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Subject: Baba Story: Baba Blesses All
Date: Sun 29 Aug 2010 11:46:53 +0500 (IST)
From: Ram Sahay Kulshresth


“Áma’ra jato malinatá soriye dáo prabhu ájike…” (1457)


Baba, I do not have any strength of my own– just by Your grace I am
moving ahead on Your path; but it is very difficult because of all the
stains, dirt, and blemishes on my mind. O’ my Lord, please bless me by
removing all the impurities and stains from my mind; today make me pure.
Baba, please give me more capacity to do Your work and to do Your dhyana.

O’ my Lord please be gracious.
Baba, You are the Doer of everything. You have created me and brought me
on this earth and by Your grace I am moving on Your path. O’ Baba, I have
nothing to boast about; I have no quality of my own. Just I am the dust of
Your feet. I am Yours. Baba, whatever You wish is the way in which my life
proceeds. Please grace me by using me for Your work; make me Your machine.
Baba, please utilize me in all types of work– small or big, whichever You

Baba, by Your grace, I have come on this earth to do work for You. I
have come to obey Your command and follow Your order, and do whatever You
wish. Baba, I want to materialize, implement, & manifest Your every plan
and program. I want to bring all Your thoughts and ideas into form. O’ my
Lord, all these things I want to do. Baba, please be gracious on me. On my
own I do not have the strength or power to execute Your tasks. O’ my Lord,
please shower Your varabhaya mudra [1]— Your divine blessing– so I can
spread your ideas and teachings throughout each and every nook & corner of
this universe and make You pleased. O’ my Lord…


[1] Varabhaya Mudra: (vara= blessing; a= no; bhaya= fear. Both palms are
open. The left hand rests on the left thigh, i.e. vara mudra’, the right
hand is raised, i.e. abhaya mudra’.) This is Baba’s great blessing of
fearlessness that is bound in His eternal love and endless compassion. So
by Baba’s varabhaya mudra He is removing any & all fear by showering His
divine love. This is His special blessing upon each and every sadhaka–
upon the entire humanity.

Baba says, “Utilizing the vibrations created for eternal time by Shrii
Shrii Anandamurtiji through januspharsha and varabhaya mudras, take
yourself and the entire universe ahead along the path of welfare. Omn
Shanti!” (CC-1, ‘Concluding Words’)

Baba says, “Suppose the Sadguru is saying something, and the deaf or dumb
man wants to hear it but cannot. If one concentrates the mind on vara’bhaya
mudra’, there will be the direct effect of positive microvita on the
auricular or other nerve cells and also on the controlling cells, and it
may be that all of a sudden he may get back the power of hearing. One
should look towards these two mudras [vara & abhaya] and not to anything
else.” (MVNS)


Baba has always given importance to sadhana. And as we know in human life
there are three spheres: physical, psychic, and the top-most level which is
spiritual. Because the spiritual controls the mental sphere directly and
the physical sphere indirectly. And the psychic sphere controls the physical arena.
So although all are important still the most important is the spiritual realm. And that is
the exact training we have directly received from our Guru.

As we drift in the bliss of Baba’s blessedness we should remember this
divine truth. In this regard, about the importance of spirituality one story is flashing
in my mind.


When Baba was living in jail, during certain periods and on various
occasions He was not surrounded by so many margiis, rather only non-margiis
were there. And amongst them, He used to guide some of them on various
spiritual points.

That time His jail doctor was Dr. Kalwarji. Now Dr. Kalwar is not the
nasty jail doctor who later poisoned Baba. Rather Dr. Kalwarji was a
simple and innocent man who had deep reverence for Baba. And his mother
tongue was Maethillii and he was a non-margii. So when Kalwarji would get
time then he would go to meet Baba and Baba would invite him to enter into
his cell. And Baba would tell him tales and stories of different monks etc.

And the unique thing is that in the presence of Dr. Kalwarji, Baba would
sing some of the devotional songs written by Vidyapati, who of course was
one great devotee of Lord Shiva and also an accomplished poet. And as you
may be aware Baba has cited Vidyapati on numerous occasions in His
Subhasita Samgraha series of discourses. But here the point is that Baba
with full heart would sing Vidyapati’s devotional songs in order to show
how Vidyapati used to long for the Lord. So Baba would demonstrate this in
the presence of Dr. Kalwarji.

And in so doing most of the time he would sing this following song:

Vrtha’ janma goina’yaluin
hena Prabhu na’ bhojaluin
Khoya’yalu soha gun’anidhi,
Hama’r karama manda
na milala eka bunda
Premasindhu rasaka abadhi.


Fruitless, O Lord, hath been my life
That sang not, Oh, of glories Thine;
Lost in the worldly rueful strife
And Lost Thee, alas, Ye Treasure-Mine.

Fate’s long portentous hand
With compassion, cold and daft,
Strayed me out of Thy Love’s strand,
Deprived, alas of a single draught. (SS-3, p.63)

I wasted my entire life and did not meditate on my Prabhu
Running towards worldly things I lost You.
I was indulged in lowly and useless pursuits.
Alas, I could not get the beat of Your Grace,
Oh my most Beloved Parama Purusa.

And then years later Baba included some of these lines in Prabhat Samgiita
#340 also: ‘Vrtha’ janma gama’yalun, heno prabhu na’…”

So in the presence of Dr. Kalwarji, Baba would sing this above song. And
Dr. Kalwar had a devotional heart and later he would recount that “I was
so fortunate to hear Baba sing; the melody and sound was just like the
pouring of nectar. It was so charming and attractive and it had such a
divine vibration.”

Then with tears rolling down his cheeks, Kalwarji told that ‘Even for
someone who has a dry heart like me, this was very beautiful and I never
felt such a quivering feeling in my heart.’

So on a regular basis he would listen to Baba sing for 20 minutes or
half-an-hour. All the while Dr. Kalwarji would sit quiet and listen. Then
after that he would request to take leave of Baba and Baba would lovingly
bless him and permit him to attend to his other duties. And like that this
was happening a few times each week in the evening hours.

Then on one occasion Dr. Kalwar could not reach at the proper time. He
arrived a little late and he noticed that the door of Baba’s cell was
closed. Then after considering the situation for a moment, Kalwar thought
that, ‘Let me see what Baba is doing.’

With strong curiosity and with one finger he tried to remove the curtain
in front of Baba’s cell door and saw a huge flood of light emanating from Baba’s existence.
It was brilliant.

He could not keep his eyes open. And in that strong burst of light, and
by feeling overwhelmed by the whole atmosphere, he could not remain standing, so he
sat down. His whole body was shaking–in blissful state he could not understand
what was happening. And that effulgent light began shining inside his mind as well. Then
after 20 minutes or so, he regained his conscious state– still divinely intoxicated
by the experience. Then he did mental pranam and went away.

Then Kalwarji told me, ‘That day I saw Baba doing sadhana then He showered
His great blessing on me and the feeling I had that day continued on and on
for six months. Whenever I used to think about Baba then my whole body
used to begin to quiver and goosebumps would come and a deeply soothing
feeling would permeate deep into my heart and flood my entire existence.
And that light I could never forget. It was a blissful feeling which I
had never felt earlier in my heart. And still today these strong divine feelings come when I think of Baba’s sweetness.’

So this is one story how Baba blesses non-margiis also.

Ram Sahay

Note: Baba does not just appreciate Vidyapati but so many great devotees
like Bhakta Surdas, Mirabai and others– Baba appreciates all. So this
gives one picture how with devotion one can bind Him, otherwise not. So devotion is
the top-most and if anyone has devotion, whether margii or non-margii, then
that is great because devotion is everything. And Baba recognises and
blesses all sadhakas who have a devotional heart.

Note 2: In a deeply melancholic mood, Vidyapati used to express remorse
that, ‘My life has become wasted as I did not worship Parama Purusa.’ In
this way he used to cry for the Lord.


Why Have We Come on this Earth

Baba says “This Parama Purus’a is the ultimate goal of existence, and only
to attain Him have human beings come onto this earth. If they fail to do
so, then they do not deserve to be called human beings. Hence life
devoid of dharma is worse than animal life.” (SS-11, p.88)



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