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From: “Malati”
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Subject: Re: Should We Overlook This Nasty Situation
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2010 14:03:11 -0730



~ Part 3 ~

Note: The initial letter in this series is appended below for your easy

Here is follow-up news and information, as well as the name of Dadas and
Didis involved, regarding the topic of Nigamanandji and his personal
relationship with one Didi.

This issue is of great importance for multiple reasons.

When a senior Wt and purodha like Nigamananda engages in conduct – i.e.
dealings with the opposite sex – that is blatantly contrary to Baba’s
teachings, then the horrible danger is that others will emulate his poor
behaviour. In a phrase, Nigamananda is a bad example and a bad role
model. Yet the whole aim in being an acarya is to set a proper example:

Baba says, “Bear in mind that people may be harmed or misled by even a
small weakness or defect in the conduct of an a’ca’rya. Just as it is
the duty of a father to educate his children properly by his good
conduct, an a’ca’rya should always instruct by his exemplary actions and
words.” (AV-31)


Indeed, setting a positive example is so important in life.

For this reason Baba Himself would personally do sadhana when there was
no need for Him to do sadhana. Why? To set a good example.

Baba says, “He [Taraka Brahma] needs no sadhana, but just to set an
example to others, He performs sadhana with the masses.” (DT-2)

All human beings need to do sadhana for our growth and development, and
by His grace He has shown us the way. And indeed in AM, every single
Ananda Margii understands that sadhana must be done. Verily all the
conduct rules which He has given need to be strictly followed. This then
is the power of a positive example.

Now let’s look at the opposite end of the spectrum.

B group started doing an annual shraddha ceremony in the form of
Mahaprayan Divas, and now some naive margii are following this same
dogma with regards to their deceased relations. Each year they are
observing the death day of their relative with pomp and show etc. Even
though this is against AM conduct rules, they justify that what tare
doing is not different from what Tiljala camp is doing.

Here the point is that people follow what the leaders do. This is how
human beings behave. They do not think rationally or independently but
rather follow what the leaders do. That is why youths follow the star
actors and athletes etc. Every decade there are different stars and
hence different fads. That is Baba’s teaching.


Thus when Nigamananda is going against Baba’s divine teachings then he
is going to create much harm. That is Baba’s warning and that is what is
going on. Indeed because of seeing Dada Nigamananda, so many Dadas
became overweight.

Furthermore, Baba’s clear-cut teaching is that Dadas must not indulge in
close relations with members of the opposite sex. (All these rules are
noted in the below cited letter.)

By his indulgence, Dada is showing that it is “OK” to disregard Baba’s
teachings. And when Dada compromises then younger, impressionable
workers will be led astray by his negative example.

For instance, most are aware that the Didi whom Nigamananda spends all
his time with one Didi. Dada basically trained her to be his companion.
And indeed due to Dada’s negative teaching she may think this is the
right thing to do.

Thus when she recently toured all throughout NY sector in order to drum
up support for Nigamananda, then she followed what he taught her. Didi
did not try and travel with other Didis, nor did she work alone, instead
she linked up with Dada Shubacetananda and the two of them moved all
over the sector as if they were permanently joined at the hip.

Yet this is not their fault per se….

This is a direct result of Nigamananda’s poor example. Didi got
indoctrinated into this type of life and then she justified this to
Shubacetanandaji. They were so confident in their dealing that they
traveled openly together in front of one and all as if they were husband
and wife. All margiis, lfts, acaryas, and the common public saw their
display. Dada S and Didi moved together in one car all day and stayed
together every night. Everyone saw this.

Hence Didi and Shubacetananda either thought:
1) This is the proper way of doing since this is what Nigamanandji does.
2) Or they thought that since Nigamananda does not follow Baba’s stated
conduct rules then I also need not follow.

So the root cause behind it all is Nigamananda’s negative behaviour.
That is why Baba warns us to severely that the misdealing of one Dada
will create a lot of problems.

Baba says, “Bear in mind that people may be harmed or misled by even a
small weakness or defect in the conduct of an a’ca’rya.” (AV-31)



Those blindly following Nigamananda and skipping all their conduct rules
regarding relations with opposite sex will bear the consequences of
their misdeeds. They will have to face the unenviable reaction.

It is the duty of each margii and wt not to blindly follow any human
being rather we are to follow the direct commands of Guru.

Certainly the key problem in all of this is Dada Nigamananda’s behaviour
yet nor can we 100% ignore or free from blame others who got involved.


I do not want to highlight any Didi’s name but without that the report
looks like some type of fairy tale. Hence the involved Didi is Ananda
Dyotana Avtk. She is the one who passes all her time with Nigamananda
and she is the one who recently toured with Shubacetanananda in NY.


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From: “Amoghasiddhi Ray”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: June 1990: “I Was Present That Day…”
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2010 07:02:13 +0530


“Aja’na’ Pathik a’ja, tare ghare d’eke na’o…” P.S. 4342


Today the Ajana Pathik Parama Purusa Baba has come! Don’t miss this grand
occasion. Receive Him with Your full heart and bring Him home without
delay. Let your heart be saturated with the divine effulgence which He has
spread all around. Now is not the time to waste in dogma, drowsiness, and

Baba has come for you, for me, for everyone. He loves everyone– each
and every place, each and every country, all. He feels pain and cries
when seeing others’ pain. And He smiles when He sees others smile. He loves

This is the time to surrender everything at His lotus feet. Missing
the opportunity is not intelligent. Baba has come! Receive Him and bring
Him close…


That day in Madhu Korak Baba Quarter in Tiljala Kalkata June 1990, I was
there. Baba gave His discourse in Bengali. He revealed the secrecy of the
greatness of Guru. That very day BABA first told about Guru Sakash which
later on became very important practice in our regular spiritual life.

Presently each and every margii knows about this Guru Sakash. We feel that
Baba is in close proximity. Our day starts with the Guru Sakash.

Baba says, “Gurusaka’sha means ‘near the Guru, under the Guru’s umbrella,
under the Guru’s wings, in the Guru’s shelter’.” (Yoga Psy. p.146)

So we can see that Guru Sakash can only be done when the basic feeling or
ideation is there that: ‘I am under His shelter’ or ‘He is, that is why He
will give me the shelter’, & ‘He is not gone far’.

We are fortunate enough that Baba brought this feeling that, ‘Parama Purusa
is easily accessible, He is around us. Not only around us but very close,
intimate’. And that gives a lot. In my life I have realised that shelter has
deep value.


Once I visited one of my friends at the police station. I saw that during
the occasion of mela (festival), one lost baby had been brought by someone
and the baby was crying for its parents. Police officials were trying to help
the baby by giving some chocolate, fruits, sweets, candy. Everything was in
vain. Silently sitting I was thinking that why this baby is going on
non-stop crying. What really was lacking? What is it that baby needs?

Then idea came that this baby does not need anything other than its mother.
And why mother? Because the baby feels safe when it is under the shelter of
its mother. I have seen in my neighborhood that when 2 babies/young children of
different families are quarreling, then in their innocence when one get
hurt by the other they claim, ‘I will tell my mother and she will beat you’.
So those babies think their mother is going to solve all the problems and
with that trust they claim as such. So we can see that small babies are
care-free, their life is away from problem. No tension. Etc.


So shelter is very significant thing. Those thinking literally may
not be understanding this point – shelter of Guru. But this has a deep value
in the life of spiritual aspirants. Our life is surrounded by problems, and
I have seen that those who are more and more depending on Supreme Entity
(Baba), they are comparatively stress-free. And life is blissful. But
those who do not have that feeling of shelter to God, they live in a quagmire
of problems. In spite of even living with all worldly luxuries in true
sense they live in hell, in tension. To remove that they get addicted to
alcohol and many nasty things. So according to my feeling, this shelter of
Guru is meaningful in our day to day life.

Baba says in many discourses, “Mahat Krpaeva bhagavat krpaleshadva”. Grace
of Guru is everything.

I think that Baba graces when a devotee takes shelter in Him. And in
spiritual life His grace is everything. So when grace is everything and
grace is related with the feeling of shelter under the Guru. And the
feeling of shelter is associated or linked with the feeling of the Presence
of Guru. The meaning is, if His presence is questionable then what shelter.

And for the bhakta, Guru’s presence means eternal presence along with my
own existence. So to take shelter the existence of both Guru and devotee
are required.


But when the idea is injected that Guru is gone vis so-called Mahaprayan,
then one party is missing. The devotee is there and Guru is gone. By
that way, taking shelter is not possible because in whom one will take
shelter? In such case one’s heart will not be feeling comfortable to take
shelter of such an entity who is gone. Such is their dogma.

Baba says, “Parama’tma’ is seated in your heart.” (SS-19)

We all feel in our regular life and realise in our sadhana that Guru is
along with us. Baba says in His teachings when very early in the morning
one awakens then immediately we should put ourself under His shelter. Or
take His shelter. And this Guru Sakash is mandatory for each and every
Ananda Margii.

Or we can say, every Ananda Margi very early in the morning starts with
Guru’s closeness. And over the course of whole day, His closeness is there
by guru mantra, different lessons, Shravan, Manan, Nididhya’sana, thinking
about Him, doing His work, 4 times sadhana, and in the night time when
going to bed we remember His name and fall asleep in His lap. Such is
Baba’s divine grace and presence.


So thinking on this line, I find no room about Mahaprayan. Baba is always
along with us. Baba says in Shabda Cayanika, discourse #223 which is also
printed in Yoga Psychology,

“Early in the morning one should meditate on the Guru in Vara’bhaya Mudra
with two hands and two eyes seated on a white lotus in Guru cakra, and
address Him with your most loving and affectionate epithet.

…In what state does the Guru, endowed with two eyes and two hands exist?
In the Vara’bhaya Mudra (in the posture of holding out the boon of
fearlessness) He is your well-wisher, and as a matter of fact, the doer of
your good.

The epithet with which you address the Guru or silently speak during your
dhya’na or Gurudhya’na should also be used by you at the time of this
Gurudhya’na. Always address the Guru at a stretch. This is Gurusaka’sha.”
(10 June 1990)

So in our practical life we are all feel and believe that Baba is with us.

Namaskar. At His feet,


This following story about Shankaracarya & his Mayavada theory
(illusion theory) is highly related with the present scene.
Baba says, “One morning a wild bull suddenly started to charge that
maha’purus’a [Shankaracarya], so he ran away as fast as his legs could
carry him. A logician who happened to be standing nearby asked the
maha’purus’a, “Well sir, if you say that this world is unreal, then the
bull is also unreal, so why are you running in fear?” That maha’purus’a
would not accept any defeat in logic and replied, “My running away is also
unreal.” (NKS, ’97, p. 81)

Baba says, “This philosophical doctrine [of mayavada] had left the people
cynical and brought them to the brink of disaster.” (NKS, ’97, p. 81)

The above story which exposes the hypocrisy of Shankaracarya is more than
1000 years old but it still has much relevance in this present era. Because
these days B group leaders are once again organizing their hypocritical,
so-called mahaprayan function.

Point is that making their so-called Mahaprayan (MPD) program itself gives
the false message that Baba is gone and at the same time at MPD they are
propagating a kiirtan program in which everybody ideates that Baba is
present. So on the one hand Baba is gone forever and on the other side He
is along side us. Mahaprayan versus Kiirtan.

So the entire way of dealing of these B group leaders is self-contradictory
and submerged in the whirlpool of dogma. They are caught in the net of
their own self-created contradiction.

And this hypocrisy is for no other reason than the purpose of convincing
innocent people to come into their nasty group fold and donate money to
their “cause”. It is nothing but one negative, hypocritical ploy.

These days no one is befooled by such tactics, step by step nearly everyone
is understanding the dogma and extreme negativity of the so-called Mahaprayan
program and how this is just B group’s hypocrisy and groupist strategy.

The Way Parama Purusa Evaluates

Baba says, “Do not think that those who are highly learned intellectuals
are elevated. In the realm of spirituality even illiterate persons can reach
the Goal, leaving those intellectuals behind. Parama Purusa does not
consider the intellectual qualification or intellect. He evaluates everyone
with the measuring scale of how much love one has for Parama Purusa.”
(SS-14, p. 91, Saharsa DMC, 27 June 1980)


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