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Be Aware…

Date: Wed May 19 2010 15:38:11 -0000
From: P. Maher
Subject: Be Aware…


PS Intro: This following Prabhat Samgiita works in two ways. (1) Baba is
depicting the idea behind the advent of Parama Purusa as Mahasambhuti in
the play of His divine liila. And (2) this song refers to Baba’s divine
appearance in dhyana.

“Na’m na’-ja’na’ ma’na’ na’-ma’na’ rauniin parii ese pa’she…” (P.S. 2983)


One shining, colorful angel of unknown name has come close to me. This
angel was not concerned about getting respect or not. Just it came to
me. Its eyes were glowing with golden effulgence, and this divine angel
told something to me.

The angel told: ‘My abode is in the divine world yet to accomplish the
work & for the welfare of all, I move around this entire universe. And
all those who love me, I pull them close.’

‘Without stopping I move continuously around this entire universe.’
And the angel also told that, ‘In the bond of love, I get caught also.
And I float in the flow of divine songs.’

From the divine world one angel has come and it graced me and told me
all the secrets of its advent…

Note: In this song Baba is using the allegory of an angel, yet in true
sense He is talking about Himself. Thus, although the word– parii–
literally means ‘angel’, but in Prabhat Samgiita the real meaning of the
term parii is: Baba the Parama Purusa.


Our goal in AM is to bring welfare to our entire human family. To
achieve this, we must be fully aware about any and all who try, or have
tried, to undermine the humanity. So we have to take a careful look back
and see what has happened in the past, as well as clearly view what is
happening at present– only then can we properly understand the scene.

And again, the whole goal is bring benevolence and peace to all peoples
of the globe– verily that is what Baba wants that we should do.


Each and every land, country, town, and province has its history. And
tragically, in all places certain individuals have done terrible harm to
the society. No region is exempt from this.

For example, in Islam, it was decided that three or four women are equal
to one man; in India, women were forced to jump to their death on the
burning embers if their husband died before them; and in the western
world, women neither had the right to work or vote for centuries on end.
Thus in all parts of the globe, terrible crimes were done against women.

And indeed, in each and every place, the common people– from women to
workers, from blacks to babies, from aborigines to artisans– have
suffered and undergone terrible torments and abuse.

Not only that, so much infighting has occurred in countries such as
Honduras, Kenya, Pakistan, Morocco, and so on. Such division and
destruction has happened in nearly every nation. Is it the fault of the
common people in all these places– or is there some other contributing

For us this is a burning question, because in order to deliver a united
humanity to the people, we must know who and what has been the cause of
so much torment, division, and destruction.


If we look carefully, it is quite evident that there are two types of
creatures who are most responsible for all these problems: (1)
Politicians & (2) jinanis (intellectuals).

Time and again, these two types of creatures have done tremendous harm
to society due to their own narrow selfish interest. Yet oddly enough,
these very same creatures– politicians and jinanis– have garnered much
respect in society.

And still today, they continue to get such prestige.

But in AM, Baba severely warns us about such type of beings.

Here below Baba clearly states that it was the intellectuals (jinanis)
who imposed the horrific caste system on the society.

Baba says, “The caste system is a creation of the cunning intellectuals
of the Medieval Age. In the Vipra Era they wanted to perpetuate their
privileged position for their descendants. To achieve this end, those
cunning intellectuals wrote thousands of books and compiled thousands of
God-centred verses only to show that the caste system is a creation of
God. This was a psychological way of infusing the illogical idea [of
casteism].” (PNS-4)

Indeed in the Hindu religion and in all the religions they use similar
tricks. In the name of their god they exploit the masses. It may be
that one should accept their fate as being a shudra, or a slave, or a
poor man. In all cases they are told to accept their lot in life as
this is the edict of god.

And here in the next passage Baba shows how it was the intellectuals who
duped the people into following wrongful teachings and cheap religious

Baba says, “The cunning intellectuals of the past imposed the importance
of blind faith on the minds of their gullible followers. They told them
to obey the teachings, rational or irrational, otherwise there would be
no respite from the endless suffering of human life, no other path to
take them to the eternal bliss of heaven.” (AMIWL-7)

With regards to politicians, Baba says that they are the cause of so
much infighting and civil war.

Baba says, “Politicians want to accomplish everything through their
grandiloquence. By identifying the weaknesses in others and by resorting
to bombastic language, they incite one section of people against another
so that they can usurp the seat of power and cling to it. Human beings
will have to remain vigilant against persons of this type.” (POD #26)

Thus when the big politicians of Washington DC invade this or that land,
then most often civil war results. And after WW-2 when the allied powers
drew up plans & boundary lines in the Middle East & India, it was they
who set the stage for disgruntlement among the masses. And similar
things happened during the partition of India. The British leaders
incited choas between the Hindus and Musilims who had otherwise been
living side by side for centuries.

So there are countless instances where a few crooked politicians
created communal riots among the masses.

And here again Baba explicitly warns us about the no-good ways of

Baba says, “Politicians are of no use to society because they are
engaged in the business of mudslinging and nothing else…The motive of
the politicians is only to capture power. They befool the public with
high-sounding words. Therefore it is necessary that the public should be
politically educated, because in that case politicians will not be able
to cheat them.” (PNS-4)

So in order to build up that great human society, we must be careful and
pay heed to Baba’s words. Otherwise we will not be able to accomplish
our goal.

Here it should be noted that common people are incapable of doing such
harm. It takes a certain cunningness to dupe, deceive, trick and
exploit. Most people have no such mind to behave in this manner.


Verily in so many ways Baba goes to great lengths to warns us about the
dangers and horrors caused by jinanis (intellectuals) and politicians.

Because it is not the simplicity of the common people that leads to the
suffering of the masses. Rather is the is fertile brain of these two
groups of exploiters– jinanis and politicians– that have meted out
untold harm to humanity.

Baba says, “It is a mere interpolation arising out of the fertile brain
of an opportunist Vipra or intellectual, it can never bring real
knowledge to people, but will sow seeds of disharmony and dissension in
the human society. For instance, the scripture of a certain community
states that the earth is fixed and the sun in moving around it. This
assertion is of course absolutely wrong scientifically. If an erudite
scientist points out this mistake, the orthodox followers of the
scriptures will brand him or her an atheist. The scriptures of other
communities proclaim that only the followers of their religion are the
favourite children of God and others are damned heathens. To kill them
is not at all a sin, rather one will attain a permanent place in heaven
after their death. Such scriptures are very detrimental to human
society.” (TK-2)


Yet in the society, these two groups walk and prance around the globe–
drawing huge praise and respect from the people. So many politicians and
so many intellectuals draw thousands to their halls when they step up to
the microphone. From crooked presidents and ministers, to religious
priests, to the brains behind corporate exploitation, all these people
get huge respect and prestige in the society. The people essentially
fall at their feet, yet these are the very beings who are the cause of
so much injustice in the world. That is the irony of it all.

Verily it is not always easy to recognise such cheats. Especially the
common people get duped by the tall talks of such opportunists:
cunning intellectuals and hypocritical politicians.

And that is why on countless occasions Baba warns us to be careful with
these two types of creatures.


Unfortunately, we cannot think that all these problems are only going on
outside the Marga. In our AMPS there has been so many dogmas imposed on
us by such jinanis: From Mahaprayan to Fake Ananda Vaniis, from the
distortion of scripture to dogmatic tiirthas. Some have said all Baba’s
books are from the “original Bangla”. Indeed so many false ideas have
been thrown around our AM society.

But even then that is not all. The infighting of groupism is nothing but
the result of the political shenanigans of a few power hungry souls. The
common margiis and field workers have no desire to fight with other
margiis. But lines were drawn by top level groupists due to their
political greed, and in result avadhutas have been killed, margiis have
been arrested, and so much harm has been done.

So just as the common society has suffered at the hands of such
intellectuals and politicians– by issuing false edicts about women etc
and by pitting one side against another such as what they did in the
Middle East after WWII or in India in 1947– these same poisonous antics
have occurred in our Marga as well.

This we have all seen.

Thus to build up a proper Marga and to deliver welfare to the humanity,
our eyes must be keen to the the hellish ways of such intellectuals and
politicians. That is Baba’s repeated warning. Only then will we be able
to accomplish of goal of delivering peace on this dusty earth.

So such types of persons must not be trusted– not one ounce. No outside
AM nor inside AM.


Is there any hope for such jinanis and politicians. Can these people
with their fertile brains do anything decent for the society.

Basically, after taking power out of their hands and exposing their
defects to all so that they cannot hurt the humanity any further, the
only way to rectify these two creatures is if they dedicate themselves
to Parama Purusa and cultivate a feeling of neo-humanism. Then and only
then can they become assets to the society. Failing that, they will
always be the source of terrible division and suffering.

So there is hope for such jinanis and politicians, but we must be super

First we must make these troublemakers naked in the eyes of the people
so that the common citizens are no longer in awe of and duped by these
two creatures. And secondly, ample pressure must be applied to force
these politicians and jinanis to follow the codes of dharma– and
nothing but.

That is Baba’s warning and only by this way can we build a bright new


By Baba’s grace, we will be able to undo all the horror and harm
committed by these jinanis and politicians and create that bright new

Baba says, “Renaissance people will have to raise their voices against
this, and they will have to do it now – they will have to do it
immediately. And I also desire that you all should move on the path of
Renaissance, which is fully supported by rationality, from today – from
this very moment. Let victory be yours.” (PNS-9)


To Become Great

Baba says, “If your longing for money, and your longing for name or fame
is converted into longing for Parama Purusa, then even ordinary mortals
can get transformed into great souls.” SS-17 (H) 1 January 1986

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