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Date: Sat, 14 Aug 2010 22:01:14 -0000
From: J.Young
Subject: My Letharginess


PS Intro: This song is the expression of a one great devotee who is crying
in yearning and longing for Parama Purusa. But because Parama Purusa does
not respond with the degree of closeness that the devotee wants to get Him,
then in that state of mind the devotee starts accusing Parama Purusa of
being heartless.

“Toma’r ka’che a’ma’r prashna, shono ogo bedaradii… (P.S. 726)


O’ Parama Purusa I have a few questions for You. Please listen:

What a liila You have made. When infants are born, why do they cry? And
why do they suffer throughout their entire life. When You create everything
by Your mere thought, then why don’t You make it such that everyone is
always laughing, full of smiles, and feeling happy. Please tell me O’
heartless One.

The tender new flower blossom gets bitten by insects and destroyed. Such
a cruel liila You play. You fill the heart of the sweet, tender flower with
nectar but that very nectar is eaten away by the ugly black bumble bee. Why
like this?

When smiles and laughter brings new charm & rejuvenation into the life,
then why is it not available in the market? Why is it that the small little
baby, which is as tender as a flower, cries bitterly all the 24 hrs. Such a
painful liila You do. O’ Parama Purusa some more questions are there.

You have created this entire creation then why all this disparity. That
a small few are enjoying with their dainties and delicacies and other are
starving without even a plain meal. Why like this.

At the time of evening sunset, everything is very beautiful, charming
and so attractive and then within a short time it is lost in deep darkness.
Why do You not allow this sweetness to last longer.

O’ Parama Purusa, it is eternal truth that You are constantly living
with each and everyone through Your ota and prota yoga. In spite of this
why does the mind often go in a negative direction. Why like this? Why
don’t You control the situation.

O Parama Purusa, O’ my dearmost, O’ heartless One, please reply all
these questions and come close to me. I am crying day and night for You but
You never pay heed…

Note: There are two types of persons accuse Parama Purusa. One is those who
are atheist types of people and another is those whose devotion is above
normal. They feel so close to Him that they feel in their heart that they
have the right to accuse Parama Purusa. It is just like how small little
babies who accuse their mother for being away. So this type of accusation
is just one of the sweet expressions of life because everybody knows that
babies have such a loving relation with their mother. The same then is the
case of those devotees who accuse Parama Purusa.


Following is a personal account based on my own journey in sadhana. Of
course, Baba’s grace is behind our each and every breath, so I cannot
really say that this is “my own journey in sadhana”. The sense, however,
that I wish to convey is that this letter tells the story of my personal
ups and downs as a sadhaka.

At times, by Baba’s grace there were days when sadhana was quite a strong
and vital force that shaped my life in countless ways. Those days were
really special and I cherish those moments dearly– as the most wonderful
part of my life.

In contrast, due to my own ineptitude & laziness, on other occasions my
life has also become a barren wasteland of lost spiritual opportunities. I
understand now that this happens due to what Baba terms as ‘spiritual

Baba says, “Of all the different types of lethargy, spiritual lethargy is
the worst. Spiritual lethargy means not to sit for meditation regularly.
Those with spiritual lethargy have time for all other actions, but for
spiritual practice there seems to be no time. They say, ‘It’s already late
today – I’ll do a short meditation right now, and devote more time to
sa’dhana’ tomorrow.’ They sit attentively inside the cinema hall, but in
dharma sa’dhana’ they feel sleepy.” (1 January 1971 DMC, Patna)

Perhaps others have also experienced sort of thing, I cannot say. But I do
know that this has happened to me. And if my writing about this helps
others to avoid this problem, then that will be the greatest outcome of
this otherwise most unfortunate period of my life.


In our Ananda Marga, Baba places maximum emphasis on sadhana and encourages
us to progress on this blessed path. This we all know well.

Baba says, “The only aim of life is spiritual practice– the realization of
the Supreme. Thus people will have to continue their spiritual practice as
the primary mission in life.” (NSS, Disc: 13)

So our entire human existence must be aimed towards spiritual growth and
development. We are to dedicate ourselves to divine realisation– and not
towards any other secondary thing.

Here again is Baba’s reminder about the importance of our spiritual

Baba says, “Life is a spiritual sa’dhana’ and the result of this sa’dhana’
is to be offered at the altar of the Supreme.” (A’nanda Va’nii #12)


Thus it is clear that sadhana is the main endevour of our lives. And in my
younger days, by Baba’s grace sadhana was a regular and active part of my
life. My sadhana times were set and even more important than that was that
throughout the day the yearning was present to do more sadhana. So when it
was time to start sadhana, my mind was ready and there was psychic
momentum. By Baba’s grace, my mind longed to chant His name and come in
contact with His blissful presence. For some time, my life passed in this
sweet way. Sadhana was everything for me those days. And I thought that it
would last like this up till eternity– little did I know, however, what
lied ahead.

Where & when the switchover took place I cannot say. But little by little
sadhana began to take less of a precedence in my life. It is entirely my
fault. Because step by step I began to give greater emphasis to other
pursuits. How and what those things were I cannot say. Just I can tell that
as my interest in sadhana waned– then all of a sudden anything and
everything became more important than sadhana.

Indeed this grew to such a degree, that now today I can hardly even start
sadhana. It just gets delayed and delayed: Either I will go get a drink of
water, or write one last email, or move things around in my room, or browse
one more web site, or make one final phone call, or write something down on
my ‘to do’ list. Really the array of things I place ahead of sadhana are
endless. Such that when I finally sit down for meditation then all my
energy is gone, totally depleted. In that state, sadhana is little more
than a passive way of remaining in a slouched position.

There is no devotional yearning, there is no mantraghat, and there hardly
is even the smallest amount of concentration. Plus in the end I think, ‘Ok,
that is fine and well for today, but next time will be different.’ Sadly
enough, the next day the same exact thing happens– the same problems
occurs. I cannot seem to break the cycle.

When my acarya came to my house recently and saw my condition then he
showed me this following quote. It did not take much for me to realize that
this is exactly what has happened to me.

Baba says, “Spiritual lethargy means not to sit for meditation regularly.
Those with spiritual lethargy have time for all other actions, but for
spiritual practice there seems to be no time. They say, ‘It’s already late
today – I’ll do a short meditation right now, and devote more time to
sa’dhana’ tomorrow.’ They sit attentively inside the cinema hall, but in
dharma sa’dhana’ they feel sleepy.” (1 January 1971 DMC, Patna)

This is exactly my condition. In the intellectual sphere, in the social
sphere, in the physical sphere, I have a huge amount of energy. My life is
busier than ever before. My days pass in a vast array of activities. So it
is not that I am physically ill or mentally handicapped. I cannot lay the
blame in that direction.

The only problem is that I have become very, very lazy in sadhana. And that
Baba specifically names as spiritual lethargy. And He furthermore says that
this is the worst type of problem that can befall any human being.
Baba says, “Of all the different types of lethargy, spiritual lethargy is
the worst.” (1 January 1971 DMC, Patna)


Coming into the Marga, I had so many hopeful and grand aspirations of
becoming as asset to Baba’s mission. In the most tender moments of my
devotional life, I came to feel how He lovingly cares for me in every way
imaginable. He guides and protects me in all circumstances, with His
infinite grace. So the feeling aroused to dedicate my all for Baba. I
sincerely wanted to make my life exemplary– a reflection of AM teachings.
This was my internal desire.

But the way things are going now in my life, all I can say is, ‘What has
become of me– I am so far from that initial dream’. Just I am floundering
along and sadhana is completely missing.

Here in His below teaching Baba pointedly describes what happens to people
such as myself. Instead of realising one’s potential, due to spiritual
lethargy, life just passes in a most mundane and common manner.

Baba says, “Every human being, from the age of fourteen or fifteen, has an
innate desire to ideate on Parama Purus’a. With cosmic ideation one will
attain vast expansion of mind, one will become great in all respects. No
one can check the all-round growth of such a person. People realize this
and yet ignore it and thus waste their time getting old for nothing. That
is, they waste their time in non-spiritual pursuits. This is called
‘spiritual lethargy’. It causes the greatest harm to human life because it
results in only a very small percentage of the human potentiality – maybe
one or two percent – being utilized by humans…Due to spiritual lethargy
people are unable to grow, and thus remain very ordinary. They come to the
world, live, decay and die as ordinary human beings.” (AV-8)


Baba has come onto this earth and blessed us with all tools and practices
to overcome obstacles and difficulties. And even more specifically, the
tantra of Taraka Brahma crushes and elimintes all kinds of spiritual

Baba says, “‘Tan’ means ‘dullness’, ‘lethargy’ and ‘tra’ means liberator.
That which liberates you from spiritual dullness, spiritual lethargy is
Tantra.” (AV-2, A’gama and Nigama)

So as we sincerely follow His guidelines and involve in AM intuitional
practices (sadhana), then it is sure that all spiritual letharginess will
vanish from the life. In which case we will become proper mediums to serve
Him and establish His mission, by His grace.


Here Baba severely warns us about what will happen if one gives greater
priority worldly pursuits and forgets their sadhana.

Baba says, “Some people think early in life, even at the age of twelve or
fourteen, about how they can utilize cent percent of their psychic power
and perfect themselves through spiritual practices. Unfortunately, due to
lethargy, they fail to utilize their capacity and thus their potentiality
gradually diminishes.” (AV-7)

Unfortunately, due to forgetting my priorities in life, I have fallen from
the spiritual flow– my mind has gone down. By placing too much emphasis on
mundane things, my sadhana has become a mere afterthought. I do meditation
so I can eat my meal– that is all.

Only at this point I can ask him for His grace and try step by step to give
greater emphasis on sadhana and spend less time surfing the web, thinking
about by business, and letting the time go by uselessly.

Because all this has happened to me and I became so unresponsive to the
task of doing sadhana, I decided to call this letter, ‘My Letharginess’. It
is my deep hope that things will turn around for me and I hope no one
undergoes what has happened to me. May my downfall– my spiritual
letharginess– serve as a warning to all.


By Baba’s grace, He has given all in AM the unique opportunity to make
sadhana a deeply devotional experience where we fall more and more in love
with Him. May we make our human live bereft of any spiritual letharginess
and become deeply ensconced in His blissful flow– loving and serving Him.

Baba says, “When spiritual aspirants advance towards Parama Purus’a by dint
of the practice of yoga or Tantra, they develop an exclusive devotion
towards Parama Purus’a.”

Ananyamamata’ Vis’n’ormamata’ premasaungata’

“‘Spiritual aspirants withdraw their minds from all mundane objectivities,
and with the same intention direct all their physical, psychic and
spiritual propensities towards Parama Purus’a.’ They remove their
individualities, and accept Parama Purus’a as their nearest and dearest
one. This is what is called exclusive love for God. This is called kevala’
bhakti. And only in this stage does devotion reach its fruition or
culmination.” (SS-14, ‘Yoga, Tantra, and Kevala’ Bhakti’)


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