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Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2010 23:46:16 -0000
From: “Jawaharlal Thakur”
Subject: Who Can’t Give Up Fake Mahaprayan


“Ke ghumiye a’che tumi ja’n, d’a’k diye ya’o…” (P.S. 2179)


Baba, as the Savior and Controller of the whole universe,
You are well aware about who is sleepy and drowsy, and who has lost the path of
divine effulgence. Baba, You know everything. Those who have lost the
Goal, You always call them and show them the right path. Those who are
crying bitterly after facing their defeat, with Your divine compassion
You graciously show them the proper path for their forward journey– and
help them move ahead. Baba, You are the Sadguru.

Hence those who remain forgetful about You as well as those who are
always calling You with deep adoration full of longing and tears, with
both these two opposite types of people, You shower Your divine grace on
all– without any differentiation.

Baba Your grace is for everyone. But crude people are not realising that
You are gracious on them also. Whereas devotees realise. That is the difference.
Baba You grace everyone; Your greatness & glory is beyond explanation…


Baba resides in our heart…

Baba says, “Vrnda’vanam parityajya pa’damekam na gaccha’mi…” (PS 4425)

“I am always eternally present in Vrindavan, in the hearts of devotees.
That is the Guru cakra. I do not go even a little away from that. I am
eternally present along with the devotees.”

Yet the central tenet of the so-called Mahaprayan program says otherwise.
Such followers should be careful, lest they drift away.

Everyone in AM is aware about Baba’s highly meaningful teaching from the
shloka, ‘Durat sudure…’.

The basic idea is that those who think Baba is far push Him so far away
that the distance is too much to be measured; whereas those who feel
that Baba is close and inside their heart then He becomes so close that
there is no gap to measure. He is side by side with you. So this is one
important devotional teaching about how one should cultivate their
relation with Guru.

The tragedy is that those involved in following the Mahaprayan dogma
cannot understand the essence of Baba’s above teaching. Because
Mahaprayan states that Baba is gone and if one thinks that Baba is gone
then it is impossible to bring Him close inside your heart. That is that
guideline and warning that Baba states in His shloka, ‘Durat surdure…’.

But this teaching is totally lost on those who follow the Mahaprayan
dogma. Indeed, not only did they fail to get any practical realisation
of Baba’s teaching; they also have no conceptual understanding of its
theoretical meaning either. The proof being that if they did understand
it theoretically, then in an instant they would stop observing fake
Mahaprayan, which states that Baba is far away and gone.

Of course there are many Ananda Margiis who understand Baba’s devotional
guidelines and cultivate that closeness with Him and hold Him in their



Unfortunately those clinging to the dogmatic Mahaprayan program could
not reach up to the realm of AM teachings. They could not grasp Baba’s
devotional guidelines. Instead, due to their significantly lower quality
of mind, they fell distinctly into the crude ways of the dogmatic
religions. It is well known how the followers of Judaism, Christianity,
Buddhism, and Hinduism etc, all go and mourn and cry at the tombs of
their chosen saints etc. Such dogmatic worshipers have no inner
realisation; for them their prayer & their deity is totally physical. So
they are attracted to cry and mourn at the tombs of their various
religious gods etc. That is what happens in the various dogmatic religions.

And those few in AM who still cling to the Mahaprayan dogma fall into
this exact same boat– the crude net of religious dogma.

For them Baba was just something physical, so on the occasion of October
21 they just mourn the loss of His physical structure– because for them
that is all Baba is. Tragically, even after being in AM for so many
years, they could not link up with a deeper relation with Baba in
sadhana and dhyana. Yet Baba has devoted countless pages in His
teachings to the importance of various bhavas for realising Him in
dhyana. Plus He has given the practical approach in His Supreme Command
by stating all must do sadhana twice daily regularly. All this leads to
the ideal that we are to realise Him within. That is the essence of our
spiritual approach.

Yet the adherents of the dogmatic Mahaprayan program completely missed
this entirely. Due to their lower mental status, they just became like
those blind followers of the dogmatic religions who sit and pray by the
tomb of their favoured saint– morosely thinking that he is forever
gone. That is why those who cling to the Fake Mahaprayan program are
unable to give it up– because when they could not get a glimpse of Baba
within. In which case they think that without His physical presence they
have no way to communicate with Him. That is the sad quality of those
lower type of people who get stuck in the rut of the Mahaprayan dogma;
and that is why they cannot give it up.


There is also a second type of person who cannot give up the dogmatic
Mahaprayan program. Namely those who are B group leaders or those caught
in the net of B group are unable to give up Mahaprayan. Because if they
do it will be looked upon as a sign of revolt. So they are forced to not
only follow but propagandize about their Mahaprayan dogma, lest they be
accused and tried for insubordination. That is their fate. Tragically,
this squashes the tender bud of devotion that lies in their heart. So
their blind allegiance to their crude group suppresses their natural
devotional inclinations– leading to the near death of their spiritual
life. So this type of groupist pressure to adhere to the Fake Mahaprayan
program is not at all good. Rather it is quite harmful. But due to that
pressure, various B group advocates are unable to give up the Mahaprayan


Then of course there are the vast majority of margiis around the globe
who feel Baba in their depths of their heart and they have the intuitive
feeling that Mahaprayan is not at all good. That is why most have
totally rejected the Mahaprayan program and understand that it is just
one dogmatic thing started by a few groupists. Compared to 15 years ago,
almost no one is so blind as to follow Mahaprayan. For this reason, most
units have basically dropped it entirely. Just a few dinosaur types
cling onto to it for reasons best known to them. Whereas the wide scope
of margiis celebrate Baba’s divine presence each and every day through
kiirtan, dhyana, 2nd lesson, Guru Puja, Guru Sakash, Prabhat Samgiita
etc. In that case what is the logic or reason for suddenly following
fake Mahaprayan and stating that Baba is gone. Obviously it makes no
sense; that is why it is a dogma. And those who can recognise this dogma
are those who feel Baba in their heart. That is why the mass of Ananda
Margiis have totally rejected that Mahaprayan gathering as one dogmatic
function– nothing more.

Finally there is a small sub-set of people who have rejected Mahaprayan
for their own selfish, groupist reasons. Those hardcore followers of the
Rudrananda-Niagamananda faction fall in this category. By their actions
it is clear that they do not feel Baba in their heart otherwise they
would fix the scriptural distortions done to AM Revolution, toss aside
the Fake BP Manual, and stop creating more Fake Ananda Vaniis etc. IN
sum, they would follow AM ideology in all realms of life; but this they
are unwilling to do. The only reason then that they oppose Mahaprayan is
because they have their own groupist agenda of trying to wipe out B
group. And for that reason they oppose MPD.

Whereas the mass of Margiis feel Baba’s sweet presence in their heart
and that is why it is completely natural for them to kick aside the
dogma of Mahaprayan which wrongly states that Baba is gone.


Here below Baba clearly guides us that as Ananda Margiis, as dharmikas,
we are to oppose crude, dogmatic programs like the Mahaprayan ritual etc.

Baba says, “I have already said that Ananda Marga is the first movement
aimed at liberating spirituality from the unwholesome influences of
dogma. Hence you must not in any way encourage dogma. Rather, you should
carry on an endless fight against dogma. And while fighting against
dogma, you will realise the actual truth, and when you will come in
contact with truth, you will be established in real spirituality.” (PNS
Part 18, p.14)

Thus when the crude propaganda of Mahaprayan is that ‘Baba is gone’, and
when AM spiritual states that Baba is always with us, then it is quite
clear that our duty is to oppose and eradicate this Mahaprayan dogma–
and that is exactly what is happening in our AM. Now just a few
groupists cling to it in their closets and the mass of margiis walk in
the fresh air and enjoy Baba’s sweet eternal presence.


By Baba’s divine grace He is with us every step of the way– always in
our heart and mind. In that case where is the scope to observe the Fake
Mahaprayan which states that Baba is gone. Rather, He is always with us.

Baba says, “Vrnda’vanam parityajya pa’damekam na gaccha’mi…” (PS 4425)

“I am always eternally present in Vrindavan, in the hearts of devotees.
That is the Guru cakra. I do not go even a little away from that. I am
eternally present along with the devotees.”



The Fake Mahaprayan program states that Baba is far away and gone. So by
following such a dogmatic program, one will ruin their spiritual life.
That is what Baba is warning us about in His below guideline.

Baba says, “If someone continually thinks, “Parama Purus’a is far from
me”, then He will seem to be truly far from him. If in their ignorance
people think that Parama Purus’a is far from them, then He may indeed
remain far from them – so far that in future, even if one cries oneself
hoarse, one’s cries will never reach Him.” (Subhasita Samgraha part 12,
‘The Secret of Dharma Lies Hidden in the Mind’)

Thus those who observe Mahaprayan and do tomb worship etc, they can
never come close to Parama Purusa. That is the veritable fact.


Those who have devotion towards Guru will follow Him; they will do what
He says. And when our AM festival of Victory Day, Vijaya Otsava, falls
on the exact same day as Fake Mahaprayan, then one has to choose to
either follow Guru or some obsolete groupists. Either one has to follow
the dharma of AM or the dogma of one group. True bhaktas will surely
follow Baba and His eternal dharma. And indeed, this issue will come up
year after year as Vijaya Otsava and the Fake Mahaprayan program are
going to coincide again and again. And those who follow the real
teachings of AM will celebrate Vijaya Otsava whereas those who blindly
cling to the skeletons of dogma will solemnly observe their crude
Mahaprayan dogma. Obviously, best is to follow Guru and His shining
ideals and that is what most in AM are doing. Parama Pita Baba Ki– Jai!!


Baba says, “The newly awakened humanity of today is anxious to herald
the advent of one universal society under the vast blue sky. The noble
and righteous persons of all countries, bound by fraternal ties, are
eager to assert in one voice, with one mind, and in the same tune that
human society is one and indivisible.” (PNS-7, p.9)


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Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2010 13:51:22 -0000
From: “Motilal Pandey”
Subject: History of Land Sale: Who Is Real Culprit
To: am-global@earthlink.net



Here is the important and recent history of Ananda Marga in the post
1990 era that deals with the sale of our AM Baba Quarter’s land in
Patna. The reason why this is so critically important is that we should
not repeat such errors. We must learn from history.

Now many are talking and reporting about the sale of our AM etc, yet if
we had taken into consideration the history of old, then that would not
be a problem today.

Most Patna margiis know that Centre’s intention was to sell Baba Quarter
land in Patna. Many margiis protested but ultimately Centre did not
change its view.

However, when this news was printed in a circular then Centre decided
that the land would not be sold. So, due to that circular, Patna BQ land
was saved – at least temporarily so.

Because later in secret, behind closed doors, those sold that land. Here
is the story of how it happened. This all occurred in 1998.


Initially when Mantreshvarananda planned to sell the Patna Baba Quarters
(BQ) land, he sent an envoy led by Karunananda to explain to margiis
about the need to sell the land. These Dadas tried hard to convince the
Patna margiis but such Dadas could not turn the tide in their favour.
The margiis did not want Baba’s land sold.


Margiis remembered how Baba stayed there and how it was reported that
this will become a full-fledged BQ. Margiis promised Baba that any and
all unfinished buildings will be completed soon. All this they
remembered well.

So the margiis told to Karunananda and Co that Baba stayed here and we
have taken the vow to keep the land and complete the projects.

Even then, for certain reasons Mantreshvarananda was adamanent to sell
that land.

When the Margiis News Bulletin publication (MNB) circulated this news
all around then there was big commotion so Mantreshvarananda assured
them that this Patna BQ land would not be sold.


But then after a few months Mantreshvarananda & Co arranged to secretly
and legally sell the land via the Kolkata courts. By this way they sold
the Patna land there.

This needed some maneuvering because in order to sell land in India one
must have registry in that state. But in some special cases by the
court’s permission or by payment (i.e. bribe), you can sell any Indian
land in any place. That is what they did. They sold that Patna land
which is the state of Bihar by using the land registry office of Kolkata
with the approval of the court which is in the state of West Bengal.
Why? Because of the uproar of the Patna margiis.

Mantreshvarananda knew that he would never be able to convince such
margiis to sell the Patna Baba BQ land, so he stealthily got it done
this other way – i.e. through the Kolkata courts.

Thus, in the summer of 1998 the Patna land was secretly sold by the
collective efforts of H and B group, as they were under one umbrella
that time. The land paper was secretly signed by then GS
Mantreshvarananda with the collusion of H group, as what we call the
present groups were under the same roof those days.

(Note: The various groups that we know today started in 2003 when the
separation occurred and PP Dada was taken by one of the groups.)

So it was then that all the main Wts plotted together to sell the Patna
land. This was all done in spite of huge protest of Patna Margiis.


That time, all factions were not existing those days openly, they were
working together under one roof. But internally unofficial factions was
there in their mind but in an organisational manner and working style
they were all on the same team.

That Patna Baba Quarter land was worth of 40 lakhs rupees. That was the
equivalent of the purchasing capacity of 40 middle class families’
entire life savings, back in 1998.


After this incident Patna margiis were full of fury so in DMS a group of
margiis reached to see PP Dada to express their grievances.

There, in the PP quarter, hired Gundas (those days it was common for the
top Dadas were hiring gundhas, i.e. thugs, whereas and now they just
hire the police) beat and punched mercilessly those Patna margiis.

Among those who got beating were Mohan TT, Niranjain (All Indian
President of UPSF) and so many other and family acaryas and margiis of
different age groups.

We should not forget that time the AM kingdom was controlled by all
groups together group. This news was first posted back in 1998.

Now you must have understood who is the real culprit.


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