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Two Essential Ingredients

From: “Geoffrey Young”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Two Essential Ingredients
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2010 21:46:05 +0000


“Ba’dha’ eseche bheunegeche toma’r…hoyeche…” (PS 2647)


Baba, by Your grace all those obstacles which have come on the path
are pulverized. They got completely destroyed. Whatever horrifying
things were there– fog, dilemma, confusion– that all disappeared
into thin air. This happened only because of Your grace. The bad
days, the foggy weather, wanted to swallow everything in its ghastly
attempt. And it wanted to submerge everything into cimmerian darkness.
The demons’ dance, and the days of hellish creatures and their kingdom–
these are gone forever by Your grace, by Your karuna*.

O’ Parama Purusa, the Charioteer of the chariot of effulgence, You have
come. All the confusion, illusion, and dilemmas have been wiped away
from everyone’s mind. The bondage of ignorance and staticity and the
serpentine noose of maya have been destroyed. With the presence of
Your august advent, Your arrival, all the sins have gotten destroyed.

Now everything is saturated with divine effulgence. Baba, You are

* Karuna’= When one sees the suffering of anyone feels pain in his heart
and the idea also comes that, ‘I should help them get rid from the
trouble they are facing’. Such type of mentality is karuna (compassion).
For example, suppose you saw one beggar who is starving. By seeing his
pitiful situation then you felt in your heart that ‘I should give him
food and help him and remove his suffering– he should get some help
right away’. This very feeling of the heart towards that suffering
beggar is the expression of karuna’. When you feel moved by others pain
or suffering that is karuna. Hence grace and karuna are two different things.


The question of the hour is: What does our Marga need to do to right itself?

That is what everyone wants to know and many have their theories.
However, rational margiis are telling that there are two basic qualities
or ingredients needed in order to build up that healthy AM society: (1)
Unity in ideology, and (2) consciousness raising.

Hearing this, one might just take a deep breath and declare, ‘I know that’.

This can happen to one or two group oriented teamsters: They always feel
like they know everything even though the only thing floating in their
mental plate is their own unholy agenda.

So a pointed analysis is needed to ensure that really one is following
unity in ideology and true consciousness raising. And verily many
margiis and wts are marching firmly in this direction, even then there
are a few pitfalls to be aware of.


Unity in ideology means not supporting any groupist agenda like so &
so’s rush for power, or this or that DMS, or xyz’s peace meeting, or any
other plan where one group aims to gain the upper hand. Unfortunately,
many get scooped into such things because following a person is easier
than following an ideal. That is why good people– dedicated Ananda
Margiis– may still get swayed into one or another camp.

When in reality, Baba’s guideline is that unity must not be established
around any faction but on ideology– around His ideals. That means the
focal point of our unity is not any camp agenda but the sterling
teachings of Ananda Marga.That means: wiping out the fake BP manual,
restoring margii rights, tossing aside Fake Ananda Vaniis, printing His
discourses “as is”, eliminating expulsion as a weapon, and so many other
ideological issues that are the need of the day. These burning
ideological issues– not a particular so-called leader’s call for
power– are our rallying cry for making true unity in AM.


Building a marble castle cannot be done with mud: proper materials are

Likewise, once in AM we come to the firm resolve that really unity in
ideology is our pathway– and not any party agenda of any groupist
platform– then we need the people, personnel, and sadhkas in order to
create that unity.

In June 1990 DMC, Baba firmly declared that we have a huge number of
cadres in our Marga, but the quality is not up to the proper mark.

And truth be known, since 1990 we have been living out the reality of
Baba’s divine proclamation.

Now is the time to turn that around and surely it can be done. Because
so many in AM want nothing else than to establish His mission. They have
no other personal agenda in mind.

So then what is holding us back? The required vivek and understanding to
know what is ideological and what is not. Hence the need for
consciousness raising. That means increasing our inner awareness of
Baba’s ideals so we have our own internal barometer of what is
ideological and what is not.

Thus sadhana and study are needed to make us fueled by His ideas and not
any other thing. Plus more and more discussion needs to happen on His
teachings and not around any groupist plan.

Thus all the media & practices are needed: Email, svadhyaya, seminars,
blogs, 16 Points, conferencing, cartoons, phone calls, yama & niyama,
meetings, poetry, essays, sadhana, human to human contact, surrender and
more. All these components– grounded in the ideal of AM– will create
an ideological cadre in our Marga.


Some may say, ‘All these things we are already doing’. And the answer
is, ‘Well is there still the slightest bit of remnants of groupism in
our Marga?’ And if in reply to that one says, ‘Yes’, then it is clear we
have not been effective enough in our consciousness raising.

Because when done properly, and true ideological consciousness is aroused,
then groupism will be obliterated– gone forever from our Marga.

Then we will have cadres who will be vigilant about Baba’s teachings in
all respects then wherever they are they will be the firm and clear
imprint of AM ideology.

And this is not some far off dream– we are right on the cusp. Just one
one slight push is needed to get us over the hump. A bit more courage
and a bit more pointed understanding, and we will be at the victory point.

All are the blessed children of Baba and all want to serve Him and
empowered by His teachings and infinite inspiration surely we can bring
His heavenly ideals onto this dusty earth.


By Baba’s grace we will not just make our Marga– but rather the entire
planetary world– into a sweet reflection of His divine ideals.

Baba says, “You should know that great, or good, people are few in
number, they are not many. They do not come within the scope of millions
or billions. They are always few in number. And these few, they are the
torchbearers of human society, they are the pioneers, they are the
vanguards of human society. So it is your duty to save humanity. And
those who are unable to shoulder their own bags and baggages – their
responsibilities are to be shouldered by you. You should remember that
the life of a spiritual aspirant is a mission. One’s entire life is a
mission, one’s entire existence is a mission. And your mission is –
what? To save humanity from this crisis. I hope you will be successful.
And I not only hope, I am sure that you will be successful.” (AV-34)

Jiivan Mukta

Be Aware of such People

Baba says, “Those intellectuals who have no devotion or love for the
Supreme…their relative knowledge pertains to crude materialism. This
type of crude material knowledge concerned with the crude materialism
has done much harm to human society during the last one century. It has
misguided the entire human society, it has converted human beings into
animals.” – Patna, 13th September, 1978


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