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How to do Better Sadhana

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Subject: How to do Better Sadhana


“Ka’che na’hi a’so kabhu, e ki toma’r bha’laba’sa’…” (PS 486)


Baba, You are my dearest One. You have deeply linked Yourself with my
whole existence. By Your grace my each and every thought & movement is
centering around You. Baba, You are the focal point of my life. You are my
Goal. Baba, I love You so much. Even then You never come close to me. You
are always keeping Yourself far away and distant. Baba, what type of love
is this of Yours. I have so much heart-felt feeling for You, yet You are
not regularly manifesting Yourself to me. You are not even occasionally
visiting me.

Baba, by Your grace Your divine image immediately appears in my mind
whenever I come in contact with the sweet smell of flowers. When that
flower fragrance permeates the air I always feel Your presence. In that
blissful moment, I always think of You. It is Your grace. Baba, whenever I
feel happy, then suddenly You advent and shower Yourself in my mind and
heart. Baba, by Your grace in that instance You always come close. Baba,
You are the warmth of my heart– the vitality of my being. Baba, all the
hopes and aspirations of my life are revolving around You.

Baba, when I am not getting You in the deep core of my heart, then I
feel totally lost and restless. In that desperate situation, I just cry &
cry– weeping bitterly for hours on end. Baba, all my desires and longings
depend exclusively on You.

Baba, You are so gracious; You are my closest One. By Your grace You
have filled my life and my whole existence with Your divine effulgence &
love. Baba, You are my everything. Baba, I have only one longing: To be in
Your close proximity. Please be gracious…


In this busy, fast-paced materialistic era, often common people pass their
days in a plethora of mundane activities from shopping in the mall to TV
watching to reading the newspaper etc. And then only when it is time to eat
food do they consider doing a few minutes of sadhana. But in that
condition, one can hardly even repeat their Ista Mantra because their mind
is latched up with an array of mundane thoughts and experiences.



The thing is that going into directly into high gear is just not possible.
Whether a bicycle, car, or airplane, all these vehicles accelerate
gradually, in stages. They never go from a complete stand-still to top
speed in a split second. Rather their rise and transition occurs over a
continuum. By that way they reach their top flight. And if one tries to go
directly into high gear then that vehicle will just stall; it will not
work. So it is a natural law that things accelerate in step-wise fashion.

Similarly, the human mind also rises gradually– step by step. One cannot
just try to directly throw oneself into a deep spiritual flow without
proper preparation. So if one passes the day in one after another mundane
engagements then it is not possible to then dive into the world of deep
spiritual meditation.



Ultimately each and every sadhaka wants to achieve higher and higher sadhana.

Indeed every disciple of Baba thinks that spirituality is the top most
jewel and that all mundane accomplishments are comparatively meaningless.
Only spiritual sadhana is the summum bonum of life.

Because only spiritual wealth is permanent– lasting; it remains with each
and every person even after their death. Whereas other things just fade
away into the oblivion.

For this reason we all think that having the mind ensconced in spiritual
thought is a blessed existence. And we all want to reach that stage.

Along those lines Baba has given us a simple formula.


Baba tells us that the mind always sticks on a particular pabulum. What one
thinks about during the day will stick in the mind all the 24 hours. The
mind will stay in that track.

The point being that whichever way the mind is goaded it will remain moving
in that direction as it gets glued to those thoughts and activities. By
this sequence, depending on the nature of one’s mental occupation, the mind
will continue on and on in that direction.

Thus the mind will move in whichever way it is motivated.


That is why Baba’s golden guideline in Senior Acarya Diary and in so many
other discourses is that one should engage the mind in spiritual thought
throughout the entire day.

Because to succeed in sadhana and to achieve realisation in dhyana, mental
preparation is needed. There has to be a base of thought; the proper
groundwork must be laid down.

So preparation is the key point. That is Baba’s teaching: Fill the mind
throughout the day with devotional ideas and let each and every cell
vibrate in the dance of spiritual ideation and then when one sits for
sadhana then naturally– with little effort– the mind will race in that

That is why throughout the day we are to engage in singing His name,
reading His books, doing second lesson, practicing asanas, learning Prabhat
Samgiita, engaging in satsaunga, telling Baba stories, ideating on Him.

As long as one does not adhere to this supreme guideline, then higher
realisations in sadhana will not come. This is Baba’s expressed teaching.

Sweet and blissful sadhana only comes when one engages in a spiritual way
of life all the 24 hours. When anyone, step by step, dedicates their days and
their time to spiritual life then they will reach up to the crowning glory
of human existence– divine bliss and realisation.


Here Baba warns us what happens if we just fill the mind with mundane

Baba says, “The objects with which people frequently come in contact are
the objects that occupy their thinking. Even if they try to think of any
other object, their minds go back and again to those objects.” (DKG,
‘Spiritual Lessons of the Giita’)

Thus if the mind is goaded again and again toward worldly attachments then
sadhana is not possible.

Here following Baba again warns us of this very fact and He also tells us
that when we involve in a spiritual way of life by singing His name and
following 16 Points, then then one’s existence gets purified.

Baba says, “If the sensory and motor organs are not kept engaged in the
attainment of the divine, they may lead one astray. Kiirtana is therefore
most beneficial as it keeps all the organs fully engaged in a spiritual
pursuit.” (AV-8)

Baba says, “Good company, good books, good literature, good songs,
kiirtanas (devotional chanting) elevate the mind and the mind becomes
sanctified.” (‘Mobility and Movement’)

Here Baba assures that that ultimately by thinking of Him we achieve that
blissful, eternal, stance.

Baba says, “Earn your deathlessness by establishing yourself in Him. He is
the real Soul. If any condition is worth attaining at all then it is this
condition.. He is the summum bonum of all sa’dhana’ or intuitional
practice.” (SS-2)


Baba says, “Never retreat. Keep advancing, and you will certainly attain
the highest fulfillment of your existence.” (SS-7, ‘Struggle & Progress)


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Date: Sat, 21 Aug 2010 14:57:11 -0000
Subject: Re: Should We Overlook This Nasty Situation
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From: Satiish K Bhatia”




This is in reply to the sincere margii who is defending Nigamananda’s
conduct and close relation with one Didi by claiming that those with
black hair have sexual restraint.

1. To justify his point, the sincere margii states that Dada
Shraddhanandji had black hair late in life. But, all should know that
the late Shraddhanandji lived as a family person for many years and
fathered several children. This itself shows that just because one has
black hair in later age does not mean that they exercised full control
over their sexual actions. Plus there are countless aged actors in
Bollywood and Hollywood who have thick, black hair yet throughout their
lives they engaged in so much hanky-panky. So the illusion that black
hair in late age means celibacy is just a myth – nothing more. It is
unfortunate that the sincere margii got misguided on this point.

2. Secondly, Baba never said that those with black hair need not follow
conduct rules. And several of His rules for Wts mandate that avadhutas
must not spend time alone with the opposite sex. Yet that is exactly
what Dada Nigamananda is doing as he passes so much time with one Didi –
they are together almost 12 hours daily, on a regular basis. Should we
overlook this discretion because Dadaji has black hair.

3. Finally, we all know that the life of any revered wt is to set forth
a proper example. That is one of the great aspects of acarya life. Yet,
by skipping Baba’s conduct rules and spending all his time with a
younger Didi, Nigamanandji’s actions are a poor representation of Baba’s
teachings. But because of his seniority and post, various junior workers
have begun doing this same type of dealing. They think, “If Dadaji can
have a Didi friend, then so can I find a Didi for myself – what’s the
harm.” Thus his poor behaviour is having terrible domino effect on our
entire Wt cadre.

Thus in no way, shape or form can we accept any justifications about
Nigamananda’s poor dealing. Unfortunately, the sincere margii got
misguided by someone and ended up writing his letter (see below).


> Namaskar. Those who is writing this type of thing [about Nigamananda],
> they should know the bio-psychological effect of these things. If the
> person can maintain the mental purity regarding sex then naturally the
> lymph does not convert into seamen and then it helps to provide the
> food for all the glands and brain, and that person can have the black
> hair on the head even in old age. ie, you cou could have seen the
> black hair on the head of such dada┬┤s, like resp.Vijayananda dada
> jee, resp. Shraddhananda dada jee, resp. Dhruvananda dada jee. And you
> can see the hair of Nigamananda dada jee too.


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