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Subject: A’nanda Va’nii of A’nanda Pu’rnima’ 2010!!
Date: Tue 25 May 2010 18:36:45 -0000




Greetings on this auspicious and blissful occasion of Ananda Purnima 2010!

This year A’nanda Pu’rnima’ is to be observed May 27 – Wishing you a
very happy and blissful day of devotional celebrations & merriment!!

Baba is the Polestar of our lives: He is our inspiration, He is our
sustenance, and He is our Goal.

As we know, this festival day of A’nanda Pu’rnima’ marks Baba’s divine
advent onto this earth.

This entire creation is a manifestation of Parama Purusa and that is why
everyone and everything is part of our family. We must never forget this
idea even for one moment.

The final fulfillment comes when the sadhaka reaches that highest goal
and feels that the Supreme Entity expresses Himself through each and
everything. All are none other than the expression of the Supreme.

Wishing you and all in your area blissful A’nanda Pu’rnima’ celebrations.

Here is one of His original A’nanda Va’niis that we wish to share with
you – this is the one we are using in our unit.

Baba says, “You have no right to hate even a single living creature. The
best you can do is only to serve. Remember, you are to serve bearing in
mind that every creature is verily the living manifestation of the
Supreme Consciousness. Remember also that the credit of service is not
yours; it is due to the Supreme and the Supreme alone, whose ideation
has inspired you to acquire the capability of rendering service.”
(A’nanda Va’nii #23)


Note: This above Ananda Vanii is not just a quote from Ananda
Vacanamrtam or Subhasita Samgraha, it is one of Baba’s original Ananda
Vaniis. You may have already received a fake Ananda Vanii which are
floating around, but they are mere quotes. They were not given by Baba
as Ananda Vaniis. We should all be aware about such things. If you have
already received a Fake Ananda Vaniis, you can right the situation by
reading this Ananda Vanii on Ananda Purnima.


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From: Amriteshwar Verma
Date: Mon 24 May 2010 11:31:52
Subject: How Harmful It Is


PS Intro: This following song is about the establishment of a
neohumanistic society. It describes how sadvipra samaj gets formed and
what it will look like. Overall this song paints a picture of the
upcoming dharma ra’j.

“Jay jay jay toma’ri huk jaya…” (P.S. 4764)


O’ Divine Entity, O’ Cinmay, O’ Consciousness Personified who has graced
me by coming in this brilliant, golden, effulgent dawn: Victory,
victory, victory; victory unto You. Baba, You are everything.
On this earth, we all are witnessing the magic that has happened; by
Your divine grace our dream has come true today. Behold, this earth has
been filled with sweetness, charm, and beauty. By Your grace there is no
longer any dukha (sorrow) or santa’p (misery and suffering) anymore on
this earth. There is only the incessant flow of a’nanda (bliss); it is
flowing on and on continuously. Baba, by Your grace with the surge of
devotion, the new blood & vigour has awakened; the paranoia, threat, and
terror of exploitation is now completely gone. A new era of sentient
peace has ultimately arrived, by Your grace.

Baba, in the past by Your grace we planned that we will create a new
heaven. And now that day has come. So according to Your direction we
will go on doing Your work– all the while singing Your song to please
You. Our hands will do Your work and our heart will sing Your glory. In
that way we will move. Baba, by Your grace we will pour abundant love on
each and every unit being– on all our brothers and sisters, on all the
flaura and fauna.

Baba, You have showered Your grace. That splendid day which we were
dreaming about has arrived; all the cimmerian darkness has been
dispelled. Now, by Your grace, the eastern horizon is filled with Your
brilliant, divine effulgence.

Baba, we will move on in the chorus of samgacchadhvam spirit– keeping
You in our heart and singing about Your glory…


Note: This entire letter is based on a new audio file – “Baba’s Warning
About Infusing Fear in Children – uploaded to our blog. In that clip,
Baba is speaking in Bengali and the entire transcription and translation
is noted below at the bottom of this letter.

Here is where you can listen to the audio file:

Often it is the case that parents and caretakers have no idea that what
they tell their child can be totally debilitating to the child’s growth.
The child’s entire development can be extremely adversely affected &
ruined by a few, seemingly harmless, words. If those parents knew, they
would certainly never do that again. Indeed they would never do that to
anyone – ever, what to say about their own child.

Any loving parent or sincere guardian who comes to know Baba’s teaching
will repent the rest of their life for how they permanently ruined their
child’s personality.

That is Baba’s warning in this below passage: Parents and guardians
beware – do not inject fear into the mind of your child.

In contrast to the parents, elder siblings and older kids often get a
weird type of enjoyment by intentionally scaring younger children.
Whereas parents are not aware how harmful it is so they overlook the
matter and that perpetuates the problem.

Time and again people inject fear as it seems to be an easy way to
control the child, but the effect is most disastrous. For instance, a
parent might say, “If you do not sit still then a big monster will come
and eat you.” With that fear, the child sits motionless and the parent
thinks that it was a good behaviour modification tactic.

In reality however, the whole psyche of small baby is crippled and that
problem only increases over time and manifests in various ways.
Unfortunately this technique and practice of injecting fear to resolve
an issue is a prevailing approach across the planet. That is why a major
portion of the population is affected and suffers from fear, shyness and
all kinds of problems in their day to day life.

Some people may not readily recognise this fact, but if you research
carefully you will find that the fear of ghosts, goblins and monsters
does not fade away. When they become adults that fear takes expression
in all kinds of ways: People feel intimidated in front of their boss,
frightened in dark, terrified in an isolated place, afraid to start new
work, and petrified in front of the police. That fear reflects in
multiple directions.

It is quite complex and dramatic how it takes place – tragically it
mushrooms in all kinds of ways.

Even worse is that this goes on from one generation to the next – what
horrors those children experience, as adults they pass that on to their
own children. In this way the problem gets replicated. We must break
this cycle.

If you are one of those who injected fear unknowingly and ruined a
child’s psyche then try to undo that by giving them confidence. In that
way it may fade away.

For all these reasons and more, Baba has given this below teaching.
Listen carefully and practice.

Note: The below transcription from Baba’s original spoken Bengali into
roman font may lack certain finer grammar points, but the overall idea
of the passage has been maintained. Those with greater linguistic
backgrounds are welcome to offer a more precise translation etc.


Listen to the audio file at, http://www.am-global-01.blogspot.com/


Ghrna’, shaunka’, bhaya, aet’a’ holo pa’pa, jab tumi jakhan chotto
chile, tumi ka’uke ghrna’ korte na’. Oi pare toma’r prativeshiira’
bandhura’ ba’r’iir lokera’, toma’ke shikhiye chilo ki, “Aeta korte
na’in, aeta ghrnya jinish.” To, toma’ke bhaya shikhiye che, lajja’
shikhiye che, a’r seit’a shes’a paryanta toma’r rauna [lege] geche.
Choto chele du’dha kha’cche na’. Ba’r’iir lokera’ bolle, “Oi juju a’che,
ta’la ga’che juju a’che, dhare nebe.” Tumi jujur bhaye khiye nile
du’dha. Ta’r pare, sei tumi jakhane du vatsa’rer na’iny, tumi hoye gele
ba’isa vatsa’rer, takhano sei maner jujuta’ roye gelo. Kakhano-kakhano
svapnetei juju ke dekhbe. Ekla’ hote giye jujur bhaya buka kenpe ut’abe.
Era holo ki? Na, ca’inpiye deoya ba’ndha’na. Ai, this type of bondage or
these bondages are known as pa’shas.


Hatred, doubt, fear are sin. When you were small, you did not hate
anybody. After that your neighbors, friends and family members taught
you, “This is what hate is, don’t do such a thing.” They taught you
fear, they taught you shyness, and in the end those interactions stained
your mind in that color. The small babe did not want to drink the milk.
So in order to get the baby to drink the milk, the family members said,
“Look a ghost is on the palm tree – it will come and get you if you do
not drink your milk.” So you drank the milk out of fear of being caught
by the ghost. After many years, when you were no longer two, but became
twenty-two years of age, that mental ghost still existed in your mind.
From time to time in your dreams you will still see that ghost. In
consequence, while remaining in a lonely place your heart will become
startled and frozen due to fear of that ghost. What is this? Imposed
bondage. This type of bondage or these bondages are known as pa’shas.


Baba says, “You will have to build a society in which no one is forced
to weep, where everyone smiles joyfully all the time and gets ample
scope for laughter. Seeing such mirth and merriment, Parama Purus’a will
feel immensely pleased. By giving joy to Parama Purus’a you will feel
even more joyful and will feel His close proximity. This is the actual
social code. And the actual spiritual code is the one that helps humans
move towards Parama Purus’a. Under no circumstances should one create
unnecessary controversies. The social code aims at bringing a broad
smile to the faces of the progeny of Parama Purus’a. You should all move
along this path – you are sure to meet with success.” (AV-4)



Here is another posting on this topic of children and fear:

Only Remedy

Baba says, “It is the duty of all human beings and especially those who
are devotees, it is their mandatory duty to always think that, ‘I am a
machine and the controller is Parama Purusa. He is the machine man and I
have to work according to His desire. I have to fulfill His desire. This
body of mine is a machine and it belongs to Him. This is His machine and
this machine has to do His work.’ If one constantly thinks in this way
then the vanity of action will never sprout. This is the only path to
save oneself from vanity. One has to think ‘I am just one machine; I am
a tool and according to His desire I have to work’.” (SS-16 (H), p. 81,
DMC Agra 19 Feb 84)

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Date: Sun, 23 May 2010 22:51:22 -0000
From: George Kourakos
Subject: How to Control Sex
To: am-global@earthlink.net


“Dakhin’a’ va’ta’se malay suba’se mrdu, hese hese esechile…” (PS 358)


Baba, You have graced me by coming in the deep core of my heart with a
gentle smile– in the refreshing fragrance of a sweet, southern breeze.
Baba, You are the most divine One; I cannot forget You and I do not want
to forget You. By Your grace, by pouring my sweet love, I shall keep
Your divine memory ever alive in my mind– in my heart.

O’ Supreme Entity, O’ my Lord, O’ the Beloved of my mind, O’ the most
adorable One of my mind, I will do puja to You in my inner sanctum of my
mind and spread Your nectar of devotion across this vast, expansive
universe. Baba, in Your sweet fragrance of Your divine liila, please be
merciful and eternally reside in my mind– graciously intoxicate me with
Your divine flow.

O’ Lord of divinity, please take me to Your great abode– the land of
divinity– by holding my hand, by holding my mind. Baba, by Your grace
after forgetting all fear and shyness and after remembering You and
keeping You in my heart I am at Your lotus feet, remembering You.

Baba, please do not forget me I am Yours…


When we think about those who wish to control their sexual energy we
usually think of monks & nuns, sadhakas, aspirants and service-minded
people. For most of us, that is the typical picture that comes to mind.

Today, however, with the rise of sexual crimes, sexual predators and
state officials are also brainstorming and implementing their own ways
for how to control sexual power – in particular in males.

We should all be aware about these recent trends and see if they are in
concert with Baba’s ideals.

This is an emerging social issue that demands our attention and know-how.


As we all know, in this grossly materialistic era, sexual content and
display is at an all-time high. There is a plethora of bare-skin and
near-nudity on the buses, in schools, on billboards, at the workplace,
in parks, all over the internet, and throughout the society. Even
upstanding professionals, dignitaries, and state representatives resort
to dress that highlights their sensuality and sexuality – especially

Anyone who has been out and about is quite familiar with the above,
especially in western countries and wherever materialism is in full force.

Not surprisingly, in this materialistic era, sexual crimes are also on
the rise – if not skyrocketing. Date rape, pedophilia, statutory rape,
and illicit affairs are rampant; and then of course there are sexually
related problems like teenage pregnancy etc. All this has become a
societal disease.

And the penalties for sexual crimes are quite severe. Sexual offenders
are branded for life and face harsh prison terms. That is why certain
convicts and/or potential convicts are interested in reducing and even
eliminating their sexual energy. Because they do not trust themselves to
behave with integrity. To reduce their sentence and to ensure proper
conduct, such convicts may voluntarily resort to the elimination of
their sexual energy.

Then there is the other side of the story: Many guilty of sexual crimes
are repeat offenders. So state and justice officials are exploring ways
to reduce crime by curtailing offenders’ sexual energy.

That is where things are at the present moment – and here is what they
are doing.


Across the globe – in various states and countries – government
officials are offering voluntary (and involuntary) castration to those
incarcerated as part of their sentencing and / or in exchange for their
early release from prison.

For the state officials this is a way to increase the punishment and
relieve pressure from and cut costs on the overcrowded and extremely
expensive jail system; and for offenders it can be a way to regain their
freedom sooner without having to worry about being tempted to commit a
similar crime.

To some then, this looks like a win-win situation. The state gets what
they want and the offender gets what he wants.

Toward this end, there are two basic pathways being pursued by the state
to control sexual energy: 1) chemical castration and 2) surgical

In many western countries, including the US and England, chemical
castration has been put into effect in certain areas.

“Chemical castration is a term used [most often] to describe treatment
with a drug called Depo-Provera that, when given to men, acts on the
brain to inhibit hormones that stimulate the testicles to produce

So this is one way that is being used to minimize and even eliminate
sexual allurement. It is not fail-safe, but it is in vogue (increasingly
so). Recently, in 2008, Louisiana became the 7th state in the US to
“allow Louisiana judges to sentence convicted rapists to chemical

The effect of this type of castration is temporary so the patient must
return again and again for treatment.

Secondly, surgical castration is the actual removal of the testes from
the human body. There is a long history of this throughout the world:
guards and attendants in palaces were castrated so they could safely
oversee the harem, young male opera singers were forcibly castrated to
preserve their vocal quality, combatants defeated in war etc.

Nowadays, the Czech republic resorts to surgical castration as a
voluntary form of punishment and treatment for convicted sex offenders.
While chemical castration is not always “successful”, surgical
castration systemically reaches its desired end. Czech officials speak
highly of the effectiveness of this approach.

Whatever the means, chemical or surgical castration, there is a growing
acceptance and interest by state governments to address the rising
occurrence of sexual crimes in this manner.


The main myth at hand is that criminals and officials alike believe that
by controlling one’s sexual energy – by any means including chemical and
surgical castration – then one will overcome their sexual wrath and
automatically develop a calm and balanced mental outlook.

This is the myth they believe and propagate because they feel those
gland are solely related with sex.

Baba’s guideline reveals a much different approach with a much different
outcome. And that we are going to explore.

Let’s first look at two other segments in society looking to curtail
their sexual energy / reproductive capacity.


Over the centuries and today also, dogmatic monks from around the globe
as well as crude Indian sannyasis have used myrobalan (haritaki) or
anise (saunf) as a means to overcome sexual desire.

For a short-term treatment plan it may be permissible, but over time it
will totally dry up those sex glands leading to impotency and

This also is not an approach which we in AM support as we advocate the
channelization of sexual energy to spiritual awakening, not sexual
suppression. More about this is expressed further down in this letter.


Finally, in various nations, people commonly resort to the permanent
destruction of their reproductive organs as a means of birth control or
family planning.

In women, the fallopian tubes are tied in a procedure known as tubal
ligation and in men the vas deferens are cut in a procedure known as a
vasectomy. These procedures are done by normal citizens so they can
continue to carry on sexual relations with their spouse, yet not have to
worry about producing children. Either they do not want children at all
or they have produced the number of offspring they desire and do not
want more.

Here again though, this is not an approach supported by AM.

Baba says, “Using birth control methods which deform the bodies of men
and women or destroy their reproductive powers forever cannot be
supported, because this may cause a violent mental reaction at any
moment.” (AFPS-9)


The point that is missed in all the above circumstances is that our
human bodies are far more subtle and involved than people think. Whether
they be magistrates, husbands, convicts, dogmatic sannyasis or whomever,
such persons who alter their sexual function fail to understand the more
subtle effects of our glandular system.

They think that the testes and ovaries are just for sex – nothing more.
When in fact these glands are part of a greater system that provide
energy to the brain and highly impacts our mental, psychological,
emotional and spiritual outlook.

Baba says, “The lymphatic glands supply raw material – lymph – to the
factories – the glands – and the surplus lymph goes to the brain and
provides food for the nerve cells in the cranium.” (YP)

Baba says, “The essence of blood, when transformed, becomes shukra, and
this shukra is food for the brain. In the absence of shukra, or in case
of its impaired functioning, the entire constitution may be impaired,
the body may become susceptible to disease, and mental and spiritual
sa’dhana’ may be impaired. Therefore, restraint is a must for every man
and woman, because only self-control helps achieve the maximum
preservation of shukra.” (CC-3)

Thus when certain glands like the testes and ovaries are categorically
destroyed or altered with drugs such that they fail to operate properly,
this adversely affects the production of lymph, which is the food for
the brain.

Indeed, by destroying or inhibiting the function of the testes, the
human personality loses so many good qualities. Because the testes are
singularly responsible for attributes like rationality,
service-mindedness, benevolence and love for the Supreme.

Here following are a series of Baba’s teachings about the importance of
those sexual glands in the cultivation of a proper human personality.

[ A ] Here Baba points out how the testes lead to a sense of
responsibility and dutifulness.

Baba says, ‘If the secretion of the testes glands is normal, a sense of
dutifulness will be created in the mind. A boy will be proud of the fact
that he obeyed his father. But if the boy was only three years old, he
would not be able to feel a sense of dutifulness.” (YP)

Baba says, “In a male, if the testes are separated from the body, there
will be physical and psychological changes. The man will not die but he
will lose the sense of dutifulness and responsibility. All the qualities
associated with the testes, such as the sense of dutifulness and
responsibility, will be wanting.” (YP)

[ B ] In this below quote, Baba demonstrates how the proper functioning
of one’s sex glands cultivates rationality, integrity and strength of mind.

Baba says, “If the testes are over-active [highly active] and there is
over-secretion [high secretion] of hormones, a youth develops the spirit
of rationality. The pubic hair grows due to the activity of the testes.
This is the physical effect. The development of rationality is the
psychic effect. The nervous system will also be affected. If not
hindered by the natural flow of the lymphatic glands, over-secretion
[high secretion] leads to the development of hair in the arm pits at the
age of fifteen to seventeen in hot countries and seventeen to eighteen
in cold countries. Along with this the feeling of rationality grows. For
example, a boy may say, “No, father, do not ask me to do that. It is not
good.”” (YP)

[ C ] Next Baba discusses how due to a defect in the functions of the
sex glands, one becomes mean-minded.

Baba says, “If there is under-secretion of the testes glands, there will
be less hair; and if, at the same time, the sex glands do not develop at
the specified stage, the boy will become very cruel. He may, for
example, take a grasshopper and cut off its legs. You may have seen such
a boy at the age of thirteen, fourteen or fifteen: he may be unsocial,
he may not mix with others. This is due to the under-secretion of
hormones from the testes glands.” (YP)

[ D ] Baba also points out how the greater secretion of the testes leads
to love for the Supreme. It is these glands which allow one to practice
and progress in sadhana. Without the proper functioning of these glands,
spiritual practice is impossible.

Baba says, “In the case of ordinary secretion, sex longing is created.
If there is over-secretion [high secretion], a youth acquires the power
to transform that longing into universalism. In those of you who have a
longing for Parama Purus’a [Supreme Consciousness], an over-secretion
[high secretion] took place in your hormones between the ages of fifteen
and seventeen. At that stage the idea to become great comes into the
mind.” (YP)

[ E ] A lack of hormonal secretion by the testes leads to staticity. The
person will lack benevolence and courage, and will therefore be prone to
following dogma, not dharma.

Baba says, “If there is under-secretion of the hormones of the testes
glands, a youth will develop less kindness, and less hair will grow in
the armpits and pubic region. If you see a man with these physical
characteristics, then and there you can come to a conclusion about the
extent of his kindness. Moreover, such a person will most likely support
dogma. He will not have the moral strength to protest against dogma
(including scriptural dogma), and he will not support a new idea.” (YP)

[ F ] Lastly, Baba discusses what happens with the organ is removed from
the body. Among other things, sadhana is no longer possible.

Baba says, ‘If the sex organ is cut off from the male body, what will be
the result? The man will not die, but the testes and kidneys will not be
able to function properly. There will, therefore, also be psychological
changes and no sex feeling.” (YP)

Thus we do not support any of the aforementioned approaches in order to
control sex. We do not support chemical castration, surgical castration,
the use of myrobalan or anise, nor do we support vasectomies etc. All of
these will adversely affect the human personality because those glands
are critical for the positive development of mind – not just sex.


Or course in AM, we do believe in proper restraint in the sexual sphere,
but we do not prescribe to any of the aforementioned policies or
procedures. We do not support the destruction or alteration of the sex

Rather we believe in certain physical practices and mental approaches
which help divert one towards higher faculties, not sexual engagement.

By adhering to a sentient diet, by regular fasting, by practicing
asanas, by doing kaoshikii and tandava, by following the proper bath and
half-bath systems, and by various other physical practices, we lay the
groundwork towards controlling one’s sexual desire.

But the main way to control sex is through the psychic realm. If one
follows all the above mandates but still actively harbors lustful
things, the desire to have sex and thinks dirty thoughts, one will not
be successful in controlling their sexual desire. The mental part is
critical – even more so than the physical, although both physical and
psychi practices are needed.

So the real control is mental. If we goad the mind in a positive
direction and follow Baba’s mandate of “cakuna samvaro…”, then we will
be in a proper flow to divert all one’s energies to the Supreme, not
towards sex.

Baba says, ““One must have restraint over one’s sensory and motor
organs.” “I must not see that object, that may pollute my mind. I must
not hear that sound, that may pollute my mind.” These are all restraints
over sensory and motor organs. Lord Buddha said, Cakkhuna’ sam’varo
sa’dhu – “O sa’dhu, O spiritual aspirant, you should have proper
restraint over your eyes.”” (AV-23)

And here Baba talks about our special system of psychic channelisation
to the spiritual realm. By this way one’s sexual desire will be properly
controlled thereby allowing for a whole new outlook and deep realisation.

Baba says, “Psychic urges must not be objectified nor should they be
suppressed; rather they must be channelized towards the Supreme
Desideratum through the proper psycho-spiritual approach…With constant
spiritual practice, the mind, with its thousand propensities, becomes
one-pointed and is goaded towards the Supreme Singular Entity…This
inner channelisation and one-pointed conversion into psycho-spiritual
pabulum brings about radical changes in individual and collective life.
The psycho-spiritual approach makes a person deeply introversial,
one-directional, strong and dynamic…With the smooth, natural and
progressive channelisation of the psychic urges of the individual and
collective mind towards the Supreme Entity, psychic pabula will be
converted into psychospiritual pabulum. Then each person will be a
sadvipra, and the whole society will be a sadvipra sama’j – an A’nanda
Pariva’ra. So the transformation of psychic pabula into psycho-spiritual
pabulum is the only panacea.” (AFPS-8)


By Baba’s grace He has given the proper way to control sexual longing.
Those who resort to the destruction or alteration of their glands are
only inviting serious mental problems and they are essentially killing
their spiritual inclination as well. Only through proper restraint can
one evolve into a truly sentient and spiritual being.

Baba says, “Men should have proper control over the conversion of lymph
into semen. This is part of brahmacarya sa’dhana’ [meditation on the
Supreme Entity]. Men should have proper control over their bodies. Human
beings should be sentient in food habits, mind and intellect.”


Sign of Devotees

Baba says, “When undergoing any trouble then some human beings think
that they are shelterless. But you should always remember that in this
world at any given moment you are never shelterless. Because when Parama
Purusa is with you then how can you be shelterless. So there is no
reason for any feeling of helplessness or fear in any circumstances.
Because when He is with you the strongest and mightiest force of this
universe is with you. Then what is there to be afraid of? If you
encourage fear complex it means you have the forgotten the fact that
Parama Purusa is with you. So those who are sadhakas, those who are
devotees, those who are adherents of the path of dharma, they will
always be fearless. This is the quality of a sadhaka: That he is
fearless. Why is he fearless? Because he knows that the most powerful
entity, Parama Purusa, is with him. So there is a loving relation
between devotees and Parama Purusa– their relation is based on love.
Because of this truth the devotee is never afraid. He will never be
afraid of anyone and under no circumstances will he be perturbed.
Becoming paranoid is not the sign of devotees. Parama Purusa always
remains with you and HE always watches over His devotees. He is always
seeing how He can save devotees from any and all difficulties. So when
in this loving way Parama Purusa is concerned about you, then why will
you be disturbed. You should be fearless. There is no reason for any
sort of paranoia in the mind of devotees.” [SS-16 (H), p. 83, DMC Agra
19 Feb 84]

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Date: Sat, 22 May 2010 22:40:02 -0400
From: Donald_G
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Be Aware About Karmaphala


“Tumi kii ceyecho ja’ni ni to a’mi, tumi kii diyecho kichu ja’ni” (P.S. 1980)


Baba, what You want I do not know, but what You have given me– about
that a little I know, by Your grace.

I have not offered anything to You, only I have always gone on extending my
own hands in order to get more and more.

Baba, You have sent me on this dusty earth with human form. Indeed You
have certain plans and programs to get done by me; You have certain desires
and hopes that I do not know, nor do I want to know. Only I know that I
have wasted my life in useless altercations and letharginess.

The precious time of this human life has gone in vain. At the proper moment
awareness has not come in my mind. Time has passed like this. My days have
passed in self-indulgent activities and entertainments. Today I am sitting
in the desert counting the stars.

Baba, still I have full faith that You will grace me and bring me onto
the right path…


The world is changing fast and one of the main transformations taking place
is that materialism is spreading like wildfire. This is especially true in
the so-called developing nations where the people naively try to aspire to
become like materialistic, “first-world” citizens. This is the rage that is
haunting humanity in this present moment.

Even this is happening in India where for ages and ages western
materialistic values were rejected. But now the floodgates have opened and
materialism is swarming through each and every pore of human life.
Starbuck’s, Wal-Mart, McDonald’s are fast making their mark and crude
shopping malls are popping up “everywhere”.

Through it all the inhabitants of India and many other “developing nations”
are hurriedly joining the ranks of materialism. Because they innocently
think that this is the road to glory.

However, they should think again and again– or, better yet, we Ananda
Margiis should warn them about the harmful consequences. Because once one’s
mind gets painted in the colour of materialism, then the result is
disastrous. Once one starts madly chasing after and satisfying their crude
desires, they are bound to undergo the karmic reaction of those deeds. And
let them be warned that the fruit of those actions, i.e. karmaphala, is
absolutely poisonous and brings one’s total degeneration.


In any direction, it is sad to see how various peoples and communities are
giving up their native cultures and tossing aside their local customs,
songs, and morals and instead taking the big plunge into materialism.
Just to clarify, here the word ‘materialism’ refers to (a) accepting money
as the main goal of life, (b) chasing after carnal pleasures, (c) leading a
sexually promiscuous existence, (d) drowning oneself in pseudo-culture (i.e.
Hollywood movies, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Disco Dancing, etc). All these
things and more go hand-in-hand with a materialistic way of living.

And in that case, people lose sight of the real sweetness of life and
instead get caught in degenerated values. This then blocks their psychic
development as they get sucked into the depths of crude attraction. And
that is exactly what Baba is warning about.

Baba says, “Materialism is most dangerous when it tries to suppress mental
expansion, when it creates obstacles in the transformation of mind from
crude to subtle – when it blocks the passageway of human development from
the graceful beauty of the mind to the spiritual sweetness of the soul.” (6
August 1982, Patna)

Thus in the so-called developing world where people are giving up their
local sentient ways of living and adopting the mass movement toward
materialism, then their finer sensibilities get lost entirely.


Even then, the common people see the glitz and glamour of materialism and
they think what is wrong. They see the rosy lipstick, they see the
care-free way of living, they see the chic clothing and they think– ‘I
must get that’. This happens to so many innocent people day-in & day-out,
especially in the “third world” nations.

Already most of the “first-world” population is so plunged in materialism
that they cannot even begin to find their own heart. They have lost their
mind and souls and they will have to undergo the karmic reaction. And then
there are a few who were fortunate enough to more or less escape the
tangled web of materialism.

But now the whole mass of “third-world” nations is taking that treacherous
journey down in the dungeons of materialism thinking it to be heaven. When
in fact nothing could be further from the truth since that very materialism
will lead them into the shackles of animals life or worse. That is Baba’s

Baba says, “If someone even after attaining a human form forgets Parama
Purus’a and keeps moving with eyes closed in that case…such a person will
be degraded and gradually reborn as an animal, plant, etc.” (SS-11)

Hence Baba warns us that if one closes their eyes– i.e. adopts the pathway
of materialism– then they will degenerate and suffer on that path of
negative pratisaincara, being reborn as a lowly animal or worse.


Here the key point to remember is that one will get a new body based on
their standard of mind. So if one passes their entire human life involved
in crude pleasures and degenerative activities, then naturally the mind
will become one with that debased way of life. In that case they are sure
to degenerate drastically and be reborn in the sub-human or even inanminate

Baba says, “In human society there are many people whose mentality is
somewhere between that of forest primates and that of humans. Some have
just evolved from animal life to that point, in the process of
pratisaincara; while others have reverted to that point from a more
developed human level, due to their mean thoughts. If they continue to
allow mean thoughts to dominate their minds, they will degenerate to the
even cruder stage of inert matter, becoming bricks, stone or wood.” (AMIWL-8)

So being reborn as a piece of stone etc, is not just part of the Hindu
dogma of reincarnation. Rather, it is part of our AM spiritual philosophy
and is deeply related with the science of mind. Because Baba guides us that
according to the nature of one’s thinking– according to one’s standard of
mind– one will get rebirth. And in the case of a materialistic bent of
mind that is wrought with sexual lust and crude desires, then that rebirth
will be lowly. See here Baba’s warning.

Baba says, “Suppose a person does something wrong physically or mentally,
and imbibes a set of sam’ska’ras. According to the previous sam’ska’ras he
was a human being, but according to the newly acquired sam’ska’ras he is
reborn as a dog. The progress or degradation of the human mind has a direct
effect.” (AMIWL-11)

Thus one will get a body according to their mental outlook. So lowly
thinking practically means being reborn in a crude form like that of a pig,
mule, or even as ashtray or spittoon.

So the karmic reaction (karmaphala)– ie the fruits of one’s deeds– from
living a materialistic life thrusts one on the path of destruction and
demise. One will become totally degenerated. And unfortunately that is what
will be the consequence to all those in “third-world” nations who get duped
into the ways of materialism. Just like it has happened and is happening to
the “first-world” populations. Such is the terrible tragedy that they will
encounter. And we too should also be careful because in this cycle of
action & reaction no one is spared.


So from top to bottom it has to be recognised that materialism leads to the
demise of one’s entire existence and brings about one’s complete
degeneration. People utterly forget their internal divinity and just accept
lustful ways as the theme of life.

Baba says, “Materialism tends to forget that the crude physical body and
its vital energy are not the whole of human existence– that the most
priceless assets of human beings are their psychic wealth, their spiritual
treasures, and their most beloved entity, Parama Purus’a, the Lord of their
life.” (NSS: Disc 18)

Thus we should never allow ourselves or anyone else to fall into the
clutches of materialism, rather through spiritual talk, kiirtan, and
sadhana we are to goad their mind into the more subtle realms so they can
make a link with Parama Purusa.


By Baba’s divine grace He has bestowed upon us the perfect pathway and the
only answer to today’s troubled world. Coming onto the path of AM and
reaching His lotus feet is the way of humanity. May we help everyone
realise this at the earliest.

Baba says, “There should be a happy blend of spiritualism and materialism.
Matter is nothing but the crude manifestation of spirit. Spirit is the
essence of matter. When the struggle between the so-called spiritualism and
materialism will reach its climax, it will pave the path for “Ananda
Marga”. Thus Ananda Marga is a historical necessity.” (A General Guidebook
for Ta’ttvikas)



In our Ananda Marga we certainly subscribe to the theory of karmic law,
action-reaction, & reincarnation. But we do not follow it to the dogmatic
end of Hinduism. Because although we understand that good actions bring
positive reactions and bad actions beget negative reactions, we do not
adopt the Hindu theory that the goal is to get good reactions by doing good
actions. This is nothing to gloat over and this type of cheap approach is
not our way.

Rather in Ananda Marga, we follow the devotional ideal that fruits of each
and every actions is to be offered at the alter of the Supreme. So we do
everything for Baba, never wanting anything for ourselves, neither bad nor

On a related note, even if one does good actions and gets the good
reactions, then even then one is enraptured with their unit ‘I’. And one may
egotistically think that, ‘I did many good things and am therefore great
because I will get many good reactions’. In that case one’s downfall can
occur anytime. In which case they will undergo the negative karmic reaction.
So the only way out is the path of AM, where we do everything with the sole
and only desire of pleasing Parama Purusa and we offer the fruits of our
deeds unto Him.

Ancient History

Baba says, “In ancient times, with the beginning of civilization, the sages
used to look upon the various manifestations of nature as the play of one
God and they composed hymns for that god. When they used to sing in the
name of U’s’a, Indra, Parjanya, Ma’tarishva’, Varun’a, that singing was
called sa’ma. At that time script had not yet been invented, so the
disciples used to learn by listening to the verbal teachings of the guru.
These were all words of truth, words of knowledge and since they were words
of knowledge, since they elevated the uncultured human beings towards the
light of culture, they were called veda, or knowledge.” (SC-2, p. 93)

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Date: 21 May 2010 15:48:36 -0000
From: “Chandramohan Jha”
Subject: Vishesh Yoga, Dhyana, & Guru Sakash


“Tamasha’r pare a’sha’r a’lok purva’ka’she raune eneche…” (PS 4699)


O’ human being, the humanity is desperately calling you. Please awaken; do
not sleep anymore. In the eastern horizon, the colorful dawn is
approaching. The time is not far when no one will be downtrodden, when no
one will hang their head due to lack of hope and despair. Look, Parama
Purusa has come! The days of darkness and negativity are fast fading away.
The new dawn is approaching. The nearest and dearest Parama Purusa has
come. With His divine blessing and infinite grace we have to march forward…


We all know that the sadhana system of Ananda Marga is unparalleled and
leads one to the height of human glory: Becoming One with Baba. It is
devotional, rational, and logical.

For everyone’s review & reflection, here following is a discussion about:
(1) Guru Dhyana, (2) Guru Sakash, and (3) Vishesh Yoga.

And we should see if there is any link between these three practices or not.

Note: One Vishesh Yogi has tried to pacify others by telling others that
they should repeat the Guru Sakash shloka at the time of Guru Sakash
because that is one of the lessons of vishesh yoga. This Dada is telling
such things at dharmacakra, lectures, as well as in his sermons and gossip.
So once again we should examine this entire issue and gain clarity, once
and for all.


At the designated time each morning, every Ananda Margii awakens and
immediately ideates on Baba. This is our practice of Guru Sakash.
And this practice of Guru Sakash is just like our Guru Dhyana. Because in
Guru Sakash we are to lovingly recite His divine Name. This is Baba’s
explicit direction in Guru Sakash:

Smarettam Nam purvakam
meaning: ‘Recall His Name’

Baba says, “Whatever words you use mentally to address the Guru at the time
of dhyana or Guru dhyana, should also be used at the time of this Guru
Dhyana [i.e. Guru Sakash]. You should always address the Guru for an
extended period. This is Gurusaka’saha.” (YP, ’98 Edn, p.195)

Hence in Guru Sakash we are to engage in the deeply devotional process of
chanting His divine name over and over again. With a heart drenched in His
love and with His form floating in our mind, we are to recite His loving


It is just like how a baby cries and calls out for its mother and then the
mother comes. Calling the mother’s name is enough. That baby need not
repeat some poetry or text from the mother’s book in order to get the
mother to come. It is not like that. Simply saying ‘mama’ is enough.

Similarly to get Baba in Guru Sakash, just calling His name is needed– not
more & not less. Because after all that is Baba’s guideline. So we should
follow Him.


In contrast a few jinanis are trying to misguide others by saying one
should repeat the shloka “Pra’tah shirasi…”– but we shall investigate
how this is nothing but their ludicrous invention. Indeed their so-called
guideline is wrong and totally off the mark.


Point being that Baba Himself directs us that when doing Guru Sakash we are
to chant His name. So then that is what we should do; and by following His
guideline we are sure to get success.

Hence at the time of Guru Sakash we are to internally repeat: ‘Baba, Baba,
Baba…’ or call out to Him with any other intimate and loving epithet that
naturally and spontaneously arises in the mind. But that epithet must be a
siddha mantra.

Here the main point is that one must know that in Gurusakasha one should
call Him.

And indeed, that is Baba’s very clear-cut method for doing Guru Sakash: To
repeat His divine name or address Him in any other intimate and loving way.
And by this divine practice, one will get Him and drift in His bliss all
day long.



Now let us further investigate how some jinanis mistakenly think that
during Guru Sakash, one should repeat the shloka: “Pra’tah shirasi…”.
This has been one ongoing point of gossip.

Why is this gossip is going on? Because jinanis like to create their own
philosophy and in that way they try to inject disease and confusion in the
minds of the people. Such jinanis always create new dogmas by mixing and
matching various recipes and formulas etc. In the case of Guru Sakash this
has also happened.

Because in this particular instance one vishesh yogi is wrongly mixing and
matching his vishesa yoga lesson with Guru Sakash. Because he has been
gossiping about that in one lesson of vishesha yoga the “Pra’tah
shirasi…” shloka is repeated. So he mistakenly concluded that we should
do the same in Guru Sakash. But this is not Baba’s teaching so we should

If we do not follow Baba, then His sadhana system will be lost at the hands
of these jinanis– just like what happened in the past with Lord Krsna’s
teachings. Sri Krsna taught yogic meditation and dogmatic priests turned
that into ritualistic idol worship. If we are not careful, jinanis will do
the same madness with Baba’s divine teachings.


Because Baba clearly guides us to address Him in Gurusakash in the same way
that we do dhyana. One should not repeat the shloka during Guru Sakash.
Rather we are to call Him using His divine name. That is His teaching.

Baba says, “Whatever words you use mentally to address the Guru at the time
of dhyana or Guru dhyana, should also be used at the time of this Guru
Dhyana [i.e. Guru Sakash]. You should always address the Guru for an
extended period. This is Gurusaka’saha.” (YP, ’98 Edn, p.195)

So first and foremost in every disciple’s mind is to follow the Guru. And
Baba’s explicit instruction is to chant His name at the time of Guru
Sakash– not repeat the shloka.

The value of the shloka is how to do the practice– that everyone should
understand and remember. Just like in our first lesson we do not repeat the
entire system but rather repeat our Ista Mantra.

And indeed Baba’s original teaching on this important point of Guru Sakash
was first given in Shabda Cayanika (Bengali edition), and there He makes no
mention whatsoever that we are to repeat the shloka. Only Baba is telling
to repeat His name.


Here is another way of thinking of this matter of Guru Sakash.

The limitation of the human mind is that it cannot do two works at the same

Then how can we chant His name and repeat the shloka simultaneously. We

It is just like: How can we listen to two different radio stations
broadcasting two different programs at the same time. We cannot.

Reason being two things cannot be done at same time by one unit mind.
By the method of deduction then it is clear that we are only to repeat His
name. Since that is Baba’s singular guideline on the point of Guru Sakash.
And being His disciples we are to follow Him and not anyone else.



Logic and rationality further tell us that Baba has given the shloka
“Pra’tah shirasi…” to provide us with instructions for how to do Guru
Sakash. And those instructions are to be followed– not repeated. And those
instructions specifically state that we are to repeat His Name.

Hence, those directives– those lines of the shloka– are not to be
repeated like a mantra during the practice of Guru Sakash. That will not
work; and that has no sense.

It is just like when practicing yama and niyama then we abide by the
guidelines of those 10 tenets. We do not sit there and repeat the shloka:
“Ahim’ saty a’steyam….” (GHC) Rather we abide by the philosophy which
that shloka preaches.

Likewise, when it is time for half-bath, we do not repeat the instructions
from Caryacarya part 2, rather we go to the bath or well and apply water

Similarly, the shloka “Pra’tah shirasi…” is the philosophy of HOW to do
Guru Sakash, and the repetition of the dhyana mantra is the WAY to do.


Per one vishesh yogi’s talk, we all understand that one of the lessons of
vishesh yoga is to repeat the whole shloka, “Pra’tah shirasi…”.

In that way, vishesh yoga is very similar to doing 3rd lesson, i.e. tattva
dharana. Because in third lesson we repeat an entire shloka which describes
all the various qualities and attributes of each of the first five cakras.

And if one only does third lesson it is impossible to reach the Goal.

Because it is not complete by itself– rather other lessons are needed.
And in vishesh yoga it seems they do the same thing except with the crown
cakra also. So that is one technical type of approach.

Whereas Baba has given the practice of Guru Sakash as a devotional sadhana
where the sadhaka yearns for Baba and calls out to Him. So that shloka is
not at all needed in the practice of Guru Sakasha.


The whole thing works in this following manner.

To run a bullock cart a bull is needed. But that same bull is not needed
when driving a car.

So just because the shloka needs to be repeated in vishesh yoga has no
bearing on whether it should be repeated in Guru Dhyana or Guru Sakash.
Because they are different practices.

Likewise the training one undergoes to prepare for running a marathon is
different from what one does in order to prepare for a deep sea diving

So just because the shloka needs to be repeated in vishesh yoga has no
bearing on whether it should be repeated in Guru Dhyana or Guru Sakash.
Because they are different practices.

Here the point is that different things have different value.

And on the top, Baba specifically guides us that in Guru Sakash we are to
call out to Him using His name etc– and we are not to recite the shloka.


Even then, some naive people may be operating under the assumption that
Vishesh yoga is something really great and that we should just follow that
approach irregardless etc. Due to their ignorance or complex etc, some may
be thinking in this direction.

But really it should be clear to all that in the devotional sphere– which
is the highest realm of all sadhanas– our Guru Dhyana and Guru Sakash have
far more value than Vishesh Yoga. This is Baba’s guideline.

Baba says, “In meditation there must always be the feeling that you want to
serve Him. If this is the feeling, immediately the mind gets concentrated.
If in meditation there is the culmination of service, everything will be
achieved. Even through the preliminary lessons of meditation (Na´ma
Mantra), a spiritual aspirant can get salvation, but even one practicing
higher meditation (Vishesh Yoga) cannot attain it if there is no feeling
for service, and meditation is done just for the sake of exhibition of
one’s heroism.” (‘The Thoughts of Shrii P.R. Sarkar’)

And it is not just on one occasion, but so many times Baba has told that
one who can repeat His name sincerely with true bhakti will get the highest

That is why in Guru Sakash, we repeat His name and not the shloka.

In contrast, vishesh yoga is primarily for those whose minds cannot make
that devotional link so they need some technical approach. Without that,
for them, sadhana is not possible.

Indeed we have all heard Baba say on various occasions that, ‘Those
involved in vishesh yoga are just lagging behind…’.

So none should think that Vishesh Yoga is for some type of higher
realisation. That is not the case.

Baba says, “Through the preliminary lessons of meditation (Na´ma Mantra), a
spiritual aspirant can get salvation, but even one practicing higher
meditation (Vishesh Yoga) cannot attain it.” (The Thoughts of Shrii P.R.

Indeed what to speak of attaining salvation, those vishesh yogis are
creating a lot of problems and mess in our AMPS and it will take hundreds
of years to undo the damage that they have done. This we have all witnessed.

That is why we should keep strict to Baba’s teaching about reciting His
name during Guru Sakash and not be swayed by what certain vishesh yogis are


The culminating point is that Guru Sakash is one highly devotional teaching
from Baba and we should practice it according to His guideline- not any
other way. So may we all be sincere in our approach each and every morning
and even when we awake in the middle of the night. In all such times may we
follow His specific guideline of lovingly reciting His name as His divine
form appears in mind– and not repeat the shloka. So we should concentrate
our mind, visualise Him according to the system, and then call Him with His
loving name. That is the only way to serve Him and please Him in Gurusakash.



On numerous occasions Baba has warned us to beware of jinanis. Because
jinanis come to inject various diseases through their false theories and
concocted formulas etc. The problem is that jinanis have no faith on Guru
and instead they just make up their own things. But we are to follow Guru.
Indeed, reverence to Guru means following what He says. That is the whole
point. So when He guides us to chant His divine name when doing Guru
Sakash, then that is the proper approach– not any other.


Thus far, in our AM sadhana system there are not different ways of doing
sadhana. More clearly we can say that although our Marga has temporarily
been splintered into different factions– still the spiritual practices of
all the groups is the same. On this point we are very fortunate. In
contrast, the Shias and Sunnis fight viciously over how the mode of worship
is to be done. Same with the Protestants and Catholics & same with the
various branches of Hinduism. And this creates a poisonous feeling and
leads to the spilling of blood. As of now, things are not like that in our
Marga. But we have to be careful because various jinanis want to divide AM
according to different ways of doing spiritual practices. If we are not
careful this is going to happen. So we should be ready to follow Baba. And
indeed it is for this reason that Baba proclaims that jinanis are the
enemies of society.


The aforementioned vishesh yogi has also been gossiping around that in
vishesh yoga they concentrate on cakras and their mount, i.e. animals like
elephant etc.

So here again we should not think that vishesh yoga is so great. No doubt
it has its utility but it is not higher than Guru Sakash or dhyana. Because
thinking about Him is the greatest endeavor– not those animals. Only Baba
is the Goal.

Of course those doing vishesh yoga like to create a mystique about it so as
to place themselves a notch above. But this is just their tricky way. And
one should not give any credence to their claims. None should fall prey to
their trap.

Rather we should see their conduct and it is they who are the main cause of
division and destruction in our Marga.


To succeed in the spiritual realm it is very helpful for everyone to have a
crystal clear copy of Baba in varabhaya mudra. This is a must. So everyone
should demand proper copies of this photo from PRS Dada and others
responsible for making this available. Everyone should put forth this
demand. It is our birthright. Because without a photo of proper quality,
doing Guru Sakasha and Guru Dhyana is not easy.

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Date: Fri, 21 May 2010 15:41:06
To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: “Pavitra” pwKlauss@springnet…
Subject: News From Around the Globe



Here are two new items from our world-wide Ananda Marga family.


As many may know, Family Acarya Ram Tanukji is one of the more senior
members of our Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha. Unfortunately, at present
he is undergoing treatment for prostate cancer and by Baba’s grace
Acaryaji will soon return to good health and continue to serve society.

Acarya Ram Tanukji of Begusarai 851100 (Bihar) has led a most
distinguished life. He is family acary, purodha, and is one of the
founding members of both AMPS and Renaissance Universal. And he has
always been most active in AM. During good times and bad times, Acaryaji
has always been very dynamic & involved in the Marga. As a fully
dedicated member of AM’s legal dept and professional advocate, Ram
Tanukji managed the court case when Baba was in jail. Plus in his
personal life he has fought local caste dogma and always stood for
dharma. His wife, also family acarya, was a professor at a local

Ram Tanukji has dedciated himself 100% to the great cause and by Baba’s
grace we know that soon he will experience a return to health. That will
be a boon for our Marga and for our human society.


Of course master units are one of the special ways by which we will
propagate AM ideology all around this earth.

Baba says, “Through master units and PROUT, we will elevate the standard
of the people in a few months or a few years…Hence, with spiritual
philosophy as the hub, we are to start as many Master Units as possible.
All-round service, PROUT and Master Units are the ways of life.” (PNS-19)

Indeed, Baba has given us a grand vision for our master unit program.

Unfortunately, at present, there are multiple cases where our MU’s have
fallen into disarray or worse. And in other instances, certain workers
are posted to remote MU’s and forgotten about.

Today, we detail the case of Didi Ananda Giirisuta who has faced serious
abuse at her MU posting in Paraguay (Sapucai). The MU land is owned by
AM and tragically Didiji has been basically abandoned there – receiving
little or no support from any of the leading factions.

While working there all by herself, Didi has been robbed and beaten on
multiple occasions. No one came to help her nor was there anyone to
defend her. Her safety is zero and her honour tainted. It is a distinct
tragedy that a good worker should have to face such criminal activity
while the organisation watches from afar and never sends help.

All should be aware of the difficulty Didi has had to endure and put an
end to her suffering by demanding from organisational heads that she be
supported and protected – physically, mentally, and spiritually. That is
the duty of her in-charges.

Baba says, “Supervisory workers will have to take proper care of each of
their supervised staff in all respects.” (Pt #2 of ‘Six Additional Rules’)

To learn more about Didi’s situation, she can be reached at: 59553926277

I conclude with this following passage about master units.

Baba says, “In the beginning, Master Units were started with a view to
developing the fate of the backward and downtrodden classes of society
who find no scope to keep pace with the developing world. When Ananda
Marga started touching every discipline of life, it was then
contemplated to establish the Master Units as the miniature forms of
Ananda Marga. As there are different nerve centres in the body which
control the function of the different limbs and organs, and which are
finally controlled by the mind itself, likewise the Master Units will be
treated as the nerve centres of the society. There has to be active
representation and participation from all the departments, branches and
sub-branches of Ananda Marga in the Master Units. Those who fail in
representation will be lost in non-existence.” (PNS-19)


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From: “Satiish G.D. Bose”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: AM Monks Using Underwear
Date: Thu, 20 May 2010 16:27:12 +0530


“Toma’ya a’mi bhla’loba’si, a’mi toma’ra a’jina’ka’ri…” P.S. 4589


Baba, I love You. By Your grace always I feel blessed to obey or carry
out Your divine order. By Your endless compassion, I spend all my days
involved in shravan, manan, and nidhidhyasana. All my time is spent
chanting and hearing Your blissful name and thinking of You. By Your
unfathomable grace I am always engaged in Your ideation.

Baba, in true sense I do not know whether I love You or not. I do not
even want to know whether I am loving You or not. All I know is that my
heart is yearning for You. Baba, please be gracious and compassionate
and bless me with more and more devotion. This is my only thing I want–
to remain close at Your lotus feet.

Baba, with my whole existence– my body, heart, & mind, I do sastaunga
pranam at Your lotus feet. Baba, please grant me ragatmika devotion so I
may serve and love You and remain in Your closest proximity.

Baba, You are the most gracious One…


Monks of Ananda Marga are using underwear.

This statement is not some joke. Nor is this some type of hidden ordeal.
This is what certain group leaders are actively propagating. Anyone who
has seen the recent version of Caryacarya will easily understand.


Of course, Baba’s designated system is that all males must wear a laungota.

Baba says, “Immediately upon reaching adolescence (in India, one reaches
adolescence in between the ages of twelve and fourteen), males should
start using kaopiina (laungot’a’) and should pull back the foreskin of
the penis.” (CC-3)

The laungota is our scientific system as it promotes health and
restraint by providing proper support and keeping the penis in a upward
facing direction. No other type of undergarment does this.

Baba further directs us that one must wear a laungota when performing
yoga asanas.

Baba says, “Males must wear a kaopiina (laungot’a’), and there should be
no other clothing on the body.” (CC-3, chapter 8, ‘Rules for a’sanas)

So Baba’s explicit direct is that all males in the Marga must wear a
laungota at all times and certainly when practicing yoga asanas – there
is no other alternative. Western style underwear or briefs is not an
acceptable option. Because western briefs do not provide adequate
support nor keep the organ upward facing.



Unfortunately, on the cover of the most recent Hindi edition of
Caryacarya part 3, there are glossy, color diagrams of an AM monk doing
yoga asanas. And the monk is depicted wearing western style underwear or
briefs. He is not wearing a laungota.

Even worse, as there is no opening or seam on the front side of that
western underwear, it becomes quite evident that the AM monk on the
cover of Caryacarya III is wearing female underwear.

So the whole situation is quite messy and embarrassing. Not only that,
one of the asanas that the monk is performing is NOT one of our specific
AM asanas.

Thus there are multiple issues involved.

That is why many are saying that this latest Hindi version of CC-3
should be banned or at least taken off the shelf and reprinted. Because
the term Caryacarya itself means “do’s & don’ts”: Our Caryacarya books
are explicit guidelines for the code of conduct in AM. And in this very
book, i.e. CC-3, Baba says in multiple places that all males must wear a
laungota – not western style underwear – and that, in particular, a
laungota must be worn when doing yoga asanas. Yet the very cover of this
latest Hindi edition contravenes Baba’s guidelines in this regard. The
AM monk is wearing western-style underwear – and that is not our AM
system. Then on the top, one of the asanas shown is not part of Baba’s

Thus, the latest Hindi edition of Caryacarya-3 is quite problematic and
gives a false showing of our AM way of life.


It should be clarified that the monk on the cover of Caryacarya part 3
is definitely not wearing a laungota. There is no mistaking the drawing.

By contrast, the black and white sketches on the inside pages of the
book showing a monk doing yoga postures are totally different. Those are
older sketches done before 1990 and in those drawings it is very
evident and noticeable that the male practitioner is most definitely
wearing a laungota. While the drawings on the high-gloss cover of the
Hindi edition do not at all resemble those sketches on the inside pages.
On the cover, the AM monk is absolutely, positively wearing crude,
western underwear, just like they wear in Hollywood movies etc.

So it is not like they did not know how to draw a laungota. That is the
the problem. Rather someone in Publications made the distinct decision
not to use a laungota on the cover drawings, or it was an office
blunder. In any case the problem needs to be resolved.


The natural question that arises is why did those in Publications do
like this. What was the need to misrepresent our AM teachings on the
very cover of Caryacarya.

Here is what many are concluding:

Those at the helm wanted to make AM (more) appealing to the masses so
they used western style underwear. Thus for public appeal, they
compromised on our AM ideals. That is one reason.

For this same reason, those in publications depicted tree pose
(vrksasana) on the cover of this book even when this is not one of
Baba’s specified poses. This is just one of the many thousands of poses
which Baba has rejected for our AM practice. Yet they put this pose on
the over because it is very popular with the masses, especially these
days as the fake yoga movement is growing exponentially.

So for the sake of public opinion all kinds of things are being done –
all sorts of compromises are being made.

One can only ask, what are they going to do next? Show someone eating
meat on the cover because that is also popular in certain areas, or will
they show someone drinking beer / alcohol on the cover because the
common people like that. Where will it end. This policy of compromise is
not at all good.

Some in the general society also do like this.

Baba says, “Playwrights and directors, too, are obliged to adjust
themselves to the public demand, adopting the policy of compromise.”

But this is not at all good. We should not fall into such a rut. By
displaying western underwear and fake yoga asanas on the cover or
Caryacarya, the dharma of AM can never be established.

Baba says, “We will not deviate an inch from our ideology, nor will we
allow others to do so. One cannot promote human welfare if one bothers
too much about public criticism, about the reaction in the papers or
among the voters.” (NSS, Disc: 14)

Tragically the problems on the cover of the recent Caryacarya-3 are all
part of one downward spiral where the essence of AM is lost due to the
fact that some are willing to compromise our AM mandates in order to
appeal to the general populace.


Here are further reasons which may have contributed to the present

Next, many acaryas in overseas sectors are now leading their own yoga
programs where they teach asana classes and they do not want to have to
introduce the system of wearing a laungota. Either due to shyness or
fear they neglect this point. Thus it is quite convenient for them if
the cover of our AM book shows a monk doing yoga asanas in western
fitting underwear.

Then there are various other reasons or moods behind this false display:
indifference, sloppiness, convenience, disinterest, embarrassment, lack
of understanding, & more. Whatever may be, the outcome is the same: Our
AM ideals have been compromised and instead dogma reigns. All this on
the cover of our very own AM book.


The end result is that this is harmful in multiple ways:

1) Good people – ie new people looking for a revolutionary path – will
walk away from AM thinking that we are no different from all the other
fake yogas that are now on the market. They will see that we are
embracing the same western pseudo-culture. That is what will happen when
we shy away from our dharmic teachings.

2) Nowadays, due to Baba’s sublime vibration, people are looking for
something pure and untainted. Many all over, and especially in the west,
are looking towards the ancient traditions of India for new practices in
life. They are not wanting to redo all the same western dogmas. If we
refrain from teaching them about our scientific laungota system, which
is actually new and revolutionary and even better than what the monks of
old were wearing, then we will not be able to attract those good people
into our Marga.

3) Baba’s asana system requires wearing a laungota and He has specially
selected asanas which uplift the practitioner in all the realms:
physical, psychic and spiritual. That is a huge boon for the humanity.
As we know there are thousands and thousands of yoga asanas, yet Baba
has exclusively selected the most beneficial ones for human growth and
development. Yet on the cover of CC-3, those publishers are highlighting
tree pose, which is not even one of our AM asanas. New readers will
think that this is one they should practice and they will think we are
sloppy since although it appeared on the cover it is not described
inside the book. So this is yet another unfortunate and harmful outcome.

4) Finally, if we fail to live up to our AM standards on the points of
wearing a laungota and doing proper asanas, then we are bound to fall
short of our AM ideals in so many other arenas of life. So it only begs
a greater problem.


By Baba’s grace, He has given all the teachings for self-realisation and
creating a proper social order. All we need to do is follow them correctly.

The teachings in Caryacarya represent our social scripture and if the
cover of these books run contrary to His guidelines, then that indeed is
an injustice. We can never accept such a thing – on points of dharma we
must never compromise.

It is our bounden to rally around this concerning matter regarding the
latest Hindi edition of Caryacarya-III. That will be a critical step to
restoring prama and setting the tone to keep true to His teachings.

Baba says, “Carya’carya (all parts) is our social treatise.” (CC-1)

Baba says, “Ananda Marga wants to build up an ideal society such as
this. So there should be a congenial environment where people will get
the opportunity to enhance their physical, psychic and spiritual
progress, and advance rhythmically and in unison towards Parama Purus’a.
Hence, Ananda Marga has formulated a social treatise for the
establishment of a congenial social structure.” (TK-2)



The most recent version of CC-3 Hindi edition was printed in Tiljala
by the in-charges. At first then it seems that this is yet another
B group scriptural scandal. No doubt that faction has a role to
play. At the same time H group personnel has just been keeping mum.
Either they do not care about the error of they have been too busy
in their groupist escapades to notice that anything was wrong.

Sadhana Point

Baba says, “Where there is no love, the mind will not run after Him. So
dhya’na also becomes meaningless.”

“Dhya’na is withdrawing the mental propensities from all extroversive
entities, and then collecting those withdrawn mental forces, mental
propensities, and urging them towards the Supreme Entity. If there is no
love for the Supreme Entity, this movement cannot be done.” (Patna, 31st
August, 1978)

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