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Subject: If The French Revolution Is Repeated


“Bhula’ na’ prabhu, e tava kan’a’re bhulo na’…” (PS 3161)


O’ my Lord, You have created me; I am Yours. Baba, by Your grace I
have come from You; and by Your grace I am always within You. Baba, now
please do not cast me outside of You. Please do not forget this tiny
entity of Yours. Baba, please do not forget me. I love You. O’ Lord,
since the early dawn of this creation, since the very beginning of
saincara, You have been with me in Your divine vibrational flow. Baba,
never have I been apart from You– not ever. Always You have remained
very close to me. Baba, in this sweet, fragrant, ocean breeze, Your
heart is very close to my heart. You love me. O’ my Dearmost, please do
not go away. Please do not push me far. Let me be with You always.
Baba, in Your divine creation, all the jiivas have both good and bad
qualities: They have both virtue and vice. But my case is different. I
have a very little bit of virtue, and a huge amount of vice. My bad
qualities are so numerous that they completely outnumber and overshadow
whatever few good qualities I have. O’ Lord, I have been caught in this
deep, cimmerian darkness. I am crying in my pain and suffering– in my
misery and sorrow. Please do not be merciless by leaving me alone.
Please be merciful and keep me under Your shelter. Baba, please do
not ever forget me. Baba, I have come from You. I am Yours and You are


Here is an important sequence of teachings given by Baba
about waging revolution.

Baba says, “Like any other problem, great or small, there is only one
way to solve economic problems, and that is through genuine love for
humanity. This love will give people guidance; it will show them what to
do and what not to do. It is not necessary to study great numbers of
books or to rely upon those who speculate with the future of the silent
masses. The only essential requirement is to look upon humanity with
genuine sympathy.”(HS-1)

Baba says, “Those who, on the other hand, believe in violence, but do
not believe in changing human hearts through spiritual practices and
spiritual education, argue that the capitalists have plundered the
wealth of society for so long that the question of compensation does not
even arise. Those who have genuine love for humanity, however, cannot
accept either of those viewpoints.” (HS-1)

Baba says, “Not all those who own land or industry are healthy,
able-bodied or young. Many of them are sick, invalids or elderly, and
some are widows and minors. If all their property is forcibly
confiscated without compensation, what situation will they be in?
Furthermore, not all property owners are rich. Many are poor or belong
to the lower middle class. Even if the policy of compensation or
exchanging one property for another of similar value is not accepted,
those who cherish genuine love for humanity will take a sympathetic view
of the plight of those who find themselves in difficulty due to
nationalization, and will act accordingly. A monthly pension or a lump
sum should be allocated to old people, invalids, children and destitute
women. Opportunities to earn a decent livelihood must be provided to all
those, young or middle-aged, who are able-bodied and healthy, if they
have no alternative means of support. Such employment opportunities
should take into consideration their abilities as well as their needs.”

A similar situation is happening now, as occurred in the pre-French
Revolution era, whereby a minute portion of the population controls all
the wealth and the masses are starving. This type of economic
polarisation is occurring today. Should a similar type of revolution
happen in this present era, then certain blunders must not be repeated.

Unfortunately, during the French Revolution, when the people revolted
against the monarchy then all the exploiters and their kith and kin were
mercilessly killed – including the king and queen, their advisors, the
high priests, the noble class, as well as their elderly parents and
young children. All suffered miserable tortures during the uprising.

Now in this vaeshyan era, a similar mistake must not be repeated. When,
due to a rise of social consciousness, the common people take aim at
those capitalist exploiters, then it is imperative that they not unduly
harm or punish those capitalist exploiters, their confidants, nor the
elderly parents and / or young offspring of such exploiters.

Just as patients suffer in different ways: physically or psychically
etc. We should treat capitalists are patients who suffer from a psychic
disease. Why psychic disease? Because they are goading their infinite
(psychic) desire toward finite (physical) things. We should help cure
them of this ailment. That should be our aim – not to harm them.

All must be cared for and given scope to participate in the new social
order. No one should be persecuted, banished, or killed. Rather, once
rectified of their capitalistic tendencies, they should have the
opportunity to pursue a proper social life. This type of humanitarian
approach is essential.

That is our Prout policy described above which is stated in “Human
Society-1”. If you are interested to read more then read Prout Nutshell
parts 1 – 21.


Mystery Unfolded About Acoustic Roots

Baba says, “What is a biija mantra (acoustic root)? Every action and
every existence are characterised by certain particular sounds. While
you sit in one place, you exist, and because of your existence various
waves get buffeted and altered. Light waves, for example, are either
reflected or refracted, after which they go back into the air. The
existential acoustic root is a prerequisite for all the functions of
existence. Through existence, through action, you are always engaged in
some type of work.”

“Every action has a sound of its own which may or may not be audible to
the human ear. Suppose someone is walking on tiptoe: the sound produced
is so soft that it is inaudible; but some sound is produced
nevertheless. Some people make a lot of noise when they walk. Some
people smile silently, whereas other people laugh loudly. In Sam’skrta,
smiling silently is called ‘smita’, and laughing loudly is called
‘ha’sya’. Though it seems that smiling is a silent action, it does
produce a sound. While smiling, one’s mouth and lips move slightly,
causing a little stir in the air which creates a very faint sound.”

“Ether is the subtlest factor in this quinquelemental world. It, too,
having existence, produces a certain sound. Mental thoughts create a
vibration in your mind (a sound) which in turn vibrates the nerve cells
and nerve fibres.”

“That minute sound of every action is called ‘acoustic root’ in
English and ‘biija mantra’ in Sam’skrta.” (11 Jan ’79)


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