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Date: Thu, 02 Sep 2010 23:11:12 -0400
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From: Miguel
Subject: Peeping: Indicative of an Era


“Tumi esecho dva’r bheungecho, ka’ra’r andhaka’r a’lo karecho…” (PS 1499)


Baba, You have showered Your causeless grace. You have transformed the
darkness and filled it with effulgence by smashing the prison gate of
avidya maya, dogma, and ignorance from my existence. I was depressed and
frustrated; I had no hope in my life, and I thought that I had no one in
this world. Then by Your grace, You looked towards me with Your divine
compassion and soft smile and brought me close. Baba, You have wiped
away all the stains and impurities of my mind and filled it with hope
and Your divine love.

Baba, nobody can recognise You. You are beyond all thought and
imagination. O’ Cir Acin [1], O’ the Eternal Entity, now my mind
constantly runs towards You. I do not know how You have come and stolen
my mind and made my Yours. Baba, You have filled the tune with various
rhythms. You have made each and every aspect of my life charming with
Your divine vibration and endless compassion; You have filled my being
with hope, inspiration, and love by pouring Your divine effulgence into
the dark abode of my mind.

O’ Divine Entity, I constantly long for You; I cannot forget You. What a
loving bond You have bound me in. And that bondage is not that of
chains, but rather the bond of Your phulod’or, Your flower thread, Your
divine love, Your loving embrace. Baba, You have graced me by removing
my staticity with Your bond of love and Your sweet vibration.

Baba, You have showered immense grace on me by bringing me close to You
and making me Yours…


[1] Cir Acin: [Cir means ‘eternal’; Acin means ‘unrecognisable’] In this
human life, no jiiva can truly know or recognise Parama Purusa. Because
when anyone recognises or realises Him, then they immediately lose their
individual existence and become one with Him. This is the cosmic law.
Because recognising Him is a mental endeavour and as soon as the mind
fully realises Him then it can no long remain separate from Him. That is
why the sadhaka says, ‘I cannot say that I know Parama Purusa nor can I
say that I do not know Him. He is beyond knowing and not knowing’. That
is why one of His innumerable names is Cir Acin.

Baba says, “I cannot say that I have known Brahma perfectly, because to
know Brahma in His entirety the entire Brahma should be my psychic
object. But it is not possible for the small-I to know even His finite
manifestation, far less the entire Brahma.” (AMIWL-8)

That is why when a sadhaka becomes one with Brahma, they lose their unit


These days, more than ever, we are seeing an increase in security
tactics and spying techniques being used by political leaders &
governments world-wide, especially in capitalist nations as exemplified
by the US. Just when we think security is at its peak, it reaches a
whole new level.

As A’nanda Ma’rgiis, we should have a developed understanding about this
rising phenomenon. Indeed, it is our duty to critically analyse &
evaluate the ebbs and flows of the current social structure. Because
ultimately it is our job to guide the society.

With this in mind, we should all take pointed efforts to examine the
root cause behind the heightened security measures taken in this present
vaeshyan era.

Kindly share your own thoughts and observations as well.


Baba has guided us again and again that human thirst is infinite–

In the days of old when the dogmatic religions held a tighter grip over
the masses, then, to some or more degree, peoples’ mental occupation was
aimed toward heaven, “moral living”, & one or another conceptions about
God. Of course this was mixed with other mundane desires. The main point
being, however, that religious life did pull the masses, right or wrong,
toward “higher” beliefs. This was an active part of everyone’s
day-to-day thinking.

Now, in contrast, with materialism nearing its peak, there is a mad dash
going on for material wealth, exclusively. In large part, people have
turned away from religious pursuits and their entire focus is on the
sparkling delights & allurements of this limited, material world.
Needless to say, capitalism is the chief vehicle for this chase toward

The bottom line is that everyone’s infinite longing has been misdirected
toward this material world and its physical objects, nothing more. And
here Baba points out the terrible situation that results.

Baba says, “If the infinite longing of the human mind does not find the
proper path leading to psychic and spiritual fulfilment, it becomes
engaged in accumulating excessive physical wealth by depriving
others…they do not care to realize that the volume of commodities on
the earth is limited, whereas the requirement is common to all.
Excessive individual affluence, in most cases, deprives others of the
minimum requirements of life.” (POD #4)

Thus when people direct their minds towards physicality they are bound
to exploit others.


Hence a great ‘Tug-O-War’ has started in this capitalist era.

On the one side the common people have been directed more toward
material longing so their vision has become more and more extroverted.
The people are acutely aware about physical wealth and have their eyes
set on that.

Then in the other camp are those top capitalist exploiters who are
geared toward controlling all the wealth. Their insatiable appetites are
focused on accumulating more and more money and material resources, at
the expense of the common people.

Hence both the teams– the exploiters and the exploited– are
consciously running after the same limited thing: material wealth. And,
one party, i.e. the rapacious capitalists, has emerged as the clear-cut




So this capitalist system is actually no system. The whole of society is
revolving around one single idea: That anyone is “free” to grab as much
as possible, no matter what negative effect this has on others. This is
the accepted rule and all the laws are moving in that direction.

Baba says, “Capitalists declare, “We have amassed wealth by our talent
and labour. If others have the capacity and diligence, let them also do
the same; nobody prevents them”.” (POD #4)

With their misdirected longing, those capitalists at the helm want to
get more prestige and power. And they have created such a system where
it is perfectly legal for them to stuff their pockets and fill their
bank accounts up to the sky while their cross-town neighbors are
scraping to get by or even starving in the streets. This is the terrible
dichotomy sanctioned by capitalism.

At first the exploited mass was accepting and tolerating the ways of
capitalism as it was not so extreme in those initial stages. The people
are tricked and befooled into thinking that one day they would also
become rich. So they abided by the unfair ways of capitalism.

But now the people’s eyes are starting to open to the fact that they
will not see one penny of that wealth. So they want to make a move
against this capitalist empire; they want to revolt. Especially this is
the case of those youths who feel that either they will be left to eat
the scraps of others or die an unceremonious death stricken by poverty.
So within and across country lines there is the growing desire amongst
the common people to stake their claim to the world’s wealth.

Acutely aware about this, those top capitalists, often in cahoots with
government officials, are taking more and more security measures to
protect their exploited wealth. They have their thumb on the pulse of
the people, and they know they have to tighten security otherwise the
hungry mass will take away everything.

So this is the disgusting feature of capitalism: More exploitation, more
accumulated of wealth by vaeshyas, and more security to protect their
dirty riches.


Tragically, this is not going on just in one or two places, but
everywhere. Because more and more of the world is turning toward this
free-trade economy, i.e. legalised over-accumulation– capitalism. This
is the approach being sanctioned by nearly all the governments of the
world. We can all plainly see this.

And in this modern technological era, the government has direct
influence over the lives of the people. No longer is the government some
far distant mechanism that hardly touches one’s daily life. In the days
of old it was like that. But now, the split second a government adopts
any policy then the common people feel that in their lives: Like
increased security and spying techniques.


In the US especially this has come to the fore. Each and every day
tighter security measures are being taken. By walking through the
airports or even when getting a driver’s license or when taking our
children to school, all this is tangibly felt: That the government is
carefully watching– more closely every day.

Because where capitalism is more extreme, then such “security” measures
must be taken to protect the wealth of those top exploiters.

Of course the government puts their own twist onto things. They claim
they are watching over the “security” or well-being of the common
people. With their tongues government leaders speak like that. Yet this
is all hogwash– nonsense.

Because in reality those security measures– like increased police,
secretly checking people’s mail, and DNA testing– are aimed toward
controlling & suppressing the people so that top capitalist corporations
and/or government agencies can protect and maintain their exorbitant
wealth and exercise greater control of the people.


In these following quotes Baba graphically details the crude exploits of
those capitalist forces.

Baba says, “Individualistic or laissez-faire sense develops [into]
capitalism when the means of production passes into the hands of a few
who are more interested in personal exploitation. At this stage it can
be said that the instinct of acquisition has developed tremendously. The
thirst for acquisition instigated them to [develop] the psychology of
complete exploitation of the human race also, and this resulted in a
class by itself. In the race for greed and acquisition not all could
survive, and only a few remained to dominate the society in general and
the economic set-up in particular by their capital. The great majority
were either duped into believing that they would be allowed to share
such resources, or were neglected and left uncared-for for want of
strength and did not survive the race. Such people in society ultimately
occupy the place of exploited slaves of the capitalists. They are slaves
because they have no option other than to serve the capitalists as
labourers to earn the means of subsistence.” (I & I)

Baba says, “Non-utilization of over-accumulated physical and psychic
pabula is the second cause for becoming a sinner. I have already
discussed the problems of the ‘have’s’, and the ‘have-nots’. To satisfy
the greed of the have’s, the have-not’s become slaves…The have’s
mis-utilize the intellectual and physical wealth of the have-not’s to
satisfy their baser propensities. In the background sit the big
capitalists; in the foreground, as their agents, are half-naked
children! This is the cause of the downfall of society.” (AFPS, ‘Three
Causes of Sin’)

Baba says, “The vaeshyas use most of their capital and privileged status
to deprive others of the wealth they earn through their hard labour.” (HS-2)


The overall idea being that capitalism knows no end of its exploitation.
Such vaeshyas will exploit & exploit up to climax of this era. There is
no other plan; they have no other thought.

Hence to safeguard their interests, capitalists have to trap everyone.
They have to instill security in each and every corner of society until
finally people become so suffocated that the whole things bursts out.
Only in such a mature state will we witness the end of this capitalism–
only when it destructs.


Only Prout knows how to manage and distribute the limited material
wealth in a just and proper manner and create a bright new society where
all have the capacity to breathe freely and grow and develop in all the
spheres of life: physical, mental, and spiritual. No other “system” has
such a solution.

Baba says, “This earth of ours is passing through a critical juncture.
The solution is of immediate necessity. It brooks no delay. That is why
our PROUT is to be propagated throughout this universe, especially on
this planet of ours. You should chalk out programmes for its
materialisation and implementation within a short period.” (AFPS-8,
‘Rule of Rationality’)

Baba says, “There should be a proper solution to all these mundane
problems. To solve these problems a socio-economic theory has been
formulated in the form of PROUT, an acronym for Progressive Utilization
Theory.” (Shabda Cayanika-13)


The dawn is going to knock on our door very soon. Because, Baba is with
us only we have to follow our duty according to His dictates. By His
grace we will be able to solve all the problems not only of AM but the
whole global society, and fulfill His desire and please Him.

“Ke jeno a’siya’ kaye geche ka’n’e nu’tan prabha’t a’sibe…” (PS #18)

Meaning: Baba is whispering in my ear, the new dawn is coming
and all the darkness and negativity will go forever.



As the most capitalistic nation on earth – the USA – advances further
along the gangplank of capitalism we see more and more evidences of
increased security:

A) Under the George W. Bush administration, the government increased its
power and took of liberties with the common people by infringing on
their rights of privacy. Laws were passed and orders given to give full
powers of the government to investigate and peep into all kinds of
private affairs of the common people: phone call monitoring, email
review, and so may other arenas of life. These were all done in the name
of national security and public welfare when in reality those top
capitalists were nervous about others attacking them due to widespread

B) When the financial wizardry of Wall St became public and it was clear
how those investments banks had cheated and swindled the common man for
billions of dollars, then those financiers immediately hired security
forces to protect their homes and wealth.

C) And there are so many other evidences of increased security.


Here Baba expressly tells us to confront the ravenous ways of
capitalism, simultaneously rectifying capitalists from their destructive

Baba says, “Capitalists are the unworthy sons and daughters of the
Cosmic Father because they go against the principle of cosmic
inheritance. They should be cured of their ailments. To fight capitalism
is therefore within your goal.” (‘Discourses on Prout)


Once again Baba provides the ultimate solution. By redirecting human
longing towards the Supreme the dirty ways of capitalism will disappear
and a healthy human society will be built.

Baba says, “Human expressions are trifarious. Human beings have
unquenchable, infinite physical longings and out of these physical
longings capitalism came into existence. Capitalists toil day and night
for money. This may be a natural desire but physical objectivity is
finite, hence the infinite desire to accumulate finite physical objects
is a psychic ailment…We have to divert physical longings to psychic
and spiritual longings to avoid a fratricidal war, and thereby safeguard
human rights.” (PNS-15)

True Bhaktas

Baba says, “The superior devotees say, ‘I want all my actions to give
You joy. It’s immaterial whether that brings joy or pain to me, it
doesn’t bother me at all. My only task is to give you joy’. This is
called ‘ragatmika bhakti’ and is the devotion of the highest category.
One should possess this type of devotion. ‘I will do those actions which
will make Parama Purusa happy, but which may or may not bring joy to
me’. Human beings should act in this way.” (AV-4, p. 66)


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