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From: “Karma Rasa”
Subject: Widespread Myth about Jobs
Date: Thu, 27 May 2010 22:48:32 +0000


“Kenoi va’ ele, dola’ diye gele, na’ bale gele cale, phele a’ma’y…”
(PS 1995)


Baba, You have been gone so long, why did You come and stir my heart
only to then go away without saying a word– thereby leaving me all
alone. Baba, neither do You have any love for me nor do You understand
the aching pain of my heart. Baba, after coming and reciting one fairy
tale, where did You go. Baba, I want You to remain here with me.
Baba, amongst all the dear ones, You are my dearmost. Why then do You
not reside eternally in my heart. Baba, You are my dearmost and
innermost, then how can You justify going so far away from me. Is it
proper to leave me isolated and all alone. Please tell me.
Baba, You are so dear to me, no matter what I will never forget You;
Baba, I will never leave You. Not at any cost will I ever wipe You away
from my mental plate– from the memories of my mind. That I will never
do. Baba, even if You do not desire to remain with me– even if You want
to hide– I shall always keep You in the golden casket of my heart.
Baba, You are eternally mine; my everything is surrendered at Your
lotus feet…


In today’s capitalistic economy, jobs are becoming more and more scarce.

Indeed, in the USA – the most capitalistic nations on the planet – the
unemployment rate reached as high as 9.9% a month ago (April 2010)
and is still hovering around that extremely high rate. In Germany,
Europe’s biggest economy, the unemployment rate as been around 8.5%
throughout the first quarter of 2010, peaking up to 8.7%, and
still is hanging around 8%.

These numbers are way to high to have a productive economy and a healthy
society, yet this is what capitalism breeds: A more and more static


Most of the population has been reduced to laborers– either physical
laborers (blue-collar) or mental laborers (white-collar), but with the
increase in mechanization and the profit-oriented culture, executives
are hiring less and less people and instead resorting to machines and /
or cheaper labor markets elsewhere. In short, those with jobs are losing
them; and those without jobs are not finding them.

And this problem is only mounting, even with Obama’s hands-on approach
in comparison’s to Bush’s radical laissez-faire manner.



Over the decades, capitalists have successfully brainwashed the public
into believing that it is the individual’s responsibility to get and
maintain a job. And if one is not getting a job, then, well, that is
just too bad– try harder. That is the capitalistic maxim– the myth
that capitalists propagate. So that is what everybody thinks, ‘That it
is the duty of each and every person to find their own job, and if they
lose their job it is their responsibility to find another one’.

And still that is in vogue. As things continue to tailspin the public
is bound to think that they are in a no-win situation. But that
extreme disgust with capitalism has not yet come. Most are still thinking
that capitalism needs to be fixed, not replaced.


For these reasons and more, human beings have just been turned
into mere commodities wherein they have to shine and polish themselves–
like apples or potatoes– in order be attractive in the marketplace. To
that end,common citizens try tirelessly to get more and more qualifications in
order to assure themselves of a job. But it is an uphill battle.
Because due to increased mechanization, less and less jobs are being
done by humans. With the development of more refined computers and
fancier machines, a work that used to take 300 people now takes only 5.
In that case 295 are suddenly out of a job.

And then, since top capitalists are only interested in increasing their
profit, then at any time they can and do move their entire factory or
business to another land or country where labor is cheaper. In that
case, an entire sector of the workforce may suddenly lose their job.

And in the end, it is the common citizen that gets blamed for not making
themselves marketable.

That is the ugly predicament in capitalism.

But it is continuing on since everyone has gotten duped into thinking
that every individual is responsible for securing their own job, while
the government bears little or no responsibility.

Today, more and more college graduates are on the hunt for a job and
it is becoming harder and harder to get one. However, the theme
remains the same: Make yourself more marketable. The realisation
has not yet come to change the system.

Similarly with older adults who have lost their jobs, one result
is that more and more are starting their own businesses. The big
protest against the market economy has not entered the people’s
psyche just yet. So they suffer and try harder in these
desperate times.

Soon the time will come to rise up and we should be ready to feed
them the answer as well as hasten that moment by preaching the
gospel of Prout.


To combat this nasty, capitalistic spiral and bleak outlook, Baba has
put forth one very special socio-political principle: No one should lose
their job without first being offered and given a different job, of
a comparable of higher standard.

Baba says, “Cardinal socio-political principles should never be
violated. First, people should not be retrenched from their occupations
unless alternative employment has been arranged for them.” (PNS-16)

Unfortunately all around the globe this important principle is not being
fulfilled. Because people are being released from their jobs and are not
being replaced. From stock-brokers to shoe salesmen, so many are out of
jobs, and every week this is increasing, leading to a totally unhealthy
situation in society.

Here Baba describes further about what happens when people lose their
jobs and are not given a different job.

Baba says, “There are many instances where these three cardinal
principles have been violated, causing much suffering and disturbance in
individual and collective life. Let us discuss what happens when people
loose their livelihood. Take the example of rickshaw pullers in India.
The work of rickshaw pullers is exhausting and poorly paid, but if it is
declared illegal, many rickshaw pullers will become unemployed and their
lives will become more miserable. Those who cannot find alternative
employment will either die of starvation or become criminals in an
effort to survive. In either case, society will be adversely affected.
So, before this occupation is prohibited, rickshaw pullers should be
provided with suitable alternative employment.” (PNS-16)

Because of losing their jobs and not being given other employment,
people are suffering from depression, abusing their spouse, developing
health problems, dying early, even committing suicide. Such reports are
commonplace in the news these days.

Or look at it this way: Since 1964, the U.S. crime rate has increased
by as much as 350%.

Unemployment plays a huge role in crime – it is one of the fallouts
of job loss.


So the myth that the individual is 100% responsible for getting a job
and the government need not play any role in this is totally harmful and
stands as one of the worst aspects of capitalism.

Even thought Obama’s government is getting very involved in economic
reform, still being part of the sinking ship of capitalism, they cannot
control unemployment which is going through the roof.

Still that is the myth that big vaeshyas have successfully instilled in
the minds of the people: People are responsible for finding their own

So the whole affair is awful. Everyone is trying to increase their
stature and skills in order to get a job, yet those jobs are being sucked
up elsewhere or getting totally eliminated.

Hence it is an uphill battle; the cards are stacked against the common
person. Jobs are disappearing left and right and there is no replacement
in sight.

When in reality, in the case of jobs being reduced due to mechanization,
and then firing 100 or 200 people, instead everyone in the factory or
plant should simply work less hours– allowing everyone to keep their job.

That is how it works in family life. If a new stove is purchased which
dramatically decreases the amount of cooking time, then the wife or
daughter is not kicked out of the house because they are no longer
needed. Rather, everyone works less in the kitchen and people get time
to spend in other pursuits.

Same should be the case with regards to mechanization in the workforce.
All should work less and then devote more time to psychic and spiritual
pursuits. Then everyone is benefited because even though people are working
less their purchasing capacity remains high. In Prout, it works that way.

Now however, many jobs are subject to furlough, because companies and the
government do not have the money to pay workers, yet the cost of living is
higher. That only leads to more crime, not the upliftment of society.

The capitalist model just creates more and more problems, whereas Prout’s
local and cooperative economic model solves the problem.

As for the second problem– i.e. the outsourcing of jobs to cheaper
labor markets– the answer is creating a local economy. Capitalists
should not be allowed to exploit human labor all over the globe. Rather
the cooperative system should be developed wherein all in a locale are
guaranteed work as well as a proper purchasing capacity. This can happen
if the natural and human resources of an areas stay within that samaj.

So there are lots of Proutistic solutions. And among them all, it has to
be fully recognised that governments must be held responsible and they must
ensure a job to each and every member of society. There is no other way.

The current capitalistic myth that an individual must find their own job
must be eradicated. Then and only then can society progress..


By Baba’s grace the myopia of capitalists is being exposed and soon all
will be aware of the pitfalls of this vaeshyan age, thereby allowing
society to make that step forward into that bright, new era.

By Baba’s grace the overall climate and environment are changing. People
will soon awaken to the crude reality of capitalism and they will be looking
for answers. The era of Prout will come – we should be ready to do our part

Baba says, “If any group tries to violate any of these three cardinal
socio-political principles, you should immediately oppose them with a
thundering voice and sufficient force. Victory will be yours, because
you are supporting the collective psychology. But before launching any
movement, you should make sure that the masses are conscious of their
exploitation, otherwise the movement will not be successful. Although it
may take some time to raise the consciousness of the masses, ultimately
you will be victorious.” (PNS-16)

Karma Rasa

Deserts Needed

Baba says, “Ecologists claim that some deserts are essential for keeping
the global ecology in a balanced state. The high day temperatures and
the cold night temperatures that occur in desert regions create a useful
effect. The hot, dry desert air rises and creates a vacuum which sucks
in cool air, generating a chain reaction. Moist air is sucked in from
the sea and formed into clouds which then rain on the land. If deserts
vanish entirely, the overall rainfall will be reduced.” (PNS-16, p.37)

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