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From: “Naval Sinha”

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Subject: Many Wts Confused Baba’s Working Style

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As we all now know, from the very outset, Baba had a grand plan for the

humanity. And He presented it step by step in a very smooth and

practical manner – over the course of time.

On day 1 in 1955, He did not call everyone together for a seminar and

tell them to write down a list of His each and every plan for the entire

humanity. Nor did He do so in 1970.

For example, He did not give Prabhat Samgiita, or Gurukul or

neo-humanism in those early days. If He had done so, people would not

have been ready. However, that does not mean that Baba did not have the

idea or plan to put forth those projects – everything was in His cosmic

mind – but people were not ready for those teachings.

At that time, no one would have been able to learn that way – nor would

they have remembered because of the great extent of His teachings.

Already Baba was presenting so many new programs. And to remember and

learn anything totally new and revolutionary, human beings must engage

in that enterprise and repeat it again and again – practically with

their own hands. Then that experience gives a deep impression in the

mind. That way the mind gets saturated with that idea.

Hence, Baba took a divine approach, which we now may call His working or

teaching style in the pre-1990 period. As we all saw, those days – step

by step – Baba would present a new plan and program.


That means in one work phase, Baba might emphasize the need for a school

– i.e. that each village must have a primary school. To teach this

point, all workers and margiis got involved in securing funds to start a

school. There was huge momentum in that moment to focus on the

establishment of AM primary schools. That was the main thing Baba would

ask about in reporting.

In turn, some units created comparatively successful schools while many

did not – but everyone learned that a primary school was needed in order

to propagate the ideas of AM. That teaching everyone got. In each and

every reporting session, Baba would ask, praise, scold & punish about

this point of creating schools until He was satisfied that everyone

understood that a school was needed in every small or big town and

village throughout the entire globe. By that way from their very

childhood, children will learn AM ideals.

In some places, expensive buildings were purchased for schools but only

got used a few times, or maybe not at all. The main thing was that all

involved got the psychic understanding about the need for a school. That

was Baba’s aim all along.


When this program was built up and some of the schools were going

strong, Baba might transfer the lead Dada from that project and post a

fresh new Dada from Training Center to that school who had little skill

or language knowledge of that area. The school would inevitably suffer

and ultimately close, but that new Dada got the needed training and the

prior Dada was freed up to learn a new aspect of Baba’s vast program

like Prout or dharma pracara or VSS work. That was the way things went.

Baba told Wts to create Lfts who can run the school and inform margiis

that they should oversee the operations of the school. Then the school

would be sustainable. But in many cases, margiis may not have been

active or were already too busy and there were no LFTs, in which case a

very reputable AM school eventually closed.

In such a situation some naive margiis started thinking to request Baba

not to transfer the Wt of that unit in hopes of saving the school. But

Baba did not listen to such pleas. And other central workers tried to

convince margiis that Baba had some divine plan.

Actually, it would have been impractical to keep one committed Dada

assigned to a single school for years and years. Baba was putting forth

His new and newer plan for the humanity and training wts.

Plus when workers were transferred to new posts and jobs, they developed

greater experience and learned new languages, psychologies, problem

solving skills etc. All along Baba was creating new and newer programs

in further succession. If those Dadas had been kept in those old

programs then who would have been available to learn the new programs.


So here Baba was trying to do two things. Firstly, the old programs

which He gave to serve society for thousands of years should continue

running operated by Lfts and margiis and then, secondly, those new

programs which were also for the humanity had to be started by Wts.


Imagine if Baba did not give new programs, then Ananda Marga would not

have been complete and after ’90 margiis would never have thought that

such programs should be done. For example, in various religions, social

service programs are not as vast and complete as those in AM. Our

programs serve each and every arena of individual and collective life of

the entire society.

For instance, the Hindu religion does not have any social service

programs and Christianity does not have a logical spiritual philosophy

let alone a socio-economic plan. And Buddhists do not have any real

approach for social service programs. But Ananda Marga has all that and

so much more.

Furthermore, if Baba kept one Wt as a teacher for decades and decades at

one school then who would have learned the new programs He was putting

forth. If the school could not be maintained by margiis and Lfts, then

Baba would scold everyone for the closure of the school – but He would

not stop His divine plan of presenting more and more new programs.

When Baba got a report that a school did close, then He scolded everyone

from top to bottom. He told Wts that it is the duty of Lfts to run the

school and that Wts should ensure that the school was operating well.

Whole-timers were to oversee those Lfts and get needed work done by

margiis. That was the system.


One thing to understand is that those days Wts were getting transferred

frequently because the number of Wts was not very high. We did not have

a lot of workers and Baba wanted to teach more and more programs to wts

and margiis. So when margiis and wts had learned that the school is an

important service project, then Baba added that a school must have a

children’s home also. And if some unit had many children in their home

then Baba might post a Wt for the home as well. That was the home

superintendent post. And when the home started running properly and was

respected, after some time the Wt got transferred then it was the duty

of the Lfts and margiis to run that home. But when this did not happen,

that children’s home would also collapse. This happened year after year.

Schools and childrens’ homes closed and opened while new programs were

always getting introduced. And of course many of those schools and

projects of old are still running to this very day.

Plus, more and more areas had to be covered around the globe and Wts

were needed to go to other district, regions and countries where pracara

was newly started. And Baba also created so many new organisations –

such as Prout, PBI (Proutist Block of India), VSS, SDM – and He needed

workers to staff those organisations.

By this way, people knew that Baba made all those organisations, but if

He had not posted workers to those organisations, we would not know that

such organisations existed or were needed. We would not know that we

were to manage those organisations in the due course.


So Baba was creating a blueprint of future organisational activities. It

is just like if you want to build a big mansion, then you may or may not

have money, but you must have building plans and / or a blueprint.

All along it was quite obvious that margiis and lfts were needed to help

with all new programs. So they were assigned to many projects but it was

not always possible for them to properly attend to them all.

On the top, Baba wanted to have personal communication with each and

every margii and wt that is why He would call them in reporting sessions

and give His divine blessing. By having His darshan everyone become

stronger devotionally. So each month, time passed in this way as well,

by His grace.

In other words, Baba had so many different programs to show us. That is

why, ultimately in a short span, Baba would add a new project. Baba

never stopped any project but told that it was the duty of wts Lfts and

margiis to manage old as well new works.


Baba ordered that every diocese would have to have a press in order to

publish our newspapers because the media controlled by exploiters would

not propagate our news. So Baba created many daily newspapers and

margiis and wts were forced to execute this plan otherwise DMC would be

canceled. Thus in some places Baba did not take His breakfast until He

got that day’s daily paper. Under pressure, margiis collected

substantial amounts of money to purchase a press and give report to

Baba. Then Baba was happy.

In some cases the press was running for some time and in some cases it

did not run at all but everyone learned the lesson that “we must have

our own newspaper”. In this situation some naive margiis could not

understand why Baba was giving impossible types of work to do. Somewhere

a project is running well and then someone gets transferred or someone

leaves their wt ship and that project goes to zero. This way the

projects went up and down – this happened in many places. But sincere

margiis & wts could understand that Baba is teaching for today, tomorrow

and even for thousands and thousands of years into eternity. So many

things Baba had to give.

In AM only devotees were allowed to come close to Parama Purusa – so

there were not hundreds of millions of people. The number of margiis &

workers was rather small and His range of projects was immense –

presenting all the many plans and programs for His AM ideology. Thus

those few Wts were needed to learn many projects.

Hence it was the need of the day to transfer Wts quickly from one

project to the next.

The next project might be Master Units program. As mentioned, because

our resources – both in terms of money and people were few – then all

those Wts involved in the prior project of printing presses etc would be

switched over to the next new project. In that case naturally it was the

duty of margiis to maintain those presses and if they could not do so

then that paper would collapse. Because all workers would race full

steam ahead with Baba’s next plan. The new program could not be stopped.

In this way the wheel would spin and Baba would introduce one program

after another: Printing press, children’s homes, schools, AMURT,

pracara, master units, jagritis, Rawa, RU, GP, WWD Gurukul, Seva Dal,

Hari Pari Mandal, and UPYF etc.


This was Baba’s practical plan for teaching everyone what was needed for

the humanity. Because by engaging in projects, making mistakes, and then

fixing those problems, all in AM learned a lot.

Some ignorant non- margiis would think- every project was a failure and

that our Marga was incapable of doing any concrete work, whereas other

non-margii organizations built huge schools and beautiful hospitals etc,

but they did not have a greater panoramic plan like Ananda Marga, nor

would they have in future.

Some naive, simple, new and ignorant margiis & workers – in their

confused state of mind – thought that Baba was giving impossible work

targets when we had limited capacity. In that manner such confused

margiis and Wts walked away and left the Marga.

But those doing deeper sadhana knew that this was all part of Baba’s

divine plan to teach what had to be done by putting forth a blue print.


For this latter aspect, it was the need of the day to scare and struggle

with the unjust Indian government. So much opposition came yet without

that opposition AM would not have grown so quickly. By this way the

cadres got trained in how to deal with the exploiters and manage when

times were tough.

Furthermore, Baba had to purge the organisation of unwanted persons.

Many worthless people came in AM for their own self-interest and

ulterior motives. They were not up to the mark to follow 16 pts and

become sadvipras. So when clash started these lower grade people left.

Such clash was needed to purge the Marga of these people and make it

strong. By this way, those who stayed become stronger.

Baba set the practical precedent to fight when in a difficult situation

and not to surrender to the exploiters.

Of great importance, He had to give a blueprint of all the plans and

programs, create cadres, and nurture devotional closeness with His

disciples. It was a busy time, but ultimately what Baba did all that He

wanted to accomplish.



And now it is our duty to implement His vast array of plans and programs– One by one.

His aim was not to establish big colleges and universities everywhere.

Because to establish any project like a college and university demands

huge time, resources (money and people), and ongoing involvement etc.

And Baba’s time on this earth was short and the resources of the Marga

limited. He gave philosophy and trained His disciples on all levels. So

in that pre ’90 era the aim was never to establish those projects to a

grand level, rather the aim was to create a blueprint and make cadres.

Then in due course every plan and program would flourish.

With His divine cosmic mind, this is the way He developed the Marga from

1955 – 90. In that short 35 year period He practically demonstrated all

the projects (in seed form, i.e. gave a blueprint) that were needed for

humanity for the next thousand(s) of years and into eternity. Only

Parama Purusa could direct such a pointed method.

Baba was creating projects in order to show us His grand plan for the

humanity. Had this not occurred, no one would really have understood

what Baba wanted for the all round progress of humanity. Simply taking

written notes in a meeting would not have gotten the job done. People

would have misunderstood, forgotten, and / or lost their notes. By

Baba’s practical method, all the projects got injected into everyone’s

blood stream through practical experience. Whether the project came to

fruition or not, all understood, that “Yes, this is what must be done.”

That was Baba’s special approach – without that it would have been

impossible to put forth His grand plan.

Baba was working at lightening speed in order to present all the needed

plans and programs for the humanity.

Schools gave our Wts the opportunity to develop a small financial base,

but even then a healthy school in AM was 50 children whereas Christian

schools had 500 or 1000 children or more. One reason for such low

enrollment was that reporting was every month and the Wt school

principal would spend half the month traveling to and from Calcutta

because of the need for Wts to come in devotional contact with the Guru.

Baba wanted His disciples to come in His close proximity to get

practical training and His blessing. In those monthly reporting

sessions, Baba took the time to bless and shower His grace. By this way,

all became linked with Him. That was also the need of the time.


Now the era (after 90) is totally different.

Immediately after ’90, some say that those in charge began posting and

reposting workers in a haphazard manner in a failed attempt to emulate

Baba’s seemingly whirlwind style. But remember Baba did all that to

create a blueprint and already we have a blueprint for all the needed


Now there is a real need to bring those blueprint designs into concrete

form in a meaningful manner in this world. That means those wts who are

qualified and interested in education should be posted to a school and

make that school top-notch so the whole town and city can see how great

our schools and education system really is. That type of high-quality

institutions we have to create.

Similarly those Wts who have a mind to do temporary relief work in

earthquake regions or other disaster areas should be posted in that

department to execute the task. Likewise is the case with GP and VSS

etc, everyone should be posted according to their interests and strengths.

Baba verily did this approach when creating Gurukul. Because in 1990

when the blueprint was created in full, then He put interested and

qualified people in charge of Gurukul to show us that this is how all

the projects should advance. And it became our job to emulate this

approach in all our social service projects.

If the education workers are transferred, then they should be

transferred from one school to another within the same dept of Education

and not to unrelated fields. Then only one can achieve real success in

the material sphere. In result the public will appreciate our work and

greater service could then be done.

It is just like if you recruit cowards in the military then you can

imagine what would happen. Or if you put people who are business-minded

in schools when they do not want to teach. Instead they should be put in

the commerce dept and not placed in schools.


Human beings have a limited capacity, one cannot become perfect in all

subjects. Workers should have a basic idea of all the projects but may

only posses a special quality in one type of work or endeavor. That is

the point we should take seriously nowadays.

Now the era is different. Baba has laid down all the plans and programs

and we are to match up the right person with the right project. All

should be engaged in a project that meshes with their own personal

strengths and interests.

So if any worker is interested in education then they should fully

commit themselves to a school. And if another wt is interested in

pracara then they should do that. To do anything concrete and meaningful

in this world demands full dedication in one direction. We should

emulate Baba’s way of posting workers in various departments of Gurukul.

Now is the time to begin the establishment of said projects by

committing oneself fully in a specific direction.

At a the university student does not study all the subjects offered by

the school, but rather selects one as their area of specialization.

Likewise if one has deep interest in teaching in a college then do not

force them to do agricultural and animal husbandry work or manage

fisheries etc. In that situation you cannot hope that they will do

excellent work, rather they may be remiss in their duties and all the

animals or fish might escape from those projects.

So it is is the duty of in-charges to see the psychology of the worker

and put appropriate Wts in the right post. By this way all the projects

in Baba’s blueprint will be established in the due course.

Everyone is aware that if you are running 500 schools and none of them

are of a sufficient standard – i.e. below the standard of non-margii

schools – then it means you are lagging behind. But if you have one

A-grade institution then the wind will be in your favor and you can

create many new schools. Plus so many people will join in and support

that school.

So our working style should represent a great commitment to a particular

aspect of AM life, and of course we should pay proper mind to all of 16

Points and organisational rules. With this type of commitment the world

will begin to take notice. They will no longer think that our projects

are second rate or worse, they will see our commitment. And because

Baba’s teachings are unsurpassed, naturally our projects will be the

best ones on the planet.


Supervisory workers are to ensure that all workers are deeply committed

to a particular project and they are to enforce this idea again and

again. Each Wt should fully concentrate on one work. By this way that

project will get established. One should not change the nature of their

work or projects unless there is a catastrophic need to change the


At the same time, Baba’s rule is that no worker should stay in one place

for more than three years. After that time period if they have been

working in a school they should get transferred to another good school.

That is the way.

If Wts are kept in the same place then they will degenerate. It is

inevitable. So posting transfers from one school to the next – not

inter-departmental transfers – is what we should do.


Taken altogether, if we understand Baba’s manner and working style, as

well as our allotted duties, then by His blessed grace we can make our

AMPS into a veritable dharmic force on this earth and bring peace and

well-being to all. So long as we fail to understand that we have to make

real concrete progress – not just token works for reporting’s sake – the

situation of today will continue.

I am very hopeful that people will understand Baba’s working style and

do accordingly.

Baba says, “I am always an optimist. And I want all my sons and

daughters to be optimists. And I want them to struggle against this

death signal of humanity, and come out successful. And I am sure that

you boys and you girls must be optimists; and it is your duty to save

humanity. And I hope you will be able to save humanity, because, just

like me, you are also optimistic. You should know that great, or good,

people are few in number, they are not many. They do not come within the

scope of millions or billions. They are always few in number. And these

few, they are the torchbearers of human society, they are the pioneers,

they are the vanguards of human society. So it is your duty to save

humanity. And those who are unable to shoulder their own bags and

baggages – their responsibilities are to be shouldered by you. You

should remember that the life of a spiritual aspirant is a mission.

One’s entire life is a mission, one’s entire existence is a mission. And

your mission is – what? To save humanity from this crisis. I hope you

will be successful. And I not only hope, I am sure that you will be

successful.” (AV-34)




Here are some other points to keep in mind as well:

1) Baba suggested that Didis should take over all the primary schools as

females are better at teaching kids than males. Baba actually spoke on

this point.

2) Through our schools and relief projects, our Marga will become

established. The common public becomes sentimentally linked with those

who do social service projects. This is the way to win over their heart

– by doing true social service, either of a temporary or more permanent

manner. Those who come in contact with our high-quality projects will

develop trust and confidence in us and they will emulate our way of

life. They will come close. So doing social service projects is a great

way to bring people onto the path of AM.

2a) Usually people do not like to change their way of life after they

reach the age of 16, 18, 20 and above etc. At that point, it is very

difficult to adopt new life practices. And since our AM is a disciplined

way of life, older persons have a hard time adapting. It is not like a

political organisation which is based on membership. So those kids who

study in AM schools and follow AM curriculum, gradually they will become

Ananda Margiis or at least sympathizers. By this way the number of

margiis will increase rapidly.

By following this methodology the Christian missionaries propagated

their doctrine all around the world: Do service and win over the mind.

That is how Christianity became the biggest religion.

Children will always adapt to what you teach. They will accept and

follow everything without argument or questioning. By running AM schools

we will be able to impart our AM way of life to living, breathing human


What we must avoid is opening a school that does not adhere to our AM

way of life. That would be useless. Students may read and study general

subjects, but certain AM related practices that are provided by AMBE

(Ananda Marga Board of Education) or Gurukul must be included in the


3) Plus when people see our social service projects then they will

donate money in order to sustain those projects.

4) The key point in all of this is that those in AM rendering social

service must keep strict conduct – if the public sees any hypocrisy then

that will undermine everything. Thus, so long as our projects are

maintained and our conduct is proper, things will progress quickly and

our Marga will grow.

5) The way to bring people onto the path of bliss is to attract them by

our service works.

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