefully and practice.

Note: The below transcription from Baba’s original spoken Bengali into
roman font may lack certain finer grammar points, but the overall idea
of the passage has been maintained. Those with greater linguistic
backgrounds are welcome to offer a more precise translation etc.


Listen to the audio file at, http://www.am-global-01.blogspot.com/


Ghrna’, shaunka’, bhaya, aet’a’ holo pa’pa, jab tumi jakhan chotto
chile, tumi ka’uke ghrna’ korte na’. Oi pare toma’r prativeshiira’
bandhura’ ba’r’iir lokera’, toma’ke shikhiye chilo ki, “Aeta korte
na’in, aeta ghrnya jinish.” To, toma’ke bhaya shikhiye che, lajja’
shikhiye che, a’r seit’a shes’a paryanta toma’r rauna [lege] geche.
Choto chele du’dha kha’cche na’. Ba’r’iir lokera’ bolle, “Oi juju a’che,
ta’la ga’che juju a’che, dhare nebe.” Tumi jujur bhaye khiye nile
du’dha. Ta’r pare, sei tumi jakhane du vatsa’rer na’iny, tumi hoye gele
ba’isa vatsa’rer, takhano sei maner jujuta’ roye gelo. Kakhano-kakhano
svapnetei juju ke dekhbe. Ekla’ hote giye jujur bhaya buka kenpe ut’abe.
Era holo ki? Na, ca’inpiye deoya ba’ndha’na. Ai, this type of bondage or
these bondages are known as pa’shas.


Hatred, doubt, fear are sin. When you were small, you did not hate
anybody. After that your neighbors, friends and family members taught
you, “This is what hate is, don’t do such a thing.” They taught you
fear, they taught you shyness, and in the end those interactions stained
your mind in that color. The small babe did not want to drink the milk.
So in order to get the baby to drink the milk, the family members said,
“Look a ghost is on the palm tree – it will come and get you if you do
not drink your milk.” So you drank the milk out of fear of being caught
by the ghost. After many years, when you were no longer two, but became
twenty-two years of age, that mental ghost still existed in your mind.
From time to time in your dreams you will still see that ghost. In
consequence, while remaining in a lonely place your heart will become
startled and frozen due to fear of that ghost. What is this? Imposed
bondage. This type of bondage or these bondages are known as pa’shas.


Baba says, “You will have to build a society in which no one is forced
to weep, where everyone smiles joyfully all the time and gets ample
scope for laughter. Seeing such mirth and merriment, Parama Purus’a will
feel immensely pleased. By giving joy to Parama Purus’a you will feel
even more joyful and will feel His close proximity. This is the actual
social code. And the actual spiritual code is the one that helps humans
move towards Parama Purus’a. Under no circumstances should one create
unnecessary controversies. The social code aims at bringing a broad
smile to the faces of the progeny of Parama Purus’a. You should all move
along this path – you are sure to meet with success.” (AV-4)



Here is another posting on this topic of children and fear:

Only Remedy

Baba says, “It is the duty of all human beings and especially those who
are devotees, it is their mandatory duty to always think that, ‘I am a
machine and the controller is Parama Purusa. He is the machine man and I
have to work according to His desire. I have to fulfill His desire. This
body of mine is a machine and it belongs to Him. This is His machine and
this machine has to do His work.’ If one constantly thinks in this way
then the vanity of action will never sprout. This is the only path to
save oneself from vanity. One has to think ‘I am just one machine; I am
a tool and according to His desire I have to work’.” (SS-16 (H), p. 81,
DMC Agra 19 Feb 84)

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Date: Sun, 23 May 2010 22:51:22 -0000
From: George Kourakos
Subject: How to Control Sex
To: am-global@earthlink.net


“Dakhin’a’ va’ta’se malay suba’se mrdu, hese hese esechile…” (PS 358)


Baba, You have graced me by coming in the deep core of my heart with a
gentle smile– in the refreshing fragrance of a sweet, southern breeze.
Baba, You are the most divine One; I cannot forget You and I do not want
to forget You. By Your grace, by pouring my sweet love, I shall keep
Your divine memory ever alive in my mind– in my heart.

O’ Supreme Entity, O’ my Lord, O’ the Beloved of my mind, O’ the most
adorable One of my mind, I will do puja to You in my inner sanctum of my
mind and spread Your nectar of devotion across this vast, expansive
universe. Baba, in Your sweet fragrance of Your divine liila, please be
merciful and eternally reside in my mind– graciously intoxicate me with
Your divine flow.

O’ Lord of divinity, please take me to Your great abode– the land of
divinity– by holding my hand, by holding my mind. Baba, by Your grace
after forgetting all fear and shyness and after remembering You and
keeping You in my heart I am at Your lotus feet, remembering You.

Baba, please do not forget me I am Yours…


When we think about those who wish to control their sexual energy we
usually think of monks & nuns, sadhakas, aspirants and service-minded
people. For most of us, that is the typical picture that comes to mind.

Today, however, with the rise of sexual crimes, sexual predators and
state officials are also brainstorming and implementing their own ways
for how to control sexual power – in particular in males.

We should all be aware about these recent trends and see if they are in
concert with Baba’s ideals.

This is an emerging social issue that demands our attention and know-how.


As we all know, in this grossly materialistic era, sexual content and
display is at an all-time high. There is a plethora of bare-skin and
near-nudity on the buses, in schools, on billboards, at the workplace,
in parks, all over the internet, and throughout the society. Even
upstanding professionals, dignitaries, and state representatives resort
to dress that highlights their sensuality and sexuality – especially

Anyone who has been out and about is quite familiar with the above,
especially in western countries and wherever materialism is in full force.

Not surprisingly, in this materialistic era, sexual crimes are also on
the rise – if not skyrocketing. Date rape, pedophilia, statutory rape,
and illicit affairs are rampant; and then of course there are sexually
related problems like teenage pregnancy etc. All this has become a
societal disease.

And the penalties for sexual crimes are quite severe. Sexual offenders
are branded for life and face harsh prison terms. That is why certain
convicts and/or potential convicts are interested in reducing and even
eliminating their sexual energy. Because they do not trust themselves to
behave with integrity. To reduce their sentence and to ensure proper
conduct, such convicts may voluntarily resort to the elimination of
their sexual energy.

Then there is the other side of the story: Many guilty of sexual crimes
are repeat offenders. So state and justice officials are exploring ways
to reduce crime by curtailing offenders’ sexual energy.

That is where things are at the present moment – and here is what they
are doing.


Across the globe – in various states and countries – government
officials are offering voluntary (and involuntary) castration to those
incarcerated as part of their sentencing and / or in exchange for their
early release from prison.

For the state officials this is a way to increase the punishment and
relieve pressure from and cut costs on the overcrowded and extremely
expensive jail system; and for offenders it can be a way to regain their
freedom sooner without having to worry about being tempted to commit a
similar crime.

To some then, this looks like a win-win situation. The state gets what
they want and the offender gets what he wants.

Toward this end, there are two basic pathways being pursued by the state
to control sexual energy: 1) chemical castration and 2) surgical

In many western countries, including the US and England, chemical
castration has been put into effect in certain areas.

“Chemical castration is a term used [most often] to describe treatment
with a drug called Depo-Provera that, when given to men, acts on the
brain to inhibit hormones that stimulate the testicles to produce

So this is one way that is being used to minimize and even eliminate
sexual allurement. It is not fail-safe, but it is in vogue (increasingly
so). Recently, in 2008, Louisiana became the 7th state in the US to
“allow Louisiana judges to sentence convicted rapists to chemical

The effect of this type of castration is temporary so the patient must
return again and again for treatment.

Secondly, surgical castration is the actual removal of the testes from
the human body. There is a long history of this throughout the world:
guards and attendants in palaces were castrated so they could safely
oversee the harem, young male opera singers were forcibly castrated to
preserve their vocal quality, combatants defeated in war etc.

Nowadays, the Czech republic resorts to surgical castration as a
voluntary form of punishment and treatment for convicted sex offenders.
While chemical castration is not always “successful”, surgical
castration systemically reaches its desired end. Czech officials speak
highly of the effectiveness of this approach.

Whatever the means, chemical or surgical castration, there is a growing
acceptance and interest by state governments to address the rising
occurrence of sexual crimes in this manner.


The main myth at hand is that criminals and officials alike believe that
by controlling one’s sexual energy – by any means including chemical and
surgical castration – then one will overcome their sexual wrath and
automatically develop a calm and balanced mental outlook.

This is the myth they believe and propagate because they feel those
gland are solely related with sex.

Baba’s guideline reveals a much different approach with a much different
outcome. And that we are going to explore.

Let’s first look at two other segments in society looking to curtail
their sexual energy / reproductive capacity.


Over the centuries and today also, dogmatic monks from around the globe
as well as crude Indian sannyasis have used myrobalan (haritaki) or
anise (saunf) as a means to overcome sexual desire.

For a short-term treatment plan it may be permissible, but over time it
will totally dry up those sex glands leading to impotency and

This also is not an approach which we in AM support as we advocate the
channelization of sexual energy to spiritual awakening, not sexual
suppression. More about this is expressed further down in this letter.


Finally, in various nations, people commonly resort to the permanent
destruction of their reproductive organs as a means of birth control or
family planning.

In women, the fallopian tubes are tied in a procedure known as tubal
ligation and in men the vas deferens are cut in a procedure known as a
vasectomy. These procedures are done by normal citizens so they can
continue to carry on sexual relations with their spouse, yet not have to
worry about producing children. Either they do not want children at all
or they have produced the number of offspring they desire and do not
want more.

Here again though, this is not an approach supported by AM.

Baba says, “Using birth control methods which deform the bodies of men
and women or destroy their reproductive powers forever cannot be
supported, because this may cause a violent mental reaction at any
moment.” (AFPS-9)


The point that is missed in all the above circumstances is that our
human bodies are far more subtle and involved than people think. Whether
they be magistrates, husbands, convicts, dogmatic sannyasis or whomever,
such persons who alter their sexual function fail to understand the more
subtle effects of our glandular system.

They think that the testes and ovaries are just for sex – nothing more.
When in fact these glands are part of a greater system that provide
energy to the brain and highly impacts our mental, psychological,
emotional and spiritual outlook.

Baba says, “The lymphatic glands supply raw material – lymph – to the
factories – the glands – and the surplus lymph goes to the brain and
provides food for the nerve cells in the cranium.” (YP)

Baba says, “The essence of blood, when transformed, becomes shukra, and
this shukra is food for the brain. In the absence of shukra, or in case
of its impaired functioning, the entire constitution may be impaired,
the body may become susceptible to disease, and mental and spiritual
sa’dhana’ may be impaired. Therefore, restraint is a must for every man
and woman, because only self-control helps achieve the maximum
preservation of shukra.” (CC-3)

Thus when certain glands like the testes and ovaries are categorically
destroyed or altered with drugs such that they fail to operate properly,
this adversely affects the production of lymph, which is the food for
the brain.

Indeed, by destroying or inhibiting the function of the testes, the
human personality loses so many good qualities. Because the testes are
singularly responsible for attributes like rationality,
service-mindedness, benevolence and love for the Supreme.

Here following are a series of Baba’s teachings about the importance of
those sexual glands in the cultivation of a proper human personality.

[ A ] Here Baba points out how the testes lead to a sense of
responsibility and dutifulness.

Baba says, ‘If the secretion of the testes glands is normal, a sense of
dutifulness will be created in the mind. A boy will be proud of the fact
that he obeyed his father. But if the boy was only three years old, he
would not be able to feel a sense of dutifulness.” (YP)

Baba says, “In a male, if the testes are separated from the body, there
will be physical and psychological changes. The man will not die but he
will lose the sense of dutifulness and responsibility. All the qualities
associated with the testes, such as the sense of dutifulness and
responsibility, will be wanting.” (YP)

[ B ] In this below quote, Baba demonstrates how the proper functioning
of one’s sex glands cultivates rationality, integrity and strength of mind.

Baba says, “If the testes are over-active [highly active] and there is
over-secretion [high secretion] of hormones, a youth develops the spirit
of rationality. The pubic hair grows due to the activity of the testes.
This is the physical effect. The development of rationality is the
psychic effect. The nervous system will also be affected. If not
hindered by the natural flow of the lymphatic glands, over-secretion
[high secretion] leads to the development of hair in the arm pits at the
age of fifteen to seventeen in hot countries and seventeen to eighteen
in cold countries. Along with this the feeling of rationality grows. For
example, a boy may say, “No, father, do not ask me to do that. It is not
good.”” (YP)

[ C ] Next Baba discusses how due to a defect in the functions of the
sex glands, one becomes mean-minded.

Baba says, “If there is under-secretion of the testes glands, there will
be less hair; and if, at the same time, the sex glands do not develop at
the specified stage, the boy will become very cruel. He may, for
example, take a grasshopper and cut off its legs. You may have seen such
a boy at the age of thirteen, fourteen or fifteen: he may be unsocial,
he may not mix with others. This is due to the under-secretion of
hormones from the testes glands.” (YP)

[ D ] Baba also points out how the greater secretion of the testes leads
to love for the Supreme. It is these glands which allow one to practice
and progress in sadhana. Without the proper functioning of these glands,
spiritual practice is impossible.

Baba says, “In the case of ordinary secretion, sex longing is created.
If there is over-secretion [high secretion], a youth acquires the power
to transform that longing into universalism. In those of you who have a
longing for Parama Purus’a [Supreme Consciousness], an over-secretion
[high secretion] took place in your hormones between the ages of fifteen
and seventeen. At that stage the idea to become great comes into the
mind.” (YP)

[ E ] A lack of hormonal secretion by the testes leads to staticity. The
person will lack benevolence and courage, and will therefore be prone to
following dogma, not dharma.

Baba says, “If there is under-secretion of the hormones of the testes
glands, a youth will develop less kindness, and less hair will grow in
the armpits and pubic region. If you see a man with these physical
characteristics, then and there you can come to a conclusion about the
extent of his kindness. Moreover, such a person will most likely support
dogma. He will not have the moral strength to protest against dogma
(including scriptural dogma), and he will not support a new idea.” (YP)

[ F ] Lastly, Baba discusses what happens with the organ is removed from
the body. Among other things, sadhana is no longer possible.

Baba says, ‘If the sex organ is cut off from the male body, what will be
the result? The man will not die, but the testes and kidneys will not be
able to function properly. There will, therefore, also be psychological
changes and no sex feeling.” (YP)

Thus we do not support any of the aforementioned approaches in order to
control sex. We do not support chemical castration, surgical castration,
the use of myrobalan or anise, nor do we support vasectomies etc. All of
these will adversely affect the human personality because those glands
are critical for the positive development of mind – not just sex.


Or course in AM, we do believe in proper restraint in the sexual sphere,
but we do not prescribe to any of the aforementioned policies or
procedures. We do not support the destruction or alteration of the sex

Rather we believe in certain physical practices and mental approaches
which help divert one towards higher faculties, not sexual engagement.

By adhering to a sentient diet, by regular fasting, by practicing
asanas, by doing kaoshikii and tandava, by following the proper bath and
half-bath systems, and by various other physical practices, we lay the
groundwork towards controlling one’s sexual desire.

But the main way to control sex is through the psychic realm. If one
follows all the above mandates but still actively harbors lustful
things, the desire to have sex and thinks dirty thoughts, one will not
be successful in controlling their sexual desire. The mental part is
critical – even more so than the physical, although both physical and
psychi practices are needed.

So the real control is mental. If we goad the mind in a positive
direction and follow Baba’s mandate of “cakuna samvaro…”, then we will
be in a proper flow to divert all one’s energies to the Supreme, not
towards sex.

Baba says, ““One must have restraint over one’s sensory and motor
organs.” “I must not see that object, that may pollute my mind. I must
not hear that sound, that may pollute my mind.” These are all restraints
over sensory and motor organs. Lord Buddha said, Cakkhuna’ sam’varo
sa’dhu – “O sa’dhu, O spiritual aspirant, you should have proper
restraint over your eyes.”” (AV-23)

And here Baba talks about our special system of psychic channelisation
to the spiritual realm. By this way one’s sexual desire will be properly
controlled thereby allowing for a whole new outlook and deep realisation.

Baba says, “Psychic urges must not be objectified nor should they be
suppressed; rather they must be channelized towards the Supreme
Desideratum through the proper psycho-spiritual approach…With constant
spiritual practice, the mind, with its thousand propensities, becomes
one-pointed and is goaded towards the Supreme Singular Entity…This
inner channelisation and one-pointed conversion into psycho-spiritual
pabulum brings about radical changes in individual and collective life.
The psycho-spiritual approach makes a person deeply introversial,
one-directional, strong and dynamic…With the smooth, natural and
progressive channelisation of the psychic urges of the individual and
collective mind towards the Supreme Entity, psychic pabula will be
converted into psychospiritual pabulum. Then each person will be a
sadvipra, and the whole society will be a sadvipra sama’j – an A’nanda
Pariva’ra. So the transformation of psychic pabula into psycho-spiritual
pabulum is the only panacea.” (AFPS-8)


By Baba’s grace He has given the proper way to control sexual longing.
Those who resort to the destruction or alteration of their glands are
only inviting serious mental problems and they are essentially killing
their spiritual inclination as well. Only through proper restraint can
one evolve into a truly sentient and spiritual being.

Baba says, “Men should have proper control over the conversion of lymph
into semen. This is part of brahmacarya sa’dhana’ [meditation on the
Supreme Entity]. Men should have proper control over their bodies. Human
beings should be sentient in food habits, mind and intellect.”


Sign of Devotees

Baba says, “When undergoing any trouble then some human beings think
that they are shelterless. But you should always remember that in this
world at any given moment you are never shelterless. Because when Parama
Purusa is with you then how can you be shelterless. So there is no
reason for any feeling of helplessness or fear in any circumstances.
Because when He is with you the strongest and mightiest force of this
universe is with you. Then what is there to be afraid of? If you
encourage fear complex it means you have the forgotten the fact that
Parama Purusa is with you. So those who are sadhakas, those who are
devotees, those who are adherents of the path of dharma, they will
always be fearless. This is the quality of a sadhaka: That he is
fearless. Why is he fearless? Because he knows that the most powerful
entity, Parama Purusa, is with him. So there is a loving relation
between devotees and Parama Purusa– their relation is based on love.
Because of this truth the devotee is never afraid. He will never be
afraid of anyone and under no circumstances will he be perturbed.
Becoming paranoid is not the sign of devotees. Parama Purusa always
remains with you and HE always watches over His devotees. He is always
seeing how He can save devotees from any and all difficulties. So when
in this loving way Parama Purusa is concerned about you, then why will
you be disturbed. You should be fearless. There is no reason for any
sort of paranoia in the mind of devotees.” [SS-16 (H), p. 83, DMC Agra
19 Feb 84]

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Date: Sat, 22 May 2010 22:40:02 -0400
From: Donald_G
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Be Aware About Karmaphala


“Tumi kii ceyecho ja’ni ni to a’mi, tumi kii diyecho kichu ja’ni” (P.S. 1980)


Baba, what You want I do not know, but what You have given me– about
that a little I know, by Your grace.

I have not offered anything to You, only I have always gone on extending my
own hands in order to get more and more.

Baba, You have sent me on this dusty earth with human form. Indeed You
have certain plans and programs to get done by me; You have certain desires
and hopes that I do not know, nor do I want to know. Only I know that I
have wasted my life in useless altercations and letharginess.

The precious time of this human life has gone in vain. At the proper moment
awareness has not come in my mind. Time has passed like this. My days have
passed in self-indulgent activities and entertainments. Today I am sitting
in the desert counting the stars.

Baba, still I have full faith that You will grace me and bring me onto
the right path…


The world is changing fast and one of the main transformations taking place
is that materialism is spreading like wildfire. This is especially true in
the so-called developing nations where the people naively try to aspire to
become like materialistic, “first-world” citizens. This is the rage that is
haunting humanity in this present moment.

Even this is happening in India where for ages and ages western
materialistic values were rejected. But now the floodgates have opened and
materialism is swarming through each and every pore of human life.
Starbuck’s, Wal-Mart, McDonald’s are fast making their mark and crude
shopping malls are popping up “everywhere”.

Through it all the inhabitants of India and many other “developing nations”
are hurriedly joining the ranks of materialism. Because they innocently
think that this is the road to glory.

However, they should think again and again– or, better yet, we Ananda
Margiis should warn them about the harmful consequences. Because once one’s
mind gets painted in the colour of materialism, then the result is
disastrous. Once one starts madly chasing after and satisfying their crude
desires, they are bound to undergo the karmic reaction of those deeds. And
let them be warned that the fruit of those actions, i.e. karmaphala, is
absolutely poisonous and brings one’s total degeneration.


In any direction, it is sad to see how various peoples and communities are
giving up their native cultures and tossing aside their local customs,
songs, and morals and instead taking the big plunge into materialism.
Just to clarify, here the word ‘materialism’ refers to (a) accepting money
as the main goal of life, (b) chasing after carnal pleasures, (c) leading a
sexually promiscuous existence, (d) drowning oneself in pseudo-culture (i.e.
Hollywood movies, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Disco Dancing, etc). All these
things and more go hand-in-hand with a materialistic way of living.

And in that case, people lose sight of the real sweetness of life and
instead get caught in degenerated values. This then blocks their psychic
development as they get sucked into the depths of crude attraction. And
that is exactly what Baba is warning about.

Baba says, “Materialism is most dangerous when it tries to suppress mental
expansion, when it creates obstacles in the transformation of mind from
crude to subtle – when it blocks the passageway of human development from
the graceful beauty of the mind to the spiritual sweetness of the soul.” (6
August 1982, Patna)

Thus in the so-called developing world where people are giving up their
local sentient ways of living and adopting the mass movement toward
materialism, then their finer sensibilities get lost entirely.


Even then, the common people see the glitz and glamour of materialism and
they think what is wrong. They see the rosy lipstick, they see the
care-free way of living, they see the chic clothing and they think– ‘I
must get that’. This happens to so many innocent people day-in & day-out,
especially in the “third world” nations.

Already most of the “first-world” population is so plunged in materialism
that they cannot even begin to find their own heart. They have lost their
mind and souls and they will have to undergo the karmic reaction. And then
there are a few who were fortunate enough to more or less escape the
tangled web of materialism.

But now the whole mass of “third-world” nations is taking that treacherous
journey down in the dungeons of materialism thinking it to be heaven. When
in fact nothing could be further from the truth since that very materialism
will lead them into the shackles of animals life or worse. That is Baba’s

Baba says, “If someone even after attaining a human form forgets Parama
Purus’a and keeps moving with eyes closed in that case…such a person will
be degraded and gradually reborn as an animal, plant, etc.” (SS-11)

Hence Baba warns us that if one closes their eyes– i.e. adopts the pathway
of materialism– then they will degenerate and suffer on that path of
negative pratisaincara, being reborn as a lowly animal or worse.


Here the key point to remember is that one will get a new body based on
their standard of mind. So if one passes their entire human life involved
in crude pleasures and degenerative activities, then naturally the mind
will become one with that debased way of life. In that case they are sure
to degenerate drastically and be reborn in the sub-human or even inanminate

Baba says, “In human society there are many people whose mentality is
somewhere between that of forest primates and that of humans. Some have
just evolved from animal life to that point, in the process of
pratisaincara; while others have reverted to that point from a more
developed human level, due to their mean thoughts. If they continue to
allow mean thoughts to dominate their minds, they will degenerate to the
even cruder stage of inert matter, becoming bricks, stone or wood.” (AMIWL-8)

So being reborn as a piece of stone etc, is not just part of the Hindu
dogma of reincarnation. Rather, it is part of our AM spiritual philosophy
and is deeply related with the science of mind. Because Baba guides us that
according to the nature of one’s thinking– according to one’s standard of
mind– one will get rebirth. And in the case of a materialistic bent of
mind that is wrought with sexual lust and crude desires, then that rebirth
will be lowly. See here Baba’s warning.

Baba says, “Suppose a person does something wrong physically or mentally,
and imbibes a set of sam’ska’ras. According to the previous sam’ska’ras he
was a human being, but according to the newly acquired sam’ska’ras he is
reborn as a dog. The progress or degradation of the human mind has a direct
effect.” (AMIWL-11)

Thus one will get a body according to their mental outlook. So lowly
thinking practically means being reborn in a crude form like that of a pig,
mule, or even as ashtray or spittoon.

So the karmic reaction (karmaphala)– ie the fruits of one’s deeds– from
living a materialistic life thrusts one on the path of destruction and
demise. One will become totally degenerated. And unfortunately that is what
will be the consequence to all those in “third-world” nations who get duped
into the ways of materialism. Just like it has happened and is happening to
the “first-world” populations. Such is the terrible tragedy that they will
encounter. And we too should also be careful because in this cycle of
action & reaction no one is spared.


So from top to bottom it has to be recognised that materialism leads to the
demise of one’s entire existence and brings about one’s complete
degeneration. People utterly forget their internal divinity and just accept
lustful ways as the theme of life.

Baba says, “Materialism tends to forget that the crude physical body and
its vital energy are not the whole of human existence– that the most
priceless assets of human beings are their psychic wealth, their spiritual
treasures, and their most beloved entity, Parama Purus’a, the Lord of their
life.” (NSS: Disc 18)

Thus we should never allow ourselves or anyone else to fall into the
clutches of materialism, rather through spiritual talk, kiirtan, and
sadhana we are to goad their mind into the more subtle realms so they can
make a link with Parama Purusa.


By Baba’s divine grace He has bestowed upon us the perfect pathway and the
only answer to today’s troubled world. Coming onto the path of AM and
reaching His lotus feet is the way of humanity. May we help everyone
realise this at the earliest.

Baba says, “There should be a happy blend of spiritualism and materialism.
Matter is nothing but the crude manifestation of spirit. Spirit is the
essence of matter. When the struggle between the so-called spiritualism and
materialism will reach its climax, it will pave the path for “Ananda
Marga”. Thus Ananda Marga is a historical necessity.” (A General Guidebook
for Ta’ttvikas)



In our Ananda Marga we certainly subscribe to the theory of karmic law,
action-reaction, & reincarnation. But we do not follow it to the dogmatic
end of Hinduism. Because although we understand that good actions bring
positive reactions and bad actions beget negative reactions, we do not
adopt the Hindu theory that the goal is to get good reactions by doing good
actions. This is nothing to gloat over and this type of cheap approach is
not our way.

Rather in Ananda Marga, we follow the devotional ideal that fruits of each
and every actions is to be offered at the alter of the Supreme. So we do
everything for Baba, never wanting anything for ourselves, neither bad nor

On a related note, even if one does good actions and gets the good
reactions, then even then one is enraptured with their unit ‘I’. And one may
egotistically think that, ‘I did many good things and am therefore great
because I will get many good reactions’. In that case one’s downfall can
occur anytime. In which case they will undergo the negative karmic reaction.
So the only way out is the path of AM, where we do everything with the sole
and only desire of pleasing Parama Purusa and we offer the fruits of our
deeds unto Him.

Ancient History

Baba says, “In ancient times, with the beginning of civilization, the sages
used to look upon the various manifestations of nature as the play of one
God and they composed hymns for that god. When they used to sing in the
name of U’s’a, Indra, Parjanya, Ma’tarishva’, Varun’a, that singing was
called sa’ma. At that time script had not yet been invented, so the
disciples used to learn by listening to the verbal teachings of the guru.
These were all words of truth, words of knowledge and since they were words
of knowledge, since they elevated the uncultured human beings towards the
light of culture, they were called veda, or knowledge.” (SC-2, p. 93)

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Date: 21 May 2010 15:48:36 -0000
From: “Chandramohan Jha”
Subject: Vishesh Yoga, Dhyana, & Guru Sakash


“Tamasha’r pare a’sha’r a’lok purva’ka’she raune eneche…” (PS 4699)


O’ human being, the humanity is desperately calling you. Please awaken; do
not sleep anymore. In the eastern horizon, the colorful dawn is
approaching. The time is not far when no one will be downtrodden, when no
one will hang their head due to lack of hope and despair. Look, Parama
Purusa has come! The days of darkness and negativity are fast fading away.
The new dawn is approaching. The nearest and dearest Parama Purusa has
come. With His divine blessing and infinite grace we have to march forward…


We all know that the sadhana system of Ananda Marga is unparalleled and
leads one to the height of human glory: Becoming One with Baba. It is
devotional, rational, and logical.

For everyone’s review & reflection, here following is a discussion about:
(1) Guru Dhyana, (2) Guru Sakash, and (3) Vishesh Yoga.

And we should see if there is any link between these three practices or not.

Note: One Vishesh Yogi has tried to pacify others by telling others that
they should repeat the Guru Sakash shloka at the time of Guru Sakash
because that is one of the lessons of vishesh yoga. This Dada is telling
such things at dharmacakra, lectures, as well as in his sermons and gossip.
So once again we should examine this entire issue and gain clarity, once
and for all.


At the designated time each morning, every Ananda Margii awakens and
immediately ideates on Baba. This is our practice of Guru Sakash.
And this practice of Guru Sakash is just like our Guru Dhyana. Because in
Guru Sakash we are to lovingly recite His divine Name. This is Baba’s
explicit direction in Guru Sakash:

Smarettam Nam purvakam
meaning: ‘Recall His Name’

Baba says, “Whatever words you use mentally to address the Guru at the time
of dhyana or Guru dhyana, should also be used at the time of this Guru
Dhyana [i.e. Guru Sakash]. You should always address the Guru for an
extended period. This is Gurusaka’saha.” (YP, ’98 Edn, p.195)

Hence in Guru Sakash we are to engage in the deeply devotional process of
chanting His divine name over and over again. With a heart drenched in His
love and with His form floating in our mind, we are to recite His loving


It is just like how a baby cries and calls out for its mother and then the
mother comes. Calling the mother’s name is enough. That baby need not
repeat some poetry or text from the mother’s book in order to get the
mother to come. It is not like that. Simply saying ‘mama’ is enough.

Similarly to get Baba in Guru Sakash, just calling His name is needed– not
more & not less. Because after all that is Baba’s guideline. So we should
follow Him.


In contrast a few jinanis are trying to misguide others by saying one
should repeat the shloka “Pra’tah shirasi…”– but we shall investigate
how this is nothing but their ludicrous invention. Indeed their so-called
guideline is wrong and totally off the mark.


Point being that Baba Himself directs us that when doing Guru Sakash we are
to chant His name. So then that is what we should do; and by following His
guideline we are sure to get success.

Hence at the time of Guru Sakash we are to internally repeat: ‘Baba, Baba,
Baba…’ or call out to Him with any other intimate and loving epithet that
naturally and spontaneously arises in the mind. But that epithet must be a
siddha mantra.

Here the main point is that one must know that in Gurusakasha one should
call Him.

And indeed, that is Baba’s very clear-cut method for doing Guru Sakash: To
repeat His divine name or address Him in any other intimate and loving way.
And by this divine practice, one will get Him and drift in His bliss all
day long.



Now let us further investigate how some jinanis mistakenly think that
during Guru Sakash, one should repeat the shloka: “Pra’tah shirasi…”.
This has been one ongoing point of gossip.

Why is this gossip is going on? Because jinanis like to create their own
philosophy and in that way they try to inject disease and confusion in the
minds of the people. Such jinanis always create new dogmas by mixing and
matching various recipes and formulas etc. In the case of Guru Sakash this
has also happened.

Because in this particular instance one vishesh yogi is wrongly mixing and
matching his vishesa yoga lesson with Guru Sakash. Because he has been
gossiping about that in one lesson of vishesha yoga the “Pra’tah
shirasi…” shloka is repeated. So he mistakenly concluded that we should
do the same in Guru Sakash. But this is not Baba’s teaching so we should

If we do not follow Baba, then His sadhana system will be lost at the hands
of these jinanis– just like what happened in the past with Lord Krsna’s
teachings. Sri Krsna taught yogic meditation and dogmatic priests turned
that into ritualistic idol worship. If we are not careful, jinanis will do
the same madness with Baba’s divine teachings.


Because Baba clearly guides us to address Him in Gurusakash in the same way
that we do dhyana. One should not repeat the shloka during Guru Sakash.
Rather we are to call Him using His divine name. That is His teaching.

Baba says, “Whatever words you use mentally to address the Guru at the time
of dhyana or Guru dhyana, should also be used at the time of this Guru
Dhyana [i.e. Guru Sakash]. You should always address the Guru for an
extended period. This is Gurusaka’saha.” (YP, ’98 Edn, p.195)

So first and foremost in every disciple’s mind is to follow the Guru. And
Baba’s explicit instruction is to chant His name at the time of Guru
Sakash– not repeat the shloka.

The value of the shloka is how to do the practice– that everyone should
understand and remember. Just like in our first lesson we do not repeat the
entire system but rather repeat our Ista Mantra.

And indeed Baba’s original teaching on this important point of Guru Sakash
was first given in Shabda Cayanika (Bengali edition), and there He makes no
mention whatsoever that we are to repeat the shloka. Only Baba is telling
to repeat His name.


Here is another way of thinking of this matter of Guru Sakash.

The limitation of the human mind is that it cannot do two works at the same

Then how can we chant His name and repeat the shloka simultaneously. We

It is just like: How can we listen to two different radio stations
broadcasting two different programs at the same time. We cannot.

Reason being two things cannot be done at same time by one unit mind.
By the method of deduction then it is clear that we are only to repeat His
name. Since that is Baba’s singular guideline on the point of Guru Sakash.
And being His disciples we are to follow Him and not anyone else.



Logic and rationality further tell us that Baba has given the shloka
“Pra’tah shirasi…” to provide us with instructions for how to do Guru
Sakash. And those instructions are to be followed– not repeated. And those
instructions specifically state that we are to repeat His Name.

Hence, those directives– those lines of the shloka– are not to be
repeated like a mantra during the practice of Guru Sakash. That will not
work; and that has no sense.

It is just like when practicing yama and niyama then we abide by the
guidelines of those 10 tenets. We do not sit there and repeat the shloka:
“Ahim’ saty a’steyam….” (GHC) Rather we abide by the philosophy which
that shloka preaches.

Likewise, when it is time for half-bath, we do not repeat the instructions
from Caryacarya part 2, rather we go to the bath or well and apply water

Similarly, the shloka “Pra’tah shirasi…” is the philosophy of HOW to do
Guru Sakash, and the repetition of the dhyana mantra is the WAY to do.


Per one vishesh yogi’s talk, we all understand that one of the lessons of
vishesh yoga is to repeat the whole shloka, “Pra’tah shirasi…”.

In that way, vishesh yoga is very similar to doing 3rd lesson, i.e. tattva
dharana. Because in third lesson we repeat an entire shloka which describes
all the various qualities and attributes of each of the first five cakras.

And if one only does third lesson it is impossible to reach the Goal.

Because it is not complete by itself– rather other lessons are needed.
And in vishesh yoga it seems they do the same thing except with the crown
cakra also. So that is one technical type of approach.

Whereas Baba has given the practice of Guru Sakash as a devotional sadhana
where the sadhaka yearns for Baba and calls out to Him. So that shloka is
not at all needed in the practice of Guru Sakasha.


The whole thing works in this following manner.

To run a bullock cart a bull is needed. But that same bull is not needed
when driving a car.

So just because the shloka needs to be repeated in vishesh yoga has no
bearing on whether it should be repeated in Guru Dhyana or Guru Sakash.
Because they are different practices.

Likewise the training one undergoes to prepare for running a marathon is
different from what one does in order to prepare for a deep sea diving

So just because the shloka needs to be repeated in vishesh yoga has no
bearing on whether it should be repeated in Guru Dhyana or Guru Sakash.
Because they are different practices.

Here the point is that different things have different value.

And on the top, Baba specifically guides us that in Guru Sakash we are to
call out to Him using His name etc– and we are not to recite the shloka.


Even then, some naive people may be operating under the assumption that
Vishesh yoga is something really great and that we should just follow that
approach irregardless etc. Due to their ignorance or complex etc, some may
be thinking in this direction.

But really it should be clear to all that in the devotional sphere– which
is the highest realm of all sadhanas– our Guru Dhyana and Guru Sakash have
far more value than Vishesh Yoga. This is Baba’s guideline.

Baba says, “In meditation there must always be the feeling that you want to
serve Him. If this is the feeling, immediately the mind gets concentrated.
If in meditation there is the culmination of service, everything will be
achieved. Even through the preliminary lessons of meditation (Na´ma
Mantra), a spiritual aspirant can get salvation, but even one practicing
higher meditation (Vishesh Yoga) cannot attain it if there is no feeling
for service, and meditation is done just for the sake of exhibition of
one’s heroism.” (‘The Thoughts of Shrii P.R. Sarkar’)

And it is not just on one occasion, but so many times Baba has told that
one who can repeat His name sincerely with true bhakti will get the highest

That is why in Guru Sakash, we repeat His name and not the shloka.

In contrast, vishesh yoga is primarily for those whose minds cannot make
that devotional link so they need some technical approach. Without that,
for them, sadhana is not possible.

Indeed we have all heard Baba say on various occasions that, ‘Those
involved in vishesh yoga are just lagging behind…’.

So none should think that Vishesh Yoga is for some type of higher
realisation. That is not the case.

Baba says, “Through the preliminary lessons of meditation (Na´ma Mantra), a
spiritual aspirant can get salvation, but even one practicing higher
meditation (Vishesh Yoga) cannot attain it.” (The Thoughts of Shrii P.R.

Indeed what to speak of attaining salvation, those vishesh yogis are
creating a lot of problems and mess in our AMPS and it will take hundreds
of years to undo the damage that they have done. This we have all witnessed.

That is why we should keep strict to Baba’s teaching about reciting His
name during Guru Sakash and not be swayed by what certain vishesh yogis are


The culminating point is that Guru Sakash is one highly devotional teaching
from Baba and we should practice it according to His guideline- not any
other way. So may we all be sincere in our approach each and every morning
and even when we awake in the middle of the night. In all such times may we
follow His specific guideline of lovingly reciting His name as His divine
form appears in mind– and not repeat the shloka. So we should concentrate
our mind, visualise Him according to the system, and then call Him with His
loving name. That is the only way to serve Him and please Him in Gurusakash.



On numerous occasions Baba has warned us to beware of jinanis. Because
jinanis come to inject various diseases through their false theories and
concocted formulas etc. The problem is that jinanis have no faith on Guru
and instead they just make up their own things. But we are to follow Guru.
Indeed, reverence to Guru means following what He says. That is the whole
point. So when He guides us to chant His divine name when doing Guru
Sakash, then that is the proper approach– not any other.


Thus far, in our AM sadhana system there are not different ways of doing
sadhana. More clearly we can say that although our Marga has temporarily
been splintered into different factions– still the spiritual practices of
all the groups is the same. On this point we are very fortunate. In
contrast, the Shias and Sunnis fight viciously over how the mode of worship
is to be done. Same with the Protestants and Catholics & same with the
various branches of Hinduism. And this creates a poisonous feeling and
leads to the spilling of blood. As of now, things are not like that in our
Marga. But we have to be careful because various jinanis want to divide AM
according to different ways of doing spiritual practices. If we are not
careful this is going to happen. So we should be ready to follow Baba. And
indeed it is for this reason that Baba proclaims that jinanis are the
enemies of society.


The aforementioned vishesh yogi has also been gossiping around that in
vishesh yoga they concentrate on cakras and their mount, i.e. animals like
elephant etc.

So here again we should not think that vishesh yoga is so great. No doubt
it has its utility but it is not higher than Guru Sakash or dhyana. Because
thinking about Him is the greatest endeavor– not those animals. Only Baba
is the Goal.

Of course those doing vishesh yoga like to create a mystique about it so as
to place themselves a notch above. But this is just their tricky way. And
one should not give any credence to their claims. None should fall prey to
their trap.

Rather we should see their conduct and it is they who are the main cause of
division and destruction in our Marga.


To succeed in the spiritual realm it is very helpful for everyone to have a
crystal clear copy of Baba in varabhaya mudra. This is a must. So everyone
should demand proper copies of this photo from PRS Dada and others
responsible for making this available. Everyone should put forth this
demand. It is our birthright. Because without a photo of proper quality,
doing Guru Sakasha and Guru Dhyana is not easy.

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Date: Fri, 21 May 2010 15:41:06
To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: “Pavitra” pwKlauss@springnet…
Subject: News From Around the Globe



Here are two new items from our world-wide Ananda Marga family.


As many may know, Family Acarya Ram Tanukji is one of the more senior
members of our Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha. Unfortunately, at present
he is undergoing treatment for prostate cancer and by Baba’s grace
Acaryaji will soon return to good health and continue to serve society.

Acarya Ram Tanukji of Begusarai 851100 (Bihar) has led a most
distinguished life. He is family acary, purodha, and is one of the
founding members of both AMPS and Renaissance Universal. And he has
always been most active in AM. During good times and bad times, Acaryaji
has always been very dynamic & involved in the Marga. As a fully
dedicated member of AM’s legal dept and professional advocate, Ram
Tanukji managed the court case when Baba was in jail. Plus in his
personal life he has fought local caste dogma and always stood for
dharma. His wife, also family acarya, was a professor at a local

Ram Tanukji has dedciated himself 100% to the great cause and by Baba’s
grace we know that soon he will experience a return to health. That will
be a boon for our Marga and for our human society.


Of course master units are one of the special ways by which we will
propagate AM ideology all around this earth.

Baba says, “Through master units and PROUT, we will elevate the standard
of the people in a few months or a few years…Hence, with spiritual
philosophy as the hub, we are to start as many Master Units as possible.
All-round service, PROUT and Master Units are the ways of life.” (PNS-19)

Indeed, Baba has given us a grand vision for our master unit program.

Unfortunately, at present, there are multiple cases where our MU’s have
fallen into disarray or worse. And in other instances, certain workers
are posted to remote MU’s and forgotten about.

Today, we detail the case of Didi Ananda Giirisuta who has faced serious
abuse at her MU posting in Paraguay (Sapucai). The MU land is owned by
AM and tragically Didiji has been basically abandoned there – receiving
little or no support from any of the leading factions.

While working there all by herself, Didi has been robbed and beaten on
multiple occasions. No one came to help her nor was there anyone to
defend her. Her safety is zero and her honour tainted. It is a distinct
tragedy that a good worker should have to face such criminal activity
while the organisation watches from afar and never sends help.

All should be aware of the difficulty Didi has had to endure and put an
end to her suffering by demanding from organisational heads that she be
supported and protected – physically, mentally, and spiritually. That is
the duty of her in-charges.

Baba says, “Supervisory workers will have to take proper care of each of
their supervised staff in all respects.” (Pt #2 of ‘Six Additional Rules’)

To learn more about Didi’s situation, she can be reached at: 59553926277

I conclude with this following passage about master units.

Baba says, “In the beginning, Master Units were started with a view to
developing the fate of the backward and downtrodden classes of society
who find no scope to keep pace with the developing world. When Ananda
Marga started touching every discipline of life, it was then
contemplated to establish the Master Units as the miniature forms of
Ananda Marga. As there are different nerve centres in the body which
control the function of the different limbs and organs, and which are
finally controlled by the mind itself, likewise the Master Units will be
treated as the nerve centres of the society. There has to be active
representation and participation from all the departments, branches and
sub-branches of Ananda Marga in the Master Units. Those who fail in
representation will be lost in non-existence.” (PNS-19)


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From: “Satiish G.D. Bose”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: AM Monks Using Underwear
Date: Thu, 20 May 2010 16:27:12 +0530


“Toma’ya a’mi bhla’loba’si, a’mi toma’ra a’jina’ka’ri…” P.S. 4589


Baba, I love You. By Your grace always I feel blessed to obey or carry
out Your divine order. By Your endless compassion, I spend all my days
involved in shravan, manan, and nidhidhyasana. All my time is spent
chanting and hearing Your blissful name and thinking of You. By Your
unfathomable grace I am always engaged in Your ideation.

Baba, in true sense I do not know whether I love You or not. I do not
even want to know whether I am loving You or not. All I know is that my
heart is yearning for You. Baba, please be gracious and compassionate
and bless me with more and more devotion. This is my only thing I want–
to remain close at Your lotus feet.

Baba, with my whole existence– my body, heart, & mind, I do sastaunga
pranam at Your lotus feet. Baba, please grant me ragatmika devotion so I
may serve and love You and remain in Your closest proximity.

Baba, You are the most gracious One…


Monks of Ananda Marga are using underwear.

This statement is not some joke. Nor is this some type of hidden ordeal.
This is what certain group leaders are actively propagating. Anyone who
has seen the recent version of Caryacarya will easily understand.


Of course, Baba’s designated system is that all males must wear a laungota.

Baba says, “Immediately upon reaching adolescence (in India, one reaches
adolescence in between the ages of twelve and fourteen), males should
start using kaopiina (laungot’a’) and should pull back the foreskin of
the penis.” (CC-3)

The laungota is our scientific system as it promotes health and
restraint by providing proper support and keeping the penis in a upward
facing direction. No other type of undergarment does this.

Baba further directs us that one must wear a laungota when performing
yoga asanas.

Baba says, “Males must wear a kaopiina (laungot’a’), and there should be
no other clothing on the body.” (CC-3, chapter 8, ‘Rules for a’sanas)

So Baba’s explicit direct is that all males in the Marga must wear a
laungota at all times and certainly when practicing yoga asanas – there
is no other alternative. Western style underwear or briefs is not an
acceptable option. Because western briefs do not provide adequate
support nor keep the organ upward facing.



Unfortunately, on the cover of the most recent Hindi edition of
Caryacarya part 3, there are glossy, color diagrams of an AM monk doing
yoga asanas. And the monk is depicted wearing western style underwear or
briefs. He is not wearing a laungota.

Even worse, as there is no opening or seam on the front side of that
western underwear, it becomes quite evident that the AM monk on the
cover of Caryacarya III is wearing female underwear.

So the whole situation is quite messy and embarrassing. Not only that,
one of the asanas that the monk is performing is NOT one of our specific
AM asanas.

Thus there are multiple issues involved.

That is why many are saying that this latest Hindi version of CC-3
should be banned or at least taken off the shelf and reprinted. Because
the term Caryacarya itself means “do’s & don’ts”: Our Caryacarya books
are explicit guidelines for the code of conduct in AM. And in this very
book, i.e. CC-3, Baba says in multiple places that all males must wear a
laungota – not western style underwear – and that, in particular, a
laungota must be worn when doing yoga asanas. Yet the very cover of this
latest Hindi edition contravenes Baba’s guidelines in this regard. The
AM monk is wearing western-style underwear – and that is not our AM
system. Then on the top, one of the asanas shown is not part of Baba’s

Thus, the latest Hindi edition of Caryacarya-3 is quite problematic and
gives a false showing of our AM way of life.


It should be clarified that the monk on the cover of Caryacarya part 3
is definitely not wearing a laungota. There is no mistaking the drawing.

By contrast, the black and white sketches on the inside pages of the
book showing a monk doing yoga postures are totally different. Those are
older sketches done before 1990 and in those drawings it is very
evident and noticeable that the male practitioner is most definitely
wearing a laungota. While the drawings on the high-gloss cover of the
Hindi edition do not at all resemble those sketches on the inside pages.
On the cover, the AM monk is absolutely, positively wearing crude,
western underwear, just like they wear in Hollywood movies etc.

So it is not like they did not know how to draw a laungota. That is the
the problem. Rather someone in Publications made the distinct decision
not to use a laungota on the cover drawings, or it was an office
blunder. In any case the problem needs to be resolved.


The natural question that arises is why did those in Publications do
like this. What was the need to misrepresent our AM teachings on the
very cover of Caryacarya.

Here is what many are concluding:

Those at the helm wanted to make AM (more) appealing to the masses so
they used western style underwear. Thus for public appeal, they
compromised on our AM ideals. That is one reason.

For this same reason, those in publications depicted tree pose
(vrksasana) on the cover of this book even when this is not one of
Baba’s specified poses. This is just one of the many thousands of poses
which Baba has rejected for our AM practice. Yet they put this pose on
the over because it is very popular with the masses, especially these
days as the fake yoga movement is growing exponentially.

So for the sake of public opinion all kinds of things are being done –
all sorts of compromises are being made.

One can only ask, what are they going to do next? Show someone eating
meat on the cover because that is also popular in certain areas, or will
they show someone drinking beer / alcohol on the cover because the
common people like that. Where will it end. This policy of compromise is
not at all good.

Some in the general society also do like this.

Baba says, “Playwrights and directors, too, are obliged to adjust
themselves to the public demand, adopting the policy of compromise.”

But this is not at all good. We should not fall into such a rut. By
displaying western underwear and fake yoga asanas on the cover or
Caryacarya, the dharma of AM can never be established.

Baba says, “We will not deviate an inch from our ideology, nor will we
allow others to do so. One cannot promote human welfare if one bothers
too much about public criticism, about the reaction in the papers or
among the voters.” (NSS, Disc: 14)

Tragically the problems on the cover of the recent Caryacarya-3 are all
part of one downward spiral where the essence of AM is lost due to the
fact that some are willing to compromise our AM mandates in order to
appeal to the general populace.


Here are further reasons which may have contributed to the present

Next, many acaryas in overseas sectors are now leading their own yoga
programs where they teach asana classes and they do not want to have to
introduce the system of wearing a laungota. Either due to shyness or
fear they neglect this point. Thus it is quite convenient for them if
the cover of our AM book shows a monk doing yoga asanas in western
fitting underwear.

Then there are various other reasons or moods behind this false display:
indifference, sloppiness, convenience, disinterest, embarrassment, lack
of understanding, & more. Whatever may be, the outcome is the same: Our
AM ideals have been compromised and instead dogma reigns. All this on
the cover of our very own AM book.


The end result is that this is harmful in multiple ways:

1) Good people – ie new people looking for a revolutionary path – will
walk away from AM thinking that we are no different from all the other
fake yogas that are now on the market. They will see that we are
embracing the same western pseudo-culture. That is what will happen when
we shy away from our dharmic teachings.

2) Nowadays, due to Baba’s sublime vibration, people are looking for
something pure and untainted. Many all over, and especially in the west,
are looking towards the ancient traditions of India for new practices in
life. They are not wanting to redo all the same western dogmas. If we
refrain from teaching them about our scientific laungota system, which
is actually new and revolutionary and even better than what the monks of
old were wearing, then we will not be able to attract those good people
into our Marga.

3) Baba’s asana system requires wearing a laungota and He has specially
selected asanas which uplift the practitioner in all the realms:
physical, psychic and spiritual. That is a huge boon for the humanity.
As we know there are thousands and thousands of yoga asanas, yet Baba
has exclusively selected the most beneficial ones for human growth and
development. Yet on the cover of CC-3, those publishers are highlighting
tree pose, which is not even one of our AM asanas. New readers will
think that this is one they should practice and they will think we are
sloppy since although it appeared on the cover it is not described
inside the book. So this is yet another unfortunate and harmful outcome.

4) Finally, if we fail to live up to our AM standards on the points of
wearing a laungota and doing proper asanas, then we are bound to fall
short of our AM ideals in so many other arenas of life. So it only begs
a greater problem.


By Baba’s grace, He has given all the teachings for self-realisation and
creating a proper social order. All we need to do is follow them correctly.

The teachings in Caryacarya represent our social scripture and if the
cover of these books run contrary to His guidelines, then that indeed is
an injustice. We can never accept such a thing – on points of dharma we
must never compromise.

It is our bounden to rally around this concerning matter regarding the
latest Hindi edition of Caryacarya-III. That will be a critical step to
restoring prama and setting the tone to keep true to His teachings.

Baba says, “Carya’carya (all parts) is our social treatise.” (CC-1)

Baba says, “Ananda Marga wants to build up an ideal society such as
this. So there should be a congenial environment where people will get
the opportunity to enhance their physical, psychic and spiritual
progress, and advance rhythmically and in unison towards Parama Purus’a.
Hence, Ananda Marga has formulated a social treatise for the
establishment of a congenial social structure.” (TK-2)



The most recent version of CC-3 Hindi edition was printed in Tiljala
by the in-charges. At first then it seems that this is yet another
B group scriptural scandal. No doubt that faction has a role to
play. At the same time H group personnel has just been keeping mum.
Either they do not care about the error of they have been too busy
in their groupist escapades to notice that anything was wrong.

Sadhana Point

Baba says, “Where there is no love, the mind will not run after Him. So
dhya’na also becomes meaningless.”

“Dhya’na is withdrawing the mental propensities from all extroversive
entities, and then collecting those withdrawn mental forces, mental
propensities, and urging them towards the Supreme Entity. If there is no
love for the Supreme Entity, this movement cannot be done.” (Patna, 31st
August, 1978)

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Be Aware…

Date: Wed May 19 2010 15:38:11 -0000
From: P. Maher
Subject: Be Aware…


PS Intro: This following Prabhat Samgiita works in two ways. (1) Baba is
depicting the idea behind the advent of Parama Purusa as Mahasambhuti in
the play of His divine liila. And (2) this song refers to Baba’s divine
appearance in dhyana.

“Na’m na’-ja’na’ ma’na’ na’-ma’na’ rauniin parii ese pa’she…” (P.S. 2983)


One shining, colorful angel of unknown name has come close to me. This
angel was not concerned about getting respect or not. Just it came to
me. Its eyes were glowing with golden effulgence, and this divine angel
told something to me.

The angel told: ‘My abode is in the divine world yet to accomplish the
work & for the welfare of all, I move around this entire universe. And
all those who love me, I pull them close.’

‘Without stopping I move continuously around this entire universe.’
And the angel also told that, ‘In the bond of love, I get caught also.
And I float in the flow of divine songs.’

From the divine world one angel has come and it graced me and told me
all the secrets of its advent…

Note: In this song Baba is using the allegory of an angel, yet in true
sense He is talking about Himself. Thus, although the word– parii–
literally means ‘angel’, but in Prabhat Samgiita the real meaning of the
term parii is: Baba the Parama Purusa.


Our goal in AM is to bring welfare to our entire human family. To
achieve this, we must be fully aware about any and all who try, or have
tried, to undermine the humanity. So we have to take a careful look back
and see what has happened in the past, as well as clearly view what is
happening at present– only then can we properly understand the scene.

And again, the whole goal is bring benevolence and peace to all peoples
of the globe– verily that is what Baba wants that we should do.


Each and every land, country, town, and province has its history. And
tragically, in all places certain individuals have done terrible harm to
the society. No region is exempt from this.

For example, in Islam, it was decided that three or four women are equal
to one man; in India, women were forced to jump to their death on the
burning embers if their husband died before them; and in the western
world, women neither had the right to work or vote for centuries on end.
Thus in all parts of the globe, terrible crimes were done against women.

And indeed, in each and every place, the common people– from women to
workers, from blacks to babies, from aborigines to artisans– have
suffered and undergone terrible torments and abuse.

Not only that, so much infighting has occurred in countries such as
Honduras, Kenya, Pakistan, Morocco, and so on. Such division and
destruction has happened in nearly every nation. Is it the fault of the
common people in all these places– or is there some other contributing

For us this is a burning question, because in order to deliver a united
humanity to the people, we must know who and what has been the cause of
so much torment, division, and destruction.


If we look carefully, it is quite evident that there are two types of
creatures who are most responsible for all these problems: (1)
Politicians & (2) jinanis (intellectuals).

Time and again, these two types of creatures have done tremendous harm
to society due to their own narrow selfish interest. Yet oddly enough,
these very same creatures– politicians and jinanis– have garnered much
respect in society.

And still today, they continue to get such prestige.

But in AM, Baba severely warns us about such type of beings.

Here below Baba clearly states that it was the intellectuals (jinanis)
who imposed the horrific caste system on the society.

Baba says, “The caste system is a creation of the cunning intellectuals
of the Medieval Age. In the Vipra Era they wanted to perpetuate their
privileged position for their descendants. To achieve this end, those
cunning intellectuals wrote thousands of books and compiled thousands of
God-centred verses only to show that the caste system is a creation of
God. This was a psychological way of infusing the illogical idea [of
casteism].” (PNS-4)

Indeed in the Hindu religion and in all the religions they use similar
tricks. In the name of their god they exploit the masses. It may be
that one should accept their fate as being a shudra, or a slave, or a
poor man. In all cases they are told to accept their lot in life as
this is the edict of god.

And here in the next passage Baba shows how it was the intellectuals who
duped the people into following wrongful teachings and cheap religious

Baba says, “The cunning intellectuals of the past imposed the importance
of blind faith on the minds of their gullible followers. They told them
to obey the teachings, rational or irrational, otherwise there would be
no respite from the endless suffering of human life, no other path to
take them to the eternal bliss of heaven.” (AMIWL-7)

With regards to politicians, Baba says that they are the cause of so
much infighting and civil war.

Baba says, “Politicians want to accomplish everything through their
grandiloquence. By identifying the weaknesses in others and by resorting
to bombastic language, they incite one section of people against another
so that they can usurp the seat of power and cling to it. Human beings
will have to remain vigilant against persons of this type.” (POD #26)

Thus when the big politicians of Washington DC invade this or that land,
then most often civil war results. And after WW-2 when the allied powers
drew up plans & boundary lines in the Middle East & India, it was they
who set the stage for disgruntlement among the masses. And similar
things happened during the partition of India. The British leaders
incited choas between the Hindus and Musilims who had otherwise been
living side by side for centuries.

So there are countless instances where a few crooked politicians
created communal riots among the masses.

And here again Baba explicitly warns us about the no-good ways of

Baba says, “Politicians are of no use to society because they are
engaged in the business of mudslinging and nothing else…The motive of
the politicians is only to capture power. They befool the public with
high-sounding words. Therefore it is necessary that the public should be
politically educated, because in that case politicians will not be able
to cheat them.” (PNS-4)

So in order to build up that great human society, we must be careful and
pay heed to Baba’s words. Otherwise we will not be able to accomplish
our goal.

Here it should be noted that common people are incapable of doing such
harm. It takes a certain cunningness to dupe, deceive, trick and
exploit. Most people have no such mind to behave in this manner.


Verily in so many ways Baba goes to great lengths to warns us about the
dangers and horrors caused by jinanis (intellectuals) and politicians.

Because it is not the simplicity of the common people that leads to the
suffering of the masses. Rather is the is fertile brain of these two
groups of exploiters– jinanis and politicians– that have meted out
untold harm to humanity.

Baba says, “It is a mere interpolation arising out of the fertile brain
of an opportunist Vipra or intellectual, it can never bring real
knowledge to people, but will sow seeds of disharmony and dissension in
the human society. For instance, the scripture of a certain community
states that the earth is fixed and the sun in moving around it. This
assertion is of course absolutely wrong scientifically. If an erudite
scientist points out this mistake, the orthodox followers of the
scriptures will brand him or her an atheist. The scriptures of other
communities proclaim that only the followers of their religion are the
favourite children of God and others are damned heathens. To kill them
is not at all a sin, rather one will attain a permanent place in heaven
after their death. Such scriptures are very detrimental to human
society.” (TK-2)


Yet in the society, these two groups walk and prance around the globe–
drawing huge praise and respect from the people. So many politicians and
so many intellectuals draw thousands to their halls when they step up to
the microphone. From crooked presidents and ministers, to religious
priests, to the brains behind corporate exploitation, all these people
get huge respect and prestige in the society. The people essentially
fall at their feet, yet these are the very beings who are the cause of
so much injustice in the world. That is the irony of it all.

Verily it is not always easy to recognise such cheats. Especially the
common people get duped by the tall talks of such opportunists:
cunning intellectuals and hypocritical politicians.

And that is why on countless occasions Baba warns us to be careful with
these two types of creatures.


Unfortunately, we cannot think that all these problems are only going on
outside the Marga. In our AMPS there has been so many dogmas imposed on
us by such jinanis: From Mahaprayan to Fake Ananda Vaniis, from the
distortion of scripture to dogmatic tiirthas. Some have said all Baba’s
books are from the “original Bangla”. Indeed so many false ideas have
been thrown around our AM society.

But even then that is not all. The infighting of groupism is nothing but
the result of the political shenanigans of a few power hungry souls. The
common margiis and field workers have no desire to fight with other
margiis. But lines were drawn by top level groupists due to their
political greed, and in result avadhutas have been killed, margiis have
been arrested, and so much harm has been done.

So just as the common society has suffered at the hands of such
intellectuals and politicians– by issuing false edicts about women etc
and by pitting one side against another such as what they did in the
Middle East after WWII or in India in 1947– these same poisonous antics
have occurred in our Marga as well.

This we have all seen.

Thus to build up a proper Marga and to deliver welfare to the humanity,
our eyes must be keen to the the hellish ways of such intellectuals and
politicians. That is Baba’s repeated warning. Only then will we be able
to accomplish of goal of delivering peace on this dusty earth.

So such types of persons must not be trusted– not one ounce. No outside
AM nor inside AM.


Is there any hope for such jinanis and politicians. Can these people
with their fertile brains do anything decent for the society.

Basically, after taking power out of their hands and exposing their
defects to all so that they cannot hurt the humanity any further, the
only way to rectify these two creatures is if they dedicate themselves
to Parama Purusa and cultivate a feeling of neo-humanism. Then and only
then can they become assets to the society. Failing that, they will
always be the source of terrible division and suffering.

So there is hope for such jinanis and politicians, but we must be super

First we must make these troublemakers naked in the eyes of the people
so that the common citizens are no longer in awe of and duped by these
two creatures. And secondly, ample pressure must be applied to force
these politicians and jinanis to follow the codes of dharma– and
nothing but.

That is Baba’s warning and only by this way can we build a bright new


By Baba’s grace, we will be able to undo all the horror and harm
committed by these jinanis and politicians and create that bright new

Baba says, “Renaissance people will have to raise their voices against
this, and they will have to do it now – they will have to do it
immediately. And I also desire that you all should move on the path of
Renaissance, which is fully supported by rationality, from today – from
this very moment. Let victory be yours.” (PNS-9)


To Become Great

Baba says, “If your longing for money, and your longing for name or fame
is converted into longing for Parama Purusa, then even ordinary mortals
can get transformed into great souls.” SS-17 (H) 1 January 1986

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Date: Tue, 18 May 2010 22:58:41 -0400
To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: Miguel
Subject: He Must Be Dirty…



Here is clear-cut proof that by His divine vibration Baba’s ideas are
spreading and getting implemented on this dusty earth.

We all know that Baba’s teaching is to wash with water after urination
and defecation. That is part and parcel of our Sixteen Points. All
sincere margiis adhere to this tenet.

Ans now we see how the general public is moving in this direction as
well. For years in the west and especially in the US, toilet paper was
king. But now there is a movement away from toilet paper.

Those in so-called developing nations have been using water to wash for
centuries, but now they are trying to emulate the US’s style of toilet
paper. Those nations should reconsider since water is far better. They
should not get caught up in the dirty ways of the west, i.e. toilet paper.

Before reading these below articles, it should be noted that while in AM
we appreciate washing with water, we do not 100% support the system
outlined below, i.e. a bidet which shoots water from underneath. We
prefer to pour water from above. That is better hygiene.

When using a bidet, there is the possibility that the dirty water can
fall back down into the bidet and get the entire water supply
contaminated. To prevent this they have put a new valve on the bidet.
Even then the tip of the bidet might get stained by dirty water.

So while we espouse the virtues of washing with water over the use of
toilet paper, as that is Baba’s system, we do not fully agree with the

The purpose of the below articles is to show how in the so-called
developed west, they are now moving towards using water and not toilet
paper. Anyone using toilet paper is considered to be dirty.

Kindly review the three following articles.


Wiping is Washed Up
By Andrew Romano | NEWSWEEK

Deep down, Americans have always known that wiping their rears with dry
paper is ineffective; a classic survey showed that half of TP users
spend their days with “fecal contamination”—anything from “wasp-colored”
stains to “frank massive feces”—in their underpants. And yet we continue
to mock the bidet, the Frenchest of innovations, as froufrou, risqué, de
trop. But while personal hygiene is one thing, the future of the planet
is another. The average American uses 57 sheets of toilet paper a day;
collectively, we burn through 36.5 billion rolls each year. Tossing all
the TP in America would save 15 million trees, 17.3 terawatts of
electricity, and more than 473 billion gallons of water annually; the
environmental impact of bidets is minimal in comparison. No wonder the
Japanese bidet behemoth Toto is gearing up for a massive sales push in
the States. When it’s hip to be green, ditching the Charmin could
-actually make a difference. And not only in our (dirty) drawers.

Bidet Health Benefits

They have been around for 300 years and the health benefits from using a
Bidet are numerous and even if you don’t have health issues, they will
keep you clean and help you prevent health problems. The big secret of
using a Bidet Toilet Seat is very simple… they keep you clean! Can you
imagine only using a dry paper towel and no water to clean your hands?
That’s what you’re doing every day when you use toilet paper to clean
yourself after going to the bathroom. Water is a very natural way to
clean your bottom and most people around the world use a bidet everyday
and live a healthier lifestyle. You owe it to yourself to give it a try!

Hemorrhoids And Itching

These horribly painful afflictions are actually veins beneath the rectum
and/or surrounding the anus that have become swollen. They often arise
when pressure is applied to the rectal area repetitiously. This pressure
makes defecating difficult and is what can cause people, especially men,
to strain excessively when attempting to pass bowel movements.

One is at higher risk for acquiring hemorrhoids if constipated, not
consuming enough fiber, pregnant, obese or works at a job that requires
continual sitting or standing. Statistics show that nearly 75% of
Americans will get them at some point during their lifetime.

The best way to relieve the bleeding, itching and pain associated with
them is to maintain good hygiene. Once again, the flowing jet stream of
warm water from a bidet makes this easy by cleansing the area without
aggravating the inflamed tissues. The warm water stream helps reduce
swelling of the affected membranes, which reduces irritation and stops

This can often eliminate the need for suppositories and messy creams
that are awkward to apply and often ineffective. Doctors recommend this
less invasive form of treatment over using traditional moist pads, as
they can sometimes produce an allergic reaction actually exacerbating
the problem.

Feminine Hygiene

According to many physicians, feminine cleaning products that contain
chemicals such as deodorants and moist cloth towelettes can be
potentially harmful by irritating the delicate tissues of the urinary
tract and breeding infection. Using pure water from a bidet toilet seat
is a much more natural, effective and safe way to achieve cleanliness.

Pregnancy and Postpartum Hygiene

When a woman becomes pregnant, her body’s various systems go on
overdrive, especially the ones producing bodily fluids. This is a time
when the need for a bidet toilet seat increases ten-fold. Regular
flushing with fresh water will keep the expectant mother soothed,
cleansed and smelling fresh all throughout her pregnancy.


This affliction is extremely common and no fun for men and women alike.
The gentle water jet produced by the bidet toilet seat actually helps
stimulate bowel movements by relaxing the sphincter muscles that control
the anus. In this way, using the bidet makes relieving oneself a much
more pleasant, painless process, especially if the water jet is applied
for about 10 seconds prior to defecating.

Another handy feature of the bidet seat is its adjustable water pressure
setting for when things become extra clogged. Increasing the water
pressure, essentially simulating an enema, encourages a more comfortable
elimination. Using the bidet on a daily basis teaches the user’s body to
relax and relieves constipation by instilling a habit that becomes
instinctive. This prevents constant straining which can lead to an
extremely uncomfortable hemorrhoids, our next topic.

Elderly and Physically Challenged

As we age, life’s wear and tear on our bodies makes daily tasks more
difficult to complete. This reality can cause elderly people to feel
incapable and helpless. Installing a bidet toilet seat can restore a
sense of independence to the user because it does all the work for them.

This can be helpful for physically challenged people as well. The bidet
can replace the need to have a person aid them when going to the
bathroom, giving the user more mobility and privacy. In turn, this often
helps strengthen confidence and build an overall sense of well-being.

Diarrhea and Dysentery

Both of these debilitating ailments have several things in common. They
demand frequent trips to the toilet followed by excessive wiping with
scratchy toilet paper. The friction created by the toilet paper only
increases discomfort, especially for young children.

Also the amount of bodily fluids excreted when suffering from diarrhea
or dysentery increases, irritating the rectum due to their high acidity.
Having cool or warm water spray over the area cleanses these toxic
fluids from the body and using the air drying feature afterwards keeps
the area dry and prevents infection.

In all of these scenarios the bidet provides much needed relief when
finding comfort is of utmost importance.

Bidet valve
United States Patent 6035458

North American plumbing codes typically require a vacuum breaker, i.e. a
pressure relief valve, be installed in the water supply lines to the
bidet to obviate reverse siphoning and back-flow of contaminated water
from the bidet bowl to the water supply lines.

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Date: Tue 18 May 2010 11:14:27 -0400
To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: Sudhadharar@newsnet…..
Subject: Celebrating His Advent: A’nanda Pu’rnima’


“Tumi je esecho a’j vyathit janer katha’ bhavite…” (P.S. 647)


Baba, the whole society was facing various types of tortures,
humiliations and exploitation. No one was there to think about the
exploited mass, those who were crying and suffering. Baba, feeling the cry
of their heart, You have advented Yourself today. It is Your grace.

Baba, in the past there was no one to love them. Now by Your grace You
have come here to love all those downtrodden & exploited masses– as well
as one and all. And with Your infinite compassion You have removed
everyone’s pains and grief. Baba, in the past people were engulfed by
various dogmas and their minds were completely stained. But by Your grace
You have removed that cimmerian darkness from their existence and in the
wake of Your holy advent filled up their lives with the effulgence of

Baba, the entire universe was looking toward the eastern horizon
anxiously awaiting Your auspicious advent. The common people were facing
excruciating tortures and torments; their entire existence was completely
wounded. Baba, their whole body and limbs were racked by the blows of
severe suffering. Due to carrying the heavy load of those burdens and
bondages for such a long time, not even a tinge of happiness remained in
their lives. Long back all their joy totally vanished.

O’ Parama Purusa, O’ Baba You are so gracious; You have showered so much
effulgence in the bosom of this universe. By Your causeless grace, You have
inundated the hearts of everyone with more and more divine nectar. And with
Your sonorous yet thundering voice You are calling out to all that there is
no reason that they should keep their heads hung in despair, rather they
should keep their heads held high.

Baba by Your causeless grace You have advented today…


== PART III ==

Ananda Marga is the path of bliss. The systematic yogic lifestyle and the
360 degree spiritual cum social outlook leads the entire human family to
march ahead in unison. Part and parcel of this collective movement is our
participation in social functions because it is by these blissful
gatherings like Ananda Purnima that we are able to glorify Baba, renew
ourselves, and attract more people on the collective train of dharma–
generating greater momentum to move ahead.

Here below are additional views on the celebration of Ananda Purnima and
how social functions positively affect our Marga. By Baba’s grace others
will also continue to express their insights on this topic.


Human society is based on the united strength of one and all, where all
live collectively. And it is human nature to partake in collective life;
after all we are social beings. Living in isolated little pockets is not to
our liking and doing so breeds stagnancy also.

Collective living accelerates human progress just like those animals which
live collectively progress more than the animals which live in isolation.
Similarly by cooperative human interaction society moves ahead in a dynamic

Therefore social functions like the upcoming Ananda Purnima celebrations
give society a tremendous turbo boost to advance since such programs help
inspire people to engage in collective life. Plus social functions generate
more enthusiasm and propulsion on the collective pathway– with the result
being that all types of good things suddenly become possible.

By living collectively humans can solve various problems and now the need
of the day is to build single human society. Naturally social functions
help in this because by this way various people come together to enjoy in
social and spiritual way.


Yet not only do AM social functions give a huge injection of inspiration.
But these grand gatherings– which Baba has designed– goad and guide
everyone deeper into the spiritual realm. And this in turn brings permanent
peace. So although the name is a social function but its base is

In direct contrast in the crude society social parties end up being nothing
but degenerative events that promote and satisfy animalistic desires &
carnal pleasures. Just people are chasing madly after worldly and transient



Here are a few more ideas that came from several members of our bhukti:

High quality free food & free meals should be made available to any who
attend. And local margiis can contribute to this program according to
their liking. In that sense it is okay to let the wealthy give more.
One other idea is to make a free feast and then go round asking donations
whereby volunteer teams get from those who like to give in order to support
the Ananda Purnima program.

But we must not request money from those wts with no money etc.
Just we have to ensure that a special, secret donation box there.
That way even small a donation is fine. Because it is the feeling that
is most important

Many also feel that charging a fee for the food makes it like some
commercial event, where there is no charm or no flow like business

The sense being that food at programs like Ananda Purnima should be free.
And actually what we have seen here in India is that usually in Delhi
Sector one or another person has huge enthusiasm to cover the cost of
entire program. But this can only happen when they have good feeling for
the entire program and the local unit etc.

Finally, special food should be made available for all. Point being that
there will be one type of food for all– that which is top quality.


So these are a few of the ways and thoughts about how this Ananda
Purnima can be celebrated. And these things are all per Baba’s distinct


Here following is Baba’s blessing as we enter into the weekend of Ananda

Baba says, “Ensure that those who enjoy the celebrations also get thereby
healthy opportunities for their physical growth, mental development, and
spiritual progress.” (CC-1, p.42)



Baba says, “People often feel bored with their humdrum lives, with their
mechanical routines; thus a fresh start must be created through festivals
or utsava. The root verb su means “to be reborn.” Su plus -al suffix =
sava. The substance which produces new vigour in the body is called
a’shava, or wine. Similarly ut + su + al = utsava, which means “festival.”
“Ut” means “above” and “sava” means “rebirth” ; so utsava means “an
occasion which gives human beings fresh inspiration to live a new life.”
(AFPS-5, p.18)

Sarva’unga’sana and Vipariitakarani Mudra

“Question: What is the difference between sarva’unga’sana and
vipariitakarani mudra?”

“Answer: In sarva’unga’sana we have to fix the mind at the point of the
toes, whereas in vipariitakarani mudra we have to fix the citta or mind
stuff at the tip of the nose or at the navel point.” (YP, p.117-18)

Note: Sarva’unga’sana and vipariitakarani are very similar– they are
almost the same thing. Just a few little differences are there:
(1) In sarva’unga’sana the mind and eyes are fixed on the center point
between the two big toes while in vipariitakarani mudra the mind focuses on
the navel or the tip of the nose.

(2) When the body is very straight and it does not have to exert a
continuous effort to maintain that position– rather it is easy and
comfortable to hold that posture– then it is sarva’unga’sana. Whereas
mudras, such as vipariitakarani mudra, demand a constant and ongoing effort
to maintain the posture. Asanas, on the other hand require a little effort
to enter into the position and thereafter it is comfortable and easy to

(3) In sarva’unga’sana and vipariitakarani mudra, although the postures
look the same but the effort exerted and way of approach are a little
different as explained earlier. And in addition they effect the body in
different ways. Sarva’unga’sana affects the glands & cakras, and the
secretion of the hormone; while mudras give strength to the muscles and
nevers. These ideas have been given by Baba in His various discourses.

(4) In WT reporting sessions, Baba used to sometimes give atonement by
demanding that some or all do vipariitakaranai for a long time. Sometimes
for 1/2 hr, 1 hou, 2 hrs, at a stretch. Naturally that qas quite enjoyable
for everyone to do. And the underlying reason behind this was that the
majority of WT had acidity problems and this Vipariitakarani mudra was the
cure. So in the name of doing atonement it was actually’s Baba’s

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From: “Gagan”
Subject: Our Mistake
Date: Mon, 17 May 2010 12:56:51 -0000


“Para’n’ bhare varan’a kari, eso a’ji a’ma’r ghare…” P.S. 438


Baba, please come in my mental abode, on my Guru Cakra. O my dearmost, I
want to receive You with my heart content. After receiving You, I will
go on gazing toward You with my full heart satisfaction. –Until my eyes
get satiated. Baba, I will hold both Your lotus feet, and always keep
You in my heart.

I have arranged a reception basket filled with flowers and fruits. And
it has been saturated with my heart-felt love. In the corner of my mind,
with heart full of sweetness, I want to have You up to eternity. Baba,
today You please sit in the lotus of my heart. I am calling You with the
practice of shravan, manan, and niddidhyasan. Please come. With a
longing which has been hidden in the depths of my heart, since a long
time, I am waiting for You. Please grant success, by Your coming. Please
come and fulfill my desire, which was rising in the deep corner of my
mind since ages. Today, when You will come, then that desire will be
quenched. Baba, You please grace me by coming…


A long time back – decades and years ago – Baba told us to quickly
propagate Prout to the masses and teach them all about Prout’s policies,
including how the private sector (i.e. capitalism) cannot safely manage
key industries.

And now look what has happened: Before we could carry out His request,
yet another disaster has occurred (read below).

So Baba told us to propagate Prout’s policies and we could not do it –
that is our mistake.

Let’s take a moment to see what happened and how it can be solved.


Everyone is aware about the huge oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Oil
giant, British Petroleum (BP), saw its oil rig explode on April 20, and
since that time experts estimate that the equivalent of 5,000 to 25,000
barrels of oil is spilling into the gulf every day. Needless to say,
this an economic, ecological and environmental disaster.

But it was totally preventable; Prout has the answer.

By following two of Prout’s practical policies, we can ensure that such
catastrophes do not occur ever again – or at the very least are highly
less likely. Tragically, the way things are set up now, the next
disaster is just waiting to happen. It is inevitable.

So while scientists and technicians work on cleaning up this latest of
spills, we Proutists must take the time to propagate our plan for
ensuring that society does not witness a repeat event. As the debacles
mount, the public is more and more ready to listen so we should move
ahead and share Prout’s view.


These two following Prout policies are enough to prevent recurring
nightmares – like oil spills in the gulf – in the near future:

1. The profit motive should be replaced by consumption and service motive;

2. Key industries, like oil and gasoline, must be run by the local

With the implementation of Prout’s above two policies, all kinds of
human-made disasters will be averted. That means oil spills, gas leaks,
food poisoning, failing bridges, chemical hazards, pollution problems,
airplane crashes and so much more will either be significantly reduced
or eliminated entirely.

Let’s take a look and see how it works.



At present, in this crude capitalistic era, where the profit is king,
the bottom line in all business endeavors is making money. Thus, to turn
a profit all kinds of tricks can be done and all kinds of corners can be
cut. Such is their defective mentality. They can do anything and
everything – at great risk to the public – in order to increase profits.

In this approach however, there is a price to pay. The quality of work
is reduced, safety measures are overlooked, lower-grade materials are
used, and so many tactics are employed to increase profit that hinder
the overall product & outcome of the job.

Such capitalists are more concerned with making money and less concerned
about pollution, environmental hazards, safety, and well-being of the
people. All these latter things can be compromised and sacrificed for
their sacred profit $$.

That is why, on a nearly daily basis, we read about so many disasters
and problems related with big business. The BP oil spill is just the
latest. There is a huge string of such catastrophes from the Bhopal gas
leak that left tens of thousands injured or dead, to nuclear disasters,
to collapsing bridges and so much more.

In nearly cent-per-cent of the cases, the catastrophes were preventable.
Because of chasing after the profit motive as their sole endeavor,
companies skimp on safety features etc and become agents of disasters.

That is why Prout’s policy is that the profit motive must be tossed
aside in favour of a policy based on universal consumption and well-being.

Baba says, “In the capitalist structure, industry or production is
governed by the profit motive, but in the Proutistic structure
production will be governed by the motive of consumption.” (PNS-15)

Baba has given this teaching on multiple occasions as it is a staple of
our Prout philosophy.

Baba says, “In the collective economic structure the profit motive has
no place – here industry is for consumption.” (PNS-4)

And here below, for those who are economists etc, Baba outlines the more
technical aspects below.

Baba says, ‘In Proutistic production or consumption, in the first phase
the money value remains constant and full-fledged purchasing capacity
will be guaranteed to the people. In the second phase, when production
increases in the revised economic order, money will get back its natural
market value. Finally, after consumption, money will get back its actual
value.” (PNS-9)

The entire point then is that the motivating force behind the economic
development is so critical. If the motive is just to make a profit then
that will invariably lead to so many other risks and hazards, whereas
when the economy is based on safe human consumption then projects will
be planned and carried out in an entirely different manner.

That is why when the profit motive is left behind, and we adopt Prout’s
new approach of industry for consumption, then gross oil spills etc will
be a thing of the past.



The follow-up point in Prout’s policy is that all meta or key industries
must be run by the immediate governmental body. Because the private
sector, as noted above, is unable to safely manage those industries.

Baba says, “It has to be emphasised that key industries should be run by
the government. ” (PNS-15)

When the government runs a key industry then the sole objective will not
be to make a profit. The aim will be to make that industry safe,
accessible, and practical for the common people. So it will not run on
the profit motive.

Baba says, “Most key industries should be managed by the local
government but they should be guided by the principle of “no profit, no
loss”.” (PNS-21)

Hence in the case of oil, the government will follow far more safety
regulations and operate the industry more for public welfare rather than
their own gain. In that case, we will not wake up in the morning and
hear the news of massive oil spills or other kinds of disasters. Such
messes will be much less likely.

One thing to keep in mind in all of this is that Baba advocates that
local governmental bodies should control key industries. It is not like
communism where the fed or state owns and controls everything. According
to Baba, it is the local governmental bodies that should be in control.
This is an important element to keep in mind.

Baba says, “The central government should not control large-scale
industries because this may hamper the interests of local people. Where
there is a federal system of government, these industries should be
controlled by the immediate government, and where there is unitary
government, they should be managed by local bodies.” (PNS-4)

And here Baba explains further about how those local governmental bodies
should manage their labour force.

Baba says, “Key industries should be large scale industries. These key
industries should be managed and owned by the immediate government, and
in order to keep labour relations congenial, a bonus system of work and
piece work payments should be adopted. The harder and better the people
work, the more profit they will get.” (PNS-15)

Again, the entire point is that the government must be involved and
operate on a no-profit, no-loss basis where the aim is public welfare
and where local people have a voice in how it is run.

That will be a safe way in which to run key industries. Then corporate
greed will not run wild – like we see in today’s capitalist era – and
there will not be crude and dangerous decisions made based solely on the
profit motive, as happens in today’s oil industry etc.


In total, in a Proutistic economy, there will be a three-tiered approach.

Baba says, “PROUT advocates a three-tiered industrial structure which
includes key industries managed by the immediate government,
cooperatives, and privately owned enterprises.” (PNS-12)

a) Individuals can own and operate their own small business, such as a
person running their own massage parlor or spa. It is just a small 1 or
2 person operation where there is a single owner.

b) When any business gets a little bit bigger it must be run according
to the cooperative system – such as a tree farm or clothing company.

c) Finally, as noted above, key industries – oil, gas, automobile,
space, electric – should be operated and managed by local governmental

Baba says, “Most medium-scale industries should be managed as
cooperatives, but they should not be guided by monopoly production and
profit. The cooperative sector will be the main sector of the economy.
Cooperatives are the best means to organize local people independently,
guarantee their livelihood and enable them to control their economic
welfare. Most small-scale and cottage industries will be in the hands of
individual owners. Small-scale industries should be confined mainly to
the production of non-essential commodities such as luxury items. Though
privately owned, they must maintain adjustment with the cooperative
sector to ensure a balanced economy.” (PNS-21)

This is the safest way to manage and organise our economy.

With key industries in the hands of the local government – not crude
capitalists – then the profit-motive will not be the driving force,
rather public consumption and service to the people will be the biggest
motivating factors.


Here Baba gives an overview of the Proutistic economy. This is a helpful

Baba says, “Large-scale and small-scale industries should remain side by
side. Key industries should be managed by the immediate government,
because it is not possible to run them efficiently on a cooperative
basis due to their complexities and hugeness. Small-scale industries
should run on a cooperative basis, and the small industries which cannot
be managed by cooperatives should be left to private enterprise. Thus:
(1) small businesses should be left to individuals; (2) big industries
should be owned by the immediate government; and (3) the industries in
between the big and small industries should be run on a cooperative
basis.” (PNS-4)


By Baba’s grace He has given us the solution to each and every problem.
It simply stands as our mistake if we have yet to implement that solution.

Starting today, while the public is hungry and fed-up with the ways of
the capitalist monsters, we should blow the horn of Prout and introduce
Baba’s two-fold system of (1) consumption motive, not profit motive and
(2) local governmental bodies controlling key industries.

This will greatly reduce the number of man-made disasters such as
massive oil spills and bring greater peace and well-being to society.


History Revealed

Baba says, “Mt. Everest, of the Himalayan range is the highest mountain
in the world. This fact was established by Ra’dha’nath Sikadar. Most
probably he named the peak after his supervising officer, the Surveyor
General of that time, Mr. Everest.” (Varn’a Vicitra, Sanskrit Grammar
Book, last discourse part 1)

Note 1: Baba is revealing the reality that Ra’dha’nath Sikadar of India
first established the truth that Everest is the highest peak in the
world. Hence credit should be given to Ra’dha’nath Sikadar, not Mr.
Everest. But Mr. Everest took the credit and kept it in his own name.
Otherwise the name would have been something else.

Note 2: Generally speaking, people are not aware how this illustrious
mountain of Himalayan range got named. I.e. Why this very name is
European name when other Himalayan peaks are named in Sanskrit– like
Mountain Kaela’sh.

Note: During the British rule of India, the ‘Surveyor General’ post was
occupied by Mr. Everest.

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Date: Sun 16 May 2010 13:02:42 -0000
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Very Long Sleep


“A’ma’re dekhe calecho prabhu more pu’n’ya phale…” (PS 4477)


Baba, because of the virtue of having Your grace, I can feel that You
are so close and that You are looking at me all the time. Baba, You are
with me each and every moment, in the brilliant effulgence and in the
cimmerian darkness– constantly, all the 24hrs. In my good days and bad
days always You are and will remain along with me. Baba, You are so

Baba, when I am surrounded by the fog of hopelessness and despair, &
when my life becomes burdened, then it is very difficult for me to move
ahead– all my inspiration is lost. And when I cry in pain and the tears
are rolling down my cheeks like a river, and when I am drowned in
pessimism, then I think that this life is useless and that this whole
world is poisonous. In that case I feel it is better just to die. When I
am in such a crisis, then with a very pleasant and sonorous voice,
Someone appears in my mental abode and in a very sweet & intimate way He
whispers, ‘Do not worry, I love you’. Baba, the effulgence of Your
divine love never gets extinguished; Your love is eternal and never
fades or ends. In this mundane world, everything comes and goes. Baba
only You are eternal and infinite. You are the sweetest Entity. You are
that force that never stops. You are that magnificent bliss that never
diminishes– always that bliss is growing and growing. Baba, You are my
everything: The be-all and end-all of the life. By Your grace I am under
Your shelter. Baba, in the deep core of my heart the only request I have
is that: Please do not forget that I am sheltering myself in You, at
Your lotus feet.

Baba, by Your infinite grace-compassion You are remaining by my side


At the recent Jamalpur DMS, an announcement was made that reveals how
someone at the helm has been sleeping soundly for the last two decades.
What’s at stake is a deeply devotional aspect of our AM way of life.

Read more about what happened and the issue involved.



As we all know, our “Parama Pita Baba Ki – Jai!” slogan is raised in
Baba’s glory – and no other. He is the Sadguru; He is that Taraka Brahma
that took birth to bring us on His divine lap; He is the Polestar; and
He is the Goal of Life. For Ananda Margiis, only He is Baba. And we
raise the Jai slogan with one-pointed ideation on His name and form.
There is no second or third entity involved – only Him. Thus, there
should not be any ambiguity about our Jai slogan.


Unfortunately since 1990, our Jai slogan has been misused at our DMS
gatherings and that has left many new people confused and led many astray.

Since 1990, this has been the scene at DMS. The pandal would be full of
margiis, waiting for DMS to begin. Everyone would sing kiirtan. At the
conclusion of kiirtan, one Dada at the mic would raise the “Parama Pita
Baba Ki – Jai!” slogan and all would join in. The volume and intensity
would mount and then suddenly PP Dada or some other high-posted Dada
convening DMS would come out on stage. Everyone present would continue
to raise the slogan and PP Dada would slowly walk towards his seat with
his hands folded at his heart, not saying anything, as if everyone was
doing the Jai slogan for him & in his honour, not Baba’s.

This is the crude way the slogan has been going on since 1990, and for
years and years many margiis and Dadas strongly objected. They brought
the point that PP Dada should also raise the Jai slogan and not stroll
into the pandal as if the slogan is in his honour.

But despite the many objections by margiis and Dadas, those top DMS
organisers kept everything as is, i.e. allowing PP and other big Dadas
to receive the Jai slogan. That was their standard practice; anyone who
has attended DMS knows this. History itself is the proof.


Raising the Jai slogan in this dogmatic way was offensive to all bhaktas
and created much confusion about who the slogan is for and who Baba is,
especially for newer margiis and sympathizers. Certainly established
sadhakas were not confused but rather outraged, whereas countless others
were totally befuddled thinking that the slogan was for PP Dada etc.

Here’s why, there was so much confusion:

1) In India, the term “Baba” is commonly used for many by the general
public. All Hindu monks are called Baba; grandfathers are called Baba;
priests are called Baba; all in all, there are so many Babas in India.
All are Baba. Thus when at DMS the whole pandal is raising the “Parama
Pita Baba Ki – Jai slogan” and PP Dada walks across the stage, then so
many members of the general public, new people and sympathizers will
naturally conclude that in AM Baba refers to PP Dada. This is one common
misnomer that has occurred in the post 1990 era.

2) In all the religions and on all the paths, the guruship, papacy (i.e.
the pope), head priest, and Dalai Lama title etc are passed down from
one leader to the next, from one human being to the next. This is the
way it works. AM is unique in that Brahma Himself is the Guru and there
is no passing down of the Guruship. There is not another path on the
planet that operates in this way. Naturally, then new people are going
to think that since 1990, the top Dada or PP Dada is the new Guru. None
can imagine that still we Ananda Margiis hold Baba to be the Guru after
1990. Hence when we raise the “Parama Pita Baba Ki – Jai!”, they will
think it refers to the man walking across the stage with folded hands.

3) In AM, Baba is one. It refers to Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji. There is
no other Baba. So when other paths do not follow the same one-pointed
approach as we follow, then they are bound to be confused about who we
mean when we say Baba.

These are but a few of the many reasons why the current DMS system has
been denounced by right-thinking Ananda Margiis. Raising the Jai slogan
and having PP Dada or some other top Dada walk across the stage is
misleading in so many ways. This is not the message we want to put
across. Even some good margiis got confused, especially in those early
years directly after ’90.

Here the point is that the way the Jai slogan has been raised at DMS has
been problematic for the past 2 decades, i.e. 20 yrs, and many have
rightly brought forth their concerns – only to fall on deaf ears. Those
top Dadas always ignored the matter.


Then, out of the blue, at this years Jamalpur DMS, Dada Nigamanandji,
the H group spokesman issued the following statement:

“When our chosen top Dada or PP walks out onto the stage, then do not
raise the Jai slogan. This slogan is only for Baba and none should get
confused. PP should enter silently, offer a garland to Baba’s photo, do
sastaunga pranam, then the slogan should be Jai raised, and then PP will
take his seat.”

This type of proclamation was given by Dada Nigamananda at the recently
held Jamalpur DMS (2010). Even then, Dadaji did not get the situation
totally correct, plus there are many inconsistencies with Dadaji’s own
behaviour in this regard – all of which are explored further down in
this letter.

Suffice to say here that with regards to the Jai slogan at our DMS
functions, it would best if PP himself raises the slogan first and then
everyone else joins in. Then all would know that PP is raising the
slogan for someone because no one can raise their own slogan. The prime
minister cannot raise the slogan, “Long live the prime minister!” –
someone else has to do it. So when if PP himself raises the Jai slogan
first then all would understand that PP is not Baba. So that is the way
it should be done.

The Jai slogan at this past Jamalpur DMS was better than before but it
is still not ideal. For it to be proper, PP himself has be the first to
raise the slogan and he should raise it the entire time. Then common
people will understand that Baba is Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji. None will
think that Baba means PP Dada or that the slogan is in PP’s honour.

Beyond that there were some other noticeable peculiarities of Dada’s
stated approach.


Here is why many margiis and Dadas present at DMS were smiling and
laughing at Nigamananda’s talk.

1. Firstly, Nigamananda talked about the Jai slogan as if he was
introducing a new practice in AM and no one knew how to raise the
slogan. When in fact, most of the margiis present have been raising the
Jai slogan properly for years and years. They were the ones complaining
that it should be raised for Baba and no one else. But in his stated
manner, Nigamananda approached the matter as if he was teaching
something entirely new that was unheard of in AM. That was one point of

2. Nigamananda talked about the Jai slogan as if for the past 20yrs he
and other top Dadas were not the ones who implemented the faulty and
dogmatic Jai slogan system. After all, Sarvatmananda started this dogma
in 1990 as a way to raise the platform of PP and get more power for
himself by controlling PP. Thereafter, for the past 12 years, Rudrananda
and Nigamananda cashed in on this same dogmatic approach.

3. And now suddenly, out of the blue, as if he never did any wrong and
as if no margii ever tried to correct the faulty Jai slogan approach,
Nigamananda walks on stage and with a straight face begins talking “the
finer aspects” of raising the Jai slogan. When all along he and his
cronies were the ones infusing the dogmatic ways, not anyone else.

For all these reasons and more, many good margiis and Dadas were amused
by Nigamananda’s approach at the Jamalpur DMS. Dadaji was the culprit
but he presents the situation as if he is the pure and dharmic one who
is coming forward to save the day. That was what all the humour was all


With our critical thinking skills and pointed intellect, we should
analyse the situation and understand what motivated Nigamananda to issue
such a statement.

1) The first reason is that Nigamananda knew for years and years
that the Jai slogan was not being done correctly but since he
is now getting aged he thought he should try and fix it before
he died – lest he be blamed in future for his wrong doing.

It is just like how Indira Gandhi lifted the Emergency / martial law
when she was losing her grip on the power. She was the one who imposed
martial law and when she was at the height of power she ridiculed those
who suggested that she end martial law, but when her demise was near
then she stopped martial law. She thought that at least she should at
least get the credit for reversing it. Such was her self-centered and
hypocritical approach.

And now it seems that Nigamananda is no different. He is sick and aged
and now has one leg in the funeral pyre and suddenly he has become
adamant to fix the way the Jai slogan is being done at DMS, when he
personally was in charge of doing it the wrong way for 20yrs.

Many say that this is one reason why Dadaji suddenly came forward.

2) Others are telling that Nigamananda was thinking that he himself
would become PP one day and that he would get that respect and that it
would be so amazing. But when he recently realised that he is not going
to get the top post, then he withdrew that way of doing the Jai slogan
at DMS. He thought that, “If I am not going to the top post then no one
should get such respect.”

Earlier Nigamananda thought that he himself would certainly become PP.
But with all the arm wrestling going on between him and Rudrananda, he
realised that he would never get the top chair.

So he thought that if I cannot get all that respect by having the whole
world chant the Jai slogan while I walk slowly across the stage, then no
one should get that opportunity.

It is akin to someone thinking, “If I cannot eat all the rasagolla then
no one should get any, better I should throw it to the dogs.”

It is with this defective mindset that all of a sudden Nigamananda ended
the dogmatic Jai slogan ritual at DMS.

3) Side by side there is this also going on. Nigamananda wants credit
for dismantling the wrong way of doing the Jai slogan but he is not
willing to apologise for having been the one to implement and carry out
this system in the first place. For 20 years he was one of the main
agents of this dogma – but he made no mention of that in his talk. He
simply delivered his announcement as if this is a totally new rule. When
in fact for years and years Nigamananda implemented the crude Jai slogan
ritual and he kicked margiis in the face for opposing this same dogmatic
Jai slogan.

For all these reasons and more it is a bit peculiar how now out of the
blue, Nigamananda is suddenly talking about how the Jai slogan gives the
wrong impression. Rather we can understand what is really going on
inside his mind. He is not concerned about undoing a dogma but rather
saving his own prestige.


All in all it has to be remarked that Nigamananda has not shown an iota
of repentance for his wrongdoing. He did not even hint that for years
and years he himself administered the Jai slogan for PP Dada. So he has
no repentance for his wrongdoing – otherwise he would have said something.

His only motivation for coming forward is ego – to save his own
prestige. He thinks that if he is not going to become PP then no one
should get that kind of power and respect. But even then he is not going
to admit his own wrongdoing as that would be self-incriminating. So he
simply talks as if he is implementing a new rule, not tearing down an
old dogma which he himself actively supported.

According to Baba, this type of crooked mind-set is that of a deliberate

Baba says, “They know that they are surrendering their intellect to
dogma, and that the outcome will be undesirable; they know and
understand everything – why, even then, do they knowingly submit to it?
They are all deliberate sinners.” (NH-LOI, Disc: 6)

Only now when Dadaji is sadly suffering from a terminal illness is he
trying to get credit for fixing this wrongdoing, without admitting his
part in it.

It seems he is fearful of how he will be judge in the future. Otherwise
what was the need to come forward like he did at the Jamalpur DMS function.

Of course we all feel badly that Dadaji is in poor health and close to
his end, but best would have been if he had expressed some repentance
for his misdeed and sin.



So that was the drama about Nigamananda’s announcement at the recent
Jamalpur DMS gathering. Now we should all come to consensus on this
deeply devotional issue.

Baba is our Polestar and the “Parama Pita Baba Ki – Jai!” is for Him
alone. To ensure no one at DMS thinks that the slogan is for PP Dada,
then PP Dada himself should be the first to raise the slogan and then
all others should join in and PP should continue to yell the slogan till
the very end. Then everyone present, even non-margiis and sympathizers,
will understand that our Jai slogan is for Baba and Baba is Shrii Shrii
Anandamurtiji, not anyone else.


This is the era when society is moving ahead quickly. So many dogmas and
injustices are being corrected. Whole countries and governments – like
Canada and Australia – are issuing apologies for how they abused and
wiped out native peoples in the past. Priests are speaking out about
religious injustices, and social leaders are admitting their misdeeds of
old. In so many ways people are coming clean and fixing their wrongs.
That is the trend.

So it is a shame that Nigamananda could only go halfway. All he could do
was try and introduce a new rule, he failed to express repentance for
his wrongdoing the past 20 years.

By Baba’s grace, very soon Nigamananda will get the courage to show his
repentance in front of all. Till that time, everyone will see the truth
about him for what it is.

Right now it looks as though he has been sleeping the last 20yrs when
margiis were pointing out this wrongdoing, or Dadaji is a deliberate
sinner – or both. You the reader should decide.


It is exclusively Baba’s grace that He has blessed us by coming and
taking us on His lap. All glory and honour go to Him – no one else. By
using the Jai slogan at DMS in the proper way, everyone will understand
that Baba is Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji and that He alone is the Guru of
Ananda Marga.


Health Guideline: Diet Related

Baba says, “For proper digestion, fill the stomach half-way with food,
one quarter with water, and leave one quarter full of air.” (CC-3,
‘Procedure for Eating’)

Note: Every conscious margii follows this above point but sometimes for
certain people it becomes difficult to follow. Especially at retreats or
during feasts this rule is not so strictly followed by some. Whereas in
everyday life when they are in their own home this is not a problem.
Anyhow, the above guideline given by Revered Baba is highly significant
and we should follow it.

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From: “Karma Rasa”
Subject: Baba Has Given Everything…
Date: Sat, 15 May 2010 23:47:04 +0000


“Tumi yadi bha’lo ba’so keno na’hi a’so ka’che…” (PS 3039)


Baba, by Your grace, I have so much love for You. If You love me then
why don’t You come close. Baba, please come in the depths of my heart– I
am calling You. O’ Divine Entity, why are You smiling from a distance in
Your extremely charming and captivating form. Why are You not coming close
so I can hold You tightly and make You mine.

O’ my Dearmost, I have been waiting with great anticipation for Your
arrival, but, alas, You are remaining far away– beyond my reach. Baba, in
the disappointment and sadness of Your not coming, in that hopelessness the
braids in my hair have become loose and fallen. My exquisitely threaded
flower garland which I made exclusively for You has become dried up and
fallen to the ground, on the dusty floor. O’ Rupamaya [1], O’ Divine
Entity, with the tears pouring from my coloured eyes, everything in this
expressed universe is floating away.

Baba, I have heard that You remember everything and that You never
forget anything; I have heard that You keep everyone in Your mind, always.
All are Your very close. O’ Divine One, at last You have satisfied my
heart. By Your grace, You have come to me in the madhavii garden and
saturated each & every pore of my mind with Your heavenly sweetness. Baba,
You have graciously filled my heart with Your love; You have showered Your
grace and made me Yours…


[1] Rupamaya: [‘Rup’ means ‘form’ and ‘may’ means ‘consisting of’.] This is
one of the innumerable names of Parama Purusa that describes one of His
infinite qualities: Namely, how He has graciously come in the form. By His
wish He has manifested Himself and come in His charming form. That is why
one of the names of Parama Purusa is Rupamaya.




Our blessed holiday of Ananda Purnima is coming soon – May 27. That is one of
the most glorious occasions in our Marga. We all gather and celebrate His
Divine advent.

Unfortunately, since 1990, this highly devotional occasion has been riddled
by one dogma: The issueing of Fake Ananda Vaniis by one or more groups.

Here is the story about that and how we must rid this dogma from our AM


Since some time the discussion has going on how we can solve the problem
of the Fake Ananda Vanii. Because since 1991 every year, two times we are
receiving some quotes, wrongly named as ‘Ananda Vanii’ by the leading

So, as one solution, in our unit we collectively decided that since we
already have 74 Ananda Vaniis, originally given by Baba — then why not
choose one of these for the twice yearly unveiling of an Ananda Vanii
during Ananda Purnima and New Year’s Day.

In that case we will treat that Ananda Vanii as the guideline for the next
six months. And then we will select another one for Ananda Purnima from
Baba’s original collection, “Ananda Vanii Samgraha”.

Thus some margiis think that instead of having some groupist politicians
fabricate a Fake Ananda Vanii, in place of this it is far to select the
Ananda Vaniis from the pool of the Ananda Vanii collection.


Sarvatmanandji created one negative trend in 1991 & according to his own
selfish desire he was selecting one quote and calling it Ananda Vanii. When
in fact he was making Fake Ananda Vaniis. That is why most margiis do not
like what he did as it is against Baba’s system. So ultimately we thought
Baba’s original and true Ananda Vaniis is enough; let those groupist people
choose their quotes in their dogmatic approach call it what they like– but
we do not appreciate what they are doing.

Margiis requested those groupist persons to follow Baba’s system and select
an Ananda Vanii from amongst Baba’s perfect jewels of 74 Ananda Vaniis–
however because of their dogmatic mind they do not like to listen and they
got stuck up in their dogma. But by Baba’s grace, rational margiis from my
unit firmly maintained that we must adhere to Baba’s teachings. Let those
groupist people do what they are doing– but we will follow Baba.


Nowadays various margiis also give the proper logic, that as in Ananda
Sutram there are 85 Sutras. So it is very limited in number-since it is not
hundreds of thousands. Similarly we have limited DMC discourses which is
also not several thousand. And we know that only DMC discourses can be
printed as Subhasita Samgraha. Not others.

Only one Supreme Command we have, not many. Doing Guru Puja, we have only
four slokas, not hundreds and thousands. Because Baba has given everything
in a very pointed and concentrated way. So people should not feel that AM
ideology is very, very difficult to study and understand. But surely if it
would have been fifty thousand sutras in Ananda Sutram, and twenty thousand
DMC discourses, or several hundred mantras of our sadhana or several
thousand Vaniis then it would have been a problem.

But in truth Baba has made it very easy and graspable.


On the other side we see that the Hindu religion has thousands of
ritualistic things– and similar type of dogma is there in all the
religions. They do not have simple, straight-forward, pin-pointed
teachings. So they are all confused about their do’s and don’ts. By that
way, the common public thinks that to understand the scripture is not an
easy job. It is the work of priests only. Seeing the opportunity, priests
exploit the common mass profusely. To not allow this situation in Ananda
Marga, Baba gave His teaching in a very concentrated way. So that our
slogan is – “Dharma for All.”

So in the meeting it was concluded, that our duty is to follow bhagavad dharma
so we should follow those Ananda Vaniis which He has graciously given us.
And we should select each time only one from this pool. And treat it as the
present Ananda Vanii of that occasion – New Year’s or Ananda Purnima.

What is the need to select some Baba’s quote and treat it as the new Ananda
Vanii. And finally add in the Ananda Vanii collection book, and go on
multiplying the number of vaniis each and every year. And in the course of
several hundred years, the number of quotes will increase to more than the
actual Vaniis. So everything will be mess, chaotic.

One other margii emphasized that in true sense there is no need to create
Fake Ananda Vaniis from random quotes. After all, that is a quote. A quote
is quote – but a piece of a different discourse whereas an Ananda Vanii is
an Ananda Vanii – a full discourse unto itself.

So quotes and Ananda Vaniis are two different things – non-interchangeable.

We know there are many sutras which Baba gave in DMC that He did not
include in Ananda Sutram. In that case we must not include those in Ananda Sutram.
Nor can we call it a sutra of Ananda Sutram.

Similarly, Baba’s quote from various discourses, cannot be treated as
Baba’s Ananda Vanii. They are not the same thing.

Discussing all these, everyone became satisfied that Baba gave total 74
Vaniis and it is enough. From there we will select, and every year we will
do like this. When the time will come then we will select another one from
this Ananda Vanii Samgraha book. So tomorrow we will have our dharmacakra
and decide what will be the Ananda Vanii for 2010 occasion of Ananda Purnima.

Karma Rasa

One Riddle

Baba says, “Once King Akbar said, ‘Birbal, can you please tell me something
which will make a happy man unhappy and an unhappy man happy?’ Birbal replied,
‘Aesa’ din nahi rahega’– This day will not last forever’. (AV-4, p. 80)

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