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Date: Mon, 03 May 2010 23:56:19
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Subject: Really Progressive?
From: CJ Phillips

“(Tumi) esechile mor bakul-bita’ne na’ baliya’ ka’r ghare…” (PS 4320)


Baba, that time the place was surrounded by innumerable bakul flowers
which were blooming and You graced me by coming to my cottage during that
verdant spring season. With Your divine grace, You brought devotional
horripilation (goose bumps) throughout my entire existence and You also
vibrated the very pulsation of my blood. Baba, by having You in such an
intimate and close way, my life has become meaningful. It is Your grace.

Baba, soon after that golden dawn, Your liila moved into a different
phase. Because then You went away leaving me crying all alone. O’ my
dearmost where did You go that time.

Baba, since then I have spent countless days and nights waiting–
sitting by my window threading heaps of flower garlands for You. But that
was all in vain because You did not come. It is painful that now I no
longer see that attractive & charming smile because You are keeping
Yourself distant. Now I no longer see that radiant smile which I used to
see on Your lips when You were with me.

Baba in longing for You, ages have passed since You came close.
Springtime has finished and now summer has come. My entire garden of those
sweet, fragrant bakul flowers has dried up and withered away in this hot
season*. Now that same window– where I used to sit and make garlands for
You and wait– is full of spider webs. Baba, it is so painful and
heartbreaking how You have gone so far away. And my mind is completely dry
in the absence of Your divine presence.

O’ my dearmost, please shower Your causeless grace and appear in my
heart in a very intimate and charming way…

*Hot Season= In the absence of His presence, the sadhaka feels a distinct
dryness in his heart. Summer season– or hot season– has been used as a
metaphor to express that dryness in the devotees heart, where one’s
devotional feeling is lower. And this happens with each and every sadhaka.
Sometimes when one feels dry and out of the spiritual flow then that is
summer season; and when one’s flow of sadhana is good then that can be
compared with springtime because in their dhya’na they feel greater
proximity with Parama Purusa. But when one is experiencing the dryness of
summer, the best thing a devotee can do is to sincerely request Baba to
grace them by coming in their meditation.


We know that both ‘The East’ and ‘The West’ have their own special
strengths and strong points. That is why Baba guides us that the inherent
attitudes of both the east and west should be utilised in building up our
golden AM society.

Here the key point is attitude or tendency of mind. AM is not a mix of east
and west per se, but rather a unqiue blending of those inherent attitudes
to create something totally new. That is our Ananda Marga.

Unfortunately nowadays in the height of this vaeshyan era a lopsided effect
is going on. When money and material wealth has become king & when the west
is clearly more “rich”, then in the general society of the east the common
people are thinking that ‘everything of the west is great’. This is the
common misperception.


Everyone is aware that so-called third world countries do not have the
hoards of material wealth of the west– not even close. Rather many of
these eastern nations suffer from economic hardships or are just beginning
to get the taste of materialism. In that case, seeing the glittering
display of the west, innumerable youths have become totally attracted &
infatuated by everything in the west. They think that the west has
everything they need. And in that state, they blindly accept each and every
aspect of western life as top notch. Those unsuspecting youths are willing
to do and die to become western– sadly it becomes the goal of their life
as they use all their energy to emulate each and every sphere of the
western existence.


So tragically, in the east many youths– & adults also– have begun
stuffing their lives with whatever western habits they can grab. And the
ones they are unable to grab they dream about endlessly. And in that
desperate state they soak up whatever they can, which is primarily all the
garbage of the west.

Because the thing is that aside from material wealth the west is full of
poor living habits and pseudo-culture. Even then those eastern youths are
rampantly mad for anything western and they copy all the points: fast food,
coca-cola drinks, superficial living style, girlfriend & boyfriend
relations, crude love marriages, pre-marital relations, ‘night on the
town’, ‘loose dress’, less respect for one’s parents and elders, TV talk,
western Hollywood movies, open sex– all of it. These impressionable youths
of the east think all these things of the west are ‘Top Dog’– i.e. the
best. Because material wealth is given the highest standing.

So our east is totally attracted to they west and they are ready to accept
each and every thing that is western. Yet the west hardly has anything to
offer than material wealth. And that “material wealth” is usually used in such
a way that leads to psychic degeneration. This is the on-going tragedy nowadays.


So unfortunately, what most of the simple people of the east do not realise
is that all these things which they are copying have created huge problems
in the west. The large majority of the western population is suffering from
depression and countless other psychic diseases like melancholia etc. Plus
the divorce rate is sky high and sexually contracted diseases are rampant.

Children are suffering from attention deficit syndrome and various other
learning and behavioral problems. Countless citizens are taking harmful
medicines on daily basis to offset their crude living habits. And physical
health problems like obesity, cancer and heart disease are commonplace.

These are the hazardous & proven results in the west. And unbeknownst to
them the eastern youths are running in this same scary direction.

So our young brothers and sisters in the east should be made aware and not
blindly follow those things of the west. And it is an achievable result yet
due to their inferiority complex– on the point of finances– it is
difficult for people in the east to see the immense drawbacks of modern
western living.


Here it should also be said that indeed the general western society does
carry a few solid qualities. In the west most of the population is
‘hard-working’ and there is scientific development of the west. These are
the obvious plus points about western life which most are aware about.

But in the east, the people are hardly copying these few positive points.

Instead they are primarily running blindly after all the pseudo-culture and
diseased ways of western living. So the negative things they are copying
but the good things they do not follow. This is the common way things are
taking shape.


At the same time– although to a much lesser degree– the west is also
copying the east. And instead of getting that pure and blessed approach of
spiritual life, most westerners are falling into various religious dogmas
of the east or just emulating cheap spiritual life. Fake yoga is a hot item
these days in our west. But on the whole many western youths and adults
just superficially pick and choose which eastern habits they want to
incorporate into their western luxurious lifestyle. They are not blindly
running after everything of the east.


But in either direction, the result is similar. Both east and west are
chasing after each others’ negative points, and missing what good things
the other has to offer. This is the chief tragedy that is befalling our
eastern and western societies. And the ironic thing is that each is
thinking that by copying those negative things they are becoming

Our eastern youths wearing jeans, smoking cigarettes, eating McDonalds, and
having girlfriends see themselves as being progressive. And in our west,
people are grabbing their superficial yoga mats and paying high prices to
go on dogmatic tiirthas and crude religious trips in search of
enlightenment. And by that way they also are seeing themselves as

So both the sides are thinking that they are doing something great. When in
fact they are basically missing the boat. And seeing the scene now, it is
our eastern brothers and sisters who will suffer more from all this. Since
they are more rapidly soaking up the poisons of the west.



Baba’s teaching is that there should be proper synthesis of east and west–
each borrowing or adopting the other’s good points. And that means to
incorporate each others attitudes– not to blindly accept and copy each
others’ dogmas and crude life practices.

We should emulate the hard working style and reduce laziness in physical
realm as in the west. But instead people are just copying the crude art,
cinema and all the pseudo-culture.

Likewise we should adopt the introversive science of the east, but instead
people are just following crude dogmas like Hare Krishna type of movements

So the entire approach needs to be straightened out.

Here Baba warns us that ultimately we should neither rely too heavily on
the eastern approach nor too much on the western approach.

Baba says, “The East, throughout its development, has maintained a
subjective approach, whereas western countries put great stress on
objective development. Too much emphasis on either one of these approaches
is not conducive to the all-round growth of the society.” (PNS-18, p.30)

By this we can understand that the attitude of the west is toward
materialistic development (objective) and the attitude of the east aims at
spiritual development (subjective). So this should be synthesized and then
a good outcome will result. Below Baba guides us what our approach should be:

Baba says, “We can build up an ideal society only on the basis of a happy
adjustment between the subjective and the objective approaches. Here is the
greatness of A’nanda Ma’rga ideology.” (PNS-18, p.30)

Hence subjective approach and objective adjustment is the special synthesis
which Baba is talking about when He references the idea of combining east
and west. And from this very synthesis, He has graciously bestowed
something entirely new and unique to the humanity. And that new and unique
thing is– the Ananda Marga ideology.


So in the present era it is neither the west nor the east that is
progressive. Only our Ananda Marga holds the key to all that is great in
life. Our AM has the best of everything and it is totally new. In a
distinctly revolutionary way Baba has beautifully given that which is
lagging in the west and that which is missing in the east and created our
Ananda Marga.

So only our Ananda Marga is progressive– not the current trends of the
west or the east.

Baba says, “Ananda Marga is a revolution. It is not only a spiritual
revolution but also an economic, social and mental revolution. The economic
system, the social structure, the trend of thinking, and the spiritual
practices prescribed in our Ananda Marga are not only new but something
quite different from the established ideas and practices in these spheres
of life.” (AFPS-7, p. 1)


Note 1: Here Baba talks more about the differences and synthesis needed
between east and west:

Baba says, “The West is completely obsessed with physical development.
It has made spectacular progress in the fields of politics, economics,
science, warfare, etc. In fact, it has made so much material progress that
it seems to be the sovereign master of the water, land and air. But for all
that, it is not socially content and miserably lacks spiritual wealth.
Unlike the East, in the West plenty of wealth has created a crisis.
Therefore, it is abundantly clear that no country can progress harmoniously
with only one-sided development.”
“Therefore, it behooves both the East and the West to accept a synthetic
ideology that stands for a happy synthesis between the two. Here, the East
can help the west spiritually, whereas the materialistic West can extend
its material help to the East. Both will be mutually benefited if they
accept this golden policy of give and take.” (PNS-18)

And our AM ideology is that “synthetic ideology” which perfectly combines
the inherent tendencies of east and west.

Divine Play

Lord Baba says, “There is a fight between bhakta and Bhagava’n, as you
know. It was started in — when? Beginningless time. And we don’t know
whether it will go on up to endless time. The fight is about what?
Bhagava’n says: “O bhaktas, O devotees, I am here because you are here. My
name, Bhagava’n, would become meaningless if the bhaktas were not present,
because a name becomes meaningless if that name is not used by anybody as a
mode of address.” Suppose a man, a particular gentleman, is Nirmal. But if
there is no one in the universe to call him Nirmal, then that name “Nirmal”
becomes meaningless. “And so you are superior to me,” says Bhagava’n. “O
bhaktas, You are superior to me.” And the bhaktas say: “O Parama Purus’a,
Thou art the very fundament of my life, very base of my life. I exist
because you exist.” (AV-34, p.62)

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