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Date: 12 May 2010 21:38:46 -0000
From: “Shivadayal Singhal”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Celebrating His Advent: A’nanda Pu’rnima’


“Maneri gahane tumi a’cho, a’cho prabhu sada’ jege a’cho…” (4380)


Baba, You are always remaining in the depths of my mind– You never
leave me. You always remain awake. You go on working day and night, beyond
the time. You never stop. Baba, whatever You want to do, You go on doing.

This whole expressed universe is Your eternal game. You are
ever-present: beginningless and endless. You are ever intoxicated in Your
divine flow. You are the Goal of everyone– everyone wants You. You are
remaining with one and all.

Those who are trying to come close to You by their virtuous deeds and
shravan, manan, nididhyasana, & dhyana, only they are able to come to You.
Only they are able to realise You and have Your grace and proximity. Baba,
You are grace-Personified…


== PART II ==

Here is the first letter in this series:

Revered Baba has lovingly instilled within us all a vision for how to move
ahead in life and He has graciously blessed us with the divine feeling of
devotion, or bhakti. And indeed in each and every sphere of existence–
whether physical, psychic, or spiritual– He has paved the way for
humanity’s growth, generation, and enlightenment. Thus the divine and holy
advent of Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji is the most significant event this
earth has ever seen. Naturally then the blessed day of Ananda Purnima is
recognised as the greatest and most celebrated of all our AM social functions.

Here following are further suggestions and ways to celebrate this divine day.

As we all know, this year Ananda Purnima falls on 27 May.


Unlike centralised events like DMS etc, the occasion of Ananda Purnima is
meant to be joyfully celebrated in each and every unit. It is a local
function for one and all. Thus every unit is highly encouraged to host
their own Ananda Purnima celebration. And, sure enough, many ideal units do
everything– more than a full day program. Thus margiis and sympathizers
often arrive the evening before for initial programs and presentations and
then continue the next day of Ananda Purnima with a special paincajanya and
celebrate the whole day through with a varied array of activities and
programs, culminating and concluding late that evening. Here the main point
being that, to one or another degree, blissful Ananda Purnima programs should
take place locally in each and every unit– this is Baba’s prescribed
system. And more about this idea is also appended as note 2 at the end of
this letter.


As everyone may remember, Baba has beautifully given the system of making
extended Prabhat Samgiita programs whereby gathered margiis sing the
blissful songs–one after another songs of Prabhat Samgiita. Just like we
often have our long akhanda kiirtan programs of 3, 6, or 12 hours– in the
same way these programs of Prabhat Samgiita can also take place.

Many may recall how Baba used to sit on dais and call for the beginning of
Prabhat Samgiita programs for the grand celebration of our Ananda Purnima
social function. And it would proceed step by step where first one purport
was read out by a selected margii and then the singing of that same song
would begin and small young children of 8 of 9 years of age would dance to
that song. And then as soon as that song was completed then another would
begin with the reading of the purport followed by the singing and dance
performance of that very song. And in this grand fashion several songs were
linked together– all the while maintaining a nicely formatted sequence
where the first song celebrated Baba’s holy advent and then the next song
depicts His divine blessings etc. And by that way several songs are linked
together creating one panoramic, devotional picture.


Plus Ananda Purnima is a wonderful opportunity to bring forth one and all in
collective harmony.

Baba says, “At the outset of any festival or social ceremony, the
Sam’gacchadvam’ mantra is recited, the purpose is to impose the common
ideal on all. The love for the entire humanity.” (PNS-4)

Thus on the festive occasions of Ananda Purnima small kids, youths,
university students, parents, seniors and devotees of all walks of life–
everyone moves together in one thread. So these social functions offer
something for everyone, thus building the bridge of an ideal human society.

Indeed the joining and gathering for Ananda Purnima is a special event as
it represents the union of everyone’s heart. This function is not like some
crowd at the movie cinema, which is just a rag-tag collection of people with
their own individual agendas and separate thoughts. That is nothing but a
crowd totally devoid of any family feeling. That is like one fake flower
that is superficially colored yet carries no aroma. In contrast, our
devotional, heart-felt gathering of Ananda Purnima reflects society in the
deepest sense of the term where everyone is moving and smiling together as
one integrated whole– ready to do each and everything for Baba and the

Thus at Ananda Purnima all are invited to sit together– money or other
factors are not at all important. Everyone comes together regardless of
one’s social status, career, educational background, or family history etc.
It is a time for all grades of devotees to join together and gather for
sweet celebration, even non-margiis are invited– so long as they follow
according to the sentient ways of the gathering. Only those anti-social
elements, not at all interested in following the spirit of the program,
should not be invited. Beyond that Ananda Purnima is a grand occasion for
one and all.


In addition during Ananda Purnima all the trades and departments of AMPS
partake in their respective social service programs. VSS optees do CSS,
i.e collective social service such as public cleaning or repair work or
other physical works for the security, safety, and welfare of the society
etc. Side by side AMURT can operate their free medical clinics. And like
that Ananda Purnima is a day for doing all types of services because we
Ananda Margiis are declassed and perform all the sevas.


Universal festivals like Ananda Purnima are also a time for forgetting
about past differences and starting new relations. They are a time for a
fresh new start where we bury forgive and forget, sit together, and invite
a clean new beginning.

Baba guides us that in personal life it is best to forgive others with our
full heart. Of course on matters of ideology or collective welfare we have
no right to forgive anyone. But on personal affairs, forgiving others
is the best course of action and what better time to do this than on the
blissful occasion of Ananda Purnima.


Here following Baba is describing the great import that festive occasions
like Ananda Purnima have on the human psyche. And that such social
functions lead to the formation of a unified humanity.

Baba says, “When people become tired and uninspired, when they can no
longer look towards the future with hope, when their colourful dreams are
shattered, at that time the sweetness of a festival brings new joy and
vigour in life. Thus in individual and collective life, the importance of
festivals is tremendous. One should always remember that festivals should
be such that all can take part in them without any ostentatious display of
wealth, and with an upsurge of their life force. And these festivals should
be conducted in such a way that people take part in them from a spontaneous
inner urge. I hope that you will make such arrangements so that all are
attracted towards your festivals which will be more and more charming– and
this will bring about your collective welfare.” (AFPS-5, p.18)




Baba’s original and true Ananda Vaniis are His divine gifts for one and all
as they encapsulate the spirit of Ananda Marga and the spirit of humanity.
Thus they are the true timeless and eternal treasures of humanity. However
since 1990 groupist leaders have been inventing their own fake Ananda
Vaniis to put forth their own groupist agenda and to misguide margiis. To
this end, they cut and paste quotes and alter them by titling them as
Ananda Vaniis when in fact the sentences they select are nothing but a
small part of a greater discourse. Yet such group leaders name these as
Ananda Vaniis and read them on the occasion of A’nanda Pu’rn’ima’ etc. So
this is all nothing but their hypocrisy as what they are producing are Fake
Ananda Vaniis. Because Baba’s original and true Ananda Vaniis are discourses
unto themselves– complete, pointed, and stand alone as eternal truths and
as spirited messages for the humanity. Thus, while current groupist leaders
remain indulged in creating Fake Ananda Vaniis, then in each and every unit
margiis should select one of Baba’s original timeless Ananda Vaniis and
read that out at their Ananda Purnima celebrations.


If any group is recommending that people come “to their place”– such as
Tiljala, insinuating that theirs is best place for Ananda Purnima etc, then
in our hearts and minds we should all know that Baba’s system is for Ananda
Purnima to be celebrated locally in every unit, as His divine grace and
presence is felt throughout this entire universe.


Baba says, “When He comes, after creating His own body with the help of the
five fundamental factors– solid, liquid, luminous, aerial, ethereal– to
create an ideological tidal wave, that is called as Maha’sambhu’ti. Maha’
means ‘great’, ‘having a form which is supra-natural’. And bhu plus ktin
equals bhu’ti. Hence Maha’sambhuti means ‘The Great Creation’, ‘The Great
Appearance’…[He comes] to push humans society forward, to resuscitate the
half-dead human race, to awaken society– to create a wave in the field of
ideology, in the social field, and in the field of humanity; [He comes] to
create a tidal wave in every dimension and on every level.” (DT-1, p. 136)

Curing Oneself

Baba says, “Just as diseased body organs can be restored to normal by
administering medicines internally and externally, they can also be healed
more safely and perfectly with the help of yaogika a’sanas and mudra’s. The
aim of this book [“Yogic Treatments…”], therefore, is to make the general
public aware of the yaogika methods of treating the various illnesses. My
purpose is to let people cure themselves by practising the a’sanas and
mudra’s described in this book.” (Yogic Treatments and Natural Remedies,
‘Preface’ p.i)

Note: In our Marga, Baba’s guidelines about asanas, mudras, and bandhas are
very important for the all-round development of one’s existence. However in
current day to day life– within our organisation– the practice of asanas
etc is most neglected. The reason is:
(1) Most acaryas themselves are not doing asanas in their everyday life and
when margiis witness this then they are also not inspired to do.
(2) When acaryas themselves do not do asanas etc, then morally they do not
feel comfortable to tell others to be strict in their practice.
(3) When acaryas themselves are depending upon drugs to cure their ailments
then because of their complexes they do not guide others to take treatment
in yogic practices like asanas etc.
(4) Our duty is to bring a renaissance on this point and propagate Baba’s
aforesaid teachings, mandates, and guidelines among all.

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