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From: “Girish Chandra Mitra”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Sinful Thoughts in Sadhana
Date: Sun, 03 Oct 2010 06:17:26 +0530


“Toma’ke ca’i a’mi jiivane, a’loke a’ndha’re sabkha’ne…” (PS 3238)


Baba, You are my everything. In the effulgence as well as in the
darkness, all the time, in all the places– everywhere, in my life I only
desire You. Baba, by Your grace You are mine; You are mine and mine alone.
I want to keep You with me always. Baba, please be gracious and remain in
my heart eternally.

Baba, I long for You in the depths of my heart. Baba, except You, I do
not have any other desire. By Your grace You are my shelter & You are my
base. Baba, You and I– the two of us– will remain in one corner of my
deserted heart forever and ever. By Your grace, we will be there together,
always. That is my longing; that is my desire.

Baba, by Your grace nobody is lowly or insignificant, everyone is Yours.
We are all part of one divine family. Baba, those who went away in the past
and those who will come in future, I go on telling the tale of their heart:
No one is downtrodden and all belong to You.

O’ my dearmost Baba, Your qualities are endless and You have infinite forms.
Baba, all the flora and fauna, all that is moible and immobile–
everything is Your divine expression. By Your grace, You are manifesting
Yourself in countless ways. Baba, whatever right or wrong I do, by Your
grace I always keep You in my mind, in my heart. I always surrender unto
You. Baba, in my shravan* and in my manan*, I go on singing Your song–
Your glory. It is Your grace.

Baba, You are the Polestar of my life; You are my everything. Baba,
please keep me under Your shelter…


*Manan & Shravan: Here Baba explains both the special meaning and intrinsic
value of the devotional practices of manan and shravan.

Baba says, “To attain Him human beings have to take recourse to shravana
(constantly hearing His name), manana (constantly ideating on Him) and
nididya’sana (constantly meditating on Him). The Supreme Entity is Gurha,
that is, He is lying hidden in the innermost recess of the human entity. To
attain Him one must penetrate deep within oneself, and for that the
development of an introversial outlook is essential.” (TK-3)


Note: Be sure to read the special quote at the bottom of this posting. The
headline is, “Look What Priests Did – Human Sacrifice.” Just scroll down
and you will see it.

By Baba’s divine grace our AM system of sadhana is that most comprehensive
and blessed path which leads each and every aspirant to the Goal. It brings
one to that highest state of attainment and supreme fulfillment– receiving
His eternal shelter at His lotus feet.


At the same time, we all know the theory that human life is that movement
from imperfection to perfection– from animality to divinity. And in this
grand endeavour, in this course of movement, in the practical sphere one is
bound to encounter so many obstacles and difficulties.

That is why it is said that the life of a sadhaka is wrought with
innumerable hindrances– both external and internal. Sometimes the
challenges come from outside such as from an employer, one’s parents, local
dogmas, or religious exploiters etc. And other times the enemies come from
within, from one’s own mental arena. One may suffer from an inferiority
complex, a fear complex, or countless other psychic defects.

So any or all of these external bondages and internal hindrances may
confront a sadhaka at any point in their journey. But by Baba’s grace,
through our devotional link with Him, He blesses us with the sustenance to
march ahead.

Baba says, “…Obstacles are inevitable on the path of movement. In fact,
in all actions, auspicious and inauspicious, obstacles arise, but the
innate force lying in each thought and every action, from the cosmic
perspective, provides the necessary stamina for forward movement. Let us
not forget this fact.” (A’nanda Va’nii #62)



So the whole spirit and essence of tantra is the systematic fight against
Avidya Maya to become one with Parama Purusa.

Because Mahamaya– that Creative Principle– wants to keep living beings in
her bondage. She does not want anyone to progress and escape from her
grasp. She wants to dominate and rule over human beings for ever and ever.
That is her dream– her desire.

Naturally then she never wants sadhakas to advance such that they can
become mayadhiish– the controller of maya. Rather Mahamaya wants to lord
over sadhakas. So she continually binds them in her vast array of internal
and external obstacles.

Thus due to the dark force of avidya maya, so many negative, degenerating,
and sinful thoughts arise in the mind of a sadhaka. Because Maya wants to
frustrate and discourage aspirants on their path of forward movement. She
wants sadhakas to feel so burdened and encumbered by negative thoughts that
they give up the idea of even doing sadhana.

That is why we see that so many people take initiation into AM but very few
actually move ahead on the path of sadhana. Most leave quite quickly–
never to be seen or heard from again. This is the common outcome which we
have all witnessed innumerable times.

So Avidya Maya or Mahamaya is that binding force that tries to hinder one’s
growth and development. Because she never wants anyone to escape from her

And the perfect and indeed only way for completely freeing onself from the
suffocating ways of avidya is to sincerely take up the practice of Tantra.
Because it is only through the intutional practices of AM– by developing a
link with Parama Purusa & thinking of Him– and thereby getting His divine
grace, that one can become liberated from all these worldly bondages.



As we all know in our tantric system of Ananda Marga sadhana, Baba has
given various lessons. And that particular aspect of sadhana which comes
under the practice of pratyhara and clears the mind of all encumberances is
known as Guru Puja. This every Ananda Margii has experienced.

So by Baba’s grace it is our practice of Guru Puja, or varharghyadan- ‘the
offering of one’s mental colours’, that enables one to be cleansed from any
impure or sinful thoughts.

Baba says, “…To dispel [the] clouds of ignorance and spiritual slumber.
‘Tasmae Shrii Gurave Namah’– to that Guru I offer my pranama.” (AV-3, p.16)

But, as we have all seen, to gain success in this endeavour one cannot
merely half-heartedly repeat Guru Puja in a mechanical way. That will not
do. That will not work at all.

Rather just like in all our AM sadhana practices– whether that be first
lesson or dhyana– when doing Guru Puja one must awaken their innate
devotional faculty. One should feel that sweet, devotional yearning in
their heart. And with that longing one should see our Sadguru sitting in
front of them and think that in this vast universe they are helpless and
only Parama Purusa can save them.

The aspiritant must say: ‘O Baba, You are my Guru and You see that I am
helpless. I cannot move ahead. I want to reach to You but my mind is not
allowing me to advance. I am sunk in sinful thoughts. I cannot repeat my
mantra for even one second without my mind getting disturbed. Time passes
in sadhana and my mind becomes only more and more burdened– suffering from
the onslaughts of negative thoughts. O’ Baba, I have no other way out, You
are my Saviour and only You are my shelter. By Your grace I am surrender
everything unto You. Please be gracious.’

With this type of inner feeling and sincere desire– and by feeling
helpless– one is sure to get His grace.


So surrender is needed in the practice of Guru Puja and for that one should
cultivate the devotional feeling of helplessness in the heart. By that way
one can fully rely on Him and develop more and more prapatti– complete
dependance on Him.

In contrast, those who think that by their own effort they can shatter the
bondage of maya will never get success. To overcome the grip of avidya maya
one has to have the feeling of surrender and helplessness– one must take
His shelter.

Baba says, “Now by individual effort it is very difficult to fight the
overwhelming effect of Maha’ma’ya’. The easiest way is to take shelter in
the Supreme Purus’a. As Ma’ya’ is the faculty of Parama Purus’a, when one
has taken shelter in Purus’a, naturally Ma’ya’ will surrender before him,
and actually Ma’ya’ surrenders before him.” (SS-24, ‘The Causal Matrix’)

So by Baba’s grace when one takes shelter in Him then they are able to
surmount the negative effects of avidya maya.

Thus before, or after, or during sadhana– or whenever sinful thoughts
enter the mind one should sincerely engage in the practice of Guru Puja and
seek His divine grace. And by cultivating the feeling of helplessness one
is sure to get His krpa’– divine grace. In which case one will easily be
able to reach up to the Goal and become one with Him


Here is Baba’s special grace upon all aspirants for how to immediately
overcome sinful throughts in sadhana– or anytime.

Baba says, “If those human beings who are getting degenerated remember
Parama Purusa even once, for a moment, if they think that ‘I belong to
Parama Purusa, what am I doing, in which negative path am I treading, I am
a human being, I am a devotee, I belong to Parama Purusa, I will remain His
forever’, if they think like this then their degeneration will stop
immediately.” (Bhagalpur, 3 Feb 87, GD)


By Baba’ grace each and every Anand Margii will progess along the path of
sadhana and reach that divine stance.

Baba says, “In the history of the world, you will see that against this
type of spiritual aspirants who make spiritual progress with the grace of
Parama Purus’a, all the degrading and degenerating forces will easily
concede defeat. You too should keep moving forward, and you will also
attain victory after victory — there is no doubt about it. Therefore
continue your efforts tirelessly, do your duty and you will surely be
crowned with success.” (SS-18)





In His role as Dharma Guru, Baba graciously guides us how to overcome
negative ideas and advance along the path of Supreme Positivity.

Specifically in this below story from Shabda Cayanika, Baba Himself is
blessing the aspirant by showing him how to rid the mind from sinful
thoughts. In the described circumstance which the sadhaka is facing below,
the ‘dog’– or thinking about the dog– is representative of all sinful and
undesirable thoughts.

The story begins here with the aspirant, Khagen, telling his problem to Baba.

“Yes,” he said, sobbing. Then he cried out: “Forgive me. Help me to
forget all these [negative] things.”

“I also want that,” I [Baba] replied. “Come on, let us return to town.”
We continued walking side by side. I kept hold of his left elbow with my
right hand and pulled him along in a fashion. Glancing behind, I noticed a
point of light following us. Since I was looking at the point of light,
Khagen also glanced in that direction. He shivered and said: “That dog,
again that dog, again that dog is chasing me.”

“Wipe that dog out of your mind,” I said. “Repeat your Is’t’a mantra.”

“I am trying,” he said. “But I am not able to.”

“Think of Me for a little bit,” I said. “Think that I am pulling you
along by the hand. Then, while thinking of Me, fix your mind at your Is’t’a
cakra. Try it. Then you’ll be able to do it.” (SC-2)

So by Baba’s grace, by thinking of Him and surrendering to Him, we can
certainly escape even the darkest and most sinful thoughts. By His grace
those devilish and distorted ideas will completely vanish from the mind and
with that pure mind one will reach that Supreme Stance at His alter.


Here Baba guides us how Parama Purusa is that Supreme Cosmic Entity who
rules over the dark forces of Maya. Thus one of His infinite attributions
is Mahadhish– the Lord of Maya.

Baba says, “The Macrocosmic mind remains unassailed in all circumstances,
for He is the only one, He is the Supreme Authority. The Entity who becomes
active within His vast cosmic body, exerting a tremendous influence over
the microcosms is Ma’ya’, His immanent power. Brahma Himself does not do
anything but remains unassailed as Ma’ya’dhiisha (Lord of Ma’ya’).”
(AMIWL-7, ‘All Shine With His Effulgence’)

And by His grace, by doing sadhana and becoming one with Him, sadhakas can
escape the sticky ways of maya also become mayadhiish. Sadhakas can become
completely liberated & fully emancipated, and thus being relieved of the
negative effects of maya, one can do great things on this earth by His grace.
Baba says, “When a person attains an exalted state of spirituality,
they can bring welfare to millions of people, and they can do so due
to the grace of Parama Purus’a.” (SS-18, p.14)

Look What Priests Did – Human Sacrifice

Baba says, “Though it may be a bit irrelevant, I should still say that in the
age of Vajraya’na the Buddhists used to sacrifice human beings in order to gain
material boons from the deities. During the period of Vajraya’na in India,
particularly in Bengal, thousands and thousands of innocent people were sacrificed
in order to propitiate Vajrayoginii, Vajrata’ra’, etc.” (NSS, Disc: 4)

Note: The Buddhists strayed far from Buddha’s original teachings. Buddha himself
was preaching the gospel of love and compassion and that maximum respect should
be given to life. His slogan was, “live and let live.” He opposed all kinds of
sacrifices – including animal sacrifices, let alone human sacrifices. But over
the course of time those Buddhist priests went directly against Buddha and issued
edicts that humans should be sacrificed. In that way, Baba tells us that thousands
and thousands of innocent people were killed.

We should keep the above in mind. Because now our Sadguru Baba has come and
already so many crooked Dadas are doing so many things and turning around
Baba’s teachings. They are distorting Baba’s books, eradicating the BP system, and
changing everything in order to grab the post and power.

Thus what happened with Buddhism in the past is happening today in our Marga.
In AMPS, certain crooked Dadas are marching down this same road. If they keep
going, it will not be long before innocent family margiis are burned and slaughtered
for the sake of group fight. Neo-humanism will be finished.

Those who love Baba’s teachings should stay focused and ensure that His
teachings remain in pristine form and are followed. Parama Pita Baba Kii – Jai!!


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