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Subject: Obvious Truth, But Hard to Comprehend…



Note: This entire letter is related with one new promotion in AM.


Many companies offer promotions in order to exploit the common people.

To attract customers, they make tempting offers.

For instance, cigarette companies will give free samples and beer

distributors will offer free alcohol etc. The reason is not to give away

their products per se, but to exploit and even harm people for their

whole life by making them into lifelong customers. The motive is to make

money, but there are some fools who cannot understand this truth and

hence they get trapped.

These days the various religions also operate as one company or

business. They just start a faction – no investment is needed – and

attract people by certain allurements and promises.

For instance, they will promise victory in your court case, or a

beautiful wife, or a good job, or high prestige, or fame and fortune, or

heaven, and so many things etc. This is the way they attract new followers.

The central motive of such religious exploiters is to increase the money

in their own pocket by emptying the pockets of others.

With that same motive and same trick, B group is also making a new

promotional giveaway in order to allure participants to Tiljala for

their annual (dogmatic) Mahaprayan programme.

Because when anyone reaches Mahaprayan – for any reason – then those

groupist hosts squeeze attendees for money and work hard to bring them

into their group fold so they can continue to call upon them for money.

That is their main interest in bringing people to Tiljala: For money.

And that is why they use promotions.

Why then are they introducing a new promotion?

Well their first promotion of a 7- day kiirtan program was once an

allurement to draw attendees. But now everyone has understood their

ploy. Margiis understand that Mahaprayan (MPD) is total dogma. So they

will not attend – regardless of the said kiirtan programme.

Earlier from all around the globe people were rushing to Tiljala for MPD

like ants to sugar & vultures to the dead body. In those times people

were not thinking; naive margiis were not considering or questioning

Mahaprayan as a dogma.

Now that hypocrisy has been unmasked; people understand that Mahaprayan

is just one dogma and should not be supported in any way, shape or form.

So that promotion of 7-day kiirtan is no longer enough to draw people to

Tiljala. That promotion lost its efficacy.

That is why recently, one new promotion has been introduced: Tiljala

advertises that margiis will only gain access to Baba’s museum if they

come for Mahaprayan. The rest of the year the museum will be

inaccessible. With this enticement they are trying hard to bring margiis

to MPD.

Let’s see how many (if any) are going to be attracted by this new



By His grace, margiis have understood that Baba lives in their heart so

there is no need to rush outside in the external world to find Him.

Doing that means annoying Baba. This fact all understand that is why

people do not like to go to any pilgrimage, like Tiljala for Mahaprayan

etc, in search of Baba.

Quite frankly these type of tiirthas were started by Muslims,

Christians, Hindus etc. But it is not working in Ananda Marga because

the followers of AM are not as dogmatic as those religious followers.

By Baba’s grace, we know He resides in our hearts – one need not go

anywhere to get Him, nor should we get duped by any promotion for

attending Mahaprayan.

Let’s see if anybody goes…



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Date: Wed, 23 Sep 2010 22:48:01

From: “Hank & Rita Tomasson”

Subject: Are You Concerned About Beauty?


“Ba’dha’ eseche bheunegeche toma’r…hoyeche…” (PS 2647)


Baba, by Your grace all those obstacles which have come on the path are

pulverized. They got completely destroyed. Whatever horrifying things were

there– fog, dilemma, confusion– that all disappeared into thin air. This

happened only because of Your divine grace.

In its ghastly attempt, the bad days– the foggy weather– wanted to

swallow everything in its ghastly attempt. And it wanted to submerge

everything into cimmerian darkness. However the demons’ dance, and the days

of hellish creatures and their kingdom– these are gone forever by Your

grace, by Your karuna.

O’ Parama Purusa, the Charioteer of the chariot of effulgence, You have

come. All the confusion, illusion, and dilemmas have been wiped away from

everyone’s mind. It is Your grace.

Baba due to Your holy advent the bondage of ignorance and staticity and

the serpentine noose of maya have been destroyed. With the presence of Your

august advent, Your arrival, all the sins have gotten destroyed. Now

everything is saturated with divine effulgence. Baba, You are





This is one big trend all around the globe these days – now more than

ever. All want to become stunningly beautiful.

And there is nothing wrong with that…

…except that people are looking for beauty in all the wrong places –

i.e. externally – and it is wrecking their lives. Their misguided search

for beauty leads to anxiety, depression, divorce, trauma, frivolous

expenses, financial debt and all kinds of psychic complexes and afflictions.

We may even find traces of this ill-conceived quest for beauty in our

Marga, though in the general society it is much more rampant,

exponentially so.

We should all be aware, lest we fall into a similar pattern. Also with

awareness comes the ability to help others and convince them of the

truth in a compassionate way through logic and reasoning.


The trends about what is beautiful vary from place to place, but now in

this materialistic era, all parameters of beauty are based on the most

superficial aspect of the human experience.

In the US and Europe, white-skinned people generally think that “having

a tan” makes them more beautiful. Thus most everyone in those areas

wants a tan, or brown skin. To get that, they may lie in the sun, lie on

a tanning bed, or even have it sprayed on like paint.

In India, now it is more fashionable or beautiful to have light or white

skin. For this reason ladies may not even go outside in the sun for fear

that their skin will get too dark.

Yet these trends come and go like the wind. One day one wishes to look

dark, and the next white. It can flip-flop anytime. Yet on these

whimsical and fleeting styles, people form their crude judgments of a

person and formulate their own look as well.

Baba says, ‘The notion of what is beautiful or ugly, or good or bad in

human beings changes from age to age, and in different environments.

Those who are black-complexioned will say, “How beautiful black is. Why

is that man so white? Has he contracted leucoderma (white leprosy)? How

repulsive, how utterly repulsive!” That is, human judgement is relative;

it changes according to time, place and person.” (AV-8)

And not just skin colour, but each and every aspect of the physical body

has a trend, or look, or way that is deemed as beautiful. And people go

bonkers trying to achieve that.

They may spike their hair, expand their lips, paint their face, tattoo

their body, pluck their eyebrows, squeeze their feet into small shoes,

whiten their teeth, grow their nails, paint their toes, and the list

goes on and on.

We have all seen it.

They may even visit plastic surgeons to make their nose or breasts

“absolutely ideal”, i.e. beautiful. They may body pierce themselves all

over thinking that this makes them attractive. Or they may get a

liposuction or tummy tuck in order to make themselves look skinny.

In the past in India and other poor countries, being fat was a sign of

wealth and prosperity – they all wanted to be fat. That was desired and

beautiful. Now in those same places, all that has changed. Especially

where the internet is big – like in the Indian cities – all want to be

thin now, because that is the rage in the west.

No matter where one resides, to gain that look – of being beautiful –

people are willing to do anything.

Even in these tough economic times – when cash is sparse – people are

spending thousands and millions even billions of dollars on various

cosmetic medical procedures or beauty supplies in order to enhance their

look. It is a mega industry at present.

And the one who suffers most is the individual – they become a victim of

the times. They ruin their peace and composure by indulging in this

quest for beauty externally, which in truth is destined for failure.


1. Although beauty varies from place to place and era to ear, people in

the same place and in the same era chase after the same look. They all

want to be thin, or have their hair in a particular way, and dress

according to the day’s fashion etc. In essence, they become mirror

images of one another – when in truth diversity is the spice of life.

Mother nature makes us all different, even if our parents are the same.

By this way the gene pool of our human society gets stronger and more

developed. To chase after the same look is to going against nature.

2. The beauty business corrupts people’s mind into thinking that beauty

only resides on the outside. They have so many tricks for brainwashing

people, especially young women and teenagers. This is their big market

and they spend huge money convincing them. In turn, the beauty industry

takes in billions. The entire situation is most unfortunate.

3. People naively think that by becoming more beautiful then all their

problems will be solved and everything will be alright – i.e. they will

be happy and all will adore them. This is their day-dream fantasy as

well as the reason why they chase relentlessly after external beauty.

4. Now more and more people are goaded toward external beauty at a

younger age. This imposes a terrible inferiority complex that “I am not

beautiful enough.” Generally self-conscious feelings about one’s looks

occur when one is going through adolesence. But today, in countries like

Brazil and India, girls of 3 or 4 years of age are being dressed up like

dolls and the children get the teaching early on that external beauty is

everything. This is a terrible tragedy and brings about the demise of

the human condition.

5. And there are more points, write us with your thoughts.


All in all, chasing after external beauty is a no-win situation for

anyone, neither for materialists nor for spiritual aspirants.

Materialists, or common people, bank all their happiness on external

beauty and allurements, which is itself fleeting. Most of the time

people are too self-conscious to delight in what beauty they do have,

and even if they do enjoy their “beauty” what they fail to realise is

that their beauty will not last. It is impermanent, temporary. It will

wane, wane, wane with the passage of tiem. Seeing this, people get

distressed and depressed. They worry about thinner hair, flabby thighs,

droopy skin, and so many other things. To make matters worse, people are

living longer now than ever before so while their “beauty” may begin to

decrease after the age of 30, 35, 40, or 45, they now live longer, up to

80, 90, or 100 and in that case they merely extend their days living in

that depressed state. Such is the fate of materialists.

And spiritual-minded people also run into trouble by chasing after

external beauty. They may have lived a most dharmic life and helped

others but because of their lust for external beauty all their good

efforts get wasted and instead of progressing on the path, at the time

of death they get turned into bodyless microvita. Such a horrible fate.

Baba says, “Though siddhas are elevated human beings, those who have

some aesthetic attraction for physical objects like money, ornaments,

etc., become kinnaras after their demise. As spiritual aspirants they

are elevated to some extent, and as human beings they are decent, but

they prayed to Parama Purus’a for beauty instead of for Parama Purus’a

Himself. Such people, after their demise, attain the status of kinnara

devayonis.” (MVNS)

So neither the common materialist nor the advanced sadhaka benefits by

chasing after external beauty – yet so many engage in this way.


The next – or obvious – question then is why do they do it. Why do

people chase after external beauty?

The answer we all know.

When people do not seek peace within then their mind turns to the

external sphere for happiness, acceptance, and approval. And one of the

closest external qualities we have is our bodies. Thus people seek

attention and respect based on their external looks, i.e. “beauty”.

Their figure, hair, shape, softness etc.

But this leads them nowhere other than their demise.

And tragically the trend is only growing. Now more than ever people are

mentally imbalanced due to materialism, and in that precarious state

they invariably look more and more for external beauty as their great

value in life.

This then makes them more insecure and worried and ultimately sets them

up for “the big fall” when their beauty invariably wanes as the body


So it is a vicious cycle.

In contrast, if one is able to find peace within, then they are not so

concerned about their superficial looks. Already they have found beauty

and value in life. And that is the real beauty that will bring peace and



Here Baba graciously guides us where our real beauty lies.

Baba says, “Perhaps you know that mental beauty exercises some degree of

influence on the human body. A woman who is unattractive but is mentally

elevated or has a loving nature will look beautiful to others. You must

have heard that to a child, the most beautiful woman in the world is his

or her mother.” (MVNS)

Thus beauty – ie lasting beauty and attraction – lies in the benevolence

and sentientness of mind.

As a person gets to know your mind, then they will find you to be more

and more beautiful, so long as your mind is spiritually inclined. That

is why people who come close to you and become your friend value you for

your behaviour and conduct, not for your looks. So long as one’s mind is

vibrated, one’s conduct will be proper, and others will be attracted to

you. So the point of allurement is the mind not the body. That is where

lasting beauty exists. That is Baba’s guideline.

Proof of this is that these days so many marriages are made based on

purely external beauty and sexual attraction. But then, as they get to

know one another and see how the other thinks and behaves, then they

develop distaste for one another until finally they fight, beat each

other, and ultimately divorce. Countless high-profile, glamorous

marriages have destructed in this way. And it happens to common people

as well.

The point is that if you do not like the way a person thinks and

behaves, then they will not be beautiful to you, irregardless of how

physically attractive they are. And vice-versa.

Whereas, if one’s behavior and dealing are benevolent and charming, then

everyone will be attracted to you and find you to be beautiful.

That is Baba’s magic formula.

Thus if one is concerned about beauty – they should ensure they are

concerned about their psychic beauty, not the physical one. Only the

beauty of the mind can bring about happiness and welfare to oneself and

others. Only then can on be truly beautiful in the eyes of others.


By His grace here again is His divine teaching. By adhering go 16

Points, doing sadhana, singing kiirtan, and being strict in yama and

niyama, then one’s beauty will increase more and more.

Baba says, “Perhaps you know that mental beauty exercises some degree of

influence on the human body. A woman who is unattractive but is mentally

elevated or has a loving nature will look beautiful to others. You must

have heard that to a child, the most beautiful woman in the world is his

or her mother.” (MVNS)





Baba says, ” Just imagine the situation that will arise in the future as

a result of humanity’s ever increasing thirst for knowledge. To meet

these developments the nerve cells and nerve fibres will have to become

more complex. Consequently, the human cranium will become larger and the

size of the head will increase. The hands and feet will become weaker

and weaker and human beings may even lose the ability to walk…Today we

think that such people will look very strange, but in the future one may

hear people commenting, “Oh, how handsome he looks with eyes as small as

little peas and arms as thin as jute sticks. He can’t hear anything with

his ears. In fact, he hasn’t got any ears at all! What an attractive

man.” Although it seems slightly repulsive to us, this will become the

standard of beauty in future. People will judge beauty according to the

standards of the day, saying, “Oh, those stick-like arms of his make him

look so handsome. The fellow can’t walk properly. How wonderful.” And if

someone can walk, people will say, “How indecent that fellow looks

hobbling around on two legs!” But if he crawls along the ground they

will say, “How wonderful, how beautiful!” If we were to see this sort of

scene today, however, we would say, “How unsightly. That fellow is

uglier than an owl.”” (AV-8)


Samaj is Based on Neo-Humanism, not Groupism

Parama Purusa BABA says, “If each samaj [socio-economic unit] is inspired

by a comprehensive ideology and a universal outlook, human society will

move ahead with accelerating speed towards a sublime ideal.” (PNS-13, p.


Note: Nowadays some group leaders are singing the song of samaj as they try

to forge ahead with their narrow-minded agendas. But margiis can smell this

from a mile away and are keeping distance from such talk. Means other than

a select few, no one is falling into the trap that the spectacle of such

and such WT group is part of samaj theory.


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Date: Thu 23 Sep 2010 21:46:38 -0000


From: “Jawaharlal Thakur”

Subject: Our Marga is Colourful


“(Tumi) a’lo jhalmal u’s’a’y ele, a’ndha’rer ja’l chinrile…” (PS 3983)


Baba, You have come in my heart when the blissful dawn was glittering

in effulgence. By Your grace, You have wiped away the net of staticity

and crude darkness from my mind. In a flash You have also removed the

dogma which had accumulated since ages. Baba, You are so beautiful.

O’ my dearmost, You know how to make such a divine magical display. By

Your grace You have created a heavenly panorama– complete with the

beauty and grandeur of colour, by Your divine play. Baba, in the blink

of the eye, You bring lowly and depraved persons close to Your bosom,

without making any differentiation or disparity about who is virtuous

and who is sinful.

Baba, You are my beginning as well as my end, my Goal, my everything.

Baba, my whereabouts, my name, my place, my address– everything has

become one with You, by Your grace. Baba I offer You my heartfelt

surrender and sastaunga pranam thousands, millions, crores, & an

infinite number of times– again & again.

Baba, by Your divine grace You have taken advent in my heart and showered me

in Your supreme effulgence. You are my own; You are my everything…



Our Ananda Marga is colourful. People have entered into AM with all

kinds of mentalities, with all types of psychic tendencies, and with a

diverse range of mental constitutions. To accommodate all, Baba has

graciously given something for everyone. In turn, we have the

opportunity to choose which approach suits us best.

Some are oriented toward the path of jinana and some towards bhakti.

Some prefer intellectual explanations whereas other tend towards

devotional understanding. Some like to sing kiirtan thinking, ‘I am

overcoming all internal and external obstacles’, while others may prefer

simply to ideate only on Baba.

Different minds prefer different thought ideations– and that makes the

world colourful.

None should therefore think that any particular approach is the

be-all, end-all. Because Baba has given and approved them all: From

sadhana to microvita theory, from kiirtan to kaoshikii, from Prabhat

Samgiita to sristi cakra, Baba has provided diverse explanations to

appeal to the wide array of people & mentalities in AM.

Hence, no one should feel pressured to adopt or limit oneself to a

particular style, explanation, or reasoning. Because Ananda Margiis come

in all shapes and sizes.


Below are some clear-cut examples of how various AM practices can be

pursued in different ways.

(A) DHYANA: In dhyana, Baba has given various bhavas: Madhura bhava

(lover relation), dasya bhava (Master-slave relation), vatsalya bhava

(Parama Purusa a as child), sakhya bhava (friend relation), and

Father-son relation etc. These are all approved methods, given by Baba,

for doing dhyana. However that does not mean that every devotee must

follow all of the above. Those involved in sakhya bhava may not have an

iota of interest in vatsalya bhava, and vice versa. Thus every sadhaks

has the power of choice: To experiment and see which one is most

appropriate for their mental make-up, for their link with Parama Purusa.

(B) PRABHAT SAMGIITA: With regards to Prabhat Samgiita, some prefer to

analyse and study the style of music such as the type of raga or ragini,

yet side by side Baba has also said that, ‘Prabhat Samgiita is written

with the ink of the love of the heart of the devotees to make link or communicate

with Parama Purusa’. So it is not just music only. So these are two

vastly different ways of relating with Prabhat Samgiita. And it will

depend upon one’s mental characteristics as to which they prefer. Some

opt for a more jinani approach whereas others prefer the more personal

and intimate manner. Everyone can choose for themselves.

(C) MICROVITA: About microvita, Baba has given vast and complex theories

about this smallest energy form– the ultimate building block of this

universe. Chapters and chapters can be read and studied about this

scientific phenomenon. And many jinanis may spend years immersed in that

approach. At the same time, in His RU discourse, ‘Microvitum and Its

Effect on Human Body and Human Mind’, Baba says, ‘After all microvita is

nothing but Cosmic grace, I just use the term microvita to make you

laugh’. This He has said in Hindi part of His discourse, which was not

printed. But if anyone listens to the cassette of His RU discourse, they

will hear Baba say like this. So again, based on one’s mentality, there

are a variety of ways of thinking about microvita.

(D) CREATION THEORY (Srsti Cakra): Similarly, one can think of creation

theory using terms like jadasphota, pratisaincara, various tattvas, and

other technical terminology, or one can simply think that, ‘He was all

alone, all by Himself, so He created this vast universe’.

Thus depending on one’s mental framework, there are varieties of ways of

interacting with our AM practices and philosophy.


And the same can be said with regards to kaoshikii and avarta kiirtan also.

There is a very technical explanation of kaoshikii where one takes on a

different ideation for each direction, and side by side one can simply

think of pleasing Baba while doing their kaoshikii dance.

In avarta kiirtan also there are two diverse approaches. In a more

jinani style, the aspirant can adopt different ideations for each

direction. And these ideations generally focus on oneself, ‘I am

cleansing myself with fire, I am controlling this universe, I am

unstoppable’, etc etc, or one can simply think of Baba and ideate on

loving and pleasing Him.

Some sadhakas may like a more technical & analytical explanation and

some prefer the more simple approach of pleasing Him. Personally I

prefer the latter way. I do not like to engage in all kinds of

sophisticated or lengthy descriptions when dancing avarta kiirtan.

Rather I prefer Baba’s simple method of bringing the mind to sahasrara

cakra and thinking of Him. But if others prefer to think, ‘I am cleaning

this entire universe etc’ then that is also fine.

We should always keep in mind that Baba has given something for everyone

in Ananda Marga. And we should be accepting and tolerant of all the

different styles and at the same time choose a way that is most

appropriate for us.


After all, we have to remember that people have entered into AM for a

vast array of reasons. Some have come because they wanted to travel

overseas, some have come because they could not get a job in the private

sector, some have come to escape their jail sentences, some have come to

find a wife or husband, some have come to get away from their wife or

husband, some have come to do karma yoga, some have come to get a high

post, some have come to be regarded as a high yogi, some have come to

fulfill His mission (A’tma moks’a’rtham’ jagaddhita’ya ca), and some

have come to please Him.

Regardless, all are our brothers and sisters, we should embrace all, and

help everyone become successful in their human life. There are various

grades and we appreciate everyone.

Some like to sing kiirtan thinking that they are becoming clean and

becoming a force in this universe, and some like to sing for the sole

reason of loving and pleasing Parama Purusa.

Some bhaktas do not feel comfortable relying on their own

unit ego. They do not like to think that ‘I am doing everything’,

because they know that unit beings cannot do anything, Parama Purusa

does everything.

It all depends on one’s quality of mind as Baba has created something

for everyone.


Below, in the notes, are the technical descriptions of Avarta Kiirtan &

Kaoshikii. And if one wishes to pursue their practice in that way they

can. At the same time, no sadhaka should feel burdened that they must do

their kiirtan and kaoshikii like that. Remember that Baba has explained

His AM practices and philosophies in various ways to appeal to various

grades of people, various standards of mind. Some are jinan oriented and

some are bhakti oriented. Everyone should do what feels most comfortable

for them. Baba has approved multiple ways for this very purpose: To

appeal to one and all.


By Baba’s grace He has designed this Ananda Marga for everyone– and

verily all must come under the banner of AM. For this reason Baba has

given diverse ways of explaining AM practices and AM ideology. Because

everyone belongs in AM.

Baba says, “Remember, until every person in the universe accepts the

Ananda Marga ideology, you have no opportunity to rest.” (CC-2)

Baba says, “Now, these created beings, they being the progeny of the

same father, are members of the same Universal Family. We must not

forget this supreme fact.” (AV-14)




As there are various grades of sadhakas in AM, people do sadhana for

various reasons. Some do sadhana to impress others, some do sadhana as

one requirement so that they can take their meal, some only do sadhana

in public, some fake their entire sadhana program, some do sadhana for

mental peace, some do sadhana for self-realisation, some do sadhana to

serve and please Him. So there are various grades of sadhakas in our Marga.


Here are two technical descriptions of our avarta kiirtan and kaoshikii

practices. These may appeal to some whereas others may not like to be

bothered by these more intricate approaches. In that case they may adopt

a more simple, devotional outlook.

Then there is also the notion that as these two below descriptions are

not printed in any book, then they may not be entirely accurate. If

anyone has the original cassette(s) where Baba discusses these below

approaches then they are requested to write this network immediately.


1. I am the embodiment of sincerity.

2. I have the innate love for Paramapurusa.

3. I have purify my mind with the fire of devotion.

4. I am overcoming all internal and external obstacles.

5. O lord, take me onto your lap.

6. I surrender my everything to you.


VERTICAL –I am now trying to establish a link with Paramapurusa.

RIGHT– I know the right way of making request to you, Paramapurus’a.

LEFT— I know how to carry out your command

FRONT– I know how to surrender completely to you.

BACK– I am ready to undergo discomfort when trouble comes.

STEPS—Oh, lord, I am now imitating your rhythm, brining your subtle

Consciouness into manifestation, into pratical forms.


I, the microcosm, am establishing a link with my lord, the Nucleus of

the Macrocosm.


Some bhaktas may just prefer to sing kiirtan and dance kaoshikii with

their mind immersed in Him– to serve, please, and love Him. Trying to

follow all the above technical operations may verily take the mind away

from being with Baba. So adopting a purely devotional stance is also

alright if that is what you prefer. That freedom everyone has.

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Date: 21 Sep 2010 22:47:29 -0000

From: “Anil Vijayan”

To: am-global@earthlink.net

Subject: How to Prevent People from Leaving Their Sadhana


“A’mi toma’y ja’ni, e katha’ bolite pa’ribo na’, na’, na’, na’…” –

P.S. 609


Baba, this thing I cannot claim– that I know You, that I recognise You.

No, no, no, this I cannot say. Even when known, even then You always

remain unknown. On the viina, You always play the unknown tune in my

heart. You are always hidden, even then You are my everything. Baba,

keeping Yourself secret, You go on attracting me with the melody of Your

flute. In this vast creation You have expressed Yourself in different

forms and colours. But You are only the One with infinite forms. Baba,

You alone are Divine…



Our AM is the path of tantra where by Baba’s unfathomable grace the

sadhaka has the opportunity to attain liberation in this life itself.

Indeed this is the guarantee. So really we are blessed.

Because human desires are infinite and as this infinite desire gets

channelised toward the spiritual realm, one will get tantric diiksa,

exhaust all their samskaras, and reach unto Parama Purusa,

At the same time, we should know about the underlying philosophy and

science behind it all. By this way we can better anticipate and

understand how and why our lives transform as we speedily move towards

the Cosmic nucleus, towards Baba.

And perhaps most importantly, by this way we will be able to support and

guide new and old margiis on the path when they invariably undergo the

accelerated ripening of samskaras in their movement towards the Goal.


The other day in our unit, a number of margiis were telling stories

about their sweet journey since coming onto the path of sadhana. Some

talked about their devotional experiences; and some shared the Baba

dreams they had. There were many things told; but, certainly one theme

common among all was the remarkable difficulties & great changes we all

have faced when since embarking on the path of sadhana– due to the

ripening and burning of our samskaras.

Here below is one such account.


One brother recounted how when he first started doing sadhana then

suddenly boils formed on his rear. In his life he had never had boils

before, so this was a big surprise for him. They were so tender and

sensitive that it was too painful to sit down and do sadhana. And when

he told his acarya about this, his acarya directed him that no matter

what he must continue with his sadhana.

So that margii adjusted and began doing sadhana from a lying position.

It was not long thereafter when boils began to form on the back of his

legs and in the middle of his back as well. The margii was thinking that

this was unbearable and again he went to his acarya and told that it was

too difficult to forge ahead with meditation. But his acarya would not

relent and instead told that, ‘This is a good sign– you are cleaning

and purifying your body and burning samskaras. At any and all cost you

must continue with your sadhana.’

Not knowing what else to do, the margii started doing sadhana from a

prone position, lying face down on his stomach. But then again trouble

found him out as almost instantaneously boils began to appear on his

belly, thighs, and torso.

When he approached his acarya this time he was totally ready to give up

his sadhana and quite entirely, but his acarya outrightly told him that,

‘Great things are happening, you are getting purified to pursue the path

of AM– all those negative samskaras are oozing out. So keep going.’

With renewed vigour, that margii continued his sadhana and by Baba’s

grace despite having painful boils all over his body, his sadhana

improved and, amazingly, within a week all the boils totally

disappeared– leaving as quickly they came.

And in the 25 years since, he has not had a single boil and to this day

he remains a committed sadhaka and fully dedicated member of our Marga.


So in the above account, the newly initiated margii was well-coached by

his acarya, and by that way he courageously adhered to the path. Because

the whole point here is that as soon as one takes initiation and gets

diiksa’, then the annihilation of samskaras begins in an accelerated fashion.

And this continues throughout the course of one’s life.

Baba says, “When a spiritual aspirant moves from the most negative point

towards the ultimate positivity, what happens? His accumulated

sam’ska’ras start to become exhausted. That is, all his sam’ska’ras

start to wane.” (AV-25)

So as soon as one starts sadhana up until the time they attain

liberation, one will invariably undergo the speedy exhaustion of samskaras.

And here below Baba specifically reveals how the term diiksa’ into AM

sadhana means the burning of their old samskaras.

Baba says, “For this “waning of sins” the Sanskrit word is

pa’pa’ks’ayam. The initial letter of ks’ayam [waning] is ks’a. So the

dii of diipanii [which means ray of light that shows the path] together

with the ks’a of ks’ayam becomes diiks’a. And with the addition of the

feminine suffix t’a, the word becomes diiks’a’.” (AV-25)

Here it should also be noted that in the above term– pa’pa’ks’ayam–

the prefix pa’pa does not mean sinful deeds, but rather it refers to the

collection of both good and bad samskaras. Because any samskara– either

good or bad– is a chain or form of bondage that will keep one from

reaching the Goal.

So our AM tantrika diiksa’ means the imminent burning of all samskaras–

both good and bad ones– so one can move quickly ahead and reach their

cherished Goal, i.e. becoming one with Baba.


Unfortunately, as we all know, so many come onto the path of AM and

immediately their life undergoes radical change– things start happening

more quickly than they can seemingly manage. All sorts of things, which

they did not expect to happen, start occurring at an accelerated rate.

They may lose their job or have their car stolen or so many things might

happen. And rather than think they are getting purified and progressing,

they become worried or scared end up leaving their sadhana and the

Marga, thinking that it has brought them too many difficulties.

Certainly, we all know so many cases like this.

Plus there are an equal number of cases where sadhakas undergo the

burning of good samskaras and due to their success in the mundane world

they lose sight of the real Goal and leave their sadhana. Infatuated

with worldly riches or a Mercedes Benz or with professional successes,

they mistakenly think that such wealth and prestige will give them

lasting happiness and they fail to pursue the path of sadhana.

So in both the cases it happens. In the case of good samskaras, people

lose their sadhana due to their great happiness with their

worldly life; and in the case of bad samskaras, people lose their

sadhana due to their sorrows of living in this relative world.



But it does not have to be like that. It does not have to be that we

lose so many sadhakas from the path of AM.

If we are vigilant and educate new and old margiis– including our wts–

about the way of the path of sadhana, then our attrition rate will be

much less. Then far fewer wts will leave and we will be able to retain

more and more initiated margiis.

This can all happen as we educate everyone about how samskaras are bound

to be exhausted very quickly while on the path of sadhana and that

through it all we must not be sidetracked– either due to our worldly

happiness or mundane sorrows. Just we have to ensure to keep our mind

focused on the Goal. In that case everyone will be sure to maintain

their sadhana– regardless of what may be happening in their life,

regardless of the way their samskaras get exhausted.

So here the point is that we must be vigilant to coach new and senior

margiis alike about all the inevitable and great changes that are going

to occur while on the path of sadhana. Speedily they will get cleansed

and purified and our job is to support and guide them through this

process. By that way they will not lose sight of the Goal and not drift

away from their sadhana.


Let us then take a moment to reflect on how fortunate we Ananda

Margiis are to be on the path of sadhana– because only sadhana can bring lasting peace.

After all, every human being– whether margii or non-margii– has

infinite desires; and only through satiating that infinite longing can

one get true happiness. Hence mundane, finite things like worldly riches

etc can never bring lasting happiness or peace.

The chief difference is then that non-margiis remain oblivious of this

truth and they go on chasing after crude allurements with the mistaken

idea that this will bring them happiness; whereas, Ananda Margiis

ensconce the mind in sadhana and exhaust all samskaras. By that way we

are blessed to truly experience that infinite bliss that gives permanent

satiation to our infinite desires and leads one to a stance of perfect


Baba says, “Fill your heart with love of the Infinite, and your soul

will be transformed into the Supreme Soul. No worldly happiness is

limitless. Dedicate yourself completely to the blissful ocean of the

Supreme Soul. Then alone will you realize what happiness really is. This

path to attain happiness, this sa’dhana’ of self-surrender I call

absolute devotion. Carry on performing your worldly duties with

sincerity, and at the same time think about the pure self within you.

Then alone will your sa’dhana’ be justified. The constant thought of

your pure inner Self will certainly one day establish you in your

original source, and this is the ultimate aim of sa’dhana’. The Soul is

by nature characteristically pure. The mind gets tied to sam’ska’ras

(potential reactions) due to its actions, and that is why the unit

becomes the slave of life and death. When all the sam’ska’ras are

destroyed through spiritual sa’dhana’ and mental purification, one goes

beyond life and death to the eternal region of immortality, where there

is no difference between the soul and His Supreme Soul.” (SS-2)

So the accelerated exhaustion of samskaras and progress in sadhana go

hand in hand and by that way we are able to reach the Goal, by His grace


Thus none should fall by the wayside and become frustrated or

intoxicated by the burning of their bad or good samskaras. These

samskaras must find expression– and very quickly– because that is the

only way to reach liberation in this very life. So our only duty, our

only aim is to keep the mind fixed on Him by holding onto our sadhana.

Only then we will experience infinite anandam or bliss.


By Baba’s grace, our path of AM is complete. With Baba as our Tantric

Guru, He has given us the best path to move ahead wherein when we get

our AM diiksa, and by His grace we are given the light or lamp–

diipani– to race ahead across the ocean of maya by exhausting all our

samskaras and reach the Goal– reach unto His divine lap, in this very

life itself.

Diipajina’nam yato dadya’t kurya’t pa’paks’ayam’ tatah;

Tasma’tdiiks’eti sa’ prokta’ sarvatantrasya sammata

Baba says, “Now what is diipanii? Everything lies coverted within the

self. The Supreme Entity is also within your “I” feeling. [He] is with

you, but you do not know Him. That is, the Supreme Entity is with you,

but You cannot see Him. You cannot realize Him. Why? Because you are

covered by, you are surrounded by, ma’ya’, the cimmerian darkness of

ma’ya’. This diiks’a’, Tantrikii diiks’a’, is just like a torch. And by

focusing the torch, you see your route through the darkness. That is why

the first sub-phase is diipanii – diipanii means ‘showing the

torchlight’…Diiks’a’ gives the aspirant the route, the way, or rather

the path, of bliss. It shows the path of bliss. And to show the path of

bliss, light is required; and that light is also supplied by diiks’a’.

This light is diipanii.” (AV-6)





As soon as one gets tantric diiksa’ and starts doing sadhana and leading

our AM way of life, then their wheel starts moving quickly. Lifetimes of

old samskaras become ripe and ultimately get exhausted. By that way one

becomes free of so many fetters and they are able to advance ahead very,

very rapidly. Then His grace becomes ever resplendent in their life and

they able to reach their ultimate abode upon His divine lap. This is the

sweet destiny of every Ananda Margii.

Because in this lifetime every Ananda Margii will have to reach their

Goal. That is why their speed is so great. And that is why in the life

of margiis the cycle of happiness and sorrow rotates quickly, because

only by exhausting all these good and bad samskaras can one reach their

ultimate abode. So our movement is very fast by His grace. Because in

this very life we are going to get Him.

In contrast, the road for non-margiis is totally different. Rather than

racing towards the Cosmic Nucleus in a straight line, they move slowly,

slowly around the periphery. The ripening of their samskaras occurs in a

very gradual way such that one can hardly see any movement in their

life. What they are when they were born is not much different from how

they are when they die. Their progress is negligible, if any at all.

Because when one one does not have a Tantric Guru and when one does not

have sadhana, then they have no path of movement to race ahead. So they

live their life shackled by old samskaras and their rate of change is

very minute. Hence, they will have to undergo life after life–

thousands and millions of lives. Their journey will be extremely slow

and mostly uneventful.

Whereas in our Marga, due to Baba’s grace, we are racing ahead towards

Him with great speed– in which case all the fetters rapidly fall away

as one after another samskara gets annihilated. Such is the great

transformation that takes place within the life of every Ananda Margii.

And that is why amidst the various obstacles and difficulties & joys and

pleasures, those moving on the path of AM will reach their cherished

goal in one life. One is sure to reach Baba’s lap & get Him.


Here below Baba beautifully explains how those on the path of sadhana

reach unto the Supreme Goal of life and attain Him.

Baba says, “Now how to get liberation from these bondages? It’s possible

only when the reactive momenta get exhausted, and this is possible only

through sa’dhana’. When one walks in the sphere of actional bondages

one’s movement is from subtle to crude. The sa’dhana’ for liberation

from bondages is a movement from crude to subtle. The ‘saincara’ process

is a movement from the supreme positivity to the supreme negativity, a

flow from fundamental negativity to fundamental positivity. But, what is

this movement for? This movement is for the exhaustion of actional

bondages. It is movement from darkness to light and truth. One has to

march towards truth.”

Satyameva jayate na’nrtam satyenah pantha’ vitato devaya’na.

“This is the sa’dhana’ of liberation and this is not possible without

Diiks’a’. If one walks in darkness one needs a torch otherwise one will

fall down in a ditch. Similarly one walking on the path of sa’dhana’

needs this torch, otherwise however strong one may be, downfall will be

inevitable. The Sanskrit synonym for the word torch is diipaka or

diipanii. The first letter of diipaka is dii and the first letter of the

word ks’a’ya is ks’a. Thus comes the masculine word diiks’a. In feminine

it is diiks’a’. Diiks’a’ is essential for the exhaustion of actional

momenta. This is the sa’dhana’ of liberation. To learn is the sa’dhana’

of knowledge. To walk on the path, i.e., to do regular practices is the

sa’dhana’ of action. Last but not the least is devotion – the

culminating point of moks’a sa’dhana’. ” (SS-19)


Like New Born Baby and Mother

Baba says, “It is a law of nature that nature provides a mother with

sufficient breast milk to feed her newly-born baby. In the same way,

nature provides sufficient resources like food and other essential

requirements for all human beings. Human beings need only utilize these

resources in a proper way. Shortages of food and space cannot be blamed

on nature. These problems have been artificially created by the folly of

human beings.” (PNS-13, p.45)


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Date: Mon, 20 Sep 2010 22:52:28 -0400
To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: dharma@eco-net…
Subject: The Landscape of Party Politics


“Kare ja’tra’ halo shuru, bhule gechi se katha’…” (699)


Baba, when exactly my journey started I do not know; it is not in my
mind. I have completely forgotten the day when my journey towards You
started. Since many lives, by Your grace You have been attracting me–
step by step. By Your causeless compassion I am moving in that divine
liila– reducing the radius gradually and coming closer & closer to You.

How much I suffered on the way and, how many thorns pierced my feet
and hindered my forward movement on the path– that I do not remember.
Those memories are not in my mind. On the journey towards You by
Your grace I crossed the torturous fiery blaze of the burning desert. A
nd other times I got totally drenched from the pouring rains of the
thunderstorms. But, no matter what the obstacle, by Your grace You
always gave me the strength and perseverance to move on.

Baba, by Your grace You are always bringing me close to You.
So many spring seasons and their beauty have come and I got intoxicated
by that attraction. And in Your longing, in Your divine attraction, You
filled my heart with devotion. And by Your grace I sang Prabhat Samgiita
songs and kiirtan with heartfelt yearning and longing. In this way my
life has passed– sometimes in dark moments and sometimes in effulgent
ones. But through it is, by Your grace gradually I have reached close
to You, under Your shelter.

Baba You are so gracious. Baba, You are my everything…


As the candidates in the USA make their noise and load up their
political war chests for these mid-term elections, we can see how the
entire field is being painted in party politics. This stands as yet
another reminder how this party system fails to represent the finer
aspects of humanity.

In the current social milieu, the political landscape is dominated
by the existence of ‘oh-so-many’ political parties. Each and every
country is full of one party or another. That is the present reality
as well as the way things work in today’s crude political arena.

In Prout, our stand is entirely different.

Baba guides us that the party system is not at all good. Throughout His
Prout philosophy Baba has exposed the defects of the party system and
also provided us with the answer for what should be done instead.


In political parlance, the term ‘party’ is just a euphemism for ‘groupism’
where mighty party politicians rigidly cling to their narrow interests,
i.e. their own political power.

Baba says, “The problem of how to remain in power is the most important
issue of every political party that comes to power in an election.” (PE)

So political parties are not concerned with human interests or the public
good. That is not their primary aim, not even close. Their raison-d’etre
(reason for being) is just to retain their tight-fisted grip over the masses.

Here below Baba further condemns how in the party system, politicians
ruthlessly push for their own personal prestige and the agenda & stature
of the party– blatantly disregarding the welfare of the common citizens.

Baba says, “It is noticeable that politicians, to further their party
interests and to enhance their individual power and position, do not
hesitate even to cause suffering to millions of people.” (POD, point #29)

Thus from top to bottom the political parties are infested with extreme
selfishness and the lust for power– completely devoid of any benevolent

Here are a few more of the many reasons why Baba warns us about the
inherent dangers & crooked dealings of political parties.

(a) In the party oriented system, due to extreme political propaganda, the
common people get befooled into voting ‘the party line’– & not for the
quality of the individual. In result all sorts on nonsense characters get
placed into office.

(b) Party leaders do not stand on their own individual merit & abilities;
instead they just rely on the political muscle and reputation of the party,
thus enabling greedy rascals to come into the fore.

(c) As the world has witnessed, from democracies to socialist & communist
regimes, all such political groupings have committed countless wrongs and
inflicted untold injustices using the party system.

(d) And so many more reasons are there. On and on we can go.



In truth, throughout the society, many good people abound who are
interested in working for the well-being of the people, but in the party
system such independent candidates or deserving individuals never even get
the opportunity to contest elections. Instead the party just bulls their
own member into the chair.

Baba says, “Rich and influential people can compel other candidates, by
financial inducements or intimidation, to withdraw their nomination
papers.” (POD, point #33)

In such a dark political climate, the party system shuts down any attempt
by individuals to run for office. Such independent candidates cannot compete
against massive economico-political machinery of the top, ruling parties.


Whether near or far, it is blatantly evident how the party system just
manipulates the field of politics and stands in the way of social progress.
As the political antics of the USA spread around this earth we can take a
peek into how the political party system unfolds there.

As we see, in that exploitative democracy of the US party system, the naive &
common people have no choice but to elect the party, not person.

Because in each and every local or national election the people have no practical
choice but to vote either: ‘Republican’ or ‘Democrat’. One leader is propped
up by each party and by hook or by crook the party works to get that fellow
into the office.

And now in this mid-term election, the Tea Party has also sprung into action
as a subset of the Republican party.

Basically it is just a negative see-saw battle between one party and the
other– the republicans and the democrats. Truly qualified people outside
the party system cannot enter onto the stage. So the party just props up
and masquerades their own unseemly candidate. This we all know.

In that way certain political animals come into the limelight as someone great,
even though they are propped up by others, only to get yanked down on the
seat of their pants when their underhanded dealings and blatant lies get
exposed. Then, like a broken record turning round and round, in reaction
the public gets fed up and with nowhere else to turn they blindly resort
to the other political party to bring some relief.

Like this the ball bounces back and forth in the famed US democracy.

Each party, whether republican or democrat, looks to capitalise on the other’s
black spots, simultaneously keeping the political runway clear of any other
candidates. Though it has to be noted the Repubicans are more devious in
this way.

Now Obama is in the doghouse so the Republicans are smiling wide waiting to
encash on the situation. Even then they have to deal with the Tea Party. So
the R’s and Dem’s are like two gigantic hippos and independent candidates
are just like ants. The ants get easily crushed and the hippos just wrestle
in the muddy waters amongst themselves.

This is the dirty sea-saw battle of party politics in the US– and around
the globe the same or worse is happening in each and every party system.
Never can a proper candidate reach to the chair in with the party system
dominating the scene.



By all this none should still think that democracy is still the saving
grace because democracies invariably get bound up in the party system.
On the surface they claim to be something else but we should examine how
far this is accurate or not.

With their own chicanery, party leaders try to convince the electorate
that democracy is run and guided by the people.

Baba says, “According to the definition in vogue today, democracy is
defined as the government of the people, by the people and for the people.” (PNS-14)

As Baba points out, ‘rule of the people’ is the stated slogan of the top

But upon closer look we see something else going on. Because in the present
world each and every democracy is overrun by the existence of political
parties– democrats, republicans etc. This we can all see.

So the people– the denizens– never really get the opportunity to elect an
individual leader to represent them, but rather get stuck with a party puppet–
a mere political tool of the ruling party etc.

Baba says, “In the name of forming a democratic government, different
political and communal parties throw their hats into the election
ring..[ultimately] parties are installed in power which go against the
interests of the people.” (PNS-14)

Thus the political parties just burst onto the scene and crush the hopes
and aspirations of the general populace.

So with the existence of the party system, there is no relief in sight–
not in any direction. Democracy is supposedly ‘of the people, by the
people, for the people’; but in actuality it is ‘of the party, by the
party, for the party’. That is the hard reality of the day.


In response to all this political chaos and failures of the party system
Baba’s Prout offers the ultimate solution.

Prout’s main point is to create the environment where individual candidates,
not parties, abound in the political scene. And the best person– the one
carrying the banner of neo-humanism– should be supported.

Baba says, “People should cast their votes for deserving human beings–
not for the lamppost [i.e. political tool] holding the party ticket.”
(POD, point #27)

In such an open atmosphere not choked by the party system, the people
are to elect a person based on their formidable credentials and worthy
qualifications. This is Baba’s teaching.

Plus since the party system itself is the root cause of so much
socio-political angst and manipulation then according to Prout
there should not be any party system. It should be totally eradicated.

So Prout does not at all support the existence of any political party.
And when there are no political parties, and that day is not far off,
then the qualities and characteristics of the individual candidates
become more visible.

In that case the educated voters will be able to discern who is who and
what is what. That means candidates will have to stand on their own merit–
unable to rest on the laurels of the party.

Thus in our Prout system, devoid of political parties and under the
watchful eye of moralists and an increasingly educated public, more and
more qualified candidates will get opportunity in the political field.
And the best one should be selected.


Here again Baba issues His stern warning regarding political parties.

Baba says, “You will have to propagate this mission from door to door.
No political party…can bring salvation.” (PNS-18)

Hence just as dinosaurs disappeared from this earth, same will be the
fate of these outdated political parties. And in the new era of Prout,
we will see the rise of qualified candidates– i.e. sadvipras– to
lead the people.


By Baba’s grace, under the banner of neo-humanism & Prout our human
society will be enabled to flourish. By His grace the day is fast approaching.

Baba says, “Today or tomorrow the entire world will accept PROUT as the
only panacea for all of the world’s mundane and supramundane ailments.
There is no alternative.” (PNS-17, p.30)


Note: All are encouraged to write in with their thoughts, experiences,
and insights. With our collective knowledge and understanding we will
more quickly be able to usher in that grand, new era of Prout. The
world is changing fast– ready to hear our words. Looking forward to
hearing your views.


Baba says, “On imbibing cosmic ideation all kinds of ailments will be
cured.” (PNS-8, p.19)


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Date: Sun, 19 Sep 2010 17:13:26
Subject: Achieving Siddhi– Perfection


“E kii toma’ri liila’, toma’ri khela’…” (PS 544)


O’ Parama Purusa, what a supremely divine play You have created; what a
grand liila this is of Yours. Baba, on the one hand You are virat*, and on
the other end of the spectrum You are hiding in each and every tiny
molecule. Baba, You are formless; yet, You are floating Your raft in this
expressed universe. You are manifesting Yourself in the multifarious
expressions of this world. Baba, You remain both in the expressionless
cosmos as well as within each and every unit entity. Baba, Your divine
liila is beyond conception.

Baba, You are omnipresent. Where are You not; You are everywhere. Baba,
by Your grace, You are in the depths of my mind; You are in the soft,
gentle breeze; You are in the fragrant flower pollen; and, You are in the
beautiful blue sky. Baba, You are everywhere. When I contemplate Your
greatness, then I cannot find any direction where You are not. Baba, by
Your grace You make those who think You full of immense longing. You fill
their heart with an irresistible attraction for You.

Baba, Your exquisite love knows no bounds; it is vast and limitless.
Baba, by Your grace, You make meagre beings into something vast, great and
immortal. Baba, You look upon everyone with equal love and affection. You
never discriminate between one human being and another between the virtuous
and the sinners, between the dharmic and the adharmic, between the good or
the bad. Baba, You graciously lift everyone onto Your lap. You accept all.
Baba, with Your soft, lotus hand, You lovingly shower Your causeless

Baba, Your divine liila is unfathomable. Nobody can conceive of the
greatness of Your liila. It is very beautiful and has no comparison…


*Vira’t’a= Literally meaning immeasurable, unfathomable etc. Only Parama
Purusa is virat, not any worldly entity.

Baba says, “Parama Purus’a is very great, very very great. When the
greatness becomes immeasurable, unfathomable, it is called vira’t in
Sam’skrta. Parama Purus’a is very great and very vast.” (PNS-17)

Baba says, “Anything big having no boundary lines is known as vira’t’a in
Sanskrit. Parama Purus’a is vira’t’a.” (SS-21)


Everyone in our Marga recognises that the practice of sadhana is highly
important and very much indispensable.

Even then it is not uncommon for some to think that the idea of gaining
perfection (siddhi) with regards to their mantra repetition is beyond their

Still everyone should always remember that Baba is the Sadguru and He has
graciously given us the perfect formula for attaining mantra siddhi in our

Thus it is sure that everyone can gain success.


Just as a brief reminder, in our sahaja yoga system consisting of lessons
one thru six, we all follow the process of mantra japa– i.e. mantra
repetition. This everyone knows well. And it is also understood that
through the proper and sincere repetition of the mantra, radical changes
occur in one’s physical and mental existence. The spine straightens, the
ectoplasmic cells become distinctly vibrated and change their form, and the
mind gets pointed. All these changes happen as well as many others.

Baba furthermore guides us that when the repetition of our two syllable
mantra becomes perfect and one’s entire existence is rushing towards Him
with every inhalation and exhalation– with every mantra japa, then this
exalted stated is mantra siddhi, or the perfection of mantra repetition.

For many of us though, such a stance or such an attainment seems to be
beyond our capability. Many think like this. When in fact there is no
reason to adopt such an attitude. With sustained and sincere efforts
everyone can attain mantra siddhi.


Actually, each and every human being has come onto this earth and developed
a particular skill or various specialties to a high degree. This is quite
evident in everyone’s life and especially in the life of a sadhaka. In that
way one has achieved siddhi in numerous realms of their existence.


And this growth or development into siddhi occurs in distinct stages.
Firstly after sincerely trying, again and again, then little by little a
person develops some skill in a given arena and it becomes one’s habit. And
then through perseverance and continued efforts then that practice or that
skill becomes one’s nature. In which case the person has achieved a sort of
perfection with that activity.


For example take the case of typing or keyboarding. Many who use computers
have achieved siddhi with regards to typing. Initially though, in the
beginning typing was difficult and awkward– not at all comfortable. But
then after sustained practice people become more accustomed to using the
keyboard and it becomes their habit. No longer does it feel strange or
foreign– they have gained some facility with typing. And still later after
further practice, the whole process of typing becomes their nature. People
no longer need to think about what key to press. Without even thinking
consciously the fingers link up with the proper key– automatically,
naturally. In that case one has attained siddhi in the field of keyboarding.

And it happens with driving an automobile also. At first when one starts
driving a car it is difficult. The car keeps swerving from one side to the
other– even when driving on a very straight road. In that early stage even
the easiest aspects of driving are hard for the new driver. But through
on-going practice and sincere efforts then driving a car becomes one’s
habit until later on finally it becomes one’s nature. At that point one
need not actively think about driving the vehicle. Just the driver does
everything automatically.

Likewise is the case with walking or speaking one’s own mother tongue.
After learning to walk at a young age then walking just becomes a natural
movement in one’s life. And same with speaking or reading in one’s mother
tongue. At the beginning when learning to read one has to differentiate
between all the letters and sound them out one at a time. But with
continued practice one develops that habit and finally it becomes their
nature and wherein merely looking at the word or phrase one can read it
easily. There is no need to go letter by letter. In that way many have
achieved siddhi.

So the state of siddhi comes after sincere practice and continued efforts.
And in various fields one has attained siddhi.

But if one does not practice that skill– whether it be typing, driving,
walking, or reading etc– then one will not gain siddhi in that sphere. In
that case the person will have to take care to practice more and more,
otherwise they will just be a novice at that activity.

Here the whole point is that there are so many evidences and examples how
one has attained various siddhis in their life. And likewise Baba
encourages us that this stance of siddhi (perfection) can be surely
achieved in one’s sadhana also.


In the realm of sadhana gaining siddhi is an achievable reality. At first
when one learns sadhana and repeats their mantra then it may seem not very
easy. And in some cases new practitioners forget their mantra entirely.
But step by step through regular practice then repeating the mantra in
sadhana becomes one’s habit. When one sits for sadhana and consciously
thinks about their mantra then they will repeat it, or even it will just
start automatically when the idea enters in the mind to do sadhana. Many if
not all margiis have reached this degree of practice– this established
habit they have.

And then through sincere efforts the repetition of the mantra becomes more
and more habitual until finally it becomes totally natural. That occurs
when in one’s each and every breath the mantra is always repeated,

Here Baba beautifully explains how this whole entire achievement of siddhi
takes place in sadhana and He guides us that each and every Ananda Margii
can and will achieve this high degree of proficiency or perfection in their
mantra japa– after taking sincere efforts.

Baba says, “What’s the difference between habit and nature? When habit
becomes one with your existence, it is called nature…’Now it is time for
my meditation’, what is it? You are trying to habituate yourself. But when
you cannot live without puja, then it has become your nature. Try to make
it what– habit or nature? Nature. I never take a drop of water without
doing puja. Why? It has become my nature. And I want that all of you should
make it your nature also.”

“When auto-suggestion (mantra repetition) will become your nature, what
will happen? While sleeping you will be repeating that japa (repetition of
mantra) in your unconscious mind. You are sleeping, so conscious mind is
not active. You are not having any dream, so your sub-conscious mind is
also not active. But unconscious mind is there. Automatically there will be
japa. 24 hours you are doing Pun’ya. While you are sleeping, you will be
engaged in doing japa and using your incantation.” (AV-14, ‘Auto Suggestion
& Outer Suggestion’)



Here Baba explains further how, by the grace of Parama Purusa and through
the constant practice of ideating on Him, an ordinary sadhaka attains
siddhi in their life.

Baba says, “Now how can one attain siddhi through the practice of yoga? The
jiiva’tma’ will take the ideation of Parama’tma’, and then the former will
become one with the latter. How is it possible for the microcosm to become
Macrocosm? The Macrocosm, or Parama Purus’a, has one unique characteristic,
and that characteristic is, whoever ideates on Him becomes one with Him.”


Baba says, “Sa’dhakas know the secret of becoming great. Thus the basic
spirit of rasa sa’dhana’ is to direct one’s individual desires and longings
towards Parama Purus’a. Only in this way can a sa’dhaka achieve fulfillment
(rddhi) and success (siddhi).” (SS-8)


Baba says, “Every mantra is thus sonic or vibrational and is vibrating
simultaneously in the Cosmic system and in the unit body. When, with the
help of a mantra, a person finally establishes the parallelism of the unit
ectoplasmic vibration with the Cosmic vibration, that person gets mantra
siddhi…a person establishes parallelism between his external physical
vibration and his internal ectoplasmic vibration, and then raises this to
the spiritual level. The culmination of this process in the achievement of
the final spiritual goal is called mantra siddhi. ” (SS-10)


Baba says, “Sa’dhana’ or intuitional practice means an effort to break
through the barrier of this smallness, and Siddhi or beatitude is the
state, wherein the barrier has been broken through.” (SS-2, ‘Inuitional
Science of the Vedas-4’)


Baba says, “You have been wandering through the labyrinth of a myriad of
lives. You have been ever advancing toward this stage. Knowingly or
unknowingly, you are being drawn unto Him. This is the summum bonum of
life. As long as you have not realized Him, there is no siddhi in your
life.” (SS-10)

How Sadguru is Still Present

Baba says, “The entity by whose grace one comes into contact with
Sat…that entity, or rather, that framework through which Parama Purusa
is working or Ta’raka Brahma is functioning, is the Sadguru.”
(AV-3, p. 48)

Note 1: And here below Baba defines the meaning of ‘Sat’.

Baba says, “Sat, the non-changeable Entity, the non-changeable stance,
the non-changeable Nuclear Entity around which so many electrons move”.
(AV-3, p. 48)

Note 2: That Sadguru still exists and one can see Him through our
various spiritual practices. In that way one can have His loving
communication and grace– everything. So the form upon which each and
every sadhaka ideates upon Him in sadhana, that form is the Sadguru. And
through the medium of that form every disciple gets His blessing. And
that is why still today when an acarya initiates anyone they say that
your Guru is Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji.


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Date: Sat, 18 Sep 2010 18:52:44 -0000
To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: Manomohan Sanyal
Subject: Baba Story: Jamalpur to Entire Globe



We should all learn from this following Baba story.



In the early days when Baba was working in the Railway Office, Baba used
to talk to His coworkers about His plans and programs for changing the
humanity-at-large and the entire globe – in order to serve and help the
suffering people.

Hearing this, some of His co-workers who were not aware of whom Baba is,
told Him, “What You are telling is very important and I have great
admiration for these ideas about social service, but without the
requisite means what can we do.”

In reply Baba merely said, “I am putting forth ideas and I will continue
to talk to those who come around Me. Those who are interested will carry
out these works. So I will continue to talk to others – I feel that to
be My moral obligation.”


Here the point is that Baba Himself never indulged in or gave credence
to their talk about what is or is not possible or about how steep the
odds are etc. He did not give value to their pessimism.

Baba just kept to His ideological platform and vision – keeping His aim
fixed on His plan.

We know that in due course Baba created a vast organisation that is
executing His grand plan and that organisation will grow and by this way
His ideology will be established in due course.

We should always keep this story in mind when confronted by obstacles in
the form of nay-sayers etc.



There are many right minded people in this world who want to do good
things but they do not have ideas. So our duty is to go on propagating
the ideas and sincere and right minded people will go on implementing
those things. We should not think otherwise.

One should never invite any type of pessimism while talking about
ideology. The aim should always be lofty. It is totally different how
far one single individual can do, but we should not lose the goal.
Baba’s ideals are the goal of AM education and all other efforts like
dharma pracara, social service projects (bother temporary and
permanent), Prout, neo-humanism, schools and so much more.

A few pessimistic people who see only the organisational may think
Baba’s ideals are too radical to establish in the present environment.
They mistakenly think that can only be done only in the divine world.
This is their pessimistic way of thinking.

But let us remember this.

Before 1990, who knew that the USSR will no longer exist. The central
idea is that we should go on propagating the idea without compromise. In
the right time the right minded people will come.

When we propagate Baba’s teachings then even non-margiis get moved by
the idea as it touches their heart. In turn they start so many
organisations and movements to propagate those concepts.


Furthermore, we all know the story where Baba says that, “If you do not
do the work then I will get it done by others – non margiis even
animals.” And to some degree this is what we see going on.

On various occasions when talking about Prout, Baba simply told us to
propagate the name Prout and the rest of the work will be done – even
done by non-margiis.

Since AM started, so many AM ideals are being propagated by others
because they saw what we were doing and read about Baba’s ideas. Then
they started to implement those teachings also.

Fon instance, when AM started then intercaste marriages were totally
rejects by the society at-large, but now it is so common and so many
have begun following our example and preaching to others to do the same.

If we do not propagate or if we compromise on His teachings, then Ananda
Marga ideology will be lost. So at least on the level of our
discussions we must not compromise.

Baba says, “I am always an incorrigible optimist, because I know that
optimism is life.” (AFPS-3)

Let this be our way – certainly then our success is assured.

With deep respect,


Thousands of years ago people were dreaming of flying – we see proof of
this in texts like the Ramayana and those Puranas. And in the due course
in the 20th century this idea came to fruition. Likewise in AM we have
the plan that this education system, Prout, social service projects etc
should come into form but if we do not plan then it will never happen.

We can see how many have started propagating the Sanskrit language and
now the number of Sanskrit speakers are in the hundreds of thousands.
That was not happening 20yrs back. Yet Baba wanted to propagate Sanskrit
and now He is doing this by other organisations.

Here the idea is that Parama Purusa fulfills His desire by any means.
Everything and everyone is His creation. And by that way He can and will
get the job done. We should not create pessimists.

When we talk anything on the internet then even non-margiis will pick up
the topic and start propagating as evidenced by the recent growth of
Sanskrit and the animal welfare movements – and so much more like
environmental activism, deep ecology, human rights, dignity of women etc.

Baba’s ideas are unique and we should go on propagating, then margiis
and even non-margiis will get attracted and propagate it.

If we look around it becomes quite apparent that the very ideas which
Baba started propagating are getting implemented throughout the society.

Here are some examples how our AM ideals are getting propagated as
others take interest in yoga, cooperatives, meditation, social service,
vegetarianism, and ecology etc.


The ideas of Ananda Marga are based on bhagavad dharma. In this day and
age, some Wts feel that it is easy to compromise and remain sloppy in
following Baba’s guidelines, but we should be careful. If we do not
follow His teachings then one wrong tradition will be started and the
humanity will be benefited by the teachings of Taraka Brahma. Yet it is
these teachings which are so highly needed for the society. So we should
not be shy in propagating AM ideals. Rather we must work hard perfectly
exemplify His rules, regulations, and guidelines.

The slippery slope – of not following AM teachings – is easy but not safe.

Once again let us remember that we should always follow the path of
optimism, and never indulge in pessimism or negativity. If our schools
are not in line with and / or compromising with Baba’s educational
ideals then we should raise the matter and create the necessary pressure
that they should follow 100% Baba’s teachings. Never should we
appreciate the status quo. We should talk the plus points and encourage
everyone that one day all the teachings and guidelines will be
implemented. Our aim is to move in the direction – regardless of what
others say or do.

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