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Date: 21 Sep 2010 22:47:29 -0000

From: “Anil Vijayan”

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Subject: How to Prevent People from Leaving Their Sadhana


“A’mi toma’y ja’ni, e katha’ bolite pa’ribo na’, na’, na’, na’…” –

P.S. 609


Baba, this thing I cannot claim– that I know You, that I recognise You.

No, no, no, this I cannot say. Even when known, even then You always

remain unknown. On the viina, You always play the unknown tune in my

heart. You are always hidden, even then You are my everything. Baba,

keeping Yourself secret, You go on attracting me with the melody of Your

flute. In this vast creation You have expressed Yourself in different

forms and colours. But You are only the One with infinite forms. Baba,

You alone are Divine…



Our AM is the path of tantra where by Baba’s unfathomable grace the

sadhaka has the opportunity to attain liberation in this life itself.

Indeed this is the guarantee. So really we are blessed.

Because human desires are infinite and as this infinite desire gets

channelised toward the spiritual realm, one will get tantric diiksa,

exhaust all their samskaras, and reach unto Parama Purusa,

At the same time, we should know about the underlying philosophy and

science behind it all. By this way we can better anticipate and

understand how and why our lives transform as we speedily move towards

the Cosmic nucleus, towards Baba.

And perhaps most importantly, by this way we will be able to support and

guide new and old margiis on the path when they invariably undergo the

accelerated ripening of samskaras in their movement towards the Goal.


The other day in our unit, a number of margiis were telling stories

about their sweet journey since coming onto the path of sadhana. Some

talked about their devotional experiences; and some shared the Baba

dreams they had. There were many things told; but, certainly one theme

common among all was the remarkable difficulties & great changes we all

have faced when since embarking on the path of sadhana– due to the

ripening and burning of our samskaras.

Here below is one such account.


One brother recounted how when he first started doing sadhana then

suddenly boils formed on his rear. In his life he had never had boils

before, so this was a big surprise for him. They were so tender and

sensitive that it was too painful to sit down and do sadhana. And when

he told his acarya about this, his acarya directed him that no matter

what he must continue with his sadhana.

So that margii adjusted and began doing sadhana from a lying position.

It was not long thereafter when boils began to form on the back of his

legs and in the middle of his back as well. The margii was thinking that

this was unbearable and again he went to his acarya and told that it was

too difficult to forge ahead with meditation. But his acarya would not

relent and instead told that, ‘This is a good sign– you are cleaning

and purifying your body and burning samskaras. At any and all cost you

must continue with your sadhana.’

Not knowing what else to do, the margii started doing sadhana from a

prone position, lying face down on his stomach. But then again trouble

found him out as almost instantaneously boils began to appear on his

belly, thighs, and torso.

When he approached his acarya this time he was totally ready to give up

his sadhana and quite entirely, but his acarya outrightly told him that,

‘Great things are happening, you are getting purified to pursue the path

of AM– all those negative samskaras are oozing out. So keep going.’

With renewed vigour, that margii continued his sadhana and by Baba’s

grace despite having painful boils all over his body, his sadhana

improved and, amazingly, within a week all the boils totally

disappeared– leaving as quickly they came.

And in the 25 years since, he has not had a single boil and to this day

he remains a committed sadhaka and fully dedicated member of our Marga.


So in the above account, the newly initiated margii was well-coached by

his acarya, and by that way he courageously adhered to the path. Because

the whole point here is that as soon as one takes initiation and gets

diiksa’, then the annihilation of samskaras begins in an accelerated fashion.

And this continues throughout the course of one’s life.

Baba says, “When a spiritual aspirant moves from the most negative point

towards the ultimate positivity, what happens? His accumulated

sam’ska’ras start to become exhausted. That is, all his sam’ska’ras

start to wane.” (AV-25)

So as soon as one starts sadhana up until the time they attain

liberation, one will invariably undergo the speedy exhaustion of samskaras.

And here below Baba specifically reveals how the term diiksa’ into AM

sadhana means the burning of their old samskaras.

Baba says, “For this “waning of sins” the Sanskrit word is

pa’pa’ks’ayam. The initial letter of ks’ayam [waning] is ks’a. So the

dii of diipanii [which means ray of light that shows the path] together

with the ks’a of ks’ayam becomes diiks’a. And with the addition of the

feminine suffix t’a, the word becomes diiks’a’.” (AV-25)

Here it should also be noted that in the above term– pa’pa’ks’ayam–

the prefix pa’pa does not mean sinful deeds, but rather it refers to the

collection of both good and bad samskaras. Because any samskara– either

good or bad– is a chain or form of bondage that will keep one from

reaching the Goal.

So our AM tantrika diiksa’ means the imminent burning of all samskaras–

both good and bad ones– so one can move quickly ahead and reach their

cherished Goal, i.e. becoming one with Baba.


Unfortunately, as we all know, so many come onto the path of AM and

immediately their life undergoes radical change– things start happening

more quickly than they can seemingly manage. All sorts of things, which

they did not expect to happen, start occurring at an accelerated rate.

They may lose their job or have their car stolen or so many things might

happen. And rather than think they are getting purified and progressing,

they become worried or scared end up leaving their sadhana and the

Marga, thinking that it has brought them too many difficulties.

Certainly, we all know so many cases like this.

Plus there are an equal number of cases where sadhakas undergo the

burning of good samskaras and due to their success in the mundane world

they lose sight of the real Goal and leave their sadhana. Infatuated

with worldly riches or a Mercedes Benz or with professional successes,

they mistakenly think that such wealth and prestige will give them

lasting happiness and they fail to pursue the path of sadhana.

So in both the cases it happens. In the case of good samskaras, people

lose their sadhana due to their great happiness with their

worldly life; and in the case of bad samskaras, people lose their

sadhana due to their sorrows of living in this relative world.



But it does not have to be like that. It does not have to be that we

lose so many sadhakas from the path of AM.

If we are vigilant and educate new and old margiis– including our wts–

about the way of the path of sadhana, then our attrition rate will be

much less. Then far fewer wts will leave and we will be able to retain

more and more initiated margiis.

This can all happen as we educate everyone about how samskaras are bound

to be exhausted very quickly while on the path of sadhana and that

through it all we must not be sidetracked– either due to our worldly

happiness or mundane sorrows. Just we have to ensure to keep our mind

focused on the Goal. In that case everyone will be sure to maintain

their sadhana– regardless of what may be happening in their life,

regardless of the way their samskaras get exhausted.

So here the point is that we must be vigilant to coach new and senior

margiis alike about all the inevitable and great changes that are going

to occur while on the path of sadhana. Speedily they will get cleansed

and purified and our job is to support and guide them through this

process. By that way they will not lose sight of the Goal and not drift

away from their sadhana.


Let us then take a moment to reflect on how fortunate we Ananda

Margiis are to be on the path of sadhana– because only sadhana can bring lasting peace.

After all, every human being– whether margii or non-margii– has

infinite desires; and only through satiating that infinite longing can

one get true happiness. Hence mundane, finite things like worldly riches

etc can never bring lasting happiness or peace.

The chief difference is then that non-margiis remain oblivious of this

truth and they go on chasing after crude allurements with the mistaken

idea that this will bring them happiness; whereas, Ananda Margiis

ensconce the mind in sadhana and exhaust all samskaras. By that way we

are blessed to truly experience that infinite bliss that gives permanent

satiation to our infinite desires and leads one to a stance of perfect


Baba says, “Fill your heart with love of the Infinite, and your soul

will be transformed into the Supreme Soul. No worldly happiness is

limitless. Dedicate yourself completely to the blissful ocean of the

Supreme Soul. Then alone will you realize what happiness really is. This

path to attain happiness, this sa’dhana’ of self-surrender I call

absolute devotion. Carry on performing your worldly duties with

sincerity, and at the same time think about the pure self within you.

Then alone will your sa’dhana’ be justified. The constant thought of

your pure inner Self will certainly one day establish you in your

original source, and this is the ultimate aim of sa’dhana’. The Soul is

by nature characteristically pure. The mind gets tied to sam’ska’ras

(potential reactions) due to its actions, and that is why the unit

becomes the slave of life and death. When all the sam’ska’ras are

destroyed through spiritual sa’dhana’ and mental purification, one goes

beyond life and death to the eternal region of immortality, where there

is no difference between the soul and His Supreme Soul.” (SS-2)

So the accelerated exhaustion of samskaras and progress in sadhana go

hand in hand and by that way we are able to reach the Goal, by His grace


Thus none should fall by the wayside and become frustrated or

intoxicated by the burning of their bad or good samskaras. These

samskaras must find expression– and very quickly– because that is the

only way to reach liberation in this very life. So our only duty, our

only aim is to keep the mind fixed on Him by holding onto our sadhana.

Only then we will experience infinite anandam or bliss.


By Baba’s grace, our path of AM is complete. With Baba as our Tantric

Guru, He has given us the best path to move ahead wherein when we get

our AM diiksa, and by His grace we are given the light or lamp–

diipani– to race ahead across the ocean of maya by exhausting all our

samskaras and reach the Goal– reach unto His divine lap, in this very

life itself.

Diipajina’nam yato dadya’t kurya’t pa’paks’ayam’ tatah;

Tasma’tdiiks’eti sa’ prokta’ sarvatantrasya sammata

Baba says, “Now what is diipanii? Everything lies coverted within the

self. The Supreme Entity is also within your “I” feeling. [He] is with

you, but you do not know Him. That is, the Supreme Entity is with you,

but You cannot see Him. You cannot realize Him. Why? Because you are

covered by, you are surrounded by, ma’ya’, the cimmerian darkness of

ma’ya’. This diiks’a’, Tantrikii diiks’a’, is just like a torch. And by

focusing the torch, you see your route through the darkness. That is why

the first sub-phase is diipanii – diipanii means ‘showing the

torchlight’…Diiks’a’ gives the aspirant the route, the way, or rather

the path, of bliss. It shows the path of bliss. And to show the path of

bliss, light is required; and that light is also supplied by diiks’a’.

This light is diipanii.” (AV-6)





As soon as one gets tantric diiksa’ and starts doing sadhana and leading

our AM way of life, then their wheel starts moving quickly. Lifetimes of

old samskaras become ripe and ultimately get exhausted. By that way one

becomes free of so many fetters and they are able to advance ahead very,

very rapidly. Then His grace becomes ever resplendent in their life and

they able to reach their ultimate abode upon His divine lap. This is the

sweet destiny of every Ananda Margii.

Because in this lifetime every Ananda Margii will have to reach their

Goal. That is why their speed is so great. And that is why in the life

of margiis the cycle of happiness and sorrow rotates quickly, because

only by exhausting all these good and bad samskaras can one reach their

ultimate abode. So our movement is very fast by His grace. Because in

this very life we are going to get Him.

In contrast, the road for non-margiis is totally different. Rather than

racing towards the Cosmic Nucleus in a straight line, they move slowly,

slowly around the periphery. The ripening of their samskaras occurs in a

very gradual way such that one can hardly see any movement in their

life. What they are when they were born is not much different from how

they are when they die. Their progress is negligible, if any at all.

Because when one one does not have a Tantric Guru and when one does not

have sadhana, then they have no path of movement to race ahead. So they

live their life shackled by old samskaras and their rate of change is

very minute. Hence, they will have to undergo life after life–

thousands and millions of lives. Their journey will be extremely slow

and mostly uneventful.

Whereas in our Marga, due to Baba’s grace, we are racing ahead towards

Him with great speed– in which case all the fetters rapidly fall away

as one after another samskara gets annihilated. Such is the great

transformation that takes place within the life of every Ananda Margii.

And that is why amidst the various obstacles and difficulties & joys and

pleasures, those moving on the path of AM will reach their cherished

goal in one life. One is sure to reach Baba’s lap & get Him.


Here below Baba beautifully explains how those on the path of sadhana

reach unto the Supreme Goal of life and attain Him.

Baba says, “Now how to get liberation from these bondages? It’s possible

only when the reactive momenta get exhausted, and this is possible only

through sa’dhana’. When one walks in the sphere of actional bondages

one’s movement is from subtle to crude. The sa’dhana’ for liberation

from bondages is a movement from crude to subtle. The ‘saincara’ process

is a movement from the supreme positivity to the supreme negativity, a

flow from fundamental negativity to fundamental positivity. But, what is

this movement for? This movement is for the exhaustion of actional

bondages. It is movement from darkness to light and truth. One has to

march towards truth.”

Satyameva jayate na’nrtam satyenah pantha’ vitato devaya’na.

“This is the sa’dhana’ of liberation and this is not possible without

Diiks’a’. If one walks in darkness one needs a torch otherwise one will

fall down in a ditch. Similarly one walking on the path of sa’dhana’

needs this torch, otherwise however strong one may be, downfall will be

inevitable. The Sanskrit synonym for the word torch is diipaka or

diipanii. The first letter of diipaka is dii and the first letter of the

word ks’a’ya is ks’a. Thus comes the masculine word diiks’a. In feminine

it is diiks’a’. Diiks’a’ is essential for the exhaustion of actional

momenta. This is the sa’dhana’ of liberation. To learn is the sa’dhana’

of knowledge. To walk on the path, i.e., to do regular practices is the

sa’dhana’ of action. Last but not the least is devotion – the

culminating point of moks’a sa’dhana’. ” (SS-19)


Like New Born Baby and Mother

Baba says, “It is a law of nature that nature provides a mother with

sufficient breast milk to feed her newly-born baby. In the same way,

nature provides sufficient resources like food and other essential

requirements for all human beings. Human beings need only utilize these

resources in a proper way. Shortages of food and space cannot be blamed

on nature. These problems have been artificially created by the folly of

human beings.” (PNS-13, p.45)


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