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Why Homosexuality…

From: “Marc Pele”
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Subject: Why Homosexuality…
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2010 23:11:04 +0000


“A’mi pather hadish pa’i ni, ta’i toma’r pa’ne cali ni…” (PS 1338)


Baba, in the past I did not get the direction of the proper path.
Because of that I could not come close to You. Your and my relation was
hidden in dark. I was not aware about You. In that past I could not get
Your introduction. And I could not link up in our close intimate
relation which, in reality, has been going on since a very long time.

In my misunderstanding, I was thinking that nobody is mine, and that
to feel love and affection is not my fate. I was thinking that my life
does not have any value. That I will not get respect in my life, just it
will be filled with disrespect and neglect.

Baba, today You have blessed me and changed everything. Now I feel
that my life has become meaningful, because You are mine. My heart is
filled with Your love. Baba, by Your grace I surrender at Your lotus
feet, O’ Baba…


Just today, the state of California overturned its prior judgment
and has now legalised same-sex marriage. That means that gay men may
marry gay men and that lesbian women may marry lesbian women.
Homosexual marriage is now legal in California. In technical terms,
Proposition 8 has been repealed.

Various so-called liberals and “progressives” are cheering this decision –
as well as the gay community. But in Ananda Marga, this is not a ruling
that we support.

Of course our way is not to malign homosexuals (i.e. gays and lesbians) as
human beings, only our approach is that we do not support this type
of lifestyle. So our dual aim is to oppose this defective style of living
and at the same time help those involved to rectify their behaviour and
cure them of any glandular defects, if applicable. We are to teach them
sadhana and 16 Points and that will certainly lead them on the right path.

Here then is more about this entire topic.


Each and every action of our human existence is geared towards reaching
Parama Purusa. So all our thoughts, words, and deeds are aimed towards
attaining that Supreme stance. This is what AM ideology preaches and
teaches. Those actions which support this ideal are in consonance with
AM teaching while those actions which inhibit this ideal we discourage.


Furthermore, in His teachings of bio-psychology, Baba specifically
guides us how the human body is but a vehicle for moving along the path
of spirituality. That is how it is to be used. And to support and
enhance this process we are not to allow lymph to be converted into
semen due to crude sexual allurement, lust, activity etc. Rather we are
to maintain a maximum amount of shukra as this aids us in our spiritual


So Ananda Margiis follow this clear-cut pathway by exercising control
over these base propensities. That is what Baba guides us to do.

Baba says, “As regards the question of restraint and lack of restraint,
the more one practises restraint, the greater will be their well-being.”

In a nutshell, it can be said that ‘sex for sex sake’– i.e. just to
satisfy one’s lustful desires– is not at all supported by AM. This has
no place in our Marga.


But in homosexual & lesbian relations, their entire platform is ‘sex for
the sake of sex’– just falling into lust and giving way to one’s animal
propensities. Because when there is no possibility of procreation, then
there is no support for that type of crude lifestyle.

So homosexuality is nothing but a misuse of one’s human life. And indeed
when sex is supposed to be only for procreation– that is the only time
that sex is supported in our AM way of life– then there is no logical
support whatsoever for the crude ways of homosexuality / lesbianism,
where sex is just an “animalistic pleasure-seeking” tool. Ultimately,
such relations will just lead to one’s complete degeneration and
veritable destruction.

So the entire so-called culture of homosexuality runs directly contrary
to the lofty tenets of our AM ideological stand. Because homosexual and
lesbian relations are just based on crude sexual expression– nothing
more. Thus, as much as some confused persons may try to justify the
matter, homosexual relations have no greater point than that–
animalistic sex. And there is 0% scope for such relations in our Marga.


1. SCIENCE OF VRTTIS: The whole science of the vrittis is based on the
concept that the more any vritti is encouraged then the more active that
vritti becomes. Thus when homosexuals again and again give way to their
crude animalistic, sexual desires, then that sex vritti will just
multiply more and more until it totally consumes one’s entire existence
and mental framework. That is why we must control and channelise lowly
propensites like fear and sleep– otherwise we will be scared of our own
shadow and sleep 24 hrs a day. Similarly with regards to sex, one must
never encourage such base propensities– like sexual lust — as
homosexuals do. That will lead to one’s utter degradation.

2. SUB-HUMANS: Only those sub-humans who are dominated by animal
propensities can lead the life of a homosexual.

3. STRAIGHT FROM ANIMAL LIFE: By their activities, it is evident that
homosexuals have come directly from animal life– this is their first
time having a human body. That is why they misutilise it.

4. NOT APPRECIATED IN AM: There are some homosexuals and lesbians in
AMPS, but no true Ananda Margii appreciates this lowly lifestyle rather
it is totally discouraged.

infinite and they can only be truly satiated through sadhana and
reaching Parama Purusa. So even if one indulges in sex 24 hrs a day,
then they cannot satisfy their inner human longing. Rather they will
smother it and become frustrated and crude. That is why only fake Ananda
Margiis indulge in the sex-centered ways of homosexuality. And it is
good that true Ananda Margiis do not at all appreciate homosexuality.

6. NO POST IN AM: In AM, we are not to give any social status or
recognition to homosexuals etc. Such persons must never be allowed to
become bhukti pradhan or hold any post in the Marga.

7. HELP CURE THEM: Our main duty is to help cure homosexuals and
lesbians of their disease & lustful ways. We must goad them along the
dictates of human dharma.

8. DHARMA SAMIIKSA: In Dharma Samiiksa, Baba was very strict and harshly
punished any who indulged in masturbation etc as this was just a blatant
misuse of lymph. And Baba would just scold and beat such persons, and
brand them as ‘Animals!’. Homosexuality is also a blatant waste of one’s
lymph etc.

9. POINT OF MARRIED LIFE: Marriage is for child rearing only– not
sexual lust etc. So when homosexuality is only based on sexual lust,
then who can say it has a place in AM. It does not.

10. THOUSANDS OF POINTS: And if one thinks just a little bit, they will
come up with huge numbers of reasons why homosexuality goes against
‘naturalness of life’ and has no place in AM society.


When anyone is stuck in the throes of crudity, like homosexuality, then
it is our duty to help them reverse this negative trend. By Baba’s grace
we will be able to bring all onto the path of sadhana, thereby elevating
the fallen.

Baba says, “The cure is to reverse the trend of behaviour to rid the
fallen human beings of narrow-mindedness. The medicine is one and only
one: Brahmabha’va [ideation on Supreme Consciousness].” (AV-31)




Here are a few of Baba’s all-important teachings on this critical matter.

Baba says, “The essence of blood, when transformed, becomes shukra, and
this shukra is food for the brain. In the absence of shukra, or in case
of its impaired functioning, the entire constitution may be impaired,
the body may become susceptible to disease, and mental and spiritual
sa’dhana’ may be impaired. Therefore, restraint is a must for every man
and woman, because only self-control helps achieve the maximum
preservation of shukra.” (CC-3)

Baba says, “Pervasive waste of shukra, the most essential element of the
body, causes all the organs of the body to become weak. It is shukra
that nourishes all the brain cells and nerves. Therefore, too much loss
of shukra makes the brain weak; the memory becomes short; in adolescence
one becomes mentally old; one suffers from palpitation in the chest for
no reason; and courage and spiritedness are lost.” (YT)

Mister or Shrii

Baba says, “The Samskrta word Shrii means ‘the most charming personality’.
The word ‘shrii’ is derived from sha + ra + uniis. ‘Sha’ is the acoustic
root of the mutative principle, and ‘ra’ is the acoustic root of energy.
With the help of these two things, ‘sha’ plus ‘ra’, human beings are
moving, dancing, speaking, and doing so many things. Obviously they need
‘sha’ and ‘ra’ very much. The Supreme abode of ‘shrii’ is Parama Purus’a.”
(SS-12, p.4)

Note: In this above quote, Baba is describing the meaning of ‘Shrii’ so
that we can understand why we call Him ‘Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji’– not
‘Mr. Anandamurtiji’. Naturally in our life we should then address Him in
the way which He likes to be called.
However, because of their dogmatic beliefs, some jinanis prefer the term
‘Mister Sarkar’ or even just plain ‘Sarkar’ instead of ‘Shrii’. In that
case we should gently try to make them aware about their dogma.

The central idea is that ‘Shrii’ is a very meaningful term and we should
not only use this when addressing our Beloved Guru, but everyone should use
the term ‘Shrii’ before their own name as well. This is Baba’s direct


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