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From: Amriteshwar Verma
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2010 21:58:06
Subject: Sweet Family Feeling


“Ogo priyo bolate pa’ro lukiye keno tha’ko…” (PS 2355)


Baba, O’ my dearmost, You are so charming and attractive; I want Your
closeness. Baba, You are keeping Yourself hidden, can You please tell me
why You are doing this. This world is shining in the divine effulgence of
Your countless forms and expressions. Why then do You envelop Yourself in
the thick fog– keeping Yourself out of sight. Baba, please be gracious and
present Yourself.

Baba, those who desire to have You in dhyana want to secretly and
intimately express their feelings of the heart to You. Baba You are fully
aware about this desire of theirs; their thoughts and talks are all in Your
Cosmic mind. Why then don’t You satisfy their desire by coming close.

Baba, by Your causeless grace You are everyone’s Beloved; You are
everyone’s own. You are that nearest and dearest Entity to one and all.
Baba, You are beyond time; You are ever-new up to eternity. Nothing becomes
old with You; by Your grace You call everyone with newer and newer
expressions of love and affection.

Baba, You are the most charming Entity of this vast universe, please
grace me by coming close– deep within my heart…


Being the Parama Purusa, Baba Himself has created this entire universe and
He is attracting one and all with His divine force.

So His special force is attracting everything– animate and inanimate. And
on the human plane, all the jiivas are dancing around Him.

By His grace He has revealed that the most attractive feature is devotion.
For example whoever does sadhana then automatically they feel linked and
drawn towards one another. Whereas even laokika brothers may torture and
harass each other due to lack of proper sadhana.


Prior to 1970, Baba introduced sadhana year and all were involved in
devotional practices and by this way all felt connected with one and
another. All were helping each other.

So now we must revive that inner connection where it is missing yet at the
same time remember that in numerous places around that globe it is going
on– to some or more degree. And where sadhakas are engaged in sadhana and
then whether they are known to each other or not, but if they see one
another then naturally they will feel close.

So in any unit or any land where people do sadhana then they get the
attraction of Parama Purusa and by that way they start feeling oneness with
each other and help one another. And that is the real human family.

Indeed that is our family and that is our AM; by that way if we will follow
the 16 points and meditation system which Baba has given then there will
not be need for external pressure to unite, rather already unity will be a
natural resultant. Because devotion is the main attractive phenomena.


In this way positive microvita gets created along with a soothing,
psycho-spiritual vibration. And everything worked out by His grace.
Here also is one of Baba’s teaching which He has given in Caryacarya.

Baba says, “One who does not come forward to help others when seeing a
person in distress is unworthy to be called a human being– he is a slur on
Ananda Marga”. (CC pt 2, p.9)

So what guideline Baba has given, margiis followed accordingly. Not out of
fear of the Guru, but because of their genuine, heart-felt loving feeling
to provide ‘service to others’.

Baba says, “All the beings of this universe are the kith and kin of one
another…Every problem is to be considered as the collective problem of
the universal humanity and it is to be resolved collectively…” (Ananda
Vanii #58)


So in this critical juncture where society is fragmented into thousands of
pieces, and people are thirsty of others’ blood. When huge clash is there
between different countries, & race and communal feelings, and bloodshed
are going on all around. In this critical juncture Baba advented Himself as
Mahasambhuti. We realise or not; we can see or not. But fact is fact, truth
is truth.

Some, because of their ignorance, think that this time Baba left His
physical body without establishing dharma. But true margiis feel that the
reality is something else: Mahasambhuti advents to establish dharma. So
when He advents then dharma gets established.


If a certain individual is unable to see the existence of God then it does
not mean that God does not exist. Because we know that Baba has established
dharma on this earth. Many persons can see; many may not. But it does not
mean that it is not established.

Baba tells us in His discourse titled ‘Advent of the Lord’,

Yada Yada hi Dharmasya glanirbhavati Bharata…

Baba says, “That is whenever there is glani or downfall of Dharma, God appears on the

The clear meaning is that Baba is Mahasambhuti and He advented Himself to
establish dharma. And when this work is finished, when dharma is
established, then HE left His physical body. And He is remaining with us in
Liila and Nityananda, eternally present.

So when the establishment of dharma is done, then only HE leaves this
physical body. Atheists may think that dharma is not established because in
their sight it is not visible. But those who have eyes to see, they are
already visualising that dharma is established.


No doubt it is a similar thing as what happened in Mahabharata period. Even
before starting the battle of Mahabharata, Lord Krsna showed to Arjuna the
whole scene. The grand victory of the Pandavas and the defeat of Kauravas.

But in the crude world it became manifest three weeks later.

Similar thing these days with Baba. Dharma got established in 1990 and
gradually according to our understanding we will realise.

So, Baba has created the vibration which is taking its shape and gradually
it is going to be visible to one and all. In very near future, everyone is
going to realise Baba’s following teaching from His discourse ‘Human
Society is One and Indivisble’,

“Sab tha’in mor ghar a’che a’mi sei ghar mari khujiya’, Deshe deshe mor
desh a’che a’mi…”

“My house is everywhere. How desperately I search for that house of mine.
Every country is my country. I shall surely discover that country of mine.
I may be a foreigner, but to whichever house I go, I find my own abode. I
will find the right door to enter the house. In every house live my dearest
relations. I am desperately searching for them.” (AFPS-2)


We are fortunate and blessed ones. Because we are treading on the very path
which HE showed. So it is our duty to guide others and bring everyone on
the path of blessedness.

We all know that AM ideology is the solution of all the problems. And the
first and formost duty of we Ananda Margiis is to strictly follow Baba’s
guideline. And help others to also move on the path HE has shown– with the
only goal of pleasing HIM.

Thinking along these lines, I always feel deep hope about our future.
Because, after all, Baba has given us HIS assurance and blessing.

Baba says, “The night of cimmerian darkness is bound to disappear seeing the advent of
the dawn. That which is ever-true, which is eternal, is destined to be
illuminated with the rise of the crimson dawn. Be ready for the grand
ovation to that new crimson dawn in every house…” (AV #69).


Highly Refined Language

Baba says, “Pra’krta was the language of the common people. The scholars of
those days used to neglect this language and compose their literature in
Sanskrit. For this reason this highly refined language was called
“Sanskrit” which implies that it was not the people’s language; it was
written by refining the people’s language…When Krs’n’a would speak with
Duryodhana he would use Sanskrit but when he spoke with the Pandavas he
would speak in Shaorasenii Pra’krta because he had a close relationship
with the five Pandavas.” (Varna Vijiana, p.65)

In our AM society, the Sanskrit language is part and parcel of our
daily existence. Baba has infused the system where every initiated margii
receives a Sanskrit name, most of the chants are in Sanskrit, many of His
discourses are interwoven with Sanskrit shlokas, and the names of the
various wings of our organisation are mostly in Sanskrit etc. In that way
Sanskrit is part of the very pulsation of life in AM. Given this, we should
understand why Baba has selected Sanskrit to have such a special place in
our Marga. As Baba tells in the above quote the language is called Sankrit
because it is highly refined. That is the meaning behind the name. And we
can rationally conclude that Baba given this highly refined language a
sacred spot in our Marga because it nicely reflects the subtle aspects of
human existence and life divine.

The term ‘Shaorsen’ refers to an area outside Delhi near Mathura
and the language from that area is known as ‘Shaorasenii’. So the
linguistic relationship between Sharosen and Shaorasenii is the same as
that between Italy and Italian, Japan and Japanese, Russia and Russian,
Bengal and Bengali, Bhojpur and Bhojpuri, Spain and Spanish. The first term

refers to the place and that latter term refers to the language. ********************************************

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